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Boycott 4 Justice: No Shopping on 9th of Any Month

(16 paragraphs w/ 17 bullet points and 7 numbered petitions, 30 links, signature block. Contents are listed to deter censorship. Please count.) 
BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE: No Shopping on the 9th of each month throughout 2011. See the full article at the link above. Do not spend a thin dime on April 9, May 9, June 9 - NO 9th! Join the people's 9/11 response to corporate greed and government indifference that is behind injustice in America. Join millions of Americans who are fed up enough to stand up in a peaceful, powerful demonstration without leaving home.

Boycotts have long been an integral component in non-violent movements for social change. The love of money is the root of ALL evil. Just resolution of every issue has opposition from corporate interests that benefit financially by continuing or escalating conditions, including wars, weakened environmental protection, the attack on labor unions, high unemployment, rising gasoline prices, and the staggering incarceration rate. People petition representatives, organize protest marches, and make impassioned appeals for change. But capital punishment continues, thousands more jobs are outsourced overseas and to prisons monthly, war costs continue to mount, collective bargaining is undermined, human/civil rights are ignored, and funding for education and other social programs diminishes. These are business decisions, and each wrong decision prospers someone. It is time to address unethical business practices financially. What Big Business wants, it gets. Consumer power can be used to inspire Corporate America to have its elected officials CHANGE. Link:  http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2011/03/boycott-4-justice-no-shopping-april-9.html

FreeSpeakBlog has over 165 articles about injustices from a laywoman's point of view. The article at the link above "BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE" offers a peaceful solution. Americans of all races and backgrounds, regardless of socio-economic and health status, must be respected as consumers, constituents, and above all, as human beings.


Wake up! It's KoffieTime! Review my ELEVEN THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED TWENTY NINE (11,829) HUMAN RIGHTS TWEETS at http://twitter.com/koffietime

Please visit my new blog, http://MaryLovesJustice.blogspot.com - I experienced such censorship and cyberterrorism that I may abandon online publishing, but you should not miss the articles that are published there about injustices in 2011, and the year is young!

Let the sighing of the prisoner come before thee; according to the greatness of thy power, preserve those that are appointed to die. ~Psalm79:11

I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. . . Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. To remain silent and indifferent is the greatest sin of all. ~Elie Wiesel, Nobel Prize for Peace, 1986

GOD EQUIPS THOSE HE CALLS. I thank God for His many blessings. He equipped me with the opportunity to expose the secret arrest and wrongful death cover-up involving my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Morris Neal, through online media - http://WrongfulDeathOfLarryNeal.com . He called and equipped me with the means to expose victimization of 1.25 million other mentally ill American and immigrants who are cruelly and wrongly imprisoned for reason of mental illness although treatment would be cheaper, safer for patients and communities, and righteous before God.

I thank God for making a way for me to protest loudly against wrongful convictions, excessive sentencing, the death penalty, racism and classism in the injustice system of the United States of America. I am not equipped to enforce righteousness in any area where abuses of power happen, such as using The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm (under new management) to defraud minority clients who contract with the firm as their legal agents like my family did after Larry's murder (See The Cochran Firm Fraud at this link - http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2010/07/cochran-firm-fraud.html ).  The intense censorship that is focused against my publishing articles on the Internet means that publishing articles is no longer the most effective way for me to accomplish my objectives, which have not changed.  My advocacy is to expose wrongs in hopes that people who God equipped with the means to bring about needed change will do so.  There are many righteous people in positions of power, including YOU.  All it takes is the willingness and courage to operate in the gifts you have.  

I was commissioned to go tell it on the mountains, over the hills and everywhere that we love God by what we do for one another, especially the least of these, His brethren. I have done God's will in: 
  1. DOG JUSTICE FOR THE MENTALLY ILL - Petition for Justice 4 Larry Neal http://www.petitiononline.com/Neal/petition.html Petititoners ask the United States Department of Justice to investigate the secret arrest and murder of a lifelong mentally ill heart patient, my brother Larry Neal. (Select "view signatures.")
  2. Justice 4 Larry Neal Petition http://www.thepetitionsite.com/petition/380598497 See comments from across petitioners across the globe. It's a shame when people in other countries have to petition the U.S. to please be fair and tell an 88-year-old mother how and why her handicapped son died in secret government custody.
  3. PETITION TO SAVE SGT. RUSSEL - Hospitals, Not Prisons for Sick Soldiers & Vets - http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/Save-Sgt-Russel 
  4. Petition to Save Andre Thomas and Stop Executing Mental Patients: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/No-Executing-Mental-Patients
  5. Justice 4 Jeremy Petition - Lifelong schizophrenic in CA prison hole - http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/JusticeForJeremy 
  6. Stop Censorship and Terrorism Against Mary Neal www.thepetitionsite.com/2/Justice4MaryNeal/  Human and civil rights protections requested to end censorship and endangerment to Mary Neal, advocate for decriminalizing mental illness and ending capital punishment, racism, classism, and hypocrisy in government. 
  7. PETITION FOR FAIR PAY FOR DEKALB COUNTY, GEORGIA POLICE OFFICERS http://www.thepetitionsite.com/2/fair-pay-for-dekalb-county-police/
  • A selection of articles at other online sites, including IndyMedia, Ning, and more
  • Thousands of emails and eCards through Care2Yahoo GroupsGoogle Groups
  • Hundreds of blogs that socially conscious people and organizations republished on their websites and in print to help overcome the shroud of secrecy regarding Larry Neal's wrongful death under circumstances that Shelby County Jail and the U.S. Department of Justice yet refuse to reveal and to publicize the plights of other victims, living and dead. 
Do not lay off all of my cyberstalkers.  Although I will no longer post fewer articles and blogs online, I am still director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill.  When we learn about tragedies involving mental patients or their abuse, when someone with mental dysfunctions faces execution, and every time a patient or families contact us for support (which would take a miracle to accomplish), we will publish their plights at Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) - http://www.Care2.com/c2c/group/AIMI - We plan to move the main site for AIMI to a dedicated website where fewer of the members' discussion posts might be covertly deleted.  It is important for people to be informed about which of my articles exposing injustice are attacked by the censorship force.  Knowing exactly what news is censored is particularly helpful in bringing people together to keep America 'true to what she said on paper,' especially in the Constitution, which is the government's contract with We the People.  Censorship attacks are recorded on videos and documented in my new blog, which is itself censored, "Justice Gagged" at this link: http://JusticeGagged.blogspot.com - The contract providing First Amendment privileges and other civil liberties is repeatedly broken for an increasing number of people of all races from diverse backgrounds.  Such abuses of power will continue and escalate unless and until we come to our own rescue.

I answer emails and phone calls that reach me, accept all friends requests at Facebook and other social networks, welcome new followers at Twitter, where I am koffietime, respond to comments at my articles, and am available for radio and television interviews (four interviews can be accessed at my Google profile - http://google.com/profiles/MaryLovesJustice ).  Receiving correspondence via U.S. Mail was a problem at the two post office boxes I used prior to 2011.  Please disregard my addresses you see online in articles published prior to 2011.  I will update this blog and all others with a new post office box for U.S. Mail.  Reducing the amount of time I spend fighting censorship to publish articles and tweets will allow more time to attend in-person demonstrations against injustice; learn about web design so I can update my own websites, including WrongfulDeathOfLarryNeal.com; complete my poetry book - 21st Century Slave Songs; finish my book of short stories called "Edenville," about a small town that experiences unprecedented growth after a private prison opens; and edit my manuscript about our lawsuits that turned into a quest to give the mentally ill at least equal clout with American dogs.  Dog abuse is investigated and prosecuted in this country whereas abusing and killing mental patients are common occurrences that are/were allowed in numerous cases I expose.  When not prevented by a denial of service or computer attacks that render my PC useless, I will comment on news and articles that others publish from time to time and sign petitions for justice.  

Thank you for your interest in justice issues from a laywoman's viewpoint.  I look forward to your mail - MaryLovesJustice@gmail.com - and comments at the articles.  Please feel free to share links to or republish articles that you find informative.  Many of them contain information that is available no place else, which is why my censorship is intense.  It will take time and effort to monitor the body of work that I published online.  You will be notified of deletions and sabotaged posts via my YouTube video channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/jkempp703 - which is where I publish real-time cyberstalking.  I believe it is useful to know which articles disturb the censorship force most.

THREE (3) PRAYER REQUESTS:  Pray for my family and for me.  Pray that Rep. Eddie Johnson (D-TX) or another congressperson re-introduces a bill to resume Medicaid insurance for acute mental patients to have inpatient psychiatric hospital coverage for long-term or short-term treatment rather than imprisonment (H.R.619 died in committee for lack of public exposure - the media refused to report that Americans had the opportunity since January 2009 to decriminalize mental illness by treating mental and physical dysfunctions equally under Medicaid). Pray for Unity in Action - the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE.  If enough Americans who are fed up will stand up in this peaceful shopping moratorium for 24 hours on the 9th day of each month during 2011, we can accomplish what we will.  God said unity works:  And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do. ~ Genesis 11:6

Apathy is never excusable.  There are numerous ways to be active in the nonviolent struggle for human rights:  financial donations; letters, emails, petitions and phone calls; peaceful rallies, marches and boycotts; and sincere, fervent prayer.

Mary Neal

Monday, March 14, 2011

Boycott 4 Justice: No Shopping April 9, 2011

(25 paragraphs, 10 links, signature. Please count and note paragraphs beginning "The beauty" and "Corporate Greed.")    BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE:  No Shopping on the 9th of each month throughout 2011.  Do not spend a thin dime on April 9, May 9, June 9 - NO 9th!  Join the people's 9/11 response to corporate greed and government indifference that is behind injustice in America.  Join millions of Americans who are fed up enough to stand up in a peaceful, powerful demonstration without leaving  home.

Boycotts have long been an integral component in non-violent movements for social change. The love of money is the root of ALL evil. Just resolution of every issue has opposition from corporate interests that benefit financially by continuing or escalating conditions, including wars, weakened environmental protection, the attack on labor unions, high unemployment, rising gasoline prices, and the staggering incarceration rate. People petition representatives, organize protest marches, and make impassioned appeals for change. But capital punishment continues, thousands more jobs are outsourced monthly, war costs continue to mount, collective bargaining is undermined, human/civil rights are ignored, and funding for education and other social programs diminishes. These are business decisions, and each wrong decision prospers someone. It is time to address unethical business practices financially. What Big Business wants, it gets. Consumer power can be used to inspire Corporate America to have its elected officials CHANGE.

Everyone can participate in the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE simply by shopping the day before or after the 9th of each month, but buy nothing on Shopping Boycott Days – no groceries, gasoline, electronics, cars, clothes, or anything whatsoever. Plenty of people do not participate in demonstrations because of handicaps, fear, and travel restrictions. Most negative circumstances facing Americans have a common cause:  corporate greedUnite to address unethical business practices financially.

The beauty of the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE is that participants need not agree on the injustices being protested.  The only necessary point of agreement is that corporate greed got America in this mess, and standing united can help us get out.

Put a statement on your web pages saying why you support the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE and invite your group members, church or temple, civic organizations, and family to do likewise.  Participants do not have to use the Boycott 4 Justice to protest the exact same injustice(s).  The cause of all injustice is usually the same - corporate greed.  Perhaps you wish to stem the tide of jobs being outsourced overseas or to prison labor projects so that Fortune 500 companies, federal and local governments can avoid unions and minimum wage laws.  Over 1 million inmates work up to seven days a week doing jobs that were removed from the public sector, including former union jobs.  Roughly $50 billion each year is charged to taxpayers to incarcerate 2.3 million people.  Prison profiteers use these human commodities as prison laborers to earn billions more.  Over half the inmates were incarcerated on nonviolent offenses, and 1.25 million of them are mentally ill people who entered the prison system when funds for mental hospitals and community care programs were diverted to pay for incarceration instead, benefiting elitist private prison owners at the expense of America's most vulnerable citizens.

Americans do not count with decision makers as much as We the People should, and our "inalienable" rights are all too alienable. I learned that when my physically, mentally disabled brother was secretly arrested for 18 days and murdered in 2003, and we have been DENIED any records or accountability for his death for seven years - http://wrongfuldeathoflarryneal.com/ - Many people and organizations want to improve civil liberties, end the war, eliminate prisoner abuse, save Troy Davis and end capital punishment, strengthen animal protection laws, or stop some other injustice.  Although literally everyone can participate in the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE anonymously, it is important to realize that mainstream news will not announce the No Shopping Day.  Your help is needed to notify people about this opportunity to Unite for Justice.  STATE YOUR OWN REASON(s) for boycotting for justice. Below are samples:

For individuals: I support the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE on the 9th of every month throughout 2011. I pledge to buy nothing on the 9th of each month to protest ________________. (Name the injustice(s) you want to end.)


I support the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE on the 9th of every month throughout 2011. I pledge to buy absolutely nothing on the 9th of each month to support _________________________, my son, daughter, grandson, brother, mother, father, friend. He/she is in prison and deserves human rights while incarcerated and the opportunity to live a productive life upon release.

NOTE: Organizations need only trade the pronoun “I” for the name of the organization, i.e.:

On behalf of 210,000 members of NAMI*, we support the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE to protest criminalization of mental illness and support resumption of Medicaid insurance for inpatient psychiatric care. Members should buy nothing on the 9th day of any month in 2011.


AFLCIO* supports the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE to strengthen WORKER RIGHTS. Supporters should make no purchases whatsoever on the 9th day of any month in 2011. 

The same notice would suffice for Wisconsin protestors, abolitionist groups, environmental protection organizations, prisoner rights activists, teachers protesting school closings, and all other human/civil rights organizations or individuals who recognize that corporate greed is the ultimate cause of injustices. This is your peaceful protest opportunity.  STATE YOUR OWN REASON for joining millions in the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE No Shopping Days:  9th of each month in 2011.
*Neither of the organizations above has pledged support for the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE to date. I was prevented from using email and my phone to contact human and civil rights organizations about the boycott.  I feel they should participate and used them as examples. Urge your civic groups and social network or places of worship to participate in the peaceful, powerful initiative for change, and please try to notify us by posting a comment at this blog or email MaryLovesJustice@gmail.com

Literally everyone can support the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE while working, playing, or sleeping. Just do not spend any money on the 9th of every month throughout 2011. A 24-hour shopping moratorium once each month would not really hurt the fragile economy, nor is it intended to do that. The boycott is our 9/11 response to corporate greed that is responsible for most, if not all, of the problems that plague America.  A successful boycott will remind corporations and government officials that customers, voters, and they are co-dependent.

The private prison system, wars, and unemployment are intricately tied.  Over one million inmates work up to seven days a week for state and federal governments and Fortune 500 companies avoiding unions, minimum wage and worker safety laws.  Inmates make 100% of military uniforms, canteens, tents, and many other essentials.  War is therefore very profitable for prison investors.  Companies find it difficult to compete with corporations that use prison laborers to supply goods and services or outsource work overseas.  As more Americans are laid off, laws are passed that are designed to obtain more prisoners, such as the proposal to outlaw menthol cigarettes and tougher immigration laws that remand illegal aliens to prison rather than back to their countries.  The U.S. Supreme Court is currently deliberating on whether American children can be interrogated by police officers in their schools without their parents' knowledge, an attorney, a warrant, or a Miranda warning. A seventh-grader is already imprisoned (sentenced as an adult) because he confessed to crimes under those circumstances.  False confessions by children and the mentally ill account for 25% of wrongful convictions, but young people make hardy prison slaves and can be trained to lay bricks, become plumbers, fishermen, electricians, or manufacture whatever products their assigned prisons produce and market on Wall Street.  The same elitists benefit from wars, America's record-high incarceration rate, and outsourcing jobs, which leads to unemployment, wage reductions, and foreclosures.  The economy is an ecosystem, and the poor and middle class are at the bottom of the food chain.  Workers, peace advocates, and prisoner activists have a common opponent.  THEY are ONE.  

Unity is the only thing that works for oppressed people. Americans are too divided along racial and socioeconomic lines and should harness our collective strength as consumers to effect change. While blacks, Native Americans, Latinos, Asians, middle class and poor Caucasians in America engage in infighting and about problems that beset us, around 95% of the nation’s wealth is in the hands of 5% of the people – some of whom are elitists who encourage division among the masses to divert attention from the causes of economic depression that benefit Big Business, such as expensive wars and outsourcing millions of jobs overseas and to prisons labor projects. Many people do not participate in protest marches because they are handicapped, timid, or lack the time or resources to travel and unite for justice. But EVERYONE SHOULD STOP SHOPPING FOR 24 HOURS EACH MONTH OF 2011 ON THE 9TH - The People's Peaceful 9/11 Attack on Corporate Greed and Government Indifference.

Corporate Greed. Slave owners did not heed calls to conscience and release slaves; employers who worked children from dawn to night in sweat shops before child labor laws were enacted did not heed calls to conscience; employers with hazardous working conditions in coal mines and manufacturing plants did not heed calls to conscience and voluntarily institute fair wages, a 40-hour work week, and safe work environments. Big Business has no conscience. That is why Americans' jobs are being outsourced overseas and behind prison walls and human/civil rights violations by the government are increasing. Shopping boycotts worked during the civil rights era, and labor strikes achieved victories when unions were born because shopping boycotts and labor strikes impacted corporations' PROFITS.

A one-day shopping moratorium would not ravage the nation’s fragile economy, and it is not intended to do harm.  But a successful boycott would show corporate America and elected officials how serious you and I are about having a justice system that is functional but fair and respectful of the human/civil rights of all people without regard to socio-economic distinctions, race, or health status of citizens and immigrants. A successful boycott will evidence our dissatisfaction with eroding civil liberties and high unemployment.

After 9/11, America embarked on a War on Terror that sacrifices precious lives and trillions of dollars. Unite to declare war on injustice beginning March 9, and repeat the boycott every 9/11 this year until significant changes are made. Make an impact while washing your car, watching television, or sleeping every month on the 9th. Take your lunch to work – make no purchases! With no protest march to attend, you need not worry about crowd control Tasers, being added to the government’s growing watch list, or any other evil device used to prevent Americans from exercising our Constitutional right to peacefully assemble and petition government for a redress of grievances. Just keep your money in your pockets for 24 hours once each month. Join us, and ask your group members, friends, and family to join the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE.  Together, we will use consumer power to effect positive social change. 

THERE IS NO NEED FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS TO AGREE ON ANY SINGLE INJUSTICE BEING PROTESTED DURING THE BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE NO SHOPPING DAYS.  For instance, you may support capital punishment, but I am using the No Shopping Boycott to protest capital punishment for moral as well as financial reasons.  Each condemned inmate costs taxpayers an additional $90,000 per year to warehouse over and above the usual $50,000 per year for the inmate to be housed in a maximum security prison, yet officials resist abolishing capital punishment. The money is needed to help Americans live an abundant life rather than conducting executions.  I also denounce criminalizing mental illness.  

More information about the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE is in FreeSpeakBlog at http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/ . But a shopping boycott is not difficult to understand, and announcing your participation is not required.  

Just do it!
No shopping any month on the 9th


God said unity works:  And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do. ~ Genesis 11:6

The link to share this article is BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE: No Shopping April 9, 2011

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Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

Mary Neal's Posted & Prevented Tweets March 2011

(1 video: "No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper" - Hammond, 6 paragraphs (one is an update on a crisis I report herein), 192 tweets, 2 prevented tweets; 1 deleted and repositioned tweet; most have links. "Letter to Mary Neal's Terrorists" follows the tweets.)  My tweets are often republished at "Exposed:  FreeSpeakBlog" to give greater exposure to the human/civil rights news and viewpoints by KoffieTime at Twitter - http://twitter.com/koffietime .  I am not allowed to have a working "Follow Me at Twitter Button" at this blog or at my new MaryLovesJustice blog at http://MaryLovesJustice.blogspot.com . Most of my new work will be posted at the MaryLovesJustice blog, but republished tweets will be added to this blog.  Please visit periodically.  People who started following my articles when I wrote at NowPublic.com as "duo"- http://NowPublic.com/duo - know that I usually update my articles when new information becomes available about the subject matter.  Therefore, whatever articles you find interesting in FreeSpeakBlog should be revisited from time to time to check for updates.  For instance, if I write an article objecting to a scheduled execution, I update the same article to relay whether the inmate was granted a stay of execution or killed.

