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MaryLovesJustice Demonstrations Begin May 25, 2010

Mary Neal pickets Georgia Superior Court on May 25, 2010, regarding Cochran Firm fraud
The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm disclaimed it had a Georgia office and Judge Shoob ruled the Neal's lawsuit was therefore wrongly served in the lawsuit regarding The Cochran Firm defrauding the Neal family after Larry's wrongful death. Picketing for injustice to hide the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal will continue throughout spring and summer 2010 at courthouses and media in Atlanta and at USDOJ headquarters in Washington.  (The media censors The Cochran Firm fraud: perjury in court or false advertising.  The DOJ participates in Larry Neal's murder cover-up). See - See my cyberterror and online censorship videos at YouTube

Beginning Tuesday, May 25, 2010, I plan to STAND FOR JUSTICE in front of Fulton County Georgia Superior Court from 2:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m.  I plan to continue to do that on a weekly basis each Monday throughout spring and summer 2010, except the week (to be announced) when I plan to go to Washington, D.C. to STAND FOR JUSTICE in all day every day in front of the unrighteous United States Department of Justice.  This week I am one day late and will begin on Tuesday.  Peaceful persons who demand change in the unjust justice system and wish to stand with me are welcome to join me.  Approximately 1 in 30 Americans are currently imprisoned or face the threat of incarceration as probationers and parolees.  Over 2/3 of them are imprisoned for non-violent offenses.  Approximately 1 in 9 African American males between the ages of 18 and 34 are prisoners.  I especially invite family members of the 1.25 million mentally ill inmates who are wrongly imprisoned in America rather than treated in their communities or in mental hospitals, depending on their mental states and offenses.  I protest slavery being moved from America's plantations to its prison system.  I protest prison profiteering, unrighteous judges, nation-wide cointelpro law firms (The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm), the death pentalty, excessive sentencing, wrongful convictions, trying and sentencing children as adults, prisoner torture and murders, police brutality, denial of justice to poor and minority families, and other human rights offenses regularly practiced in, through, and by the United States "justice" system. My sign says "WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL" on the front and "COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD" on the back.  Anyone who is interested or who becomes interested in joining me over the spring and summer should bring nonviolent descriptive signs without profanity that convey they are fed up enough to stand up. 

I protest being stalked online and in person and having six computer systems destroyed because illegal, mercenary canines in government and others wish to hide my handicapped brother's murder by police and The Cochran Firm Fraud. I protest being censored in a country where my male relatives fight and have fought for freedom of speech and freedom of press and other democratic ideals. I will not watch mutely while Liberty goes quietly into her goodnight.


Rights you declare are over now
Beginning with sick folks
We arrest and kill who we want
The Bill of Rights' a joke

When it comes to certain Americans
The Constitution's dead
Especially for the black and poor
Get that fact through your head

Damn the Freedom of Information Act
An act is all it is
We answer only what we choose
Which is zero for Larry Neal

We have a terrific asset
In the Johnnie Cochran Firm
Cointelpro lawyers from coast to coast
Many secrets they do learn

Lawyers can hold down settlements
And eliminate a few
When policemen kill minorities
That is what they do

In Nazi Germany, the mentally ill
Were the first to go
It still seems a good starting place
Any reason to change it?  No.

We've started with the least
And will work up the social chain
We hesitate during election time
Then resume again

When the camps are ready
Everyone will know our plan
Until they're built and fully staffed
Can't let you tip our hand

So we remove your emails
And prevent you loading your films
Americans who learn what we did to Larry
Preview our plans for them

We take over your computers
And control your telephones
To limit the number of people you tell
Their civil rights are gone.

Civil rights are gone.


References -
Mary Neal's website -

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill - re H.R.619 to resume Medicaid for mental hospital insurance (as opposed to imprisoning people for being sick) re H.R.645 National Emergency Centers Establishment Act (FEMA centers, a/k/a concentration camps in America)

Swine Flu Martial Law Bill - Massachusetts  - "Take the swine flu shot or go to a FEMA center" and
People have become properties of the government to arrest or murder at will - poor and minorities first.

