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Letter to Mary Neal's Terrorists

(30 links, 2 poems, 9 photographs, 3 embedded videos, 80+ paragraphs including four more cases of abuses and murders of mental patients by police and prison guards in Memphis. Stalkers try to hide the embedded video at this link:   )

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Part of the reason I am terrorized is because I initiated a nonviolent protest everyone can engage in without leaving home: The BOYCOTT4JUSTICE initiative. When America gets fed up enough to stand up, Boycott 4 Justice! See  - REFUSE TO BE THEIR SLAVES. REFUSE TO BE QUIET ABOUT ABUSE. SILENCE IS AGREEMENT. NOTHING SPEAKS LOUDER THAN SILENT CASH REGISTERS. Timid, elderly and handicapped people need a protest, also. There is no law against not shopping. Everyone can support a shoppring moratorium without leaving home. Participate in a  24-hour No Shopping Day once each month no matter what you protest. Let us all boycott shopping on the 9th day of each month. Marching, holding rallies and signing petitions is not enough to promote civil and human rights. Those measures are important, but they give decision makers zero financial incentive to change. During the civil rights era and when unions were born, Americans understood that justice is largely a business decision. Make injustice unprofitable. Boycott 4 Justice. Say 'no' to slavery.
Please see the letter to my terrorists and March 2012 update at the end of this post.  Stalking online and in person is done to  interfere with my advocacy for justice.  Criminals want to prevent my publishing information proving the United States Government believes minorities as well as  handicapped and poor people of all races have no right to life that is worthy of protection.  Until 2003, I believed that America had "overcome" its bigotry to a much greater degree than it has.  Then  my mentally and physically handicapped brother was secretly arrested and murdered. The Government aligned itself with Larry's murderers and helped cover up his death instead of rendering justice.  In fact, the United States Justice Department  allowed Memphis Shelby County Jail to submit known perjury during the jail's 2006 release hearings in federal court.  The feds accepted testimony and records from the jail that deliberately omitted Larry's arrest and murder so  that the jail could escape accountability.  The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm (under new management that ousted most of Cochran's attorneys after his death) was then sent to contract with and defraud my family by pretending to represent us in a wrongful death civil action. The firm's real job was stall during the statute of limitations to prevent us from getting an attorney who really would sue the jail. 

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@reoassetsnow Thx 4 following. I tried 2 follow U back, but was prevented. I'm censored 2 hide crimes against humanity in the USA.

The world was alarmed about inmate torture and deaths in offshore War on Terror camps, but most Americans may be unaware that people in correctional facilities within our boarders are also abused and some die.  The Department of Justice is just as committed to preventing disclosure and justice for abuse and wrongful deaths of Americans who perish inside the nation's jails and prisons as the federal agency is regarding  horrors  at Gitmo and Guantanamo.  I am censored, stalked, and terrorized because I write about my handicapped brother's murder under secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail and other crimes against humanity in a country where secrecy about inmate abuse is treated as law.  ABC News' Jason Ryan reports:  No Charges in CIA Videotape Destruction Inquiry

November 09, 2010 4:11 PM - The Justice Department disclosed on Tuesday that no one will be charged in the long ongoing investigation into the destruction of 92 CIA videotapes that showed enhanced interrogation techniques being used on terrorism detainees.  Federal prosecutor John Durham had been investigating the destruction of the CIA tapes, which are believed to have shown sessions that included waterboarding and other harsh tactics being used on detainees.


I discovered that tragedies such as Larry's murder and my family's deprivation of legal remedy are usual circumstances for America's minority families and poor whites. Who killed Mitrice Richardson, a beautiful, young, bipolar black woman, a recent college graduate, who went missing after being arrested in California and whose bones were found a year later? Who killed Timothy "Bulldog" Allen, a brain damaged man who was last seen with police officers in St. Joseph, Michigan? How was Larry killed, and why is that information treated like a national secret? Are medical experiments happening with black mental patients? Was he killed in a restraint chair like Sean LeVert? Did Larry expire on a restraint table, dehydrated like Tim Souders, the subject of a 60-Minutes documentary? Are mental patients being used for torture training for enhanced interrogation experts? Why are mental patients going missing in or right after police custody, and why is my family deprived of information about Larry's fatal, secret arrest for eight years and counting?

Sick and poor citizens are regularly sent to prison with and without proof of crimes, and some are executed - with or without death sentences.  Ordinarily, authorities  at least lie to families after their loved ones are murdered by prison guards or police officers, but as a black family, they did not even bother to lie.  The DOJ just said, "We are not telling you jack.  Go sit yourselves down!"   You can see the Freedom of Information Act request with the questions our Department of Injustice refuses to answer about Larry's murder online.  Just Google "Mary Neal USDOJ."  We also learned about other cases where The Cochran Firm was used to defraud disenfranchised people who sought justice in civil courts, particularly after police violence.  It is sinful to know people are being abused, killed, and defrauded and not warn them.  Therefore, it is not only my right to free speech cyberstalkers violate, but religious freedom. Officials and lawyers involved show no remorse for secretly arresting and murdering Larry, or for defrauding, censoring, and intimidating  his family members to cover up his death.   Instead of becoming just when caught, responsible parties ordered me to stop talking and writing about such abuses of power.  Former Wallacy, Texas prosecutor Juan Guerra said he also suffered persecution for bringing indictments against high officials in 2008  regarding inmate abuse in county jails (link: ). Apparently, there is some agreement among DOJ officials not to investigate abuses and murders of inmates inside America or in offshore prison camps. I did not know that, of course. Until all of this happened to my family,  I thought the feds were the good guys. (My political experience was limited to civics classes, watching movies, and voting for democrats on the lists some organizations mail.  Now I try to help others to please wake up). 

My brother was secretly arrested and murdered during the Bush Administration.  The same DOJ that ordered prisoner torture in the War on Terror camps decided to ignore Larry's murder and allow Memphis Shelby County Jail to enter fraudulent records and testimony in the Jail's release hearings in 2006.  The jail was allowed to simply omit reporting the death it could not explain except by admitting to the secret arrest and murder of a harmless, handicapped black man.  We were cautiously optimistic when the new administration arrived in Washington in 2009.  I had hoped that Eric Holder, as a black U.S. Attorney General, might uphold his responsibility to investigate Larry's lynching, end my family's persecution for exposing the crime and pursuing justice, and that Holder would terminate the government using a COINTELPRO law firm to defraud other minorities.  But nothing changed.

A white friend of mine was appalled at my brother's lynching and wondered why my family could be terrorized for asking for records and accountability about his secret arrest and murder, especially since we live in Atlanta, birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and home to notable people and organizations that fought for equal rights during the civil rights movement.  She said she was writing and calling Amnesty International and the NAACP (organizations she supports), Operation Push, the SCLC, and others about Larry's death and crimes against his family to keep his murder covered up.  I did not tell her she was wasting her time.  I wanted her to see for herself that civil and human rights organizations have either sold out or they recognize the futility of standing for justice in the New America, particularly regarding crimes by the injustice system itself.  They know that people are persecuted for attempting to free the wrongly convicted, decriminalize mental illness, or eliminate capital punishment in this prison nation where 2.3 million Americans are behind bars and millions more are on standby as parolees and probationers.  Northwestern journalism students suffered persecution by the District Attorney's office in November 2009 for working on behalf of wrongly convicted persons, as reported in the article at the link below:  
Prosecutors seek Northwestern journalism students’ grades,northwestern-journalism-grades-subpoena-110809.article

People who protest America incarcerating more people than any nation in world history, including 1.25 million of our most vulnerable citizens who are mentally ill like my brother Larry was, are targeted for gangstalking, censorship, and harassment by authorities, but people who facilitate or ignore human rights abuses in the USA are rewarded.  Like slaves who were forced to gather and sing happy songs for visitors on Southern plantations a century ago, my family is intended to ignore Larry's secret arrest and murder while our children put their hands over their little hearts and say the Pledge in school every morning, proclaiming this to be a land of "liberty and justice for ALL."  Like German citizens who pretended not to smell burning flesh as bands played lovely classical music to cover the screams, terrorists insist that I ignore cries from other families whose loved ones are wrongly imprisoned for mental illness and slave catchers who roam minority neighborhoods arresting nonviolent young men to become prison laborers.

Americans are regularly abused and murdered behind bars and during arrest attempts, especially the mentally ill.  Memphis Shelby County law officers and jail guards did such inexcusable cruelty that in 2000, Shelby County Jail was sued by the USA and placed under Department of Justice overview.  Unfortunately, the Department of Justice seems to enjoy prisoner abuse.  Larry is not the only physically, mentally disabled man to be murdered in Shelby County, and other people who attempt to expose the violence are persecuted like I am.

Former Shelby County, Tennessee Deputy Jailer Sergeant Earley Story reports that he was fired and victimized by malicious prosecution because he refused to go along with an intended coverup regarding the Shelby County Jail death of a mentally ill inmate in 1995 - Mr. Gregory.  When Story came on duty, he found Gregory dying of injuries in his cell.  Gregory told Story that he had been severely beaten by another mentally ill inmate on a cell block where all the prisoners were in isolation cells and no two were supposed to be outside their cells at the same time.  Story believes that Gregory and his murderer were deliberately allowed into the hall together so that guards could enjoy watching a human dogfightAfterward, the dying inmate was tossed into his cell without any medical attention.  Story has no way of knowing how many hours Gregory lay bleeding to death before Story arrived and called for medical help, but it was too late to save Gregory.  Story's thorough report about Gregory's attack and injuries, including photos, prevented the jail from going forward with a lie about Gregory falling in the shower.  One might wonder how officials expected Gregory's injuries to pass as a simple slip-and-fall, but Shelby County had a very special medical examiner during that time, Dr. O.C. Smith.  Read about him in this article:  DID TENNESSEE EXECUTE AN INNOCENT MAN - PHILIP WORKMAN?   Story was later prosecuted on marijuana charges and fired.  Story and his family suffered embarrassment when the story about his arrest for drugs was aired on television news.  The charges against Story were false and were later dismissed in court by a judge who demanded that Story be reinstated on his job, but he never was.  Story thinks it is unfair that his charges were dismissed off camera in night court, unlike the media bonanza that announced Story's prosecution to his neighbors and co-workers.

