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Mary Neal Not Allowed to Protest in Atlanta

(21 paragraphs, 14 links.  Links do not open in a new window. Read all before opening links, or use your back arrow to return to the blog.)   GOD LOVES JUSTICE, and so do I.  Justice for my physically, mentally disabled brother's secret arrest and murder was denied in courts, and news of his murder and the lawyer fraud my family suffered was screened from mainstream news.  Therefore, I started blogging about it online, where intense cyberstalking and censorship are used against me to prevent public disclosure about the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal.  These crimes are allowed by the government.  That made it necessary to go out and picket to let people know about acute mental patients like Larry.  Roughly 1.25million sick people are wrongly imprisoned rather than treated for being sick, and some of them have no criminal charges whatsoever.  Some of them are killed every year, like Larry was - either during lunacy arrests or after incarceration.  Larry and hundreds of thousands of other mentally ill people were turned out of hospitals in the 1970's, and sick people of all races suffer and die.  Matthew 25:36-40 shows that God will judge us by how we treat the least among us, His brethren.  Although it is dangerous to stand for justice, on the solid Rock I stand.  All other ground is sinking sand. 

Most Christians believe human rights will deteriorate worldwide and human suffering will reach extreme levels before Christ returns. That is no excuse for apathy. We are to love one another and do the Father's business until the end. I continue although I understand that the Cochran Firm protects police departments when police officers kill minority citizens; and in turn, the media, police departments, and courts protect the unscrupulous lawyers from citizens protesting lawyer fraud.

In 2006, I checked with the Atlanta City Hall to see if citizens needed a permit to protest on city sidewalks.  I was told that was not necessary for small protests.  Right after Judge Shoob dismissed our lawsuit against the law firm that was under contract to be Larry's wrongful death attorneys, but used their position to facilitate his murder cover-up, several people and I met outside the Johnnie Cochran Firm and notified people about THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD (Google it).  We also interviewed people on video** at Olympic Park and other venues to let them know The Cochran Firm had been declared nonexistent in Georgia Superior Court to help the law firm dodge my family's lawsuit for lawyer fraud and deliberate malpractice. Public protests were still allowed last week in Atlanta.  On June 22, 2010, I met with about 100 other people at the Georgia Capital to show support for Troy Davis, who is on Georgia's death row for a murder I believe he did not do.  Today, I went alone to protest in front of the historic Candler Building downtown Atlanta, where The Cochran Firm's Atlanta offices are located (except when the firm is sued for lawyer fraud.).  After I had been on the corner of the Candler Building for about an hour today, Atlanta police car 29995 pulled up alongside me with two black officers inside.  Officer N. Sime told me I had to leave the public sidewalk. 

I said, "Officer, why must I leave the public sidewalk?"

Officer Sime replied, "Someone called 911 and complained that you were here."

I said, "Officer, I should not have to leave public property because someone does not want me here.  I checked with City Hall and was told public protests are allowed."

Officer Sime said, "Look, I told you to leave, and you will leave."  At that point both officers exited the police car and came on the sidewalk where I was.

I said, "I will leave officers, but you are violating my rights.  I have the freedom to protest on city property.  I am not blocking predestrian traffic and I am far away from the entrance to the building."

Officer Sime said, "No you don't.  You don't have any right to protest anything in Atlanta.  Now get your signs and clear out."

I expect the Constitution to be nullified one day soon rather than authorities continuing to chip away at the citizens' rights thereunder.  In case it had happened while I was in route downtown, and even if it had not, I immediately complied with Office N. Sime's request that I cease and desist from protesting against the Johnnie Cochran Firm fraud.  I certainly did not want to be Tasered to death by police like two other Georgians were recently.  I hope the police do not act ugly like that when I picket the United States Department of Justice later this summer in Washington, D.C.  I am very disappointed that Attorney General Holder investigated Micheal Vick's dogs' deaths for the NFL, but he will not order an investigation into Larry's murder in a jail that was already under federal overview for abusing inmates in 2003 when Larry died.  The nation's priorities are out of order to value dogs more highly than men, including handicapped people.  Please see my poem requesting DOG JUSTICE at this link:

I will upload the photographs of my protest at a later time.  One sign said, "FOX5 HATES BLACKS AND CENSORS NEWS," and another said, "JIM CROW MEDIA."  I am not allowed to use my own PC at home freely, so the pictures will be uploaded from another computer.  Cyberstalkers are used to illegally censor my Internet input and sometimes block my going online at home. They put my PCs on their workgroup domain, then I lose the administrator's role over my own PC.  The censorship force controls my PCs through remote access, and my phone is tapped, also.  Once when I called a PC service company to do a wipe clean and re-install for my PC, my phone call was intercepted and the man who came put even more malware on the computer, Michael Moon.  (See my article "HOME INVASION" for that story).  Therefore, I have to leave home and use WiFi services in public places.  It is frightening, because I am stalked in person, but in God I trust.  After I went online using WiFi at the DeKalb Public Library, I was bumped offline and had to use a library computer, which limits my time online.  Therefore, check this blog later for the photographs of Mary Neal's protest against The Cochran Firm's fraud and Fox5 News for helping the lawyers defraud elderly blacks in Atlanta.  All the news affiliates know that The Cochran Firm had itself declared nonexistent in Georgia Superior Court in 2006 to dodge my family's lawsuit for working behind our backs to help Shelby County Jail escape accountability for Larry Neal's murder.  However, the media will not warn minority consumers who go to that firm for legal services.   Who can order all news affiliates to censor news that one of the nation's largest plaintiffs law firms went to court and denied the existence of  its East Coast office?  As we enter the time of the New World Order, you will discover as I did that mainstream media, the government, and some private enterprises work together to defeat citizens' human and civl rights.

On the back of my sign saying  "FOX5 NEWS HATES OLD BLACKS AND CENSORS NEWS," I have my brother's website with the court documents carrying perjury by The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office under the DOCUMENTS tab at - In the New World Order, there are only two types of people - masters and slaves.  Only the elite are masters, so where does that leave you?  Masters in America, a/k/a "Pharaohs," do not accept being questioned about secret arrests and murders of people in the "slave class" like Larry Neal.  In fact, Shelby County Government refused to respond to our federal subpoena about how and why they murdered Larry, and the USDOJ refuses to respond to our Freedom of Information Act request, filed in May 2009, about the agency's participation in Larry's wrongful death cover-up.  Why would the federal agency help hide his murder instead of protecting the rights of disabled Americans and institutionalized persons?  I ask, although I no longer expect a reply.  Masters do not answer to people they consider as being "slave class."  I only ask authorities why and how Larry was murdered under secret arrest so that others in the slave class can be warned how far citizens' rights have spiraled downward - for minorities and handicapped people first, but healthy, middle class whites will catch up soon.

Most Christians believe human rights will deteriorate worldwide and human suffering will reach extreme levels before Christ returns. That is no excuse for apathy. We are to love one another and do the Father's business until the end. I continue although I understand that The Cochran Firm protects police departments when police officers kill minority citizens; and in turn, the media, police departments, and courts protect the unscrupulous lawyers from citizens protesting lawyer fraud.

Although I usually warn people about The Cochran Firm fraud online, I decided to go downtown in person to because I happened to see a Cochran Firm commercial on FOX5 News early this morning.  I had asked FOX5 to stop advertising The Cochran Firm.  The commercials target elderly black people, offering The Cochran Firm's legal services to help seniors ascertain Social Security benefits.  I know that The Cochran Firm has no respect whatsoever for elderly black people.  My mother was 80 years old when the law firm defrauded her into signing a contract for legal services after my handicapped brother was secretly arrested and murdered by Memphis/Shelby County police - a contract The Cochran Firm never intended to honor, but pretended to be doing legal work for 10.5 months while Tennessee's statute of limitations ran.  When time was up on the statute, our lawsuit file was empty.  We are denied any records or explanation about the circumstances of Larry's death, and my mother has ongoing nightmares about the ways he might have died - taser? restraint chair? starvation?  It is wrong to treat an elderly, grieving widow that way.  God sees.  (I invite you to read my poem, "MAMA" online.)  My mother was 82 when we first sued The Cochran Firm for lawyer fraud - holding our case inactive and to save the police, our intended defendants. Kathryn Johnston was 92 when former Atlanta police officers killed her in the nation's worse no-knock warrant case and tried to cover up her murder by accusing her of selling drugs.  Officers reportedly handcuffed the elder as she lay dying from six of over 30 bullets they sprayed into her home.  The Cochran Firm contracted to represent that elder's family, but I am certain they also got defrauded.  That happened six months after the firm was declared nonexistent in Georgia.  Because of censorship, Ms. Johnston's survivors did not know that the Cochran Firm works with police to prevent or limit damages paid to minorities after deaths by police and probably in other matters.

When I met with Amensty International members and others at the Georgia Capital on June 22 to support Troy Davis, many of the people were white.  I suppose that is the problem I had protesting in Atlanta today.  I did not have any white people with me.  My mother reminded me that in the 1940's, black people needed a "pass" to go to town alone, and it had to be signed by a white person.  Since my brother was lynched in 2003 like black men were decades ago and questions about his murder are disallowed, I should ask the City of Atlanta if I can stand on the sidewalks downtown if some nice white person gives me a "pass." If a white friend gives me a "pass," perhaps I can go on city property and tell people about lawyer fraud, secret murders, media cover-ups, government corruption, and an excellent federal bill I support - H.R.619.  Passing that bill would save many mental patients like Larry Neal from lunacy arrests, and likely save some of their lives.  Sick people belong in hospitals or should be treated in their communities, not imprisoned and some killed because police cannot tolerate their mental disability.
**  Videos from our previous Cochran Firm Fraud protests are too long for my YouTube channel, so I will make them public some other way. Visit my YouTube channel to see real-time cyber censorship and evidence of gangstalking activity to prevent your knowing the truth

Laws against such crimes as police murdering black men and mental patients, lawyer fraud, conspiracy to cover-up murders, and laws protecting citizens' rights are very much like the warnings on cigarette packs.  They are there, but generally ignored.  I have given up thinking that there is justice for "slave class" citizens like the Neals in America's courts when justice would be exacted at cost to well-connected elitists like those at The Cochran Firm and the Department of Justice officials who helped to cover up Larry's murder.  Now I write to warn Americans it is time to WAKE UP, PLEASE.  Things seem to be changing in the wrong direction. 

I am censored, as you will see by reviewing some of my videos at - I add new videos whenever I can use a PC that is not controlled via remote access, so check my YouTube channel often.  Would you help by forwarding articles in this blog to your friends or online groups?  I felt bad that I had not done more to warn people about The Cochran Firm fraud when Ms. Kathryn Johnston's family signed contract with the firm six months after Judge Shoob declared there was no Cochran Firm in Georgia.  I know Americans can no longer rely on the media to inform us about news we need to know, and there is no telling how much longer any Americans have to use the Internet "freely."  Free speech took a couple of hits this week.  If you did not read about them already, see this article: 

Supreme Court:  Free Speech Depends on What You Say

Thankfully, we have still Google, some independent news companies, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media to use to communicate.  Some of us use them on a more limited basis than others, because of illegal cyberstalking.  Help is appreciated from those of you whose civil rights were not yet deleted because authorities fear you will write about government corruption.  Use the index on the left margin of this blog to access the articles herein.  Thanks in advance for your help.  See the petition below to see why your assistance is needed.  ~This is a petition for open disclosure, equal justice, and my freedom from terrorism to hide my sick brother's murder in police custody:  - I don't think "they" will actually let you sign it, but you can TRY.  That way, you will learn how far your own free speech rights go.

Please follow me at Twitter, where I am Koffietime  - Get more information about ongoing violations aginst my family's civil rights to protect The Johnnie Cochran Firm and officials from public exposure at my Google profile:  - Sharing this news with your friends could help millions of mentally ill Americans and their families.  They are the only people imprisoned for public displays of their health disabilities.  Please support justice by asking your representatives to pass federal bill H.R.619.  It is a congressional bill that was introduced in January 2009 by Rep. Eddie Johnson (D-TX) to resume Medicaid insurance for mental hospitalization.  It costs substantially less to treat mental illness than it does to arrest sick people and hold them for lengthy prison sentences after crimes that could have been avoided by timely treatment.  Learn more about the bill, and please VOTE for H.R.619 at this link -


Mary Neal

Assistance to the Incarcerarted Mentally Ill



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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dying Liberty, by Mary Neal

DYING LIBERTY, by Mary Neal 
a 21st Century Slave Song (all rights reserved)

Rights you declare are over now
Beginning with sick folks
We arrest and kill who we want
The Bill of Rights' a joke

When it comes to certain Americans
The Constitution's dead
Especially for the black and poor
Get that fact through your head

Damn the Freedom of Information Act
An act is all it is
We answer only what we choose
Which is zero for Larry Neal

We have a terrific asset 
In the Johnnie Cochran Firm
Cointelpro lawyers from coast to coast
Many secrets they do learn

Lawyers can hold down settlements
And eliminate a few
When policemen kill minorities
That is what they do

In Nazi Germany, the mentally ill
Were the first to go
It still seems a good starting place
Any reason to change it? No

We've started with the least
And will work up the social chain
We hesitate during election time
Then resume again

When the camps are ready 

Everyone will know our plan
Until they're built and fully staffed
Can't let you tip our hand

So we remove your emails
And prevent you loading your films
Americans who learn what we did to Larry
Preview our plans for them

We take over your computers 
And hack your telephones
To limit the number of people you tell
Their civil rights are gone

Civil rights are gone.


Update January 11, 2015 - This poem was published years before NDAA was introduced, which allows American citizens to be placed in concentration camps without criminal charges or any opportunity for trials. "Dying Liberty" was written before ignoring the Sixth Amendment to do extrajudicial assassinations against Americans was legal.  I could see by the secret arrest and murder of my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal, and the denial of due process of law his death engendered that civil rights were disregarded for him and his family. I knew it would only be a short while before fascism spread. Sorry to say I told you so. At this date, gross civil and human rights abuses are still limited primarily to people of color and the nation's homeless and mentally ill population, but fascism is spreading fast.

References in eight(8) links
Mary Neal's website - Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

Nazi Extermination of the Mentally Ill in Germany and USA

USDOJ and Bureau of Prisons Refuse to Answer FOIA re Larry Neal's Murder Cover-up

Dog Justice for Mentally Ill

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Supreme Court: Free Speech Depends on What You Say

(Article contains 25 links).  On June 23, 2010, the United States Supreme Court issued a ruling that "permits Congress to make human rights advocacy and peacemaking a crime," according to David Cole, of the Center for Constitutional Rights.  See a New American article below that explores the ramifications of the High Court's ruling.. 

