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Human Rights for Prisoners Boycott Beginning 3/09/11

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Thank you for agreeing that it is time to take definitive steps to support HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS by boycotting American retailers on the 9th of every month throughout 2011, beginning on March 9.  This means that on April 9, May 9, June 9 and on the 9th of each month, NO SHOPPING!  The one-day boycott is scheduled to begin 90 days after Georgia's prisoners began a work strike that was America's largest prison rebellion.  The boycott will be a peaceful protest for justice that virtually everyone can support simply by refraining from shopping for a 24-hour period once monthly - on the 9th.  The SHOPPING BOYCOTT is the people's 9/11 response to corporate greed and government indifference.   This is an opportunity for everyone who is fed up to stand up and unite with millions of protesters against corporate greed and government indifference in a peaceful demonstration without leaving home.  Imagine a day when Americans purchase no groceries, gasoline, electronic equipment, cars, or make any transactions whatsoever! The unfortunate truth is that many elected officials care more about corporate interests than their constituents. That is why the prison industrial complex evolved to the level that it has: entrepreneurship through privately owned prisons.

March 31 Update:  Troy Davis' Appeal Rejected by U.S. Supreme Court

Feb. 28 Update:  Problems in the justice system have a common cause:  corporate greed.  Justice issues are not limited to criminal prosecution and civil actions.  Wars, weakened environmental protection laws, diminished workers' rights and Americans' job opportunities, high foreclosure rates, and new challenges to citizens' rights are also concerns. Therefore, the 24-hour shopping boycott that begins March 9 and will be observed every month on the 9th is now called "BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE."  To learn how the shopping moratorium addresses injustices other than the prison industrial complex, please see "Boycott 4 Justice March 9 -No Shopping!"

See also Mary Neal's Black History Month 2011
One-day boycotts on the 9th of each month throughout 2011 should not permanently harm the fragile economy. However, if enough people participate, the shopping moratorium may get corporate America's attention and induce businessmen to tell their elected officials it is time for CHANGE. Slavery will continue as long as it is financially profitable. I will mail you a video I hope you use on your websites to help announce the boycott. My mail is also sometimes curtailed, so don't wait for it to start announcements, please. When I mailed individuals and groups the computer disc filled with over 20 videos proving my computer stalking via overnight mail, some did not receive it for a couple of days (sent via overnight mail), and some addressees did not get the discs at all.  I feel strongly that it is time for everyone involved in online advocacy for human rights to HURRY and unite to accomplish positive change.  In a few months, everyone in America may be assigned an Internet I.D. number, and that would make it easy to finish eliminating freedom of speech and press in America.  Before that happens, below is information regarding three new laws being considered to render many more children and minorities into the prison industrial complex.

America has returned to slavery through the injustice system.  Laws are being considered that would increase the number of minorities incarcerated.  These laws would increase taxpayers' expenditure for incarcerations (already over $50 billion per year), and help prison investors capture more people who have no criminal background to become prison laborers for the federal government and Fortune 500 companies.  That will enable elitists to lay off more workers and avoid unions, minimum wage and worker safety laws.

     1.     Menthol may be outlawed in cigarettes.  Menthol cigarettes make up about 30% of the cigarette market and are favored by about 80% of black smokers.  If passed, this law would create the same type of discrimination that exists regarding crack cocaine vs. power (whites favor power and therefore face drastically reduced punishment if/when prosecuted).  LA Times reports, "Some civil rights groups, including the Congress of Racial Equality, have said that a ban on menthol would unfairly target black consumers. Others, such as the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, have argued that menthol should not be treated more leniently than other flavorings that make cigarettes more alluring — especially to young smokers."  Ideally for prison investors, passing the ban would be an opportunity to go into black communities and capture more young blacks for prison labor projects.  It is no longer legal or necessary to cross the ocean to capture Africans for enforced servitude.  The NAACP sees nothing wrong with banning menthol in cigarettes to discriminate against black smokers.  The civil rights group also apparently sees nothing remiss about Memphis/Shelby County Jail secretly arresting and murdering my mentally, physically ill brother, Larry Neal, in 2003 and the United States Department of Justice colluding with Shelby County officials to falsify reports to the federal government that omitted Larry's name in order to avoid examination for his murder while in custody, the ongoing refusal by the Justice Department to release records related to his demise, or my ongoing persecution and censorship to keep that and other human rights violations away from the public and deprived of due process of law.  Read about Ernest C. Withers, famed photojournalist with the civil rights movement who doubled as an FBI informant, prison profiteering among elitists of all races, medical experiments on unsuspecting blacks in the South since the Tuskegee Experiments ended in 1972, and 21st century conspirators against freedom and justice in my articles, "Mary Neal's Black History Month 2011" and "NAACP vs. Black Cigarette Smokers."  Both articles are among others you may find interesting at Mary Neal's HubPages, accessible at the link above.

