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Johnnie Cochran Firm Defrauds Latino Client and Sues Its Insurers

(19 paragraphs, 5 links, 1 poem: "Justice Denied" with footnote) -  Firm Wants Insurers To Cover Deal With Spy's Wife - The Cochran Firm sued two of its insurers for refusing to cover a settlement it reached with a former client who claimed the firm didn't help her recoup a multimillion settlement she had reached with Cuba.  The Cochran Firm seems to brag that the firm got its client to accept only 15% of the award she was due when she sued The Cochran Firm for malpractice.  She should have received $27.1 million, but she accepted a mere $287,000 to settle her claim against The Cochran Firm.  The Cochran Firm wants to pass the buck to its insurance companies to pay for another fraud against its own client, but the insurance companies refuse.  The Cochran Firm accuses its insurance companies of fraud.

If you have a traffic accident, your insurance company is liable.  On the other hand, if you repeatedly, deliberately ram your car into your girlfriend's vehicle and total both cars, then YOU are liable, not your insurance company.  The jury should agree that malpractice insurance companies do not have to cover lawyers who "take a dive" on their clients' cases. 

Tweet this writer had trouble posting at Twitter. @BackTHATUp @MaxReddick @vlu77 The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm defrauds mo clients. Insurance co. refuses to pay up.

The Cochran Firm Frauds

The Johnnie Cochran Firm is at it again - defrauding its clients. 
Johnnie Cochran partnered with an Alabama firm two years before he died that is now using his name and reputation to defraud its mostly minority clients.  The Cochran Firm's insurance companies do not want to pay for the firm's illegal, unethical conduct regarding Ana Margarita Martinez.  I'm surprised anyone insures those frauds.  The Cochran Firm is now suing its insurance companies for refusing to pay for their dirt.  The insurance companies' executives ought to copy after The Cochran Firm and get the judges to declare the insurance companies NONEXISTENT to avoid trial.  That was The Cochran Firm's SUCCESSFUL defense when my elderly mother and I were defrauded by The Cochran Firm that took our lawsuit regarding Larry Neal's wrongful death.  That prejudice COINTELPRO law firm worked behind our backs for the jail where my mentally, physically ill brother was murdered after 18 days of secret arrest.  The managing partner of The Cochran Firm's Memphis, Tennessee office was himself a Shelby County Commissioner, and the firm contracted to be Larry Neal's wrongful death attorneys in a secret conflict of interest.  The Cochran Firm then PRETENDED via U.S. Mail fraud to be working on Larry's case for 10.5 months of the 12-month statute of limitations just to keep his survivors from recovering damages and protect the jail from exposure following the murder of the handicapped man.  The Cochran Firm then decided to claim it does not exist in Georgia, because that is where the Neals arranged to become clients and served lawsuit against the law firm for its fraud.  The Cochran Firm had no excuse for working with Shelby County Jail behind its clients' backs to prevent justice, so the firm had judges declare The Cochran Firm NONEXISTENT in Georgia to protect the lawyers against our lawsuit.   I never thought anyone was that overtly crooked and walking around on two legs.  In the garden, snakes crawled.

92-year old police murder victim, Kathryn Johnston

The insurance companies deserve to lose their case and pay The Cochran Firm.  Any insurance company that is fool enough to insure A LAW FIRM THAT MAKES A HABIT OF DEFRAUDING ITS CLIENTS deserves to pay a big settlement.    If anybody can prove The Cochran Firm really sued the City of Atlanta, Georgia for police officers killing 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston in 2006, please direct me to the lawsuit.  I looked for the case in Georgia Superior Court (Dozier vs. Atlanta) and did not find it.  I read that the murderous officers were ordered to pay Johnston's family back $8,000 funeral expenses, but what of the civil suit?  I am sure it did not go to trial.  The Cochran Firm would never allow the case to go to jury where Johnston's family would have the best chance of recovering a large award.   August 19 UPDATE:  The Cochran Firm defrauded Kathryn Johnston's estate.  It claimed to have filed an $18 million lawsuit for Kathryn Johnston's survivors on November 21, 2007.  That is the LIE the firm told its clients and the world in press releases and news reports, but no lawsuit was filed according to a records check at State Court in  Georgia Superior Court in Fulton County.  The family was left at the mercy of Atlanta City Government to pay whatever they wanted, and they settled on August 17, 2010, for $4.9 million without knowing that The Cochran Firm worked with their defendants behind the family's back.  Read more about that in this blog:  THE COCHRAN FIRM DEFRAUDS KATHRYN JOHNSTON'S SURVIVORS

The Cochran Firm tricked the Neal family while under contract as Larry Neal's wrongful death attorneys, because the firm's real job seems to be spying on minorities and preventing justice for minority persons in certain cases.  Some consumer protection agencies refuse to take a complaint against The Cochran Firm, and others take the complaint but don't actually censure the firm. (See Larry Neal pictured on the right side of this page.)  I tried to picket the law firm last month in front of the Georgia office that courts declared nonexistent to dismiss our lawsuit, and two Atlanta police ran to The Cochran Firm's rescue.  The BBB refused to take a complaint on The Cochran Firm when the law firm perjured itself in Georgia Superior Court by denying it had a Georgia office.  The FTC and FCC took a complaint, but did no follow-up that I know about.  Does that sound like something that would happen for any firm that really represented the common man, especially minority clients, like the firm claims?  Perhaps because the media works for the same agency The Cochran Firm does, mainstream media has never warned the public that The Cochran Firm is repeatedly sued because of racial discrimination and for defrauding its clients to help police when they kill minority people and in other matters.  When sued, judges help The Cochran Firm by declaring the firm nonexistent when clients sue the firm for fraud.  I am surprised The Cochran Firm decided to pay the client any damages in this case.  Maybe the lawyers could not find any judges in Florida like the ones we have in Georgia to declare The Cochran Firm nonexistent. I'm confident they tried.  Or perhaps The Cochran Firm finds it safer to repeatedly use trickery and artifice to deny justice to a poor, elderly widow like my mother than they did Ms. Martinez, whose husband is a Cuban spy and runs terrorist cells.  Lawyers at The Cochran Firm are probably a tad more careful about how they treat people who have connections like Ms. Martinez has.  A working class African American family is an easier mark, especially with the courts and Department of Justice covering the unethical lawyers' backs.

Ms. Martinez, now you know why The Cochran Firm is opening Latino offices and had a case representing Native Americans last year that may or may not still be in court. 
Warn your people that playing minorities is their game.  Below is the story at Forbes about The Cochran Firm's latest fraud against its own clients.  I am sure there have been and will be others. I hope Ms. Martinez does not start being GANGSTALKED like I am since bringing suit against The Cochran Firm.  She may not know much about espionage even if her husband is a spy, and she has much to learn if she has to run from USDOT trucks, live with tapped phones, have stalkers following her online and in person, and deal with agents intercepting her phone calls when she calls for computer service so they can put her PC on an illegal domain they are administrators over instead of her  - all with police refusing to intervene on her behalf.  I am relieved Ms. Martinez accepted the small settlement from The Cochran Firm.  If she had held out for more money, it could have been bad for her - real bad.  I advise those insurance companies to pay up if they know what's good for them.  They probably have good reason to refuse to pay for another Cochran Firm fraud, but it is easier to pay damages than to deal with gangstalkers.  The insurance executives could have helicopters hovering over their rooftops like they are aiming bombs.  That is what my mother thought the helicopters were doing a couple of months ago when they hovered over our rooftop for 30 minutes after someone drew yellow, blue, and orange lines from our back fence to the middle of the street and outlined the front and both sides of our yard.  See the video at this link:

See information the Neal's victimization by The Cochran Firm fraud after the Forbes Report below -  


July 29, 2010 --  The Cochran Firm has sued two of its insurers for refusing to cover a settlement it reached with a former client who claimed the firm didn't help her recoup a multimillion-dollar judgment from a suit she launched against the Cuban government after learning her professed anti-Communist husband was actually a Cuban spy.The firm's Miami office and one of its attorneys sued First Mercury Insurance Co. and State National Insurance Co. on Wednesday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, accusing them of not making good on a claims-made lawyers professional liability policy they had extended to the firm.

The firm represented Ana Margarita Martinez in her lawsuit against Cuba, which concluded with a $27.1 million judgment in her favor after a judge found that the Cuban government had committed acts of sexual battery, terrorism and torture by facilitating spy Juan Pablo Roque's sham marriage to Martinez for the purpose of him acting as a double agent within the Cuban exile community in Florida.

In late 2008 Martinez sued Cochran and attorney Scott Leeds, alleging they had failed to properly represent her interests in collecting the judgment.

In 2001, when Martinez won her judgment against Cuba, Leeds told the Miami Herald that it could take years to unlock blocked Cuban assets to pass on to his client.  Leeds was not available for comment Thursday.
Martinez received $200,000 from frozen Cuban accounts in 2005 and has seized aircraft flown into the U.S. by Cuban refugees in additional attempts for restitution. In February, Martinez filed court motions to garnish fares from eight charter companies that do business in Cuba.

To resolve Martinez's claims against the firm, Cochran entered into mediation with the insurers' authorization to settle the claim, according to the instant complaint. Martinez eventually agreed to a $287,000 deal, a small price compared to the firm's potential liability, the suit says.

“Based on the insurers’ actions, including the explicit and/or implicit grant of settlement authority, the policyholders attended mediation and settled Martinez’s claim for less than 15 percent of the policy’s liability limits and for a fraction of the policyholders’ potential liability,” the suit said.

The insurers denied coverage under the policy, claiming that the settlement had not occurred with their consent and that they were not properly given notice of the mediation proceeding, according to the firm.
Allowing the insurers to assert any limitations on the coverage now would constitute a FRAUD against the firm, because the policyholders relied on and have been prejudiced by the insurers' conduct and representations, the suit says.   

