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Mary Neal Not Allowed to Protest in Atlanta

(21 paragraphs, 14 links.  Links do not open in a new window. Read all before opening links, or use your back arrow to return to the blog.)   GOD LOVES JUSTICE, and so do I.  Justice for my physically, mentally disabled brother's secret arrest and murder was denied in courts, and news of his murder and the lawyer fraud my family suffered was screened from mainstream news.  Therefore, I started blogging about it online, where intense cyberstalking and censorship are used against me to prevent public disclosure about the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal.  These crimes are allowed by the government.  That made it necessary to go out and picket to let people know about acute mental patients like Larry.  Roughly 1.25million sick people are wrongly imprisoned rather than treated for being sick, and some of them have no criminal charges whatsoever.  Some of them are killed every year, like Larry was - either during lunacy arrests or after incarceration.  Larry and hundreds of thousands of other mentally ill people were turned out of hospitals in the 1970's, and sick people of all races suffer and die.  Matthew 25:36-40 shows that God will judge us by how we treat the least among us, His brethren.  Although it is dangerous to stand for justice, on the solid Rock I stand.  All other ground is sinking sand. 

Most Christians believe human rights will deteriorate worldwide and human suffering will reach extreme levels before Christ returns. That is no excuse for apathy. We are to love one another and do the Father's business until the end. I continue although I understand that the Cochran Firm protects police departments when police officers kill minority citizens; and in turn, the media, police departments, and courts protect the unscrupulous lawyers from citizens protesting lawyer fraud.

In 2006, I checked with the Atlanta City Hall to see if citizens needed a permit to protest on city sidewalks.  I was told that was not necessary for small protests.  Right after Judge Shoob dismissed our lawsuit against the law firm that was under contract to be Larry's wrongful death attorneys, but used their position to facilitate his murder cover-up, several people and I met outside the Johnnie Cochran Firm and notified people about THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD (Google it).  We also interviewed people on video** at Olympic Park and other venues to let them know The Cochran Firm had been declared nonexistent in Georgia Superior Court to help the law firm dodge my family's lawsuit for lawyer fraud and deliberate malpractice. Public protests were still allowed last week in Atlanta.  On June 22, 2010, I met with about 100 other people at the Georgia Capital to show support for Troy Davis, who is on Georgia's death row for a murder I believe he did not do.  Today, I went alone to protest in front of the historic Candler Building downtown Atlanta, where The Cochran Firm's Atlanta offices are located (except when the firm is sued for lawyer fraud.).  After I had been on the corner of the Candler Building for about an hour today, Atlanta police car 29995 pulled up alongside me with two black officers inside.  Officer N. Sime told me I had to leave the public sidewalk. 

I said, "Officer, why must I leave the public sidewalk?"

Officer Sime replied, "Someone called 911 and complained that you were here."

I said, "Officer, I should not have to leave public property because someone does not want me here.  I checked with City Hall and was told public protests are allowed."

Officer Sime said, "Look, I told you to leave, and you will leave."  At that point both officers exited the police car and came on the sidewalk where I was.

I said, "I will leave officers, but you are violating my rights.  I have the freedom to protest on city property.  I am not blocking predestrian traffic and I am far away from the entrance to the building."

Officer Sime said, "No you don't.  You don't have any right to protest anything in Atlanta.  Now get your signs and clear out."

I expect the Constitution to be nullified one day soon rather than authorities continuing to chip away at the citizens' rights thereunder.  In case it had happened while I was in route downtown, and even if it had not, I immediately complied with Office N. Sime's request that I cease and desist from protesting against the Johnnie Cochran Firm fraud.  I certainly did not want to be Tasered to death by police like two other Georgians were recently.  I hope the police do not act ugly like that when I picket the United States Department of Justice later this summer in Washington, D.C.  I am very disappointed that Attorney General Holder investigated Micheal Vick's dogs' deaths for the NFL, but he will not order an investigation into Larry's murder in a jail that was already under federal overview for abusing inmates in 2003 when Larry died.  The nation's priorities are out of order to value dogs more highly than men, including handicapped people.  Please see my poem requesting DOG JUSTICE at this link:

I will upload the photographs of my protest at a later time.  One sign said, "FOX5 HATES BLACKS AND CENSORS NEWS," and another said, "JIM CROW MEDIA."  I am not allowed to use my own PC at home freely, so the pictures will be uploaded from another computer.  Cyberstalkers are used to illegally censor my Internet input and sometimes block my going online at home. They put my PCs on their workgroup domain, then I lose the administrator's role over my own PC.  The censorship force controls my PCs through remote access, and my phone is tapped, also.  Once when I called a PC service company to do a wipe clean and re-install for my PC, my phone call was intercepted and the man who came put even more malware on the computer, Michael Moon.  (See my article "HOME INVASION" for that story).  Therefore, I have to leave home and use WiFi services in public places.  It is frightening, because I am stalked in person, but in God I trust.  After I went online using WiFi at the DeKalb Public Library, I was bumped offline and had to use a library computer, which limits my time online.  Therefore, check this blog later for the photographs of Mary Neal's protest against The Cochran Firm's fraud and Fox5 News for helping the lawyers defraud elderly blacks in Atlanta.  All the news affiliates know that The Cochran Firm had itself declared nonexistent in Georgia Superior Court in 2006 to dodge my family's lawsuit for working behind our backs to help Shelby County Jail escape accountability for Larry Neal's murder.  However, the media will not warn minority consumers who go to that firm for legal services.   Who can order all news affiliates to censor news that one of the nation's largest plaintiffs law firms went to court and denied the existence of  its East Coast office?  As we enter the time of the New World Order, you will discover as I did that mainstream media, the government, and some private enterprises work together to defeat citizens' human and civl rights.

On the back of my sign saying  "FOX5 NEWS HATES OLD BLACKS AND CENSORS NEWS," I have my brother's website with the court documents carrying perjury by The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office under the DOCUMENTS tab at - In the New World Order, there are only two types of people - masters and slaves.  Only the elite are masters, so where does that leave you?  Masters in America, a/k/a "Pharaohs," do not accept being questioned about secret arrests and murders of people in the "slave class" like Larry Neal.  In fact, Shelby County Government refused to respond to our federal subpoena about how and why they murdered Larry, and the USDOJ refuses to respond to our Freedom of Information Act request, filed in May 2009, about the agency's participation in Larry's wrongful death cover-up.  Why would the federal agency help hide his murder instead of protecting the rights of disabled Americans and institutionalized persons?  I ask, although I no longer expect a reply.  Masters do not answer to people they consider as being "slave class."  I only ask authorities why and how Larry was murdered under secret arrest so that others in the slave class can be warned how far citizens' rights have spiraled downward - for minorities and handicapped people first, but healthy, middle class whites will catch up soon.

Most Christians believe human rights will deteriorate worldwide and human suffering will reach extreme levels before Christ returns. That is no excuse for apathy. We are to love one another and do the Father's business until the end. I continue although I understand that The Cochran Firm protects police departments when police officers kill minority citizens; and in turn, the media, police departments, and courts protect the unscrupulous lawyers from citizens protesting lawyer fraud.