USA Patriot Act

Human Rights Watch - Number of Mentally Ill People in Prisons Has Quadrupled (2006 report)

War on Drugs links:  Statistics, links to government and academic studies, and other data regarding the War on Drugs are available in the website at the link below: (hard facts, real stories, informed experts)

Fair Sentencing Act

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Death Row USA - NAACP Legal Defense Fund

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The Huffington Post - 2/28/2008  Record-High Ratio of Americans in Prison

Unneeded Prison in Nevada Eludes Budget Ax
(The empty Nevada prison might be intended as a FEMA center to hold people like me who refuse to accept H1N1 vaccines that are pronounced "safe," yet the government, drug manufacturers, and administering medical personnel have all been excluded from liability for deaths and injuries the drug could cause)

PEW Charitable Trusts

Prison Nation - NY Times Report-

Record High Number of Americans in Prison - Huffington Post -

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True Voice Magazine Features Larry Neal's Lynching

Good news! The spring 2010 quarterly edition of True Voice Magazine features The Wrongful Death of Larry Neal.  My family and friends are grateful for True Voice's interest in justice for Larry Neal and his family and the other news the magazine publishes. True Voice is one of the few venues that has shown a willingness to tell about my mentally and physically ill brother's lynching.  Larry's police murder is sanctioned by the United States Government.  He was killed under secret arrest in 2003 like Guantanamo detainees, although Larry was an American citizen.  I recently wrote to the Complaints Board about the USDOJ, which illegally withholds any records or investigation about Larry's secret arrest and murder in Memphis Shelby County Jail.  The USDOJ's refusal to answer our Freedom of Information Act request and investigate Larry's death means he and my family are considered less important than Michael Vick's dogs. It also means that YOUR Constitutional "right to life" can easily be nullified without explanation like Larry's was.  See the complaint at this link:  - I know the Complaints Board can do nothing about our illegal NWO Department of Justice, but I try to make people aware about America's refusal to enforce human and civil rights for citizens - particularly if they are minorities or handicapped persons.

Please support H.R.619, the congressional bill that proposes to resume Medicaid for mental hospitalization. See info about the bill at this link, and vote if you agree that mentally ill people deserve hospital insurance like the rest of the nation:  As you may know, when Medicaid was withdrawn in the 1970's, hundreds of thousands of people like Larry with acute mental illness were released from mental hospitals. Many of those released patients and mentally challenged people whose illness manifested itself in the ensuing decades were arrested, and America has1.25 million mentally ill inmates today. The Bible says the love of money is the root of all evil.  Mentally challenged Americans are imprisoned because it is profitable to prison investors.  Imprisoning 2.3 million Americans costs taxpayers $50 billion annually, and billions more are earned through prisoner work projects.

Our family tried to get Larry recommitted to a mental hospital many times, but he was not deemed to be a danger to himself or others; therefore, he was denied hospitalization. Sometimes, acute mental patients are in danger from others although they pose no danger themselves. Unfortunately, police officers and jail guards who are supposed to ensure public safety pose the greatest danger to acute mental patients. That was the case with Larry Neal as well as Tim Souders, a young man whose restraint table death in a Michigan correctional facility was the subject of a 60-Minutes documentary film, which you can access at this link:  - Compare the open disclosure regarding Tim Souders' murder to how Larry Neal's family is treated, which is particularly disappointing with so many African Americans in positions of power: Black Relatives Killed by Police? So? Just Eat Yo Chicken and Shut Up

In any case, both Tim and Larry are dead because mentally ill Americans are considered disposable.  When mental patients are killed behind bars, authorities have a greater opportunity to cover up their deaths than when citizens are killed on the street. I do not know if Tim's mother was treated fairly in court and his death was revealed in mainstream media because he was white and Larry was black, but perhaps racial prejudice is the cause. Tim's mother won a $3.5 million settlement whereas Larry's family was tricked by our lawyers - The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm - who worked behind our backs for the jail.  The Cochran Firm merely pretended to act as our wrongful death attorneys but withheld any work on the case for nearly a year while the Tennessee statute of limitations passed to file suit for Larry's murder. The Neal family has been denied legal recourse for The Cochran Firm's fraud so far.  I believe the law firm was working for the Department of Justice and Shelby County Jail when my family was defrauded to help cover up Larry's murder.  Therefore, the Cointelpro lawyers are protected against our lawsuits in kangaroo court proceedings.