      2.     Juvenile Justice:  The U.S. Supreme Court will deliberate in March 2011 on whether American children can be interviewed by social workers and police in their schools without their parents' prior knowledge or a warrant, and whether children who are interrogated by police without receiving a Miranda warning (which they likely would not understand anyway) can be prosecuted based on information extracted during such interrogations.  A 13-year-old seventh grader is currently imprisoned based on confessions he made to a detective and armed police who interrogated him at his school without his parents' knowledge, a warrant, or letting the child know he had a right to remain silent and have a lawyer present.  See - I experienced much interference publishing "JUVENILE JUSTICE: Kids 4 Cash," which can be accessed at the link above. That is truly sad, because all parents and concerned people (the village) have a right and an obligation to know about new laws that impact children.

     3.     Tough new immigration laws provide for criminal prosecution for illegal aliens.  Latinos who cross the boarder illegally to find work in America may find themselves enslaved.  Private prison owners recently helped lawmakers draft legislation providing for illegal aliens to be incarcerated in America rather than banished back to their own countries.  The legislation gained favor with prison investors across the country.

The BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE is a peoples' protest, not endorsed by any major civil rights groups to date.  Are you going to participate, or do you suffer from mass hypnosis?

Mass Hypnosis
This is how we'll win the game
Let just a few live the dream
Marches, sit-ins all in vain
Make 'em think they overcame

Show 'em an empty Jim Crowe grave
Apologize for making 'em slaves
Rising tempers, we must tame
Make 'em think they overcame.

Let a few experience success
Toms come aboard and control the rest
Millions will be left in pain
But they'll think they overcame.

        ("Mass Hypnosis" - All rights reserved by Mary Neal 11/13/10) 

As I said to the Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Radio audience Sunday (5pm EST), COINTELPRO deleted around 11,000 of my tweets on December 6, 2010 -  - three days before Georgia prisoners launched the largest prison rebellion in American history. Thousands of black, white, and Latino inmates in six Georgia prisons conducted a PEACEFUL prison revolt. They refused to work as prison slaves from December 9 - 16. Officials reportedly knew the strike was planned beforehand. News about the rebellion was largely screened from mainstream news, but there was lively discourse online. Although some of the inmates (perceived leaders) were reportedly beaten and persecuted for organizing the prison labor strike, the inmates were non-violent. One of the leaders said if the prisoners' demands for basic human rights are not met, the next prison revolt will not be nonviolent.  They are desperate.  Perhaps boycotting to support human rights for prisoners can help avoid a violent prison riot in the future that would cost lives and damages property.  Unfortunately, 37 of the inmates (perceived leaders) are now reportedly missing.

My 11,000 missing tweets were reinstated after I complained about censorship for two months, and I appreciate that. Sometimes it takes over an hour for me to post a single tweet due to cyberdogs sent to censor me. Often, I had to leave home to have any semblance of net freedom on foot in freezing or dangerously hot weather. When I notice I am being followed, I frequently take a cab home.  Therefore, my tweets are expensive to post in terms of time, effort, and money, which I have little of since my phone is tapped and emails to perspective employers is restricted by illegal censorship.  It was wrong for Nazis to delete them.  Obviously, the @KoffieTime tweets help our efforts to give ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL, end capital punishment, and promote Human Rights for Prisoners in America's domestic correctional facilities. Some elected officials care about constituents' concerns, so there is a concerted effort to prevent discussion around justice issues.  More about the prisoners' nonviolent labor strike for human rights and brutal retaliation by guards and prison officials is at the links provided below, including the February 19 San Francisco Bay View story published at this link:   STILL NO NEWS OF 37 MISSING GEORGIA PRISON STRIKERS