Although I usually warn people about The Cochran Firm fraud online, I decided to go downtown in person to because I happened to see a Cochran Firm commercial on FOX5 News early this morning.  I had asked FOX5 to stop advertising The Cochran Firm.  The commercials target elderly black people, offering The Cochran Firm's legal services to help seniors ascertain Social Security benefits.  I know that The Cochran Firm has no respect whatsoever for elderly black people.  My mother was 80 years old when the law firm defrauded her into signing a contract for legal services after my handicapped brother was secretly arrested and murdered by Memphis/Shelby County police - a contract The Cochran Firm never intended to honor, but pretended to be doing legal work for 10.5 months while Tennessee's statute of limitations ran.  When time was up on the statute, our lawsuit file was empty.  We are denied any records or explanation about the circumstances of Larry's death, and my mother has ongoing nightmares about the ways he might have died - taser? restraint chair? starvation?  It is wrong to treat an elderly, grieving widow that way.  God sees.  (I invite you to read my poem, "MAMA" online.)  My mother was 82 when we first sued The Cochran Firm for lawyer fraud - holding our case inactive and to save the police, our intended defendants. Kathryn Johnston was 92 when former Atlanta police officers killed her in the nation's worse no-knock warrant case and tried to cover up her murder by accusing her of selling drugs.  Officers reportedly handcuffed the elder as she lay dying from six of over 30 bullets they sprayed into her home.  The Cochran Firm contracted to represent that elder's family, but I am certain they also got defrauded.  That happened six months after the firm was declared nonexistent in Georgia.  Because of censorship, Ms. Johnston's survivors did not know that the Cochran Firm works with police to prevent or limit damages paid to minorities after deaths by police and probably in other matters.

When I met with Amensty International members and others at the Georgia Capital on June 22 to support Troy Davis, many of the people were white.  I suppose that is the problem I had protesting in Atlanta today.  I did not have any white people with me.  My mother reminded me that in the 1940's, black people needed a "pass" to go to town alone, and it had to be signed by a white person.  Since my brother was lynched in 2003 like black men were decades ago and questions about his murder are disallowed, I should ask the City of Atlanta if I can stand on the sidewalks downtown if some nice white person gives me a "pass." If a white friend gives me a "pass," perhaps I can go on city property and tell people about lawyer fraud, secret murders, media cover-ups, government corruption, and an excellent federal bill I support - H.R.619.  Passing that bill would save many mental patients like Larry Neal from lunacy arrests, and likely save some of their lives.  Sick people belong in hospitals or should be treated in their communities, not imprisoned and some killed because police cannot tolerate their mental disability.
**  Videos from our previous Cochran Firm Fraud protests are too long for my YouTube channel, so I will make them public some other way. Visit my YouTube channel to see real-time cyber censorship and evidence of gangstalking activity to prevent your knowing the truth

Laws against such crimes as police murdering black men and mental patients, lawyer fraud, conspiracy to cover-up murders, and laws protecting citizens' rights are very much like the warnings on cigarette packs.  They are there, but generally ignored.  I have given up thinking that there is justice for "slave class" citizens like the Neals in America's courts when justice would be exacted at cost to well-connected elitists like those at The Cochran Firm and the Department of Justice officials who helped to cover up Larry's murder.  Now I write to warn Americans it is time to WAKE UP, PLEASE.  Things seem to be changing in the wrong direction. 

I am censored, as you will see by reviewing some of my videos at - I add new videos whenever I can use a PC that is not controlled via remote access, so check my YouTube channel often.  Would you help by forwarding articles in this blog to your friends or online groups?  I felt bad that I had not done more to warn people about The Cochran Firm fraud when Ms. Kathryn Johnston's family signed contract with the firm six months after Judge Shoob declared there was no Cochran Firm in Georgia.  I know Americans can no longer rely on the media to inform us about news we need to know, and there is no telling how much longer any Americans have to use the Internet "freely."  Free speech took a couple of hits this week.  If you did not read about them already, see this article: 

Supreme Court:  Free Speech Depends on What You Say

Thankfully, we have still Google, some independent news companies, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media to use to communicate.  Some of us use them on a more limited basis than others, because of illegal cyberstalking.  Help is appreciated from those of you whose civil rights were not yet deleted because authorities fear you will write about government corruption.  Use the index on the left margin of this blog to access the articles herein.  Thanks in advance for your help.  See the petition below to see why your assistance is needed.  ~This is a petition for open disclosure, equal justice, and my freedom from terrorism to hide my sick brother's murder in police custody:  - I don't think "they" will actually let you sign it, but you can TRY.  That way, you will learn how far your own free speech rights go.