Story's quest to get his job back led him to seek legal counsel at The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm.  However, The Cochran Firm was unable to represent Story in a lawsuit against Shelby County.  Story was told that it would be a conflict of interest, because Julian Bolton, Esq., who was managing partner of the Memphis office of The Cochran Firm, was also a Shelby County Commissioner, and the Commission owns and operates the jail Story planned to sue.  That happened during Johnnie Cochran's lifetime and before he entered partnership with an Alabama firm that now uses his name to defraud minorities.  When Larry was murdered in Shelby County Jail in 2003, The Cochran Firm hurriedly contracted to represent his family in a wrongful death lawsuit against Shelby County Jail.  The COINTELPRO law firm is not bound by Rules of Professional Conduct that govern other lawyers; therefore, the Neals were not told about the firm's blatant conflict of interest. Bolton was still managing partner of the Memphis Cochran Firm office and still a Shelby County Commissioner, but that information was hidden from the firm's clients. The object was to have the Neals rely on The Cochran Firm as legal agents who did nothing while Tennessee's statute of limitations passed but send the Neals false status updates (through U.S. Mail fraud) in order to prevent us from actually suing Shelby County Jail.

More murders and abuses that occurred after Larry's death was covered up by the DOJ, Shelby County Jail, and The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm include the following three cases.  Unfortunately, many mentally ill people may have no one to search for them when they go "missing" or file suit after their abuses or murders.  Therefore, one cannot assess how many mentally ill patients have actually been abused or killed in Shelby County.


Braxton Korvacea Moore, by his next friend and mother, Janie Moore, and Janie Moore, v. County of Shelby, et al. Filed 12/5/2006. -- This case involves the treatment, or lack thereof, of Braxton Moore, a 13-year-old mentally ill retarded boy, while he was housed at the Juvenile Court Detention Facility, and at the Shelby County Jail. The lawsuit claims Braxton was not properly treated, cared for, and supervised while he was incarcerated. The lawsuit also claims that Braxton did not receive his proper medications while he was incarcerated. [This sick boy who was barely a teenager was jailed as an adult in a dangerous correctional facility that was nicknamed "the jail from hell."  One can imagine what he endured.]

Jannie J. Williams, surviving mother of Kelvin A. Williams, Deceased v. City of Memphis, et al. Filed 12/5/2006. -- This case involves the death of a mentally ill adult while in custody. The lawsuit claims, in essence, that Kelvin Williams was assaulted by police officer(s) before after being taken into custody.  The man's abuse continued while in the back of an ambulance. Williams subsequently died of his injuries. [Onlookers saw the police brutality and an ambulance was called.  But police officers got into the back of the ambulance with Williams and continued beating him to death.]

Willie Hester, Jr., by his next friend and mother Joyce D. Hester, and Joyce D. Hester v. City of Memphis, et al. Filed 7/3/2006. -- This case involves the shooting of a mentally ill adult by Memphis police. Hester was shot 21 times, some of the bullets entering his body from the bottom of his feet, and some from his buttocks. The lawsuit also alleges that Hester was not properly treated and medicated while at the Shelby County jail; Hester was transferred to the jail after three months in ICU. [It is a miracle Hester lived.  One can picture the mentally ill man balled into the fetal position on the ground while several officers unloaded their pistols into him, hitting his buttocks, feet, and back often, but his head was protected with his arms.]
Neither of the three cases above went to trialThat seems to be a common outcome regarding injustices in America for disenfranchised persons.  The plaintiffs were all represented by the same attorney who happened to have a heart attack after filing suit, and the cases stalled - indefinitely.  Another noteworthy lawsuit against Shelby County Jail that never went to court was planned by Duanna Johnson, a black transgender Memphis resident who was brutalized  in February 2008 by two police officers when she refused to respond to "Hey, he/she, come here."   A video that was aired worldwide showed one Memphis policeman holding Johnson down while another put on rubber gloves and brass knuckles, beat her severely in the jail's intake area, then sprayed her with gas.  Johnson planned to file a $1.3million law suit for the brutality she endured, but she was mysteriously EXECUTED by unknown assassins as the end of her statute of limitations approached.  Johnson's plans for a civil action against Shelby County Jail terminated when she was.  Incidentally, former Cochran Firm attorney and Shelby County Commissioner Julian Bolton worked in the law office with Johnson's lawyers who did not her lawsuit.

In June 2010, I went downtown Atlanta and held signs in front of the court-declared "nonexistent" office of The Johnnie Cochran Firm - pronounced nonexistent by Georgia Superior Court in 2006 to allow The Ccohran Firm to escape facing a jury trial for it fraud against the Neals to protect Shelby County Jail from our lawsuit.  Two black Atlanta police officers were dispatched to threaten me with arrest if I continued to tell the public about Larry's murder, my family's persecution, and ask that the justice quest regarding 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston's murder by police be treated fairly in court.  A month ago, I wrote Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed about the violations against my freedom of speech and press.  No one should be threatened with jail for revealing crimes and asking for help from the public.  Mayor Reed has yet to respond to my letter about the abuse of power that occurred in the district that is represented by Congressman John Lewis, a historic civil rights leader.  While my family's plight is ignored and many human and civil rights leaders remain silent about the proliferation of the prison industrial complex, Mayor Reed had an audience with the Queen of England last week, and Congressman Lewis was named one of 15 people to receive the President's Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor.  Circumstances and people change in four decades.  Congressman Lewis never responded to any of my attempts to communicate with him about Larry's lynching and the persecution (like burning crosses) my family faces for asking for justice.  President Obama also announced plans to award the same honor next year to ex-President George H.W. Bush. Fitting.

While many American industries are in decline, the prison industrial complex experiences tremendous growth, helped in large part by a worsening economy.  There are people and organizations one might expect to protest such heinous crimes as my brother's secret arrest and murder in a Deep South jail and the fact that I was threatened with arrest for telling people about Larry's murder and wrongs against other people.  I wondered at their acquiescence to these and other crimes against humanity, such as acute mental patients living as criminals in conditions that would not be tolerated for animals. 

I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. . . Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. To remain silent and indifferent is the greatest sin of all. ~Elie Wiesel, Nobel Prize for Peace, 1986

America's return to slavery through the prison industrial complex is meant to continue quietly, although millions of families are affected.  Incarcerating 2.3 million people (two-thirds for non-violent offenses) costs taxpayers roughly $50 billion per year.  Over half the inmates are mentally ill people who should either be in hospitals or treated in community care programs.  In addition to tax monies, billions of dollars annually flow into the prison industry by using inmates' youth and vigor as prison laborers - workers who have no minimum wage and few worker safety protections.  Indeed, many of the jobs Americans believe went overseas are actually being done by prison slaves.  The Center for Research on Globalization carried an article by Vickie Palaez on March 10, 2008, which stated:

According to the Left Business Observer, the federal prison industry produces 100% of all military helmets, ammunition belts, bullet-proof vests, ID tags, shirts, pants, tents, bags, and canteens. Along with war supplies, prison workers supply 98% of the entire market for equipment assembly services; 93% of paints and paintbrushes; 92% of stove assembly; 46% of body armor; 36% of home appliances; 30% of headphones/microphones/speakers; and 21% of office furniture. Airplane parts, medical supplies, and much more: prisoners are even raising seeing-eye dogs for blind people.

Some might expect so-called black leaders to be particularly vocal about the growing modern slave trade. However, regarding the proliferation of the prison industry in America, there has been an ELITE INTEGRATION, which I wrote about in an article at this link:

It is illegal and decidedly unAmerican to secretly arrest and murder a mentally and physically disabled man, use lawyer fraud to prevent a lawsuit, then censor and terrorize the dead man's survivors to keep the murder from being publicized.  After my computers were taken over repeatedly, I took the matter directly to the public to inform people about Larry's murder and coverup and The Cochran Firm fraud.  As a response, City of Atlanta police threatened me with arrest.  Six months after being pronounced "nonexistent" in Georgia Superior Court to dodge my family's lawsuit for fraud, The Cochran Firm became plaintiffs' attorneys in a lawsuit regarding the police murder of 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston in 2006.  Besides helping to hide Larry's murder, the City of Atlanta did not want me bringing the peculiarities in the Johnston case to the public's attention.  Freedom of speech is trampled to hide criminal conduct and more lawyer fraud.  I plan to sue the City of Atlanta.  Interested attorneys should try sending me smoke signals.  My phone is monitored and controlled - 678.531.0262.  There may be some judges in Georgia who are not dedicated to keeping such cases from juries.  We will see.

If Mayor Reed, Hezekiah Sistrunk, Esq., Eric Holder or any of their close relatives were kidnapped and murdered like Larry essentially was, the media would not censor the reports.  Contrarily, there would be a media frenzy of information, a massive manhunt for those responsible, and the criminals would lose their freedom and perhaps their lives.  President Obama was angry and vocal when his friend, Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., was arrested for no good reason.  But the Neal family is censored, gangstalked, and threatened with arrest for asking WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL?  We are practical people.  No one expected for the Army to help find Larry when he went "missing" (actually, secretly arrested), as happened when John Kennedy, Jr.'s plane was lost  - - but neither would one expect a disabled American to be held under secret incarceration for weeks while police lie about his arrest and deprive him of his vital heart drugs, Taser him to death, kill him in a restraint chair, or use him for to train prison guards in "enhanced interrogation techniques" such as waterboarding.  We do not know which way the government killed poor Larry, because officials refuse to say.

