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Mary Neal Tweets Rejecting Slavery June 2011

Below are a video, 10 more paragraphs, 25 links, and 40 tweets wherein I pledge to RESIST OPPRESSION always. I experience persecution and censorship because I advocate for an end to mass incarceration and abuses of mentally ill people in America.  After my mentally, physically disabled brother was secretly arrested for 18 days and murdered in 2003, I founded Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill ("AIMI"), an online advocacy to decriminalize mental illness, before I learned that private prison investors earn around $25 billion per year by warehousing sick Americans and immigrants who should be hospitalized or treated in their communities.  Despite the online and in-person stalking I endure, I  refuse to be anyone's slave. There were always people like me, and there will forever be. You cannot own me. You cannot punish me sufficiently to make me accept that my mother is less than a pit bull bitch whose pups' deaths you investigated and prosecuted. You do not have enough stalkers to make me say, "Yassa, Massa." God Almighty is my Master, and Him only will I serve. Amen.  This is a long article I hope you read.  If you prefer videos, please see this film:

I was angry when I made the video above.  They had taken over my computer again.  Follow me at Twitter, if they let you, where I am @koffietime - - Many of my followers are deleted by cyberdogs, especially black people and other minorities and persons or companies with a large list of followers.  This is done to censor my advocacy to end mass incarceration of Americans, particularly mentally ill people.  Jail is the last thing that mental patients need, and too often, it is the very last thing they experience.  I regret that so often when I try to publish news about individual tragedies related to mass incarceration of mentally ill Americans, like deaths, abuses, and people whose moms asked me to write about their loved ones deteriorating in solitary confinement, cyberstalkers attack and half my writing is about the censorship I combat.  Many officials are prison owners/investors, and treating rather than incarcerating mental patients would negatively impact their investment portfolios.  That coupled with my brother's jailhouse murder cover-up are ample reasons to censor and intimidate me, but those are still crimes.  I made police reports about the latest attacks against me, which are recorded in the next document in this blog, called COINTELPRO MAKES HOUSE CALLS at this link:

Americans will likely lose their net freedom in the near future, like I did in 2006 when I started using the Internet to broadcast my brother's secret murder and advocate for justice and compassion for mentally ill prisoners.  The Internet provides the only avenue for victims of government crimes to make their own mass media reports when mainstream media will not.  Senate Bill 968 may accomplish what numerous other Internet censorship bills failed to do, unless concerned citizens and representatives intervene. Even then, it may not be enough. Elected officials do not seem care much what Americans want any longer, with electronic voting machines. According to political writer, L. J. Lendman, Senate Bill 968 will terminate "privacy and judicial review protections guaranteed under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Privacy Protection Act, and financial privacy regulations no longer would apply." Congress was rushing S.968 through until Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) placed a hold on the bill pending input by concerned users. Use this holding period to call, write, or email your representatives to stop the repressive bill that will further erode Americans' privacy. Because of what I endure, I know that more than your privacy may be lost. S.968 will also make it easier to identify "targeted" persons online and censor their input, like mine is to prevent your learning about my mentally, physically disabled brother's murder under secret arrest or about other atrocities I write about, like the 20-year-old bipolar man who starved to death in Utah in February. Google, Visa, Yahoo, and American Express Company are against S.968, and so are 89% of the people who voted on the bill at Cast your vote at this link to show Congress what you think about S.968:  - Please also write and call your representatives and let them know you do not wish to be censored like Mary Neal is. Contact Congress link:

These are the Last Days.  American officials want the right to kill mentally, physically handicapped people like my brother, Larry Neal, without any protests from people of God, although when dogs are injured, thousands of Americans protest vehemently ( see ).  People of God and/or people of conscience must decide whether we will cower and serve Satan by doing things we know are wrong and leave undone those things that we know are right to do.  Fascists are trying to train Americans to ignore the suffering of our neighbors in direct disobedience to God's commandment that we "love one another as Christ loves us."  For example, Florida residents are being arrested for feeding homeless, hungry people.  God says, "Give to every man who asks you."  Former Northwestern journalism professor David Protess was fired because he and his students exonerated 12 wrongly convicted people, and each prisoner is worth money to prison investors whether they are guilty or not.  Some of the innocent inmates Protess and his students exonerated were facing execution.  I did not know a few years ago that American business persons made billions each year by imprisoning people and forcing them to work for little or no wages (slavery).  My terrorists say I must stop using "freedom of speech" to protest the mass incarceration and murders of mentally ill Americans like my brother Larry was.  I am censored and gangstalked because I advocate for compassion and justice for acute mental patients who comprise over 60% of inmates in cruel solitary confinement.  God's Word says in Hebrews 13:3 that we must have compassion on prisoners and consider their torture as though it were our own bodies.

Inmates in solitary confinement spend 23 hours each day in a 9' x 6' cell suffering sensory deprivation that physicians recommended to the CIA to torture War on Terror suspects.  Some human beings have been in isolation in American "correctional" institutions for over 40 years.  Americans would not stand by and watch their neighbors keep their dogs in a tight dog house for years without calling Animal Control to arrest the cruel dog owner, especially if many of the dogs were killed in deadly restraint chairs, sprayed with gas if they whined in distress, or if the animals were used for dangerous medical experiments or torture training.  My family does not know which method was used to kill Larry Neal, because the Untied States Department of Justice, Memphis Shelby County Jail, and The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm colluded to hide Larry Neal's death that occurred after three weeks of secret arrest.  My family has asked to be treated at least as well as dogs are for almost eight years.  We have filed lawsuits, Freedom of Information Act requests, and federal subpoenas, but the government refuses to answer how and why Larry Neal was murdered.  These government murders did not end with Larry.  Tim Souders died on a restraint table where he was tortured for four days without food and water.  Sean LeVert died after being in a restraint chair. 