Thousands of Georgia inmates of all races joined the labor strike and made demands that were reasonable, including decent meals (they say they are hungry), affordable phone calls, wages, an end to brutality, and opportunities to re-enter society better prepared to be OUR good neighbors - basic human rights. However, their nonviolent protest was met with brutality.  Please help make people aware of the human/civil rights BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE No Shopping Days and participate on the 9th of every month throughout 2011. We must let prisoners across America know that we are aware and care about injustices. Georgia inmates in six correctional facilities were in lockdown for six days and some still are.  Some inmate strikers were seriously hurt; and 37 men are missing. Let us sacrifice shopping just one day each month to protest inhumane incarceration, prison profiteering, and other justice problems: criminalizing mental illness, the death penalty, incarcerating activists as political prisoners, wrongful convictions, loss of civil rights for Americans, denial of post-conviction DNA testing for potentially innocent inmates, and other injustices.  Thousands of individuals and organizations have battled for one or more changes in the justice system for decades. Historically, boycotts were employed in human rights struggles to expedite success.

Man is not made better by being degraded; he is seldom restrained from crime by harsh measures, except the principle of fear predominates in his character; and then he is never made radically better for its influence. ~Dorothea Dix

The link below regards the July 18 Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Radio Show.  It helps when people with law enforcement and justice careers speak out for change like that guest did. Last year, Judge Fine, a federal judge in Texas, condemned the death penalty, as did many prosecutors in one southern state.  My efforts to communicate with a Facebook group called Cops Against the Death Penalty have been restricted.  The group also has a presence on other social networks.  It is important for communities to know that many judges, police officers, jail and prison guards are truly dedicated to justice and some face recrimination for being real.

Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Radio Show: Former Memphis Jailer Exposes Murder Cover-ups
I plan to publish more summaries of Rev. Pinkney radio shows in FreeSpeakBlog so my readers will know about the important work Rev. Pinkney, Benton Harbor residents, and BANCO are doing for justice locally and throughout America, particularly for political prisoners and others who are victimized in and/or by the justice system. The shows featuring Rev. Pinkney and Bro. Larry and Mr. Poynter, Lynne Stewart's husband, have helped me to understand that effective people in the struggle for human and civil rights should expect opposition. I have been so hurt and frightened by being stalked and censored since beginning the HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS MARCH across the Internet. I did not know much about COINTELPRO opposition to civil and human rights before recent years after my handicapped brother's secret arrest and murder - no more than what one learns in the media (misinformation) and in school (miseducation). But when I consider how advocate an attorney, 71-year-old Lynne Stewart, suffers in a Texas jail, Rev. Pinkney's arrest for quoting a Bible verse, and Larry Pinkney's comrades, some of whom remain political prisoners, I realize how blessed I have been thus far during this advocacy to render ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL through our online advocacy group with that name.  We must expose the fact that prisoner brutality and murders are not limited to Guantanamo and Gitmo.

I read numerous articles by Larry Pinkney online. Some of his articles were censored, so they would not open on my cell phone. I gave up putting my home computer online after spending thousands of dollars in the last few years replacing PCs or having them serviced after illegal attacks by COINTELPRO, so my home computer use is limited to reading. Blacks lag behind the technology curve and are more inclined than other racial groups to rely on their cellphones for Internet access. Larry's articles that go to a page saying, "Oops. Something's wrong" on a cellphone may be accessible on a regular computer. That cellphone view censorship is one of the tactics used to keep minority people and poor whites (the perceived "slave class") ignorant about important issues that impact us. Blogtalk Radio, independent news organizations, and online networks help to inform and unite people for justice, which is why free speech online is attacked. I thank all human/civil rights advocates for faithfulness to God and their fellow man. Many ministers and community leaders are not really committed to either.

The FBI COINTELPRO program was/is used to spy on African Americans and target leaders of civil and human rights organizations for harassment, malicious prosecution or assassination, and neutralize efforts to "change the social order."  To learn why the late, famed attorney Johnnie Cochran became a COINTELPRO interest and The Cochran Firm's new agenda, see

This afternoon, I am going to file another police complaint about my stalking. On Saturday, January 15, a young man actually confessed that he was hired to stalk me. He was driving a red V6 Cavalier - DeKalb County license tag BKP8027. The stalker indicated that he was related to Michael Moon, the computer technician who invaded my home in February 2010, destroyed my computers, and extorted $80 from my aged mother and me. Moon gained entrance to our home by intercepting my phone call to a computer repair company, then presenting himself as the technician from the company I called. It is horrible the things these people do to sabotage work to decriminalize mental illness and improve justice for the disenfranchised in America. I made a police report about Michael Moon and wrote about his crimes at this blog: "HOME INVASION"  . Police said since I let Moon in my house, they could not do anything about it. His gaining entrance to our home under false pretenses, destroying personal property, and extorting my mother and me of $80 for computer repair were not prosecuted. Therefore, although I will file my complaint about the young man who admitted on January 15 that he was hired to stalk me, I don't know if anything will be done.