Martinez's story hit the headlines in 1996, after her husband showed up in Cuba after Cuban fighter planes shot down two civilian aircraft that were operating a search-and-rescue mission for Cuban refugees.

Roque, who had worked for the FBI during his time in the U.S., announced his loyalty to Cuba after the shootings, and decried the downed pilots as having operated a terrorist cell.

The Cochran Firm is represented in this matter by Ver Ploeg & Lumpkin PA.  Counsel information for the defendants was not immediately available Thursday.  The case is Leeds et al. v. First Mercury Insurance Co. et al., case number 10-cv-22729, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.


Do you suppose The Cochran Firm made a deal with Martenez's defendant to protect Cuba from paying her $27 million judgment?  In our case, the law firm worked for its clients' defendants behind our backs, but perhaps Cuba has more honor than Memphis Shelby County Government officials and there was no such deal in the Martenez case.  Here is the link to another COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD
.      If any lawyers are brave enough, we would like to sue The Cochran Firm for conspiring to violate our civil rights working with our intended defendants behind our backs to cover up Larry Neal's murder and deny us due process of law.  Apparently The Cochran Firm did this defrauding the courts via hypnosis to have one judge rule that there is no Cochran Firm in Georgia and another accept a diversity rule case based on the lie.  Imagine that.  The Cochran Firm tricked judges into believing that the most famous, well advertised plaintiffs' law firm in Georgia did not exist.  Everyone thought I must have imagined the Atlanta office of The Cochran Firm, I suppose.  My murdered brother was mentally ill, so the stigma attached to family members of mentally ill people may have played a part in my perceived overactive imagination.  The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office is at 127 Peachtree Street in the Candler Building where they do business every day under that identity, even while denying the existence of that law office in court.  The Cochran Firm denied the existence of its East Coast office in Georgia Superior Court and USDC (with the media refusing to report the farce) and committed other perjury to have the Neals' lawsuits dismissed.  But eight days after the USDC judge dismissed our lawsuit by claiming that it did not compromise our case against Shelby County Jail for The Cochran Firm to pretend to do legal work that was not actually happening for 10.5 months of the 12-month statute of limitations, the Atlanta office of The Cochran Firm blinked right back into existence and published a YouTube commercial for the Atlanta office.  It was like an "I Dream of Jennie" episode.  If you contract with The Cochran Firm, PLEASE DON'T BLINK.


One day Larry went missing

We looked for him high and low

For 18 days while he died in jail

“Have you got him?” The Jail said “NO!”

On August 1, police came

A dreaded knock on the door

“We have Larry’s body. He died in jail

Sorry. We won’t tell you more.”

“Well, tell it to our lawyers!

The Johnnie Cochran Firm!

Lynching is illegal!

You might get prison terms!”

“Over that sick coon? We doubt it!

But give it your best shot

We told him to stop singing loud; move on

But he would not!”

Mama cried silently as she signed her name

On the Cochran Firm’s contract

“Don’t let them kill other sick sons

Nothing can bring mine back.”

Lawyers gave us their assurance

And lots of tissues, too

Saying, “Dry your eyes, old Mama!

We’ll get justice for you.”

But The Cochran Firm tricked us

Their promises were only lies

They held Larry’s case inactive

And never asked how he died

The letters David McLaughlin sent

Were false, every one!

The Cochran Firm worked for the jail

Nothing was being done

Too late to hire other attorneys

When we discovered the fraud

Larry’s case file was empty

How could they do this? Oh, Lord!

“We’ll sue you for defrauding us

You can’t treat clients like this

Larry Neal was a person

The life he had was his!

We’ll tell the Bar about your fraud

The jury will make you pay

You deserve to lose your license

New clients won’t come your way!”

“Over that sick coon? We doubt it

But give it your best shot!

Police told him, ‘Stop singing loud; move on!’

But he would not!”

Tennessee Bar said, “No biggie”

Georgia Bar ignored our complaint**

Judge Shoob said, “What Cochran Firm?

There is none in this state”

“But judge, look out your window

The Cochran Firm’s right there!

On TV every few minutes

Your Honor, please be fair!”

“Get out of this courtroom!

Johnnie Cochran’s dead

We’ve got his firm and got his name

Now don’t you make us mad!”

“We’ll take you back to court again

You have a poor defense!

Your office is just blocks away

You can’t say you don’t exist!”

“We said it; judge signed it

Now get out of our face

Plead for justice all you want

You are the wrong damn race!”

“Look Media - A court order!

No Cochran Firm in Georgia!

Please tell the people to watch out

I’ll send some copies to ya!”

“Don’t bother; not interested.

Their clients are mostly blacks

Who cares if lawyers trick those folks?

It’s time you learn the facts!”

“But Larry was a human being!

He had a right to live!

The Cochran Firm worked for the jail

His death’s a secret still

We’ll write letters to Congress

And report you on the Web!

Jails and lawyers are not allowed

To conspire to hide the dead!

Georgia courts can’t protect you!

Nor the media or BBB!

We’ll tell the public what you did

And civil rights groups – you’ll see!

We’ll sue in federal court for your fraud

The jury will make you pay!

You deserve to lose your license

New clients won’t come your way!”

“Over that sick coon? We doubt it

But give it your best shot!

Police told him, ‘Stop singing loud;

move on!’ But he would not!”

“Judge, look at this fraud; listen to lies

They told right in this court!

They helped the jail hide Larry’s death

While under contract with us!”

“We disclaim our Georgia office

Our Memphis office, too

Dismiss this case right now, Judge Batten

We all depend on you.

Wherever Larry’s family sues us

We claim we don’t exist

Can’t let this case ever go to jury

Sick black folks won’t be missed

Judge, don’t honor their subpoena

To Shelby County Jail

Can’t let this family ever know

What happened to Larry Neal!

This family is ridiculous

To think federal court would care

that lawyers lie to evade justice

It’s an immaterial affair!”

“The Cochran Firm is right!”

Judge Batten did agree

“Case dismissed! Immaterial!

Don’t come here bothering me!”

“But Judge, they tricked us!

Helped police hide Larry’s death

He had a right to live his life

Regardless of his health!

Thank God! Here comes CHANGE!

We’ll tell Mr. Holder

He’ll investigate Larry’s murder

This cover-up is over!

Mr. Holder, they killed him

Under secret arrest in jail

Thank God, you’re here now

And justice cannot fail!”

“Were you waiting for me? Don’t be absurd!

Johnnie Cochran is Dead

We’ve got his firm and got his name

Now don’t you make us mad!

You don’t want to make us mad!”  

All rights reserved by Mary Neal


** We recently received a form to file a Georgia Bar complaint and telephone calls assuring me that the Georgia Bar is not ignoring allegations against attorneysIf/when we file the Georgia Bar complaints, I will not be allowed to write about them.  In fairness to other attorneys practicing in Georgia and throughout America as well as to consumers of legal services, it is wrong to allow The Cochran Firm attorneys to ignore the Rules of Professional Conduct by entering into contract with clients under undisclosed conflicts of interest then hold the cases inactive to benefit clients' intended defendants.  It is also wrong for the fraudulent law firm to use an alias in court to avoid jury trials when accused of deliberate malpractice and fraud, especially since The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office claimed in court to be a wholly owned and operated Georgia "P.C." without ever being registered with the State of Georgia.  Lawyers are officers of the court and should not be allowed to defraud the court and clients without censure by the State Bar.  Law and order should be a goose and gander thing.

The U.S. should either be what it says on paper or retire such phrases as "equal justice" and "non-discrimination."  African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and other minority citizens do not deserve to be set up and defrauded by The Cochran Firm to foil their quests for justice after wrongs.

Such as you do unto ONE of the least of these, My brethren, you do it also unto me. ~Jesus Christ

Mary Neal

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Collusion to Hide Police Murder

(31 paragraphs, 18 links, plus FOIA Request re Larry Neal to USDOJ)    No woman ever went through a menopause like mine. If I had hot flashes and heart palpatations from the change of life, I couldn't tell. I would have thought the symptoms were from dodging USDOT trucks and stalkers who are sent to terrorize me for writing articles about The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm Fraud and my brother's secret arrest and murder in Memphis Shelby County Jail. I went from being a middle-aged legal secretary to a Ms.Bond character in one lawsuit. The things that have happened since my brother’s murder are so absurd that they are actually humorous – except when I’m being pursued by USDOT trucks and gangstalkers. The drama our lives became after suing The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm is so ridiculous that I can almost convince myself none of it is real until I look at my neighbors’ houses and realize that several of them are listed as “9-Public Utility – Government.” Who on earth has neighbors the government put around their homes to monitor them but the Neal family? I take that back.  They are graduating thousands of "citizens police" in America now, and not all of them are for the Neals.  You want to know how absurd life became since we asked the United States Department of Justice for records and an investigation about my brother’s secret arrest and murder in Shelby County Jail in Tennessee? A USDOT truck actually made deliveries to new neighbors across the street when they moved in. Perhaps the boxes the DOT driver and his helper moved in contained equipment that is used to take over my PCs by remote access and intercept our phone calls. Over the past few years, my life has been like I stepped onto the set of a “Get Smart” television show. Read the story in my OpEdNews article at the link below:

Saturday, August 2, 2008 - OpEdNews
Mentally Ill Patient's Secret Incarceration and Wrongful Death Cover-up
(4 comments) Article about the secret arrest, death, and conspiracy to cover up the euthanasia of Larry Neal, 54-year-old mentally ill heart patient who died on Aug. 1, 2003, in Shelby County Jail, Memphis, TN.