America's 1.25 million mentally ill inmates are the sick, naked prisoners that Jesus identified with Matthew 25:40 when He said, "Such as you do unto ONE of the least of these, you do unto Me." Prisoners wear orange jumpsuits, except the mentally ill. Bipolar and schizophrenic inmates and those with severe PTSD, like some veterans have, are frequently kept naked in isolation cells to prevent them from harming themselves, whether or not they are actually suicidal. Medicaid insurance for inpatient psychiatric care was deleted and many hospitals were closed over the last 30 years so that prison investors (often the lawmakers) could use mental patients to seed the first private prisons. Recidivism is kept high through inhumane requirements that mentally ill people prove they are an immediate "danger to self and others" (usually by committing a crime), and by withholding funds for community care programs.  Every year, sick people are killed during arrest attempts or while incarcerated. God is not pleased. Therefore, I refuse to allow demonic people make me disobey God, though they stalk and censor me and threaten our family.

Please ask officials to stop terrorizing me because I ask what happened to Larry Neal and speak out for other prisoners.  Ask your representatives to stop censoring my Internet input, destroying my computers, sending men to follow me to computer rental businesses or the public libraries, or allowing others to do these things without police intervention.  Email Eric Holder at  - Below are tweets I published to affirm that whether or not you join me and support my mission, I will stand on the Lord's side all my life and obey His Holy Word - even against wealthy, unscrupulous prison investors and rich, unethical lawyers like those in The Cochran Firm who defrauded my family to help Memphis Shelby County Jail get away with murdering Larry without having to say how and why he died. 

When federal officials in the United States Department of Justice decided to help Shelby County Jail cover-up Larry Neal's murder, they allowed the jail to submit perjury into federal court proceedings to cover-up his arrest and death.  The Cochran Firm was sent to be our wrongful death attorneys, so none of the officials worried about Larry's family exposing the death via lawsuits.  The Cochran Firm's part in the cover-up was to hold the Neals' lawsuit against the State of Tennessee for negligence and lawsuit against Memphis Shelby County Jail for wrongful death secretly inactive while the statute of limitations passed.  Meanwhile, the lawyers sent us lying updates about legal work they were not actually doing.  When we discovered the fraud, it was too late to find another attorney to get Larry's records and sue for us - only a few weeks remained on the Tennessee statute of limitations.  All the law firms said that was not enough time to begin the work The Cochran Firm pretended to be doing for almost a year.  Not the first step had been taken to secure Larry's arrest and incarceration records, interview witnesses, or have Hattie Neal named as the executor of Larry's estate to get medical and psychiatric records.  My mother and I believed we would at least get to know how police killed Larry if we sued The Cochran Firm for its fraud and deliberate malpractice.  That might help my mother stop having nightmares about the possible murder methods.  But judges did not honor our Motions to Compel records released in this matter.  Everyone worked against us.  Judges even pretended there was NO Cochran Firm office in Georgia where we filed suit in order to excuse dismissing our suit against The Cochran Firm, and another judge ruled that the firm defrauding the Neals was "immaterial."  Both courts were determined that no jury would hear what the fraudulent lawyers did to protect the jail where Larry died - likely because The Cochran Firm is used to defraud clients in specific cases and would lose its usefulness. 

The media participates in Larry's secret murder cover-up by refusing to report the handicapped black man's secret arrest and lynching, then the media refused to report that The Cochran Firm went to court and denied having any law offices whatsoever in the State of Georgia or in Memphis (the two offices where my mother and I had our client intake meetings and signed contract).  Cox Enterprises refused to obey our federal subpoena to release The Cochran Firm's advertising records to prove the liars have law offices they prolifically advertise in Georgia, and the federal judge would not make Cox honor the subpoena.  But if GOD be for you, it does not matter if the whole world is against you.  God loves justice, and I know that some day, He will do what needs to be done in this matter.  The media, State Bars, consumer protection organizations, civil and human rights organizations (yes!) refuse to address The Cochran Firm's fraud against my family and its denial in court proceedings that it has offices in Georgia and in Memphis in order to help the devious firm keep its record clean so that other minorities will entrust their death-by-police cases to the devious lawyers who replaced those who worked alongside Johnnie Cochran.  In fact, The Cochran Firm attorneys may now be able to defraud whites as claimants' attorneys on the DePuy hip implant team and the BP oil spill litigation.  Cochran Firm lawyers were assigned by the courts to key positions in both those class action cases that have thousands of victims of corporate impropriety.  Whose side will The Cochran Firm lawyers be on, I wonder - their clients or their clients' defendants?  Lord have mercy on working class Americans and retired people!

America's justice system is CORRUPT with people who care nothing about their fellow human beings, God, or this country.  That is not to say everyone in the justice system is going to hell, but those at the top who ignore my emails, letters, tweets, and phone calls for help are certainly going to be judged by God for allowing the lynching cover-up and my terrorism to continue.  Since our lawsuits against The Cochran Firm were dismissed wrongly, none of the co-conspirators want the world to know about any of this - Larry's 2003 lynching and the initial cover-up, The Cochran Firm fraud, or the horrible things assigned stalkers do to intimidate us and censor the reports I make online.  Therefore, the stalking and censorship gets more pronounced the more people who learn about it.  Does that make any sense?  If half a million people read my articles and 500 blogs and thousands of emails, is there any hope that each one is not telling one about this atrocity? I believe American officials hold citizens in contempt and have started relying on our fear to keep us submissive and quiet about injustices, just as Revelation said would happen.