Obviously, the stalker felt secure talking to me about his criminal conduct - insulated against prosecution like the people at Memphis Shelby County Jail who arrested my handicapped brother, Larry Neal, kept him secretly incarcerated for 18 days and returned his naked body to my family without any explanation, records, or accountability for his death. The stalker felt secure in his crimes like people in the United States Department of Justice who knowingly admitted false testimony and records in federal hearings to release Shelby County Jail from federal overview in 2006 - testimony that deliberately omitted Larry Neal's murder. The stalker felt secure because, after all, I have been warned by Atlanta police to stop telling people about THE WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL (  ) and advocating for human rights for prisoners and others.

My online and in-person stalking, although distressing, do not compare to the persecution for justice that Lynne Stewart and others face, but communicating with people who are dedicated to resolving injustices helps me to cope. Thanks again to everyone who extends me the opportunity to reach the world through your BlogTalk Radio shows and by republishing my articles on your blogs or posting links at Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. We do not know what would be done to us if the public was not watching and praying for Christian advocate Mary Neal and the Neal family.  COINTELPRO tries to keep me isolated by interrupting my Internet access, preventing incoming phone calls to our home, destroying our PCs, and intimidating me with stalkers when I venture away from home. In June 2010, I was threatened with arrest by Atlanta police officers who forced me to leave from the public sidewalk in front of The Cochran Firm at 127 Peachtree Street - the office that Georgia Superior Court declared to be nonexistent to wrongfully dismiss our lawsuit against the devious attorneys in 2006.  I was asking the public to help regarding  Larry's secret arrest and murder cover-up and to demand justice for Kathryn Johnston, the 92-year-old black Atlanta resident who police murdered in 2006, and her unsuspecting survivors were also being represented by The Cochran Firm.  I frequently call my home number - (678) 531-0262 - from other phones to see how calls are prevented. Last week, I repeatedly got a fast busy signal - something that should never happen. I continued to call and was automatically routed to voicemail. Our voice mails are screened, and we usually only receive the messages from our family. Authorities and unethical lawyers are desperate to contain information about Larry's murder and The Cochran Firm Fraud (Google that term), and curtail advocacy to decriminalize mental illness. Around 1.25 million mentally ill inmates are wrongfully incarcerated for behavior caused by a common, treatable health condition.

Since other highly effective people publish opposition to the proliferation of the prison industrial complex online, I assume that my Human Rights for Prisoners tweets were deleted so that people who browsed for prison information on the Internet would not learn about THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD. That law firm is a COINTELPRO operation used to (1) gain privileged information about minority persons (that they voluntarily give under the attorney/client privilege), and (2) reduce or eliminate payouts to victims in certain instances following wrongdoing by police, the government, and certain corporations. I suppose responsible parties think it is poetic justice to defraud blacks using Johnnie Cochran's name, since Cochran planned to organize a "dream team" to ascertain Reparations for African Americans and also helped free Geronimo Pratt, a former Black Panther Party member who was set up for a murder he did not do and wrongly incarcerated for nearly 30 years, eight of which were served in solitary confinement.  Pratt's defense team subpoenaed federal records and exposed COINTELPRO operations that the Senate found highly objectionable and reportedly dismantled the FBI program. Of course, it never really ceased.

That is why the lawsuits pending against famous entities and persons like Bishop Eddie Long are exploited in the media, but lawsuits against The Cochran Firm for its deliberate fraud and malpractice against clients are censored. THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD is probably the largest, most effective COINTELPRO operation against minority citizens, with 30 law offices across the nation. When my mother and I discovered we were defrauded by The Cochran Firm in order to protect Memphis Shelby County Jail, where Larry was murdered, and the USDOJ (which was in overview of the jail and accepted reports from the jail that the USDOJ knew to be fraudulent), we sued The Cochran Firm.  But the courts protect the law firm from paying damages and the media censors the cases to enable the firm to continue defrauding minorities in civil and possibly criminal matters.  WARNING:  Johnnie Cochran was against his firm doing any criminal law after he partnered with the people who now misuse it. People who rely on unethical lawyers in criminal matters could lose their freedom or their lives, whereas targeted clients in civil actions only lose recovery of damages.  When we sued The Cochran Firm for working for Shelby County Jail while under contract as Larry Neal's wrongful death attorneys, one court said there is no such thing as The Cochran Firm in Georgia (with it open for business and advertising prolifically), and another court actually ruled that defrauding my family was "immaterial." Being prosecuted for crimes in America is largely limited to the "slave class."

