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America's Judicial Caste System and DNA Testing

(14 paragraphs and 7 links before the CBS article) I wrote an email to principals among several political parties and suggested that candidates for elected office who make justice reform a party platform would enjoy good support from voters. People are more aware than ever before about denial of justice in criminal and civil courts, and fair-minded Americans want change. Ironically, wrongful verdicts in civil cases are automatically VOID if the evidence used to reach the verdict or judgment was false. Such judgments are not merely voidable, but already void. Civil court cases are ordinarily about money. Why does the justice system prioritize fairness regarding money matters above justice for innocent Americans who are wrongly incarcerated? Could it be that money is deemed more important than citizens' lives to those who make our laws? Apparently, that is exactly the case.

My family experienced two void judgements regarding our civil lawsuit against The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm. When we sued the firm for fraud, the law firm claimed in court not to have any office within the State of Georgia where our lawsuit was served, although the Atlanta law office is open and conducting business every day. That perjury was used to have our lawsuit dismissed without the necessity of either settling with my family or facing a jury. Surprisingly, the Superior Court judge agreed that there is no such thing as a Georgia office of The Cochran Firm and dismissed our lawsuit, and The Cochran Firm never even paused its prolific advertising for new clients and continues to accept high-profile cases in its Atlanta office. We then sued The Cochran Firm in United States District Court under the diversity rule based on the law firm's fraud on the court. Since both judgments were rendered based on The Cochran Firm's perjury about its Georgia office, both are VOID judgments. See information about the case at this website and view some of the evidence under the DOCUMENTS tab:

How would you like it if days after such perjury was allowed in court to cheat you out of millions of dollars in a righteous lawsuit, your defendant issued a commercial like the one at this link? YouTube Commercial for Atlanta Office of The Johnnie Cochran Firm The Cochran Firm published that YouTube commercial admitting its Atlanta office within a week of the USDC judge ruling that my family is too "immaterial" to matter, and that judge also dismissed our lawsuit and prevented the case from going to jury, WHICH WE PAID TO DO. No one should leave a lawsuit against billionaires in the hands of a single judge to decide. Money is too important to some people. "JURY TRIAL DEMANDED" should be respected in the United States of America - that is supposed to be a Constitutional right, also. Unfortunately, "justice" in civil courts as well as criminal courts depends on who you are - being a citizen is not nearly enough, especially if your case is against someone in the "protected class." Perhaps The Cochran Firm hurried and published the YouTube commercial for its Atlanta office to prevent class action lawsuits against for false advertising against media companies that continued the law firm's Atlanta ads after being notified of the court's verdict. Media companies may suppress everything to do with Larry Neal's murder and The Cochran Firm's fraud against his survivors for that reason, or it could be because they are interested in hiding government corruption in the expectation of a bailout for censoring your news. Now my family is expected to just go somewhere and eat our chicken and join Larry's wrongful death cover-up, or we are harassed, stalked, and practically imprisoned in our own home to avoid harm! See "Black Relatives Killed by Police? So? Just Eat Yo Chicken and Shut up!"

Working class and indigent people have no protected rights, whether they are black or white, especially if the people who wrong us are in a higher caste. During both court cases regarding The Cochran Firm having used its position as Larry Neal's wrongful death attorneys to work for Shelby County Jail behind our backs, Larry's survivors experienced cyberterrorism, censorship, and actual stalking. All of those crimes continue today in violation of U.S. Code 18, sections 242 and 245 and other laws, but police and the U.S. Department of Justice REFUSE to investigate the terrorism, just as they refuse to investigate Larry Neal's murder. At the link below is a two-minute example of illegal cybercensorship my advocacy for justice for Larry and other wrongly incarcerated inmates is met with every day (I have a library of such video proof): As a poor black woman who has been deprived of a comfortable income as a legal assistant by stalkers who followed me from home from work each night and deprived of a righteous settlement or jury award by unscrupulous people - criminals! - in the "justice" system, I can do nothing about the censorship and harassment my family and I endure. However, people will NOT treat us this way and proclaim "equal justice" and "American values" and issue much-belated apologies for slavery that are believed. Larry was killed and discarded like a slave. Like families in the 1940's who awoke to burning crosses on their lawns, there is the intention to intimidate Larry's survivors into silence about the crimes we face.

How much do you think my censorship video library is worth? Cyberstalkers prevent me from being able to collect advertising income off the hundreds of articles I write about wrongful incarcerations, the need to eliminate the death penalty and decriminalize mental illness. People were hired to continually click ads at my articles and force Google to cancel my AdSense account to protect its ad customers from paying from false clicks. Cyberstalkers are particularly zealous to ensure that my articles reach a minimum of African Americans and Christians. I feel pressed to hurry and tell people how little citizens' rights are respected for whites like Hank Skinner as well as Africans like the Neals - before the FEMA camps under H.R. 645 are ready for tenants. Because I do so, it is apparently dangerous to go out to work since I am allowed to be stalked by vehicles full of men wearing bluetooths led by a USDOT truck. Google "Mary Neal 911" to see the actual police report about one horrifying ordeal that police also ignored. I urge Americans to wake up and smell the koffie in my articles and at Twitter, where I am KoffieTime -

Perhaps the plan is to starve Larry Neal's family for daring to ask the justice system to tell how they killed him and because we sued their very useful law firm, The Johnnie Cochran Firm, for its fraud. (These events transpired after Mr. Cochran was no longer available to prevent his name and reputation from being used to mistreat minorities, as stated by former Cochran Firm attorney Shawn Holley, who sued the firm for racial discrimination after Mr. Cochran died and African American lawyers were reportedly dismissed or forced out of the law firm.) Such intense censorship is applied to my publishing government crimes that people could learn much from my videos. I would upload a couple at this article, but people are hired to watch my computer input and see that I do cannot publish them. Someone else posted the "Prison Labor Profits" sample video at YouTube for us. Being African American and having African Americans in high positions over justice has not mattered regarding my family's persecution, and neither has Larry Neal been elevated above the dog caste in America - canines' deaths are investigated and prosecuted.

After it became obvious that mainstream media would not report to unsuspecting consumers (like Kathryn Johnston's family) that The Cochran Firm denied its own famous law office in Georgia to further defraud the Neal family, I began publishing the news myself in articles such as this one. I also founded an online advocacy to RESIST OPPRESSION on behalf of other inmates like Larry Neal, who died on August 1, 2003. My physically and mentally handicapped brother was secretly arrested for nearly three weeks and returned to his family as a naked corpse without any explanation as to why he was arrested, why police lied and kept the lifelong schizophrenic man for weeks in order to deny him his heart medicines, and under what exact circumstances Larry died. Did police Taser him? Kill him in a restraint chair? Was Larry assaulted to bring on his heart attack? Was he used for waterboarding training?