Please follow me at Twitter, where I am Koffietime  - Get more information about ongoing violations aginst my family's civil rights to protect The Johnnie Cochran Firm and officials from public exposure at my Google profile:  - Sharing this news with your friends could help millions of mentally ill Americans and their families.  They are the only people imprisoned for public displays of their health disabilities.  Please support justice by asking your representatives to pass federal bill H.R.619.  It is a congressional bill that was introduced in January 2009 by Rep. Eddie Johnson (D-TX) to resume Medicaid insurance for mental hospitalization.  It costs substantially less to treat mental illness than it does to arrest sick people and hold them for lengthy prison sentences after crimes that could have been avoided by timely treatment.  Learn more about the bill, and please VOTE for H.R.619 at this link -


Mary Neal

Assistance to the Incarcerarted Mentally Ill



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Anonymous said...


MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

I look forward to Independence Day celebrations. Hopefully, there will be a parade. We have hundreds of flyers to distribute to NOTIFY PEOPLE ABOUT THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD AND LARRY NEAL'S SECRET ARREST AND MURDER. More people must be made to realize they are in the "slave class" in the minds of the elite. We will never abolish slavery and establish equal justice in America as long as people think it was already done.

City of Atlanta Police, I WILL HAND OUT FYERS AND WAVE MY SIGNS, and suing U for violating my rights would make a great third book. There are so many attacks on my family for asking for records and accontability for Larry's murder that we've already filled two. Authorities should not expect for secret deaths to stay covered-up because of illegal arrangements between murderers, the media, judiciary, State Bars, DOJ, and crooked law firms.


Anonymous said...


MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Yes, it is shocking, isn't it? How goes it over there? Over here, they're busy waterboarding poor, black mentally ill heart patients to death then hiding the murders from the public by censoring the news in the media and launching a program of terrorism against survivors. They're busy gangstalking middle-aged Southern grandmothers in USDOT trucks and four cars of agents, flying helicopters over our rooftop that stand still in the air for 30 minutes, despite talk about fuel shortages. They even have law firms especially for minorities to trick us and keep us complacent when police kill our folks.

We are stalked in person, censored online, and gangstalkers even outline our yard in orange, blue, and yellow paint so the helicopters could see which home to harass. People who complain that Big Brother is watching them don't have a clue. Wait 'til they have Big Brother in their rearview mirrow following them for miles and waylaying them and their little kids at the Chevron station like I did on Sept. 27, 2008 after 10:00 p.m.!

We supposedly have "equal justice," but so far my family is not considered equal to dogs. Their deaths are investigated in America, and people who hurt dogs are imprisoned. To top it off, we are probably the only family in the world actually ruled "immaterial" in a court of law. That is how we interpret the USDC ruling that The Cochran Firm did no wrong by defrauding us to save Shelby County Jail from paying damages after Larry's secret arrest and death.

Now police who did not come to assist my grandson and me when we were followed and waylaid at the Chevron me tell me not to advocate on city property in front of The Cochran Firm's on-again, off-again Atlanta offices.

So, how goes it over there?

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Atlanta Police Department Tasered a Grieving Father After He Just Lost His Two-Yr-Old Son Who Was Mauled by a Pit Bull. I wrote a comment at the article and video about the abuse at 9 WAFB:

Thanks for asking "What do you think." I think Atlanta Police Department is taser-happy. They threatened to Taser and arrest me for exercising free speech when I peacefully, quietly picketed The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm at 127 Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta. The officers assured me that I had "no free speech rights in Atlanta." See Mary Neal Not Allowed to Protest in Atlanta in my FreeSpeechBlog at http://freespeakblog.blogspot​.com/2010/06/in-2006-i-checke​d-with-atlanta-city.html

Remember when Atlanta Police tasered a teacher who called emergency 911 because she thought a prowler was trying to break in her home?

Atlanta even has or had a security guard in a store near Five Points who liberally Tasered people who shopped there (especially those who shoplifted there).

I wonder if they made him a police officer if he got fired?

See if they let my comment stay online. Check at