Still no news of 37 missing Georgia prison strikers San Francisco Bay View, Feb. 19, 2011 http://www.// 
The 37 Georgia prisoners who were labeled the leaders and organizers of the sit-down strike that began on Dec. 9, 2010, are still missing, and other participants are still in lockdown. The struggle for prisoners' civil and human rights continues.

"Repression breeds resistence," as prisoner activist Elaine Brown said during the labor strike.

For more information about the Georgia prisoners' strike, please read this article by Dr. Boyce Watkins:

We Must All Support the Georgia Prison Strike

Menthol Cigarettes Controversy News by LA Times,0,802589.story?track=rss -

There is much more to write on these issues. Please see the index of articles in my FreeSpeakBlog for more reports about justice issues from a laywoman's perspective at  - Help overcome censorship by sharing articles in the blog with individuals, groups, and officials.  May God continue to bless everyone who cares about the least of these, His brethren.  A sampling of my tweets is below the signature block.


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@prisonabolition @vlu77 Prison profiteering is cruel. Pls check IRA accounts and investment portfolios to ensure you are not slavemasters.

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@prisonabolition @RevPinkney Boycott Planned Against American Retailers 3-9-11 to Support Human Rights for Prisoners

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@nytimes He said we're an "American family." Must B the JerrySpringer variety: disrespectful dysfunctional dangerous

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@vlu77 Hammond executed about Julie Love, but Larry Neal's murder is denied investigation 2 protect police & USDOJ

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@vlu77 GA condemned men Rhode and Hammond suffered "agonizing deaths"  - faulty anaesthetic sodium thiopental

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@AP Rep. Giffords, like Terri Schiavo, is responding to stimuli, but they starved Terri anyhow & murdered my mentally ill brother Larry Neal

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@AP Sorry abt Rep. Giffords and AZ victims. Hope Giffords recuperates from head injury quickly. USA kills brain damaged ppl, like Terri S.

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@blackvoices Benice King made the decision NOT to head the SCLC. AMEN!

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ADDED TWEETS FROM FEBRUARY 11. I noticed that only one out of ten of my tweets make it to my home page at Twitter.  I doubt if they go to other people's pages if they don't come to mine, so I thought I would add them here.  When the people in charge of justice (the gov) help jails hide murders of handicapped people like my brother Larry and use formerly respected law firms like The Cochran Firm as a COINTELPRO operation, eliminating freedom of press for relatives who tell is a natural next step. 

Either Americans have a very selective sense of outrage, or this censorship is working.  Fair minded, sympathetic, freedom-loving Americans went berserk over Michael Vick's dogs, marched in freezing rain to protest prisoner abuse of suspected terrorists in Guantanamo, and show strong support for Egyptians living under an oppressive regime.  Meanwhile, we live in a country where half the inmates are mental patients doing hard time for being sick, and I am censored and terrorized for asking for accountability for my disabled brother's secret arrest and murder.  More are prison investors than I thought.  I just heard on television news that Egyptians are marching at the government television stations that did not report human rights abuses and even fail to report the upheaval within the country now.  The reporter said the Egyptians are relying on Twitter.  I wonder why 11,000 of my tweets for human rights in America were deleted, but Egyptian news seems to be published without censorship.