AND WHERE IS MITRICE RICHARDSON, ANOTHER AFRICAN AMERICAN MENTAL PATIENT WHO HAS NOT BEEN SEEN SINCE HER ARREST IN CALIFORNIA LAST SEPTEMBER? I hope her family finds her alive and well or is able to learn what happened to Mitrice. Memphis/Shelby County Jail never had to answer my family's questions about murdering Larry thanks to The Jonnie Cochran Firm, which signed contract to represent us in a wrongful death lawsuit against the jail but the lawyers secretly held our lawsuit inactive while the Tennessee statute of limitations passed. One good turn deserves another, so the justice system rallied around to protect the traitor law firm from paying damages for its horrible fraud against our grieving elderly mother and my family. Our advocacy group to help others who are wrongly treated in or by the justice system is called Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI), a/k/a, The Dorothea Dix Group, at this link - - AIMI's 240 members are involved in a HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS MARCH across the Internet to support H.R.619, a congressional bill to help decriminalize mental illness. We also advocate to repeal capital punishment and end wrongful convictions, juveniles being prosecuted as adults, and other injustices. A list of justice concerns is at this link:

When witnesses present false testimony that leads to wrongful convictions or DNA tests could make determinations about inmates' guilt or innocence, criminal laws shoud be as fair as civil laws. Such convictions should be just as VOID as wrongful judgements are in civil court.

Over 400 convictions have been overturned after new trials, hearings, or DNA tests. This proves that many prisoners are truthful when they protest "I Didn't Do It, Your Honor!" Thousands more convicted persons seek DNA tests through the Innocence Project, but will they get them? How much does innocence matter in criminal justice? Do Americans want to continue paying around $60,000 per year for each innocent inmate's incarceration? (NY rate for inmates in the general prison population. Rate increases substantially for death row inmates, the incarcerated mentally ill, and inmates with severe health problems like cancer. The amount varies by state.)

In 2009, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that convicted persons have no constitutional right to DNA tests, although most Americans thought they had a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Wrongful executions and incarcerations certainly impact citizens' rights.

The High Court's disappointing ruling in 2009 regarding post-conviction DNA tests, the battle rages on. Each state can still deteremine how much innocence matters for residents. On March 24, the U.S. Supreme Court stopped the execution of condemned Texan Henry Skinner with only one hour to spare. Unfortunately, numerous inmates who won stays of execution were nevertheless deprived of re-trials or DNA tests. Georgia death row inmate Troy Davis has been granted three stays; Alabama death row inmate Thomas Arthur has also been granted three stays. After Arthur's last stay of execution that prevented his July 31, 2008 execution, he was finally allowed a DNA test. Arthur's DNA was found not to match any of the crime scene evidence tested. The forensic lab results were released in July. Amazingly, the judge sealed Arthur's DNA test results, and he remains on death row nearly a year later. A hearing is planned in his case.

Millions of people agree that it is important to give new trials with substantial new evidence like Troy Davis has and give people like Hank Skinner DNA tests. It would be unfair to have Hank Skinner wait years on death row for a test he never actually receives after his stay of execution. Thomas Arthur received stays, but he kept being prepared for execution with DNA tests denied. Troy Davis received stays, but no new trial so far. Furthermore, it seems terrribly unjust to have a man pass his DNA test and STILL be on death row almost a year later like Arthur is. God help!

Since all the ads on this article have turned into ads about 9mm guns and home security, I will post the CBS article now. The CBS news below is about wrongful convictions. Please note that although 47 states grant post conviction DNA testing rights as CBS reports, some states only grant the right to test for condemned inmates - not those facing life in prison for rapes or other crimes that testing might prove the convicted person did not do. Furthermore, there should be a national mandate on how long evidence is maintained and under what conditions. Unfortunately, many of the thousands of hopeful inmates who expect to some day have the right to conduct DNA tests on the evidence that was used to convict them might be disappointed to learn that forensic evidence was not maintained in their case files.


Case Renews Wrongful Conviction Debate

Laws Granting Right to Post-Conviction DNA Testing on Books in 47 States, But Advocates Push for Change in Holdouts

(CBS) Henry Skinner was an hour from death last week when the Supreme Court stayed his execution. At issue: could DNA testing prove his innocence? Three [states] remain without laws allowing post-conviction DNA testing, and some advocates are touting this turn of events as a victory that may bring about legislative change, as CBS News correspondent Manuel Gallegus reports.

Dennis Maher spent 19 years in a Massachusetts prison for a series of rapes he did not commit. But he's not angry. "If I am angry then I am going to be bitter and dwell on what I lost," he said. Maher was falsely identified by an eye-witness and was sentenced to 20 years to life in 1984. He was 26. After his conviction, he tried for years to have the DNA evidence in his case tested. But, for convicted felons in Massachusetts, that decision rests with the judges and prosecutors - the same people who sent the convicts to prison.

"The judge thought I was guilty so he didn't have to allow DNA testing," Maher said.

Massachusetts, Alaska and Oklahoma are the only states that don't have a standardized law granting convicted felons a right to test DNA evidence in their cases. Advocates for DNA testing have tried at least three times to push the issue through the state legislature, but it's always failed. Critics found it too vague and prosecutors fought back.

As Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz put it, "At what point do we say no?" Cruz insists DNA requests should still be handled case by case and says that any new law would overload the system.

"We'd have individuals who will just say, 'I want this, I want to test,' this and it really would open up the flood gates," Cruz said.

Even without the law, nine prisoners in Massachusetts have been exonerated though DNA. But they spent a combined 117 years locked up for crimes they didn't commit. Former prosecutor David Meier leads a Boston bar association task force now urging Massachusetts to change its law.

"These cases strike at the heart of criminal justice system," Meier said and "the bill recommended by the task force would create uniformity and consistency."

Dennis Maher was released in 2003 and since then has been outspoken about the system that locked him up. "The others who are still in prison - they are just looking for a chance, a chance to prove they didn't do what happened to them," Maher said - a chance to begin a new life.


Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

P.O. Box 153, Redan, GA 30074

Am I a Bad Person?

Twelve More Reasons to Decriminalize Mental Illness (12 paragraphs, 20 links)
A woman wrote to WAGblog seeking reassurance that she is not a "bad person" because she gave up trying to care for her severly mentally disturbed brother after their parents died. Letting go is hard. Even when a caregiver feels she has to break ties to protect herself or have a life aside from being a caregiver, one never truly lets go. Love is a binding tie. People who discontinue caring for an adult with acute mental illness should not feel guilty. It is very challenging to protect acute mental patients from themselves and save them from being victimized in a world where they are considered least. Our system too often withholds treatment until AFTER crimes, then imprisons rather than hospitalize sick people. For some families, this creates an element of danger. That was the case for Theresa: - Oregon built a new mental hospital since Theresa's horrible death.

My mother struggled with my brother, Larry, for many years after he was "de-institutionalized" along with hundreds of thousands of acute mental patients who were released in the 70s. Larry was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia before puberty following a mumps infection that may have gone into his brain. For over a decade after hospital release, Larry lived at home with his family. Larry was non-violent, but his actions put him in serious danger. We were unsuccessful in attempts to have Larry re-committed except for short-term crisis intervention.
One day, Larry was walking by a neighbor's home and heard a baby crying. We have many nieces and nephews. Larry thought the baby was asking him for comfort, so he climbed into the nursery window to attend to the baby. Luckily, the homeowner did not panic and kill Larry. Can you imaging going into your baby's nursery and seeing a strange-looking man you don't know rocking your child? The baby was safe with Larry. He was not as delusional as this Arizona man: Murder for Christmas: Schizophrenic Man Bludgeoned Youngsters After the nursery incident, Larry went to the hospital briefly.
Larry's family could not protect him from the situations his mental imbalance created after hospital release made him "free." It was particularly hard for my mother to let go, but she was getting old and was very concerned for Larry's safety. Our congressman helped to arrange for Larry to become a ward of the State and live in a care home. Unfortunately, care homes have minimal rules. Patients are not forced to take their meds and they can come and go as they see fit. Sometimes, patients who are in care homes really need to be in a hospital, like the man who stabbed a New York baby while the child's nanny took her on a walk: - but the hospitals are closing.