Today, I had to go to three locations before I could complete this blog.  I just got my computer out of the shop, paid $95 that my mother and I needed for a bill, and cyberdogs already infected it with trojans and took away parts of its capabilities, like playing and burning CDs.  Authorities and fraud lawyers fear my CDs because I videotape cyberstalkers' computer censorship as it happens and post some of the films on my YouTube channel JKEMPP703.  Immediately when I plug up my PC, a Remote Host sends a PortScan Attack.  That is a process to find out essential information about my PC and determine the best attack.  My security program records the stalkers' IP addresses, but no police officers or justice officials care about my "freedom of press."  In fact, Atlanta police officers said they will Taser and arrest me for telling people about Larry's secret arrest and murder if I try to talk to people about it in person in Atlanta, home of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and many people who pretend to care about civil and human rights today.  The last three IP addresses stalkers used to attack my PC from were:, and, and - in case anyone wants to give my aged mother and me ANONYMOUS help getting free of Pharisees (unrighteous lawyers) who hold us a virtual prisoners, prevent me from communicating with potential employers, contacting honest attorneys, and speaking with publishers on our phone (which they also took over) about the two books I have written about MY LIFE these last few years.  People who did not want to be in books about my life should have excused themselves long ago -- not prevent me from publishing the tale by curtailing phone calls to and from our home or redirecting them all to voicemail and destroying them - (678) 531-0262.  Below are my recent tweets.  My tweets and articles are a plea for justice for myself and family and others whose plights I become acquainted with along the path of my justice quest.

I PROTEST constant takeovers of my PC, denial of due process of law re Larry's murder & Cochran Firm fraud, & reject yo punishment 4 telling

1 minute ago
@cxs My mother & I can't keep replacing/repairing PCs, but I WILL NOT ACCEPT THE #GOVERNMENT MURDERING LARRY NEAL UNDER SECRET ARREST.

6 minutes ago
@Google I am 56, my mom is 88. We live in terror of stalkers. She dreamed helicopters bombed us & has nightmares abt how they killed Larry.

9 minutes ago
@cxs The Obama administration got 90% of blk vote but I cannot get answers abt a 2003 lynching & am stalked & censored 4 asking. #government

11 minutes ago
@Twitter I have photos of my regular stalkers. If one comes to this wifi locale, I will call the police & HOPE they come

13 minutes ago
@Google I was looking for jobs on my PC this a.m., and stalkers used the opportunity to stop my D:/ drive from working. They are demonic.

16 minutes ago
If you send stalkers to this wifi locale or if you stop my Internet connection, I will spend the rest of today at churches w/ my sign.

17 minutes ago
@rww @Google persecuted 4 opposing S.968-censorship bill; DavidProtess fired 4 freeing wrongly convicted; I'm gangstalked 4 prisoner rights.

12 hours ago
@Google They want to treat all Americans like they do Mary Neal - censor us so they can secretly arrest and kill our loved ones in quiet!

13 hours ago
@Google please don't cave in to fascists! Fight for Internet freedom, even if they accuse U of antitrust violations. Be a free speech hero!

13 hours ago
@Twitter @Google Even as I write about Internet censorship bill, my PC is under attack. Made police reports yesterday re

13 hours ago
Opposing S. 968 (the Internet censorship bill) leads to federal antitrust investigation for @Google

13 hours ago
Opposing S. 968 (the Internet censorship bill) leads to federal antitrust investigation for Google

13 hours ago
@Google @APAPsychiatric "Mass Incarceration and Murders of America's Mental Patients"

21 Jun
@Google America democratic? What would happen if Mayor Reed's brother was secretly arrested and murdered? Would Atl police make him shut up?

21 Jun
@TheLawNews @EvilEsq Johnnie Cochran's CoIntelPro Murder Theory  - This is probably why they censor me 2 keep blk clients

21 Jun
@TheLawNews If seniors don't like Hezekiah Sistrunk's work on their hip implant case, warn them not to sue - DANGEROUS

21 Jun
@vlu77 @DeathPenaltyBks Sen. Loni Hancock, D-Berkeley, to introduce bill to abolish death penalty in CA

21 Jun
@vlu77 What makes whoever Roy Blankenship supposedly killed important enough 2 execute him, while gov won't answer HOW POLICE KILLED LARRY?

21 Jun
@vlu77 Georgia, where federal Judge Batten ruled justice 4 my black family is "immaterial," an execution is planned 4 Roy Blankenship Thur.

21 Jun
@JusticeDept Cyberdogs hired 2 contain news re handicapped blk man secretly arrested 3 wks 4 Nazi experiments; returned DEAD w/o explanation

21 Jun
@JusticeDept Cyberstalkers turn off any features on our cellph they want: web, calls, text messages, fearing EXPOSURE 4 Larry Neal's murder.

21 Jun
@JusticeDept When CoIntelPro turns off our cellph, relatives don't know if my mom I are being attacked like Kathryn Johnston. They worry.

21 Jun
@JusticeDept Mon nite CoIntelPro turned off my cellph. I was talking 2 a relative who was prohibited fr calling back.She rushed 2 our home!

21 Jun
@Twitter While Americans are 2 believe Africa was attacked to save Africans fr cruelty, officials want to hide Larry's murder more than ever

17 Jun
@Twitter The thing is, although the USDOJ, Shelby Co. Jail & The Cochran Firm united 2 hide Larry Neal's murder, they fear public disclosure

17 Jun
@Twitter Whenever I attempt to use a link U shortened 4 me, cyberdogs won't open the page. They probably have made alternate views.

