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Joseph Jason Fights for His Son

Mary Neal
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September 28, 2014, 4:50 a.m.

Mr. Joseph Jason
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
Criminal Justice Advocacy for the Mentally Ill - Board Member

Re: Cyberstalking Charges for Your Mentally Ill Son, who has Asperger Syndrome

Dear Joseph:

I am deeply sorry that your sick son was given a 45-year-sentence for writing two emails and making a few phone calls that frightened the recipient. You are absolutely right to assert that his sentence is because of his mental illness. It is usual and customary to overly sentence mentally ill Americans. We fight to decriminalize mental illness at AIMI, but I find your son's case particularly compelling. 

Joseph, I have been victimized by cyberstalkers and in-person harassment since 2008. I have sought help from the local police department, the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, the U.S. Attorney's Office, the USDOJ, attorneys, as well as civil and human rights organizations. Proof is not the issue. I have uploaded cyberstalking films at YouTube, and I delivered discs full of cyberstalking evidence to many of the parties named above and to media companies. My computer security system has even caught the IP addresses of some of my cyber stalkers, but no officials will acknowledge my right to exercise free speech and freedom of press without being terrorized and harassed.

Some of the online terrorism included turning the "www." in my Care2 links into the word "primate," and making my links lead to the photo of a huge, black gorilla. At Yahoo Mail, I was forced to look at a homeless, diseased dog each and every time I worked there. This was intended to mock my poem "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill." At Care2, I was subjected to continuous terrorism, including a coffin ad and an empty lethal injection table with my name underneath it. I sent the lethal injection bed marked "Mary Neal" to United States District Court during our lawsuit against The Cochran Firm, but Judge Batten said nothing about my constant terrorism.

I am followed all over the Internet by stalkers who censor what I type as I publish. They sometimes add invisible codes after my links to prevent my readers from reaching the targeted data. Sometimes when family members visit from out of town, the stalkers take control of my computer and show a picture of the type vehicle they drove in fatal accidents. In fact, twice when I published articles they did not want published, a close family member was immediately involved in a hit-and-run accident. One of the most frightening cyber terrorism pictures was grown men holding little children's heads in toilet bowls and flushing.

Detective Miller, of DeKalb County Police Department, said they would do zero about my cyber terror and in-person stalking. She said those are not crimes. Much more has happened since I started advocacy to decriminalize mental illness - horrifying things that are so disturbing that I hate thinking about what my family and I endure.

I could not sleep tonight after reading the two messages you published that your son wrote. You say they will cause him to spend 30 years of his life behind bars. I find it outrageous that your son must spend 45 years under the supervision of such people as those who have terrorized and followed me online and in person without any accountability for six years. Your son's two phone messages were:

Message #1:  “This message is for Cynthia Courter. My name is Fred Thomas. I’ve been sending you emails (to an account that you do not use anymore) and would like you to respond back to me. If you can’t respond back to me, I really hope that I don’t have to send your office some really, I don’t know - embarrassing information, perhaps. So if you can just write back to me and answer my questions that I’ve asked for you, I’d really appreciate it. Bye.”

Message #2: “Yeah, Cynthia Courter, you need to text message me or us email me or seething cause I’m really getting angry and I’m going to tell your employer all your dirty information, all your secrets, and if you think you’re going to be really embarrassed you should respond back to me. Bye.”

Sometimes when I publish an article the stalkers find objectionable, they ring my phone and an angry female voice screams at me in either Chinese or Spanish. Other times, they play ads for home security companies, etc. Their terrorism is hateful and illegal, but nobody will make them stop.

Do you want to know what the cyberstalkers sent to my mother's phone, Joseph? They sent pictures of their penises one night when I told them theirs must be small to enjoy terrorizing older women like my mother and myself. Compare that to the messages your son left. Stalkers followed my grandson and me six miles and waylaid us at the neighborhood Chevron station for over an hour one night while we waiting on 911 emergency responders who never came. I later learned that police have no constitutional obligation to protect citizens. No police responded to our 911 call or gave any explanation whatsoever until we contacted our congressman and senator. That was one of numerous instances when we were followed. I finally had to give up driving, Joseph.

Joseph, your son is obviously being persecuted for his mental illness and Asperger Syndrome, because I was told cyber terror is not a crime when I complained. Of course, one must consider that my elderly mother and I are African Americans. Perhaps that is why terrorists are allowed to interfere with our phone calls, emails, radio shows, and articles. We dared to ask, "What happened to Larry Neal?" That was my brother who had paranoid schizophrenia and was murdered while under secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003. Trying to get justice for Larry Neal and decriminalize mental illness for 1.25 million other Americans brought the wrath of prison investors in government against us, Joseph. 

If it were not so late, I would link some examples of my cyber terror and audio recordings of my telephone denying me the right to make a call (they play a Verizon message). There are times when I find it easier to write about these horrible crimes - my illegal imprisonment. You can see some samples online. Google "Mary Neal cyberstalking" or "Mary Neal CoIntelPro." Lots of samples are in my "Justice Gagged" blog at .

I am glad you are appealing your son's case. Please feel free to use my letter and evidence at my blogs and on films at  I have many more videos, also. I don't know how I will be punished for writing to you, Joseph. Police actually came to my home and threatened me never to tell people about the crimes we endure. Atlanta police threatened me with Tasering and arrest for talking to people about The Cochran Firm fraud against African Americans and my brother's secret lynching.

I shared your video at 
May God bless you, your son, and all families experiencing mental health crisis. Unfortunately, the greatest crises for families with mentally ill members come the injustice system itself, which seems determined to use our mentally dysfunctional relatives to boost prison profits.

Mary Neal, Director
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI)

Joseph Jason speaks for his son and others.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Texas Justice in Black and White: Killing Cops Serving No-Knock Warrants

Innocent people who hear home invaders do not expect SWAT to be conducting raids on their homes. Citizens are often killed as they attempt to defend themselves and their families. But police conducting no-knock warrants are sometimes killed instead. According to The Free Thought Project, this happened on Friday, May 9, 2014, just after 5:30am in Killeen, Texas. Marvin Louis Guy was the target of a no-knock raid. The officers were looking for drugs, yet none were found in the home. There was some questionable paraphernalia, but nothing indicative of drug dealing or anything damning enough for a reasonable person to feel the need to take an officers life.

The same thing happened in December 2013 to a Caucasian Texan, Henry Magee, when he and his pregnant girlfriend heard invaders in their trailer home in the pre-dawn hours. His case was dismissed by the grand jury. Let's see how the black Texan fares. See "SWAT Officer Killed Serving No-Knock Warrant"

Should African Americans have the right of self-defense? Should black people own guns? Is it ever excusable for a Caucasian to be shot and killed by an African American? Or are blacks to forever be on the receiving end of violence? "Hands up! Don't Shoot!"

More about Marvin Louis Guy's case is at The Free Thought Project: "Prosecutor Seeking Death Penalty for Officer Killed in No-Knock Raid"


Mary Loves Justice Neal
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Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Guinea Ebola education team missing

Guinea’s national Ebola education team believed to be abducted or dead
Guinea villagers reportedly attacked a team of medical experts who were dispatched to teach them how to prevent the spread of Ebola virus. Villagers apparently believed the disease is being spread by healthcare workers. Raw reports:
MaryLovesJustice or phone (678)531.0262 or (571)335-1741

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ready for Ebola and Depop Vaccines?

"CDC to Hospitals: Prepare for Ebola"

Just as "Tiebreaker" predicted in 2008 at Yahoo Answers, we now have immigrants flooding the border, and here comes the infectious disease. "Tiebreaker" is a pseudonym for someone who wrote this:
"hypothetical situation, might help me in smaller matters - say your the leader of a country. it flourished for awhile but its fallen into desperate times. the population is growing very rapidly. the amout of babies being born is at the highest rate its ever been and immigrants are flooding into the land. the food is extremely scarce and if it keeps up you'll go bankrupt. the people would literally have to eat each other to survive. you have the option of enforcing a vaccine that would ultimately weed out the weak and leave the strong ill, but alive. this is your only option to survive ... what choice do you make? is it more morally correct to ensure a few some survival, or to not cross the line of inhumanity at the cost of everything... in this instance the strong will get better, life will go on but with a dramatically reduced populace. the question remains .... " ~Posted by Tiebreaker in 2008 at the Yahoo! Answers link below:;_ylt=AmRl5awFrZ8Dyr0ZSODlVcYjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20080523180155AAkrOyb

The Economic Policy Journal and many other sources report that the USA holds the Ebola patent.

Publication number: US20120251502 A1
Publication type
: Application
Application number: US 13/125,890
PCT number: PCT/US2009/062079
Publication date: Oct 4, 2012
Filing date: Oct 26, 2009
Priority date: Oct 24, 2008
Also published asCA2741523A1, 4 More »

See the latest news about the Ebola virus in the USA at 11alive:

By the way, I was NOT allowed to publish Tiebreaker's comment at Google+ when I tried. I wonder why?

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

FEMA, Katrina, and You

1. Katrina happened between Aug. 23 and Sept. 3, 2005. This is the 9th anniversary of a catastrophic emergency caused by a category 5 hurricane that displaced 90 percent of New Orleans residents and killed approximately 1,883 people. Many people never recovered. FEMA was criticized for its slow response.

2. See CAMP FEMA - AMERICAN LOCKDOWN embedded below and at YouTube link In looking for information about Katrina, I found the documentary embedded below (CoIntelPro moved it, and I replaced it). The fact that FEMA's stated purpose in the documentary is to "maintain the existing social order," like CoIntelPro, is objectionable to me as a black woman and a Christian. Probably because I am a black woman and a Christian, they also object to me.

3. No acceptable explanation for the delayed response after Katrina victims was given. Hundreds of people who lived through the initial storm perished needlessly. I sympathize with families who suffered loss. My own demands for accountability regarding the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal, my mentally, physically disabled brother, have also been denied. The government has a duty to protect the rights of citizens, especially Americans with disabilities, but my inquiries were met with censorship. The censorship and persecution I experience increased as I began advocating for other mentally challenged people as well as condemned prisoners and inmates who appear to be wrongfully convicted.

4. The present social order being maintained is extremely class conscious and racist. This is proved by America's prison population, which is overwhelmingly comprised of people who are black, brown, red or poor whites. But most alarming is the fact that 1.25 million of America's prisoners have mental illnesses. Furthermore, mentally dysfunctional citizens comprise over half of the nation's police violence victims and 60 percent of the inmates in torturous solitary confinement, said to be roughly 80,000 people.

5. I perceive violations against an individual's human and civil rights as problems that should be resolved, without regard to persons' race, ethnicity, and their socioeconomic or health status. That is why I founded and direct ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL. It is time to decriminalize mental illness and restore community safety by treating sick people timely instead of awaiting crimes to excuse arrests (to enrich prison investors). Therefore, AIMI will take the USA before the United Nations on behalf of untreated mentally ill people whose denial of treatment led to long-term homelessness, mass incarceration, brutality, and many avoidable deaths. Google "AIMI vs. USA" for more information.

6. AIMI vs. USA claimants will meet in telephone conferences on the first weekend of each month until the "AIMI vs. USA" Complaint is filed in International Court. Claimants demand financial restitution for long-term homelessness, brutal lunacy arrests, patient abuse, prisoner torture (including long-term solitary confinement), and wrongful deaths, among other avoidable conditions that erode the quality of life for mentally ill citizens and people who love them. 

7.  Claimants also include a class of people who were victimized by untreated mentally ill or drug-addicted persons who were denied timely psychiatric treatment or treatment for drug/alcohol addictions. Learn more about "AIMI vs. USA" by conducting a search for that initiative.

8. The phone conference to join claimants in "AIMI vs. USA" in International Court will be the first weekend in every month at 9am Pacific time, 10am Mountain Time, 11am Central and 12 noon Eastern. Beginning dates: September 6 and September 7.
Phone: (347) 857-3293 at Blogtalkradio
You can also connect with the conference at
Dial-in Number: (605) 562-0020 Meeting ID Code: 992-212-650.
Recordings are saved online at RSS (line break, please CoIntelPro)

Hear the most recent recording of AIMI's telephone conferences at (605) 562-0029, Meeting ID Code: 992-212-650

9. I am sorry that my advocacy to decriminalize mental illness puts me at odds with so many immoral, wealthy and apparently dangerous people, but nobody should be secretly arrested and murdered by his government like my disabled brother was. No one should be mistreated under the color of law like individuals in Dog Justice blog at
Mandela was correct. He said:

10. The documentary CAMP FEMA: AMERICAN LOCKDOWN explains my persecution and censorship. I have been trying for a decade to CHANGE the present social order into one where there is "liberty and justice for ALL." Meanwhile FEMA seems to exist in part to "continue the present social order." Therefore, my right to exercise free speech and freedom of press is a matter of contention for white supremacist elitists and their Confederate black soldiers in the government. They are very racist. Nevertheless, I continue.

11. Doing advocacy for "the least among us, His brethren" is not optional for Christians or for anyone who values freedom. I believe that Americans must embrace the principles in the Declaration of Human Rights, the U.S. Constitution, and inherent in the biblical admonishment to treat others as we wish to be treated. As we near election day 2014, it seems more important than ever to elect local and national officials who embrace those principles.

12. One never knows when documentaries like "Camp FEMA: American Lockdown" might become unavailable online. The producers offer the opportunity to purchase a copy, saying:

13. "Camp FEMA: American Lockdown - FULL MOVIE. Please support the film makers and purchase a DVD. Recent legislation attempting to legitimize the use of internment camps to detain U.S. citizens in the event of an uprising or civil unrest has many people asking what nation they live in. In a country born out of political dissent, we watch our leaders in Washington slowly pass bills that label ordinary Americans as thought criminals and potential domestic terrorists for simply questioning the actions of their government."

14. It is a mystery how so many black people were induced to become CoIntelPro agents with the agenda of "maintaining the existing social order." Observing how blacks were treated during Katrina demonstrates what the social order is at present. Mind control must be possible.

15. See more photographs from Hurricane Katrina at this link.
This article should contain 15 numbered paragraphs, 6 links, 5 photos, and an embedded video (which CoIntelPro removed once - it should appear after paragraph 2).

Mary Loves Justice Neal 

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Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Judge Anderson vs. Michael Morton: Wrongful Conviction

I looked for my article below in the blog called "Human Rights for Prisoners March" and could not find it at first. I decided long ago that my readers really need the information that cyberstalkers go to lengths to hide. America wrongfully convicts 5k to 10k people per year, mostly people who are black or poor. It keeps them throughout their childbearing years to use them as slaves and for eugenics (to prevent population growth among "undesirable" populations of people, such as blacks). Around the time when people would normally retire, the injustice system may finally admit its mistake and release a few a year. That way the public is convinced the system really cares about innocence, although it does not. That's the game - eugenics and slavery and pretension.

Micheal Morton was not black, and he might not have been poor at the time of his wrongful conviction, which shows that wrongful convictions can happen to anyone who is not a millionaire.

Former judge Ken Anderson, a psychopath

Huffington Post reported on November 8, 2013, that for the first time ever, a corrupt prosecutor was going to jail. "Today in Texas, former prosecutor and judge Ken Anderson plead guilty to intentionally failing to disclose evidence in a case that sent an innocent man, Michael Morton, to prison for the murder of his wife. When trying the case as a prosecutor, Anderson possessed evidence that may have cleared Morton, including statements from the crime's only eyewitness that Morton wasn't the culprit. Anderson sat on this evidence, and then watched Morton get convicted. While Morton remained in prison for the next 25 years, Anderson's career flourished, and he eventually became a judge."

Anderson defrauded Texas taxpayers of approximately $782,150, the approximate cost for Morton's incarceration (the Vera Institute of Justice released a study in 2012 that found the average taxpayer cost in the 40 states it assessed was $31,286 per inmate per year). Although the former judge and prosecutor was sentenced to merely 10 days behind bars for his crime, he was fined $500 and must do 500 hours of community service. Most importantly, Anderson lost his law license. One might assume that Anderson will now face a lawsuit by Morton. See photographs and a thorough explanation of the case in an article that features the entire Morton legal team at "Legal Victories" blog where we report positive legal news

In addition to unethical prosecutors, some forensic labs are responsible for wrongful convictions. reports that 180,000 cases will require review, because of one government chemists' deception and another chemist's corruption at Hinton laboratory in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. The Annie Dookhan deception continues to unfold. Dookhan was a government chemist who tampered with thousands of cases, creating fake “evidence” that caused the imprisonment of countless innocent Americans. Dookhan worked as a chemist for the State of Massachusetts, and she had close relationships with prosecutors. These prosecutors were able to successfully convict innocent Americans because Dookhan would taint the evidence, resulting in career boosts for the prosecutors while innocent men and women were torn from their families and locked in cells.  Kate Corbett, who worked in the same lab as Dookhan, claimed that she had a “chemistry degree” from Merrimack College, but she did not. (See two urls below that lead to reports about this tragedy.)

So many inmates have proved their innocence and been released from prison that prison investors in Government decided to stop levying criminal charges. Concentration camps are being prepared now for possibly millions of Americans to be warehoused without any criminal charges or opportunities for defense. Indefinite detention without trials in the United States was authorized under the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) - approved by Congress in November 2011 and signed by President Obama on New Year's Eve that same year.

Even without NDAA, tens of thousands of innocent people are in prison, because the Supreme Court never recognized Americans' right to have post-conviction DNA tests or new trials on late-arriving evidence. In fact, there is no obligation for prisoners to be released because they present evidence of "actual innocence." Innocent inmates are released now and then just to give the impression of fairness, but most inmates serve their sentences whether innocent or guilty.

Some have not considered that people are in custody from the time a police officer says, "Halt." Many prisoners never make it to a jail cell but are killed during arrests. Those deaths are usually excused altogether or ruled "justified" upon investigation, regardless of the circumstances. There is no information available about how many of the police victims each year are black, white, middle class, poor, healthy, or mentally ill (police do not shoot wealthy people). Most Americans do not know that inmates in the United States are subject to brutality and murders behind bars with no accountability demanded.

It surprises plenty of people to learn that over half of the country's inmates are incarcerated for nonviolent offenses such as possession of small amounts of illegal drugs. Most people are unaware that the U.S.A. has 1.25 million mentally ill inmates. The mentally ill in America used to be treated in mental hospitals or community care programs until the rise of the private prison industry. Now people with brain disorders are warehoused in prisons after denying them psychiatric treatment, and they comprise 60% of inmates in solitary confinement torture.

Some never considered that America has more prisoners than any nation in world history at a staggering cost. The federal government and states spend over $74 billion per year to incarcerate 2.3 million people (roughly $200 billion when including collateral costs: police investigations, prosecution, and indigent defense). Added to that tax money is the cost of caring for minor children and aging parents prisoners must leave behind. The high prison population also causes unemployment among "free" people. Americans were never told that many of their jobs that were "downsized" never left the country but were outsourced to prison labor projects. Over a million inmates work up to 72 hours a week without job benefits for pennies a day or for free.

It has been estimated that between 5,000 and 10,000 wrongful convictions happen in America each year (see the link to the study below among nine(9) references). Some of the innocent people are on death row and others are in solitary confinement today - years after their imprisonment. Most Americans care about security but object to wrongful convictions and wrongful executions. We certainly oppose psychopathic district attorneys and corrupt forensic labs railroading innocent people into prison to increase private prison profits and advance legal careers. Since it is understood that most Americans would object to enslaving innocent people, this information is largely censored.

Americans' mass ignorance about its justice system is no accident. Mainstream media does not fully inform about these situations, and millions of people do not use the Internet, or they do not use it to become knowledgeable about these matters. American officials have been accused of working with corporate executives against the interests of the People. The truth is that America itself is a corporation, and its elected and appointed officials are her "executives." I am greatly censored to prevent spread of the truth: America is still a penal colony, and all working class and poor people are essentially her prisoners.

Most of this country's officials do not seem to care if prisoners are innocent or guilty of doing anything illegal or immoral. It may not matter whether the nation's prisons are behind bars or have "work permits" like you do. We must serve the empire either as taxpayers, military personnel, or prisoners. The officials' job is simply to manage the penal colony we know as America, contain dissent, and continue to move people from the slave pool into active slavery through the legal system. If possible, officials try to prevent the People from knowing that we are all, in fact, considered property. The People are distracted from this truth partly by oppressors who encourage disunity through classism, racism and politics. The concentration camps under NDAA are for the day when misinformation becomes ineffective and distraction becomes impossible.

1.  For the First Time Ever, a Prosecutor Will Go to Jail for Wrongfully Convicting an Innocent Man

2.  Ken Anderson vs. Justice for Michael Morton

3.  10,000 Wrongfully Convicted People Per Year, Study Estimates
See a study showing America's high wrongful conviction rate by C. Ronald Huff, (614) 292-4544; . Written by Tom Spring, (614) 292-8309

4.  City’s Annual Cost Per Inmate Is $168,000, Study [by Vera Institute of Justice] Finds

5.  The Price of Prison in Texas

6.  How much does it cost to keep someone in prison (Wiki Answers)

7.  "NDAA 2014," by Huffington Post


Thanks for participating in the "Human Rights for Prisoners March" across the Internet to demand respect for all people. 

Human Rights for Prisoners March 

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Mary Neal, director
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Repeat of paragraphs 1 and 2:  I looked for my article below in the blog called "Human Rights for Prisoners March" and could not find it at first. I decided long ago that my readers really need the information tha1t cyberstalkers go to lengths to hide. America wrongfully convicts 5k to 10k people per year, mostly people who are black or poor. It keeps them throughout their childbearing years to use them as slaves and for eugenics (to prevent population growth among "undesirable" populations of people, such as blacks). Around the time when people would normally reitire, the injustice system may finally admit its mistake and release a few a year. That way the public is convinced the system really cares about innocence, which it does not. That's the game - eugenics and slavery and pretension. Micheal Morton was not black, and he might not have been poor at the time of his wrongful conviction, which shows that wrongful convictions can happen to anyone who is not a millionaire. See Morton below on the right, and his corrupt prosecutor who became a judge on the left.