Making Larry a ward of the State was not the solution that we hoped it would be. Larry was not dangerous to others, or he might have been re-committed. He had a toothless grin and a song, if you had time to listen, for everyone he saw. Then he would recite long historical documents or Bible verses very loud. According to the law, Larry should have qualified for hospitalization because of the danger he was to himself, but that did not happen. Prisons have replaced hospitals in America. There are now 1.25 million mentally ill people in prison, and they comprise 60% of inmates in solitary confinement. Gas, restraint chairs, and Tasers are used to control them. Some are killed. Once arrested, mental patients often get time added because they do not understand or lack the wherewithal to obey the correctional facility's rules of behavior. Sometimes, prisons keep them just because. Consider Nick Sauve's situation at his sister's petition for help:
Larry felt that he had a schedule to keep that involved walking about 10 miles a day. Once he got hit by a car crossing a major street. As soon as he was able, Larry was back on his route. He would begin by having breakfast with one of our brothers. From there, he would walk several miles to McDonald's where they allowed him to sit for hours over a few cups of coffee. Then he would go to a recreation center that may have been especially for acute mental patients like Larry, but it is closed now. In any case, he would go there and watch TV, shoot pool, etc. The center had an attendant to monitor the patrons, so Larry felt safe there despite his paranoia. The problem is that Larry would walk those 10 miles to keep his "appointments" without dressing properly for the winter. He got pneumonia repeatedly. Once, when he was just out of ICU for pneumonia, he left the hospital and walked about 5 miles to have his usual breakfast with our brother wearing only a hospital gown (back open!) and paper shoes in sub-freezing weather. At one point, Larry was transferred to a home much further from his "route," but he walked approximately 20 miles roundtrip to keep his imaginary appointments. Larry's hospital bills for numerous bouts of pneumonia and being hit by a car, plus his misdemeanor arrests for inappropriate behavior were probably no less expensive than hospital commitment. Taxpayers saved no money when mental illness was made a crime. Taxpayers pay from $15,000 to $60,000 annually per inmate, and sometimes three times as much for those who are in solitary confinement, like death row prisoners and like acute mental patients usually are. Lifelong schizophrenic patient Jeremy Smith has been in "the hole" for years, and he now faces life in prison for talking rudely to a prison guard. See Jeremy's petition: Please help Gina's son.
Approximately 1 in 5 Americans has some form of mental illness, and most people function well under treatment like people with any other chronic health condition, such as diabetes. However, some acute patients need constant supervision in a facility with a trained, compassionate staff. Patients in that category are not necessarily dangerous, but they endanger themselves. Larry asked a lady for a dollar one day, and the way he phrased it - "Gimme a dollar, lady. Come on, I know you've got a dollar; gimme a dollar" - made her feel like she was being robbed. Things like that get mentally ill people arrested. Sometimes they are picked on by people in the community who find their conditions amusing. One homeless mentally ill veteran in California was doused in gasoline and set afire. He burned to death. - Homelessness is a usual outcome for acute mental patients after their families give up trying to keep them. Consider a case in Florida when one homeless mental patient killed another:
The availability of hospital space for non-violent mental patients became pretty much non-existent after Medicaid funding for inpatient treatment ended decades ago. Hospitals across the country downsized dramatically or closed altogether. Although Larry would go to the hospital to be stabilized during a crisis, he never stayed over a month, and usually less. Hospital closures continue nationwide. Meanwhile, our prison population swells as acute mental patients eventually do something to get themselves arrested - offenses from simple vagrancy to gruesome murders. DOES THIS YOUNG WOMAN BELONG IN PRISON? SEE Bipolar Crisis on Atlanta MARTA Train

Approximately 1.25 million mental patients are imprisoned today, which means there is no savings for taxpayers in punishing sick people for having mental dysfunctions rather than hospitalizing them or providing community-based care. But it is much worse for the patients to be imprisoned rather than hospitalized, as police officers lack the training and some lack the temperament to be psychiatric caretakers. Consider how my brother died under secret arrest - - And remember Tim Souders' death in this 60 Minutes presentation: - Thank goodness Frank Horton's life was spared by a benevolent guard:
Mental hospitals are sorely missed. Many prisoners suffer since mental illness was criminalized. It does not have to be this way. It is less expensive to treat sick people than to punish them for having a common health condition, and many can be restored to wholesome lives. All we need to do is join NAMI, Treatment Advocacy Center, AIMI, and other mental health advocacy organizations in supporting H.R.619, a congressional bill to reinact Medicaid funds for mental hospitalization. PLEASE VOTE for Mental Health Care Reform. HR619 will replace prisons with mental hospitals
Thanks in advance for supporting the bill introduced by Rep. Eddie Johnson (D-TX), a former psychiatric nurse, to help decriminalize mental illness in America. Please read: THE MORE, THE STRONGER!

I feel sorry for the sister who wrote WAGBlog about having to give up being caretaker for her brother. The burden on families is really great. That is why I feel certain that once the 10 million family members know about H.R.619, they will gladly support the bill. We must let Americans know that an alternative to criminalizing mental illness is available. I hope you will help by sharing the news. There is opposition to the bill that would affect private prison profits, so it will take effort on the part of individual bloggers. When I checked, H.R.619, a very important bill, had received absolutely NO mainstream press coverage. It reminds me of censorship around my brother's secret arrest and murder and the cover-up that followed which was facilitated by The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm. Here is a handy link to share this article: - or you can use the "ADD THIS" feature in the margin at - Thanks in advance for all that you do to help give Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill. A life is a terrible thing to waste. Please see the seven(7) links below.


Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
Phone 678.531.0262

Mary Neal's Google Profile - - Visit my Care2 Sharebook - Follow KOFFIETIME at Twitter - Current, urgent justice issues from a laywoman's viewpoint at my primary blog  (the name is a joke, believe me) Recommended articles - - Dog Justice for Mentally Ill

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Yahoo Mail DoS - Denied Access to My Own Mail!