17 Jun
@Twitter, pls don't shorten my links. Read why at INTERNET CENSORSHIP AMERICAN STYLE by Mary Neal. Shortened links make cyberdogs' wk easy.

17 Jun
@humanrightslaw I don't trust link-shortening services due to redirected links in my past. Visit, please. Thx.

17 Jun
by koffietime
RT @cardozoLaw - Innocence Blog: Innocence Project Client Wins Access to DNA Testing  #law #dna #prison

17 Jun
Hello, new followers and those who CoIntelPro deleted already (I'll publish a list so U can take action, 2). Thanks for joining @koffietime.

17 Jun
@humanrightslaw Cointelpro Makes House Calls

17 Jun
@NAACP @Google @ACLU @Amnesty @RepJohnLewis @RepHankJohnson Decided to start "stalking" reps and agencies who don't help

17 Jun
@USLawNews Judge Wendy Shoob censured by the court (not for saying there's no Cochran Firm in GA - something else)

17 Jun
@Google @CNNImpact Mary Neal pickets CNN re media blackout about Larry Neal's secret lynching and COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD

16 Jun
@Care2 With all the traffic I drive to Care2, WOULD YOU PLEASE address the DoS at my Sharebook?

15 Jun
@Google @Big_Gov @cxs CoIntelPro Makes House Calls  #government #gangstalking #prison #war #justice #EricHolder #racism

14 Jun
If it were not for @Google and @Twitter, what would we do? Elitists who own mainstream media censor news like crazy!

14 Jun
@Google Blogger Help Request  Cointelpro prohibits ppl fr following my blogs and

14 Jun Favorite Reply Delete
@BlackTh0ught "Diligent men will rule; lazy men will be enslaved." Prov.12:24. Wake up! Get up! Stand up! Resisting oppression is Godly.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CoIntelPro Makes House Calls


Many Americans are experiencing gangstalking.  This article lists four more stalking events I recently faced, which I will report to police.  It was horrific to me to be terrorized and denied protection by police and ignored by federal agencies.  I stayed locked in my house for over a year except for essential trips that others could not make for me after a federal vehicle was actually leading the stalkers in four other cars in September 2008.  After numerous other terrifying experiences and continuous cyberstalking and phone interference, I learned about the CoIntelPro program and got mad.  How dare the government and/or The Cochran Firm treat people like slaves, possibly using our own tax money for the salaries and equipment to do it?  Gangstalking and censorship that started after Larry Neal's police murder cover-up in 2003 are meant to serve the same purpose as cross-burning in the yards of black families in the 1940s who lost a member to lynching - terrorism to prevent any notion of seeking justice and warnings for neighbors who might want to help.  It would be great to have the capabilities of LULZSEC or ANONYMOUS, but I do not. I cannot punish cyberstalkers' bosses for destroying or taking over eight computers in a year's time to censor me, but now I stalk 'em back. 

I decided to start "stalking" (picketing) the media, civil and human rights organizations that should help regarding my censorship and the injustices to my family, and the injustice system itself. It may be a good idea to stalk heads of these agencies by picketing them at their homes, since CoIntelPro agents made several trips to my home. Law enforcement, justice officials, politicians, judges, and human/civil rights organizations that are paid tax money to do their jobs or receive public donations for addressing injustices ignore the secret arrest and murder of my mentally, physically disabled brother and my censorship and stalking because I expose his death and The Cochran Firm fraud.  They should be exposed along with the sold-out media. Some pastors need "stalking," too.  Many ministers preach about what Jesus and the Apostles did thousands of years ago but ignore the need to DO the Word of God like Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. did and Rev. Edward Pinkney does.  Prison profiteers have money tables that need to be tossed to the floor today because they are taking advantage of indigent and sick people, just like Jesus turned over the money changers' tables in the temple for victimizing people for financial gain.  See this YouTube video if they let you:

On Thursday, June 16, I picketed at CNN (see the photograph above).  I also picketed The Cochran Firm and held my signs at numerous busy street corners in downtown Atlanta.  I did not stay in one place over 30 minutes because Atlanta police said last June that if I tell people about The Cochran Firm fraud and my brother's murder by police, they will taser and arrest me. I think Larry's murder might be the first bona fide lynching America did in a while.  Usually there is some attempt to explain when the government kills citizens, true or fabricated. But my mother and I were expected to act like women did in the 1940s:  just shut up and bury our black man.  Instead we asked why Larry was held under secret arrest for three weeks while police denied having him; why and how he was killed.  We tried to sue for wrongful death, expecting the attorney to subpoena records regarding Larry's secret arrest (that amounted to a kidnapping) and his murder.  Wrong.  The Cochran Firm worked behind our backs to protect Memphis Shelby County Jail.  We are denied any records or explanation, as in America's many previous lynching cases.  Additionally, we are sorely punished for being such "uppity Negroes" that we dare to ask for accountability. 