Phone tapping is an awful invasion of privacy.  But if they only listened, we would not be as inconvenienced as we are.  They actually DECIDE WHO WE CAN TALK WITH OVER THE PHONE.  In the past two or three years, we have changed our phone service from Bell South to AT&T to Vonage to MajicJack, and now use Metro PCS, but we cannot get rid of the phone tap. Our incoming and outgoing phone calls are monitored and controlled. If we say something the stalkers object to, blam! They cut the connection just like that! We are like prisoners. Most calls only get through if they are from our usual callers. New people get a lying message that says our phone is not in service, or their calls are automatically routed to voice mail without ever ringing in our home, but we don’t ever get the messages they leave. It is amazing! I discovered that one night when I called our phone number 678.531.0262 from five different cell phones. I just stood in a store and asked people if I could use their cell phones, and I repeatedly got that lying message saying the phone was not in service. This caused a tremendous financial burden on my family because they will not allow me to communicate with potential employers.  They know I am a legal assistant, and it terrifies them to think I might be working around computers that are not easily taken over like mine are at home. I think they are upset over my articles against enforced H1N1 vaccines, too.

With our phone tapped and our computer put on an illegal workgroup domain that “they” control and neighbors who actually stand on their porches in heat or cold to watch our home, there is literally an embargo around our house. Good gracious! Can you imaging anything like this happening? We have an embargo like an enemy country because we ask WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL. I don’t think any other family ever went through anything like this. As a matter of fact, I believe we’re the first family to have a member murdered by police and then be refused any records, explanation, inquest, investigation, or apology. It is as though they say, “Yes, we murdered Larry Neal. So what? We kept it out of the media, the government helped us cover it up, The Cochran Firm double-crossed you and never filed suit, and now we work 24/7 to stalk you when you leave home and control your communication at your home to limit the number of people who you tell what we did to Larry Neal and how we mistreat you.” If you want to know what happens when I try to communicate with people through U.S. Mail about this murder cover-up and advocate for America's mentally ill inmates, browse for my article:  SMUGGLING HUMAN RIGHTS NEWS IN THE USA.  Earlier this month I stopped by the post office and was refunded $18 for overnight mail I sent in February.  Men actually follow me to the P.O.  I watched through the window and saw the clerk I left my mail with and my stalkers disappear behind the counter for a while, and my mail did not reach the addressees in some cases, CDs featuring my cyber censorship films arrived to some addressees destroyed, etc.  The article is at this link:

Computer sabotage is done to hide the 2003 murder of Larry Neal and the cover-up orchestrated by The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm, which used its position as our wrongful death attorneys to protect Shelby County Jail from public disclosure and lawsuit after killing Larry, a lifelong schizophrenic with a serious heart problem that made prescription drugs necessary for his survival. Police secretly arrested Larry and lied for weeks to his family and social worker about having him incarcerated because the harmless “de-institutionalized” mental patient was such a pest to police that they wanted him dead. People should not be surprised that police kill black mental patients and that lawyers double-cross their own clients to help cover-up such atrocities. By 1941, German psychiatrists had already killed more than 300,000 non-Jewish mental patients within the span of a few years, including children under age two, before Hitler applied the sociopathic doctors’ methods and commandeered their crematoriums to kill millions of Jews. Just as it was in Nazi Germany and during this nation’s Jim Crow era, my family is censored and persecuted to prevent our reports to the world about Larry’s murder and the terrorism we endure for not joining in his murder cover-up – Shelby County Jail’s final solution for a man who police arrested repeatedly over a 20-year span for misdemeanors related to his mental disease. The Freedom of Information Act Request the USDOJ refuses to answer (because officials would either have to lie or incriminate themselves) is below in this blog and at this link:

Genocide in Nazi Germany required apathy and complicity by many authorities in that country and other nations across the globe. The same is true regarding Larry Neal’s murder and The Cochran Firm’s fraud against our family and other minorities who entrust legal cases to that prejudice law firm. The authorities we contact with irrefutable proof of Larry’s murder cover-up engineered by The Cochran Firm either violate their oaths of office by ignoring or joining in Larry’s murder cover-up. In fact, the United States Justice Department (USDOJ) is determined to trample the Neals’ civil rights by helping to cover up Larry’s death rather than bring legal remedy. In 2006, a year after the DOJ officials and I had communicated extensively about Larry’s secret jailhouse murder (which officials refuse to investigate), Shelby County Government was allowed to enter perjury and fraudulent documents into federal court records during the jail’s release hearings that omitted reporting Larry Neal’s death. Shelby County Jail was operating under an Agreement after a 2000 lawsuit by the United States for violating inmates’ civil rights. Since Larry’s murder proved the jail was woefully remiss in its duties to honor the terms of that Agreement, all parties colluded to sweep Larry’s secret arrest and murder under the rug and use The Cochran Firm keep Larry’s family in check by having us believe litigation was happening while The Cochran Firm did exactly zero on Larry’s case. Indeed, most of the parties to Larry’s murder cover-up conspiracy probably joined in this Nazi behavior to help the DOJ avoid exposure for its role in covering up the murder of an institutionalized African American with a disability – the same agency this country relies on to protect the rights of institutionalized people, minority citizens, and disabled people.  Allegations about covering up abuses in county jails led to former Attorney General Gonzales' conviction in Wallacy County, Texas in 2008, but he never went to trial.  You should read about the persecution former Wallacy County, Texas Juan Angel "Johnny" Guerra underwent after prosecuting Gonzales, former Vice President Chaney, and some judges for prison profiteering!  Guerra went through hell, and I wonder if they outline his yard in paint, draw arrows in the street, then make helicopters stand still over his house for 30 minutes like they do ours.  I suppose most attorneys in America know how these people are, which is why my mother and I had to sue The Cochran Firm pro se despite the obviousness of their fraud against the Neals.  We did not know at the time that The Cochran Firm is some pseudo-government entity used to spy on minorities and defraud us after police kill blacks.  It is a shame that all the U.S. Attorney Generals seem to honor any illegal agreement DOJ officials must have made to withhold investigation about Larry Neal's murder.  The DOJ should investigate and prosecute crimes even when their own officials are the criminals, don't you agree?  But the Holder DOJ does not seem interested in investigating any allegations about misconduct that happened during the previous administration.  That is a sin and a shame, especially considering that everyone working there is paid by our tax money.  The Neals are victims of taxation without representation!  See some reports on Gonzales' conviction below.

Reuters reported, "Former attorney general Gonzales used his position to 'stop the investigations as to the wrongdoings [and] assaults in county prisons, the indictment said.”   The full Reuters report is at this link:

Read more about Gonzales' conviction at this link. 
Grand jury indicts Cheney, former Attorney General Gonzales
Dallas Business Journal
Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vice President Dick Cheney and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales have been named in a South Texas grand jury indictment on charges related to the alleged abuse of prisoners being detained in Willacy County federal detention centers, The Associated Press said.  Willacy County is located in South Texas and includes the cities of Lyford, Raymondville and San Perlita. The AP says the indictment alleges Cheney maintains a conflict of interest on the grounds that he has an investment in the Vanguard Group, a company that holds interest in private companies running federal detention centers. The indictment cites Cheney for “at least misdemeanor assaults,” on detainees because of his work with the prison companies, The AP is reporting.

The NAZI Party and the KKK despise everyone who they consider to be “unacceptably different” like mentally ill people, minorities, and people in the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender community. Larry Neal was a mentally ill black man who was secretly arrested for nearly three weeks and murdered in Memphis Shelby County Jail on August 1, 2003. The Cochran Firm quickly signed contract with our elderly grieving mother to be Larry’s wrongful death attorneys in order to help Memphis Shelby County Jail and the United States Department of Justice cover up Larry’s murder and block his survivors’ right to open records, accountability, and recovery of damages for his negligence and wrongful death. National Public Radio published an online interview with Former Cochran Firm attorney Shawn Holley wherein she revealed the racism that was applied to the firm’s clients’ cases after Johnnie Cochran died and most of his lawyers and staff (minority people) were fired or forced out of The Cochran Firm’s Los Angeles office. However, my family did not hear Holley’s NPR interview before contacting The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta, Georgia office when police confessed Larry’s secret arrest and death. The Cochran Firm immediately entered into contract with the Neals under an undisclosed conflict of interest: The managing partner in The Cochran Firm’s Memphis office was the longest standing Shelby County Commissioner and was in an overview position for the jail that murdered Larry.

Holley’s radio interview revealed that Johnnie Cochran partnered with a firm of Alabama bigots shortly before his untimely death. However, some of the attorneys at The Cochran Firm are not white. Hezekiah Sistrunk is black, and so is Smith. Both are equity partners in The Cochran Firm. Oppression of black people in America has always had Negro champions. Black people helped to load human cargo on the miscreants’ slave vessels for the voyage to centuries of cruel servitude. Some blacks owned slaves in America, black men were Masta’s “whipping boys” who beat their fellow slaves unmercifully for daring to oppose enforced servitude, and Confederate Negroes led dogs into the swamps to retrieve runaway slaves who endeavored to be free. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is a black man who shows interest in justice for War on Terror camp detainees but the DOJ under Holder refuses to honor the Neal family’s Freedom of Information Act request for information about Shelby County Jail and Larry’s murder. The Cochran Firm is a racist law firm that capitalizes off Johnnie Cochran’s reputation but uses its position as plaintiffs’ attorneys to eavesdrop on minorities and thwart our justice quests, especially after police violence. Hezekiah Sistrunk knew when I called The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office on the day Larry died that the firm had a conflict of interest in representing my family, but the law firm's goal was to use that law firm’s position to prevent the Neals from actually having any legal representation against Shelby County Jail. They used U.S. Mail fraud to write us lying updates on the status of our case during the first months after signing contract to be Larry's wrongful death attorneys, then stopped answering my correspondence.  If The Cochran Firm had admitted the firm had done zero on Larry's secret arrest and murder in time, we could have found other attorneys.  They did not intend for that to happen, of course, because the whole idea was to keep the story from coming out and protect the jail from our lawsuit.  When we discovered their fraud too late to find another lawyer who would demand information (that we don't have yet!) about how Larry died and file suit against Shelby County Jail, we sued The Cochran Firm.  The unjust justice system paid The Cochran Firm back for defrauding us.  Judges in two courts pretended The Cochran Firm does not exist in Georgia where Georgia marshals served our lawsuit!  Judge Shoob of Georgia Superior Court actually ruled in May 2006 that there is no such thing as a Georgia office of The Cochran Firm!  Can you believe it?  No one I tell can believe that, and of course, they do everything they can to limit the number of people who learn that our fraud case against The Cochran Firm was dismissed because the law firm and the judge deny its existence.  Wild, right?  When The Cochran Firm felt comfortable that the unjust justice system had gotten rid of our righteous law suit,  The Cochran Firm Atlanta office apparently wanted to protect its advertisers from a lawsuit for carrying false advertising.  So the next step in the fraud against the Neals required The Cochran Firm to admit it really had a Georgia office (contrary to the perjury that was allowed in Georgia Superior Court).  Cochran Firm's Atlanta office released a new commercial on YouTube dated Feb 17, 2009 (a week after USDC Judge Batten dismissed our lawsuit that filed as a diversity lawsuit, based on there being no Cochran Firm office in Georgia).  The ad features Hezekiah Sistrunk, managing partner promising all the minority clients good representation.  Yeah, right.  It is at this link -