(18 paragraphs, 16 links) CAROL, OF PRISON MOVEMENT, the cyberstalkers would not permit my comment to register at this article. However, here is what I wrote in response to your comments that the cyberstalkers did let show (which is strange, isn't it?).
Carol, did someone assign you the official spokesman? A truck with a government emblem saying "USDOT" followed my grandson and me for six miles, leading four other vehicles, and cornered us at Chevron station for one hour on September 27, 2008. Maybe you can also explain WHO TOLD 911 NOT TO COME WHEN WE CALLED. And by the way, the 18-wheeler that made deliveries to my NEW neighbors across the street was not just a magnetic sign. It was a giant, white USDOT truck. Has the DOT made deliveries to your neighbors, Carol? You have tweeted to me numerous times that I should not say anything about being stalked and cybercensored. Tell anyone who is interested that I will stop when they do.
Regarding Yahoo, maybe you can also explain why Y! Video answered falsely when I asked who put what I consider a threatening answer to my Cochran Firm Fraud videos.
And when you see my videos, you may be able to also explain many other things about Yahoo Mail - not an isolated incident by a long shot. Also, I am glad you are good at explaining. Tell me why a photo of a lethal injection table with my name underneath was positioned to pop out at me when I opened pages at Care2? (Witness affidavit and printout filed with USDC). I don't hold the Internet sites like Yahoo Mail responsible. Since it happens across all sites where I input data, it is likely a case like Cyxymu. See an article about another activist blogger who was stalked across the Internet to prevent his messages:

Web Attack Aimed At One Activist Blogger
It has been confirmed that a coordinated attack on Web sites including Google, Facebook and Twitter was directed at one individual, a pro-Georgian activist blogger known as Cyxymu. The attack caused a blackout of Twitter for around two hours, while Facebook said its service had been "degraded."
Thanks for your explanation about the USDOT truck that followed me. So it was just a sub-contractor, is that what you mean? Is that supposed to make a difference? I have pages and pages of questions, witness statements, and video evidence of cyberstalking. What is your explanation for the censorship you see at the video PRISON LABOR PROFITS on YouTube? When you answer that one, I have more questions and lots more videos showing my "imaginary" cyberstalking, Carol. Shall I mail them to you? The problem is the videos I mailed on March 8, 2010, did not reach all the parties intact, and a couple of addressees are still waiting. I have receipts of mailing. But I am sure you can explain, right, Carol? I am a legal assistant, and I write nothing at all that I cannot prove. In fact, I will load some more cybercensorship videos at YouTube so that you can analyze them and give the "official" answer.

Another thing, Carol. I was disappointed tonight when I tweeted the message below about the need to decriminalize mental illness and pass H.R.619 for more mental hospital beds instead of prison cells for sick people:
@PrisonReformMvt VIDEO: Dogs as the mentally ill, homeless and in prison Support H.R.619. Thanks.
And instead of re-tweeting that message or just remaining silent, this was sent from PrisonReformMvt:

YouTube - There's nothing more for me.: Adopt a dog from your local shelter!! They need good families!!

I was shocked that you deleted the info about H.R.619, Carol. Anyone might think that someone in the Prison Movement would want to see mental illness decriminalized and promote congressional bill H.R.619 to increase the number of mental hospital beds. But I'm silly to think such things, I suppose. I also thought the government would want to honor the law and answer our Freedom of Information Requests about my murdered brother. That just shows how wrong I can be. The USDOJ refuses to answer our FOIA request about how Larry died. Can you give me the "official" view on why it was OK to secretly arrest and kill Larry Neal? Why is it OK for The Cochran Firm to stand in court and deny its Atlanta, Georgia office while advertising it every day and the law office is still operating? I have been asking officials for six years. Maybe you would care to answer for them. Next thing I know, people will write and tell me I only imagined I had a brother named Larry and that 1.25 million mentally ill people are imprisoned. HERE ARE MORE QUESTIONS FOR YOU, CAROL. THE DOJ CAN'T ANSWER THEM, BUT PERHAPS YOU CAN.


Carol, I saw numerous comments from PrisonReformMvt to me at Twitter when I visited your Twitter page on 4/1/10. - Funny thing is I did not see any of them while I worked at Twitter, and neither do some people's messages reach my inbox at Twitter. I sometimes see the messages when I browse the web. I AM SURE YOU HAVE AN EXPLANATION FOR THAT, ALSO. So tell me, what's the official reason for my not getting some of the messages that are sent to @koffietime? And does your number of followers flutuate at Twitter, Carol? On my view, I frequently get two or three new followers, but when I select "followers" to see who they are, the number quickly reverts back to what it was befor, or even below that! Seems strange to me.
What is the explanation for some of my mail being stolen from my gMail box? I recently received a message that Sgt. Russell was going on trial for the murders he allegedly did while undergoing a PTSD episode, but the email promptly disappeared. What is the explanation for the yellow, red, and blue lines painted from my back fence to the middle of my street? What is the explanation behind the computers at the public library flashing a message "files being copied" if I put a flash drive into the PC - when that is NOT supposed to happen? What is the "official" reason, Carol? Tell me. Inquiring minds want to know. Why did three cars follow my sister and me about seven miles to my daughter's home in July 2009, and we could not even stay and visit because it was getting dark and we were concerned about being stalked. The drivers did not exit their cars - they just sat there. What is up with that, Carol? Ask your friends how to respond, please.
Here is something I would really like for you to answer, since you are very much "in the know," Carol. How is it that Cochran Firm attorney, Angela Mason, was able to ask the USDC judge to have Mary Neal stop saying a WHITE vehicle was following me when I never, ever told anyone the color of the vehicle that followed me home from work at night? How did she know the color? ESP? When you answer these questions, Carol, I have more for you.

I do not have the imagination to dream up these things, Carol. My dreams are about shopping and going to the beach - not nearly so dramatic as the things that happened since asking "WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL?" and starting to advocate for Human Rights for Prisoners. Since you explained about Yahoo's DoS, please take a crack at explaining the DoS at USLaw, also, Carol - Exposed: DoS to Mary Neal - Did they send you a message as to why that DoS happened, Carol? I cannot wait for you to explain it all. THANKS.


As I wrote previously, I cannot not use for my mailbox. The cyberstalking there is so intense that I am now prohibited from opening my Yahoo mailbox at all from my home PC. I belong to many Yahoo groups. The censorship force seeks to keep my articles, comments, and emails from all of the African American groups and prisoner activists groups I joined at Yahoo. This block is one way the censorship force screens the information that reaches people with Yahoo email boxes. Another way to control the flow of information between people and Yahoo groups is by preventing censored people from joining Yahoo groups by repeatedly putting false messages at the scrambled code saying that the censored party entered the wrong code. Apparently, the gatekeepers work overtime at Yahoo. I have many videos to show you how bad the problem is - cyberstalkers working at Yahoo. See this article: "FBI - Your New Facebook Friend" It has a link to the original article at MSN that states that the FBI uses fake identities to make friends with unsuspecting persons at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other network sites. In my case, cyberstalkers don't merely make friends, but they take a much more active role. See this video for example, "PRISON LABOR PROFITS" at YouTube, and watch the cyberstalkers edit my computer input: - I have many such videos that show my data disappearing at Yahoo mail. Also, my mail would show that it went to individuals and groups when that was frequently not the case. Part of my cybercensorship is accomplished by the illegal takeover of my own PC, which is put on an Intranet over which I am not the administrator. It may be that this is what has happened tonight to cause my not being able to log onto Yahoo mail. The delay gives the censorship force time to go through my emails and delete those they do not wish for me to read. Did someone criticize China for censorship? They owe that country an apology. Below are the messages I repeatedly got when I tried to open my Yahoo mailbox on 3/28/10:

Oops! Internet Explorer could not find Try reloading: yahoo.­com

I tried again, and I got the message below. What is the “us” all about, I don't wonder.