I am concerned about this country and all working class Americans whose "inalienable" rights are equal to the Neal family's.  Everyone who is told a relative died unexpectedly asks, "How?"  Is that an unreasonable question?  Is the right to know how relatives were killed a privilege reserved for the elite in America now?  Why should our 88-year-old mother have suffered seven years of continuous nightmares about the circumstances that led to Larry's death in a publicly-owned correctional facility where he never should have been in the first place?  We endure pain and suffering not only because the Department of Justice helped Shelby County Jail hide Larry's death, but because it still refuses to uphold the law and protect the rights of (1) Americans with disabilities and (2) institutionalized persons, or to obey President Obama's 2009 Executive Order to respond promptly and trufully to Freedom of Information Act requests.

This article is about the terrorism and censorship used to prevent my disclosing this information, and it ends with a letter to my terrorists.  (I hate calling them "my" terrorists, but that's who they are.  Maybe they are assigned to terrorize others, also.  I don't know.)   Below is a picture of the huge pile of fresh earth that showed up this week in a neighbor's yard.  The house is listed in DeKalb County, Georgia's Tax Assessor's office as "public utility-government."  Police took ownership of that house a few years ago when the owners were convicted as drug dealers.  Like many houses around mine, the house with the mound of fresh earth was vacant for months until shortly before/after United States District Court dismissed our lawsuit against The Cochran Firm during which The Cochran Firm claimed it has no offices in Georgia or Tennessee.  There may be a reasonable explanation for the huge pile of fresh earth in this neighbor's yard, but I thought I would show it to you.  This neighbor says she works at home.  I have numerous new neighbors living in homes owned by the government or banks, and they also claim to work at home.  These residents drive late model or new vehicles (which they generally back into their driveways to prevent revealing the license plates), and they live in houses that are valued  $100,000+.  (Google "citizens police")

I became curious about our new neighbors because they seemed so curious about my family. I checked addresses at DeKalb County Tax Assessors Office to learn what the public records show about the houses around mine that had stood vacant for months without any "for sale" or "for rent" signs, then were occupied around the time of Judge Batten's ruling in our Neals vs. The Cochran Firm  case that once again deprived us of the opportunity to take The Cochran Firm fraud before a jury.  Employees at the Tax Assessors Office could not explain  why so many houses around me are owned by the government.  They said the government and banks ordinarily sell foreclosed homes. The neighbors are not Section 8 participants, or they could not be driving Mercedes-Benz cars and other expensive vehicles, some of which were parked in the driveways for long periods unused.  The white truck in the photo above had sat in that spot for over a year.  The below list does not include all the "public utility - gov" houses on my entire street, only those directly across from and beside my home:

Public Utility - Gov
5322 (sold to TX resident)


Surprisingly, new neighbors who moved in within weeks of each other seemed to already be friends.  Whenever I published an article at where I wrote as "duo," all the lights would go on at each of the houses even at 4:00 a.m.  See some of my articles there at this link: - I'd watch the new residents go back and forward to each other's homes, and other cars would come and go from these houses.  It was strange.  My family can scarcely open our front door without one of these "work-at-home" neighbors coming outside and remaining in their yards until we leave or go back indoors.  Sometimes, I make their work hard.  One day last month, I sat on my porch in the heat for 2.5 hours.  The woman in the yellow house across the street actually swept her driveway with a broom  the entire time I sat there - not leaves, dust!  She probably had the cleanest driveway in Georgia by the time I finished my book and went in the house. 

I do not assert that all of the new neighbors in government and bank-owned homes are citizens police placed in proximity to our home to interfere with my Internet access and hamper our phone calls, but someone nearby is.  I don't think the government is actually doing the gangstalking we experience, because my stalkers are too amateurish. The government participates by withholding investigation and prosecution. During our lawsuit against The Cochran Firm in federal court, Cochran Firm attorney Angela Mason filed a pleading denying that any Cochran Firm attorneys hired a Caucasian man in a WHITE vehicle to stalk me.  I pointed out in my responsive pleading that I never made that accusation and furthermore, I never told anyone the color of the vehicle the man drove who followed me home most nights when I left my employee's offices (a Midtown law firm). Therefore, Mason should not have known the color.  A relative said, "Mason won't get any donuts at future firm meetings after this."  After her obvious error, Mason removed herself as an attorney in the case.

Black and white people in authority agree that Mary Neal shall not have net freedom. She shall not have freedom of press and free speech, because she uses it to challenge mass incarceration, executions, and prison profiteering. Either the gangstalkers are amateurs, or they intend for me to know they are following me.  Certainly, when 15 vehicles drove to our ordinarily quiet circle and turned around in our driveway within 10 minutes, that was intentional intimidation.  The phone tapping seems very amateur, also.  Surely if the government was tapping our phone, calls we place from our home would not show up on the recipients' caller ID as being from some GlobalTel number that we don't recognize.  That is tacky and very obvious.  However, it makes sense that there would be no attempt to hide the gangstalking if the aim is intimidation.  Neighbors and family saw our yard after it had been outlined in paint and saw the helicopters that were sent to stand over our rooftop for 30 minutes, probably using the paint as an aerial marker.  See the video at this link: GANGSTALKING MARY NEAL RE PRISONER ADVOCACY.  Thank God for choosing me for this advocacy.  My background as a legal assistant taught me the importance of having video proof and/or affidavits from witnesses for each allegation that I levy, and I share them liberally. 

My videos include proof of the psychological terrorism the cyberdogs engage in, such as the lethal injection bed with my name underneath that was programmed to appear on Care2 pages I visited, and the hungry, diseased dog that was for months the one and only advertisement on view when I used my Yahoo email box.  I captured the dog photo and put it in my Google Docs, hoping to share it with interested persons.  The cybercensorship staff is very committed to preventing my free speech in my Yahoo email box, because I joined hundreds of human/civil rights groups, African American groups, and prisoner activists groups there.  Because The Cochran Firm is meant to continue defrauding minorities to reduce or eliminate government payouts after police violence, intense censorship is used to prevent my communicating with black and brown people.  Some of my own relatives who elected to follow me at Twitter were not permitted to do so.  They joined my "follow" list but were deleted the next day.  Some of my followers have to re-follow me repeatedly.

Although our gangstalkers and the phone tap are unsophisticated, the computer sabotage is first rate.  No one can do the things that are done to censor me online merely by taking over my own computer.  The cyberdogs do things that can only be done by having control over the Internet sites where I publish.  I have films showing my Twitter tweets posting from one to three hours back.  That minimizes exposure to my followers, because it is doubtful that anyone looks at tweets that posted hours before. That is only one example.  I have hundreds of other examples of Internet censorship that could not have been accomplished merely by taking over my PC, but evidencing control at major Internet companies.  I film cyberstalking against other human and civil rights advocacy groups online, also.  For instance, when I visited Veterans Against Police Abuse, the website had no tabs visible.  Because the tabs were invisible, people who visited that website were unable to access information about the group's mission, share information, or contribute to the cause.  Visit the group at this link:  - Of course, I contacted Veterans Against Police Abuse and reported Larry's secret arrest and murder by Memphis police and our denial of human rights and justice, but the enemies against justice in Larry's murder coverup are perceived as being too powerful for the group.  I do not blame them.  Larger organizations than that one are also afraid of those who persecute my family.

Someone takes control of my computers via remote access and interferes with our use of telephones.  I believe the cyberstalking must be done by someone physically close to our home since my laptops used to resume normal functioning once I took them away from our neighborhood. Then Michael Moon invaded our home in February 2010 on the pretense that he was the computer technician sent by the computer repair company I called to remove spyware.   My phone call was intercepted by people who monitor our calls, and Moon came instead of a rep from the company I called.   When he settled down to my PC in the living room, I left my iced tea unattended to go upstairs and help my elderly mom.  When I returned to where Moon was supposedly cleaning/re-installing my laptop and drank more of the tea, I instantly fell asleep.  When I woke up several hours later, Moon had sabotaged three computers, including the laptop.  The laptop actually had an icon which said, "To go online, call this phone number: XXXXXXX."  Who ever heard of anyone having to phone a computer tech to go online?  Online access from my other computers was also destroyed while I "slept." Naturally, I called the police and made a report, but nothing was done to Moon.  I was told it was because I admitted him into my home.  But surely, there ought to be a law against people who gain access to our homes under false pretenses then extort citizens of money.  Moon charged my mother and me $80 for the computer "repair." The business card he presented after being paid had the name of a company I discovered later had gone out of business four years prior to our home invasion.  For details, please read HOME INVASION, by Mary Neal in my blog at

Below is a photo of another house in my neighborhood.  It is on Biffle Road at the corner of Panola Road.  After Michael Moon presented himself as a computer repair person and destroyed Internet access on my computers in February 2010, I had to start using computers  in public facilities, such as libraries and FedEx Kinko's. I had not left home much since September 27, 2008, when my young grandson and I were followed and waylaid by a USDOT truck leading four other vehicles at a neighborhood Chevron station.  We waited there terrified for an hour for 911 police, but none came.  Who has the power to arrange for police to ignore emergency phone calls from citizens being stalked?  Finally, my family arrived in two cars to help us get home without being accosted.  After Moon's visit, I had to overcome my fears and leave home to continue my advocacy for justice and human rights.  The house at Biffle and Ponola Roads has not be occupied in years.  As I passed this house the first week I mustered the courage to leave home, a dozen police officers came out of the house just as I passed and lined themselves up across the center of the street.  They all stood there facing me as I waited at the bus stop, and they stayed there until my bus came.  At first, I thought the police officers were protecting me, because I had taken many cyberstalking videos and other evidence of terrorist acts  to government officials at the U.S. Attorney's Office, DeKalb County Sheriff's Office, DeKalb CEO's Office, and Georgia Department of Health, plus I mailed and hand-delivered videos to numerous pastors, students and civic leaders.  But now I realize that over a dozen police officers would not be sent to stand in that vacant house (probably without heat) until I passed by in order to protect me.  Even former First Ladies do not have that much security. 

Oops!  They won't let me add the picture of the house which all the police exited and watched me until I boarded my bus in February.  I'll save this space and do it later.  I still do not know why police did that, but at the time, it made me feel safe. 

People tell me I am stupid for calling the police when threatened or wronged.  After all, police killed Larry, the DOJ is over all the police in the USA, and that federal agency  helped cover up Larry's murder and refuses to investigate his death, and police ignored my 911 call when stalked and waylaid in September 2008. One relative told me, "Mary, you don't get it.  Officer Tim is NOT your friend!"  When I went to Atlanta in June 2010, two Atlanta police officers violated my civil rights by threatening me with arrest if I did not immediately leave the public sidewalk in front of The Cochran Firm where I was telling passers-by about the firm's new agenda:  defrauding its clients to lessen or eliminate payouts by government entities.  (See how they defrauded my family at the link about Larry Neal's secret arrest and death - )  Although all of these horrible things happened, I KNOW there are plenty of honest, righteous police officers.  Therefore, I rely on them when people commit crimes against my family to punish us for asking "What happened to Larry Neal?"  Human rights advocates are not against police, but police brutality.  I advocate for police officers to get fair wages and improved benefits.  I recognize that police officers and prison guards are also considered to be "slave class," along with everyone who depends on paychecks or fixed income rather than interest income.  Consider the prison guards who were poisoned right along with inmates to earn prison investors $878million per year bursting computers to retrieve gold in the article at this link:

The best ways to eliminate overuse of force by police officers may be to make sure officers are screened carefully before hiring, trained well for the situations they encounter, not fatigue from working two jobs so that they can react appropriately in stressful situations, and keep morale high by paying officers salaries and benefits that show society appreciates them: free rent in foreclosed homes, free college for them and their dependants in state universities, rotate them to less stressful positions for brief periods if they show signs of fatigue, reward officers bonuses who perform without citizens' complaints, and make their lives less stressful by eliminating criminals among them. NO MORE COVER-UPS.

Cyberstalkers sometimes follow me to public libraries to censor my Internet input, unless they do it from some central locale. I find that I am able to continue taping  cybercensorship videos when I work at DeKalb Libraries, because Moon or someone has nearly the same control when I am in the library as he had over computers at my home. For instance, see the DOS at Care2 News Network when I tried to publish an article regarding Hank Skinner's imminent execution. - Mary Neal Censored at Public Library re: Hank Skinner on March 23, 2010 -  - Whoever the cyberdogs are who interfere with my publishing news about The Cochran Firm Fraud against my family and other minority families, they also work against publishing articles that negatively impact prison profits, such as anti-capital punishment advocacy articles (each death row inmate costs taxpayers approximately $90,000 more per year than inmates in the general prison population). Perhaps Johnnie Cochran knew about an alliance between The Cochran Firm's new owners and the prison industrial complex.  Cochran was firmly against the firm doing criminal defense work, according to former Cochran Firm attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, during her NPR interview. Prison owners/investors profit when people are incarcerated.  Listen to Holley's interview "CONTROVERSY AT COCHRAN LAW FIRM" at this link: - People who rely on legal traitors for criminal defense risk more than we who were defrauded in civil cases.  Criminal defendants' freedom and lives are at stake.

Since cyberdogs are paid to prevent me from going online at my house and wait to attack any computer where I sign in at my email boxes or at sites where I publish, I have to pay to use rental computers, which gets expensive.  Library computers are available to patrons only a couple of hours a day.  As you may know,  I  gave up having computers at home after spending thousands of dollars replacing and repairing them.  I finally realized  that no matter what anti-spyware protection my technicians install, the cyberdogs take over my PCs via remote access in less than an hour.  It was a waste of money and effort for me to keep trying. Family members are scared for me to touch their computers.  They know they would also be attacked - it already happened a few times. My niece wanted to see what would happen if I used her computer, so she brought her laptop over to our house.  First we surfed the web for a while visiting different major news sites.  That worked fine.  Then, I went into my Yahoo email box and WHAM!  We were immediately  kicked offline and her computer could not go back online at my house. Cyberdogs must have a way of knowing when I sign in at major sites with my passwords.  This summer, another niece and I gave up trying to access the Internet from my home and went to McDonald's on Panola Road in Stone Mountain.  We were able to go online and work without any problems for about 40 minutes.  Then the entire McDonald's restaurant loss its Internet access.  None of the patrons were able to go online although the signal was excellent.  The staff said that had never happened before.  We went to another McDonald's on Evans Mill Road, and we were able to stay online.  But the next day, my niece's hard drive crashed.  She had to replace her computer.  My relatives know that their computers will be destroyed like mine if they try to use their "free speech" to reveal what happens to my family.

Free speech and freedom of press depend on what one says or publishes.  If I wrote about movie stars' divorces in my blog instead of reporting injustices like my brother's secret arrest and murder and the fact that 1.25 million mentally ill Americans are imprisoned for prison profits, you would see ads on my blogs from which I would derive income.  Instead, I am punished with extreme poverty for my human rights advocacy work.  Cyberdogs were hired to click AdSense ads on my articles so excessively that Google terminated my account to protect its advertisers.  My employer offered to move me to a safe position before the firm's layoffs, but I was so nervous about being followed home from work every night during our lawsuit against The Cochran Firm that I decline.  I did not know then that the judge would rule that The Cochran Firm's fraud against my family was OK or that cyberstalkers would be hired to prevent my emails and phone calls to and from potential employers from delivery. But God makes everything Satan's children do work out for my good.  Since my car was repossessed, I walk at least four miles most days and have lost 30 pounds. Because I cannot afford steaks any longer, I eat more vegetables and my collesterol level dropped.  With God, it's all good!

The next embedded video is on YouTube at this link video . It is amazing that people are on alert 24/7 to monitor and censor my online input. Before they prevented my Internet access from my home altogether, I used to publish articles at different times of day, hoping to catch the cyberdogs sleeping, but they never were.  Hopefully, the cyberdogs have other people they are assigned to at the same time, or I might get the bighead.  I hoped the cyberattacks would stop when I proved to authorities that my First Amendment rights were being violated.  That is why I took officials DVDs with over 20 videos of real-time Internet censorship.  I have security reports by security guards and business owners who witnessed my stalking events as well as ample video proof of the cyberterrorism and censorship. Lack of proof is not the problem, but it was silly of me to think the same people I write about would bring remedy regarding my free speech/freedom of press violations, I suppose. It must have felt like this for Jews before WWII.  They had no one to call for help after Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass. When the authorities who one would ordinarily rely on for assistance are themselves against justice, what can citizens do?  I recently read that America helped Nazi war criminals escape after WWII.  I would not have believed that a few years ago.  The story is at this YNet link:,7340,L-3984028,00.html   - You can see more of my censorship videos at my YouTube channel jkempp703 - but they even hide some of my videos on YouTube.  All of the videos available at the link below should be at my YouTube channel, but some are not visible to the public who access the channel.   I guess they are too convincing:  SIX VIDEOS PROVING MARY NEAL'S TERRORISM FOR HUMAN RIGHTS ADVOCACY- - We will include a disc with hundreds of videos of real-time cybercensorship in the book jacket when my manuscript is published. Everyone needs to know about Internet censorship, the 21st century equivalent of Nazi book burning.

I am a Georgia grandmother who thought at first that my brother fell through the cracks and justice would prevail.  I did not know mentally ill Americans were being imprisoned to secure the national debt.  My goodness! And I suck at espionage or whatever it is we're doing.  I publish articles, then they sneak and delete or redirect the links therein.  Sometimes they delete the entire article if  they are really scared of the public reading it.  People want to keep calling this "land of the free" and using phrases like "liberty and justice for ALL" without my publishing news about my brother's secret arrest and murder and the denial of due process of law that followed it.  Authorities who invest in private prisons do not want to discuss alternatives to incarcerating 1.25 million mentally ill Americans who deserve treatment, although treatment is much less expensive to taxpayers.  They do not want to hear about the need to abolish capital punishment, although obviously, murder does not really repulse them or they would investigate Larry's death.  I have to re-publish the data cyberdogs delete and ask  people to pay particular attention to it because cyberdogs consider it important information.  For instance, cyberdogs deleted my Human Rights for Prisoners March article repeatedly.  It is at this link: -

I discovered this week that cyberdogs deleted the taglines to one of my Thomas Arthur articles in this blog, and of course, they deleted tag lines for my article "Mary Neal's Job Application."  They may have deleted an important article that covers Arthur's wrongful conviction for murder (proved by DNA test results in 2009) and Cameron Todd Willingham's wrongful execution.  In the article, I revealed that my Care2 ecards about those men arrived to addressees stripped of data and that Google's gMail, which is the email box I use for prisoner advocacy, suddenly went down on October 1, 2009 - the day I reported Alabama's plans to execute Arthur despite his DNA test results.  If whites in this injustice system are treated like those men, what chance do Troy Davis and Darrell Lomax have?  Original Thought Magazine republished my article, but even that link leads nowhere now - Try this link for yourself: - Thomas Arthur is one white slave class man they plan to kill regardless of innocence, and cyberdogs get tired of my publishing news about it.  Mainstream media kept quiet when the Alabama judge sealing Arthur's DNA test results that eliminated him as contributor of any crime scene evidence tested, just as the media also censors news about my brother's secret arrest and murder, The Cochran Firm denying in court that it has any law offices in Georgia or Tennessee (and getting away with it), and many other injustices.