Larry’s murder, The Cochran Firm’s fraud, and our family’s persecution were intended to be done secretly, thanks to complicit mainstream media. Metropolitan Area Rapid Transit Authority quit its televised commercials on trains and buses advertising for The Cochran Firm when I notified MARTA the Atlanta law firm denied its own existence in Georgia Superior Court, but mainstream media commercials continued, as did advertising on the Internet. A bus driver told me he saw a Cochran Firm billboard on a MARTA train recently. If so, we must increase our efforts to alert minorities about the COINTELPRO law firm. When will Africans in America ever stop being victimized by the system? Cox Enterprises ignored the federal subpoena to release advertising records for The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta law office after The Cochran Firm denied its own existence in Georgia Superior Court, and USDC Judge Batten refused to honor plaintiffs’ motion to compel release of the advertising.  In fact, Judge Batten also refused to compel Shelby County Jail to release records on Larry Neal's fatal arrest.  Can you get over it? Nazist racists killed Larry Neal, covered up his murder by defrauding his family through The Cochran Firm, then intimidate the Neals with in-person stalking and use Internet cyberstalkers in an attempt to prevent the public from ever knowing about any of this. The terrorist acts against my family because I write about The Cochran Firm fraud and Larry’s murder simulate crosses burning on our lawns. They are determined to get away with his lynching, and God and I are determined that if America has returned to lynching black men, it will not be done quietly.

Since they destroyed my Internet access at home and control our phone, I went to The Cochran Firm office downtown Atlanta last month with signs to ask the public for help in person. Do you know what they did? They sent two police officers to tell me I have no freedom of speech and order me off the public sidewalk. Isn’t that the most awesome thing you ever thought about happening in this “free” country? The way my elderly mother and I are treated reminds me of Middle Eastern women who are not permitted to work or beg. We have been kidnapped without leaving home. No one in authority will treat us justly, and they use police power to prevent us from crying out to others. I sometimes watch TV shows and see police investigating crimes; I read about people being executed for committing murder; and it seems so surreal. These people have no sense of justice, so why continue the farce? I watch political figures make speeches about America’s commitment to freedom and hear news reports about the war to spread democracy, and I think, “WHAT democracy?” What are these people talking about? It is crazy to carry on such a pretense, but I suppose the farce is necessary to keep the public paying taxes and contributing soldiers for their wars. Some of Larry's nephews are in Iraq right now fighting for human rights!  Can you believe that?  I tell you what, I could do stand-up comedy about this mess.

I used to visit Larry most Sundays while he was an inpatient in Western State Mental Hospital in Bolivar, Tennessee for 20 years before President Regan “de-institutionalized” severe mental patients, but I never met any patient there who was more off their rockers than the people making decisions about Larry’s secret murder in Shelby County Jail. When is a secret no longer a secret? If American media was not sold out, millions of people would know about this situation in one newscast. But thanks to my Internet articles and the people who care enough about justice to share the story on their blogs, hundreds of thousands of people know. The Neal family relies on each one to please tell one. My goodness, how deep is this rabbit hole? I am absolutely amazed to consider that the system has 1.25 million mental patients behind bars for being mentally ill (including some who are dangerous, but most are not), but the people who have the keys seem absolutely DERANGED without a single marble among them.

Although I do my best despite censorship to warn the public, the media blackout helps The Cochran Firm continue to defraud minority families after police killings, though. Six months after Judge Shoob issued a ruling that The Cochran Firm does not exist in Georgia, there they were representing the family of 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston, another African American victim of murder by police. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT COURT THE COCHRAN FIRM FILED SUIT IN FOR KATHRYN JOHNSTON'S FAMILY?  NPR and other news sources reported that suit was filed for Johnston's niece, Ms.Dozier, a year after her murder in November 2007, but I cannot find it on file in Georgia Superior Court.  Presently, the family of Lawrence Taylor, who was shot dead by California police, are in The Cochran Firm’s clutches. I feel sorry for those families, because I know The Cochran Firm’s real role: 1) use Johnnie Cochran’s name and reputation to keep black people calm when police kill African Americans, 2) work behind their clients’ backs to limit or eliminate financial damage to police departments responsible for such deaths, and 3) spy on minorities, including Latinos, Native Americans, and “Negroes” (per 2010 U.S. Census). The quest to spy on Americans has reached the point that law firms are used for COINTELPRO. It is horrible.

The way we are treated since suing The Cochran Firm really gave me a number of attitude adjustments.  Of course I knew that racism and class prejudice are problems in America, but not on the scale that it exists.  I believed that officials needed input from families with mental patients to learn the best and most cost effective ways to end their cycle in and out of jails - through hospitalization and community care programs.  So I wrote thousands of emails, hundreds of articles and blogs, and established an online advocacy group called ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL.  (I had lots of time on my hands since I was afraid to leave home after being followed by the USDOT truck and four cars of men in 2008.)  Then after years of hard work, I learned that authorities already knew that mental patients only need access to mental hospitals during crisis and community care to prevent incarceration!  The Kendra's Law program in New York had already proved that homelessness, incarceration, and hospitalization were reduced by over 85% by using outpatient treatment programs, which couple mandated psychiatric care with subsistence assistance.  Any reasonable person knows that being imprisoned in a 9' by 6' isolation cell or any other prison environment only increases stress, so America's mentally ill can never recover by making them prisoners.  Duh!  Authorities did not need my two cents worth at all.  People like Larry are imprisoned rather than treated in hospitals and community care to enrich prison owners and investors - it is a simple and evil as that.

I spend thousands of dollars I cannot afford on computer replacement and repair.  When cyberstalkers realized that I really do take real time videos of the cybercensorship they do on my computer, they decided not to allow me to go online at home again! Until they illegally put my PC on a workgroup domain and stopped my Internet access, I cowered in our house for a year and a half. This grandmother who loves working, shopping, parks, and dancing learned to stay put after a USDOT truck driver and four cars of stalkers he led and waylaid my little grandson and me at the neighborhood Chevron station on September 27, 2008. I could not believe it when police ignored our 911 call and just left us there surrounded by those men who walked around talking on cell phones and bluetooths. The stalkers did not care how many people saw what they were doing to terrorize us or that their images were being captured on the businesses’ security videos. When the government itself turns criminal, they have no timidity about their actions. Who is going to stop them?

The stalkers waylaid me again a couple of weeks later when they took over my PC to prevent me from getting a pleading filed in United States District Court on time. Throughout our lawsuit against The Cochran Firm in USDC, the cyber censorship crew would delete my pleadings and notes, delete the Georgia Rules of Civil Procedure from my hard drive, and even delete Adobe program! Since they have the administrative role for my computers instead of me, they took away my right to download the Rules again as well as the program I needed to read them. The cyberdogs were so busy that I had to go to the neighborhood computer rental store to finish the document. The manager and printers were trying to help me get the pleading copied in time to rush it to USDC when six cars of stalkers came and surrounded the business. They scared everyone in Franklin Printers so badly that the manager locked her doors before closing time. The employees who got off work exited out the back door to avoid passing by those men. We did not even call 911 that time, because I realized after the Chevron siege that the police are complicit in my intimidation, at least inasmuch as they allow it.  The manager at Franklin's gave me an affidavit about the horrible stalking event.  I am a legal assistant, so I always get witnesses or video proof for the terrorism I allege.  It is all 100% true, as incredible as my stories seem.

My goodness! We in Franklin’s were relieved when a man pulled up in a truck and gave the stalkers a signal to leave the sidewalk in front of the business. One of the ladies had bravely walked outside and gotten some of the license tags, but police are not interested in prosecuting my stalkers. I save the license numbers in case America ever decides to practice equal justice, but that has not happened lately. DeKalb County Police did not even call me back when the DOT truck waylaid two cars of Neals at the Chevron station until I called Congressman Johnson and he called the former sheriff. The former sheriff had Major Conroy call me a whole month after the Chevron incident! There was NO investigation about that police report whatsoever, just as there is no investigation about my brother’s murder in Shelby County Jail. I guess police did not need to investigate. If a USDOT truck is stalking you, it is pretty obvious who is doing it, because not too many people own those.  Franklin's manager's affidavit about that stalking event is on file in Neals v. Cochran Firm in USDC.  I also have security reports from the building where I worked about stalkers waiting on me to leave work at night, and affidavits from people who saw the USDOT truck and men in other vehicles who had us waylaid at the Chevron station.  I have hundreds of videos showing the real time cyberstalking, some of which are published at my YouTube channel - jkempp703.