I thank God for True Voice, a magazine that agrees that Larry's race should not exempt his death from being revealed and treated like other wrongful deaths are. Certainly, families should not be persecuted and intimidated for asking for records and accountability after their loved ones are murdered, as happens to the Neal family. Neither should they be defrauded by their attorneys and made to believe a wrongful death lawsuit is going forward when it is not, as The Cochran Firm did to us.  I disagree with all the Cointelpro cyberstalking that happens to my online efforts to publish information about my brother's tragedy and to help other people who suffer in this NWO justice system.  See examples at my YouTube channel:

After Larry's death and cover-up, I founded an online advocacy group to help other acute mental patients and their families avoid tragedies, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI), a/k/a The Dorothea Dix Group. Visit us online at - We seek to heighthen awareness about the plight of millions of mentally ill Americans and their families, reduce the stigma attached to that common, treatable health condition, and petition elected officials to increase the availability of inpatient and outpatient treatment alternatives to avoid imprisoning mentally challenged people. Thanks in advance for supporting True Voice and ordering copies of the Spring 2010 edition, which carries The Wrongful Death of Larry Neal. Share with your friends, and order at this link:

True Voice Magazine's announcement is below:

True Voice Magazine, a quarterly print magazine, covering Human and Civil Rights issues that affect every citizen of the United State, TODAY!

True Voice will not shy away from unpopular subjects, we will expose the facts!

For all those who want to order True Voice Magazine in bulk and save over the single copy pricing, a page has now been created on the True Voice website where the public can take advantage of huge discounts.

These magazine are a great way to raise funds for state and local organizers.

You can offer these at events for a $10.00 donation and you get to keep the overage!

Or buy 50 at a time and sell them at the $6.99 cover price and you make $2.00 each!

At the same time you will be educating the public in a new, not in your face approach.

By ordering 5 copies at a time there is a 15% discount

For 10 copies at a time there is a 22% discount

For 25 copies at a time there is a 30% discount

For 50 copies at a time there is a 40% discount

All bulk orders receive FREE SHIPPING within the continental U.S.

Articles in the Spring 2010 issue of True Voice

Constitutional Questions

Nation of Hate

Ex post facto law

Equal Justice

Prison Nation

The Elderly Behind Bars

Free Speech Zones

America the Land of the Free?

Religious Freedom in America

Dietary Supplement

National DUI Registry

Gun Control

Steven Seagul, Sex Offender?

Letter to the editor

Polygraphs for Offenders


Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

BANISHED FOR LIFE the Ana Santiago story

Youthful Mistake or Monster?

David Durr - Working Knife or show kinfe

Features of T.V.M.

Ask Piper

Nut-Sack Warrior

And much more



Mary Neal

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SCLC and Blasphemy

God does not appreciate His name being taken in vain.  That may be why The Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) continues to have bad luck. The entrances to the civil rights organization Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. founded were padlocked today.  I agree with former Ambassador Andrew Young, who said the SCLC should consider closing down.  Young and I likely have different reasons for that conclusion.  My reason is that like Jesus Christ, I have no use for hypocrites.  It is no surprise if civil rights organizations suffer for ignoring my handicapped brother's 2003 lynching and The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm fraud that followed.  The Bible says, "Woe unto hypocrites."  Six months after The Cochran Firm had Georgia Superior Court declare its Atlanta office nonexistent (perjury), African American "leaders" led Kathryn Johnston's survivors into The Cochran Firm's clutches. 

I was horrified to learn that victims of another police murder depended on the same duplicitous law firm that my family did after the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal.  I went to NAACP town hall meetings that were held to diffuse tensions in the community after 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston was gunned down in November 2006 by former Atlanta police officers in a home invasion disguised as a drug bust.  I wanted to make sure African American "leaders" were informed about the law firm they had gotten to represent the fallen elder's survivors.  So-called leaders ignored my family's delimma and the denial of justice that was facilitated by a law firm operating (badly) under a name that minority citizens mistakingly trust with privileged information.  I believed at first it was because the elite stick together.  After all, numerous prominent African Americans are affiliated with The Cochran Firm, even if whites did more or less buy it from Johnnie before his death.  Ms. Johnston's family, like my own, are regular working class people who do not rate highly with elite African Americans.  But comradship may not be the entire reason why Larry's murder and The Cochran Firm's fraud are ignored.  I learned later that the SCLC was awarded a contract worth an undisclosed amount of money to give Atlanta police officers sensitivity training following Kathryn Johnston's murder.  Perhaps such contracts answer why "leaders" verbalized no objection to Memphis Police secretly arresting and murdering Larry Neal and led Ms. Johnston's survivors into contract with The Cochran Firm after being informed about the law firm's trechery. 