These Last Days are trying.  None of the rules we were taught seem to apply, certainly not "justice for all." The rights Americans believed were "inalienable" are being eroded daily.  If nothing is done, more men will disappear into secret incarceration and emerge as naked corpses with no explanation given by the government.  It could even become a regular occurrence like in China.  Russia, China, and the USA were recently cited for serious human rights violations even though Larry's lynching was not revealed to the examiners.  His murder is a national secret that hundreds of thousands of people know about.  The denial of accountability and records in this case is a blatant confirmation that the justice system was racist and criminal in 2003 when Larry was murdered, and it remains so under Attorney General Eric Holder.  While potentially innocent people face execution for unproved crimes, officials refuse to adhere to due process of law regarding the murder of a handicapped citizen in government custody.  Cowering at home like I did while the country turns Nazi does not help.  People must exercise courage and RESIST OPPRESSION. Go stalk your stalkers or those who are paid to address injustices and do not help.  It is written:

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
2 Timothy 1:7

Today, I plan to picket at the Richard Russel Federal Building along with many other activists.  It is national War on the War on Drugs Day.  Atlanta Police have never threatened me at protest rallies white people organized.  It is like having a "pass."  It is strange to need a pass to go to town in the 21st Century, especially with many blacks in decision making positions - or are they?  My advice to all targeted individuals is this:  Stalk them back! I plan to be like Cindy Sheehan and stalk Washington, D.C. this summer until justice comes.  People cannot address injustices they do not know about, and that is the purpose of censorship.  We thank everyone who helps by re-posting my articles that reveal human rights abuses against my family and others. 


On August 1, 2003, my mentally, physically disabled brother died after three weeks of secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail.  Neither the jail nor the United States Government will tell us how/why Larry was murdered or release records regarding his fatal arrest in defiance of federal law and human decency.  My family contracted with The Cochran Firm to act as Larry's wrongful death attorneys immediately after his demise, but the law firm defrauded its clients in order to protect officials in Shelby County and in the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ), who colluded to hide Larry's death.  See WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL website - - My mother and I sued The Cochran Firm for fraud in Georgia Superior Court where the case against the firm was dismissed in May 2006 by a judge who was recently censured for a separate incident of impropriety - Judge Wendy Shoob (see a link below).  We sued a second time in United States District Court in 2007 under Judge Batten.  Both judges roadblocked the righteous case from going to jury for no acceptable reason.  Trial by jury is a "right" that Americans are easily denied by judges who can dismiss cases, whether they regard civil actions or criminal indictments.  The Georgia legislature passed a law in 2006 providing that whenever police officers or wealthy Georgians plead self-defense, grand jury indictments can be ignored.  Judges can now dismiss murder charges without jury trial.  See "Corey Ward: Police and Cochran Firm Victim."

CoIntelPro intimidation against Mary Neal and the Neal family started when we sued The Cochran Firm in federal court.  Gangstalking and online censorship continue in an effort to accomplish four purposes:  1) stop the dissemination of information about Larry's Neal secret wrongful death under secret incarceration; 2) prevent more people from learning about The Cochran Firm Cointelpro Fraud against minorities; 3) prevent my for Human Rights for Prisoners March across the Internet, including work to decriminalize mental illness (mentally ill people like Larry comprise over one-half of America's inmates and most likely to return to jail, which makes them very lucrative for private prisons); and 4) stop advertising the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE to prevent wide participation. 

The BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE is a peaceful, powerful financial protest that virtually every American can participate in regardless of what injustice they detest, without missing work or leaving home.  Consumer power can restore power to the people, but only if we unite and use it while Americans are still major purchasers.  The shopping moratorium is scheduled for the 9th of every month throughout 2011.  We  issue invitations online for Americans to join the 9/11 emergency boycott against corporate greed and government misdeeds that gave rise to virtually every problem America faces.  Apparently, Big Business and Big Bad Brother do not appreciate the boycott idea, initiatives to decriminalize mental illness, exposing The Cochran Firm fraud, or my family's questions about WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL.  (Links to articles with more information about these four motivations for gangstalking and cybercrime follow the last paragraph below.)  Our latest in-person stalking event happened Sunday, June 12, 2011, hours before I was scheduled to speak on the Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Show (computer censorship happens daily).  I'm on Rev. Pinkney Show most Sundays at 5pm EST. Access recorded shows  (listener call-in no. for live shows (347) 994-3644). 


A man parked his car at the curb across from our home Sunday morning and left a business card for a security company.  He went to NO other houses on our street. The business card indicated the salesperson's name is Andre (handwritten, no last name given); phone number 678.365.8158.  The company listed is Lock Tite Security Services, an authorized ADT dealer.  We watched Andre come to our house only.  I called and asked him why he left a security card in our door.  Andre claimed he lives in the neighborhood and was leaving cards with neighbors.  I told him we watched him come to our house ONLY. Andre then said he was out of cards except for one and decided to leave it at our house.  I asked him what prompted that decision.  He claimed that he wanted to leave his card with a house without any security sign out front.  That has to be a lie.  Our house is probably the 25th home from the left or the right of our circular street.  Ours is the center house.  There are many homes in both directions that have no security sign in the yard, which he had to pass before reaching our house.  I told Andre I was gangstalked, and it seemed suspicious that he would come to my street where there are at least 50 houses and leave a security company card only in our door and drive away.  He tried to get me to talk about my being a gangstalking victim, but I figured he already knew more about that than I do.  I told him I was due on the radio that afternoon and needed to prepare, but he could Google COCHRAN FIRM COINTELPRO FRAUD to learn all about our troubles.  Andre called back repeatedly before and after the radio broadcast and even asked me to meet him outside.  I declined.  I have called DeKalb County Police to report the incident several times.  I was promised an officer would call back to take the police report over the phone.  I must have missed the call back each time, but I will file the report in person or continue to call until this and the three other stalking incidents below are on record.  We already made a police report about computer stalker Michael Moon. 