I complained to the USDC judge about being intimidated, followed, and my pleadings disappearing from my home PC, but he said nothing. I filed a police report, contacted the FBI, applied online for help from the government agency that tracks cyberstalking.  They did not respond.  No one wants to be a crime victim, but pray that if anyone in your family is murdered like Larry was, it won't be by police.  The way authorities collude to cover-up police murders is too much!  Do you remember what they tried to do when Atlanta police killed 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston?  They tried to say the old lady was selling dope and handcuffed her as she lay dying on her living room floor!  My goodness!  I always write about what these people do, because it is scary as hell.  I wrote an email and sent it to everyone on my Yahoo mailing list one night when I could not lose my stalkers on the ride home from work until I took my battery out of my cell phone.  It was really frightening.  I pulled my phone from my purse to call for help because the vehicles were tailing me.  When I slowed down to 30 mph on the expressway, so did they.  If I exceeded the speed limit, so did they.  My cell phone had a light blinking extra fast, and I never saw that light before. I said, my goodness!  When I took the battery out of the phone, I lost the stalkers.  Since The Cochran Firm attorneys were on my Yahoo mailing list, they got the email I sent to tell people about that frightening episode.  Cochran Firm attorney Angela Mason wrote a pleading and asked Judge Batten to make Mary Neal stop saying a Caucasian man in a white vehicle was stalking her on orders from Cochran Firm attorneys. I never said the stalking was done on orders by Cochran Firm attorneys, and I never told anyone the color of the vehicle that followed me most often. Angela Mason may have ESP, or The Cochran Firm actually did hire the guy. Which do you think? Again, no investigation was done to determine how the lawyer knew the color of the vehicle that followed me home night after night when I left work. When I pointed out to the court that Mason should not have known the color of the vehicle stalking me, she withdrew from the case. (By the way, I am not allowed to send emails to more than a few people via my Yahoo email account nowadays.

I hope all of The Cochran Firm’s clients learn from my experiences: If those lawyers take your case in a secret conflict of interest then write you lying letters about legal work they are not really doing in order to help your defendants escape accountability and avoid paying damages, do not sue them unless you crave adventure! If you sue them, you may also have teams of cars following you home from work, stalkers hiding in cars next to yours when you leave work, and strange people move near your home in houses listed in the Tax Assessor’s office as “public utility – government.” And what good does it do to go through all of that to sue the COINTELPRO law firm for fraud? In the final analysis, The Cochran Firm can arrange for judges to issue orders saying “Sorry. There is no such thing as The Cochran Firm. Suit dismissed!” Honestly, that happened, and the law firm never stopped advertising and signing contracts with more unsuspecting clients every day! It is like the Twilight Zone in Georgia courts! I hope for the best for Troy Davis, don’t you? I know Amnesty International lawyers do a fantastic job representing him, but there is $omething $trange going on around here.

The lengths these people go to in order to prevent public disclosure of Larry Neal’s murder and the conspiracy to protect the jail that killed him are incredible. I finally got more angry than I was afraid, especially when gangstalkers outlined our yard in yellow, orange, and blue paint, drew arrows in the road pointing to our home, and sent helicopters to hover over our rooftop for 30 minutes! My 87-year-old mother said, “Are they going to bomb us now?”

It is true that my brother had severe mental problems ever since a case of mumps drained infection into his brain at age eight. But Larry was NEVER as psychotic even in his most delusional state as these people. To avoid the stalkers, I lived as a prisoner in my own home for over a year until they took away my Internet privileges at home! I was concerned about what they might do if you, the public, ever forgot about us, so I braved leaving home to continue blogging about The Cochran Firm fraud and the wrongful death of Larry Neal. My other reason for perseverance, of course, is the 1.25 million mentally ill people who are also behind bars punished for mental illness like my harmless schizophrenic brother who was secretly arrested and exterminated like this is 1944 in Nazi Germany instead of 21st century America.

Here is something funny: I am such a novice at espionage that when a dozen police officers came out of the vacant house at the intersection of Panola Road and Biffle Road as I passed by and lined the street watching me until I boarded the bus a couple of months ago, it didn’t occur to me until recently that maybe they did it to intimidate me.  I was actually glad to see over a dozen police officers wait in the middle of the street and watch me until my bus came.  That happened around the time when I hand-delivered videos with about 20 films of real time cyberstalking to DeKalb County Sheriff’s office, the U.S. Attorney’s office, and DeKalb County CEO’s office. I thought that day when all the police lined the street, “Good. At least they’re protecting us now.” But lately, I reconsidered and realized that was a little over the top, don’t you think? I watched a lot of cop shows over the years, and I never saw anything like that happen to protect anyone, so maybe it was more gangstalking.  Isn't that absurd?  Over a dozen police officers - black and white, male and female - waited in a vacant house, probably without any air conditioning, until my son and I reached the house in route to the bus stop at the corner.  Just as we were in front of the house, they all came out and lined the street while we passed by and stood in the middle of the street looking at me until my bus came.  As they all filed out of the house, I said, "Hello, officers. What is happening?" One replied, "Nothing for you to worry about." I wish I had gotten a picture. I take my camera with me all the time now because I never know when strange things like that will occur.  If it was gangstalking, it was truly a wasted effort because I am not used to looking at police officers as being a threat despite Larry's murder.  One person who commented after my interview on Rev. Pinkney's radio show said she wondered why I call police when these people do the crimes they do.  I can only say that once when Larry walked so far in the heat that he collapsed on the street, police officers saw that he got to the hospital emergency room.  Once when I had a flat tire, a police officer stopped and changed my tire for me.  Every police officer I spoke to about mental patients being imprisoned agree that psychiatric patients in crisis should be hospitalized instead.  I think there are a few bad and maybe sick police officers, but that is not the norm.  Maybe I am wrong, but I believe problems with credibility are mostly an administrative issue.  If authorities did not help police officers hide murders and abuses, they would not happen as often.  The police brotherhood would not be needed if there was not so much to hide.

I have photos of some of the people who follow me when I leave home to use the computer since cyberstalkers stopped my Internet access on my own PC. Most of them are black. That is one reason why all people need to lay aside prejudice. The Bible says your worst enemies are within your own household. One stalker is a young man with dreadlocks. When he stepped on the bus a couple of stops after I boarded the bus last week, I was fed up with him following me. He’s been doing it for months. I asked him, “What’s your name?” Then I asked, “Where are you going?” He said, “Decatur.” I said, “Where are you going in Decatur?” He did not know what to say then, because the truth was he was going wherever I was going. He knew that if he named a place, it would be a dead give-away to wind up at my destination. So he said, “I haven’t decided yet.” I told him, “Don’t let me see you at the library today. If I see you continue following me, I’m calling the police.” At least if I call the police, cops would have to at least take the report and get some I.D. on the stalker. That way, my family and friends would have the guy’s identification and address even if police do nothing. When I boarded the MARTA train and the stalker was sitting there, I decided to take the opportunity to get a close-up photo. Other pictures of him that I’ve taken since he became one of my assigned stalkers are not close-ups. I raised my camera to get his picture and he jumped up and grabbed my camera! “That is my camera!” I told him. “You won’t take my picture!” he shouted. “Get away from me!” He laid my camera in another man’s lap. So now I have his fingerprints, too.

When the government allows or facilitates crimes against citizens, the individuals who stalk you and attorneys who defraud you are very bold. They feel like there is nothing to fear in a system so corrupt that the Department of Justice participates in murder cover-ups, police ignore distress calls, and judges say criminals standing right in the courtroom don’t exist. I took the same guy’s picture again yesterday, so stalking must pay well for him to persist. Perhaps people in these “public utility – government” homes around mine get free rent (your tax money) for watching our house and taking over my computer via remote access. I read that they are graduating thousands of citizens police in every area in America.

Nazi Germany used citizens police to spy on its population, also. Something similar to my family’s persecution might have happened to families and friends who complained about the 300,000 mentally ill Germans who were exterminated like roaches in the 1940’s, including children under age two. German psychiatrists killed their hospital patients then started going into the communities and arresting everyone who had mental problems and killing them, too. They knew that Hitler would not care. In fact, Hitler admired the mad doctors’ methods so much that he commandeered their crematoriums to carry out his Final Solution against the Jews. That is the really dangerous thing about crime that goes unpunished – it spreads. For instance, several more federal lawsuits were filed regarding Memphis law enforcement brutalizing and murdering mental patients after the DOJ helped Shelby County Jail escape accountability for Larry’s secret arrest and murder in 2003. Now that the DOJ stopped protecting the rights of minorities, disabled Americans, and institutionalized people, I guess it is open season on mental patients, especially black ones.

It would take several books to tell you all the things that have happened in the seven years since police murdered Larry and The Cochran Firm was sent to defraud us into believing they were litigating his wrongful death. I thought they would give up censoring news about his death when hundreds of thousands of people had read about it in my articles. Some of my relatives believe we are being used to train new citizens police or agents and try out computer stalking methods and equipment. Sometimes the echo and static on our phone are so loud that we ask the person to please have someone more experienced to run the surveillance equipment! It seems hopeless if the object of their stalking and computer sabotage is to keep Larry’s secret arrest and murder and The Cochran Firm fraud from being well known. That would be like screwing the lid on a jar after the lightning bugs already got out. In case it isn’t widely known enough to keep these people from doing something worse than they already do to contain the news, we thank all of you who share our circumstances with your friends and online groups. If you feel that you know ANY officials who are ethical and moral and care about the Constitution, tell them about Larry’s secret arrest and murder and the Neal family who live under siege in Georgia, please. Thanks in advance. I try to make light of it, but it is really terrifying. Did you ever see movies like Body Snatchers or Zombies? Everyone the main characters believe is human turns out not to be. That is how this feels. We have not found one single government entity that is committed to justice in seven years. It reminds me of that Bible verse that says, “There is none righteous.” Isn’t that pitiful for a nation that is fighting wars to “spread democracy”?