The SCLC should consider removing "Christian" from its name.  Maybe if it does, the organization can escape God's attention and His wraft.  See the report below.

May 18, 2010 - ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- The headquarters of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference civil rights group had its doors welded shut and padlocked in an act the group's leaders say is related to a power struggle within the organization.The doors were discovered shut Monday night."I am troubled by this conduct, it is the act of reckless individuals," SCLC Chairwoman Sylvia Tucker said in a statement Tuesday.The SCLC leadership blamed an aspirant to the organization's presidency for the act of vandalism.The man named by the group was not immediately available for comment.The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the co-founders of the SCLC, which was formed in 1957 to coordinate protest activities across the Southeast, the group's website says.

The Neal family learned too late Attorney Shawn Chapman Holley warnings about what the firm became after Johnnie Cochran's death.  Listen to Holley's NPR interview wherein the former colleague of the late, famed lawyer sued the law firm he made famous, claiming racial and gender discrimination, fraud and breach of contract at this link -    
In May 2006, The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office had Georgia Superior Court declare the law office nonexistent to dodge the Neals' lawsuit while the law office remained open for business every day and continued prolific advertising. Based on that obvious perjury, the court dismissed my family’s lawsuit regarding The Cochran Firm fraud. Six months after Georgia Superior Court dismissed the Neal family’s lawsuit against The Cochran Firm by affirming The Cochran Firm’s perjury (no office in Georgia), former Atlanta police officers staged a home invasion and murdered a 92-year-old woman, Kathryn Johnston. Authorities tried unsuccessfully to excuse the home invasion under a no-knock warrant by falsely alleging that drugs were sold from Ms. Johnston’s house. However, the informant who was expected to collaborate the police version of Ms. Johnston’s murder went to the media and FBI instead, and the intended cover-up fell apart. People all over the world were shocked and outraged about the elder’s murder.

When my family learned that African American community leaders had arranged for The Cochran Firm to represent Ms. Johnston’s family in a civil action regarding her murder, we were alarmed. We knew from experience that The Cochran Firm works FOR police departments to reduce or eliminate settlements to minorities after such deaths. I went to the NAACP town hall meeting to Ms. Johnston’s family. My coworkers and I had made flyers about The Cochran Firm’s fraud against the Neal family and Georgia Superior Court’s ruling that no Cochran Firm exists in Georgia. We did not want the police, Georgia Superior Court, and The Cochran Firm to combine their efforts to deny justice to Ms. Johnston’s survivors as they had done regarding my brother’s secret arrest and murder. I passed out flyers to African American dignitaries at the front table about Larry’s murder and The Cochran Firm’s fraud. However, I doubt if Ms. Johnston’s family ever received our warnings about the lawyers “leaders” had chosen for them. The following morning when I went outside to drive to work, I discovered all my car doors were open and my hood and trunk were up. No “leaders” responded to my family about Larry’s murder-by-police or The Cochran Firm defrauding our family to protect Shelby County Jail, and Ms. Johnston’s family was left to depend on those duplicitous lawyers. The morning after I distributed flyers at the NAACP town hall meeting regarding Ms. Johnston’s murder, I awoke to find all my car doors open and the trunk and hood up, but nothing was stolen. That was likely done to warn my family to stop telling people about The Cochran Firm fraud. If so, that was the first of many warnings that grew increasingly frightening over the years, especially since neither the police nor the Department of Justice will intervene on our behalf. No matter how the Neal family is stalked online or in person for seeking justice for Larry Neal, we face the terrorism without police intervention on our behalf.

NPR reported a year after Kathryn Johnston's murder that The Cochran Firm filed suit on behalf of Ms. Dozier, who was Kathryn Johnston’s niece, but the news report did not say what court was used. The Cochran Firm reportedly filed suit for “negligence” and not wrongful death in Ms. Johnston’s murder. That indicated to me that the law firm was indeed working with police to hold down settlement for Ms. Johnston’s relatives. I checked for Dozier’s lawsuit at Georgia Superior Court and found no match. It would not surprise me if no lawsuit was actually filed.  In fact, it would surprise me if any lawsuit was filed at all.  That is one way The Cochran Firm helps the "justice system."  If the lawyers are caught in their fraud and sued, the "justice system" helps them back by declaring the law firm nonexistent.  See:  AFTER KATHRYN JOHNSTON'S MURDER -

Mary Neal

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Justice Denied, a 21st Century Slave Song by Mary Neal

(34 stanzas, 4 lines ea)

One day Larry went missing

We looked for him high and low

For 18 days while he died in jail

“Have you got him?” The Jail said “NO!”

