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True Voice Magazine Features Larry Neal's Lynching

Good news! The spring 2010 quarterly edition of True Voice Magazine features The Wrongful Death of Larry Neal.  My family and friends are grateful for True Voice's interest in justice for Larry Neal and his family and the other news the magazine publishes. True Voice is one of the few venues that has shown a willingness to tell about my mentally and physically ill brother's lynching.  Larry's police murder is sanctioned by the United States Government.  He was killed under secret arrest in 2003 like Guantanamo detainees, although Larry was an American citizen.  I recently wrote to the Complaints Board about the USDOJ, which illegally withholds any records or investigation about Larry's secret arrest and murder in Memphis Shelby County Jail.  The USDOJ's refusal to answer our Freedom of Information Act request and investigate Larry's death means he and my family are considered less important than Michael Vick's dogs. It also means that YOUR Constitutional "right to life" can easily be nullified without explanation like Larry's was.  See the complaint at this link:  - I know the Complaints Board can do nothing about our illegal NWO Department of Justice, but I try to make people aware about America's refusal to enforce human and civil rights for citizens - particularly if they are minorities or handicapped persons.

Please support H.R.619, the congressional bill that proposes to resume Medicaid for mental hospitalization. See info about the bill at this link, and vote if you agree that mentally ill people deserve hospital insurance like the rest of the nation:  As you may know, when Medicaid was withdrawn in the 1970's, hundreds of thousands of people like Larry with acute mental illness were released from mental hospitals. Many of those released patients and mentally challenged people whose illness manifested itself in the ensuing decades were arrested, and America has1.25 million mentally ill inmates today. The Bible says the love of money is the root of all evil.  Mentally challenged Americans are imprisoned because it is profitable to prison investors.  Imprisoning 2.3 million Americans costs taxpayers $50 billion annually, and billions more are earned through prisoner work projects.

Our family tried to get Larry recommitted to a mental hospital many times, but he was not deemed to be a danger to himself or others; therefore, he was denied hospitalization. Sometimes, acute mental patients are in danger from others although they pose no danger themselves. Unfortunately, police officers and jail guards who are supposed to ensure public safety pose the greatest danger to acute mental patients. That was the case with Larry Neal as well as Tim Souders, a young man whose restraint table death in a Michigan correctional facility was the subject of a 60-Minutes documentary film, which you can access at this link:  - Compare the open disclosure regarding Tim Souders' murder to how Larry Neal's family is treated, which is particularly disappointing with so many African Americans in positions of power: Black Relatives Killed by Police? So? Just Eat Yo Chicken and Shut Up

In any case, both Tim and Larry are dead because mentally ill Americans are considered disposable.  When mental patients are killed behind bars, authorities have a greater opportunity to cover up their deaths than when citizens are killed on the street. I do not know if Tim's mother was treated fairly in court and his death was revealed in mainstream media because he was white and Larry was black, but perhaps racial prejudice is the cause. Tim's mother won a $3.5 million settlement whereas Larry's family was tricked by our lawyers - The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm - who worked behind our backs for the jail.  The Cochran Firm merely pretended to act as our wrongful death attorneys but withheld any work on the case for nearly a year while the Tennessee statute of limitations passed to file suit for Larry's murder. The Neal family has been denied legal recourse for The Cochran Firm's fraud so far.  I believe the law firm was working for the Department of Justice and Shelby County Jail when my family was defrauded to help cover up Larry's murder.  Therefore, the Cointelpro lawyers are protected against our lawsuits in kangaroo court proceedings.

I thank God for True Voice, a magazine that agrees that Larry's race should not exempt his death from being revealed and treated like other wrongful deaths are. Certainly, families should not be persecuted and intimidated for asking for records and accountability after their loved ones are murdered, as happens to the Neal family. Neither should they be defrauded by their attorneys and made to believe a wrongful death lawsuit is going forward when it is not, as The Cochran Firm did to us.  I disagree with all the Cointelpro cyberstalking that happens to my online efforts to publish information about my brother's tragedy and to help other people who suffer in this NWO justice system.  See examples at my YouTube channel:

After Larry's death and cover-up, I founded an online advocacy group to help other acute mental patients and their families avoid tragedies, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI), a/k/a The Dorothea Dix Group. Visit us online at - We seek to heighthen awareness about the plight of millions of mentally ill Americans and their families, reduce the stigma attached to that common, treatable health condition, and petition elected officials to increase the availability of inpatient and outpatient treatment alternatives to avoid imprisoning mentally challenged people. Thanks in advance for supporting True Voice and ordering copies of the Spring 2010 edition, which carries The Wrongful Death of Larry Neal. Share with your friends, and order at this link:

True Voice Magazine's announcement is below:

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Mary Neal

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill


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Thanks for your interest and comment. True Voice Magazine is one of few media sources for news that is kept out of the mainstream. I experience so much interference posting news online about Larry Neal's secret arrest and murder that I had to begin in-person demonstrations to tell about his death and how millions of other mentally ill Americans are treated. Roughly 1.25 million are imprisoned, and others live under the constant threat of arrest if they experience a health crisis. Homelessness, prison, and death should not be America's answer to mental illness. It is discriminatory, cruel, archaic, and barbaric.