I am disappointed in our leadership and convinced that Americans must do whatever we can to decriminalize mental illness. Many other sick people have been killed during arrest attempts or while in jail like Larry, but I never heard of an elaborate cover-up like this. To secretly arrest a man, deny having him incarcerated for weeks, murder him, then return his naked body to his family and terrorize them for years to dodge accountability is psychotic and criminal conduct that surpasses offenses done by most of the nation’s 2.3 million inmates, including the schizophrenic prisoners. We must do what we can to help mentally challenged people be released from jails and prisons into treatment environments or community care, because they are suffering and dying in the nation’s prisons and jails where they comprise 60% of inmates who are naked and sleeping on bare iron in solitary confinement. The “de-institutionalization” of the 1970’s transferred mental illness from the Department of Health to the Department of Corrections without any savings to taxpayers and delivered over a million sick people to merciless miscreants. What kind of country uses its handicapped people as the backbone for the private prison industry? H.R.619 is a federal bill that was introduced in Congress in January 2009 to resume Medicaid for inpatient psychiatric treatment. Support that bill and assisted outpatient treatment programs to help decriminalize mental illness in America.

Will elitists ever be cured of their determination to reduce other human beings to commodities for their investment portfolios? There should be a more discernible difference than there is between inmates in America and the people who put them behind bars, I BELIEVE.

Below is a request issued May 7 under the Freedom of Information Act to the USDOJ. A list of the addressees follow the letter. Please see The Cochran Firm Fraud 1 and 2 on YouTube for background information.

Re: Larry Neal, SSN: 415-18-4822 – Deceased former inmate in Shelby Co, TN
USA v. Shelby County, Tennessee, re: violations under 42 U.S.C. § 1997 and
USA v. Shelby County, Tennessee re: violations re Americans with Disabilities Act

Dear Sir/Madam:

Please treat this as a Freedom of Information Act request and a request for relief under U.S. Code 18, Section 245 and other federal law. I request the following documents and information:

REQUEST (1) Regarding USA vs. Shelby County, Tennessee I request a transcript of any and all court hearings and proceedings that occurred subsequent to August 1, 2003.

REQUEST (2) I request a copy of any and all Releases issued to Shelby County subsequent to January 1, 2006, that were in any way related to federal overview of that correctional facility.

REQUEST (3) I hereby request a copy of any exceptions that the USDOJ or USA issued to Shelby County that excused the jail from making reports to the USDOJ for the time period of July 2003 and August 2003.

REQUEST (4) I hereby request a copy of any exceptions that the USDOJ or USA issued to Shelby County, Tennessee regarding the reporting requirements mandated under the terms of Shelby County Jail’s Agreement(s) related to any USA v. Shelby County, Tennessee civil action Please note the following facts:

A. On August 1, 2003, Larry M. Neal, a disabled American citizen, died in the custody of Shelby County Jail where he had been secretly detained for approximately 18 days, during which period the Shelby County Jail repeatedly disclaimed to Neal’s social worker and family members that Neal was in custody. The jail’s false statements that Neal was in custody were apparently made in order that Neal would not be administered his prescription psychiatric and heart medications and therefore die.

Whether or not more was done to kill Neal is unknown to his family due to the fact that Neal’s family has been denied accountability and investigation regarding Neal’s death to date, nearly six (6) years after Neal’s death.

B. Shelby County Jail was fully aware of Neal’s heart condition and psychiatric condition as well as contact information for his social worker and family members due to previous arrests in Shelby County Jail that resulted from behavior arising from Neal’s acute mental illness. Neal’s record with Memphis Police Department and Shelby County Jail dated from 20+years prior to his death in custody and included at least one other arrest in 2003. Therefore, police knew or should have known Neal’s identity.

C. Shelby County Jail was mandated to give the USDOJ periodic reports regarding any inmate injuries and deaths during the period when Neal experienced his final incarceration in Shelby County Jail.

D. Mary Neal made a request under the Freedom of Information Act that the USDOJ provide her a copy of all reports made by Shelby County Jail related in any way to Neal’s final arrest and death in custody of the jail.

E. USDOJ issued two reports stating that Shelby County Jail made no reports to the USDOJ regarding Neal’s final arrest or death in custody, although such reports were mandated by the Agreement between the USA and Shelby County Jail.

F. Mary Neal made a request under the Freedom of Information Act that the USDOJ provide her a copy of all reports made by Shelby County Jail related in any way to the time period of July 2003 and August 2003.

G. The USDOJ responded that Shelby County Jail made no reports whatsoever to the USDOJ that included the reporting period of July 2003 or August 2003.

H. Neal’s survivors contracted with The Cochran Firm on August 8, 2003, to sue Shelby County Jail for wrongful death and to sue the State of Tennessee and Neal’s final care home for negligence.

I. The Cochran Firm had a secret conflict of interest in that the Managing Partner of Memphis office of The Cochran Firm was Julian Bolton, Esq., a 20+year member of the Shelby County Commission, which owns and operates the Shelby County Jail where Larry was killed by depravation of necessary prescription drugs and/or other means.

J. The Cochran Firm lied to Neal’s survivors about conducting legal work on Neal’s cases for 10.5 months, at which time the law firm confessed that it had actually done no work regarding Neals v. Shelby County Jail and that the firm’s managing partner was himself in a supervisory role over the jail. The Cochran Firm’s managing partner therefore had a vested interest in preventing the Neal’s legal action against Shelby County Jail, and it did so by holding the cases inactive (Tennessee’s statute of limitations is only 12 months).

K. Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility (the Tennessee Bar) ruled that David McLaughlin did nothing wrong in entering a contract with Neals’ survivors that The Cochran Firm never planned to honor; using U.S. Mail to write lying letters to the firm’s clients about a vigorous discovery process and legal work that was not actually being done; and ignoring the Neals’ attempts to communicate with McLaughlin and The Cochran Firm to get status information on the Neals’ lawsuits until it was too late for the Neals to find a decent attorney who was not working for their defendants behind their backs. Defendants’ perjury before the Bar in the form of a fraudulently edited email the law firm submitted in defense of the Neals’ claim was also deemed to be “immaterial” by the Tennessee Bar.

L. Neal’s survivors sued The Cochran Firm for its fraud in Georgia Superior Court on August 1, 2004, with Judge Wendy Shoob presiding, Civil Action No. 2005-cv-104215. Suit was served to The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office, where Neal’s survivors underwent their initial client intake interview over the phone on the date of Neal’s death.

M. The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office disclaimed being a Cochran Firm office or having any association with The Memphis Cochran Firm office. The law firm claimed to be properly identified as Cochran Cherry Givens & Sistrunk, P.C. (“CCGSS”), which was wholly owned and operated in the State of Georgia. The law firm claimed that Neal’s survivors’ lawsuit for fraud by The Cochran Firm was therefore served to the Atlanta law office in error.

N. In May 2006, Judge Shoob dismissed Neal’s survivors’ lawsuit against The Cochran Firm, affirming that it was served to “CCGSS” in error, because that Atlanta law office is not a The Cochran Firm office.

O. Judges selected to preside over cases in GA. Sup. Ct. are supposed to be by random process. However, Judge Shoob had previously presided over a wrongful death case due to change of venue wherein Memphis police officers were on trial. She ruled in favor of Memphis police officers in that case. Additionally, pleadings were reportedly lost from the court file regarding Neals v. The Cochran Firm.

P. In November 2006, six months after The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office was declared to be non-existent by the law office’s statements in court and Judge Shoob’s Order, The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office contracted to represent the survivors of Kathryn Johnston, 92-year-old murder victim who was killed by Atlanta police. The Cochran Firm filed lawsuit in GA Sup. Ct. for Johnston’s survivors despite the fact that GA Sup. Ct. had done the law firm the huge favor of declaring the law firm non-existent in Georgia just six months before Johnston was murdered.

Q. News of The Cochran Firm’s fraud against the Neals, the Atlanta office of The Cochran Firm’s denial of its public identity is blacked out of mainstream news. Advertising for The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office continued without interruption throughout the time it was disclaiming that identity in Georgia Superior Court and such advertising continues today. Neal’s survivors notified FCC, FTC, BBB, FBI, HS, and numerous elected officials aware of The Cochran Firm’s identity issue – either perjury in GA Sup. Ct. or false advertising, but none addressed the issue, and no one warned Kathryn Johnston’s survivors or other consumers, to my knowledge.

R. Neal’s survivors filed suit against The Cochran Firm in United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia on August 15, 2007, under the diversity rule with Judge Timothy Batten presiding, CA# 1:07-CV-1935. As you know, filing suit under the diversity rule can only be done when no office of a corporate entity exists within the state of the plaintiffs.

Judge Batten granted Summary Judgment to The Cochran Firm on February 9, 2009. Judge Batten ruled that no jury would find that The Cochran Firm was responsible for the Neals having lost the opportunity to sue Shelby County Jail and other intended defendants just because the law firm entered a contract with Neals’ survivors that the lawyers never planned to honor; used U.S. Mail to write lying letters to the Neals about a vigorous discovery process and legal work that was not actually being done; and ignored the Neals’ attempts to communicate The Cochran Firm to get status information on the Neals’ lawsuits until it was too late for the Neals to find a decent attorney who was not working for their defendants behind their backs. Judge Batten ruled that all of that was “immaterial.” Defendants’ perjury before the USDC in the form of a fraudulently edited email the law firm submitted in defense of the Neals’ lawsuit was also deemed to be “immaterial” by Judge Batten.