On August 1, police came

A dreaded knock on the door

“We have Larry’s body. He died in jail

Sorry. We won’t tell you more.”

“Well, tell it to our lawyers!

The Johnnie Cochran Firm!

Lynching is illegal!

You might get prison terms!”

“Over that sick coon? We doubt it!

But give it your best shot

We told him to stop singing loud; move on

But he would not!”

Mama cried silently as she signed her name

On the Cochran Firm’s contract

“Don’t let them kill other sick sons

Nothing can bring mine back.”

Lawyers gave us their assurance

And lots of tissues, too

Saying, “Dry your eyes, old Mama!

We’ll get justice for you.”

But The Cochran Firm tricked us

Their promises were only lies

They held Larry’s case inactive

And never asked how he died

The letters David McLaughlin sent

Were false, every one!

The Cochran Firm worked for the jail

Nothing was being done

Too late to hire other attorneys

When we discovered the fraud

Larry’s case file was empty

How could they do this? Oh, Lord!

“We’ll sue you for defrauding us

You can’t treat clients like this

Larry Neal was a person

The life he had was his!

We’ll tell the Bar about your fraud

The jury will make you pay

You deserve to lose your license

New clients won’t come your way!”

“Over that sick coon? We doubt it

But give it your best shot!

Police told him, ‘Stop singing loud; move on!’

But he would not!”

Tennessee Bar said, “No biggie”

Georgia Bar ignored our complaint

Judge Shoob said, “What Cochran Firm?

There is none in this state”

“But judge, look out your window

The Cochran Firm’s right there!

On TV every few minutes

Your Honor, please be fair!”

“Get out of this courtroom!

Johnnie Cochran’s dead

We’ve got his firm and got his name

Now don’t you make us mad!”

“We’ll take you back to court again

You have a poor defense!

Your office is just blocks away

You can’t say you don’t exist!”

“We said it; judge signed it

Now get out of our face

Plead for justice all you want

You are the wrong damn race!”

“Look Media - A court order!

No Cochran Firm in Georgia!

Please tell the people to watch out

I’ll send some copies to ya!”

“Don’t bother; not interested.

Their clients are mostly blacks

Who cares if lawyers trick those folks?

It’s time you learn the facts!”

“But Larry was a human being!

He had a right to live!

The Cochran Firm worked for the jail

His death’s a secret still

We’ll write letters to Congress

And report you on the Web!

Jails and lawyers are not allowed

To conspire to hide the dead!

Georgia courts can’t protect you!

Nor the media or BBB!

We’ll tell the public what you did

And civil rights groups – you’ll see!

We’ll sue in federal court for your fraud

The jury will make you pay!

You deserve to lose your license

New clients won’t come your way!”

“Over that sick coon? We doubt it

But give it your best shot!

Police told him, ‘Stop singing loud;

move on!’ But he would not!”

“Judge look at this fraud; listen to lies

They told right in this court!

They helped the jail hide Larry’s death

While under contract to us!”

“We disclaim our Georgia office

Our Memphis office, too

Dismiss this case right now, Judge Batten

We all depend on you.

Wherever Larry’s family sues us

We claim we don’t exist

Can’t let this case ever go to jury

Sick black folks won’t be missed

Judge, don’t honor their subpoena

To Shelby County Jail

Can’t let this family ever know

What happened to Larry Neal!

This family is ridiculous

To think federal court would care

that lawyers lie to evade justice

It’s an immaterial affair!”

“The Cochran Firm is right!”

Judge Batten did agree

“Case dismissed! Immaterial!

Don’t come here bothering me!”

“But Judge, they tricked us!

Helped police hide Larry’s death

He had a right to live his life

Regardless of his health!

Thank God! Here comes CHANGE!

We’ll tell Mr. Holder

He’ll investigate Larry’s murder

This cover-up is over!

Mr. Holder, they killed him

Under secret arrest in jail

Thank God, you’re here now

And justice cannot fail!”

“Were you waiting for me? Don’t be absurd!

Johnnie Cochran is Dead

We’ve got his firm and got his name

Now don’t you make us mad!

You don’t want to make us mad!”

