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Cochran Firm Fraud Goes On and On

Johnnie Cochran
1937 - 2005


The important thing that black and brown people should learn from reading my accounts of The Cochran Firm Fraud is that law firm is apparently firmly against them, working for prison profiteers, gathering information that is probably disbursed among the very people and agencies they would least want to have their confidential data, and using its position of legal advocate to hold down the amount of damages paid to victims and victims' families after incidents of prison and police brutality and wrongful death. Readers who are unfamiliar with The Cochran Firm Fraud, please see the brief summary below.


New World Order Nullifies Constitutional Rights for Neal Family

The Atlanta office of The Cochran firm was allowed to claim it was not any part of The Cochran Firm in Georgia Superior Court and dodge a fraud lawsuit brought by the survivors of Larry Neal, a handicapped Memphis man who was secretly incarcerated by Shelby County Jail until his death weeks later due to lack of heart meds or worse. His family was never actually given and records or explanations, and our wrongful death attorneys, The Cochran Firm, never asked. See

Next, The Cochran Firm headquarters was sued for fraud in USDC under the Diversity Rule (requiring different state residency addresses for plaintiffs and defendants), and it pretended not to have an Atlanta law office just blocks from the federal courthouse. This, too, was allowed. Meanwhile, in The Cochran Firm had undertaken the wrongful death of Ms. Kathryn Johnston, the 92-yr-old Atlanta woman killed in the world's worst no-knock warrant case. (That family has not recovered any damages, either as of this edit date - 9/13/09. The Neal family wonders if a lawsuit was really filed regarding Kathryn Johnston's murder. None was filed for Larry Neal's wrongful death.) The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office continued to advertise, contract with clients, and file lawsuits in Georgia and federal court while it pretended in the Neals v. Cochran Firm case not to even exist in Georgia. This perjury was allowed.

I perceive that protecting news of The Cochran Firm's potentially government-appointed role to defraud black and brown Americans and restraining its dissemination is the main point of my censorship and the failure of the courts to behave judiciously in our lawsuits as well as my in-person stalking, which is permitted to continue without police services. I don't know how many years The Cochran Firm Fraud against people of color was planned, but much money was apparently invested in setting up law firms in all the chocolate cities to victimize disenfranchised persons. Of course, to stay viable, the law firm has to win a couple of important cases now and then to keep public confidence high, but winning cases for its clients, particularly following police violence, is apparently not the norm or the intent of The Cochran Firm at this point.

No law firm of, by and for black and brown persons would be protected by the USDOJ, FBI, BBB, FTC, FCC, state and federal courts, HS and mainstream media - especially not protected when caught doing obvious fraud and entering perjury into court records. In order to have our case dismissed by Georgia Superior Court and accepted in United States District Court under the diversity rule (where it was also dismissed, with Judge Batten ruling everything “immaterial” that firm did to defraud the Neals and protect Memphis Shelby County Jail), The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office issued court pleadings disclaiming that it was a Cochran Firm office in Georgia, and remained open every day, advertising prolifically under that identity. Such a thing is ridiculous in the extreme, but is characteristic of the blatant lies that America was subjected regularly during the previous administration. When caught, simply lie and have others in positions of trust to lie, also. My family was waterboarded.

The pleadings The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office entered into court (using an assumed name that was not registered in the State of Georgia at any time) disclaiming its public identity were filed by the law firm of Carlock Copeland Semler & Stair. The perjurous pleadings were accepted by Judge Wendy Shoob, of Georgia Superior Court, while The Cochran Firm likely had numerous other cases pending before Georgia Superior Court. Indeed, The Cochran Firm went on to file a lawsuit in that same court for the survivors of Kathryn Johnston, elderly, black victim of murder by police in November 2006, six months after Judge Shoob issued an Order disclaiming The Cochran Firm’s existence in Georgia. The farce of non-existence of an Atlanta office of The Cochran Firm continued in United States District Court during the federal lawsuit launched August 15, 2007, against The Cochran Firm by the Neals. The scope of conspiracy among legal professionals to deny my family’s right to due process of law after Larry Neal’s murder in Memphis Shelby County Jail is magnificent and includes many parties. I consider them all as being accessories after the fact in Larry’s murder. Lawyers, judges, state bars, and federal agencies illegally used their positions conspired to shield those who were responsible for Larry Neal’s demise.

