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Human Rights Demand Schedule ~ Blogtalkradio

"POWER concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will." That is a quote by Frederick Douglass, a 19th century slavery abolitionist. We wish to announce a new human rights channels on Blogtalkradio: "HUMAN RIGHTS DEMAND" and NNIA1. Mary Neal is the program director. Your questions and comments during broadcasts are invited. 

The radio shows are for all people. If you wish to be a special guest, please email Mary Neal at MaryLovesJustice@gmail.comCall (818)572-2947 for NNIA1, and call (347)857-3293 for Human Rights Demand. Please "follow" both channels at Blogtalkradio to receive advanced notice of scheduled shows.

For current schedules for NNIA1 and Human Rights Demand, see

Most of the shows at NNIA1 and Human Rights Demand are weekly presentations.

YOU have radio shows at "NNIA1" and "Human Rights Demand" channels! The NNIA1 call-in number is 818-572-2947, and Human Rights Demand's call-in number is 347.857-3293


*Monday* - Who voluntarily works on Mondays? Day reserved for special programs
*Tuesday* - What's Happening show, 9pmEST, Human Rights Demand regarding political prisoners and current events regarding justice
*Wednesday* - STOP Mandatory Vaccinations, 9pmEST, Human Rights Demand: Stop plans to enforce vaccinations on all 350m Americans
*Wednesday* - Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, midnight EST, NNIA1 (AIMI shows air when families of mentally ill people are in crisis)
*Thursday* - Jennifer Cobb ...and Justice for all Inc., 6pmEST, Human Rights Demand
*Friday* - Mary Diaz and Human Conflicts Org Demand More 6pmEST, Human Rights Demand (half of each show presented in Spanish)
*Saturday* - Native American Affairs, time to be announced, NNIA1, hosts: Lynn Eagle Feather, Janice Howe, and Victoria Eliza Ga Skins
*Saturday* - Johnnie Strozier Keeping It Real, 9pmEST, Human Rights Demand, reentry show sponsored by Strozier after 46 years in prison
*Sunday* - Various programming: "Stop Abuse," "Interviews with Authors" of books about legal, economic, or social justice, interviews with experts in , , , and victims of the criminal justice system, etc., Human Rights Demand, 3pm or 6pm or 9pm EST (the time will be announced at and Facebook when shows are scheduled).
*Sunday* - MaryLovesJustice Prayer Meeting, midnight EST, NNIA1. We pray for and learn the REAL Word of .

In September 2015, we plan to present a psychiatrist, author, and movie producer, ,discussing "Shattered Families," a movie about families of persons with serious mental illness, which we can help produce. We will present , author of "We Mad Climb Shaky Ladders." Wagner is a noted writer and poet who copes with a schizoaffective disorder. Our Wednesday show, "Stop Mandatory Vaccinations" features such guests as Dr. Randy Short, Dr. Shirley Moore, Ms. Brenda Anderson, and others. We plan to revisit the "Georgia vs. Malik Davis" case, about the possibility of false murder charges against Malik Davis, 17, regarding the shooting death of Nizzear Rodriguez, 13. A new witness and Malik's mother will speak. We also invited the managing editor of Truthout to return to Human Rights Demand and tell us more about her proposal to eliminate bail payments in the USA and to describe her recent trip to Australia to discuss its criminal justice system. We invited Ms. Dorothy Pinkney to speak to us about her marriage to a political prisoner, Rev. Edward Pinkney, of Benton Harbor, Michigan. Rev. Dorothy Mackey is our usual host for "Stop CPS Abuse" shows, and  Rev. Dr. Floyd Harris often speaks during the "MaryLovesJustice Prayer Meetings."

Pass the word. YOU have radio shows at "NNIA1" and "Human Rights Demand" channels! 
The NNIA1 call-in number is 818-572-2947, and Human Rights Demand's call-in number is 347.857-3293. Great radio shows are already archived and available for you to hear by computer:

In case of technical difficulty at Blogtalkradio, please join us at the scheduled times at (605)562-0020, I.D. Code: 992-212-650(Ralph Poynter has a separate conference number), where we always enjoy excellent sound quality. Prerecorded shows are available there, also.