All rights reserved by Mary Neal

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

Such as you do unto ONE of the least of these, My brethren, you do it also unto me. ~Jesus Christ

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mama, by Mary Neal

(10 links, 1 video - Angela Neal sings "Because He Lives" to Hattie Neal, our mother)
MAMA, by Mary Neal (all rights protected)

She's just one of those women
Who took care of other people’s houses and children
Except during cotton-picking season, because the fields paid per pound
Increasing her daily take-home from $3 to $10

She’s someone who’d climb into the back of people’s cars
To go off and do her daily work
Love and care for other people's children and things
Leaving me wishing she could stay home with us

She’s just a lady
Who was often disrespected, even at home
When Daddy drank too much
But she never said a negative word

She’s a woman who gave birth to ten
Like they did way back in the day
Loving and caring for each one of us
Always making sure, somehow, that our needs were met

She’s one of those customers who
Bought encyclopedias on time from the door-to-door salesmen
And big Webster Dictionaries
And magazine subscriptions – to surround her kids with opportunities to learn

Meek, gentle, unassuming, trusting
but Oh, So Strong
Determined, unwavering, and absolute
In her self-sacrificing, all-consuming love for her kids

She watched proudly as each one grew up
Marched down their perspective graduation aisles and into life
Except one, who would never quite grow up - Larry, the mentally ill one
He would never accomplish, excel, or thrive; his only talents were to love and enjoy

So she loved him even harder and protected him even more fiercely
Prayed for him even more often and shed more tears for his pain
Until one day it was decided by people who feel equal to making such decisions
That Larry wasn’t worth all that

Now she’s an old lady, mother to 130, spanning five generations
Sits in a rocker, looking back over a life of sunshine and rain, toil and care
Filled with memories that make her smile - of other people’s children and her own fine brood
Quietly awaiting justice for her Larry

SEE THE VIDEO below featuring my niece singing "BECAUSE HE LIVES" to encourage my mother that justice will come - YouTube link: - "Justice" is another name for Jesus Christ.  All victims of injustice can rely on Him.(If the video is censored on your view and takes too long to load, see it at YouTube. If that is censored, call the USDOJ and complain with me about Americans being deprived of free speech while our young soldiers, including some of Larry's nephews, fight to spread democracy abroad.)

Happy is she that hath the God of Jacob for her help, whose hope is in the LORD her God. ~Psalms 146:5

For the LORD will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. ~Proverbs 22:23

March 5, 2011 - The "Because He Lives" video was added to this article, and I posted a comment below to give an update on the quest for justice for mentally ill Americans like Larry, who was deemed less worthy of justice than pit bulls.  I hope mothers of lawyers at The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm are very proud on Mother's Day.  They contributed people who are unethical enough to outsmart my elderly, grieving mother to help murderers escape accountability after secretly arresting and killing her son, Larry Neal, a 54-year-old mentally handicapped man.  My mother speaks about her son on this radio interview:

I also hope mothers of people in the United States Justice Department have a happy Mother's Day 2010.  They raised sons and daughters who use their positions to withhold federal investigations into jailhouse lynchings and other abuses (likely for kickbacks) while imprisoning and executing other people's family members.  Happy Mother's Day to all moms whose gifts will be paid for by prison profits.  Roughly 2.3 million people are imprisoned, and 1.25 million of those prisoners are mentally ill people who should be treated in hospitals or community care programs.  Instead, sick people are reserved untreated until they commit some crime, preferably a bad one, in order to boost prison profits.  Read about another mother's son victimized for prison profits --  - Lifelong schizophrenic, Jeremy Smith, faces life in prison for making a terrorist threat to a guard.  What did poor Jeremy threaten to do - have the moon man send light rays from out of space? 

Happy Mother's Day to moms whose offspring took part in framing a national health care plan that omits mental hospitalization to ensure a continuous stream of sick people into incarceration, including veterans with PTSD.  Congratulations to mothers and fathers whose Mother's Day celebrations will be joyous, thanks in part to the $50 billion annual prison costs caused by imprisoning more people than any nation in world history.  Americans discovered recently that if inmates are innocent, it does not matter to those intent on profiting off their imprisonment - even if inmates are wrongly executed.  DNA testing rights are denied.  Congratulations mothers who raised children that appropriate over $470 billion annually to the War on Drugs, while less than 2% of that goes to treatment programs.  They do not wish for sick people and addicts to recover. Some moms raised mercenary, unrighteous children in the media who deliberately omit reporting about congressional bill H.R.619, which proposes resuming Medicaid for mental hospital coverage.  The media wants to make sure it does not become a campaign issue the way millions of Americans are discriminated against and victimized for profit.  Enjoy dinner, prison investors, who include many elected officials and unrighteous judges. 