Moon intercepted a phone call I placed in February 2010 for computer repair when CoIntelPro took over my laptop and put it on their Intranet to control when I could go online and to which sites I could browse.  Moon presented himself at my home pretending to be from the computer repair company I called.  I did not know otherwise until he had loaded my PC with even more Trojans, demanded an $80 check made payable to AHS (not Moon's name or his company's name, but the initials match Attorney Hesikiah Sistrunk of The Cochran Firm).  At that point, Moon presented his business card, and it did not match the company I called for repair.  Only after he left did I see the man had corrupted my PC thoroughly.  It even had an icon that said, "To go online, call this phone number." No one has to call a computer tech whenever they want to go online.  It was the most blatant computer takeover I experienced.  After I reported the crime online and to the police, Moon's phone number was disconnected and I discovered the business on his card went out of business four years before my service call. More about that horrible fraud and computer sabotage is in these article:  HOME INVASION  and a sequel to that article  THE HEATHENS RAGE 

DeKalb County Police Department said law enforcement could do nothing about Moon 1) gaining entry to my home on false pretenses and using false credentials; 2) extorting my 88-year-old mother and me of $80;  3) intercepting my phone call to the legitimate computer repair company I thought I was calling (stalkers can redirect cell phone calls as easily as they can redirect computer links), or 4) sabotaging my laptop, which cost us another $100 to fix (which only lasted until Moon or whoever else CoIntelPro uses sabotaged it again).  Police said they could do nothing about any of those crimes because Moon did not break into our home; I opened the door for him.  After police ignored my 911 call when I was followed by a USDOT truck leading four other cars in September 2008, I did not expect them to do anything about our home invasion.  (See "Mary Neal Finally Heard from 911 Police Call.)  I report these stalking incidents to authorities to make a paper trail.  I do not want people to be able to say I imagine the terrorism or online censorship.  That is why we have hundreds of videos showing real-time censorship and cyberterror and I get photos, witness affidavits, and make police reports regarding in-person incidents.  We even have photographs of the stalkers' penises.  Cyberdogs sent the vile photos to my elderly mother's phone one night after I accused them of terrorizing my mom and me to compensate for small penises.  They immediately sent photos showing black, engorged penises to prove me wrong.


The terrorism incident happened in April.  I left my home to catch the bus to the day care center where I volunteer and had to walk past new neighbors from Alabama (where the Cochran Firm's home office is).  It was early afternoon on a beautiful spring day.  Everything was quiet on our street except for birds chirping.  When I drew even with the Alabama neighbors' home (address 5362), their two pre-schoolers in the fenced yard started a chant:  "SHOOT! SHOOT! SHOOT IN THE HEAD!"  I could not believe it as the babies repeated this litany numerous times.  The little boy and girl who appeared to be ages 2 and 4 were marching in place and looking right at me as I passed their driveway.  Their little index fingers were pointed at their temples like pistols.  Immediately when I was out of the children's line of vision, they quit chanting. I was so disturbed about this incident that I did not even think to videotape the children.  I usually carry a digital camera to photograph stalkers and record cybercensorship I frequently encounter using library PCs when stalkers render my own computers useless. (Patrons login using their library card number, and I suppose that is how stalkers know which computer to attack.)  My brother Edward served in Viet Nam.  I had heard about amoral people using children as weapons but never thought I would encounter it. 

That was the second most terrifying stalking event I have experienced since my family and I became gangstalking victims after serving our federal lawsuit to The Cochran Firm.  Many circumstances I have been in seemed more dangerous than children marching and singing threats, but the only event more horrifying was when the USDOT truck and four other cars followed my grandson and me for six miles and waylaid us at the Chevron station while we waited for 911 emergency help that never came.  Two events after that made the stalking incident even more frightening:  Duanne Johnson, a transgender woman who also planned to sue Memphis Shelby County Jail, was fatally shot execution style as she walked home a few weeks later.  Secondly, former Attorney General Gonzales and other high-ranking officials were indicted in Willacy County, Texas in November 2008 for allegedly withholding investigations of inmate abuse in county jails in return for money or because they invest in private jails and prisons.

I already reported to my reading public about the homes that were foreclosed on my street being occupied by new neighbors with an inordinate interest in our home - people who moved in homes that were at that time valued at over $100,000 and drove late modeled vehicles (including luxury cars) but did not seem to work anywhere or claimed to work from home. See CITIZENS POLICE: MY NEW NEIGHBORS AND YOURS  - I checked with DeKalb County Tax Assessors Office and confirmed that the houses were owned by the government or banks. DeKalb County personnel told me it seemed strange that the homes did not go up for sale after foreclosure. It makes perfect sense to me that people were assigned to watch my family because I expose The Cochran Firm fraud. I believe The Cochran Firm is the largest CoIntelPro operation in history with 30 law offices coast to coast that disclaim being Cochran Firm offices when defrauded clients sue them for malpractice and fraud. The fact that The Cochran Firm disclaims the existence of its law offices is news that mainstream media refuses to report and judges uphold that falsehood in court orders.

It must streamline government surveillance on black and brown people to use a trusted law firm, because people voluntarily tell their lawyers anything about themselves and perhaps relatives and associates, believing the information is held confidential. Clients do not know they are talking to attorneys whose real job is to reduce or eliminate damages from client's lawsuits for government entities or certain corporations like Cochran Firm attorneys did regarding my brother's murder under secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003, the Kathryn Johnston murder by police officers in 2006, and the Corey Ward murder by police case, and probably the Billey Joe Johnson wrongful death investigation in Mississippi.

I met a man at the Malcolm X birthday picnic in May who thought I had been on The Alley Pat Show in on Atlanta Public TV when I told him about being a Cochran Firm Fraud victim. He said another woman who was defrauded by The Cochran Firm had appeared on that show.  She reported that she tried to sue the firm but was also told the law firm is nonexistent in the State of Georgia, despite its public advertising and presenting itself thusly to clients, signing for and sending mail under that identity, etc.  I wanted to check the show's records and connect with the Cochran Firm fraud victim, but that show is no longer broadcasting.  Since the government does not want public TV, it is underfunded. Only elitist mainstream media owners can be trusted to hold government officials' secrets; therefore, public broadcasting is under attack.


On Saturday, January 15, a young man actually confessed that he was hired to stalk me. He was driving a red V6 Cavalier - DeKalb County license tag BKP8027. The man looked so much like Micheal Moon that I asked if they were related. The stalker indicated that he was indeed related to Michael Moon, the computer technician who invaded my home in February 2010, destroyed my computers, and extorted $80 from my aged mother and me.  I asked the young man why he stalked me to the library.  He said, "Because it pays well."


DeKalb County Police may not have jurisdiction over what happens in Atlanta, which is in Fulton County.  However, I will also report that two Atlanta police officers threatened me with tasering and arrest for telling people about Larry's secret arrest and murder by Memphis Police and about an apparent Cochran Firm Fraud against 92-year-old Atlanta police victim, Kathryn Johnston.  I do not know who has jurisdiction over police officers when they intimidate citizens to hide government crimes or if any jurisdiction would be exercised to bring justice since the United States Department of Justice is uninterested in justice for the Neal family.  It seems that when the government wants to hide abuses against "slave class" citizens (people in the working class or on fixed incomes), law enforcement, mainstream media, and judges help with the cover-ups.  There is too little respect for justice in America.  Now and then, the justice system or individual officials do something that makes me cheer.  But that does not happen often.  Welcome to Revelation.


It is horrible the things these people do to sabotage work to decriminalize mental illness and improve justice for the disenfranchised in America.  Black people are especially targeted for retribution by the injustice system if we take a stand against wrongdoing. I did not know that fact or anything at all about CoIntelPro until an online acquaintance told me my reports seem to indicate I am a CoIntelPro target.  Although The Cochran Firm is a billionaire celebrity law firm that can easily pay Michael Moon and his relatives to follow me, the computer interference I experience seems to require dominance over the entire Internet or moles within major Internet service companies and agreement with online networks to ignore my help requests and disconnect certain features stalkers don't want me to have, such as video uploading capabilities, a "reply all" for my emails at Care2, and "follow me at Twitter" buttons for my blogs, etc.  I feel sorry for all Americans when elitist overlords institute some of the Internet controls being contemplated by Congress.  They will be able to secretly arrest and KILL YOUR LOVED ONES like Larry Neal without fear of families reporting the abuses of power online.  Judges will be able to declare law firms and other corporations "nonexistent to be sued" when citizens are hurt or have their rights are trampled, like Judge Wendy Shoob declared The Cochran Firm nonexistent in 2006 to help the CoIntelPro law firm avoid a jury trial when we sued the firm for its fraud and deliberate malpractice.

Although I miss the work and the salary I earned as a legal secretary for large corporate law firms, I would never accept bribes for betraying people's trust the way some of America's judges and lawyers do - the way some Department of Justice officials were indicted for doing.  Justice officials, lawyers, and judges earn a good salary, so why do they sin against God and their fellow man for money?  Honesty is the best policy.  I was laid off in 2008, and CoIntelPro prevents my interfacing with potential employers via phone or email.  My employer had offered me a transfer to a safe position before downsizing, but I declined because I was so shaken over being followed home every night by from one to three vehicles.  I did not expect to need to work any more after the federal lawsuit, frankly.  The Cochran Firm had absolutely no defense for signing contract with my family under an undisclosed conflict of interest, writing us lying letters about legal work that was not actually being done while the statute of limitations passed, committing perjury in court and presenting fraudulent, redacted records that I proved were frauds by presenting the originals, committing a fraud on two courts by falsely claiming to have no law firms connected with The Cochran Firm in Georgia or in Memphis, and conspiring with a murderous jail to hide an inmate death.  Judge Shoob had already lied for The Cochran Firm and issued an order (five months after the deadline to grant the firm's motion to dismiss), ruling falsely that there was no Cochran Firm office in Georgia, but we expected better from federal court and did not get it.  Judge Batten ruled that everything The Cochran Firm did to the Neal family was "immaterial."  Apparently the secret arrest and murder of a handicapped black man like Larry is insufficient reason to sue Pharisees and the law firm that is likely a government operative.  Everyone needs to do whatever we can to help Troy Davis, a death row inmate who has been denied a new trial by jury on new evidence of innocence.  Justice for black people, including trial by jury, was actually ruled immaterial in Georgia courts.

Being gangstalked is horrifying, especially at first.  Such terrorism to silence families about police murders seems to take the place of crosses burning in the victims' yards.  That used to be the way black people were kept "in our places."  One night when I drove home from work, I could not lose the followers until I removed the battery from my cell phone that had a strange light blinking rapidly that I had never seen before.  When I lost my tail and made it home safely, I immediately emailed all 2,000 people on my Yahoo mailing list, including the groups.  Cochran Firm attorney Angela Mason was on my mailing list because she was the defendant's attorney when we were suing The Cochran Firm for fraud.  Mason immediately filed a pleading with Judge Timothy Batten in United States District Court complaining that I accused The Cochran Firm attorneys of having a Caucasian man in a WHITE vehicle following me.  I did not accuse anyone in particular and never told anyone the color of the vehicle. Therefore, Mason should not have known the color of the vehicle that followed me home most nights.  After that slip, Mason had herself removed from the case.  I pointed out to Judge Batten that my civil rights were being violated through in-person and computer stalking.  I should not be harassed for filing a lawsuit against our lawyers who worked behind our backs to help Shelby County Jail hide Larry's murder, enabling the jail to falsify records to the United States Department of Justice reporting there had been no inmate fatalities during the month Larry died under secret arrest (a fraud on the government which federal officials knowingly permitted).  Batten did not respond except to allow Mason to remove herself from the case.