If you have justice issues to discuss that require a dedicated program, please call me at (678)531-0262, or send an email to, or send a Facebook message to Mary Neal. News tips are welcome. If all of those methods fail, use smoke signals if I do not contact you within 48 hours. My communication is compromised.

The information and viewpoints given by hosts and guests are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of MaryLovesJustice, Human Rights Demand, or National Network in Action (NNIA1). Neither hosts nor guests accept responsibility for the accuracy of information given by any other party.

The Philosophy of Liberty

International Declaration of Human Rights - 1948

Make your human rights demand today!
Contact U.S. elected officials:

Dr. Floyd Harris and demonstrators make human rights demands in the photo above: End Homelessness, End War, Stop Police Brutality, End Mass Incarceration, and Protect the Environment.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Mental Disorders and Drug Dependencies of Nina Simone, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Others


Famous jazz singer and musician Nina Simone had a reputation for volatility. In 1985, she fired a gun at a record company executive whom she accused of stealing royalties. Simone said she "tried to kill him" but "missed". In 1995, she shot and wounded her neighbor's son with a pneumatic pistol after the boy's laughter disturbed her concentration. According to a biographer, Simone took medication for a condition from the mid-1960s onward. This was known only to a small group of intimates and kept out of public view for many years. Simone's mental health challenges were revealed in the biography "Break Down and Let It All Out," written by Sylvia Hampton and David Nathan in 2004 after her death. (Wikipedia)

Bipolar Disorder? Schizophrenia? Manic Depression? Alzheimer's? Dementia? PTSD? Post Partum Depression? Autism? Drug/Alcohol Dependency? See who else has or had challenges:

Buzz Aldrin (astronaut) · Adam Ant (musician) · Ludwig van Beethoven (composer) · Napoleon Bonaparte (political leader) · Tim Burton (artist, director) · Lord Byron (poet) · Dick Cavett (television journalist) · Winston Churchill (politician) · Charles Dickens (author) · DMX, Dark Man X (Earl Simmons) (musician, actor) · Robert Downey Jr. (actor) · Richardy Dreyfuss (actor) · Patty Duke (actress) · Ralph Waldo Emerson (author) · Carrie Fisher (Actress, writer) · Larry Flynt (publisher, activist) · Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald (Writer) · Connie Francis (singer) · Stephen Fry (actor, comedian, writer) · Peter Gabriel (musician) · Alan Garner (novelist) · Matthew Good (musician) · Philip Graham (publisher, businessman) · Macy Gray (musician, actor) · Graham Greene (English Novelist) · Ivor Gurney (English composer, poet)· Sean LeVert (singer) · Patrick Kennedy (Congressman) · Elvis Presley (singer, actor) · Britney Speers (singer) · Michael Jackson (singer, dancer, actor) · Somebody you love

Nobody should be punished with long prison terms for behavior that arose out of a mental disability or drug/alcohol dependency, especially if no harm came to anyone other than the affected person. But mentally challenged people comprise over 50 percent of those who are injured or killed by police officers in America, and sick or addicted people are overly represented among prisoners, including many who would be our generation's geniuses. Below is an excerpt from a transcript of a interview with Vernon Chadwick, director of the Fourth Annual Conference on Elvis Presley, August 11, 1998:

A therapist from Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital in New Jersey advanced the thesis that Elvis suffered bipolar disorder, which is a more technical name for manic depression, and that Elvis' substance abuse, eating disorders, and chronic depression should be placed in the larger context of a personality disorder. We think that this will shed new light on the issue of Elvis' death and will take it out of the narrow context of suspected overdose and addiction to the larger and more fundamental issues of Elvis' childhood, family history, the cultural influences of the times in which he lived, and other factors which contributed to a possible personality disorder.

