Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Martin Luther King, Jr. Still Censored

(2 paragraphs, 4 links) After being prevented for TWO YEARS, I uploaded my video regarding censorship applied to Dr. Martin Luther King's final speech, "I've Been to the Mountaintop."  The censorship is done to delete certain phrases indicating the dangers that Dr. King and courageous supporters faced as they marched and advocated for change in America.  See the video at YouTube:  
Martin Luther King's Final Speech Censored to Change History
I am censored like Dr. King still is.  His censorship was done to hide how brutally racist America was during his lifetime.  Discrimination is as American as apple pie.  That was true in 1968 when Dr. King gave his final address in Memphis, Tennessee before being killed the next day, and it is just as true today.  Today's new class of people to victimize for profit are mentally ill citizens of every race.  They are cruelly punished with imprisonment for their mental dysfunctions because imprisoning 1.25 million sick people is profitable to prison owners and investors.  Mental hospitalization insurance does not exist under Medicaid any longer, and hospitalization for mental illness was not included in H.R.3200, the "national" health care bill that Congress recently passed.  Omitting health insurance for mental illness leaves only prison for sick people during a health crisis.  Please support H.R.619 for Medicaid to be resumed for mental hospitalization.  Like Dr. King and Mary Neal, H.R.619 is a censored congressional health bill.  It has received no media coverage since it was introduced by Rep. Eddie Johnson in January 2009.  Ask yourselves why.

To see more videos about censorship and terrorism to prevent human rights advocacy, including real-time cyberstalking and terrorism law enforcement ignores, please visit my YouTube channel jkempp703 at this link -

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