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RT @News24 Nelson Mandela was released from prison 21 years ago today. Read the speech he delivered on that day:
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@differentending Hank Skinner writes from TX Death Row
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@TheLawNews Happy Patriot Act Extension Day! Stalking, censorship, phone taps, terrorism continue (against Americans reporting gov crimes)
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@BlackGayBooks GLBT = Mentally ill to some cops, leading to abuse & sometimes death, esp 4 blks like Duanna Johnson
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@vlu77 Hank Skinner New Hell Hole News #27
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Mary Neal's Freedom Tweets from Jan 19 2011

(16 links in this post)  When I posted my "MLK Day Tweets" (next article in this FreeSpeak blog), the censorship force fixed it so that people who use cell phones for their web browsing could not read them.  Studies show that African Americans are more likely than other races to use their cell phones for web browsing, being far behind the technology curve. What I write is censored to hide certain truths from everyone, but especially from blacks, lest they awaken from MASS HYPNOSIS (see my poem online by that name).  After I posted my MLK Birthday tweets to this blog on January 15, 2011, the censorship force removed the restriction and allowed my tweets for that day to also show at Twitter.  Therefore, we will try it again with today's thirteen (13) tweets posted below.
koffietime Mary Neal

@ACLU When EVERYONE gets Internet I.D. #, U'll be censored like I am using my PC or library PC. -

@wikileaks U embarrass officials, but yo tweets intact. Decriminalizing mental illness threatens bottom line, so my 10,000 HR tweets deleted

@_GOOGLE_ Pls format 4 phone view. Censorship hiding FINGERPRINTS


@Twitter See these posts:  AND

@GeniusDeferred @RippDemUp When Americans get Internet I.D. #, U'll be silenced online unless U say "yessa, massa."

@NowPublic It's alarming how chummy China and USA are now. One point of agreement: BOTH KEEP MENTALLY ILL IN CAGES

@blackvoices If blks depend on same "leaders" who slept while 1 in 9 young blks went to prison 2 negotiate our position in NWO, we're F'ed.

@blackvoices Whats 2B blk man's role in NWO - beasts of burden as prison slaves or soil fertilizer (population ctrl)

@AP regarding NWO that #Revelation & rich ppl say is inevitable, what's planned 4 disabled & elderly? Camps?

@vlu77 Georgia's Gov. Deal knows where 2 save $$ - PRISON REFORM NOW!  - Stop closing schools & jobs, frugal leaders!

Thx Mississippi governor for releasing the Scott sisters and saving Jamie's life & taxpayers, like more govs should.

If MLK was fighting for HR in the 21st century, COINTELPRO would be as busy under Holder as it was under Hoover, or else WHERE R MY TWEETS? 

@blackvoices @ACLU @NAACP @cxs Didn't go protest @ MLK celebration in Atl - headache after seeing some of the HYPOCRITES IN THE PULPIT.

My last tweet on MLK's birthday was:  @blackvoices @ACLU @NAACP @cxs I'm protesting PRISONER ABUSE & secret murder of LARRY NEAL on @MLKDay despite ATL police threats #government - That was my plan, but something happened.  I posted the news at our online advocacy group that we invite you to visit, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, and republish it here - I planned to protest at the MLK Birthday Commemorative celebration in Atlanta. I made the mistake of glancing at my mother's TV as I kissed her goodbye before leaving with my signs that say COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD and WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL and HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS. Seeing people [sitting in what would have been Dr. King's pulpit] whose leadership has allowed America to become the nation with the world's largest prison population made my soul sick, and I got my first ever migrane headache. Hypocrisy is detestable.

ON DEC. 3, 2010, OVER 10,000 OF MY TWEETS SUDDENLY DISAPPEARED - RIGHT BEFORE THE GEORGIA PRISONERS IN SIX CORRECTIONAL FACILITIES WENT ON A SLAVE WORKERS' STRIKE.  OFFICIALS KNEW IN ADVANCE THAT A PRISON REBELLION WAS PLANNED.  I launched a Human Rights for Prisoners March across the Internet after discovering that Americans are subject to secret arrest and murder like my mentally, physically ill brother suffered in 2003 - - and that our officials who took an oath to uphold the Constitution refuse to give my family any records or investigate his secret internment and murder or do anything to demand accountability for his death.  In other words, I learned that minority people and the handicapped are considered "disposable."  I respectfully disagree with that assessment and hope you will, too.  Please check out my article by that name, "I Respectfully Disagree" at this link -
Mary Neal


Follow me at Twitter, if they let you. I am censored  there (like I am across the Internet).  Human rights advocacy is unpopular now as it was when Jesus walked among us. -

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mary Neal's MLK Birthday Tweets

