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BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE: No Shopping June 9, 2011

(5 paragraphs plus 18 links, 1 photo w/ caption) This is your invitation to join the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE: NO Shopping on the 9th of any month during 2011.  This shopping moratorium is the People's 9/11 emergency response to corporate greed and government misdeeds. In addition to voting, participating in marches and rallies, signing petitions, complaining to family and friends, and praying for change, we must UNITE in a peaceful, powerful financial protest.  Democrats, Republicans, Independents, blacks, whites, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, Christians, Jews, Muslims and atheists agree that the country is spiraling downward economically and with regard to civil/human rights.  Globalization means "flattening" the economy in order that corporations will pay no more to workers within the U.S. and other Western countries than in emerging countries.  Unfortunately, our human and civil rights are also being "flattened."

America has suffered a CORPORATE TAKEOVER. The only solution is to answer financially. Elitist overlords are not concerned about us marching and singing, holding rallies, or signing petitions. They do not care if we recall elected officials. They will only coerce or bribe the new ones. What matters to corporations is PROFITS. If Americans delay a financial response, our incomes and spending will be too low to have a significant impact. Then what?

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the early unions in the United States understood that profits had to be affected in order to advance justice.  The Montgomery bus boycott lasted nearly 400 days, and in the end, African Americans could sit where we pleased on public transportation.  Union organizers used to make human chains across the entrances of manufacturing plants and prohibit transport of goods.  Their effectiveness produced the 40-hour work week, paid vacation and sick leave, and safer work environments.  Organizers today speak boldly about the problems America faces.  Most agree that high unemployment and reduced wages, mass incarceration, home foreclosures, school closings, and reductions in social spending stem from corporate greed and government misdeeds.  However, at the end of their speeches, our leaders announce yet another march or offer us another petition to sign for change.  Public protests are absolutely useful for alerting people to problems and voicing concerns to decision makers, but public protests in the absence of any financial incentive for elitists to stop oppression will not suffice.

People can boycott without announcing it.  Some people have reservations about voicing their concerns.  Many are too intimidated to protest.  One activist warned:  "It [suggesting a boycott] exposes you and allows them to target you for elimination. There are groups with DHS contracts for that express purpose."  That may be true, but boycotting does not require a public announcement.  Just don't spend a dime on the 9th of any month. Many Americans have chosen to be slaves, perhaps believing conditions will not get worse than now. The truth is that if nothing is done to arrest the erosion of human and civil rights in our beloved country, jobs will continue to be outsourced to prisons and overseas, and wages inside America will be further reduced.  Imperial wars will escalate and cause more bloodshed and diminish financial resources desperately needed for social programs.  More Americans and immigrants will be murdered under secret arrest like my disabled brother was, with their families censored and threatened, arrested or also murdered if they dare complain. See  - While Americans fight for human rights abroad and procastinate about correcting abuses here, people die. The least among us, His brethren, are suffering most. In fact, another mentally ill man was recently killed behind bars - Starvation in a Utah Jail - Link:  

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I am censored and my time online is limited since CoIntelPro destroyed my home PC.  Check FreeSpeakblog for more about the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE.  Share this information and discuss it among your friends and family members, in your groups, and places of worship.  Help announce this financial initiative to empower the People, because the media will not.  Pray for courage and discernment for yourselves and our leaders, and please pray for my safety.  The link for sharing this article is

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BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE: No Shopping on the 9th of Any Month
God said unity works! And the LORD said, Behold, The People is ONE, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do; and now nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do. ~Genesis 11:6