Oops! Internet Explorer could not find
Go to yahoo.­com
Search on Google:


I suppose they are telling me to stick to Google. OK, but I must have access to my Yahoo mail, also. It is well known that prison issues have a grave impact on African Americans, because 1 in 9 young black men under age 34 and 1 in 15 adult African Americans of both sexes are now imprisoned. Therefore, the censorship force knows that if I am allowed freedom of speech and press to rally support for H.R. 619 in my Yahoo groups, the support would be very strong to pass the bill that Rep. Johnson (D-TX) introduced to resume Medicaid funding for mental hospitals. It is no accident that hospitals closed and 1.25 million mental patients are now imprisoned, but it benefits prison owners and investors. All I ever write is information that has to do with improving justice in our country, including the need to decriminalize mental illness. I ask citizens to petition their representatives to make changes that will benefit individuals who are caught in the justice system, some of them wrongly convicted. I also respectfully suggest changes that would offer taxpayers some relief from the $50 billion per year prison costs. Censorship is used to prevent my communicating with prisoner activists and African American groups so that I cannot send them messages like the ones I posted at Twitter:

@blackvoices VOTE 4 MentalHealthCareReform: HR619 -Replace prisons w/ mental hospitals

The noise level rose substantially since I began this article at the house across the street from mine to which delieveries were made by an 18-wheeler USDOT truck. Someone who lives near me accesses my home PC via remote access and interferes with my First Amendment rights. Many other people write about the same subjects that I do without the intense cyberstalking and censorship. Therefore, you might wonder what is different about Mary Neal having freedom of press like other people. To understand that, Google for "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal." Much of the information that my cyberstalking is intended to hide is in the website at the link below. It is a puzzle to me why the censorship is so intense, because at least 100,000 people have already visited the website, and many hundreds of thousands have read at least one of my articles wherein I included the targeted data.

March 15, 2011

Carol, I just noticed your comments at this article.  Regarding the USDOT truck episode, I wrote a response comment that was too long for the comment field.  September 27, 2008 was an amazing night.  I spoke about it on the Rev. Pinkney BlogTalk Radio Show on Oct. 11, 2009, and included most of the information that this article's comment field was not big enough to accept.  Link:  - Whenever I start writing about that stalking event and several others, I tend to write and write.  The white pickup USDOT truck that stalked my grandson and me did not have stickers, Carol.  It had USDOT painted on its driver and passenger doors in LARGE print.  Witnesses aplenty saw it, and the driver did not care.  (If you do not hear me by using the link above, call Rev. Pinkney or Blogtalk Radio.  Sometimes cyberstalkers actually substitute recorded shows.  That is why I advised all radio hosts to state the date repeatedly during broadcasts in my article "Internet Censorship American Style"' at this link:  Otherwise another of the host's shows can be substituted for one that has a censored guest or a show that publishes censored information.)

Mary Neal

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mary Neal's 79 Tweets of Net Freedom

See the 79 tweets I was able to enter when the cyberdogs lost control over my PC in March 2010 after Hank Skinner was granted a stay of execution by the U.S. Supreme Court. There should be 79 tweets and fifteen (15) paragraphs in this article, counting this one, and twelve (12) links, not counting those within the 79 tweets.  For a while, I was off the Intranet cyberstalkers put my home computer on to control my Net Freedom.  They stopped YouTube from being able to upload films that night, because my videos documenting indisputable cybercensorship are very damning, plus they have concerns about scanned documents, videos of Larry's wake and funeral, family interviews, videos with comments from people on the street, etc.  All I did was tweet with my Net Freedom that night.  But do they appreciate my restraint?  No.  Is my patience rewarded?  No.  They're getting worse.  In November 2010, they stopped my "Follow me at Twitter" button from working at my blog - - They locked me out of my Sharebook at Care2 and lately prevented my posts at my online advocacy group, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill.  On December 2, 2010, I discovered my Twitter tweets are formatted so that they cannot be viewed clearly on cell phones.  Follow me at Twitter, if they let you -

They should know to settle debts and get confidentiality agreements like they learned in law school.  But no.  They perceived no reason to acknowledge their wrongs toward a black family that lacks wealth.  Instead, terrorism is intended to make us scared like the black man who co-starred in Jack Benny films.  Southern families in the 1940s were frightened into silence by crosses burning on their lawns if they dared complain about their loved ones being lynched.  These Pharaohs rely on their stalkers, cybercensorship, New World Order network, fixed courts, and censored media to prevent disclosure about the secret arrest and WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL (Google that), their denial of records and due process, and cyberterror, much of which I filmed and already shared with the insurance network.  They are overly confident, like Pharaohs usually are before a Red Sea experience.  We can go viral any day with just one release, such as the lewd close-up photos of black men holding their penises in their hands that they sent to my 88-year-old mother's cellphone when I accused the cyberstalkers of enjoying terrorizing us to compensate for having small genitals.  I regret allowing them to make me angry enough to make such an accusation, but an article I prepared for over an hour disappeared when I hit "submit" at my Care2 Sharebook. (They often do that, especially when I write anti-death penalty articles).  I don't know if the penis photos were of AHS or Moon, but maybe their wives might recognize the engorged organs if I give my friend the OK to upload the photos on his X-rated website. The hands and penises in the photos are from dark-skinned black men. I grow weary with the antics these maniacs do.

We only shared a small portion of the terrorism and videos just so they will know we have them.  Most scanned documents and films are saved for the DVD to be published with my book, and the Level 3 videos are so horrible that they are strictly for insurance. We hope to never release them.  I try to publicize enough information and proof about our terrorism to convince people this is real, but the extent of our persecution for asking how Larry was killed, suing The Cochran Firm, and advocating for human rights for prisoners is shocking far beyond what I have made public. I have no funds to shop for Christmas again, thanks to cyberdogs blocking ads on my blogs.  Last night when I prayed about it, God said, "Why take it?"  Believe it or not, we still hoped these people had business sense if not decency.  Obviously, they have neither.

Mashable wrote about the March 2010 YouTube outage during the period when I temporarily freed my PC of the cyberdogs' network at this link: YouTube Is Down  Perhaps they did not want us to upload the video of the helicopters they stood still over our house after having their terrorists paint aerial markers on our lawn.  Silly.  That video went into my Level 2 group to save for the flap of my book and/or court during the next lawsuit (against The Cochran Firm, the DOJ, or Atlanta for sending police to violate my civil rights, whichever God decides).  That was not the first time they brought YouTube down when they feared my posting videos.  On September 1, 2009, YouTube went down when I was broadcasting that despite Thomas Arthur's DNA test results that indicated he was eliminated as the contributor of forensic evidence tested by the lab, Alabama's District Attorney's office still planned to ask for his death warrant.  The court had actually sealed the likely innocent man's DNA test results and barred his attorneys from releasing the information that innocence was indicated.  The media did not report on this grave matter, and it appeared to Arthur's daughter that the injustice system intended to kill her father regardless of his innocence.  (That is probably still the plan since they continue to delete my articles about his DNA test results.)  I videotaped the major trouble I experienced on September 1, 2009, trying to report Arthur's pending wrongful execution, including Care2 eCards that had been stripped of all my input about Thomas Arthur's DNA test.  Incidentally, gMail went down, also.  I use my gMail account to promote Human Rights for Prisoners in domestic correctional institutions.  Murders and torture are not limited to War on Terror camps, as my brother's secret arrest and wrongful death prove; thus, the secrecy.  Links to some of my videos are in YouTube Videos Expose Mary Neal's Censorship and Terrorism for HR Advocacy - Link:

These people get sick of my advocacy to decriminalize mental illness and end prison profiteering and executions.  Success in any of those advocacies would cost the Prison Industrial Complex megabucks, which is all mercenary, demon-filled servants of mammon consider.  I only planned to be a human rights advocate while awaiting justice for Larry Neal, my mentally, physically disabled brother they killed.  It is incredible that I am still on this justice quest after years and years of exposing the crimes and advocating for fairness for Larry and 1.25 million other mentally ill Americans who are wrongly imprisoned for offenses (including misdemeanors) arising out of their mental dysfunctions.  I expected people to WANT to be fair long ago, if only to shut us up.  But they figured that can be accomplished by other means, such as terrorism and censorship - or worse.  I am sick of having to go to the library to use computers or pay for Internet time at Kinko's because of cyberstalkers who attacked NUMEROUS PCs at my home.  For one thing, it is cold outside, and secondly, they even attack the library PCs when I am inputting.  Yes, I film that, too.

It is too late for justice when people are killed.  Lawsuits can never bring justice; no family can really be "made whole" after a member is murdered.  But lawsuits help to curb blatant abuses of power among people who only care about money.  The first time we tried to sue, The Cochran Firm tricked my family into a contract for legal services, then withheld legal work to allow Tennessee's statute of limitations to pass and save Shelby County Jail from our wrongful death lawsuit.  Then when my elderly mother and I sued The Cochran Firm for its fraud, Georgia Superior Court Judge Wendy Shoob said, "What Cochran Firm?  There is no such firm in Georgia," and dismissed our lawsuit with the Atlanta office listed first on The Cochran Firm's website - advertising and doing brisk business (probably defrauding other blacks) every day.  Next in federal court, Judge Batten said, "So what if The Cochran Firm defrauded your family?  No jury would think the firm keeping your lawsuit secretly inactive while the Tennessee statute of limitations ran is the reason why you could not sue timely and recover damages from Shelby County Jail."  Yes, he actually said that and also dismissed. So here we are over seven years after Larry's secret arrest and murder still deprived of any explanation about his fatal arrest, no records by Shelby County Jail and the United States Department of "Justice," and my mom is still enduring nightmares about possible ways they killed her son.  I cannot believe it.  Who would think such blatant abuses of power and crimes against humanity are possible in the United States of America against citizens - not suspected terrorists in Guantanamo and Gitmo? Sadly, not only are such horrors possible against Americans, but they happen to many more people than just my brother and family.  I will continue to present victims' stories until they shut down the Internet, probably in the not-so-distant future, whether or not I do it from this side of Jordan (thanks to the Insurance Network like Wikileaks has).

Frederick Douglas said, "Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them."  "Quiet submission" period is just about done around here - up to the second level videos and documents.  I have come to the conclusion that Pharaohs are incapable of deciding to repent and be fair.  Perhaps God has hardened their hearts because He WANTS them in the Red Sea.  Since none of my material has anything to do with national security like Wikileaks', nobody can shut it down by claiming a security risk.  THE TWEETS AND PARAGRAPHS BELOW WERE WRITTEN DURING A BRIEF PERIOD OF NET FREEDOM ON MY HOME COMPUTER IN MARCH 2010:

@ACLU @UN @Change See sample of cybercensorship online: PRISON LABOR PROFITS @ YouTube via web

@ACLU @UN @Change Ppl might not BELIEVE the terrorism we face for asking about Larry Neal were it not for my videos via web

@RevPinkney I am so glad I started videotaping the cyberterror & in-person terror plus censorship long ago. Look @ your CD! Examples there. via web

@RevPinkney We are afraid, but have faith in God & REFUSE 2 be their slaves. Still asking WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL! via web

@RevPinkney The yellow green,& red lines they drew fr our hm to street were perhaps markers 4 the helicopters to know which hm to terrorize via web

@RevPinkney We didn't bother to call 911 about stalkers 3/23. They didn't answer my 911 call when USDOT trk & 4 cars of men waylaid us 9/08 via web

@RevPinkney While 2 helicopters circled our hm 3/23, trucks kept turning around in our drive. They even painted lines fr our hm to street. via web

@RevPinkney I broke free on my hm PC. Don't know how long it will last. Cyberstalkers R fast! TERROR! 'lil dog fighting via web

@MikeArgi @ACLU @Change Library PC takeover when I enter my library number. They become almost as impossible to operate as my home PC. via web

@MikeArgi @ACLU @Change They sent two helicopters to circle our hm 3/23, one stood still overhead 15 min. Painted lines in our yard to st. via web

@MikeArgi @ACLU @Change I ran a program & broke free of cyberdogs but don't know how long it will last. They now follow me to libraries! via web

@MikeArgi @ACLU @Change Help a 'lil dog fight unjust terrorism, murders, & gov't coverups like Support H.R.619 via web

@easystreetwest Health care bill omits mental hospitalization to avoid murders & gov't coverups like 'lil dog fighting via web in reply to easystreetwest

@WeeklyLeader The health care bill omits mental hospitalization to avoid murders & gov't coverups like Support H.R.619 via web in reply to WeeklyLeader

@PulseonGOP The health care bill omits mental hospitalization to avoid murders & gov't coverups like Support H.R.619 via web in reply to PulseonGOP

@innocenceblog Bcuz I advocate 4 human rights 4 prisoners & ask justice for Larry Neal, we're treated this way TERROR! via web

@innocenceblog They always threaten children in Larry Neal's family for asking WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL & revealing COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD! via web

@innocenceblog LOOK at the cyberterror cyberstalkers switched my browser to when I thanked judges 4 saving HankSkinner via web

@consciousskilz @MikeArgi @ACLU When I type online & THEY don't like what I type, they switch my brorwser to threatening links, photos, etc. via web

@consciousskilz @MikeArgi @ACLU Cyberdogs mad I removed some of their programs & got online. They sent threat re kids via web

@consciousskillz @MikeArgi One helicopter stood still right over our rooftop for 15 min 3/23. My 87-yr-old mom thought they'd bomb us! Evil. via web

@consciousskillz @MikeArgi They circled my home in red, yellow, green paint w/ arrow to middle of street & flew helicopters overhead 30 min via web

@WunderingAloud The health care bill needs mental hospitalization added 2 avoid more deaths & gov't coverups like via web in reply to WunderingAloud

@Google Thank you for helping my censored, TERRORIZED family ask WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL? via web

@bbcworld Someone needs to hold out 'til mental hospitalization is INCLUDED! DOJ REFUSES to answer FOIA request via web

@Change Shouldn't we have right to ask WHAT HAPPENED 2 LARRY NEAL? DOJ REFUSES to answer FOIA request Are AfAm citizens? via web

YOU go home & find all yo loved ones home. My mother has right to know what you did to her son. How'd U kill Larry Neal? via web

@MostMostTweets @UN @ACLU Shouldn't we have right to ask WHAT HAPPENED 2 LARRY NEAL? DOJ REFUSES to answer FOIA request via web