True Lies, by Mary Neal (all rights protected) 
Lawyers lied, "No Cochran Firm in Memphis
None in Atlanta, too."
I said, "Hold on, Brotha - Let me fix that for ya
Tryin' to make yo lies come true!"

There will be a run-off election in Georgia on November 30, 2010.  As I travel, I pass by many people holding political signs on public sidewalks.  When Mayor Reed was running for office, his supporters held signs on public sidewalks saying, "Vote for Kasim Reed for Mayor!"  But I am threatened with arrest for holding signs on public sidewalks saying, "Wrongful Death of Larry" and "COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD." 

We are living in the beginning stages of Revelation, the final book of the Bible, which foretold that governments and commercial kingdoms would unite and enslave the masses worldwide.  My family experienced the collusion between murderous police, a fraudulent law firm, and unjust courts under a federal government that renegs on its oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America for all citizens regardless of race, socio-economic distinctions, or health status.  I knew citizens' rights would be nullified like my family's has in America, because the Bible says that ALL people will become subject to this New World Order that will be presided over by the Anti-Christ.  If God's Word is true, there will be no such thing as a country that honors individuals' rights to life and liberty.  I believe God and see it happening - for the disenfranchised first, of course.  My articles to warn people about the End Game are attacked online also, especially those exposing suspicions about the H1N1 vaccines and planned FEMA centers under congressional bill H.R.645.  Apparently, all the subjects I write about are precious to New World Orderlies.

The next embedded video is on YouTube at this link video . I discovered this week that my Voting Central polls disappeared off the Internet.  My polls ask whether inmates should have post-conviction DNA testing rights to avoid execution or lengthy incarceration for crimes they never did, whether Thomas Arthur should be executed despite his DNA test results ruling him out as a murderer, whether the Neal family should try again to get justice in court regarding The Cochran Firm Fraud, and whether Americans should be forced to accept H1N1 vaccines at the threat of internment in concentration camps.  Oppressors hated my polls, which were read by thousands of people.  The polls had been attacked before in December 2009, but now they are gone altogether.  See this link -  - If my Voting Central polls weighed whether people liked a new pop song, they would not have been attacked.   Americans' attention is diverted to television reality shows while our own reality merits immediate attention, lest liberty die here years before it must.  Just because the Bible says freedom will be lost worldwide is no excuse for apathy.  I believe if people who care about human and civil rights work together now, we can delay them perhaps for decades or even several generations.  Otherwise, why am I censored, and why are the human rights abuses and miscarriages of justice that I publish censored by your government-controlled media?

See the embedded video below, called Boycott 4 Justice at this YouTube link video I wanted to attend Atlanta's Veterans Day parade and warn veterans that while they have demonstrated their willingness to protect America from foreign enemies, they should give a care to domestic threats to freedom.  Slavery is a greedy enterprise, and growth is planned.  In January 2009, an ousted federal judge from Florida, Rep. Alcee Hastings, introduced H.R.645 into Congress - proposing to erect six concentration camps (FEMA centers) in America.  The Massachusetts Martial Law Bill, passed in October 2009, provides that citizens who commit such "offenses" as refusing to submit to H1N1 vaccines are to be "quarantined" in FEMA camps if an "emergency" is called.  White separatists should take no joy that such an evil bill is before Congress - there are no plans for segregated housing.  Just as whites like Cameron Willingham and Thomas Arthur died or await execution for unproved crimes, all races are eligible for the new slave trade through imprisonment.


I wanted to hold signs asking the veterans and their families to support H.R.619, a censored federal bill that was introduced in Congress in January 2009 by Rep. Eddie Johnson (D-TX).  H.R.619 proposes resuming Medicaid for mental hospital insurance.  Many people do not know that the national health care bill Congress passed omits any provisions for mental hospital coverage.  Their ignorance is intentional - the media will not publish anything about H.R.619 although that mental health care bill impacts millions of American families.  The 1.25 million inmates incarcerated for inappropriate conduct arising out of mental illness include many veterans who suffer PTSD.  They essentially become prisoners of war after transitioning home from battlefields from Viet Nam to Iraq.  I also want veterans to know that the Constitution is being violated so severely that I am not allowed to tell about my brother's secret arrest and murder or ask for fairness and compassion for other domestic prisoners.  I do not intend to get arrested until someone is on hand to film my arrest, and the videographer I chose had to work on Veterans Day.  Another time.  Students of journalism, sociology, and law might be interested.

I am very grateful to all of our supporters.  Many people signed our petition for justice for Larry and petitions posted online by Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill to help other people in their justice struggles.  Hundreds of Care2 members wrote comments to my articles that supported and encouraged victims of injustice whose stories I reported at Care2 News Network over the years. I write partly because it is therapeutic.  Hopefully, most Americans will never know what it is like to have a family member die in secret government custody and then become a victim of lawyer fraud, censorship and gangstalking to prevent justice.  Some individuals and groups help us overcome censorship by sharing links to my blogs and articles on their websites.  Hundreds of people who care about these issues joined our advocacy group at to show that they disagree with imprisoning sick people to enrich prison investors rather than treating mentally ill people in hospitals or under mandated outpatient treatment programs, depending on their offenses and functionality.  It is a blessing to meet online friends with an interest in human rights and share information to help condemned people, sick prisoners, and others.  I especially thank everyone who prays for my safety and for a just resolution regarding my family's quest for truth and equal justice. 

When I promised my elderly mother to find out what happened to Larry and demand justice, I did not expect more would be required than to place the wrongful death matter with attorneys who would subpoena records, take depositions, and file suit - all the things that The Cochran Firm promised to do at our contract meeting, then wrote us and said were being done during 10.5 months of Tennessee's one-year statute of limitaitons.  However, at the end of the statute of limitations, our file at The Cochran Firm was empty. It was all a trick to help the jail and the DOJ keep Larry's death a secret and a part of a nationwide scam against minority families. My censorship is also intended to limit exposure for other families' plights. Many people of all races suffer needlessly because mental illness is criminalized in America, as illustrated in this article:  "Am I a Bad Person?"  - Medicaid denies coverage to individuals who would otherwise qualify for Medicaid but are treated in a psychiatric hospital.  That decision alone closed mental hospitals across America, although incarceration is expensive and does not delete the obligation to render treatment. Although no money was saved by criminalizing mental illness, it is a matter of who gets paid the money.  Congressional bill H.R. 619 is censored so that voters will not know to ask their congressional representatives to support the bill to resume Medicaid for inpatient psychiatric care for those who need it.  People should insist that government officials and their immediate families, especially lawmakers, judges, and Department of Justice personnel, sell their prison stock so that America can again become a land that God can bless.

God is against waterboarding, execution, and all manner of prisoner abuse. The Bible says:
Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, as though it were your own body.~ Hebrews 13:3


NOTE:  I believe it is important to inform my readers what messages, links, and articles the cyberstalkers delete. They deleted Hebrews 13:3, the passage from my page at Care2 at this link -

Here is the letter to my terrorists.

God told me to forgive you; for you know not what you do. Therefore, I forgive you. We are living in the last days, and Satan has deceived you into thinking that there is no God. By the time you learn different and feel remorse for how you treated my family, it will be too late for most of you. Some day you will recognize how wrong you prison profiteers were to reduce this once proud nation into a place that sells its own citizens, even our sick people, on the Wall Street auction block. In the meanwhile, I trust God to protect me.  The Bible assures me of His protection as I ask people to care for the least of these, His brethren.  The Lord said "Do not be afraid, but speak, and do not keep silent. For I am with you and no one will attack you to hurt you; for I have many people in this city." (Acts 18:9-10)

I wrote this poem: Gangstalking, by Mary Neal (all rights reserved)

Censorship and gangstalking are not the way
And violence would make it far worse
Try justice, lawyers; that's what I say
Like you should have done at first

I am a gardener in the Master's employ. I read His Word and look for evidence of its truth in current events. I use the Internet to plant seeds, because the people perish for the lack of knowledge. But the harvest that comes from my thousands of articles and emails about injustice is His business. It is for us to work and for God to bring about the results He chooses; therefore, I am not dissuaded by your terrorism and censorship. Although censorship and stalking are distressful, I should have anticipated these reactions. Jesus was also mistreated by those in governance who tried to silence Him. The same is true of other Bible prophets as well as advocates for human and civil rights throughout time. I cast all my cares on Him, for He cares for me.

I am praying for wrongdoers to repent and be saved in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.  As for Atlanta police and Mayor Reed, get your jail cell ready, because my response to your threats to arrest me is the same as another Christian, Bishop Tutu, gave regarding South Africa's Apartheid.  My response to you is the same as Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr.'s was to Whtie Supremacists in the 1960's.  Until justice comes, I WILL continue to do the work of my Lord, who instructed Apostle Paul:  Rise, and stand upon thy feet: for I have appeared unto thee for this purpose, to make thee a minister and a witness both of these things which thou hast seen, and of those things in the which I will appear unto thee (Acts 26:16).

I esteem one "Well Done" from my Lord as being worth all the days you have stalked me, interfered with my telephone and computer usage, and kept me in poverty by denying us justice in court against The Cochran Firm and preventing my communication with potential employers for the last two years.  Yes! Give your empty, worldly awards to those who earned them by ignoring injustice toward America's downtrodden minorities, poor whites, and mentally ill citizens - slave class people who are traded on Wall Street.  As for me, I am blessed by your persecution because I shine a light on human rights violations like the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal, a harmless disabled American, and the wrongful imprisonment of other sick people.  For my Lord said in Matthew 5:10-16:

Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.

Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.

Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

I am strongly impressed that God says to you regarding America's mentally ill prisoners and wrongly convicted inmates, "Let my people go."  I will also continue advocacy against the death penalty. It is wrong to execute men and women for murder while America's injustice system continues to cover up Larry Neal's murder and threatens to arrest his family for telling people about his secret arrest and murder.  It is particularly unacceptable to execute people whose crimes are not proved, like Georgia death row inmate Troy Davis.  Even regarding the guilty, my God advocates mercy, not retribution by hypocrites (Psalm 102:19-20). 

I do not look forward to being jailed for free speech.  I love laughter, sunshine, and freedom.  However, when clay says to the Potter, "Use me, Lord," it is not for God's servants to dictate limitations.  If Jesus plants me behind bars for revealing the unjust caste system in America, or even under a mound of earth like the one in my neighbor's yard, I pray that my sacrifice raises a bountiful harvest of like-minded people to insist that this nation stop victimizing minorities, whites who lack wealth, and especially the mentally ill - sick, naked prisoners like those Jesus spoke of in Matthew 25:36-40.

I will not attempt to plea bargain and have no money for bail when Mayor Reed sends Atlanta police to arrest me for exposing my brother's secret arrest and murder, The Cochran Firm fraud, and the cruel victimization other people endure.  I insist on standing trial before a jury where I will plead guilty to believing for over 50 years that the Constitution of the United States of America actually applied to my family - even to my unfortunate handicapped brother.  I plead guilty of being a gullible, black, middleaged woman who believed America really strives to be one nation with liberty and justice for all. I am guilty of learning the truth and trying to make the nation's creed a reality. 

Not everyone will accept slavery, Terrorists.  As the world spirals downward into the final dictatorship, I determined to obey God and fear not.  Regardless of censorship, gangstalking, and threats of arrest, I refuse to watch Liberty go quietly into her goodnight.  Jesus Christ is a human rights advocate, and so am I.


The entire ABC News report about the CIA videotape destruction is at the link below:

Mary Neal

March 2012 Note: Cyberstalkers have not allowed Mary Neal to sign in at Care2 and advocate there for human rights for prisoners during the month of March. This is a violation against my rights to free speech, freedom of press, peaceful assembly with my group members, the right to bring grievances before government officials on behalf of the Neal family and other inmates and their families, and my right to religion. My advocacy for human rights for prisoners is a direct order from God the Father in Prov.31:8-9, which cyberstalkers have been paid to prevent through criminal conduct that authorities refuse to address according to state and federal laws. As the Bible says, "Help is on the way." Jesus Christ will punish sinners in His way in His time. Today, Cochran Firm fraud partners in the Los Angeles office are in court against each other over payments to staff for sex and Johnnie Cochran's name, which the law firm has defamed by defrauding its own clients for years to benefit elitists in government entities and certain corporations. Vengeance is God's. He will repay crooked lawyers, judges, government officials, and other decision makers. Meanwhile, His children can rest in His promises because He lives. See the video below. Angela Neal sings to comfort my elderly mother who was defrauded by The Cochran Firm to cover up Larry Neal's murder, which has become America's biggest NON-SECRET. Enjoy the video, and God bless you!
BECAUSE HE LIVES, by Angela Neal to Hattie Neal,
Cochran Firm fraud victim


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hector Rodriguez Jailed for Lack of Hospital Space

The 13(thirteen) paragraphs and signature block and 21(twenty) links.  The news story below about Hector Rodriguez illustrates the importance of decriminalizing mental illness in America. The nation's prison rolls are swollen with 1.25million mentally ill Americans (more than half of the nation's 2.3 million inmates). Prison costs in the United States of America are over $50 billion per year. Although jail worsens mental health, especially solitary confinement, no expense is spared in the USA to punish people for actions caused by mental illness. On the other hand, the shortage of mental hospital beds is so critical that there is no room when courts order sick people into treatment rather than sentencing them to prison. Mr. Rodriguez's story is below.

York Daily Record - Oct 23, 2010 - York, PA -  Hector Rodriguez is stuck in prison because there s no room at a state mental hospital. His case shows how the system is overloaded.

This summer, Hector Francisco Rodriguez was living in a North York mental health care facility under a court order because his doctors deemed the 19-year-old to be an immediate danger to himself and others.

On Sept. 2, police allege, Rodriguez, mentally disabled and diagnosed with schizophrenia, confirmed the court's fears.  He walked down the hallway of Northwestern Human Services and screamed something threatening, according to court documents. A psychotherapist tried to calm him down, but Rodriguez punched him in the face and struck his hand with a pen, breaking the skin.

When another Northwestern employee opened a locked door to aid the psychotherapist, court records show, Rodriguez fled, first the secured area and then the building. Police arrested him soon after in York's Fireside neighborhood and charged him with aggravated assault, simple assault and escape.

Rodriguez has been in York County Prison ever since, even though a judge ordered more than a month ago that he be sent to a state mental hospital for treatment and evaluation.

His mother is confused and upset. She knows her son needs help, but she's afraid he's not getting it.

"I understand he did something, but it's not because he wanted to do it," Rosemary Ubiles said. "It's because he's sick. Why do you punish someone for having a health condition?" (See the entire article at the link above.)

The answer to Rosemary's question is GREED. With the advent of private prisons and jails (one of America's most prosperous industries), mental health was shifted from the Department of Health to the Department of Corrections.  Not only are mentally ill Americans punished with imprisonment for being sick, but many of them are killed for that reason. Each year, mentally ill Americans are shot or Tasered by police officers. Some die in cruel restraint chairs, and others are beaten to death by jail guards. Acute mental patients are also abused or killed by bullies in their communities who find their mental imbalance entertaining. The United States Department of Justice is charged with upholding the rights of Americans with disabilities and protecting institutionalized persons, but the government agency refuses to do either when it comes to mental patients. See the petition for the USDOJ to please do the job Americans pay taxes for the government agency to do and investigate my brother's SECRET ARREST AND MURDER at this link -  - and see the website about my murdered brother at  - Mentally ill people who are black, Hispanic, Asian, or from white families that lack wealth are ordinarily deprived of treatment that could restore many of them to wholesome lives. Instead, they are seemingly reserved untreated to become future prisoners of America after committing some avoidable crime.

Mental illness was criminalized to enrich prison owners and investors. Mentally ill Americans will continue to be imprisoned rather than treated in hospitals and community care programs until enough concerned voters say, "That's enough." One way to do that is to support H.R.619, a federal bill introduced in Congress in January 2009 by Rep. Eddie Johnson (D-TX) to reinstate Medicaid for inpatient treatment in mental hospitals. When Medicaid insurance coverage was removed in the 1970's, many hospitals closed, and closures continue today.  Millions of families are negatively impacted when their sick loved ones are arrested rather than treated for mental illness, but mainstream media refuses to publish any information about this important congressional bill.  Prison owers/investors do not want American voters to know that an affordable, just, humane alternative to criminalizing mental illness is before Congress.  Please see more about H.R.619 at this link:

The national health reform bill that Congress passed early in 2010 included NO provisions for inpatient mental health insurance.  Depriving sick Americans of inpatient treatment when it is needed insures a continuous shortage of beds in mental health facilities.  Lack of mental health insurance dooms acute mental patients to the revolving door in and out of prisons, which saves taxpayers no money. The lack of mental health care facilities and programs for community care makes society less safe than it could be for patients as well as their families and communities.  The only way for mental patients to become beneficial to prison owners and investors is to wait for them to commit a crime worthy of incarceration.  Many psychiatric patients are imprisoned for minor offenses like vagrancy and panhandling.  But sentencing for worse crimes, such as murder, yields higher profits for prison investors.

Thank you for giving ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL. Please invite your friends to visit our online group, write your representatives about this issue, and read more about victims of the injustice system in my blog.  See the handy index of articles for at the left margin.  For specific subjects, Google my name with the person or issue, such as "Mary Neal prison" or "Mary Neal Troy Davis" or "Mary Neal Capital Punishment."  I had time to write numerous articles about the injustice system over the last few years while I was a virtual prisoner in my own home for safety.  Security and my freedom of speech and press became problematic issues after I dared to ask Memphis Shelby County Jail and the United States Department of Justice "WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL?"

I placed the Rodriguez article at the online group, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, at the link below.  I referenced the link at Twitter, but AIMI's whole discussion strand responded to the link rather than the Rodriguez article. This is the link at AIMI where you can view a photograph of Rodriguez with his family -- Problems with my links happen when the cyber censorship staff has been instructed to later delete Internet input I publish to decriminalize mental illness or expose other injustices.  Therefore, I cross-posted the Rodriguez article here at FreeSpeakBlog.  Work to decriminalize mental illness has much interference, just as all human rights advocacy efforts did and still do.  Consider slavery abolitionists, the civil rights movement, women's suffrage, the labor movement, anti-war movement, and others.  Throughout history, individuals and groups that dared to ask their governments to please be fair have been censored, threatened, and some advocates were actually killed.  I experience in-person and online stalking.  Recent threats against my family center around arson.  Note to terrorists:  The records and videos you hope to destroy were long ago copied on tiny flash drives and discs and distributed across America for safekeeping.  Thanks to everyone who prays for me as the founder/director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill and the person who blew the whistle on The Cochran Firm Fraud.  See information and videos about The Cochran Firm Fraud at this link - PLEASE VOTE for H.R.619 at this link -


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Monday, October 4, 2010

Corey Ward - Police and Cochran Firm Victim

(29 paragraphs (not counting titles) and 17 links - count them.) Yesterday, I discovered that the family of Corey Ward was another Cochran Firm victim. Corey Ward was an African American teen who was shot by a police officer.  It was a tripple injustice:  1) the unarmed teen was killed; 2) the officer was indicted for his murder but the case was not allowed to proceed to jury trial; and 3) Corey's family was "represented" in a civil action by The Cochran Firm.  Of course, that means they were not awarded any damages, and their lawsuit probably was never filed.  The Cochran Firm defrauds its minority clients frequently.  Their job seems to be to diffuse tension in minority communities after police violence or corporate wrongdoing, enter contract to represent victims and survivors, then use that position to save money for government entities and for certain large corporations.   I am forced to use computers in public places such as libraries because cyberstalkers are hired to disable my home computers to contain that information.  This is inconvenient, but it gives me the opportunity to meet hundreds of people every week, show them my protest sign, which says COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD on one side and WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY on the other (Google the capitalized terms).  I also hand out hundreds of flyers reporting The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm's latest example of defrauding minorities to protect government interests.  Talking to people is how I found out that Corey Ward's survivors were also Cochran Firm clients.  Too bad.   This is another story of justice denied, which I first published at my Care2 Sharebook at this link:  "No Trial by Jury in Georgia When Police Defendant Claims Self Defense"

The murder case State of Georgia vs. Ramond S. Bunn was dismissed without jury trial because a new Georgia law (enacted in 2006) gives judges the right to dismiss criminal cases when defendants plead self-defense. The case involved the police shooting of Corey Ward. I do not say "justice denied" because I am certain former officer Bunn is guilty, but because I agree with the Ward family that Bunn's case should have been decided by a jury.

