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Sunday, March 29, 2015

FreeSpeakBlog Archive June 2007 to Easter 2015

Freespeakblog Archive - These should all be live links spanning from June 2007 to Easter 2015. On Easter, He arose. Thank you.

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MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

What the hell? Immediately after I published The Cochran Firm Fraud award on the margin of ALL OF MY FreeSpeakBlog articles, I immediately received a message on my TURNED-OFF cellphone (I need to call in a payment and got too busy). It says:

Rosso Roscocto

Does anyone know what that means? I know that "rosso" translates "red" in Italian.

These people have control over all of our cellphones, computers, Internet access, cable and digital TV. What they DO NOT have control over is Mary Neal, and they never will. They want me to know I have their attention. Well tell me something new, boss. I already know I have your attention. I dictate when your stalkers can go to bed and how long they can sleep. When I go online, they must go online. When I leave home, so must they. I know I have your attention. And you have mine. Believe that.

By the way, the message came in from my sister's cell phone number. Imagine that.

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Oops! The woman I call my "lead stalker" just left home in her black Caddie. I haven't seen her in weeks. She was reported to me by someone who represented himself as being a U.S. Marshal as a mother of the Oklahoma murderer of a Navy man. I reported this to YOU in an article in FreeSpeakBlog called

"Murderous Dramatization Starring Mary Neal Planned"

I told the "U.S. Attorney Officer" that I knew the woman was a DeKalb County police officer who works undercover to follow CoIntelPro targets. He said, "No she doesn't." I said, "Yes she does." Then he gave himself away.

He said, "I know she doesn't work for DeKalb County Police Department, because that's where I work."

I didn't even smile. How in the heck is a U.S. Attorney officer working also for DeKalb Co. Police Department?

These people need lessons in surveillance. I promise you they do.

The woman supposedly had a son with an automatic weapon who robbed Navy servicemen and killed one. That would have been NATIONAL news. Instead, I found one little website that reported the incident.

My family was told that if we help catch the murderer or his mom who helped him escape justice in OK, we could win a $2k reward. How ridiculous! Right after the officer left, that woman came outside and swept her driveway for almost an hour. She expected us to run call the cops. They would have done a fake arrest. That night the murderous son they made up would have come and killed all of my family. That is the murder plot they planned for yours truly -- and without any connection to the real reason these people hate me:

1) "AIMI vs. USA"

2) The Secret Arrest and Wrongful Death of Larry Neal is not a secret any longer. It is known throughout America and in various foreign countries.

3) The (Johnny) Cochran Firm's CoIntelPro program to defraud black and brown clients in certain cases is EXPOSED.

Wonder where she ran off to in such a huff? Hmmm?

Come to my house sometime and do stalker-watching. Never mind -- I have films for you which I will make available through CreateSpace, probably. Stalkers are a trip. They have excellent technical skills and fancy computer equipment at their disposal, but ZERO common sense. None. Nada.

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Guess who showed up at our house within a couple of hours of my posting these comments? That's right. It was like calling her name. And guess who later sent a relative a picture of a briefcase full of money . . .

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Google, I set my computer to show my comments along with the articles. I do that because sometimes I have lots more to write, and I cannot open published articles to write new information without CoIntelPro attacking them. So I will again change my settings, and I hope you will safeguard them. Thanks.

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

I asked her what was that name she sent to our cell phone, and she said, "Oh, disregard that. I didn't mean to send that message to you." I asked, "HOW did you send the message to a turned-off cellphone?" She said, "I don't know."

No cellphone is EVER turned off for CoIntelPro. Remember that.