I have right to ask How U kill Larry via web

STOP, sociopaths! via web

While yo helicopters circled overhead, my 87-yr-old mom said, "Are they going to bomb us?" The USDOJ does nothing about these illegal acts. via web

Gangstalkers came one truck after another 2 turn around in our driveway while the helicopters circled. A visitor was so afraid that she left via web

Two helicopters circled our home for 30 min. One stopped overhead for 15 min. When they left, I saw the paint from our house to the street. via web

WARNING: Stop the threats, helicopters, & painting our yard. Not everyone in Larry's fam & friend circle has that old time religion I have. via web

Any clients who find out The Cochran Firm defrauded them should take it from me - they can do much worse than deliberate malpractice. Much. via web

YOU should have something better to do than terrorize a family. Are there no real enemies left? You make a game of stalking me online. SICK! via web

I am sick of you switching my computer view to threats like and flashing coffins & lethal injection tables on my PC. via web

I was so pleased about Hank Skinner, I might not have mentioned your latest terrorism against my fam 4 asking "WHAT HAPPENED 2 LARRY NEAL?" via web

YOU even painted an arrow from my home to the middle of the street in front of my house. Who paid for all that helicopter fuel? Taxpayers?

I took photos & video of the RED, YELLOW & GREEN paint you outlined my yard in & the helicopters you stationed over my home yesterday. EVIL! via web

God isn't willing 4 any 2 be lost but said EVERYONE should repent. If U insist, He will oblige via web

You ppl already killed my brother, Larry Neal-Now U threaten kids in his fam. Here's YO future via web

Do not switch my online view to SH*T like this. I am sick of yo cyberthreats, DOGS. via web

Cyberdogs, next time you destroy my online access fr my home PC, your bosses will be sorry. Promise. via web

GOOD NEWS! Hank Skinner got stay of execution issued by U.S. Supreme Ct - #justice #prison via web

@PrisonMovement Look at Hank Skinner smile! He lives! via web

@PrisonMovement Judge Scalia, of all ppl, gave Hank Skinner a stay of execution! Thanks, Judge - via web

@consciousskillz @MikeArgi Cyberdogs kept me offline from my home PC all wk. I couldn't do much to help Hank Skinner. Thx 4 whatever you did via web

@consciousskillz @MikeArgi I messed around w/ my PC & managed to go online! Hank Skinner got his stay of execution fr Judge Scalia! Amazing. via web

Judge Scalia, thank you so very much for giving Hank Skinner a chance to test his DNA evidence. Fairness yet lives in the U.S. Supreme Court via web

Judge Scalia, I was kept offline on my home PC for days. I've been praying for Hank Skinner and our country. We MUST have inalienable rights via web

@differentending I managed to get online to see if they killed Hank Skinner w/o DNA test. I cannot believe who saved him - Judge Scalia! Thx via web

@eonline Tell everyone to buy an Avanquest disc. I used it & fiddled around to get online tonight on my PC that cyberdogs take over OFTEN. via web

Never thought I'd say this, but thanks, Judge Antonin Scalia. Today, you're my hero.Hank Skinner lives because YOU were that righteous judge via web

AFTER THE TRUCKS STOPPED COMING TO TURN AROUND IN OUR DRIVEWAY AND THE HELICOPTERS LEFT FROM WHERE THEY CIRCLED OUR HOME FOR 30 MINUTES ON 3/23/10, WE WENT OUTSIDE AND SAW THE YELLOW, GREEN, AND RED LINES THAT HAD BEEN DRAWN FROM OUR BACK FENCE ALL THE WAY TO THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET. DESPITE THE TERRORISM, GOD GAVE ME THE COURAGE TO GO TO THE LIBRARY AND TYPE THESE TWEETS AND POST MY HANK SKINNER ARTICLE AT MY CARE2 SHAREBOOK. CYBERSTALKERS PREVENTED MY POSTING IT TO CARE2 NEWS NETWORK, HOWEVER. THEY KNOW WHEN I AM AT THE LIBRARY AND CONTROL WHAT "PREPARED" PC I USE BECAUSE I HAVE TO LOG IN TO USE THE LIBRARY PC WITH MY LIBRARY CARD. Yesterday, the computer first assigned me to computer no. 9, but it quickly changed to no. 13. Another patron and I were astonished at the switch. I asked the librarian if she had ever seen such a thing before, and she replied that she had not. I had to leave no. 9 and go to no. 13 to work. That put me back in control to a large degree, but not as bad as my home PC, where they stopped my online access altogether. Having to sit at the "especially for Mary Neal" library PC is probably why I experienced a DoS when trying to publish my Hank Skinner article at Care2 News Network. The individual sites do not necessarily know about the cyberstalkers' attacks, UNTIL I write about it. Then they know. In any case, I typed these tweets while I could on March 23, hoping to help Hank Skinner get a DNA test. Many people worked for this purpose. I thank them and the U.S. Supreme Court for Skinner getting his stay of execution on March 24, just one hour before his doomsday. MY 79 TWEETS OF NET FREEDOM CONTINUE BELOW.

@consciousskillz @MikeArgi It's as hard to publish anti-death penalty news as it is to publish anything positive about Israel. See my videos via web

@consciousskillz You have many followers. Please retweet 4 justice: DNA test 4 Hank Skinner. STAY execution tomorrow. via web

@MikeArgi Join me in congratulating Ohio. The state legislature passed sweeping criminal justice reform, and governor will sign. Kudos, Ohio via web

@MikeArgi Mike, you have many followers (they delete mine often). Please retweet for justice: DNA test 4 Hank Skinner via web

@MikeArgi @Care2 DoS prevents Care2NewsNetwork posting article to help Hank Skinner win stay for DNA testing. Censored via web

@UN They have new way to prevent my advocacy for condemned men like Hank Skinner: cyberstalkers prevent my Internet access fr home PC. via web

@differentending Sodom & Gomorrah needed 10 righteous men 2 be saved. All Hank Skinner needs is ONE to say, "Test his DNA before execution." via web

@Care2 Cyberstalkers are afraid some righteous judge, Gov. Perry or Pres Obama will read my news and help Hank Skinner. via web

@Care2 @differentending We don't know that Skinner is innocent, but he deserves a DNA test he requested-He has an "inalienable right 2 life" via web

@Care2 @differentending I filmed the interference. I'm at library, so it is not from my home PC takeover that cyberstalkers prevent posting via web

@Care2 Please help w/ my HankSkinner article - DoS at Care2 News Network. Cyberstalkers. via web

@differentending @Care2 @PrisonMovement Sometimes it takes all night 2 publish an anti-death penalty article at Care2 News Network - DoS via web

@differentending @Care2 Whenever I try 2 publish anti-death penalty news @ Care2NewsNetwork, I get DoS, ecards go out empty, etc. Pls help. via web

@Care2 I have a DoS at Care2NewsNetwork for my Hank Skinner article. He dies tomorrow. via web

@consciousskillz @MikeArgi Have 2 go now. Library closing. They prevent my home PC from going online at all now. Thanks for your interest. via web

@consciousskillz @MikeArgi MUST there always be discrimination? Jews, blacks, now the mentally disabled. Why? How long? HELP! Pass H.R.619 via web

@consciousskillz @MikeArgi We live under SEIGE 4 asking WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL & helping ppl like Nick Sauve via web