I miss interacting with other bloggers and updating my articles at NowPublic.com since I was suspended in August 2009 after publishing my popular Michael Jackson series against enforced H1N1 vaccines.  When significant developments happen related to the 174 articles I published at NowPublic, I republish the entire article at my Blogger blog and add the update. Now I may have to do the same to update the shares in my Care2 Sharebook.  I have significant trouble publishing in the sharebook since reporting The Cochran Firm fraud against Kathryn Johnston's family that I discovered on August 18, 2010.  More videos will be posted at my YouTube channel jkempp703 showing real-time cyberstalking to curtail my First Amendment rights.  We are grateful to World News and others who republished a few of the videos - http://wn.com/jkempp703 -

Below are tweets beginning March 2 with the last tweet posted at the article "Freedom for Egypt, Iran, and Mary Neal!" http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2011/02/freedom-for-egypt-iran-and-mary-neal.html  Tweets that cyberstalkers prevent me from posting at Twitter will be added to the beginning of this strand of tweets.  A tweet with the link prevented is above the fourth paragraph in this blog, which appears in bold caps.  I am grateful to report that I have experienced less interference publishing online this month.  I expected censorship to increase after announcing the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE: No Shopping on the 9th of Every Month in 2011 protest, but instead, censorship seems to have eased. Thanks to the person(s) who made that decision.  (I say "seems to" because one never knows what really posted on the web until checking from a different IP address.)

The deleted tweet to Twitter and Google really hurts.  I thought Google was my friend, and I rely on its world-renown dedication to operating free of censorship.  I used to follow @Google and one of Google's Twitter accounts followed me, but my followers are frequently trimmed.  Effective this week at Facebook, I cannot send or accept friends request.  I hope it is only temporary.  I do not use Facebook often and I am still learning it.  But sometimes cyberstalkers restrict my access to friends and followers at various social networks to contain the data I publish.  When I noticed today that I was no longer a @Google follower, I just shrugged and tried to follow again.  I attributed it to a glitch or cyberstalkers.  But I was alarmed to get a message saying I am blocked at @Google's request.  If @Google did not really request that I be prevented from joining its nearly three million followers, I hope the company will contact me, as I have video and a printout of the message saying @Google blocked me.  Maybe Google and Twitter can trace the cyberstalker if my block was not really requested by @Google.  Honestly, it is things like this that make me tremble when I have to leave home.  To think that my writing invokes this much enmity is terrifying!  Google is so big and important and HAS SUCH CAPABILITIES that were pointed out by its former CEO that I feel almost as terrified as I did the night of September 27, 2008, when the USDOT truck and four other vehicles waylaid me at the Chevron station and 911 police refused to answer my distress call.  Google is to communication what Goliath would be to Mycoplasma genitalium, the smallest known organism.  If such a giant ever turns against liberty and justice for all, the world is in for it, especially me.  My family's safety depends on being able to communicate our persecution to the public. (Last month when it snowed, the snow froze.  Footprints underneath my mother's window led to our next door neighbor's back porch where a lady supposedly lives alone in a four-bedroom home.  We followed the footprints from her sliding glass door and across her porch, down her steps and across her yard and directly to our fence.  Then the footprints ran close alongside our house to my mother's bedroom window.  At that point, the footprints turned toward our house like the individual stood there.  The footprints then proceeded across our front porch and yard close to the hedge, to our driveway and out to the street.  The snow in the street had thawed to the point that we lost the ability to trace them further.  You can see our house and the one next door in my video, "Gangstalking Mary Neal" at this link:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=znJS-6qw__8    I planned ask to Google to look at its satellite video to see who the prowler was and where he/she went since police ignore our terrorism.  I planned to do that when I go to the Google office and ask a technician to see why some features do not work at my blogs and ask managers if I can please have an active AdSense account again.  My family really needs the money from ads that run with my articles at HubPages and would be running at FreeSpeakBlog and MaryLovesJustice blog if cyberdogs had not clicked the ads more times than reasonable and forced Google to cancel my AdSense account. Unfortunately, the cyberdogs go into my gMail and delete messages to and from perspective employers, also.  I also wanted the technicians to make my Google Docs visible to the public.  I scanned in numerous photographs and documents the public should see.  The cyberstalkers are skilled, but I figure Google technicians can beat my cyberstalkers.)  After being informed today that I am disallowed following @Google, I returned to my article "Letter to Mary Neal's Terrorists" to gain strength for spiritual warfare.  I reposted the letter after the tweets in this article.  Pray for me and for us all.