A special congratulations to African American mothers who contributed decision makers that joined the slave trade and became prison profiteers.  They know that 1 in 9 young black men is now incarcerated and that black women are 8 times more likely to be imprisoned than other racial groups.  Millions of Americans bemoan the family values your offspring have. I wrote about some of your children in this article:  ELITE INTEGRATION -

While you carve the roast, 60% of those in solitary confinement are mental patients, usually naked and sleeping on bare iron.   Here is a passage for prison profiteers this Mother's Day:

Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:

For I was an hungred, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink:

I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not.

Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee?

Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.

And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal. 
Matthew 25:41-46

Please VOTE at for H.R.619 to resume Medicaid insurance for mental hospital care.  Vote at at this link to say to our elected officials, "Mentally ill citizens need insurance, too."   - H.R.619, the bill that can help decriminalize mental illness was introduced by Rep. Eddie Johnson (D-TX) in January 2009 and has received no mainstream news coverage to date.  It is up to people who care about poor and middle-class sick people to inform others about the opportunity to help restore mentally challenged people to wholesome lives through treatment.


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Mary Neal

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Martin Luther King, Jr. Still Censored

(2 paragraphs, 4 links) After being prevented for TWO YEARS, I uploaded my video regarding censorship applied to Dr. Martin Luther King's final speech, "I've Been to the Mountaintop."  The censorship is done to delete certain phrases indicating the dangers that Dr. King and courageous supporters faced as they marched and advocated for change in America.  See the video at YouTube:  
Martin Luther King's Final Speech Censored to Change History
I am censored like Dr. King still is.  His censorship was done to hide how brutally racist America was during his lifetime.  Discrimination is as American as apple pie.  That was true in 1968 when Dr. King gave his final address in Memphis, Tennessee before being killed the next day, and it is just as true today.  Today's new class of people to victimize for profit are mentally ill citizens of every race.  They are cruelly punished with imprisonment for their mental dysfunctions because imprisoning 1.25 million sick people is profitable to prison owners and investors.  Mental hospitalization insurance does not exist under Medicaid any longer, and hospitalization for mental illness was not included in H.R.3200, the "national" health care bill that Congress recently passed.  Omitting health insurance for mental illness leaves only prison for sick people during a health crisis.  Please support H.R.619 for Medicaid to be resumed for mental hospitalization.  Like Dr. King and Mary Neal, H.R.619 is a censored congressional health bill.  It has received no media coverage since it was introduced by Rep. Eddie Johnson in January 2009.  Ask yourselves why.

To see more videos about censorship and terrorism to prevent human rights advocacy, including real-time cyberstalking and terrorism law enforcement ignores, please visit my YouTube channel jkempp703 at this link -

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

SIX Mary Neal Censorship Videos

FOURTEEN links, SEVEN paragraphs counting this description - SIX YouTube Videos Showing Cybercensorship and terrorism, one of which reveals that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is still being censored over four decades after his assassination.  They are numbered below.  (#1 at Twitter, #2 at AIMI, #3 at my home, #4 I was at DeKalb County Public Library and censored as I tried to upload news at Care2 News Network, and #5 at Care2 Groups, and #6 MLK's Final Speech Edited to Change History ); TWELVE links in all - Please share with your friends.  I am censored wherever I write on the Internet because prison profiteering is big business.  So is lawyer fraud, apparently.  Read all before opening links, or use your back arrow to return to the post.  You don't want to miss any of this cyberstalking and terrorism proof.

1.  Twitter Censorship – Tweets Registering 1 hr. back
At Twitter, my tweets were backtimed to appear with tweets that posted 1 hour before the time I actually posted them. That means that my tweets were not appearing with current tweets. No one goes through their tweets to see what the people they follow wrote an hour ago. Sometimes, my tweets post three hours back. That is to minimize my advocacy to decriminalize mental illness, eliminate the death penalty, and expose the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal and the Johnnie Cochran Firm Fraud. Those are my usual subjects at Twitter where I am KoffieTime –
My input was also back-timed at Care2 and NowPublic. Back-timing author's posts puts them among earlier postings and prevents them from going to front page on social networks and independent news sites. They do not appear among the "newly submitted" lists, and unless someone is following the author directly, no one knows that author posted anything. Censored work is also categorized wrong. For instance, a piece that should go under "health" or "politics" may be posted under "strange," to prevent notification to people who have an interest in serious subject matter.