People should be able to seek assistance for mental health issues and drug/alcohol dependencies without fear of reprisal, and we all should be free to advocate for people with these issues without censorship by prison investors. Please sign my PETITION TO FREE MARY NEAL

With treatment, more acute mental patients would be able to live unrestrained by their illness or prison bars. Today, 1.25 million people with mental illness are incarcerated, and most nonviolent offenders have or had drug and alcohol dependencies. Nina Simone sings "I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free" at the embedded video below. We can help restore people to wholesome living by advocating to decriminalize mental illness and by supporting better access to treatment for mental disorders and drug and alcohol dependencies. More information is in articles in the "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" blog and available during our Blogtalkradio weekly broadcasts of "Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill."

An important mental health bill is presently before the U.S. Congress called "H.R.3717 - Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act." Learn more about the bill at "AIMI HR3717 Broadcasts Feb. 12 and 19". We will continue to discuss H.R.3717 and other mental heath bills during every Wednesday night broadcast.

Famous people who excelled in the arts, mathematics, politics, science and other fields had/have mental dysfunctions. Mental illness and drug/alcohol dependencies are common among people who are rich and poor of all races and ages. See photos of even more famous people who have or had mental health challenges: "Famous People With Bipolar Disorder"

You might enjoy reading another article by this writer about Elvis Presley at "Elvis Presley - Bipolar Genius"

Mary Neal, director
Website: Wrongful Death of Larry
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
Dog Justice for Mentally Ill
(Eight(8) urls, one(1) photo, and one(1) embedded video - Please count due to censorship)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Georgia's Confederate License Plate

GEORGIA is where I write articles and publish radio shows while encountering much interference as I stand for unity, justice, and human rights. It is where I endure financial and emotional persecution for making inquiries about my mentally, physically disabled brother who was killed while under secret arrest in the Memphis Shelby County Jail. Georgia is where my computers are continuously taken over and phones calls are redirected to prevent my civil and human rights to self-expression and due process of law. My family experienced a burglary that was denied investigation. Only our original lawsuits and evidence regarding The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm fraud were stolen. See one of Georgia's new license plates for an explanation:

The AJC wrote, "Georgia law prohibits vanity plates judged to ridicule any race or ethnicity." Lawlessness. The white supremacists have ridiculed themselves again.

MaryLovesJustice Neal
Website: Wrongful Death of Larry Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
Phone 678.531.0262

Saturday, February 15, 2014

NSA: "We laugh in the face of laws"

You might be interested in the 11th tweet in this series. It is from PRISM US Gov at @PRISM_NSA, which says "We laugh in the face of laws."  At tweet 10, I replied, "I know you do. Glad you decided to tell everybody."

My stalkers and I talk like that, but usually it is in private. I was very surprised they did it publicly. They seem much more overt now with their censorship, cyber stalking, and abuse. They know nobody will prosecute them for trampling my First Amendment rights to hide my handicapped brother's murder and their complicity in denying my family due process of law. They obviously have a green light to send cyber terror threatening my family. I am an advocate for the mentally ill, the most discriminated against people in America. Prison investors moonlighting as government officials want to prevent my advocacy to decriminalize mental illness and will not intervene on my behalf. So stalkers openly admit that they LAUGH IN THE FACE OF LAWS. Hurry to see it at my Twitter page, where I am @koffietime. They made 1,100 of my tweets disappear for several months after the Georgia prison labor strike, so making one tweet disappear is a small thing for criminals.

I should have known immediately the message was not from the REAL NSA, because my cyber stalkers would never be this forthcoming. They communicate by popping up messages on my screen that quickly disappear or by switching my screen to a website or photograph that conveys whatever message they want me to receive. Lately, they let me know what subjects are taboo for me to discuss by preventing me from broadcasting on Blogtalkradio when they disapprove of our program. The stalkers know what we plan to expose by reading our emails and listening to our phone calls. Recently they objected to our radio shows planned on SJSU "suicides" of African American students. They also objected to broadcasts we planned on the wrongful execution of Miriam Carey, so we were prevented from going on air those evenings. 

Once the weather improves in Georgia, I will upload some more interesting films that prove my assertions, like those already at my YouTube channel jkempp703. They will not let me upload films to Youtube from my home computer. Sometimes, they follow me to see what computers I use in public venues and take control of those, also. Therefore, I may have to get another person to upload videos like I did when I uploaded "Cochran Firm Fraud 1 and 2." 

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You might be interested in the 11th tweet in this series. It is from PRISM US Gov at @PRISM_NSA, which says "We laugh in the face of laws." At tweet 10, I replied, "I know you do. Glad you decided to tell everybody."

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

SJSU Deaths and Terrorism

San Jose University has a problem. African American men are terrorized and killed there. But we are not allowed to discuss Lakim Washington (1997), Katrell Collier (2006), Gregory Johnson (2008), unnamed 17-yr-old (2013). The latest victim died on February 9, 2014. Brenden Tiggs, 18, was a freshman studying kinesiology. The coroner ruled his death a suicide. [This article has eleven(11) urls, an email address and phone number, a dozen(12) photos, two embedded videos.]

University spokeswoman Pat Lopes Harris told the San Jose Mercury News on Tuesday that the death of 18-year-old Brenden Tiggs was SJSU's first on-campus suicide in at least a decade. That should interest Denise Johnson, the mother of Gregory Johnson, Jr. He was a 19-year-old black student at SJSU who also studied kinesiology and supposedly committed suicide November 22, 2008. Gregory, a junior, initially lived in Joe West Hall where Tiggs lived, but Gregory moved to Sigma Chi Fraternity House and became its sole black inhabitant. Gregory's body was allegedly cut down by students from the basement of Sigma Chi after he reportedly hanged himself. Gregory was 6 feet, 2 inches tall, and the basement ceiling is under six feet high. Gregory's body showed no signs of hanging, but he did have a long gash on the back of his head with brains oozing out when his body was finally released to his parents. Does San Jose University now agree with Gregory Johnson's parents' allegations that their son was murdered?

Brenden Tiggs

Denise Johnson said, "Pat Lopez Harris finally told the truth after five years. Gregory Johnson Jr. was murdered in the Sigma Chi Fraternity House, as I said all along. I advise the Tiggs family to get a reputable lawyer who will not sell them out. The lawyer must get a pathologist to re-examine Tiggs' body. The lawyer and pathologist should be able to get a court order to see Tiggs' body in the coroner's office, which was denied to my husband and me when our son was there. Tiggs' body should not be buried until his family has had a second autopsy done by an independent pathologist. The examination should be fully videotaped to verify that the pathologist did the autopsy according to protocol." 

Gregory Johnson, Jr.

San Jose police are still investigating the Tiggs' death. Tiggs' father, Gary Tiggs, welcomed the investigation, telling the Mercury News that his son had excellent grades, a positive outlook, and no reason to end his life.

Tiggs' family and fellow students described him as a positive, happy person. "He didn't have anything to die for," Gary Tiggs said. "He had everything to live for."

That is what Denise Johnson has said about her son Gregory many times. She spoke about her son's murder to Bill Windsor on a Lawless America video at and embedded below:

Promising black men students keep turning up dead at San Jose University, and discussion about it is seemingly prohibited by the National Security Agency (NSA) and Silicon Valley Internet companies. At Google+ and Facebook, I had to make the following announcement about "The Enslavement and Genocide of Africans and Indigenous Peoples" Blogtalkradio show for February 11, where we planned to discuss Gary Tiggs's alleged suicide and other brutalized and dead African American men students at SJSU:

"SORRY, PEOPLE. Blogtalkradio or NSA is keeping Dr. Floyd Harris off the air tonight. He cannot sign in at Blogtalkradio for the 8pm PST show, and neither can I. We will try again at 9pm. Apparently, we are NOT supposed to inform the public about the deaths and catastrophic injuries and terrorism affecting black men at San Jose U."

Censorship prevents warnings to other African Americans who have a right to know black men attending school or planning to enroll at San Jose University are at risk. Neither the U.S. Justice Department nor local police and the university's police force are interested in bringing culprits to justice, based on these unrequited crimes:

Lakim Washington

Lakim Washington was assaulted in November 1997 at an on-campus phone booth where he spoke with a fellow student about an assignment. The young president of the Black Student Association at SJSU was attacked from behind. His head was bashed in such a forceful blow that one would rightly conclude the assault was attempted murder. Washington was found crumbled on the ground in front of the Spartan Hall pay phone. Washington may have suffered permanent injuries. Metroactive news reported: "A month and a half later, Washington is due to be released soon from San Jose Medical Center, having suffered severe head trauma--a hematoma to the brain--and spending several days in a coma. A blow to his head has left him with selective memory loss, and Washington has no clear idea as to how his injuries occurred. But while available evidence points to a conclusion that Washington was attacked, San Jose University Police appear to have virtually abandoned their investigation into the matter."

Katrell Collier

Katrell Namantae Collier, a former Spartan linebacker, was killed when he allegedly fell from the upper level of the parking garage. His 2006 death was reported as a suicide. Collier, 24-years-old, enrolled at the university in 2003 as a transfer student from West Hills College in Coalinga, California. He played in three early-season games as a linebacker for the 2004 Spartan team before an injury prevented him from finishing the season. Collier was credited with 12 tackles and one pass interception. He was a child development major. Collier's so-called suicide is another student death that the university spokesperson Pat Lopes Harris must have forgotten when she said Tiggs' was the first "suicide" in a decade.

SJSU protesting light treatment of campus terrorists in 2013

In 2013, another black youth at SJSU was terrorized by four Caucasian students who were his suite mates. They called him "three-fifths" and "fraction" to denote that his blackness made him less than a full human being. Pictures of Hitler were put on his walls, and the word "Nigger" was scrawled across the blackboard in his room. His suite mates even tried to chain him, using a bicycle chain. Students protested the school's handling of the crimes. Then they protested being censored. SJSU called the racist acts of terrorism "bullying" rather than "racist hate crimes," but SJSU later expelled the abusive students. 

Metroactive reported, "District Attorney's office announced misdemeanor battery and hate crime enhancement charges against Logan Beaschler, 18; Colin Warren, 18; and Joseph Bomgardner, 19." An unnamed fourth white student was later charged. This writer believes the victim would have been SJSU's next "suicide" if he and his family had not exposed these hate crimes to the world, sparking student protests and concern nationwide.

Read about each of these five cases at the urls below. Because of economic constraints, African American youths have a high rate of withdrawal from colleges nationwide. It would be interesting to know how many former SJSU students died suspiciously since leaving the school. The Tiggs family must ensure that Brenden has all of his organs when his body is released, also. Organ thefts have become an issue with African American youths.
Katrell Collier (2006)
Lakim Washington (1997)

Rev. Dr. Floyd Harris, Jr. announced that National Network in Action (NNIA) radio hosts would discuss Tiggs' so-called suicide and expose the other SJSU assaults and deaths on Blogtalkradio at 8pm February 11, 2014. We were prevented from going on air for the show, and NNIA hosts were prevented from producing the 9pm Blogtalkradio broadcast, as well. The "slave class" is obviously prevented from using the Internet to discuss crimes against humanity that recur at SJSU and throughout the United States. February 11 was declared "The Day We Fight Back Against NSA Surveillance." This writer does not know why the day of protest was not called "The Day we Fight Back Against Surveillance and Censorship." Maybe Caucasians are not yet censored to the degree that African Americans are. Neither did CoIntelPro target whites with the viciousness that it used to suppress blacks before the Church Committee hearings and the covert FBI program was supposedly dissolved in 1972. It would not be surprising to learn that NSA also targets blacks with particularity to censor and prevent our justice quests from going forward.