It was apparently also “immaterial” that plaintiff Mary Neal endured many online and in-person stalking incidents, having been followed regularly since successfully serving suit on The Cochran Firm and David McLaughlin in December 2007 and January 2008. In one pleading, Cochran Firm attorney Angela Mason named the color of the vehicle that followed Mary Neal home from work at night most often, although Mary Neal had never told anyone the color of the vehicle. Therefore, unless she has ESP, the lawyer should not have known this information.

S. Mary Neal’s attempts to warn the public about The Cochran Firm’s Fraud and dubious identity through using the Internet has been frequently curtailed by censorship. Additionally, Mary Neal has been stalked online and in person. During 2008, Mary Neal was followed to a Chevron station in her neighborhood by a US DOT truck and four other vehicles and surrounded there for 1 hour, afraid to leave without police assistance.

Drivers of the vehicles stayed at the Chevron also, and police did not respond to Mary Neal’s 911 call during the hour she waited for police help. This was about the fourth time Mary Neal was waylaid in neighborhood businesses by men in a team of vehicles during 2008. Affidavits from persons who witnessed the stalking incidents are in the Neals vs. The Cochran Firm USDC file; and available through Hines Management Co. at the Atlantic Center Plaza on W. Peachtree St. in Atlanta, GA. Police refuse to investigate any of the stalking incidents, and federal agencies refuse to trace Mary Neal’s online censorship and stalking – veiled death threats that are sent to her via the Internet.

T. In September 2008, a Willacy County, Texas grand jury indicted former U.S. Attorney General A. Gonzales on charges of prison profiteering – illegally using his position over the USDOJ to prevent that federal agency from investigating abuses of inmates in county jails in return for personal gain. Larry Neal’s secret detainment in Shelby County Jail and his death occurred during the time when Mr. Gonzales was attorney general. Neal’s survivors’ requests for an investigation regarding his murder in Shelby County Jail have been refused by the USDOJ, despite these facts:

i. The USDOJ was already in a position of overview over Shelby County Jail following findings by the USA of gross abuses and injustices to Shelby County Jail inmates.

ii. The USDOJ is responsible for the just treatment of institutionalized persons.

iii. Shelby County Jail kept secret from the USDOJ, despite the jail’s responsibility under the jail’s Agreement with the USA to report all inmates’ injuries and deaths during the time period when Neal was incarcerated and died in the jail’s custody.

U. Based on the foregoing, it is my conclusion that the USDOJ was complicit in helping Shelby County Jail escape accountability for Larry Neal’s secret detainment and death in the jail. I further conclude that the USDOJ may be party to intimidating Mary Neal for not dropping the matter regarding the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal based on the following:

i. There was a US DOT truck among Mary Neal’s stalkers on September 27, 2008, an incident which occurred after 10:00 p.m. nowhere near federal highways;

ii. Mary Neal’s denial of 911 emergency services during her hour-long siege at the neighborhood Chevron station and other in-person stalking incidents;

iii. Continuing refusal by local law enforcement to investigate Mary Neal’s in-person stalking;

iv. Ridiculous court rulings by two judges: Judge Shoob, who ruled there was no such thing as a Georgia office of The Cochran Firm, although it is the most famous law firm in Georgia and the most prolifically advertised; and Judge Batten, of USDC, who accepted Neals’ survivors’ lawsuit against The Cochran Firm under the diversity rule just as though The Cochran Firm Atlanta office did not exist, and then issued an order which determined that The Cochran Firm’s perjury in USDC and the firm’s illegal fraud and other offenses against the Neals were “immaterial.”

v. Continuing refusal by the USDOJ to investigate Larry Neal’s murder in Shelby County Jail;

vi. Refusal by law enforcement to trace source of Mary Neal’s cyberterrorism and censorship regarding her online communication; and

vii. Purpose to the Freedom of Information request:

1. I do not believe that Shelby County Jail failed to make reports for the time period of July and August 2003 while it was mandated to report to the USDOJ under the terms of the jail’s Agreement with the USA. In fact, Shelby County Jail wrote Mary Neal and claimed that the jail did indeed file reports with the USDOJ during that time period.

2. I believe that the reports Shelby County Jail filed that included the time period of July and August 2003 omitted telling the USDOJ about Larry Neal’s murder in Shelby County Jail and were therefore fraudulent.

3. It is further my belief that the USDOJ, which knew about Larry Neal’s secret arrest and death in Shelby County Jail in 2005, allowed Shelby County Jail to enter perjury into federal records to obtain release from USDOJ overview in 2006.

4. I believe that during federal hearings regarding USA vs. Shelby County Jail, the USDOJ knowingly accepted fraudulent testimony from Shelby County Jail in federal court proceedings wherein the jail sought release from federal overview.

5. Finally, I believe the USDOJ issued Shelby County Jail a Release from federal overview in 2006, although the USDOJ knew the jail was not in compliance with the terms of its Agreement.

6. I believe Neal’s survivors are denied due process of law regarding The Cochran Firm Fraud as well as illegal stalking, harassment, and censorship against Mary Neal by whatever party(ies) is allowed by the USDOJ and other federal and local law enforcement agencies in violation of U.S. Code : Title 18 : Section 245and other federal law.

REQUEST (5) Therefore, this Freedom of Information request includes a request for any documentation or explanation whatsoever to clarify why the USDOJ refuses to investigate Larry Neal’s secret detainment and death in Shelby County Jail custody and/or information which might refute Mary Neal’s conclusions laid out at Section U-vii above. Thank you in advance for adhering to open disclosure standards and the mandated timeline for answering Freedom of Information Act requests. Documentation referred to in this letter should be available at these sources:

I. See DOCUMENTS tab at website for these documents:

a. communication between Mary Neal and the USDOJ and the USDOJ’s reports denying receipt of reports from Shelby County Jail

b. conflicting statement Shelby County Government’s affirming that jail reports were made to the USDOJ as mandated

c. Agreement between Shelby Co. Jail and USA

d. Pleadings by the law office called Cochran Cherry Givens Smith & Sistrunk, P.C. in Georgia Superior Court, but known worldwide as being the Atlanta office of The Cochran firm, the identity it disputed to defeat Neals’ lawsuit

e. Judge Shoob’s Order dismissing Neals v. The Cochran Firm

f. Georgia Secretary of State’s corporation search stating that there is no Cochran Cherry Givens Smith & Sistrunk, P.C. registered in Georgia and there never was any such professional corporation registered with the state

g. Advertisements by The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office. See also the YouTube video released by The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office just one week after Judge Batten dismissed Neals v. The Cochran Firm’s breach of contract case which was filed under the diversity rule at .

II. For witness statements attesting to Mary Neal’s stalking; examples of Mary Neal’s cyberterrorism, and Cochran Firm attorney Angela Mason’s admission that she knew the color of the vehicle that followed Mary Neal without being told by Mary Neal, please see Hattie Neal and Mary Neal v. The Cochran Firm, USDC, Northern District of GA, CA # 1:07-CV-1935.

III. See also the security report from the building where Mary Neal worked regarding another stalking event, available at Atlantic Center Plaza’s management office (Hines) on W. Peachtree.

IV. See DeKalb County Police records for various police reports on these matters.

I look forward to receipt of the documents answerable to REQUESTS (1) through (5), require law enforcement to investigate stalking incidents and censorship against Mary Neal; and help promote safety of Neals’ survivors; and please investigate the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal. Although I do not think such a thing should be necessary, please see the petitions by over 700 others who join me in requesting the USDOJ to do its job and other relevant data at this link:

Mary Neal Requests Meeting with USDOJ – Updated in Comments

New World Order Nullifies Constitutional Rights for Neal Family

I do not think it is ethical for the government to use The Cochran Firm or other law firms as covert government agencies. Although lawyers are entrusted with privileged information from clients, the government should resist the temptation to use attorneys to collect data on minority clients and other citizens. Law firms should not use their fiduciary positions to contain the cost of lawsuits that are filed after police violence by citizens such as the Neals and Ms. Kathryn Johnston’s family. It appears The Cochran Firm is allowed to engage in fraud against its clients, then be protected by a myriad of agencies like the FCC, FTC, BBB, FBI, police departments, and courts. The courts essentially gave The Atlanta office of The Cochran Firm a writ of “non-existence to be sued” and allowed the firm to commit perjury in court when caught in breach of contract and fraud against its clients. And I am followed, censored, and threatened for protesting such illegal, unethical acts.


Mary Neal /mn


cc: Various Religious, Civic, Educational, and Social Affiliations




Eric Holder, Attorney General

U.S. Department of Justice

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20530-0001


James M. Kovakas

Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Officer

Civil Division

Department of Justice

Room 7304, 20 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.

Washington, DC 20530-0001

Marlene M. Wahowiak

Special Counsel for Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts

Office of Professional Responsibility

Department of Justice

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Suite 3529

Washington, D.C. 20530

Nelson D. Hermilla, Chief

FOIA/PA Branch

Civil Rights Division

Department of Justice

Room 311, NALC Building

Washington, DC 20530

Rena Y. Kim

Chief, FOIA/PA Unit

Criminal Division

Department of Justice

Suite 1127, Keeney Building

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.

Washington, DC 20530-0001

Federal Bureau of Investigation


Suite 400

2635 Century Center Parkway, NE

Atlanta, Georgia 30345

I did not include in the letter the fact right after my niece facilitated service of the lawsuit to the Memphis office of The Cochran Firm, she was fired from her government job without explanation (as a new employee, none was required). Within days, FBI agents went to the 45-year-old grandmother’s home and asked her had she been nude dancing. She told me that she responded that the FBI likely knew what she ate for breakfast that morning, so they had to know she was no nude dancer. She had just passed all background checks for her position. It seemed to be plain harassment - punishment for facilitating service of the lawsuit to The Cochran Firm office.