MARY'S COMMENTARY: One dark Georgia night, two men used their vehicle to block a moving van driven by an African American teenager. Corey Ward, age 18, and his friends thought they were targeted for a carjacking. The men who did the maneuver to stop Corey's van were not in a police car, and neither were they dressed in police uniforms. Corey tried to get away from people he believed were criminals. Officer Raymond S. Bunn shot and killed Corey. The Atlanta policemen said they thought the van the young man drove was a stolen vehicle. The Tahoe belonged to Corey's mom.

Ward's murder is reminiscent of a similar incident when famous baseball players' son almost became the first unarmed black man police killed in 2009. However, 22-year-old Oscar Grant claimed that dishonor around 1:00 a.m. on New Years Day when San Francisco B.A.R.T. officers stretched Grant out on a cold train platform and shot him in the back before hundreds of commuters. Meanwhile, a thousand miles away, police officers followed Robbie Tolan and his cousin to Tolan's suburban home in Bellaire, Texas early on New Years' morning and harassed them. They pushed Tolan's mother to the ground when she came outside to see why policemen were on her front lawn. Police then shot Robie Tolan, but he lived. The peace officers in that incident also said they thought the van Tolan drove was stolen, and police may have said they shot unarmed Tolan in self-defense when he protested them abusing his mother. CNN's report about Tolan's shooting is at this link:

DO POLICE OFFICERS IN ATLANTA AND TEXAS HAVE COMPUTERS TO CHECK LICENSE TAGS AND SEE IF A VEHICLE IS STOLEN, OR DO THEY JUST DECIDE THAT CERTAIN VEHICLES ARE TOO NICE FOR YOUNG BLACK MEN TO BE DRIVING LEGALLY? Even the trains are not safe for African American youths. Oscar Grant's murder story, videos of his actual murder and the riot after his funeral, and comments from commuters and the communty are at this link: Oscar Grant - First Unarmed Black Man Killed by Police in 2009 - Next?

Like many officers who kill citizens, Bunn already had numerous charges of police brutality in his personnel file before Corey Ward's death. Prosecutors charged Bunn with felony murder, murder, and other charges. Bunn enjoyed good support from police organizations and media after his indictment. There are numerous articles online about the case, and some expressed fury that Bunn was indicted for Ward's murder. One differing viewpoint comes from a 2002 article by CounterPunch, called "Confronting Police Brutality in Atlanta," written by Jonathan S. Wright. His article carries details on this case and has information about 11 similar shootings in the Atlanta area in 2002. Wright's article is featured after my signature block and was available online at this link:  (the cybercensorship staff frequently removes articles and videos that I link in my articles, so the entire CounterPunch article is below in this blog).  Wright's article affords the opportunity to see the mood in the African American community at the time of Ward's shooting death.

Municipalities apparently cannot get their police officers to stop shooting young unarmed black men. The answer Georgia's legislature apparently came up with in 2006 was to enact a law providing that if a defendant claims self-defense, the presiding judge can dismiss the case and avoid jury trial, which is especially convenient when white officers kill black citizens in an area where the jury pool is comprised of mostly African Americans. This likely puts judges in a bad position, having the sole voice over very controversial cases that used to and still should be decided by juries. That is exactly what happened in former officer Bunn's case - the judge dismissed all charges against Bunn and prevented Corey's family from ever having their day in court. Nearly EVERY police officer claims self-defense when he kills a citizen. When Atlanta police staged a home invasion in the middle of the night on 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston and shot her in a hail of 36 bullets (a no-knock warrant case), they also claimed self-defense.  The Cochran Firm got the wrongful death case and never filed suit - Dozier vs. City of Atlanta.  Hezekiah Sistrunk and other plaintiffs' attorneys pretended to file an $18 million lawsuit, but no lawsuit was ever really filed and served to Dozier's defendants. Google "Cochran Firm Defrauds Kathryn Johnston's Survivors," or use this link: -- Most police officers are honest people who are shocked when I share information with them about The Cochran Firm fraud and other injustices.  But when their superiors are unjust even at the top (U.S. Department of Justice), what can they do?

Kathryn Johnston thought she was being robbed when police invaded her home (and I still think so), so the elderly lady shot at the police officers - one little shot from her shaking, wrinkled hands. And boy! They let her have it - at least 36 shots were fired at the elderly woman. Police then handcuffed poor Ms. Johnston as she lay on her floor bleeding from six bullet wounds. While the pitiful old black woman died, Atlanta police planted drugs in her home to fabricate an excuse for being there. Whenever police kill black people, they usually label it a drug case and/or claim self-defense. (Police have NO excuse whatsoever for killing Larry Neal, my mentally and physically handicapped brother, so the United States Department of Justice blocked any investigation and illegally withholds records, even under a black Attorney General. Dog abuse cases are always prosecuted, thanks to stronger animal protection laws. See my poem online, "Dog Justice.")  It is time for Michael Vick to stop apologizing for his offenses.  Vick was investigated, prosecuted, incarcerated, bankrupted, fired, and denegrated over dog abuse, while the Shelby County Jail in Memphis, Tennessee and the U.S. Government refuse to release records under federal subpoena or to answer a single Freedom of Information Act request about the secret arrest and WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL, a handicapped black man.  Google that term or use this link:.

Georgia's 2006 law allowing judges to dismiss cases when defendants claim self-defense without proceeding to jury means it is possible that NONE of Georgia's murder-by-police cases may go before a jury ever again, even when a prosecutor convinces a grand jury to indict a policeman - which is hard enough. The 2006 Georgia law is wrong. Georgia Superior Court, where Bunn's murder conviction was dismissed, is the same court that denied the my family a right to proceed to trial by jury regarding THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD. The Cochran Firm did Memphis Shelby County Jail a favor by pretending (under contract) to represent the Neal family in a wrongful death civil action against the jail after Larry's murder while the law firm secretly held my brother's case inactive for 10.5 months of Tennessee's 12-month statute of limitaitons. The court seemingly reciprocated on behalf of criminals in the justice system. Georgia Superior Court actually issued an order claiming the law firm did not exist in Georgia, claiming our lawsuit against those frauds was therefore served wrongly (by a Georgia Marshal). Georgia courts also denied Troy Davis a new trial repeatedly, which prevented his new evidence that he claims would prove his innocence from being heard by a jury of his peers. Georgia courts also put Davis under a gag order to silence his claims of innocence.  A single Georgia judge heard Davis' new evidence and recently determined to leave the man on death row, ruling that Davis' new evidence did not irrefutably prove innocence.  One day, I hope America stops executing people, especially when the State does not irrefutably prove guilt.

The Constitutional right to trial by jury is all but gone in Georgia. That "right" is now completely discretionary when defendants claim self-defense - it is up to Georgia judges. Please REPEAL the unjust 2006 law that allows police officers to escape jury trials by claiming self defense when citizens are killed. Some police officers who claim self-defense may be telling the truth. Former officer Bunn may be telling the truth about his perception of circumstances that led to Corey Ward's shooting death. Everyone has the right to defend himself. But everyone should also have the right to trial by jury, including dead victims and their survivors. Let the jury decide. A Georgia Superior Court judge ruled in 2006 that The Cochran Firm does not exist in Georgia although the law firm is the most famous plaintiffs' firm in Georgia and is prolifically advertised on television, billboards, The Cochran Firm's website, in phone books and by legal referral services. In 2006, the law firm was also advertised on MARTA commuter train TV every seven minutes. Having to watch those commercials for The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office after Georgia Superior Court had declared it nonexistent and dismissed our lawsuit against the firm for defrauding my family made me physically ill as I commuted to and from work. Georgia Superior Court issued that ruling although The Cochran Firm is within spitting distance of the judge's chambers. Jury trials give power to the people, as the framers of the Constitution intended. Some judges misuse their positions of trust to give power back to the elite and the justice system itself in rulings that defy justice, decency, and reason.

Not only does Georgia's 2006 self-defense law apply to police killings, but any rich, well-connected Georgian can now murder someone and claim self-defense to dodge a jury trial; it is up to the presiding judge. The U.S. Constitution is the law of the land, but its power is eroded daily in state legislators and in Washington, D.C. by unrighteous lawmakers who do not care about the Constitution or respect their constituents' human and civil rights. Many judges are righteous, but some are definitely not. There are ways to ensure that one's case gets to a particular judge. Plenty of judges do not abuse the power of their positions. After carefully weighing the evidence, Bunn's judge may have dismissed his murder charges in good conscience. However, I hold that the case should have had a jury verdict just like Neals v. Cochran Firm should have. Jesus wept, and so did Corey Ward's family today. All Americans who value justice should weep with the Ward family for the loss of trial by jury.   See the CounterPunch article below, which reported Corey Ward's death and captured the mood of the community when it happened in 2002.