It is notable that The Cochran Firm never began discovery in defense of the Neal’s federal lawsuit against the firm until Mary Neal withdrew from attempts to leave home after being accosted numerous times and denied police intervention in her stalking. Especially after the November 9, 2008 murder of Duanna Johnson, another anticipated plaintiff against Memphis Shelby County Jail, Mary Neal remained home rather than risk exposure to stalkers who included a driver of a federal vehicle – a US DOT truck. Only when it was apparent that stalkers would not be able to catch Mary Neal away from home did The Cochran Firm file any discovery documents in USDC, which were filed after the six-month discovery period ended. Angela Mason, Cochran Firm attorney, admitted to USDC that she knew the color of the vehicle that followed Mary Neal home from work at night most often, although Mary Neal never told anyone the color of the vehicle. Therefore, I assume that The Cochran Firm expected it to be unnecessary to defend itself against the Neals’ lawsuit in the anticipation of actual harm coming to its main plaintiff.

Because there is no remorse or attempt to pay justified damages regarding the fraud the firm was caught doing regarding the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal as laid out in, I can only assume the deception is intended to continue, along with my endangerment. Therefore, it behooves me to continue to alert the public about the farce - The Cochran Firm Fraud - so that people can beware and be cognizant of the threats to my family's safety which are meant to silence us and eliminate the treat of exposure to the carefully planned system of double-cross and illegal spying that is likely done against clients of that law firm in that people willingly tell lawyers things they would tell no one else.

I believe many people are being waterboarded. None of the attorneys I told about the events of The Cochran Firm Fraud perpetuated against my family were surprised, and the pro bono legal services I sought (unfortunately, they don't do civil action - only criminal) reported that they have been approached before by other Cochran Firm's clients who were similarly treated when they had civil action cases against police and municipalities after police violence. The only people who don't know are the general population of black and brown Americans.

The many veiled threats that I received regularly to my Yahoo email box included threats of induced cancers. I think it is relevant to consider that cancer is exactly what Johnnie Cochran died from within a short period of signing contract with the Alabama lawyers who wanted use of his name. According to Shawn Holley, a Los Angeles attorney who worked with Johnnie for 17 years, the firm is prejudice against people of color and fired attorneys who would not comply with the Cochran Firm’s plan to victimize clients by rendering poor legal services following Johnnie Cochran’s death. In case you never heard her account, here is a link:

African American and Latino members of the community, particularly those in the area of the Atlanta offices of The Cochran Firm, should know that Cox Enterprises, Inc. and other mainstream media owners refuse to report anything that would alert them to the dubious identity of The Cochran Firm offices that operate in Georgia. Cox Enterprises, owner of The Atlanta Journal Constitution and WSB Channel 2, refused in 2007 to accept a legal ad by Mary Neal intended to find other clients of The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office who entered contract with or shared privileged information with the law firm believing “The Cochran Firm Atlanta Office” to be its proper identity. I believed that such persons might have basis to launch a class action suit against a solitary law firm (at 127 Peachtree Street in Atlanta) for presenting itself as being an office of The Cochran Firm when it was not actually that. However, with the release of a YouTube commercial by The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office on February 17, 2009, it is apparent that the law firm at 127 Peachtree Street is actually a Cochran Firm office as represented in television commercials, newspaper ads, online ads, etc. Therefore, The Cochran Firm lied in Georgia State Court and in USDC when it disclaimed that identity and thereby called all such ads false.