Happy MLK Weekend!   Dr. King would be 82 today if he had not been such a threat to racists and mercernary people.  Dr. King's human rights quest became intollerable when he began to speak and write against the Viet Nam War, and he died.  Wars are very profitable to some, just like the prison industrial complex is, which I write about in my censored articles.  The Human Rights for Prisoners March I launched in our online advocacy group advocates against many money-makers, like lawyer fraud, criminalizing mental illness, excessive sentencing, wrongful convictions, the death penalty, and other abuses.   Since all my tweets published prior to November 2010 disappeared suddenly (censorship) on December 6, 2010, I thought I would republish today's sixteen (16) tweets here to give more people an opportunity to see my writing, which the censorship force deems more dangerous than Wikileaks tweets. Julian Assange's tweets are still posted, but mine were deleted.  See my January 15, 2011 tweets below (before you get an assigned Internet I.D. number assigned that will finish free speech and free press in America).

koffietime Mary Neal -
@blackvoices @ACLU @NAACP @cxs I'm protesting PRISONER ABUSE & secret murder of LARRY NEAL on @MLKDay despite ATL police threats #government

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@Twitter Goodness! When the censorship force sees my tweets 2day, they may order them all deleted like in Dec. 2010.

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Internet I.D. = easy Gov't censorship. Incombents will always win as differing views can be squashed online as they are in mainstream media

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@ChildrensBible Everyone will get Internet I.D. & won't need passwords. Every word U write will B rec'd, reviewed, & "protected" by the Gov.

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@_GOOGLE_ More blk ppl use cell phones for their web browsing, so my DOG JUSTICE poem is INVISIBLE on phone view.

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@RWW AZ murders will be investigated & prosecuted, proving that white ppl are equal to or more valued than dogs in USA, unlike LARRY NEAL

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@_GOOGLE_ Despite threat by ATL Police I'm holding signs on @MLKDay asking 4 HUMAN RIGHTS 4 PRISONERS & justice 4 my murdered bro LARRY NEAL

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@BMW If more ppl in D.C. die in BMW SUVs after low-impact front end crashes, U may lose yo 5-star safety rating. RIP #AshleyTurton.

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@moneymakercrash Do prison investors laugh @ tearful mothers visiting sons N jails the mamas support via their IRA accts & stock portfolios?

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@metrosistah Atl police say my signs cannot ask WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL or beg for HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS like I will on @MLKDay.

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@freetroynow Gov. Deal or Pres. Obama can pardon you. My requests 4 justice R censored & U're gagged. That's how they do us Georgia Negroes.

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@Twitter Does the line separating 1/15 tweets fr previous days on my PROFILE view mean anything - like more censorship 4 prison investors?

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@MLKDay TO AMERICA: 'BE WHAT U SAID ON PAPER.' Still an issue, Dr. King

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"Everyone can be great because everyone can serve." - Martin Luther King, Jr. #MLKDay

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@societynewsinfo When Americans get personal Internet I.D. numbers, everyone can be easily censored like I am when I use my library number.

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FIRE at Tunisian prison Sat. killed 42 inmates. FIRE killed at 81 prisoners in Chile Wed. U.S. inmates' peaceful HR revolt in Dec. censored.

Officials knew prior to December 9, 2010 that thousands of Georgia inmate laborers in six correctional facilities planned to go on strike to protest malnutrition, slavery, phone costs that prevent them from talking to their loved ones, and brutality.  The inmates' protest was nonviolent, and Dr. King would be proud of Georgia prison slaves for that.  I watched the news twice daily, but never saw a broadcast about the largest prisoner uprising in American history, which was happening in my home state.  Although sensored in the media, many people discussed the prisoner strike online.  Therefore, my tweets were deleted to prevent the public from learning about my HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS MARCH across the Internet and about my handicapped brother, Larry Neal.  Larry was secretly arrested and murdered in 2003 after 18 days in custody of Memphis Shelby County Jail.  My tweets were probably deleted to hide THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD and the fact that this administration's Department of Justice is alligned with Larry's murderers to keep his lynching secret, especially from adoring blacks who might object to Larry's death and my family's persecution for asking for records and accountability that have been denied for seven years.  Another possible reason for my deleted tweets may be the fact that another Memphis man was murdered in Shelby County Jail the week of December 3, which the USDOJ refuses to investigate.  I do not know what happened to that inmate, but I do know that many people in the justice system enjoy prisoner abuse, unfortunately, and prefer to do it in private. 

We have before us the same task that our grandparents had - eliminating slavery in America.

Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
See also Mary Neal on HubPages, at IndyMedia, and OpEdNews