August 24, 2002

A Line Drawn in the Street
Confronting Police Brutality in Atlanta
by Jonathon S. Wright

Shattered glass lies in piles in a vacant parking lot in Atlanta's trendy Buckhead district. Much of this glass can be traced to automobile break-ins, as late-night revelers sacrifice security for a free parking space. On July 14, however, the life of 18-year-old Corey Ward was ended prematurely in a different shower of glass, after an undercover Atlanta police officer shot and killed him.

Officer R. S. Bunn says that he shot Ward in self-defense, alleging that Ward attempted to ram him with an SUV after being ordered to stop. According to Bunn and his partner, Ward and five friends were attempting to steal a car when he identified himself as a police officer and attempted to make an arrest.

Ward's family and at least some of the people in the car with him tell a different story, claiming that Ward was wrongly profiled as a thief simply because he was a young black man driving a new SUV. They maintain that Bunn and his partner never identified themselves as police officers, and then shot him for no good reason.

A five-year veteran, this is not the first time that Officer Bunn has been accused of using unnecessary force. There are four other cases in his file in which claims have been brought. The only one of those four which resulted in any disciplinary action was the beating of Michael Jascomb during a drug arrest, and that centered on Bunn's failure to report the use of force. Although Jascomb was suffering from a retinal hemorrhage after the incident, his claim of excessive force was dismissed.

About a week after Jascomb's claim was dismissed, Bunn was accused of hitting Mark Norfleet in the head with his baton during an arrest. Norfleet's claims were dismissed entirely, as were those of Joe Summers, who accused Bunn and a group of other officers of taking him into an alley and beating him.

On September 3, 2000, Bunn was involved in an altercation with Ylia Lavender, who claimed that he punched her in the face without provocation, breaking her eye socket. Lavender's claim was dismissed due to lack of evidence, but she has since joined with the family of Corey Ward in bringing a suit against the Atlanta police. Her vision remains impaired due to the incident.

Rev. Markel Hutchins**, national president and CEO of the National Youth Connection, opined at an August 3 rally that these incidents are representative of a justice system that would "rather lock young black America up than lift them up," contending that "if the Atlanta Police Department had done their job and taken R. S. Bunn off the street in 2000, Corey Ward would be here today." Unfortunately, the case of Corey Ward appears symptomatic of a police department too willing to use deadly force.  [NOTE BY MARY NEAL 11/2010:  Beware of Markel Hutchin's interest in cases regarding police violence against minorities.  Watch for possible attorney fraud against plaintiffs in civil actions that ensue.]

Twelve people have been shot by Atlanta police this year, the most since 1995, and five of the shootings have been fatal. At the time of the killing of Corey Ward there had been three incidents involving police shooting at cars within eight days, and, in the last month, two alleged prostitutes have been shot by undercover vice officers, prompting Police Chief Richard Pennington to suspend vice patrols temporarily.

On July 10, 18-year-old Aneika James was wounded after she allegedly stabbed a vice officer during an arrest at 5pm in Perkerson Park, an area heavily occupied by local children, despite the request of a park employee that the police cease patrolling the area at that time of day. Less than a month later, on August 5, 35-year-old Tessa Hardeman was fatally shot by another undercover vice officer after she allegedly pepper-sprayed him and stabbed him during an arrest.

On August 8, only three days after Tessa Hardeman's death, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution ran a story outlining several complaints of police abuse by prostitutes, who claim that they are often taken advantage of by policemen who use their badge as a form of extortion. Maj. Leander Robinson, who is in charge of the criminal investigation unit that oversees the vice squad, suggests that these men could be posing as police using fake badges; however, in the face of these allegations, it remains difficult to discount the possibility of either of these women feeling forced to wield a knife in self-defense against an ill-intentioned assailant who was later revealed to be an officer.

Chief Pennington maintains that "This department has a great reputation in terms of not being involved in excessive force," and has promised to look into department policies and procedures with regards to both shooting at vehicles and vice squad patrols. However, the efficacy of disciplinary procedures for Atlanta-area police has been called into question recently, most notably in the November 28, 2001 issue of Creative Loafing, which exposed issues of gross miscommunication and lax discipline in the cases of ten Fulton County Sheriff's Deputies who had been charged with excessive force or reckless behavior either on or off duty but had faced little or no disciplinary action. The Creative Loafing report also documented a near-complete lack of communication between the Sheriff's Department and the Peace Officer Standards and Training Council, the only agency with the authority to revoke the license of a peace officer in Georgia, meaning that a deputy whose license had been revoked could continue to hold onto his or her job and badge. As a result, community confidence in police disciplinary procedures has been sorely shaken.

To exacerbate matters, the city was recently split by the trial of Imam Jamil al-Amin, a trial regarded by many to have been biased and unfair. This spate of shootings has only served to charge the atmosphere further. When 300 protestors rallied peacefully on August 3 in support of the families of Corey Ward and Ylia Lavender, the hundreds of police lined up to "control" them seemed to signify a growing rift between Atlanta's police and its populace, a battle line already drawn, increasingly distinct. Sgt. V. Sellers, a supervisor in the zone where R. S. Bunn shot Corey Ward, states, "You can't even go to the restaurants anymore. Where are you going to park? What's the crowd like? Is my car going to get broken into? It's not even worth it. This is the battle we're trying to fight for the people of Atlanta." All of this martial symbolism begs one question: if there is in fact a war in progress, what can be done to bring peace to the streets of Atlanta?

The basic root of the conflict is our society's method of policing, a method that pervades our entire justice system, and that has led to the misguided and rhetorical declaration of a "war on crime". Our police department must evolve from a paramilitary organization into an organization that is integrated with the fabric of the community, an organization that provides for the public safety in a manner that doesn't make ordinary citizens feel uncomfortable every time they pass a uniformed officer. This transition could be effected by moving most officers from the crime fighting and investigation sectors of the department to a sector designated "Public Safety".

A small number of police should continue to perform "traditional" police jobs like responding to crime scenes, investigating crimes, and pursuing criminals. Officers in the Public Safety sector, on the other hand, would dramatically alter the community's view of police. They wouldn't be the faceless people who always show up too late; they would be the familiar faces from the everyday beat. The resulting trust would enable public safety officers to take the pulse of the community, to be a conduit of information from the community, and to solve minor problems before they escalate into violence. These officers would not carry guns.. The use of guns to "keep the peace" is counterproductive because guns inspire fear, which in turn inspires irrational and violent behavior, as well as distrust.

Shifting our policing focus to community-based Public Safety patrols would likely decrease the occurrence of violence in those communities, as is evidenced by lower crime rates in countries that have traditionally followed that approach. It would also allow police departments to provide much more intensive training for those officers who are permitted to carry guns, thus helping to minimize the abuse of firearms. The plan would take time and patience to implement, but would be a tremendous step forward in community-police relations.

The suffering of the families of Corey Ward, Ylia Lavender, Aneika James, Tessa Hardeman, and countless others demands justice. While a portion of this justice is manifested in holding police accountable for their actions, true justice cannot be achieved until we address the larger issue. It is time that the people of Atlanta not fear the police as much as they fear the crime that police are intended to fight. It is time that our police move away from their reliance on intimidation and guns as a method of controlling the populace, and instead invest in the communities they are hired to protect and serve. (Jonathon S. Wright can be reached at:  )

An Atlanta Journal Constitution article about the Corey Ward murder case being dismissed by the judge without jury trial, entitled"Family Protests Dismissal of Police Murder Charge," is at this link:

Thanks for your interest in liberty and justice for ALL.  Feel free to share a link or republish my articles on your website.  That helps combat censorship.  I had a fight publishing this for some reason and find that I am usually blocked from communicating with African Americans and prisoner advocacy groups I joined at Yahoo Groups, among other online sites.  I published hundreds of articles in my Care2 Sharebook, but have a permanent DoS now at  - Here is a brief summary of illegal censorship to prevent my advocacy for human and civil rights at Care2:  First, the cyberdogs removed the "reply all" button on my Care2 email box to limit my communications.  After publishing "Cochran Firm Fraud 1 and 2" videos in Care2 News Network and on my Care2 page (videos you can also see at YouTube) my ability to publish videos at Care2 was deleted for nearly a year.  Next, my eCards started arriving to addressees blank - especially those carrying news regarding imminent executions and information about how to protest them (specifically, the planned execution of Thomas Arthur and the wrongful execution of Cameron Todd Willingham).  Then, my Sharebook's RSS feed was interrupted for months.  When I was publishing news about Hank Skinner's planned execution (a man who was denied a DNA test to prove his innocence), I found that I am no longer able to submit news at Care2 News Network at all.  I assume from all of the interference that executioners know they are WRONG FOR THAT.  It is interesting and should be taken as a warning that the same censorship staff that censors my exposing The Cochran Firm fraud also censors my advocacy for human rights for prisoners.  It could be that The Cochran Firm is in league with private prison owners, which is disturbing when one considers that the firm does criminal law.  At least when the lawyers defrauded my family, we only lost recovery of monetary damages due for Larry Neal's secret jailhouse murder, but people facing criminal charges could lose their freedom or their lives through that treacherous law firm.  I am disappointed to say that my help requests to Care2 are not met with corrective action.  Perhaps some Internet networks are "following orders" like the SS soldiers were in pre-WWII Germany.  Internet censorship is the 21st century equivalent to Nazi book burning.  Learn more about it at this article (link provided):  INTERNET CENSORSHIP AMERICAN-STYLE  and watch some real-time cybercensorship at my YouTube channel - jkempp703.

Mary Neal

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