2.  H.R.619 Advocacy Censored at AIMI
At Care2, Mary Neal's video captured censorship regarding H.R.619 - the congressional bill introduced by Rep. Eddie Johnson in Jan. 2009 to resume Medicaid for mentally ill Americans to have hospital insurance. Medicaid was removed as a funding source for mental hospitalization decades ago, and it led to 1.25 million sick people being incarcerated today. H.R.619 had zero mainstream news coverage despite its relevance to millions, and Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill members were censored when we posted info about the bill online. Mentally ill people are intended to continue being commodities for prisons and jails to enrich prison investors. I am usually censored no matter what human rights issue I write about at Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) at  - It often takes many tries before posting news, especially advocacy against mass incarceration and anti-death penalty reports. H.R.619 died in congressional committee because most Americans did not know it existed.

3.  Neals’ Yard Marked for Harassment
Mary Neal’s yard is outlined in blue, yellow, and orange paint from the back fence to the middle of the street, but no neighbors’ have that marking. The next day, two helicopters stood still over our rooftop for 30 minutes. (Witness statements and video proof). See more about my censorship to prevent advocacy for human rights for prisoners at

4.  Mary Neal Censored at Public Library re: Hank Skinner March 23, 2010 -
At Care2 News Network, Mary Neal’s anti-death penalty article for Hank Skinner was not allowed to post. I wanted so desperately to post my article about Hank Skinner’s pending execution that I braved stalkers who follow me and went to the DeKalb Public Library on March 23 to post my article, “Hank Skinner’s Last Wish – Justice.”  -- The video shows that I repeatedly got a denial of service at Care2 News Network.  I did post it in my Care2 Sharebook and in my FreeSpeakBlog, although cyberstalkers prevented it from posting at Care2 News Network. I have much difficulty posting anti-death penalty news at most online sites. When I do post anti-death penalty news at Care2 News Network, I am prevented from notifying my Care2 friends through my email account at Care2 in time for them to note my articles and push them to front page.  Sometimes, I am prevented from notifying Care2 friends about anti-death penalty news for 24 hours or longer.  My worse fight about posting anti-death penalty news regarded Thomas Arthur.  He is a Caucasian on Alabama's death row who already passed his DNA test that proved his innocence in 2009. Judge Pulliam sealed his DNA results, prevented his attorneys from publishing same, and the state proceeded with execution plans. After being denied the right to send the news via email at Care2, I resorted to using eCards.  I sent hundreds of eCards to Care2 friends and others on my mailing list.  The cards arrived blank to the addressees - Care2 reported that it had been attacked in the eCard area on September 1, 2009, and gMail also went down.  (The same thing happened at Care2 to eCards I sent regarding Cameron Todd Willingham's wrongful execution.)  The U.S. Supreme Court granted Skinner a stay of execution about an hour before his scheduled death on March 24, 2010.  Cyberstalkers destroyed my home computer because they hate my advocacy for human rights for prisoners and deny my First Amendment rights.  I rely on you to share this with your friends and groups.  

5:  "Prison Labor Profits" at - Prisons help corporate America escape laws regarding minimum wage, worker safety, and workers compensation. Prison labor projects compete for corporate contracts, meaning hundreds of thousands of jobs are behind bars along with 2.5 million inmates who enjoy no protection from slave labor (13th Amendment). Prison slaves were made to burst computers with hammers to retrieve gold, copper, and other re-usable items. Prisons earned $878million per year on the program, but cyberstalkers made my post say they earned only $8million. Toxins were emitted in the air that caused severe respiratory conditions and cancer. Prison guards who supervised the work area also got cancer and sued.

6: "Martin Luther King's Final Speech Censored to Change History" - I am censored like Dr. King still is. His censorship was done to hide how brutally racist America was during his lifetime. Discrimination is as American as apple pie.

More articles about my censorship and cyberterror and why these illegal acts are allowed to continue are at this link:
and at my blogs, FreeSpeakBlog and Justice Gagged . See my YouTube channel at
A movie that explains my censorship is "Maafa21." Google it.

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JAIL IS THE LAST THING THAT MENTAL PATIENTS NEED, AND TOO OFTEN, IT IS THE VERY LAST THING THEY EXPERIENCE. Please join our effort to decriminalize mental illness. No one deserves to be punished for having a disability.