We are thankful that Edward Snowden and Jacob Applebaum revealed censorship methods that are used to prevent free speech and freedom of press in the USA. See a video below wherein Applebaum explains covert Internet censorship that affect targets' cellphones and computers. Violations against our First Amendment rights and human rights for self expression will be taken before the International Court. Therefore, this writer is pleased that we were prevented from using Blogtalkradio last night to expose and oppose crimes against African American men that continue at San Jose University. I have been told that our Blogtalkradio shows cannot accept followers. Please try to follow our radio shows there and share our shows' urls. Videotape your attempts on cellphones to prepare to join our legal action. Tune in tonight to see if San Jose University alumni working at Blogtalkradio or NSA will prevent our broadcasts again. I wish Blogtalkradio much financial success. We need the money.

Jacob Applebaum discusses takeover of our cellphones and computers, etc., explaining how it is done.

On February 1, 2014, censorship prevented this writer and radio host from scheduling a Blogtalkradio show to interview Native Americans who claim their members were wrongfully convicted on sexual molestation of minors charges to excuse removing indigenous children from their reservations and homes to facilitate adoptions and foster care of the children by Caucasians. The ACLU reports that a congressional investigation showed between 25% and 35% of indigenous children had been removed from their families by the mid 70's. National Network in Action's reports about Native Americans being wrongfully convicted and black students being killed at SJSU are all forbidden topics. 

SJSU African American Students Protest Censorship Regarding Racist Terrorism on Campus

On February 6th, noted prisoner activist Nancy Lockhart complained to Mary Neal that she is prevented from becoming a follower of our Blogtalkradio shows. Crimes at Blogtalkradio to prevent free press for African Americans and Native Americans are mounting. Censorship allows racists to continue assaults, murders, wrongful incarcerations, and frauds against Americans in minority populations, like The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm's fraud against my family to protect Memphis Shelby County Jail after the "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal." We are hopeful that students from SJSU, who were prevented from speaking at the school's press conference with NAACP, will join us at "OCCUPY Silicon Valley April 4th."

Dr. Harris met with leaders of ten social justice groups in San Jose about Gregory Johnson's murder over the last three years. He said that over time, all ten dropped out of talks about how to address the deaths and terrorism at San Jose University, where blacks comprise only 3.26 percent of the students. Along with censorship, bribes and intimidation are sometimes used to prevent discussion about crimes against African Americans. Officials either actually do the suppression or ignore it. According to Dr. Mustafa Ansari, an international human rights attorney, such offenses must be taken to the World Court. African Americans and Native Americans, Latinos, and disenfranchised Caucasians need not continue to suffer crimes against humanity without recourse. Dr. Ansari is dean of America's Human Rights Institute. The school plans to train and certify a thousand human rights monitors and __ to take cases to the International Court. Learn more about Dr. Ansari and the classes at "Legal Victories" blog:

Copies of this article are being sent to reporters who published news about SJSU.  Please feel free to share the article with whomever you feel would benefit by reading it. Parents of SJSU "suicides" would appreciate your help.

by Mary Neal
Website: Wrongful Death Of Larry Neal
(678) 531.0262

REPEAT of Paragraph 1: San Juan University has a problem. African American men are terrorized and killed there. But we are not allowed to discuss Lakim Washington (1997), Katrell Collier (2006), Gregory Johnson (2008), unnamed 17-yr-old (2013). The latest victim died on February 9, 2014. Brenden Tiggs, 18, was a freshman studying kinesiology. The coroner ruled his death a suicide.  [This article has eleven(11) urls, an email address and phone number, a dozen(12) photos, two embedded videos.]

African American men keep turning up dead in Benton Harbor, Michigan, also. The police list the deaths "NO FOUL PLAY," even if a body has its penis cut off or if the body was tossed in the lake and weighted down. See "Genocide in Benton Harbor, Michigan?" - the next article in FreeSpeakBlog.

Below are Mr. and Ms. Johnson at a SJSU protest in November 2013, a picture of their son, Gregory, and the latest SJSU dead black youth, Brenden Tiggs - another "suicide" SJSU-style.