Until release of the YouTube commercial on February 17, I was unsure whether the commercials that were running advertising the Atlanta law firm as being The Cochran Firm were true or false and whether they were still running after the law office dismissed that identity in Superior Court of Georgia because they had been pre-paid to run for a certain amount of time. This is because I was denied records from Cox Enterprises that would have revealed whether the law office claimed the identity of being a Cochran Firm office after its representations in Georgia Superior Court. The YouTube commercial of February 17 left no doubt that that is the identity that the Atlanta law office presently claims, just as it always has – even while presenting pleadings contradicting that identity in Georgia Superior Court in 2005/2006.

In 2008, Cox Enterprises was allowed by Judge Batten to ignore a federal subpoena to release records pertaining to advertising related to The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office that go out regularly to an unsuspecting public, geared particularly to induce black and brown persons in the community to entrust their legal needs to The Cochran Firm. As far as I know, MARTA no longer carries ads for the duplicitous Cochran Firm, but that needs to be verified.

A secondary identity used by the law office at 127 Peachtree Street in Atlanta is “Cochran Cherry Givens Smith & Sistrunk, P.C.” Because the Atlanta law office illegally used the designation “P.C.” after the name “Cochran Cherry Givens Smith & Sistrunk” in signing legal documentation (including perhaps contracts with its clients), consumers could still launch a class action suit (clients and potential clients who shared privileged information and who were duped by that false designation). The class might be able to also include attorneys who were opposing counsel in lawsuits filed by The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office using that false designation. The law office is not and has never been a duly registered “P.C.” in the state of Georgia (P.C. meaning professional corporation, requiring registration with the Secretary of State’s office). The law office was allowed to continue with carrying forward that false representation, also. That Atlanta Cochran Firm’s identity fraud is apparently allowed to continue without censure, and it targets African Americans and Latino members of the community with particularity. Cochran Cherry Givens Smith & Sistrunk is no more a P.C. in the State of Georgia than I am an M.D.

What happened to Larry Neal and what role does The Cochran Firm play in or for the government? Asking that question may get you followed, waylaid in neighborhood businesses while deprived of police assistance, stripped of your First Amendment rights to free speech and free press. If you dare to ask it, here is a link and an email address:


USDOJ eMail:


Terrorism by sources unknown after lawsuit against Johnnie Cochran Firm

American Family Under Seige for Inquiring About Brother Who Died in Government Custody


Vidoes issued for protection after Mary Neal's stalking events and denial of emergency 911 police services occurred on September 27, 2008 - exposing the fact that the law office purported to be The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office denied that identity in Georgia Sup. Ct. (notice the video threat posted in response about the nice woman who is deceased).

Video issued on YouTube by The Cochran Firm Atlanta office Feb. 17, 2009 (after USDC Judge Batten gave the firm summary judgment on Feb. 9, calling everything the law firm did to defraud the Neals "immaterial.")

(After I published Cochran Firm Fraud 1 and 2, the law firm apparently hurried and published its own Cochran Firm 3 to break up my numerical order, I suppose. How about this? Cochran Firm Fraud 3.1 )


To see the Neals and supporters' request the USDOJ to do its job regarding the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal and the conspiracy of fraud that followed, see these petitions:

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(This petition is open for signatures and/or viewing petitioners' signatures and comments.)


To see some of the illegal stalking and drama I endure, read the police report at this link:


Cochran Firm Fraud Continues Unchecked by the Courts



Cochran Law Firm Beset by Changes
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Special to the NNPA from WAVE Newspapers
LOS ANGELES (NNPA) — A change has come over Johnnie Cochran’s law firm, which Los Angeles’ Black community has loved for lo, these 43 years — and not necessarily a change for the better. Longtime attorneys and staffers who help build the Cochran legacy are gone and have not been replaced, and White people are occupying leadership positions in his law firm that did not exist before he died March 30, 2005.


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