Other stalking events include the FBI interviewing my middle aged niece immediately after she facilitated service of our lawsuit on David McLaughlin, the Cochran Firm attorney (a so-called super lawyer) who was directly responsible for Larry's wrongful death and negligence cases he neither investigated nor filed in court, despite initial promises and lying updates.  The agents actually questioned my niece about nude dancing, knowing full well she never did any such thing.  My sister, niece, nephews, and daughter have been with me from time to time when we were followed by up to five vehicles.  Some relatives have been followed when they were alone, also.  But most of the stalking centers on me because I expose the crimes and protest inhumane incarceration on the Internet.  How officials can still hope to keep The Cochran Firm CoIntelPro fraud secret is beyond me.  Despite all the censorship I endure, my NowPublic articles have gotten over one-half million readers.  Our WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL website got up to 7,000 hits monthly the last time I checked.  The online advocacy group I founded to help decriminalize mental illness, called ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL, has around 300 members.  Most of the articles I published at NowPublic were cross-published at Care2 Network News (before CoIntelPro put a stop to it).  Numerous articles made front page and were emailed to Care2's millions of members worldwide.  My Twitter account, called @koffietime, has over 900 followers.  There would probably be twice that number if CoIntelPro did not covertly delete many if not most of my @koffietime followers who are black people, followers connected with the media or entertainment, or human/civil rights activists. 

For more information about advocacy to decriminalize mental illness, individual examples of inhumane treatment of free and incarcerated citizens and immigrants, and my persecution as a human/civil rights advocate, please see the articles listed in the index on the right side of this page.  Grab a few links and send them to your friends to help us overcome censorship.  Maybe when millions more know about my family being held under siege with our telephone and computer usage monitored and controlled (no matter how many times we change phone carriers or buy new computers), these people will STOP TREATEING US LIKE WAYWARD SLAVES who deserve punishment for asking that Larry Neal's death be investigated and prosecuted as though he, a black mental patient, was equal to Michael Vick's pit bulls - especially with all these black-looking people in positions of power.  I find it hard to believe America attacks other nations for abusing and killing their citizens, considering how my family is treated and the fact that mentally ill Americans are cruelly imprisoned rather than hospitalized or treated in their communities, depending on their conditions and offenses.  The things that happen in this case negate Democrat's right to accuse the GOP of being insensitive to the needs of handicapped and poor Americans.  Crimes against the Neals are current and ongoing but denied any real assistance by local and federal government officials so far, even with blacks in office.

I write a lot because 1) I am home more than I have been since I was a preschooler; 2) advocacy for victimized people, particularly sick prisoners, is a moral obligation for everyone and a duty for Christians according to Hebrews 13:3 and Matt. 25:40; and 3) people who murdered Larry, decided my mother does not deserve justice as much as a pit bull bitch, and defrauded us of righteous judgement for his murder and then lawyer fraud deserve to be EXPOSED so that others might be spared what we endure, especially being gangstalked if you tell. The best defense may be to go on the offensive, targeted individuals. I was so angry because the cyberstalkers destroyed yet another computer and control what I could put online on my cellphone that I "stalked" CNN and The Cochran Firm yesterday.

Cointelpro terrorism is done in secret. Gangstalking is designed to seem like harmless events and to make it appear that the targeted person is irrational when he/she complains. Document your episodes, and try to get witness statements. If you experience cybercensorship, videotape it. I uploaded 23 videos, most of which show real-time cyberstalking, at my YouTube channel: JKEMPP703. Keep a digital camera or a cellphone with video capability handy. Here is a link to six videos proving my censorship:  Present your film, photographs, and witness statements to authorities, who may have been instructed to ignore hard evidence. I presented videos with irrefutable evidence of cybercensorship and online terrorism to federal and local officials and heard not a peep back from any of them. Maybe they gave my cyberstalkers a raise! Most officials do not care because it does not affect them and they have no regard for justice.  Exposure is needed to inform more Americans that secret arrests and murders are happening and that CoIntelPro is back, if the program ever ended as it reportedly did after Johnnie Cochran and other attorneys exposed the racist FBI program in their successful efforts to win prison release for Geronimo ji Jaga (Pratt).

Secondly, STALK THEM BACK. Picket your stalkers or the agencies and officials who should help and do not. That is what I decided to do.  I enjoy it and plan to include large hotels and other venues. More in-person picketing is necessary because cyberdogs attack my PC constantly.  Incidentally, Negro Confederate soldiers were hired to stalk me.  There is no party or racial loyalty regarding justice issues.  People must unite, because the elite already did.

Regarding the Cochran Firm fraud, be aware that Johnnie Cochran died six years ago, shortly after partnering with some unethical, racist people.  Attorneys who worked with Cochran in his Los Angeles office were immediately fired or forced out of the firm after his death.  These are NOT the same people who helped Johnnie Cochran win his reputation as a first class civil rights attorney.  That is explained in my article entitled  JOHNNIE COCHRAN'S COINTELPRO MURDER THEORY - at this link:
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