Two prevented Tweets 3-13-11: @Twitter U say "Sorry! We did something wrong. Send tweet to @etruth @worldwideprayer in a minute” A min, is up already-Pls help net freedom

@etruth @worldwideprayer U mean #Christian persecution like this? VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znJS-6qw__8

Prevented Tweet 3-16-11:  @vlu77 NEW CRIME: Falling down while pregnant. http://news.change.org/stories/pregnant-iowa-woman-arrested-for-falling-down #PrisonProfits

Deleted Tweet 3-14-11:  @Google I tried 2 follow U, but @Twitter message says I'm blocked fr joining yo 2867135 followers at yo request. Almost 3 million to 1. Wow!

Posted Tweets (First one was deleted after it posted - VIDEO)   UPDATE:  The tweet may have taken 10 minutes to stay posted, but it is on my Twitter profile page now. Also, the 11,000 tweets that disappeared from my Twitter account in December reappeared in February.  Thank God!  This ordeal made me nervous, and it was probably only my cyberstalkers again.  I am afraid to try to follow @Google again.  If the answer is still no, I cannot cope with the rejection right now.  I'm going to take a soothing bath and read my Bible.  I hope you find the tweets below useful for human/civil rights advocacy.  I sometimes wish God had chosen me to do something simpler.  I used to help put away the Holy Communion items. I am no intelligence expert. I only found out civil/human rights surveillance and sabotage programs existed in recent years.  There was a time when I might have doubted that such programs are a part of American history.  But after enduring so much censorship and other crimes, I read about COINTELPRO.  I recall that one thing it did was generate distrust among advocates for justice in order to divide and conquer. Right now, they are making my font appear tiny when I "publish post" after editing. Then when I go back into the document to make the post normal font, it looks different from the other paragraphs on the page in the edit screen.  Cyberstalkers probably do things like this because they want me to doubt Google, but just Google my name with subjects I write about! (Funny how the format changes from tweet to tweet, isn't it?)
  1. @ I tried 2 follow U, but @ message says I'm blocked fr joining yo 2867135 followers at yo request. Almost 3 million to 1. Wow!

    1. koffietime Mary Neal 
      @AmnestyOnline I'm glad mo ppl are learning they R "immaterial" like the fed judge ruled that my fam is. I knew elitist thought they were 2.
      koffietime Mary Neal 
      I tell ppl we already sued again when GA Sup Ct said there's no Cochran Firm in GA, but federal judge ruled defrauding us was "immaterial."
      koffietime Mary Neal 
      When I tell ppl in Atl that GA Sup. Ct. said there's no Cochran Firm in GA & dismissed our lawsuit, they say, "Bull! Sue again!" Then . . .
      30 minutes ago
       Mary Neal 

      @ I spoke w/ MARTA riders abt yo proposal 2 target blks. They were shocked. 
       Mary Neal 

      @ I can go 2 Atl if I'm w/ white ppl - Its like having a "pass." See MARY NEAL NOT ALLOWED TO PROTEST IN ATL

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  4. @rongolduk Thx 4 follow. They don't have my icon @ yo page, maybe meaning they'll delete U. Use http://twitter.com/koffietime 2 keep up, OK?
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