I have complained for years about censorship and an illegal cyberwar to prevent my freedom of press and free speech rights. Pharaohs in government, including the judiciary, who are prison owners and investors hate my human rights advocacy to decriminalize mental illness.

My Internet usage is curtailed, I am stalked in person, and no one in authority will enforce my right to ask WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL  and my right to advocate for 1.25 million mentally ill Americans who were wrongly imprisoned rather than treated timely to avoid crimes. My right to advocate for justice reform and to warn others about The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm fraud has been attacked online for years.  News about Larry's murder and the fact that The Johnnie Cochran Firm was ruled nonexistent when my family sued the firm for fraud in Georgia is censored in the media.  I had to publish news about Larry's death and his family's victimization by the unscrupulous law firm myself.  Many of the independent news services online carry news that is under-reported or blocked in mainstream news reports.  Therefore, there is an effort to control the Internet.  It is called an info war.

I use online services to reach hundreds of thousands of people with the news and to advocate to decriminalize mental illness and honor prisoners' human rights in keeping with Hebrews 13:3.  The Internet is used by many other people to publish under-reported or censored news and to advocate for causes they want to support.  However, another development regarding the First Amendment occurred on June 27. Congress is deciding whether to give the president's office the power to shut down the Internet under Senate bills 773 and 778. 

The federal bill to decriminalize mental illness - H.R.619 - is also censored. Restoring Medicaid under Title XIX of the Social Security Act as the federal bill provides would hurt prison profits, and many in the media are also prison investors. To decriminalize mental illness and increase psychiatric treatment options would directly, negatively impact the personal investment portfolios of many decision makers.  Please visit Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill at - It is an online advocacy group I founded to help end discrimination against mentally challenged Americans, the only class of people who are imprisoned for public displays of a disability.  Members' efforts to communicate online suffer frequent cyber attacks.

IT'S YOUR TURN NOW!   Apparently, you are no longer allowed to advocate freely for human and civil rights in the USA, or you may be sent to a FEMA center. Remember that federal bill H.R.645 is pending in Congress - the bill to erect six concentration camps in America for Americans. So if authorities secretly arrest and kill your family member and refuse to apologize, release records, or explain his death, like they did my mentally and physically disabled brother, you must pretend not to notice the empty chair at your dinner table. 

Right now, the restrictions the High Court placed on free speech seem to regard criticizing war.  However, prisoner activists and others human and civil rights activists also experience difficulty.  In November 2009, students at Northwestern University were targeted by the district attorney's office because they gathered evidence to help wrongly convicted inmates prove their innocence.  Eventually, there may be serious consequences for advocating for any human rights effort. Eventually, intedpendent news organizations, the people at Amnesty International, the Innocence Project, Human Rights Watch, Death Penalty Information Center, and many other human and civil rights organizations might be joining millions in the unemployment lines eventually, since human rights advocacy may become grounds for terrorism charges in the land of the free, home of 2.3 million prisoners. 

Prosecutors seek Northwestern journalism students’ grades,northwestern-journalism-grades-subpoena-110809.article

11/8/09 (AP) - A Northwestern University professor and journalism students who spent three years investigating the case of a man convicted in the 1978 killing of a security guard believe they have evidence that shows prosecutors put the wrong man behind bars. But in the quest to prove his innocence, they may have to defend themselves, too.

Cook County prosecutors have outraged the university and the journalism community by issuing subpoenas to professor David Protess seeking his students’ grades, his syllabus and their private e-mails. It’s a first for Protess and his investigative reporting students, who have helped free 11 innocent men from prison, including death row, since 1996. Their work also is credited with prompting then-Gov. George Ryan to empty the state’s death row in 2003, re-igniting a national debate on the death penalty.
Paying cyberstalkers to interfere with freedom of press online to prevent human rights advocacy (which interference I record) is expensive and taxing, so the attack is now against the First Amendment, itself. 

Many Christians and people in other religions see it as their duty to speak against wars and all human rights abuses. Jesus Christ was himself a conscientious objector, a/k/a the Prince of Peace. He requires that His church be His body in the earth. For instance, Every Church a Peace Church is an anti-war movement by Christians of different denominations. Visit  - Restricting free speech also abridges the free practice of religion. Many people attend anti-war protests, exercising their right to peaceful assembly. It would appear that such anti-war protests could be outlawed. Thus, in one stroke, the Supreme Court has attacked free speech, free press, religious freedom, and the right to peaceful assembly. This seems unfitting for guardians of the Constitution. In keeping with the First Amendment, it was not Congress that passed a law to restrict free speech, but the High Court. Trust lawyers to find a loophole. I wonder what part of the Constitution will go next.

I hold that the only people "terrorized" by the truth are miscreants who condone human rights violations and plan to proliferate same. 
Supreme Court Tramples Free Speech

Written by Alex Newman - Wednesday, 23 June 2010 - The New American

In its zeal to support “anti-terror” rules without regard to the Constitution, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 6-to-3 this week to uphold criminal penalties for peaceful political speech, prompting strong criticism from civil-liberties groups and humanitarian organizations.

By leaving intact a legal prohibition on providing “material support” to organizations the government disapproves of — which under the court’s ruling includes advice on how to file human-rights complaints and negotiate peace settlements — critics say the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has been shredded.

“We are deeply disappointed. The Supreme Court has ruled that human rights advocates, providing training and assistance in the nonviolent resolution of disputes, can be prosecuted as terrorists,” said Center for Constitutional Rights attorney David Cole. “In the name of fighting terrorism, the Court has said that the First Amendment permits Congress to make human rights advocacy and peacemaking a crime. That is wrong.”

In a press release, the group expressed concern that the government could even prosecute organizations or individuals writing opinion pieces for newspapers or filing court briefs in support of an unapproved group.

The case, Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project, began over a decade ago when Congress passed a bill criminalizing any “material support” for “designated” terror organizations selected by the Secretary of State. Lower courts had found the statute vague and unconstitutional. But the Supreme Court disagreed.

The hearing basically revolved around a coalition of aid groups challenging the congressional authority to ban peaceful political speech. The groups wanted to continue teaching organizations on the State Department’s list of designated “foreign terrorist” groups, like the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, how to pursue their political goals through non-violent means, file claims with international bodies, settle disputes without force, and other similarly peaceful objectives.

Other plaintiffs wanted to provide humanitarian assistance in a part of Sri Lanka that had been devastated by civil war and a tsunami. But the area was ruled by the Tamil Tigers, which is also considered a terrorist group by the State Department.

And so, the Supreme Court said no. "Such support frees up other resources within the organization that may be put to violent ends," Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in the majority opinion. The Obama administration called the statute one of the most important tools in fighting terror.

More than 80 groups are on the government’s “terrorist” list, including political parties and movements of varying persuasions, some blatently fitting the terrorist description, others not so clearly so. And so, for now, any and all support for said groups — even speech — could be considered criminal and punished by years in jail, according to critics of the ruling.

“The Court’s decision confirms the extraordinary scope of the material support statute’s criminalization of speech. But it also notes that the scope of the prohibitions may not be clear in every application, and that remains the case for the many difficult questions raised at argument but dodged by today’s opinion, including whether publishing an op-ed or submitting an amicus brief in court arguing that a group does not belong on the list is a criminal act,” said CCR Senior Attorney Shayana Kadidal, who served as counsel for the Huminatarian Law Project in the case.

“The onus is now on Congress and the Obama administration to ensure that humanitarian groups may engage in human rights advocacy, training in non-violent conflict resolution, and humanitarian assistance in crisis zones without fearing criminal prosecution,” he added.

Some have speculated that even former president Jimmy Carter could now be prosecuted for his work, and he agreed that it was possible. “We are disappointed that the Supreme Court has upheld a law that inhibits the work of human rights and conflict resolution groups,” Carter said. “The ‘material support law’ – which is aimed at putting an end to terrorism – actually threatens our work and the work of many other peacemaking organizations that must interact directly with groups that have engaged in violence. The vague language of the law leaves us wondering if we will be prosecuted for our work to promote peace and freedom.”

The American Civil Liberties Union also criticized the decision in a press release. “Today's decision is disappointing and inconsistent with our First Amendment position,” said Melissa Goodman, staff attorney with the ACLU National Security Project. “The government should not be in the business of criminalizing speech meant to promote peace and human rights."

The New York Times also blasted the decision in an editorial, saying “the ideals of an earlier time were eroded and free speech lost” in the first case to test the limits of the First Amendment against “national security” since the attacks of September 11. Other papers also criticized the ruling.

In his dissent, which he read out loud in the court room, Justice Steven Breyer raised similar concerns. "Not even the 'serious and deadly problem' of international terrorism can require automatic forfeiture of First Amendment rights," he wrote.

“What is one to say about these arguments — arguments that would deny First Amendment protection to the peaceful teaching of international human rights law on the ground that a little knowledge about ‘the international legal system’ is too dangerous a thing; that an opponent’s subsequent willingness to negotiate might be faked, so let’s not teach him how to try?” Breyer added. Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg also rejected the government’s argument.

As Thomas Eddlem pointed out in an article for The New American, the court’s decision, reported on the front page of the Washington Post alongside an article about U.S. taxpayers financing the Taliban in Afghanistan, is ironic and hypocritical.

“The real irony of the front page of the Washington Post for June 22 is that while the United States military continues to provide financing for the same terrorist enemy [Taliban] that is killing American soldiers on an almost daily basis, the Supreme Court has ruled that private citizens cannot provide guidance for terrorist organizations (even organizations which are not threatening Americans) to turn from their paths and find non-violent ways to address their sometimes legitimate gripes in the political realm,” Eddlem wrote.

In another attack on the decision, writer Walt Thiessen at Nolan Chart commented on the Orwellian overtones of the ruling, which, he notes, “effectively creates a new class of people: Unpersons. These are people who have the temerity to disagree with U.S. government's designations of certain persons and groups as terrorists,” he noted. “The ruling effectively makes it a crime to attempt to make peace with such people. It eliminates, from a legal perspective, the basic human rights of anyone who disagrees with the U.S. government. In effect, such dissenters become Unpersons.”

Ralph Fertig, the president of the Humanitarian Law Project, said the group would continue its work advocating peace, “but we do so with GREAT FEAR.” After reading the court ruling, he concluded that “this is a very dark day in the history of human rights.”

The federal government has already made clear who it considers the biggest “domestic terror” threat: “right-wing extremists” who support gun rights, sovereignty, the Constitution, proper border enforcement and other “right-wing” causes. So while some may agree with the court right now, this ruling could set a dangerous precedent where groups accused by the government become “indefensible,” as people cower in fear of criminal sanctions even for offering support via speech.

When the Founding Fathers wrote the First Amendment — "Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech" — what they undoubtedly meant was that Congress literally should make no laws abriding the freedom of speech. This ruling upholds a statute which is clearly in violation of the Supreme Law of the Land, so it is to be hoped that Congress will rectify the situation now that the Supreme Court has clearly failed to do so.


Self-defense is reasonable and necessary.  But at risk of 15 years imprisonment for complaining, I do not agree that America should bomb other nations in the absence of preemptive force,* and neither should leaders of other countries be hanged for killing their own citizens while U.S. citizens are killed by police officers and their families denied judicial recourse.  I do not know much about international affairs.  I do know that Larry Neal, my brother, was a U.S. citizen, and the United States will not explain his secret arrest and murder nor release any records about his death.  Neither will the Department of Justice hold anyone accountable to answer why the harmless, lifelong mental patient was arrested and how he died.  My mother awakens with nightmares nearly every night about the different scenarios under which Larry may have been exterminated in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003, but the Department of Justice and Bureau of Prisons refuse to respond to our Freedom of Information Act requests.  Furthermore, the lawyer fraud by The Cochran Firm we suffered in our quest for open disclosure and justice was ruled "immaterial" by the United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia in 2009.  The judge's dismissal prevented the case from going before a jury, which is another constitutional right many Americans are denied.  Sophisticated online censorship and in-person stalking my family endures because I write about how Larry and other mentally ill people are treated equal 21st century cross-burning on our lawn.  Since the government decided that Larry Neal's lynching deserves no explanation because he was a Negro (2010 U.S. Census term), that needs to be made clear to all mnority citizens, including those in military service, starting with some of Larry's family members.

If Larry's murder under secret arrest seems appropriate to U.S. officials because he was a lifelong mental patient, then millions of families of all races need to be warned that mentally ill people are considered expendable and unworthy of basic human and civil rights.  This is evidenced by the fact that 1.25 million mentally challenged Americans are behind bars and comprise 60% of the inmates in solitary confinement, when they should either be in hospitals or treated in their communities, depending on their ability to function and their offenses.  If citizens are considered expendable because of their race and/or health status, then I seriously question our leaders' morality and judgment to such an extent that it seems highly inappropriate for them to make decisions about human rights offenses in foreign lands.


I'm not going to stop human rights advocacy because of this Supreme Court ruling. I was likely already targeted for FEMA camp internment since I do not plan to take any mystery vaccines or submit my body to be microchipped.  In fact, I was told my name was on a "watch list" years ago when I started writing articles to decriminalize mental illness, stop wrongful convictions, eliminate the death penalty, and ask WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL?_______

by Mary Neal (all rights reserved)

Elite white people and black people done got together against little people
And they imprisoning 'em and waterboarding 'em and executing 'em

Elite white people and black people done got together against little people
They lay 'em off, make 'em bail out banks, laying railroad tracks to concentration camps**
**Google for H.R. 645, the FEMA center bill proposed by Alcee Hastings in January 2009, a black congressman from Florida.

Below is a partial list of my advocacy articles, which I will continue to write, not merely to criticize, but to ask for improvement.

*Never Any Evidence Tying Iraq to 9/11, Says Former VP Cheney

Come with Me to Golgotha! by Mary Neal

PETITION: Stop Censorship and Terrorism Against Mary Neal


After Kathryn Johnston's Murder

VIDEOS showing real-time cyber censorship to prevent human rights advocacy in America

Internet Censorship Protects CRIMINALS in Government

MY Flag, MY Country! by Mary Neal

New World Order, Anyone?

Congressional Apology for Slavery - Acceptance Pending

American Family Under Seige for Inquiring About Brother Who Died in Secret Government Custody


A Plea for Free Speech, by Fredrick Douglass

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Citizens Police, My New Neighbors and Yours

(21 paragraphs, 14 links (incl. signature block)) When I was a child, I used to watch old movies after school.  The Early Movie show that came on at 3:30 p.m. presented black and white films with some of Hollywood's greatest actors and actresses.  Many of the movies had a patriotic theme and portrayed America's role in defeating Nazism during World War II.  One thing I learned watching the movies was that Hitler had lots of citizens police - people who reported on their neighbors to the Third Reich.  The Germans talked in whispers in their own homes, especially if they were sympathetic to the plight of mentally ill citizens or Jewish people, who were being rounded up and murdered by the government.  Now America has its own force of citizens police.  Thousands of Americans are compensated to help satisfy the government's quest to know everything about everyone.  I suspect that some citizens police not only monitor Americans, but they may also used for gangstalking, monitoring and/or taking over citizens' computers through remote access, and other objectionable activities.  Google "citizens police," or use this link:  Why does America need so many citizens police?  What is happening or what is planned to merit covertly watching citizens?  Is something planned that the government knows many Americans will not agree with whatsoever?

Georgia's housing industry suffered during the economic downturn.  During 2008, numerous homes on my street were foreclosed.  My family was surprised that no "for sale" or "for rent" signs appeared in the yards of the houses that are appraised for $100,000 more or less.  Why were they preserved empty for months?  During the couple of weeks before and after Judge Batten, of United States Superior Court, dismissed our lawsuit against The Johnnie Cochran Firm, all the foreclosed homes on our street suddenly filled with new occupants who already seemed to know each other.  The court deemed it was "immaterial" for The Johnnie Cochran Firm to defraud my family to withhold accountability by Memphis Shelby County Jail, although the firm was under contract to be Larry Neal's wrongful death attorneys. That seemed strange.  During that court process, intimidation against my family intensified.

After being followed and accosted on September 27, 2008, by a USDOT truck and four other vehicles (two of which had drive-out tags), I decided to record license numbers for the new neighbors.  Many of them also had drive-out tags.  Some had tags that read "GOV."  I noticed that when I published articles at (usually after much interference), the lights would go on at my new neighbors' homes and they would go back and forward to each other's houses - even at 4:00 a.m.!  Whenever we open our front door, there is always a neighbor standing in his/her driveway looking at our house - even in the winter.  The man across the street from us used to back his truck into his driveway at night, seemingly so that he could watch our house out of his windshield during sleet and hail.  Later, he moved and a new group of people came.  Within days of their arrival, a large USDOT truck made deliveries to their house.  Do USDOT trucks make deliveries to your neighbors, too?  If not, try writing articles about justice or the lack thereof.  If you write it, they will come.

For around a year and a half after my most horrowing stalking experience when DeKalb County 911 police did not respond to my emergency call, my elderly mother and I stayed home for safety.  We are persecuted for asking why Memphis police were allowed to secretly arrest and murder my mentally, physically ill brother without having to account for his death and because I write articles that expose THE JOHNNIE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD (Google it).  We had many episodes of computer takeovers (via remote access), gangstalking, etc., even at our home.  Recent VIDEO:  Stalkers outlined my yard in paint; then helicopters stood still overhead  My elderly mom was so unnerved by the helicopters sent to intimidate us that she said, "ARE THEY GOING TO BOMB US NOW FOR ASKING ABOUT LARRY?" It was an incredible day. We had company (a witness) that day like we did the day a lethal injection bed with my name underneath popped out at me while I was working at Care2, and the witness wrote an affidavit attesting to the cyber terror, which I filed in USDC in the Neals v. The Cochran Firm case. Plus I filmed the helicopters and audiotaped the loud roar of the helicopters' engines while still inside my room. They were so loud while standing still over our hose that it felt like the house was shaking.

Today I checked the homes that house our new neighbors with the DeKalb County Tax Assessor's office.  I was not surprised the records confirmed our suspicions about them.  Most of them are listed as "9 - Public Utility or Government," and others were listed as "H - Sales to/from Bank."  The people in the tax assessor's office were surprised, because banks usually sell foreclosed homes.  Question:  Do citizens police pay rent, or do they live free for services rendered? 

I do not believe the citizens police are on my street just to take over my computer via remote access, monitor visitors at my home, etc.  Another neighbor, John, told me about people stealing his garbage.  John said his security camera captured footage of a culprit stealing garbage that he and other neighbors had on the curb for pickup.  John puts his trash on the curb at night, because the sanitation trucks come early.  John told me that the next morning when he drove down my street, he recognized his own trash at the curb of another house. John said he could easily recognize his trash because he used a clear trash bag and he also had several boxes that did not completely contain the things he was discarding.  John suspected the person was into identity theft.  While he talked about identity theft, I pictured citizens police sifting through neighbors' garbage to learn all they could about John and other neighbors. 

It saddens me that America reminds me of Nazi Germany - a place where thousands of mentally ill people and millions of Jews were secluded and exterminated.  There are 1.25 million mentally ill people imprisoned in the U.S. today.  I write articles to advocate for acute mental patients to be hospitalized or treated in their communities rather than imprisoned.  I protest my own handicapped brother's secret arrest and murder behind bars.  Visit my website at .  I alert citizens about eroding civil and human rights.  I believe the government should resist the impulse to use law firms to ascertain confidential information about citizens or to hold down settlements and awards due people who were wronged by police.  Consider this article: 

Alternet - February 8, 2008 -
FBI Deputizes Private Contractors With Extraordinary Powers, Including 'Shoot to Kill'

The FBI has a new set of eyes and ears, and they're being told to protect their infrastructure at any cost. They can even kill without repercussion. Today, more than 23,000 representatives of private industry are working quietly with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. The members of this rapidly growing group, called InfraGard, receive secret warnings of terrorist threats before the public does -- and, at least on one occasion, before elected officials. In return, they provide information to the government, which alarms the ACLU. But there may be more to it than that. One business executive, who showed me his InfraGard card, told me they have permission to "shoot to kill" in the event of martial law.

InfraGard started in Cleveland back in 1996, when the private sector there cooperated with the FBI to investigate cyber threats.  InfraGard is "a child of the FBI," says Michael Hershman, the chairman of the advisory board of the InfraGard National Members Alliance and CEO of the Fairfax Group, an international consulting firm.

"Then the FBI cloned it," says Phyllis Schneck, chairman of the board of directors of the InfraGard National Members Alliance, and the prime mover behind the growth of InfraGard over the last several years.

In addition to America having large numbers of citizens police disbursed in residential neighborhoods and the FBI working through private enterprises (including law firms), the FBI is also making friends on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, according to a recent MSN report at this link:  

When did Americans get so awful that 2.3 million of us are prisoners, 1 in 30 are either incarcerated or parolees or probationers, and the rest of us have to be watched so closely?  Militarized health care would certainly have millions of dissidents.  See the article at this link:

H1N1 Pandemic: Pentagon Planning Deployment of Troops in Support of Nationwide Vaccination - Militarization of public health in the case of emergency is now official, by Michel Chossudovsky

Writing against my brother's secret arrest and murder* plus my articles against enforced vaccines apparently put me on watch lists and probably generated homes and jobs for citizens police.  See this link:

Tens of thousands of "dissidents" who object to enforced vaccines signed petitions by Amnesty International and Citizens for Legitimate Government and other organizations.  See some of their comments and/or join them at this link:

Perhaps authorities plan something so objectionable that they perceive citizens police will be kept busy, so they are being put in place now.  Millions of people would object to being sent to concentration camps, as proposed under congressional bill H.R.645 -

People have talked about it for generations, but perhaps these really are the End Times.  See my article entitled, "End Game Reports" at this link:

Why not call your county's tax assessor's office and check to see which of YOUR neighbors live in "public utility or government" houses? 

Have you considered the Rapture lately?  It may be later than we think.

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Mary Neal, truth teller, former director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, demoted to co-director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill - Cyber stalkers are paid to work against me at that site, while I do not get paid. I used to be director, but as the site grew in popularity and importance, cyber stalkers appointed by ? took it over. Sometimes I am not allowed to do any input at my own Care2 site. See "Mary Neal v. USA re Racism." Have any neighbors been appointed to you yet? If you do human rights advocacy, maybe you just didn't notice yet.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Conspiracy Against Neal Family's Civil Rights

Mary Neal - 678-531-0262 (Our phone is under Cointelpro-like control.  Incoming and outgoing calls are frequently prevented.  Changing phone numbers does not help.) E-mail me at .  This is a long story.  You may wish to take a shortcut and see some videos at my YouTube channel - censorship and terrorism to protect criminals in government:

We have hundreds of videos saved over a two-year period while cyberstalkers prevented my freedom of speech and press online.  I capture new video footage whenever I want.  All I have to do is try to publish anti-death penalty news or try to update my Google profile or update my Care2 page.   The cyberdogs come out barking!  They attack any messages about H.R.619 also.  That is the congressional bill introduced in January 2009 by Rep. Eddie Johnson to resume Medicaid for inpatients in mental hospitals.  Passing the bill would hurt prison profits.  My censorship is mostly done to prevent the public from knowing about The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm fraud, secret jail arrests and murders that authorities refuse to address judiciously, and to suppress my activism for human rights for prisoners - especially regarding mentally ill inmates, who number over 1.25 million in America.  I add new videos periodically, so visit my YouTube channel often.  Please share the information with others to help make equal justice a reality in this country.  We need your assistance overcoming censorship.  Three things America does not need are Cointelpro law firms, elected officials and judges who are private prison profiteers, and murderous police who are protected by the government.

Lawyer Fraud Against Clients to Protect Clients’ Intended Defendant,
Memphis Shelby County Jail, Regarding the Secret Arrest and Wrongful
Death of Larry Morris Neal; Conspiracy Among Lawyers, Judiciary, and USDOJ
to Deny Civil Rights

YouTube Videos: 
Cochran Firm Fraud Video 1

Cochran Firm Fraud Video 2

Many criminals try to escape prosecution by using an alias identity, but it seldom works, especially in court. However, The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm has been allowed in two courts to disclaim its public identity to avoid facing a jury after defrauding my family. “The Cochran Firm fraud” refers to the elaborate cover-up facilitated by that law firm to hide Larry Neal’s murder while he was under secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail for 18 days. It also refers to what I believe is a nationwide conspiracy to use that law firm to withhold justice to minority clients while giving the semblance of their rights being legally protected.  The Cochran Firm used its position as Larry’s wrongful death attorneys to protect the jail and deny Larry’s family’s right to due process of law. Larry Neal’s murder cover-up happened while Johnnie Cochran was terminally ill and after his death. More information is available in our website: Wrongful Death of Larry Neal at  and my FreeSpeakBlog at  and by visiting Mary Neal’s Google profile at  or by browsing for “Cochran Firm Fraud” online. Links to my radio interviews are at my Google profile. 

My 54-year-old disabled brother died on August 1, 2003, after 18 days of secret incarceration. The Department of Justice refuses to investigate his murder like Michael Vick’s dogs’ deaths were investigated, and news about Larry’s secret arrest and murder and the Cochran Firm Fraud is censored in the media. Over the last six years, censorship, cyberterror, and in-person stalking were and are used to prevent Larry’s family from notifying the public about these crimes. Proof has been collected on videos and in witness affidavits. Cyberterrorists are employed to curtail my ability to upload the videos at YouTube and my blogs. Some recipients of this information will receive discs and/or VHS tapes with videos thereon. Recipients are invited to share the videos widely to help Larry’s family break free of the shroud of secrecy that has been employed. Some people play the videos in their group meetings to show how sophisticated technology is used against Americans' freedom.  Presently, my family members are still monitored, persecuted and endangered for requesting records and justice for my brother’s secret murder in government custody and The Cochran Firm fraud that followed.

Larry’s social worker and family searched for him as a missing person for nearly three weeks during a heat wave in 2003, hoping to find the schizophrenic heart patient in time to administer his vital heart and psychiatric medications. Shelby County Jail lied repeatedly and denied having Larry under arrest during this period, knowing that he would die without his heart drugs. Like many acute mental patients who were released from mental institutions during the 1970’s, Larry had a lengthy history of arrests for misdemeanor offenses related to his mental illness, such as vagrancy, panhandling, and public nuisance charges. It is a regular part of arrest procedure to take fingerprints to identify persons being arrested. Considering Larry’s prior history with Shelby County Jail and Memphis Police Department, his family does not believe his secret imprisonment was accidental. Police did nothing to help find the lifelong mentally ill heart patient precisely because they knew exactly where Larry was while his family and social worker were misled long enough for Larry’s death to occur.  Larry was murdered simply because police were tired of their enforced roles as psychiatric caretakers for the chronic mental patient who was turned out of the mental hospital after 20 years. 

Lynching black men without accountability was a commonplace in America until the 1950s. However, Larry’s murder cover-up is a matter of ELITE INTEGRATION© (poem at end of this post). There appears to be as many African American conspirators involved in my unfortunate brother’s murder cover-up as there are Caucasians. Racial prejudice is certainly a factor in the matter, since no white family ever had a member murdered in secret government custody and then was denied arrest records or investigation. But despite the large numbers of African Americans in key government positions in Shelby County and Washington, the rights of abused and murdered dogs in the U.S. are deemed to merit justice while a black man's lynching is considered "immaterial."  Authorities believed it would be enough to censor this news in mainstream media, but I publish articles online about Larry's murder and the mistreatment of America's acute mental patients.  Pharaohs decided the thing to do was to censor my writing online and stalk me in person (if not worse). See this video of the cybercensorship staff's handiwork - my computer was sabotaged (via remote access) not to be able to print links:   )

My reports regarding Larry’s secret arrest and murder in a publicly-owned correctional facility and The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm fraud that followed as well as my stalking and censorship may not shock some readers.  Numerous people knew about such violations for a long time. However, I am one of those people who believed that African Americans had almost overcome. I believed that America was moving closer to its written ideal of freedom and justice for ALL, including rights for handicapped Americans. I believed that if people were victimized and the government did not address the problem, then the media could be counted on to expose the crimes. I was wrong on all counts.


Police knew that by denying Larry’s incarceration, they were preventing his access to vital psychiatric and heart drugs. Without his psychiatric drugs, Larry was prone to experience violent hallucinations and other psychotic episodes that were dangerous for one with a heart condition. Police were simply fed up with Larry and knew that they could kill him by denying him access to heart drugs. Larry’s family is not allowed to know if he was also Tasered, assaulted, placed in a deadly restraint chair or on a restraint table like Sean LeVert and Timothy Souders. There is such a thick shroud of secrecy about Larry’s murder that I sometimes wonder if he was used for waterboarding practice to train interrogation experts for Guantanamo and Gitmo. The Department of Justice was in overview of Shelby County Jail in 2003 after a lawsuit against the jail by the USA. Interrogation experts were given 80 hours of training for their gruesome work in War on Terror camps. Did the U.S. Department of Justice (“DOJ”) use African American mental patients like Larry Neal as torture subjects? What are authorities hiding? No laws regarding deaths of citizens in government custody or transparency in government are applied to Larry’s death. Why did The Cochran Firm risk its reputation to cover-up the circumstances of Larry Neal’s murder?

I am privileged to know numerous ethical attorneys as well as law officers who seem committed to upholding their sworn duty to protect and serve. Police officers and lawyers like those in The Cochran Firm and DOJ who conspired to secretly arrest and murder my brother and/or cover up the crime are atypical, I hope. It has been estimated that one in five Americans has some form of mental illness. Unfortunately, many people are sociopaths who are incapable of human compassion. It seems abnormally cruel to secretly arrest and kill a helpless, lifelong mentally ill heart patient and leave his elderly mother and other family members wondering year after year about the circumstances of his death. It is even more psychotic to actually persecute the dead man’s survivors for asking what happened to him. But isolation and murders of mental patients have happened before in human history.  Mentally dysfunctional people like Larry were Hitler’s first victims when he set out to create the “perfect Aryan race.” Such acts are illegal, but laws are meaningless without enforcement. Whereas America's justice system hands down sentences for imprisonment and death to defendants regularly for lesser crimes such as dog abuse, investigation and accountability are withheld in Larry Neal’s death precisely because the justice system itself is his murderer. The Cochran Firm defrauded my family to protect criminals in government. In turn, the court system protected The Cochran Firm from our lawsuits by allowing The Cochran Firm to deny its own existence in civil court.

My family’s victimization evidences the fact that elected officials, police officers, lawyers, judges, and the United States Department of Justice have and will unite to deny Americans’ civil and human rights – even the right to life.  We really have no way of knowing how far authorities will take it some day.  Will they continue to ignore the right to life for Americans on a person-by-person basis, or will our "leaders" call Martial Law some day and eliminate civil rights for all Americans?  Read, learn, and please share our story with others. This is a long, convoluted tale of murder, conspiracy, espionage, cyberterror, and government corruption that is summarized here. If you share excerpts from this document rather than the entire story, please always reference our website’s DOCUMENTS tab for evidence -


It was not generally known that Johnnie Cochran was terminally ill in 2003. He fell ill shortly after signing a partnership agreement with an Alabama law firm that envisioned using his trusted name to establish law firms throughout America. According to former Cochran Firm attorney, Shawn Holley, the new partners had the financial resources to build a nationwide law firm, they did not share Johnnie’s commitment to fight for clients’ rights. In fact, Holley reports that she and other attorneys and staff who had worked alongside Johnnie Cochran for many years were fired or forced out of the firm while Johnnie was sick or immediately after his death because they refused to ignore legal ethics and deliberately deliver inferior legal services to the firm’s minority clients. Listen to Shawn Holley’s National Public Radio interview online.  She was previously the managing partner of the Johnnie Cochran Firm's LA office - until Holley and other attorneys were fired or forced out of the firm for refusing to deliver substandard services to minority clients - . Some attorneys, including Holley, sued The Cochran Firm for racial discrimination and fraud after Johnnie died.

Within days of Larry’s death under secret arrest, The Cochran Firm contracted with my grieving elderly mother to represent Larry’s survivors as our wrongful death attorneys. But the law firm never intended to honor the contract. Julian Bolton, managing partner of The Cochran Firm’s Memphis office, was himself a Shelby County Commissioner, and the Shelby County Commission owns and operates Shelby County Jail. After signing contract with Larry’s survivors in a secret conflict of interest, The Cochran Firm held our lawsuit against the jail inactive for nearly a year (Tennessee’s entire statute of limitations), while pretending to prepare three lawsuits for trial. The Cochran Firm promised to sue Shelby County Jail for Larry’s secret arrest and wrongful death and file negligence lawsuits against the State of Tennessee and Larry’s final care home. Instead, the lawyers used their position as our attorneys to save Memphis police and Shelby County Jail from negative public exposure, possible criminal charges, and the necessity of paying damages regarding Larry’s murder. The Cochran Firm contracted to work as our legal agents but was firmly aligned with our defendants to work against the Neals’ interests.


As a consequence of The Cochran Firm’s fraud, ours is the first American family in the 21st century to have a member secretly arrested and returned as a corpse without explanation, with his survivors denied arrest records, a full autopsy report, or any investigation.  (Maybe your family can be second or third, unless there have already been more murders of sick people in families that do not use online services to report the human rights abuses.  Mainstream news will never tell - I am sure of that).  Laws regarding murder, transparency in government, and citizens’ rights are set aside when it comes to the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal. Requests for records under the Freedom of Information Act and federal subpoenas yielded no results in six years. Officials in Memphis and Washington, D.C. and federal court in Atlanta refuse to honor them to supply Larry’s family with responsive documents and information about his murder. The Cochran Firm entered contract with Larry’s survivors immediately after his mysterious demise specifically to prevent examination of Larry’s death. Although The Cochran Firm lied to Larry’s family (via U.S. Mail fraud) for 10.5 months about legal discovery the firm claimed to be conducting, the lawyers were really doing nothing while Tennessee’s 12-month statute of limitations to sue Shelby County Jail ticked away.  The law firm contracted with the Neal family precisely to prevent our finding honest attorneys who would have really sued Memphis Shelby County Jail and other intended defendants.

With only a few weeks to go before the end of Tennessee's statute of limitations, The Cochran Firm finally confessed its inactivity on Larry's wrongful death lawsuit against the jail.  The Cochran Firm knew it was too late for any other attorney to represent the Neals since the fraudulent law firm had done nothing at all to investigate or prepare the lawsuits.  It takes a month or more to have an executive named to a deceased's estate.  It takes at least that long again to ascertain and review medical, psychiatric, and jail records. Once all the records had been collected and evaluated and interviews conducted, our new attorneys would then need time to draft and file three lawsuits regarding Larry’s negligence, secret arrest and murder, including two lawsuits against government entities. No attorney could possibly do all of those things in less than one month that remained after we discovered The Cochran Firm had not done a single thing to honor its contract with Larry’s family. It can take a month or more to have Larry Neal’s mother declared executor of his estate. Since a lawsuit was planned against the State of Tennessee, we had no expectation that the process would be expedited for our convenience.

Thanks to The Cochran Firm defrauding its clients to protect police, we lost opportunity to sue Shelby County Jail and gain information needed for closure. Larry’s elderly mother still suffers nightmares about the different scenarios under which Larry might have died, including starvation, torture, and brutality. As a disabled African American, Larry’s murder by police is deemed unworthy of the investigative and prosecutorial effort demanded in dog abuse cases. My family is comprised of American citizens who are illegally denied any explanation or records about Larry's police murder, despite asking for records and accountability for six years. Why? Why was The Cochran Firm allowed to commit perjury in Georgia Superior Court and claim falsely that our lawsuit was served wrong because there is no Cochran Firm in Georgia? On February 17, 2009, after denying there was a Cochran Firm law office in Georgia State and in federal court, The Cochran Firm published a YouTube video advertising its Atlanta office to the whole wide world at this link:  .

Medical Examiners Also Lie Sometimes

Larry’s family discovered The Cochran Firm’s fraud shortly before Tennessee’s statue of limitations ended, but after it was too late for another attorney to contract with the family to do the legal work that The Cochran Firm pretended it was doing to represent us in three major lawsuits. Lawyers were interested in the case, but had insufficient time remaining on the statute of limitations to (i) have Hattie Neal declared the executor of her dead son’s estate and Mary Neal declared the estate administrator; (ii) request, receive, and evaluate Larry’s voluminous medical, psychiatric, and jail records amassed over a period of 45 years; (iii) find and interview witnesses to Larry Neal’s secret arrest and final incarceration in Shelby County Jail; (iv) demand, receive, and evaluate a full autopsy report on Larry Neal and possibly exhume Larry’s body to be autopsied by a medical examiner who was not already under federal indictment like Dr. O.C. Smith, Shelby County’s Chief Medical Examiner was. Within weeks of Larry’s death, Dr. Smith was indicted for staging his own kidnapping and confessing to lying about bullet trajectory in a capital murder case.  This was done in order to help a Memphis police officer avoid exposure for killing a fellow officer, according to Philip Workman, who was (wrongly?) executed in 2007 for the policeman's murder. See more about Philip Workman's possible wrongful execution at this link:  DID TENNESSEE EXECUTE AN INNOCENT MAN - PHILIP WORKMAN?

In addition to The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm, there are numerous other parties to the cover-up conspiracy surrounding Larry’s secret arrest and murder, which was the first of many crimes done during the past six years to maintain a shroud of secrecy. Larry’s mother and sister filed a lawsuit against The Cochran Firm for defrauding us of the opportunity to sue Shelby County Jail for Larry’s murder and learn how and why he was secretly arrested and murdered. The suit was filed in Georgia Superior Court on August 1, 2005. Our assigned attorney, David McLaughlin, and The Cochran Firm had no excuse for its fraud, and the firm could not face negative public exposure for treating a grief-stricken elder like my mother as they had done to protect police who murdered her son. Therefore, The Cochran Firm came up with the most unusual defense. Having no absolutely no defense against our allegations, The Cochran Firm claimed nonexistence! See pleadings under the DOCUMENTS tab at this website:

Our lawsuit was served to the Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office by Atlanta police officers. The Atlanta office of The Cochran Firm, which was the most prolifically advertised law firm in Georgia, declared in Georgia Superior Court that the law office which was served suit was actually a locally owned and operated law firm called Cochran Cherry Givens Smith & Sistrunk, P.C. (CCGSS, P.C.), which had no connection whatsoever with The Cochran Firm. Even more outrageous is the fact that Georgia Superior Court dismissed our lawsuit based on that perjury, while The Cochran Firm was within sight of the upper floors of the courthouse, open, operating, and advertising its services as The Cochran Firm every day.


The Cochran Firm has been allowed to escape facing a jury for defrauding Larry’s family because the deed was done to protect criminals in government, including in the United States Department of Justice (“DOJ”). Shelby County and the DOJ conspired together to cover up Larry’s murder along with Julian Bolton and The Cochran Firm. In 2003, Shelby County Jail was under direct supervision by the DOJ following a lawsuit against the jail by the USA for Section 1983 violations against inmates’ rights. Under the terms of the jail’s Agreement with Shelby County, all injuries and deaths were to be reported to the DOJ. In 2005, I requested from the DOJ a copy of the fatality report issued to the DOJ by Shelby County Jail related to Larry Neal’s arrest and death in that facility. The DOJ responded that it had not received any reports regarding Larry Neal from Shelby County Jail.

When I received confirmation from the DOJ that Larry’s jailhouse murder had been kept secret from the DOJ, my mother and I filed suit against The Cochran Firm in Georgia Superior Court on August 1, 2005. It was clear that Julian Bolton and The Cochran Firm had deliberately kept the Neals’ lawsuit against the jail inactive while lying to us about legal work that was not actually being done in order to save Shelby County Jail from negative exposure. Larry’s secret arrest and murder showed clearly that Shelby County Jail was in violation of its Agreement with the USA regarding (a) inmate intake procedures; (b) care for mentally and physically ill prisoners; and (c) inmate fatality reporting requirements.

Although I sent the DOJ proof of Larry’s secret arrest and wrongful death in 2005, the DOJ refused to investigate Larry’s murder or prosecute Shelby County Jail for its failure to adhere to its Agreement with the USA by reporting Larry’s murder under secret arrest in that facility. In November 2008, former Attorney General Gonzales was indicted by a Wallacy County, Texas grand jury for illegally withholding DOJ investigations regarding inmate abuse in return for kickbacks. The same scenario apparently applies to Larry Neal’s murder in Shelby County Jail.  Four U.S. Attorney Generals agreed that the Neal family will not have open disclosure about Larry Neal's jailhouse murder under secret arrest:  John Ashcroft, Alberto Gonzales, Michael Mukasey, and Eric Holder.  It was disappointing the DOJ under the present administration seems determined to continue its illegal murder cover-up instead of examining Larry’s death and bringing justice.  It took much planning to establish a nationwide Cointelpro law firm that represents (or suppresses legal representation) for minority clients while privy to privileged communication.  The Johnnie Cochran Firm misuses a name many minority and other disenfranchised people trust.  Its clients are mostly African Americans, but the firm recently opened some Latino offices.  In 2009, the firm represented Native Americans in a civil action.  In my experience, these clients may have their defendants as their attorneys like the Neal family did.

In 2005 and 2006, the DOJ and I exchanged correspondence regarding Larry’s secret arrest and death in Shelby County Jail. However, in 2006, the U.S. Government held court hearings to determine whether Shelby County Jail had abided by the terms of its Agreement with the USA sufficiently to gain a release from DOJ overview and the USA vs. Shelby County Jail lawsuit. Again, Shelby County Jail omitted giving any mortality report to the feds regarding Larry Neal. The DOJ knew about Larry’s unreported death, but it allowed Shelby County officials to enter perjury and fraudulent records (that omitted Larry’s secret arrest and death) into federal court proceedings to obtain release from DOJ overview and issued a release to the jail based on documentation and testimony the DOJ knew to be false.


The DOJ, Shelby County Government, and The Cochran Firm apparently induced others to join Larry Neal’s secret arrest and murder cover-up conspiracy, as outlined below:

1) The Cochran Firm had Judge Wendy Shoob, of Georgia Superior Court, to issue an Order to Dismiss the Neals’ lawsuit, stating that our lawsuit against The Cochran Firm that was served by Atlanta Police Department on The Cochran Firm’s office at 127 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Georgia, was wrongly served to a firm called “Cochran Cherry Givens Smith & Sistrunk, P.C.” (“CCGSS, P.C.”). The law office that called itself CCGSS, P.C. and the Court falsely claimed there is no Cochran Firm office in Georgia. The Cochran Firm widely advertised that very same Atlanta law office on television commercials, newspaper ads, phone books, legal referral services, MARTA (public transportation ads), public billboards, and the Internet, and that same law office represented itself to the Neals as being The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office prior to the our contract agreement for legal services. That means CCGSS was either being falsely advertised worldwide, or it committed perjury in court by denying it was the Atlanta office of The Cochran Firm.

2) Judge Shoob presided over another wrongful death case against Memphis Police in a change of venue case several years before “coincidentally” being assigned judge over The Cochran Firm fraud case. An unarmed citizen was shot and killed by Memphis police officers during a traffic stop. A change of venue landed the case in Georgia Superior Court where Judge Shoob ruled in favor of Memphis Police in that case, also.

Georgia Superior Court Clerk’s office is to assign judges to cases randomly. However, it appears that when police kill citizens (especially Memphis police officers), the criminal or civil cases are assigned to Judge Shoob.

Judge Shoob dismissed the Neals vs. The Cochran Firm case in May 2006 by granting a Motion to Dismiss that was filed by The Cochran Firm in September 2005, well beyond the 90-day limit for such dismissal. Supposedly, Judge Shoob’s late dismissal was based on the court clerk’s office having “lost” The Cochran Firm’s Motion to Dismiss and its Amended Motion to Dismiss. I had personally inspected Superior Court’s file on the Neals vs. Cochran Firm case and found it to be complete in order two weeks before receiving notification of the “lost” motions. Therefore, even if the clerk’s office did lose The Cochran Firm’s motion and amended motion to dismiss, the pleadings were lost after the deadline for Judge Shoob to have issued an Order granting said motions. Shortly after these events, Georgia Superior Court’s Clerk found herself financially able to resign from her job.

3) The Georgia Bar refused to take my complaint against The Cochran Firm for (a) defrauding my family as Larry’s wrongful death attorneys by pretending via mail fraud that legal work was going forward Larry’s cases while The Cochran Firm was secretly holding Larry’s lawsuits inactive. The Georgia Bar also refused to sanction The Cochran Firm for presenting itself in Georgia Superior Court as a firm wholly owned and operated within the State of Georgia called “Cochran Cherry Givens Smith & Sistrunk, P.C.” which disclaimed any affiliation with the national law firm known as “The Cochran Firm” or the Memphis office of The Cochran Firm. Surprisingly, there is in fact no such firm as “CCGSS, P.C.” registered in the State of Georgia, nor has there ever been.

4) The Tennessee Bar did take my complaint against the Cochran Firm attorney who was assigned to represent the Neals, super lawyer, David McLaughlin. But the Bar failed to sanction him for defrauding my family. When I sent electronic evidence to the Tennessee Bar proving that David McLaughlin had submitted fraudulent documents to the Bar regarding the Bar’s investigation , a Tennessee Bar employee violated the confidentiality of the investigation by discussing the case with friends and sharing the proof of McLaughlin’s guilt with her friends in other Tennessee government offices. McLaughlin threatened the Tennessee Bar about the breach of confidentiality, and the Tennessee Bar immediately dismissed the Neals’ complaint.

5) The Better Business Bureau refused to take a complaint from me against The Cochran Firm and warn Georgia consumers that the law firm advertised prolifically as being The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta, Georgia office disclaimed that identity in Georgia Superior Court.

6) Mainstream media, which I contacted regarding their commercials for The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office, refused to report that The Cochran Firm had been granted an Order to Dismiss the Neals vs. Cochran Firm lawsuit by disclaiming in Georgia Superior Court that the Atlanta law office where our lawsuit was served was correctly identified as The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office. I contacted all the major mainstream news affiliates with this information and sent proof of The Cochran Firm’s identity crisis and fraud against my family to cover up Larry’s murder. It is my understanding that only MARTA immediately discontinued carrying ads for The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office, but mainstream media continued. Most of America first heard the words “media bail-out” recently. I knew for three years that such a promise may have already been made, or reporters would have broadcast this major news.

7) The FTC and FCC accepted my report about The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office disclaiming its publicly advertised identity in Georgia Superior Court, but those federal agencies only issued a complaint number and took no further action to investigate or expose The Cochran Firm’s fraud and protect other consumers from lawyer fraud. It is not permitted for a law firm to hold itself out to be a professional corporation – “P.C.” – without being registered with the Secretary of State, just as I could not add “M.D.” after my name and start treating patients.

8) The Atlanta Journal Constitution, which is owned by Cox Enterprises, refused to accept my advertisement for other consumers who had contracted with the so-called Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office or shared privileged information with the firm with the belief that the firm that called itself “CCGSS, P.C.” in court to dismiss the Neals’ lawsuit was The Cochran Firm.

9) My reports about The Cochran Firm’s advertised Atlanta office denying its identity in court proceedings were sent to the American Bar Association, legal search engines and referral services. The Cochran Firm was not sanctioned by any of these, as far as I know.

10) United States Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigations did not respond to my letters to those agencies wherein I complained about (i) The Cochran Firm’s fraud to cover up Larry Neal’s murder in Shelby County Jail, (2) the law firm’s duplicity in using a false alias in kangaroo court proceedings to have our righteous lawsuit dismissed, and (3) computer interference on my PC that stated during that period.

11) My computer interference continues. Cyberstalking and censorship are used to prevent my using the Internet to warn other people about The Cochran Firm fraud and publicly complain about the media’s complicity in defrauding consumers. The media continued its commercials for The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office after receiving notice from me that those advertisements were declared false by the law office being advertised. The media misinforms the law firm’s clients and perspective clients so that minority people will continue to entrust their legal casework to a firm that denied its public identity in court. The Cochran Firm’s clients are overwhelmingly African Americans like the Neal family. Mainstream media answered, “So what?” and continued advertising The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office. The media refused to broadcast news about Judge Shoob’s Order to Dismiss or Larry Neal’s murder under secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail.

I became a blogger when it was apparent that mainstream media is complicit in the Larry’s secret arrest and murder cover-up and that the U.S. Government plans to permanently withhold investigation same. Police refuse to investigate illegal interference of my computer usage and my endangerment. I experience in-person stalking which police refuse to investigate despite the fact that I have affidavits by witnesses. I am also subjected to cyberterror and censorship through online stalking across the entire spectrum of the Internet. Therefore, I believe parties in the United States Government are facilitating the censorship, cyberstalking, and cyberterror that I have numerous videos to prove. The DOJ itself is a criminal in this affair, since the DOJ allowed fraudulent records and testimony (that omitted Larry Neal’s death) to be entered into evidence during the USA vs. Shelby County Jail release hearings in 2006. I perceive that parties using their positions to protect The Cochran Firm from the Neals’ lawsuit are actually protecting the DOJ from exposure. The DOJ had already suffered through several scandals during the Bush administration. Former Attorney General Gonzales resigned after the DOJ’s unjust hiring and firing practices were public. That was closely followed by news regarding the DOJ issuing orders to torture inmates in War on Terror camps and Gonzales’ indictment for taking kickbacks in Wallacy County, Texas for withholding DOJ investigations of inmate abuse.

Cyberstalkers and their employers now realize that I film and save proof of my censorship and terrorism. Therefore, they no longer allow me to use Internet in my home. They disable every computer I put online immediately. They then send stalkers when I try to leave home and use library computers or rent computer time from local businesses.


12) On November 21, 2006, six months after Judge Shoob dismissed Neals vs. The Cochran Firm, on false claims that the lawsuit had been wrongly served to a firm that was not a Cochran Firm office, 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston was murdered in a no-knock warrant case by Atlanta police officers. Angry African Americans filled Johnston’s yard for days after her murder, and it was announced that The Cochran Firm would represent her survivors against the Atlanta Police Department. I presented evidence to news media and civil rights leaders at NAACP meetings after Johnston’s murder that The Cochran Firm was complicit in covering up Larry Neal’s murder by police, and that the law office in Atlanta known as The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office had successfully denied that prolifically advertised identity in Georgia Superior Court. The next morning, all my car doors were open, the hood and the truck were up, but nothing had been stolen. The car was parked in my driveway. My family and I considered this to be a warning to stop telling people about The Cochran Firm fraud and Larry’s murder.

After The Cochran Firm contracted with Ms. Dozier, Kathryn Johnston’s niece, to represent her family regarding Johnston’s murder out of its “Atlanta office,” the Southern Christian Leadership Conference contracted with Atlanta Police Department to give police sensitivity training. I do not know what, if anything, other civil rights groups received in exchange for ignoring my news about The Cochran Firm fraud and Larry’s murder.

I read news reports stating that The Cochran Firm filed a civil action for mere negligence in Johnson’s murder in November 2007; however, the reports failed to name the court where lawsuit was filed. I protest Ms. Johnston’s family’s lawyers filing a lawsuit for “negligence” when the officers involved were tried and convicted for her murder after their cover-up conspiracy failed. If lawsuit was actually filed for Johnston’s relatives, it should have been for wrongful death, not negligence.

In 2009, Atlanta Police refused to release records about Johnston’s murder to Atlanta’s Citizens Review Board, and Judge Shoob was assigned to hear the case. Apparently, African Americans’ murders by police are cases reserved for Judge Shoob and/or The Cochran Firm, particularly if they are high-profile cases that could possibly erupt into violence. America has had no riots after police abuse or kill black citizens since Rodney King’s beating, thanks in part to the trust African Americans placed in Johnnie Cochran’s ability to exact justice. Cochran died soon after he formed a partnership with an Alabama law firm, and the trust that blacks transferred to the firm that still bears Johnnie Cochran’s name is obviously misplaced. My stalking is intended to prevent exposing that fact. The Cochran Firm now works with governmental entities behind its clients’ backs to prevent their lawsuits after police violence or to seriously limit the award the firm’s clients receive. I do not know whether the Cochran Firm also defrauds its clients in other types of legal matters.  Frankly, I would not be surprised if no lawsuit was ever really filed in Kathryn Johnston's murder. 

13) Julian Bolton, Esq., former managing partner of The Cochran Firm’s Memphis office (who created the secret conflict of interest in the firm representing the Neals in Larry’s wrongful death case against Shelby County Jail), was promoted by the Shelby County Commission to County Treasurer after The Cochran Firm prevented our lawsuit against Shelby County Jail. He was later promoted to Chairman of the Shelby County Commission. The Memphis office of The Cochran Firm merged with a Florida law firm, and Bolton was forced out of his position. Bolton unsuccessfully sued The Cochran Firm for fraud, alleging that he was not informed about the merger and was deprived of his partnership monies due. Bolton, who later ran unsuccessfully for a Tennessee congressional seat, is no longer with Shelby County Commission (officially).

Bolton is now a private attorney working out of the same law office that contracted to represent Duanna Johnson, a transgender victim of police brutality in Memphis Shelby County Jail who was later executed by an unnamed assassin. Johnson’s February 2008 beating by two former Memphis police officers was captured on video and broadcast across the world in June 2008. Johnson was likely unaware of The Cochran Firm’s secret role as police protector and Julian Bolton’s association with the Shelby County Commission, which owns and operates the jail where she was brutalized during intake by the two officers while other police personnel ignored her abuse. As happened in the Neals’ case, Johnson’s lawyers never filed suit on her behalf against Shelby County Jail. When short time remained on the statute of limitations for Johnson’s suit to be filed, she was murdered on November 9, 2008 – shot execution style a few blocks from her home by an unknown assassin.


14) At least three other Memphis residents who police considered “unacceptably different” like Duanna Johnson, a transgender person, and Larry Neal, a lifelong schizophrenic, were also murdered or abused by Memphis police officers and/or Shelby County jailers shortly after Larry’s murder. The attorney who filed federal lawsuits in those cases in 2005/2006 promptly had a heart attack after filing, and all three cases stalled. That attorney received a tip about Larry Neal’s murder in Shelby County Jail. The tipster suggested that that Larry’s death should be included in any class action suit the lawyer might have planned against the jail and Memphis Police Department for abusing and killing mentally ill inmates. After learning about Larry’s secret murder and perhaps making inquiries, the attorney was suddenly disabled and apparently discontinued pursuing justice in the three wrongful death and abuse cases he had previously addressed with zeal.

Posted on the web by Friends Of Braxton Moore at

Jannie J. Williams, surviving mother of Kelvin A. Williams, Deceased v. City of Memphis, et al. Filed 12/5/2006. This case involves the death of a mentally ill adult while in custody. The lawsuit claims, in essence, that Kelvin Williams was assaulted by police officer(s) while being taken into custody.  The brutality against Williams allegedly continued while the victim was in the back of an ambulance on the way to the hospital. Williams subsequently died of his injuries.

Willie Hester, Jr., by his next friend and mother Joyce D. Hester, and Joyce D. Hester v. City of Memphis, et al. Filed 7/3/2006. This case involves the shooting of a mentally ill adult by Memphis police. Hester was shot 21 times, some of the bullets entering his body from the bottom of his feet, and some from his buttocks. The lawsuit also alleges that Hester was not properly treated and medicated while at the Shelby County jail when Hester was transferred to the jail after three months in ICU.

Braxton Korvacea Moore, by his next friend and mother, Janie Moore, and Janie Moore, v. County of Shelby, et al. Filed 12/5/2006. This case involves the treatment, or lack thereof, of Braxton Moore, a 13-year-old retarded and mentally ill child who was imprisoned as an adult. The lawsuit claims Braxton was not properly treated, cared for, and supervised while he was incarcerated. The lawsuit also claims that Braxton did not receive his proper medications while he was incarcerated.

Mentally ill citizens like Larry Neal and the three victims listed above, as well as persons in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community like Duanna Johnson, were abused or murdered. Some mentally ill people have lost contact with their families. If more mentally challenged people are being secretly arrested and murdered in Memphis, their deaths could go unnoticed.

Early Story, a former Memphis police officer, contacted me in May 2010 to notify me about another mentally ill inmate who was murdered in Shelby County Jail in 1995 - Mr. Gregory.  Story said he was concerned about a cover-up that was seemingly underway about Gregory's death.  The former officer alleged that he was set up on phony drug charges when he tried to help the dead inmate's family get justice.  I found his account very credible, as it has numerous parallels to Larry's wrongful death coverup.  It takes a long time for me to receive mail, if I actually am allowed to recieve it at all.  See this article:  Smuggling Human/Civil Rights News in USA -
15) When it was time for Judge Shoob to put Neals vs. The Cochran Firm on her trial calendar in 2006, she instead issued her seriously overdue Order based on The Cochran Firm’s advertised Atlanta office’s claim in Georgia Superior Court that CCGSS, P.C. had no connection with The Cochran Firm. The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office likely had numerous other cases pending before Georgia Superior Court at the time as well as previous and subsequent to Judge Shoob dismissing the Neals’ justified lawsuit. The Cochran Firm, U.S. and Shelby County government officials, and Judge Shoob probably believed the Neals vs. The Cochran Firm case was over when the judge dismissed the Neals’ lawsuit in May 2006. But since The Cochran Firm saved itself from facing a jury by disclaiming the existence of its famous Atlanta office, the way was cleared to take the matter to federal court.

16) Using the diversity rule, Larry’s mother and sister filed suit against The Cochran Firm and David McLaughlin in United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia. The case was assigned to Judge Timothy Batten after the first assigned USDC judge recused himself. Judge Batten was appointed to his federal judgeship by former President George Bush, just like former Attorney General Gonzales was.

17) After the federal lawsuit was filed, members of Larry Neal’s family started being stalked, especially this writer, since I continued to blog about Larry’s murder cover-up conspiracy and our attorneys’ fraud. My advocacy for equal justice for Larry and other prisoners gained a following on the Internet. Our website exposing Larry Neal’s murder cover-up got between 2,000 and 7,000 hits monthly. Some of my articles are read by as many as 100,000 people and are reproduced at various Internet news sites and in blogs by other individuals.


18) a) It is a duty for Christians to stop violence against prisoners, especially sick people, according to Matthew 25:40 and Hebrews 13:3.

      b) All who celebrate Kwanzaa know the third rule requires unity in distress - to treat your brothers’ and sisters’ burdens as your own.

      c) Many American families have lost members in various wars where soldiers believed they were fighting for a country where liberty and equal justice for all are protected rights. The sacrifice of those military families has been and remains too significant to ignore what happened to Larry Neal and crimes against my family or the great wrong that is being done to 1.25 million mentally challenged citizens, including veterans who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Many Americans were and are denied adequate mental health care to preserve them for prison when their disabilities cause them to commit some infraction – minor or severe. Some mentally challenged inmates have no criminal charges against them, but they were incarcerated after lunacy arrests. They are harmless, like Larry was, and they were arrested without criminal charges before the Patriots’ Act was ever penned.

       d) People who care about human and civil rights should recognize that as Dr. King said, “An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” The unconstitutional loss of freedom and terrorism you allow the Neal family to suffer without intervening could become your own circumstances soon.

19) I founded an online advocacy organization to help promote justice in America, called “Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (“AIMI”)”. Please visit us at this link:  - AIMI has 225 members and would have many more were it not for cyberstalkers covertly tampering with AIMI’s membership roll. AIMI advocates for decriminalizing mental illness, ending capital punishment, excessive sentencing, wrongful convictions, trying juveniles as adults, prisoner torture, and overuse of force by police. AIMI makes no distinction as to members’ race, religion, ethnicity, socio-economic backgrounds, or other divisions the elite uses to keep people from working together to promote civil and human rights for everyone in American and globally.

One of the main messages I wish to convey is the need for poor and working class people to stand together against unjust and inhumane practices in the justice system and the proliferation of the prison industrial complex. Families of all races and the economy suffer in America, which has the largest prison population in world history. Roughly 2.3 million people in the U.S. are inmates, and approximately 1 in 30 adults are either inmates or live under the threat of prison as probationers or parolees. Although racism is a pervasive problem in the justice system, there are at least as many indigent Caucasians imprisoned in America for reason of mental illness as there are minority citizens, if not more. Phillip Workman (TN) and Cameron Todd Willingham (TX) were executed despite strong evidence of their innocence, and Thomas Arthur (AL) is still on death row although his DNA test results indicated innocence in July 2009.

Workman, Willingham, and Arthur are white men likely suffered wrongful convictions and received death sentences in cases where lack of finances for a good defense team may have been a contributing factor. These cases indicate that injustice in the justice system frequently results in disaster for poor and working class Americans regardless of their race. The common denominator among wrongly convicted persons and mentally ill inmates seems to be economic disenfranchisement. Minority persons are more likely to be poor than whites and generally have fewer resources to fight criminal charges. However, no one is exempt from being victimized in or by the justice system. A 72-year-old white great grandmother was Tasered by a police officer at a traffic stop in Texas during summer 2009 when she refused to sign her speeding ticket.  The youngest Taser victim I read about was a six-year-old Autistic child.  Such atrocities as those and Larry’s secret murder and the denial of justice that followed awakened me to serious problems in the justice system that should be addressed by everyone who cares about human and civil rights. Unity works, or this country would have no labor laws, women would not have gained the right to vote, and millions of African Americans would still be relegated to seats at the back of the bus.  The naked bodies of more lynched minority men like Larry would be given to their families with explanations and records denied.

I write and face peril to help promote justice for Larry, increase security for my family, heighten the public’s awareness about human rights abuses happening inside America, and inspire people to work together peacefully for justice system reform. Please visit my blog at  . Browse online for my Care2 Sharebook and articles at HubPages. See also my articles at –

My articles and blogs urge people to unite across racial lines and change this country’s direction away from being a prison nation where citizens’ rights are regularly dishonored. Otherwise, more Americans might experience having their loved ones secretly arrested and murdered like Larry Neal, and the trouble I have exercising my free press rights could spread. Such conditions are common in some countries. Without due diligence, these conditions could become more common in the U.S.


20) Mainstream media refused to report that a major law firm had been allowed to deny the existence of its Atlanta office in court, but continue to operate under the denied identity every day. I recognized that a bailout for the media was planned long before other Americans. Censorship on a national scale is too expensive for even a billionaire law firm.


We published what you told us to

And censored as instructed to do

Help us now; we had no clue

The public would say, “We don’t need you!”

(Rights reserved by Mary Neal)

Apparently, it did not occur to those who collude to cover up Larry’s murder that his family members were computer literate. Such cover-ups will work better once the Internet is completely in Government control. Although the takeover of online services is not complete yet, my videos prove that Net Freedom is already lost, especially for human rights activist organizations.

21) As my online advocacy gained popularity, my censorship and in-person stalking grew more severe. Mentally ill inmates account for 1.25 million of America’s 2.3 million prisoners. America’s prison industry costs taxpayers over $50 billion annually. Crime and punishment account for about $185 billion tax dollars annually from federal and state budgets. Private prisons have become so prevalent in America that some cities rely heavily on prison revenue. Prisons are paid significantly more for incarcerating acute mental patients like Larry Neal and condemned persons than they are paid for keeping inmates in the general prison population. Many elected officials, judges, mainstream media owners, and other decision makers own or invest in private prisons. Advocacy to decriminalize mental illness, end the death penalty, and increase jail diversion programs for drug offenders threaten prison investors’ financial prosperity. It is to their advantage to see that my advocacy is not publicized.

My censorship force recognizes that news reports about Larry’s secret murder and The Cochran Firm fraud case would be widely read and discussed worldwide. Wide exposure to my advocacy might impact public policies regarding the State imprisoning mental patients and conducting executions – two main cash cows for prison investors. Therefore, a myriad of parties who were not initially involved in my brother’s murder cover-up now conspire to curtail my freedom of press and free speech rights to keep Larry Neal’s secret murder secret. People with great wealth and power who lack ethics and morality negatively impact society. Larry Neal’s and his family’s civil rights are continually trampled by wealthy, powerful individuals in government and media companies who have my computer input monitored and controlled 24/7 and my movements tracked by in-person stalkers. I have proof for these allegations.



22) About six weeks prior to Duanna Johnson being accosted and murdered in her Memphis neighborhood, I was followed and waylaid by a United States Department of Transportation truck (a pickup truck) and four other vehicles. The USDOT truck and other vehicles followed my young grandson and me for approximately six miles from a grocery store in my neighborhood to the Chevron station that is in a small, busy shopping center at around 10:00 p.m. on Friday, September 27, 2008. Duanna Johnson’s plans to sue Shelby County Jail were cancelled by her murder, assuming that her attorneys actually planned to sue the jail on her behalf in the first place (Julian Bolton worked in the firm Johnson hired, and time was running out for Johnson’s lawsuit to be filed). The discovery period was ending in my family’s lawsuit against The Cochran Firm in USDC, and it was nearly time for Judge Batten to put Neals vs. The Cochran Firm on his trial calendar. I believe my stalkers were assigned to cancel my lawsuit against The Cochran Firm for being Shelby County Jail’s protectors in Larry’s murder, just as Duanna Johnson’s murder ended her lawsuit against the same jail six weeks later.

September 27, 2008 was the day after I published my family’s intention to upload films on the Internet to expose Larry Neal’s murder and The Cochran Firm fraud. The article wherein I made that announcement was published at NowPublic and at FourWinds10. Cyberstalkers meant to stop those films being published. (See Cochran Firm Fraud videos 1 and 2 on YouTube.)

I turned in and out of several lots to ensure that the DOT truck and other vehicles were really following me, and they turned in and out of the lots behind me. I pulled into the shopping center lot for safety because the parking lot and businesses there were open and full of customers. To my surprise, the stalkers did not drive on when I parked in the busy lot like my stalkers had done for the past nine months. They followed me into the lot and parked their cars. Some of the men exited their vehicles and milled around on the sidewalk or stood by their vehicles, not shopping – just staring at me. I went into the Chevron station and called 911.

Apparently, arrangements had been made with DeKalb County Police Department to ignore my emergency call. We waited at Chevron for an hour, but no police came to rescue us. I called my home, and my niece came to cover me on the drive to my house, two blocks away. That had worked several times during the summer when I was followed and accosted. However, as my niece and I drove our separate cars to the parking lot’s exit, the DOT truck and other four vehicles lined up behind our cars to follow us onto the street. I signaled for my niece, and we returned to park. So did all the vehicles. Seeing that we were under siege, some Chevron customers were alarmed for us and promised to wait in their cars at the pumps until police came. Chevron’s manager then informed us that a police officer was on duty at the liquor store next door to Chevron. He suggested that I ask the officer for help. I followed the manager’s advice and reported to the police officer that I was being followed and we were under siege. I pointed out the vehicles, and waited on the sidewalk outside Chevron while the police officer went and spoke with the USDOT truck driver. After speaking with the DOT truck driver, the officer returned to the liquor store and refused to tell me what the DOT truck driver had said. He also refused to place a call to 911 for us.

I started speaking very loud to all the customers going in Chevron and the liquor store, telling them about The Cochran Firm fraud and Larry’s murder and pointing out the men who had us under siege in the parking lot. I asked customers to look at our faces and please come forward if they read about us being harmed or going missing. I called other relatives who also came to our rescue. I showed my son-in-law one of the men who followed us. He had come into the Chevron store and was just standing there near the door. I walked right up to the man and said, “This is one of the men who is after us.” The man turned and looked at me with reproach, but he never said a word. He did not deny following me. We took license numbers from the two vehicles parked on either side of my car, but we were afraid to go and get the USDOT truck driver’s tag number (he parked at the pumps) or the tag number from the car that sat at the end of the parking lot with bright lights shinning into the Chevron station. I kept telling customers about the men and asking that they remember our faces. After that, we lined up to leave the Chevron – my car was sandwiched in between my daughter’s car in the lead and my niece’s car behind. We drove slowly home like a wagon train on a Western movie, and the stalkers did not follow us.

It was terrifying to be followed home from work those dark winter nights of 2008 after LexisNexis finally succeeded in serving our lawsuit to a partner at The Cochran Firm’s Dothan, Alabama office. Successful service required numerous attempts. The process server actually had to camp outside The Cochran Firm’s office in the early morning hours to catch one of the partners going into the building. Until service of process, I was only stalked and censored online. After that, the in-person stalking started. I am not Larry’s only relative who was followed and harassed, but my stalking was more relentless because I write about my family’s justice quest regarding Larry Neal’s murder online and was a plaintiff in both lawsuits along with my mother.


23) Other family members report being followed or persecuted. My niece, a Memphis resident, was fired without explanation from her government job after she facilitated service of process to David McLaughlin. She was a new hire for Shelby County. Since my niece was still in her probation period for the job, her termination required no explanation and none was given. After that, FBI agents went to her home and questioned her about nude dancing. My niece was a middle-aged woman with two grown sons, one of whom is in military service. She had recently passed a thorough background check to ascertain her government position, and she held another job that required a rigorous security check. FBI agents had no reason to question her except for harassment because she facilitated service of David McLaughlin’s lawsuit.

24) Stalkers followed me home from work every night in January and February 2008. After one horrifying episode when I did not think I would make it home, I sent an email to everyone in my Yahoo address book (over 2,000 people) about being stalked. That night, it was nearly impossible for me to lose my tail. I know many streets between Midtown Atlanta and my home in Stone Mountain, and I could usually lose the stalkers by making numerous turns. However, that night, no matter how many turns I made, they stayed with me. I got my phone out of my purse to call someone to meet me, and a rapid light was blinking on my cell phone – a light I never saw before. I realized that stalkers could use my phone for tracking my movements. Instead of calling for an escort to help get me home safely, I removed the battery from my cell phone. After that, I was able to lose my tail. When I made it home safely, I was very shaken. I knew it was time to tell the world about being followed, so I sent the email.

Cochran Firm attorney Angela Mason immediately complained to USDC about my email. She filed a pleading asking Judge Batten to make me refrain from saying that a Cochran Firm attorney had hired a Caucasian man in a WHITE vehicle to follow me. First of all, I did not accuse anyone of having me followed. Secondly, Mason gave herself away. I did not reveal in my email and had never told anyone at all the color of the vehicle that followed me most often. Angela Mason knew the vehicle that stalked me most often was white, and she likely also knew the name, address and phone number of the party who drove it. I pointed this out to Judge Batten in my responsive pleading and hoped the court would offer assistance. Stalking is illegal, especially stalking plaintiffs in civil proceedings. I submitted affidavits about that stalking event and others in person and online, but Judge Batten did not respond to our endangerment. After Angela Mason gave herself away by admitting she knew the color of the vehicle that stalked me most often, she filed a request in USDC to be taken off the case as The Cochran Firm’s attorney. Judge Batten granted her request.

25) One night, a guard walked me to my car after work, and we discovered a stalker hiding in a vehicle parked next to mine on a parking lot that was basically vacant otherwise. In fact, my car was sandwiched between two vehicles, and those were the only vehicles on the lot at 10:30 p.m. The guard told me to wait while he investigated the vehicles, because we were wary. He shone his flashlight in every window but saw no one. Usually, when guards walk employees to their cars, they leave after the employee is safely inside their vehicles and the motor is warming. However, I asked the guard to stay with me and allow me to drop him off at the door to the building where we worked. After the guard and I exited the lot, a tall Caucasian man sat upright in the vehicle that had been parked on the passenger side of my car. He started his van. I circled the block to ascertain his license number, but the stalker saw us returning. He hurriedly exited the entrance ramp for the parking lot and started driving very fast to keep us from getting his tag number. We followed the stalker at high speeds for miles through Midtown Atlanta and down the expressway before finally getting his whole license number.

After that, I lost confidence that stalkers were sent merely to intimidate me. I perceived they meant bodily harm. I prayed about being endangered. God answered my prayers by having me laid off from Womble and Carlyle, the Midtown Atlanta law firm where I worked as a legal secretary.


26) After I was laid off, stalkers could not use my work routine to know when and where I would drive. That is when the microphone feature opened on my personal computer. I tried and tried to close the microphone but could not close the mic. I then changed the language for the computer from English to something obscure, Zulu. The cyberstalkers changed it back to English each time I did that. Finally one day, all other languages were deleted from my options on that PC. I had the computer wiped clean and Windows re-installed to free my home of people who could illegally eavesdrop through my computer. Within hours of bringing my computer home from the shop, stalkers regained control, and the microphone was again opened. Through the PC’s microphone and my home phone, which ran off the Internet, stalkers were able to keep apprised of my intentions to leave home. Therefore, although I did not have a work schedule any longer, they were nevertheless able to follow me the few times I ventured away from home.

My Internet browsing controlled. I am not permitted to browse to certain sites – especially sites that carried African American news. Several times when I tried to enter sites where I was active, like, Care2, Yahoo, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show network, I got messages that the sites were down for maintenance. I contacted people through email to get confirmation that those sites were really down for maintenance, and their response was “no.” Cyberstalkers are able to engineer IP-specific views.

27) After the USDOT truck driver and other stalkers waylaid me at the Chevron station on September 27, 2008, I stopped driving. My aged mother and I placed ourselves under house arrest for security. Police never contacted me about my emergency 911 call until I reported the incident to Congressman Johnson. He relayed my complaint about police services to DeKalb County’s sheriff, and the sheriff had Major Conroy call me about two months after my ordeal at the Chevron store. I filed a detailed report on that and other stalking events (for which I have witness statements) and asked Major Conroy to initiate an investigation into my stalking and online computer interference, but he did not.

28) Federal court was a nightmare. Several times USDC court clerk’s office made errors regarding the Plaintiffs’ deadline for submitting pleadings. In January, a clerk’s error regarding the number of days Plaintiffs had to respond to The Cochran Firm resulted in Judge Batten wrongly dismissing our lawsuits against all parties. After I proved the clerk’s error, Judge Batten reinstated the cases. Later, clerk’s error resulted in our discovery period being shortened to just two weeks.  Apparently, nobody wanted Plaintiffs to have an opportunity to subpoena Larry Neal’s jail records. My requests for Judge Batten to correct the problem regarding a two-week discovery period were not answered. Finally, I wrote the court and stated that Plaintiffs would disregard the two-week discovery deadline set by the court and follow the four-month discovery track for breach of contract cases.

29) During the entire discovery period for Neals vs. The Cochran Firm in USDC, The Cochran Firm’s attorneys filed no discovery documents. When it was obvious that stalkers could not get to me except by invading our home, Cochran Firm attorneys filed numerous pleadings in rapid succession after the discovery period had already passed. Police or the stalkers might have invaded our home during that period had it not been for my constantly alerting the public to the illegal stalking and cyberattacks we suffered.

After being accosted on September 27, 2008 and police services were denied, I seldom left home. Neither USDC nor police responded to our reports and witness affidavits about cyberterror and in-person stalking.

Cyberstalkers sent threatening emails to my Yahoo email box such as (a) threats to kill me through induced cancer (Johnnie Cochran died of cancer); (b) threats about flushing children’s heads in the toilet bowl at school (I have young grandchildren), and they sent many emails carrying news about kidnapping. The emails came from a party called “Jude.” No matter how often I deleted Jude and sent Jude’s emails to Yahoo’s spam folder to block any further emails from that party, they continued coming. Cyberstalkers also placed horrifying ads at the Internet sites I frequented, such; (i) a photograph of a lethal injection bed with my name underneath that sprang into view on Care2 pages I frequented; (ii) a photo of a starving, mangy dog usually stared at me while I worked at Yahoo sending emails to many groups and shared my articles with friends. For weeks the only ads on my Care2 Sharebook were ads about insurance against house fires. Those were followed by an ad that was the animated word “BOOM!”  It was the only ad that I was shown anywhere on Care2 for several weeks as I sent emails, published articles in Care2 News Network, posted discussion items in my group, AIMI, or wrote comments in other Care2 groups.  See the "Boom" ad at this video:


30) On February 9, 2009, Judge Batten granted The Cochran Firm’s motion to dismiss our lawsuits against all parties. Judge Batten ruled it was “immaterial” that The Cochran Firm contracted with the Neals in an undisclosed conflict of interest immediately after Larry’s murder, then sent us lying letters about legal work that was not actually being done for nearly a year (Tennessee’s entire statute of limitations for wrongful death and negligence cases). The judge referred to our lawsuit as a malpractice case rather than breach of contract case, and he declared everything “immaterial” that The Cochran Firm had done to defraud the Neals while we relied on the firm as Larry Neal’s wrongful death attorneys. The Cochran Firm’s mail fraud (used to send the Neals false information about legal work that was not actually being done) was declared “immaterial.” My proving that David McLaughlin submitted fraudulent documents to USDC was declared “immaterial” (the same fraudulent documents that David McLaughlin had submitted to the Tennessee Bar, which the Bar’s employee had broadcast to her friends because my electronic evidence of McLaughlin’s fraud against the Bar was irrefutable). The Cochran Firm even filed pleadings in USDC wherein it denied having a law office in Memphis, Tennessee as well as Atlanta, Georgia. Judge Batten held found that fraud against federal court was also “immaterial.” 

Judge Batten ruled that it was “immaterial” for The Cochran Firm to ignore its clients’ requests for a status reports on Larry’s lawsuits until it was absolutely impossible for Larry’s survivors to locate and contract with a new attorney for Larry’s wrongful death case and negligence cases who would be able to accomplish all the things within a few weeks that The Cochran Firm had pretended to do for 10.5 months.

Obviously, Judge Batten determined that it is “immaterial” to mistreat “immaterial” people – a family of African American comprised of taxpayers, veterans, civil servants, and active military personnel – in order to protect the privileged public officials and attorneys who had criminally conspired to cover up Larry Neal’s murder for years, submitted and accepted fraudulent records to the United States Government, and completely reneged on their responsibility to adhere to legal, ethical standards of conduct.

31) Eight days after Judge Batten dismissed the Neals vs. The Cochran Firm lawsuit, a commercial by the Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office was published on YouTube. The commercial is intended to prevent lawsuits for false advertising from being filed against media companies and others who carry ads for The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office. The Cochran Firm therefore announced its successful perjury in Georgia Superior Court and USDC by publishing the commercial immediately after having the Neals’ lawsuit dismissed in the second civil action wherein the law firm falsely denied having any Atlanta law office.  More about the kangaroo court process is in a poem at this link: Justice Denied, a Musical by Mary Neal


32) Although cyberstalkers do much of their damage by illegally taking control of my home computers which they place on their network and become my computer administrator, this does not explain all of the things they do. Most of the things that are done to prevent my ability to notify the public about Larry’s death and the subsequent cover-up by The Cochran Firm and others cannot be done without having control over Internet sites where I publish. For instance, consider the following:

          (a) I used American Greetings eVites to send invitations to hear my Blogtalk Radio interview on Rev. Pinkney’s Show on October 11, 2009. (That interview is very censored and often is not allowed to play when the link is accessed. I told the audience about being accosted by four vehicles led by a USDOT truck on September 27, 2008). American Greetings immediately confirmed that 566 invitations were sent. This surprised me, because I had elected for the eVites to be sent to my entire Yahoo list, which has over 2,000 addresses. I was disappointed days later when American Greetings sent me a confirmation that only 30 eVites had been sent. I wrote to American Greetings and asked for an explanation about the other 536 eVites American Greetings initially confirmed having sent, but I received no reply.

        (b) I get a denial of service when I attempt to publish comments at numerous online sites, such as TheLoop21, Voting Central, many mainstream media sites at articles regarding the prison industry or other current events, etc. I also get a denial of service when I try to publish certain comments at Twitter and Facebook or edit my Google profile. I regularly get denial of service when I try to publish at my group home, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (“AIMI”) at Care2. Most often, I am allowed to publish discussion items at AIMI, but many of them are covertly removed later, especially posts protesting the death penalty or prisoner torture and posts that refer to overuse of Tasers by police officers. For example, AIMI members and I posted many lengthy discussion strands regarding Troy Davis and other condemned prisoners, but all the Troy Davis discussion strands we published at AIMI were deleted by parties who censor our input. (Please browse for Mary Neal Google Profile online to access links to my articles and blogs and more information).

        (c) The RSS feed from my Care2 Sharebook stopped at my online group, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, although it is still set to feed.

        (d) The “www” in the link to some of my Care2 Sharebook blogs was changed to the word “primate.” When people tried to access those shares, the links led to a picture of a large ape and not to my Shares.

There are many other examples of cyberstalking that cannot be accomplished without using the services of sites where I publish, with or without the sites’ permission.

33) Cyberstalkers interfered with pleadings I wrote in our USDC case against The Cochran Firm. They deleted draft pleadings on my PC or scrambled the data. They repeatedly locked me out of the administrator’s role on my PCs, and I could only work as a guest on my own computers. They disconnected access to my CD Rom drive and prevented my flash drive ports from working. Cyberstalkers wanted me to have no way to access and present pleadings and evidence of crimes that were on my PC. Therefore, they deleted my printer software and programs for other hardware. Cyberstalkers even deleted the Adobe program, leaving me no way to access the court’s Rules of Civil Procedure for USDC to ensure that my pleadings met the necessary specifications. I was unable to reload needed software and hardware, because cyberstalkers locked me out of the administrator’s role on my computer. Guests do not have freedom to download programs from the Internet or install hardware. Cyberstalkers defeated all the anti-virus and anti-malware programs I used, and they would not allow new anti-virus software to be uploaded. My only recourse was to constantly purchase new computers and have existing ones wiped clean and have Windows reinstalled. This was very expensive, especially since I was unemployed.

34) In the fall of 2009, I rented the Decatur Community Center for young people in my community, including my niece’s music students, to have an opportunity to perform before a live audience, expecting that proceeds from the sale of snacks would cover the cost. The show was scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on November 20. The stalkers know every plan I make because they monitor my electronic communications and telephone. Their employers probably feared that I would tell the audience about The Cochran Firm fraud and my terrorism. I believe that my plan to sponsor an entertaining and educational opportunity for students led to tragedy for a neighbor of mine who had months earlier filed an affidavit in United States District Court attesting to my cyberterror. In her affidavit, my neighbor had affirmed that she saw the lethal injection bed with my name underneath on a Care2 web page I opened. (That cyberterror photo was positioned to pop out at me when I opened various web pages at Care2, beginning after I published “Concentration Camps Proposed in Congress – H.R. 645.”)   Around 10:00 a.m. on November 20, police stopped my cyberterror witness on her drive to work. Police dragged the young woman from her car and beat her so badly that she regained consciousness in the hospital.  We believe her beating was a warning not to tell the community about Larry's murder and The Cochran Firm fraud.

Many Americans do not know that citizens’ civil and human rights are so disrespected by officials that a harmless mentally ill heart patient like Larry Neal was murdered under secret incarceration in a publicly-owned jail, and his death was denied any investigation or accountability. They do not know that H.R. 645 provides for FEMA camps to intern Americans who refuse to accept H1N1 vaccines, according to the Massachusetts Martial Law Bill that was passed in October 2009. The public does not know The Cochran Firm is being used to prevent rebellion after police brutality and murder by pretending to represent victims and their families, which calms the public, while the law firm secretly works against its clients to minimize or eliminate damage awards they should receive. Americans may soon recognize the significance of railroad work that is planned. It seems that I am terrorized because I write about these subjects, although they are already a matter of public record – Larry’s secret arrest and murder, The Cochran Firm presenting in Georgia Superior Court and USDC that it has no law offices in Atlanta or in Memphis, information about H.R. 645 and plan for extensive railroad work, and the fact that 1.25 million mentally ill inmates are imprisoned rather than hospitalized or treated in their communities. None of these facts are State secrets.

35) My job search has been unsuccessful thus far because cyberstalkers redirected responses from perspective employers to my email trash and spam folders. My home phone service was through MajicJack, and cyberstalkers turned off the telephone program on my computer and deleted messages and records of incoming calls at will. We switched to relying on a cell phone using Metro service as our home phone number. However, my own attempts to call home repeatedly from five different people’s phone were prevented after I had attended a Second Chance Act meeting on December 10, 2009. I braved stalkers to go to the meeting and learn more about The Second Chance Act, a federal program designed to help parolees adjust to freedom and avoid recidivism, which is of particular importance to released mental patients and inmates with addictions. I spoke to meeting attendees about my brother’s secret arrest and murder and The Cochran Firm fraud, and I gave them flyers with my phone number to contact me. The next night, instead of reaching my elderly mother when I called my home from five different people’s phones, my calls were answered by a lying message which stated: “You have reached a number that is not in service.”

Our telephone takeover for (678) 531-0262 was likely done to prevent any of the people from the meeting from calling me. Our incoming calls are illegally limited to people who are on our telephone’s contact list. Many friends and family members report that their calls to my home either go directly to voicemail, or they also get the “number not in service” message. Our telephone takeover also prevents calls from lawyers and others who could help us, including perspective employers.

The terrorists seek to prevent me from getting another job, partly because I work in law firms and cyberstalkers find it difficult to overcome law firms’ computer security systems and interfere with my Internet access. I have no doubt that the cyberstalkers can circumvent law firms’ security, but large law firms like I work for have many technicians who might be able to trace illegal interference with their computer system. Therefore, the stalkers seek to keep me unemployed. They caused me to lose my Google AdSense account by clicking the ads at my blog so frequently that Google cancelled my account. That prevents me from receiving proceeds from the many articles I write, no matter how many people read my articles and click on the ads. 

Despite the inconvenience, cyberstalking has resulted in some excellent videos.  I don't know of anyone else in the world who has footage of live Cointelpro cyberstalking and cyberterror except Mary Neal.   - Some of the videos will also be included on a CD and distributed with my book when it is published. 


36) Cyberstalkers often destroyed my pleadings that were on my desktop for printing and filing in USDC. One day when this happened, I was forced out of the house to rent computer usage at the Franklin’s Printers business in my neighborhood. Stalkers knew from having the microphone open on my computer where I was going. Within 15 minutes of my arrival at Franklin’s, the parking lot filled with six cars of men who remained in their cars or stood on the sidewalk outside of Franklin’s and starred in the print shop at me. The stalkers made no attempt to shop or otherwise conceal that they were stalking me. Instead, they surrounded the Franklin’s store and remained in position for about 30 minutes. The manager and I were afraid that the stalkers planned to fake a robbery in an excuse to do harm me. She locked the door to her business, and employees who got off work had to escape from the back of the business. I filed the manager’s affidavit about the stalking event in USDC. Judge Batten did not respond.  Here is a VIDEO sample of my gangstalking:

37) After our discovery period ended in USDC, The Cochran firm and Judge Batten started referring to our lawsuit as being a malpractice case, although Plaintiffs filed a breach of contract lawsuit. (Georgia Superior Court also deleted the word “fraud” from the cover page for our lawsuit against The Cochran Firm, which was available online. Both courts were obviously protecting our defendants just like The Cochran Firm protected our defendant, Shelby County Jail.) The Cochran Firm’s attorneys objected vehemently to Shelby County Jail being required to provide documents related to Larry Neal’s secret arrest and murder. The Cochran Firm also objected to the Neal’s motion to compel Cox Enterprises to supply advertising records for The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office. Both Shelby County Jail and Cox Enterprises refused to honor federal subpoenas for these records, and Judge Batten refused to compel those parties to release responsive records.

38) Between Christmastime 2008 and mid-February 2009, the six homes in my immediate vicinity that were vacant foreclosed properties were occupied. They were houses across the street from my home and some on the same side of the street as where we live. These homes had been vacant for many months, but no “for sale” or “for rent” signs were in the yards. It appeared to me that those homes had been held in reserve. Most of the cars that parked in the driveways to those houses did not leave day or night, and most of the vehicles had drive-out tags. Strangely, our new neighbors seemed to be well acquainted with each other prior to moving on our street. They immediately began visiting one another’s houses. I blog mostly at night because it is easier to concentrate on my writing while my family sleeps. Whenever I completed and published an article at NowPublic, all the lights would go on in my new neighbors’ homes and they would visit one another – even at 4:00 a.m. Oftentimes, guests would arrive at their houses – other cars with drive-out tags. The week that the people directly across from my house moved in, a long USDOT truck delivered boxes to their house. (Since when does the USDOT make home deliveries? Please recall that a USDOT pickup truck led the stalkers who followed and accosted me on September 27, 2008.)

39) Although I have limited understanding about computer programming, I have used computers up to 12 hours per workday since computers were invented. I am well aware of what should and should not happen during computer usage. I film evidence of the illegal takeover of my PCs and interference I experience while publishing online. Cyberstalkers know that I film their illegal attacks and that I plan to publish the videos. Now, rather than run interference against my free press rights depending on what I plan to publish, the cyberstalkers completely disable my ability to access online services from my home address. They force me to go to the public library to access the Internet. I do not use computers that belong to other family members and neighbors because I am certain they would also be attacked. My computers are first placed on a network that is administered by the cyberstalkers. Once I lose the administrator’s role for my PCs, the cyberstalkers use their superior position to as my network administrators to disable my PCs’ ability to access the Internet. They have done this repeatedly over the last couple of months, and anti-virus and malware software does not stop their illegal takeovers.  I called a computer repair company recently to have my laptop wiped clean and the programs re-installed.  My phone call was intercepted by agents who used the opportunity to impersonate the repair technician.  A man named Michael Moon came to my home and sabotaged the laptop.  When he finished his dirty work, my PC actually had a message on the screen saying "To go online, call this telephone number."  How outrageous is that?  More information about our HOME INVASION are in this article:

Currently, I must leave home to use computers at the public library or computer rental businesses. My laptops used to operate freely when I was brave enough to venture away from home and use WiFi services in public libraries or restaurants. That is no longer the case. My laptops only now operate normally for about five minutes there before being disabled, just like they are at my home. Two weeks ago, I was inputting data without interference in an Atlanta library until a man sat in the cubicle next to mine. Moments after the man booted up his computer, my own PC slowed to about 2 wpm, and my browser stopped operating. I complained to him, but he claimed not to know what I meant. I stood to leave and saw his screen. He was operating in DOS.  A video showing censorship that happens even when I go to the library is at this link:
Since I am now followed to public libraries and businesses to curtail my ability to use WiFi services and operate my laptops, I use library PCs (having limited finances to rent computer usage at businesses). At first, I nearly had net freedom when I used the library’s computers, but patrons are limited to only two hours usage per day.  That was before they started tracking me through my library card number.  I have witnesses to attest that when my number comes up for a computer, it immediately disappears.  Then the librarian appears to show me to a "special" computer that is almost as controlled as my home PCs that are taken over via remote access to prevent my telling the world the information about injustices in the justice system regarding my family and many others. Last week when I plugged in my flash drive at a public library computer (which I registered to use with my library card number) a DOS screen immediately appeared with a message saying, “COPYING FILES.” The library is not supposed to copy patron's files.  When I used the library’s PC to write comments at Twitter that my cyberstalkers disapproved of my inputting, the entire library lost its Internet service for a 30-minute period. Librarians apologized and said that was a very unusual occurrence.  My Twitter input registered from one to three hours back at the library like it did at home.  See a video about my censorship at Twitter, where I am Koffietime -

Internet censorship is done across all Internet sites, and I don't believe it requires cooperation by the sites where the censorship is done.  Cyberdogs are so slick that they may be able to undermine the most sophisticated security systems.  I will add more videos to my YouTube channel to show you more of their tricks.

I am still afraid to leave my home because I am followed, but I am also afraid not to leave home to update people about our circumstances and ensure that The Cochran Firm fraud remains fresh in their minds, for fear that my family will be attacked in the absence of public scrutiny. I am convinced that it is only public awareness, and not respect for the law, that has kept my home from being attacked thus far.


40) Cyberstalkers are determined to prevent my income. I earned a decent income as a legal secretary for many years. My skills are such that my period of unemployment should have been brief. However, those who control my computer and phone prevent my receiving responses from potential employers. They prevent our Internet usage and take over our telephones, thereby placing an embargo around my family like an enemy country. About a month ago, I called my mother’s cell phone number from several people’s cell phones. I use her cell phone number as my home number – 678.531.0262. Calls from those cell phones were prevented. Instead of reaching my mother, I reached a false message saying, “The number you reached is not in service. Please check the number and make your call again.” Only calls from people with whom we communicate regularly, such as close relatives and friends, are allowed to place calls to my number. Other callers either get the “phone not in service” message, or their calls are directed to voicemail, but we do not actually receive the voice messages they leave. Our cell phone service is provided by Metro PCS, but I believe it would be the same regardless of what phone company we used.

Partly to prevent my income, I was suspended from several months before the company started running paid advertising at the site of my online articles, which are still so widely read that I am number 45 out of hundreds of writers. Additionally, my AdSense account was suspended because cyberstalkers clicked the ads at my FreeSpeakBlog and HubPages articles so often that Google had to protect their clients from false clicks. Enemies apparently paid someone to sit and click the ads that should have helped provide income for my home. Therefore, I have no income. Such illegal activity is intended to keep my family in poverty in order to prevent our ability to (a) file another lawsuit against The Cochran Firm and/or other parties to Larry Neal’s wrongful death cover-up, (b) pay for computer equipment to be cleaned of viruses and Trojans and/or purchase new equipment as needed, (c) purchase Internet services from companies to publicize Larry Neal’s murder and advocate to decriminalize mental illness. Deprivation of income is intended as my punishment for advocating for justice for Larry and other inmates.


41) The Cochran Firm and numerous other parties, including the DOJ, became accessories to Larry Neal’s murder after the fact by helping Shelby County Jail to conceal his murder and escape accountability for the harmless mental patient’s death for six years. Larry Neal was a U.S. citizen. His family members who were defrauded by their lawyers to hide Larry’s murder, then terrorized and stalked for asking for legal remedy, are also citizens. They include veterans and active-duty military men who risked their lives, believing America to be a country where “liberty and [equal] justice for all” and “transparency in government” were more than empty buzz words that keep taxpayers complacent to pay taxes, bail out banks and wealthy businessmen, and fight unpopular wars while FEMA camps are being planned in Congress (H.R. 645) and the railroads to projected camps are improved. This writer had no idea that in America, harmless mental patients like Larry Neal are secretly arrested and murdered and that the DOJ would refuse to honor the president’s executive order to respond promptly and completely to Freedom of Information Act requests.

Until recently, I believed that consumer protection laws were intended to protect African American citizens as well as others. I did not know the U.S. Government would conspire with a law firm that minority citizens trust to save murderous police officers from accountability and minimize damages to correctional institutions and municipalities where citizens are abused and murdered. I believed that Americans with disabilities were a protected class. I was surprised and disappointed to learn that 1.25 million mentally ill citizens are actually imprisoned for reason of their mental deficiency, including some mental patients who have no criminal charges against them.

42) The Neals plan suit against The Cochran Firm and its attorneys for conspiring to deny Larry and his survivors their civil rights by entering fraud in court proceedings to prevent the Neals vs. The Cochran Firm cases from going to trial by jury, and for other crimes.

We ask that all cyberstalking, cyberterror, destruction of my computers, in person stalking, and the media blackout regarding these events cease immediately. African Americans and other minority citizens deserve consumer protection. They deserve to know that The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm presented in court that it has no law office in Atlanta or in Memphis, and that judges dismissed our lawsuits against The Cochran Firm based on that fraud and other perjury. Minority consumers deserve to know about The Cochran Firm’s role to defraud minority clients to protect police after citizens’ abuses and murders. We request that police and the DOJ perform their sworn duty to uphold our Constitutional free press and free speech rights and the right to live free of terrorism. We ask that the DOJ investigate Larry Neal’s secret arrest and murder, which occurred in a correctional facility that was already under DOJ overview. The DOJ is requested to grant Larry Neal equal justice with America’s dogs, whose abuses and deaths were both investigated and prosecuted.

ELITE INTEGRATION, by Mary Neal (all rights reserved)

Elite white people and black people done got together against lit-tle people
And they imprisoning ‘em and waterboarding ‘em and executing ‘em
Oh Lawd! Oh Lawd!

Elite white people and black people done got together against lit-tle people
They lay ‘em off and make ‘em bailout banks, laying railroad tracks to concentration camps
Oh Lawd! Oh Lawd!

I was envious of the attention that Michael Vick’s pit bulls received, while authorities ignored Larry’s murder. I penned the following poem one night as I watched teams of investigators and police officers searching the property where dog fighting was done. I love animals and agree that they deserve protection, but the justice system’s hypocrisy in that affair amazing. I feel that people’s murders should matter at least as much as dogs’. Cyberstalkers attack every document where I include my poem, which I am honored that some human rights organizations have republished and use during protests against prisoner abuse. It is called “Dog Justice.” Please see it below.

DOG JUSTICE, by Mary Neal (rights reserved)

Too bad you weren't a dog, my brother

In my heart, I cried

Many more people would care about you

And wonder why you died

You had no spots or floppy ears

You never fetched a ball

Instead, you were a human being

But poor, black, and flawed

You died in jail for mental illness

I know down in my heart

Your death would be investigated

If only you could bark

Dog deaths get swift justice

Their abusers are sent to jail

Poor Mama would have closure now

If you'd had a wagging tail

But you were made in God's image

And some day, I have no doubt

The mentally ill and American dogs

Will have at least equal clout

PLEASE NOTE: Help promote human and civil rights, net freedom, and justice in American courts. The “justice” system has failed Larry Neal’s survivors repeatedly during the six years since Larry’s murder and actually joined in victimizing his relatives. Documentary proof of these allegations is available under the DOCUMENTATION tab at the website,  and at my online article entitled, “FOIA Request to The USDOJ Regarding Larry Neal’s Death and The Cochran Firm Fraud” as well as in public records available online in “Neals vs. The Cochran Firm” civil action cases in Georgia Superior Court of Fulton County (filed 8/1/2005) and The United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia (filed8/15/2007).

We rely on God to inspire a desire in your heart to help. Advocating for truth and justice have become extremely risky in the U.S.A.  This is especially true regarding overuse of prisons, inmate torture, police brutality and murders like Larry Neal and Kathryn Johnston suffered. Please support us in prayer, financially, and by helping to post my videos and share our censored information about Larry’s murder.   Throughout my blog, you will find stories about other Americans for whom justice is DENIED.  No one who assists us will be publicly thanked without express permission. Our situation is akin to persecution that Jews experienced in Nazi Germany or runaway slaves endured in their flight to freedom along the Underground Railroad. I have witness statements, some of the stalkers’ license numbers, and/or video proof for my allegations, but mainstream media never reported any of this, likely in anticipation of a bailout for censoring your news.

Petition to the USDOJ for Dog Justice for the Mentally Ill Signatures and Comments

You may use the petition at the link above to register your protest to Larry’s secret murder and his family’s persecution for asking for an investigation and justice, and please forward it to others. You can also read and/or sign the petitions for justice and an end to terrorizing Larry’s family at Mary Neal’s Google profile, where I used to post petitions AIMI sponsors for other people’s justice quest, news about pending legislation, etc. at

Cyberstalkers stopped allowing me to post at my Google profile page not long after I posted news about my cyberterror witness being stopped by police on her way to work, dragged from her car and beaten in fall 2009. The young woman left the traffic stop in an ambulance.  Now when I try to post new information at my Google profile or my Care2 billboard for AIMI at , a Microsoft error message appears saying “The post was not accepted; try again.” The cyberstalkers take over and dominate what I create online.  The best videos are being saved to include in a CD for my book, "The Cochran Firm Fraud."  Americans need to know that how far from transparency in government and equal justice this country is.  We can never achieve that worthy goal unless it becomes common knowledge how far from that aim we are.

Thank you very much for your kind attention and assistance.

Mary Neal