@consciousskillz @MikeArgi I don't know how attys can communicate w/ my family - THEY redirect our phone calls to VM & we don't get messages via web

@consciousskillz @MikeArgi If U know any brave lawyers, my family wants 2 sue USDOJ, Cochran Firm, 4 WrongfulDeathOfLarryNeal cover-up. via web

@consciousskillz @MikeArgi I feel that if we can help other sick ppl be hospitalized instead of imprisoned, Larry's death won't be in vain. via web

@consciousskillz @MikeArgi I AM SO HURT that Congress did not have psychiatric hospitals in National Health Care Reform Bill. I work so hard via web

@consciousskillz @MikeArgi Criminalizing mental illness largely eliminated treatment needed 2 avoid tragedies like the VA Tech massacre. via web

@consciousskillz @MikeArgi Prison 2 punish ppl 4 having common, treatable health condition is immoral, expensive, & unsafe 4 communities. via web

@consciousskillz @MikeArgi I BELIEVE that the party w/ platform 2 decriminalize mental illness will have much support next election! via web

@MikeArgi About 1 in 5 Americans has mental illness. 1.25 million are prisoners now; others under threat of prison if they experience crisis

There should be 79 tweets above and fifteen (15) paragraphs, counting this one. WHO do you think can make mainstream news censor what is happening regarding the WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL cover-up? When you can answer that question, you might also know who sent The Cochran Firm to defraud my family after Larry's secret arrest and murder in Shelby County Jail and wants to keep 1.25 million other mentally ill Americans behind bars. You will know who protests AIMI members writing for human rights for prisoners and posting news about their abuses and deaths in the criminal justice system. You will have the answer to who deletes some of my articles and blogs about the need to end capital punishment, give Americans free speech and freedom of press, and most of all, the need for America to be TRUE to what it said on paper (MLK).

Congratulations to everyone who said, "I respectfully disagree" regarding Hank Skinner being executed without a DNA test to prove his innocence.  My article I RESPECTFULLY DISAGREE is at this Care2 link: Many thanks to the Supreme Court for giving Skinner a stay of execution. Please pray for my family. We are counting on God to make the USDOJ, courts, The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm (which pretended under contract to be Larry's wrongful death attorneys), and even Memphis police and Shelby County Jail to be fair and obey the law. We also pray that American media will stop practicing censorship. No Americans should ever be held for nearly three weeks under Secret Arrest, murdered, and returned to their families as naked corpses without accountability and records. At least authorities should have to say how and why they killed citizens, even African Americans and/or sick people, I BELIEVE.

Two are after my signature block, and there is one mention of H.R. 645. I don't know how long my taste of Net Freedom will last because cyberstalkers work fast. Tonight, I ran a program and broke my PC free after being prevented from going online using my own PC for the past week or so. I also deleted every program that had "REMOTE" in it. While my PC was being held hostage, I had to find the courage to go to the library to write articles for Hank Skinner to get a DNA test. He was scheduled for execution on Wednesday, March 24. I cannot sit and watch potentially innocent men be killed without saying, "I RESPECTFULLY DISAGREE." After running the Avanquest program, I was able to use TWITTER tonight without cybercensorship interrupting for the first time in months. Someone may be fired. Perhaps the MSN Article at this link tells PART of the story: "FBI -Your New Facebook Friend" at this link:  -Cyberstalkers  usually stop my publishing whenever they want, including emails. Furthermore, they delete my emails at will from Yahoo, gMail, or Ning groups. Now it appears they wish to stop my publishing anything whatsoever, which has always been their plan.

The fact that I was able to publish the 79 tweets during a brief period of Net Freedom may not really matter, however, because I discovered the other night that they can make one's tweets disappear like they can parts of our blogs or emails. I had tweeted some messages to @RonPaul to let him know - and ALL elected officials know - that Americans want a justice system that is truly just. When I looked at my Twitter profile page on the library PC, those tweets to @RonPaul were missing at first, then they suddenly appeared. Yes, they can do user-specific views of what is online. I don't know my tweets to Ron Paul reappeared for everyone who checks my Twitter page or just on my view only. See  - The censorship force can do many things to censor citizens online. See PRISON LABOR PROFITS at YouTube for a 2-minute example. I am censored because I write that mentally ill people should be hospitalized or receive treatment in community care programs, not imprisoned. NO condemned men or women should be put to death if there is a chance they are innocent just because courts and governors REFUSE them DNA tests. Innocence matters to We the People. The political party that recognizes that and makes Human Rights for Prisoners a party platform will experience good success, I BELIEVE. Just in case cyberdogs delete the tweets I was able to post from my liberated PC tonight, I am entering them here in my blog at  (the name is a joke, of course). I have videos to prove they can still make tweets in this article invisible to my blog visitors, and they can do the same thing to your Internet posts.  Proof of such cyberstalking against other human rights organizations are included in my level 2 videos.  I mailed level 1 video proof of cybercensorship to numerous people, and in some cases, they STOPPED THE MAIL. Numerous parties have yet to receive a copy of the disc that carries numerous videos of my cybercensorship and cyberterror, and I have receipts for each piece of mail. An Express Mail overnight package was two days reaching one party, and another party's CD was broken when it reached him.

It is an awesome struggle to have ANY free speech and freedom of press around some issues in America. Pray for liberty! In the meantime, if your computer is taken over because you write about human/civil rights, buy an Avanquest disc to help you back up your PC to a time before the cyberdogs positioned many Trojans to delete your Net Freedom. Mainstream news will not publish information about The Cochran Firm Fraud, the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal, and under-reports other justice issues. Please help by "retweeting" this article. Use the handy "Add This" feature on the upper left margin to share this or any of my articles that are available in the index on the lefthand side of FreeSpeakBlog with your friends and online groups - IF they let you. Once they take over my PC again, I will take it for a wipe/clean or try to purchase one that is not infected. I plan to keep trying to to have freedom of speech until they get the camps ready, hoping that you will wake up or that Jesus will come back in time to save us all from FEMA centers planned under congressional bill H.R. 645.

If you write me to request a CD with some of my videos, it may help if you also email or write a comment at one of my blogs to let me know that you did. Otherwise, they may stop your mail. Like people in the French Resistence, I will try to smuggle a CD out to you. My uncle helped to liberate France during WWII. Wonder what he would think of this happening in USA? My uncle died last year, but my family thought it safer if I did not attend his military funeral. His funeral was in Memphis, where my brother Larry was held under secret arrest in Shelby County Jail for weeks while his social worker and family were told he was not incarcerated - long enough for him to die without his vital heart drugs or from tasering or from starvation or from beating or from waterboarding or from - you name it. The jail and the USDOJ refuse to say. I feel sorry for veterans and active military people like my uncle and nephews. While they fight for "human rights" abroad, they will come home to find their Bill of Rights gone.

See more of my articles about other victims in the justice system and improvements that are suggested in this blog and at links in my Google profile IF they let you. - We appreciate everyone who helps overcome censorship by sharing links to my articles or republishing them in their entirety on their websites.  I initially published this article in March 2010, but it has been offline for over eight months because cyberdogs put it in the "draft" mode in my blog.  Below is the link to share this article:  79 TWEETS OF NET FREEDOM

Mary Neal

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill