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Twitter Defenseless Against Anonymous Attacks

ADVOCATES, please don't invest much time at Twitter.  It is absolutely defenseless against cyberstalkers.  (9 links in this article) USA Today stated, "Some companies threatened by online action [by Anonymous and Operation Payback], such as Twitter and are considered less vulnerable because of their many defenses." I find it damn strange that Twitter is considered strong on security since 11,000 of my tweets were deleted from Twitter on 12/3/10, and I suffer cyberattacks there daily. Before the latest Twitter attack on my First Amendment rights, CERTAIN of my tweets would disappear that dealt with certain subjects, especially if they were addressed to officials in an independent political party. Twitter is so inept that it is unable to recover my tweets - or that is what I am intended to believe about this latest censorship. At twitter, I am Koffietime -

Frequently, my tweets were positioned to register from 1 to 3 hours back to minimize exposure to my followers. Who looks at the tweets that posted three hours before? Here is a video showing Twitter Censorship –  - I have dozens of videos proving that my input is censored daily at Twitter to hide government corruption, secret murders, lawyer fraud, conspiracies against justice in courtrooms, the intentional criminalizing of mental illness to benefit prison owners and investors (incl. Justice Department decision makers, past and present), and other abuses of power. See my blog for more information.

My followers list is trimmed regularly, especially to eliminate black followers and people from other countries who are interested in reading my tweets about HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES IN THE USA. Authorities wish to hide my brother's secret arrest and lynching in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003, which the government refuses to investigate and prosecute -  - They also want to contain info about The Cochran Firm Fraud (Google that). It is a COINTELPRO law firm that uses Johnnie Cochran's name and legacy to sign contract with black families after police violence, then use that position as the victims' or survivors' legal agent to actually reduce or eliminate payouts to their clients. The Cochran Firm works for the government behind its clients' backs in certain cases, and I assume they are paid out of our tax money. Even my own family members are NOT ALLOWED to follow me at Twitter. People and groups are regularly removed from my Twitter follower list, especially black people and groups.

If Twitter is actually impenetrable as USA Today claims, it must be that Twitter itself that is censoring me. I am followed across the Internet and in person - censored and terrorized - because I advocate for human rights for prisoners in domestic correctional facilities - people who are tortured and killed regularly like the War on Terror camp detainees were.

I have been a victim of the InfoWar for over five years at Twitter and numerous other major Internet sites, since I discovered mainstream news was enlisted to help cover-up my brother's murder and The Cochran Firm fraud against my family that followed it - to cover a conspiracy between the DOJ and Shelby County Jail that is in place to see that Larry Neal's death continue to be deprived of due process of law and that his family never recovers damages from parties responsible for his death and the MANY crimes that continue to happen to prevent disclosure to the public, especially to blacks. They also censor me to prevent families of mentally ill people across America from knowing about federal bill H.R.619. It was introduced by Rep. Eddie Johnson in January 2009 - a bill to resume Medicaid for inpatient psychiatric treatment. Medicaid was eliminated for mental hospitals in the 1970's specifically to render 1.25 million of America's mentally ill people into prisons where they comprise 1/2 of all inmates - TO ENRICH PRISON OWNERS AND INVESTORS - enslavement of the powerless.

I don't know whether 11,000 of my tweets were deleted at Twitter last week as retaliation against me for saying Wikileaks is not the only one that has an insurance network. I have many videos like the one showing my tweets registering an hour back that I have saved on discs and flash drives and given to trusted parties for safekeeping - especially since I was followed and accosted by a USDOT truck leading four other vehicles on Sept. 27, 2008, and called 911 but no police responded. It is ridiculous what these people will do to hide their conduct. Jailing Wikileaks' president on sex charges (for a broken condom!) is par for the course. They say it is a matter of national security, but why am I censored? IS MY BROTHER'S MURDER AND THE GOVERNMENT COVER-UP THAT ENSUED A NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE? IS MY ADVOCACY TO DECRIMINALIZE MENTAL ILLNESS A NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE? Maybe my tweets "disappeared" because ANOTHER inmate in Memphis Shelby County Jail was killed last week, and they want to keep killing black men in custody in peace and quiet.

America has returned to slavery and the economy for many regions largely depends of continuing to imprison sick people and many non-violent offenders. See some more videos of Internet censorship used to stop my advocacy for human rights for American inmates and reduce my ability to notify Americans about other injustices at this link

I am GLAD to see support for freedom of press from Anonymous. We can't expect it from folks in charge of justice and upholding the Constitution.

USA Today article claiming Twitter is impenetrable:

Since they go through my tweets and delete the ones they wish to hide, and are prone to deleting ALL of them, here are a few about Twitter's woeful security that allows me to be censored so terribly and cannot seem to recover thousands of hours of advocacy work I loaded at that site.  They need to pay me for that.  Before you read the tweets, here is some good news:

UPDATE 3/18/2011 --- Thankfully, my 11,000 tweets showed up again in February 2011, but then 37 of the Georgia inmates who were perceived leaders of the prisoners' work strike went missing! If it ain't one thing in the End Times, it's another.  Lord have mercy!  

Wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, dead fish and birds, authorities turning mean as HELL, worldwide economic crisis, pestilence, and in March 2011, SIGNS IN HEAVENLY PLACES!  See link: 

Get right w/ God!  Stop being so mean.  Jesus is coming, and He is no infant this time.  Having bunkers in the Midwest won't save wrongdoers.

@Wikileaks SAD NEWS: @Twitter has NO DEFENSE against cyberstalkers. Proof: VIDEO -

15 minutes ago via web

@BIG_GOV Economists admit globalization means U.S. workers' earnings will = China Africa & India. Kicker is YOUR RIGHTS WILL BE FLATTENED 2.

16 minutes ago via web

@blackvoices @vlu77 @_GOOGLE_ No need 2 film mo proof of CENSORSHIP in the USA. My 11,000 tweets deleted @Twitter proves cyberdogs R bigots.

18 minutes ago via web

@mashable I'll load mo videos of cybercensorship I suffered @Twitter so U can fix yo pitiful security b4 Anonymous finds out how F up U R

22 minutes ago via web

@vlu77 They may be giving PRISON STOCK to Internet companies now. Maybe that's why my 11,000 tweets "disappeared" from @Twitter.

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@Wikileaks One thing for sure is @Twitter has NO DEFENSE against cyberstalkers. Proof: VIDEO -

27 minutes ago via web

@Twitter Yo security SUCKS. Cyberdogs trim my follow list, deleted 11,000 of tweets, & VIDEO -

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@Twitter Shameful how much bigotry's happening online among YOUNG white folks. They won't let many blacks follow me @Twitter, even my family

30 minutes ago via web

@Twitter WHERE ARE MY 11,000 TWEETS? Why is yo "security" so weak re Mary Neal's input, huh?

31 minutes ago via web

@vlu77 ANOTHER murder in Memphis Shelby Co. Jail which the feds REFUSE to investigate

34 minutes ago via web

@BIG_GOV They deleted 11,000 of my tweets - many revealed murders in Memphis/Shelby Co. Jail, where another inmate was JUST MURDERED.

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@USATODAY They persecute #JulianAssange of #Wikileaks & anyone who publishes proof of USA crimes against humanity.

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@USAToday If @Twitter is impenetrable to cyberattacks, is Twitter itself CENSORING ME? –

about 1 hour ago via web

@USAToday If @Twitter was impenetrable like U say, WHERE ARE MY 11,000 TWEETS that were DELETED on 12/3/10? @Twitter is 2 inept 2 reload 'em

about 1 hour ago via web

@USAToday U are wrong abt @Twitter. It is absolutely defenseless against cyberattacks.

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Censorship 2 cover wrongful death of Larry Neal & Cochran Firm fraud inspire TAPS 4 1st Amendment

11:35 AM Dec 6th via web

It's the economy, stupid. ~ Bill Clinton campaign slogan

8:11 AM Dec 6th via web

@TallChicknVegas @nyulaw @JailedHumanity Reporting THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD is likely the main reason 4 my censorship

8:07 AM Dec 6th via web

@TallChicknVegas @nyulaw @JailedHumanity Deleted 11,000 tweets bcuz I asked WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL & ask 2 decriminalize mental illness

8:05 AM Dec 6th via web

@vlu77 Followers! Promise 2 forget U know they sent lewd photos of their penises 2 my elderly mom's cellphone so they'll put my tweets back!

7:57 AM Dec 6th via web

JUST PREVENTED FROM PUBLISHING THIS COMMENT AT CARE2 NEWS NETWORK in response to Just Carol's petition to pass Jodi's Law (Anti-Stalking Legislation) at the link below.

Thanks, Carol. I will support Jodi's Law (IF I don't get a DoS trying to sign it), but I must warn you that enforcement of anti-stalking laws depend entirely on who is being stalked and who is doing the stalking. Check online for my "Petition to Stop Censorship and Terrorism Against Mary Neal," for example. That petition was in the top 10% of citizens' submissions that mentioned H.R.645 in 2009, but my stalking online and in person is continuous and nortorious.

In fact, on December 3, 2010, cyberdogs deleted my THOUSANDS of tweets at Twitter to prohibit my free speech regarding our justice quest for Larry Neal and derail our advocacy to bring HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS inside American correctional institutions (especially the mentally ill). Unlike Microsoft, which recently restored HotMail emails for its members whose mail was deleted, Twitter ignores its responsibility to reinstate my tweets. My censorship is obviously condoned/facilitated or actually done by the the very authorities to whom We the People regularly address petitions for justice in America. Sad. See what's left of my thousands of tweets at Twitter, where I am Koffietime -

Note that "they" probably won't let you sign my petition if you try. People keep reporting to me that they get a DoS when they attempt to support the petition to end to my terrorism and censorship. For more information, Google "Mary Neal Censorship" or "Mary Neal Gangstalking." Visit my blog for interesting articles about the loss of First Amendment and other rights in America

Blessings to you, Carol, for continuing the good fight for justice.

Mary Neal

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