Mary Neal

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Radio Show: Former Memphis Jailer Exposes Murder Cover-ups

I'm at my daughter's home where the Censorship Force also took over her PCs because I use them sometimes.  I am being prevented from tweeting this at Twitter:

@UN @cxs Former Memphis jailer reveals mentally ill inmates' murder cover-up plots 7/18/10 Rev Pinkney @BlogTalkRadio at 5pm EST #government

Many police officers and jailers take their duty to protect and serve seriously.  Decent guards and law officers who work in corrupt correctional facilities and police departments are sometimes victimized by their co-workers and superior officers for being honest and humane.  Former Shelby County, Tennessee Deputy Jailer Sergeant Earley Story is such a man.  Story will be a special guest on the  5:00 p.m. EST, July 18, 2010 Rev.Pinkney Blogtalk Radio Show to tell how he was fired and falsely charged with a marijuana-related offense in retaliation for his refusal to help Shelby County Jail cover up the murder of a mentally ill inmate in 1995.  Rev. Pinkney's Blogtalk Radio Show can be accessed online by browsing for "Rev. Pinkney BlogTalkRado," or listen by phone at (347) 994-3644.  Story began his account about being persecuted for righteousness sake during the last 25 minutes of Rev. Pinkney's July 11, 2010 show.  (The first half of the show was used to inform the public about former New York attorney Lynne Stewart.  Rev. Pinkney and his co-host, Larry Pinkney, described Ms. Stewart as being a political prisoner who was incarcerated for zealously defending her clients.  A July 15 rally was planned to support her prior to a court hearing.  Rev. Pinkney also announced a mass demonstration planned for August 10 in Benton Harbor, Michigan to protest systemic racism by corporate and government entities.)

Earley Story's account of corruption in Shelby County Government was of particular interest to me, since my mentally challenged brother was secretly arrested in the county jail for 18 days in 2003 until his death under yet undisclosed circumstances.  The cover-up regarding Larry Neal's death was more successful than the planned cover-up regarding the inmate who Early Story tried to save.  Authorities reportedly planned to say Gregory slipped in the shower instead of admitting the gay, mentally challenged man was murdered. Gregory was in a solitary confinement cell like so many mentally ill inmates are, and authorities found it hard to explain how he was beaten to death.  Story found Gregory dying in his cell at the beginning of Story's shift at 6:00 a.m.  Gregory used his final breaths to tell Story who assaulted him.  Luckily, Gregory confided in a jailer who cares about justice and had already earned a reputation as a whistleblower during NAACP investigations about jail abuse and racism in that facility a few years prior.  Story called for emergency medical attention for the dying man and took pictures of his injuries.  Story also censured his subordinate officer who was on duty before Story but had not called medical help for Gregory.   If that officer had arranged for help sooner, Gregory might have lived.  Because Story would not be a party to a cover-up conspiracy about Gregory's death, the victim's family was able to sue Shelby County Jail and demand $10 million for his brutal murder.

Although Story was the jailer who discovered Gregory's injuries and arranged for his medical care as well as wrote the initial report about the matter, Story was not called to testify during any court proceedings about Gregory.  Instead, Story found himself in trouble with the law.  Story was fired, falsely accused and arrested for selling marijuana.  The proud officer was scandalized on television news and in the press.  Story said he was charged with selling marijuana to three people he never saw before.  One of the alleged buyers was a juvenile who Memphis police arrested and reportedly tried to coerce into saying that Story sold him drugs.  The youth refused to accuse Story of selling him drugs even for a "deal."  Instead, he declared that he did not know Story and had never bought drugs from the former deputy jailer sergeant.  At Story's preliminary hearing, the judge dismissed his case, siting lack of probable cause, and ruled that Shelby County Jail would reinstate Story as a jailer.  However, Shelby County refused.  Story filed a lawsuit for wrongful termination and malicious prosecution, but he administratively closed the lawsuit while defending himself against his drug charges.  The youth who police arrested as being one of the people who bought marijuana from Story agreed to testify about Story's set-up.  The young man planned to tell the court that he did not know Story and had never bought drugs from him.  Unfortunately, the juvenile was murdered before he could be Story's witness, and the youth's alleged killer was also killed. 

Mentally ill people like Gregory and my brother Larry are frequently abused or killed behind bars.  Larry Neal was a 54-year-old lifelong schizophrenic heart patient.  Unfortunately for my family, no jailer or police officer has come forward to tell Larry's family why he was secretly incarcerated in  Shelby County Jail for nearly three weeks while police denied Larry was there, and two lawsuits failed to yield that information.  Larry had been arrested in Shelby County Jail numerous times for misdemeanor offenses arising out of his mental illness.  That is typical for acute patients like Larry.  Like hundreds of thousands of other mentally ill Americans, Larry was released from the mental hospital where he lived for 20 years prior to "deinstitutionalization" under President Regan.  Usually, Larry was released to a family member or to his social worker when he disturbed the peace, loitered, or sang too loud in the business district.  Finally, police got fed up with Larry and decided to end the nuisance.  Because Shelby County Jail lied repeatedly over an 18-day period about having Larry incarcerated, he missed his vital heart medications and died on August 1, 2003. Authorities refuse to release records or explain whether Larry Neal's fatal heart attack was caused by deprivation of his meds or if Larry was also Tasered to death like many mental patients are, placed in a restraint chair like Sean LeVert was, or waterboarded to train interrogation experts for Guantanamo Bay and Gitmo War on Terror camps.  Any of those events and others could cause a healthy man to die of cardiac arrest, and especially a middle aged man who already missed three weeks of his heart meds.  Shelby County Jail was under direct supervision by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) following a lawsuit by the USA for abusing inmates during a period when "advanced interrogation experts" were being trained for prisoner torture.

It is courageous for Story to tell the public about the horrible prejudice and abuses inside Shelby County Jail.  Much of the abuse seems focused on mentally ill or gay people, who are deemed to be "unacceptably different."  The USDOJ allowed Memphis Shelby County Jail to abuse and kill mentally ill inmate Larry Neal without censure.  In fact, four U.S. Attorney generals refused to investigate Larry's murder like Michael Vick's dogs' deaths were investigated and prosecuted. If Story was not  an honest officer, Gregory's 1995 murder would have been covered-up like my brother's was almost a decade later.  In Larry Neal's wrongful death case, the DOJ helped the Shelby County Jail to cover up his death by allowing known perjury to be entered in the jail's release hearings in United States District Court in 2006 .  The hearings occurred when Shelby County Jail sought release from DOJ overview which started following the 2000 lawsuit:  USA vs. Shelby County Jail.  As part of the jail's Settlement Agreement with the USA, Shelby County Jail had to report all inmate injuries and deaths to the DOJ. But the DOJ has no record of Shelby County Jail reporting Larry's death.   I corresponded with the DOJ at length about Larry's death in 2005.  Apparently, the federal government ALLOWED Shelby County Jail to submit perjury that omitted Larry Neal's death during the jail's release hearings in 2006 because there was no explanation for Larry's demise other than coldblooded murder.  Since Larry's murder, three more federal lawsuits were entered against law enforcement regarding murders and abuses to mentally ill citizens in Shelby County, and a suit was anticipated to be filed by transgender woman Duanna Johnson, but she was murdered before her suit was filed.

Earley Story's revelations about Shelby County Jail are replete with unethical attorneys, a problem my family also faced.  Immediately after police admitted that Larry had been imprisoned the entire time his social worker and family searched for him as a missing person, I took my elderly, grieving mother to sign contract with The Johnnie Cochran Firm.  The Georgia office of The Cochran Firm arranged our contract meeting and promised to work together with the firm's Memphis office to save our 80-year-old mother from having to travel back and forward to Memphis during preparations to sue Shelby County Jail.  But The Cochran Firm only pretended to be Larry's wrongful death attorneys for 10.5 months while Tennessee's one-year statute of limitations was passing.  The famous law firm actually worked for Shelby County Jail behind its clients' backs to prevent Larry's wrongful death lawsuit from being filed.  Julian Bolton, Esq. was the managing partner of The Cochran Firm's Memphis office and he was Shelby County's longest standing county commissioner.  The Cochran Firm signed a contract with the Neal family that it never actually intended to honor in an undisclosed conflict of interest in order to prevent us from getting honest attorneys who would really investigate Larry's death and sue the jail. 

Earley Story said he tried to contract with The Cochran Firm to represent him regarding his lawsuit against Shelby County for wrongful termination and malicious prosecution on fabricated drug charges, but The Cochran Firm refused to represent Story precisely because of  the conflict of interest Julian Bolton's duel employment presented.  A few years later The Cochran Firm was anxious to represent the Neal family against Shelby County Jail in order to defraud Larry's survivors and save the jail from our wrongful death lawsuit.  After contract, The Cochran Firm held our lawsuit secretly inactive to allow Tennessee's statute of limitations to pass.  When Larry's survivors realized what The Cochran Firm did - deliberately cheated us of the opportunity to get information about Larry's murder and recover damages from responsible parties - we sued The Cochran Firm and served suit in the firm's Georgia office.  The Cochran Firm was allowed to commit perjury in court without censure, just like Shelby County Jail was allowed to commit perjury to win release from DOJ overview.  The Cochran Firm denied it had a Georgia office in 2006 when Larry's mother and sister sued the firm for fraud in Georgia Superior Court, and The Cochran Firm denied it had a Memphis office in United States District Court in 2008.  Georgia Superior Court dismissed the Neal's lawsuit based on that perjury, saying our lawsuit was served wrong since there is no Georgia office for The Cochran Firm.  Plaintiff's law firms that deliberately "throw the fight" like The Cochran Firm are likely paid by their clients' intended defendants, so it is no loss to the law firm when they fail to recover damages for police abuses and wrongful deaths.  United States District Court dismissed the Neal's lawsuit by ruling it "immaterial" that The Cochran Firm tricked the Neal family into contracting with the law firm in an undisclosed conflict of interest, then secretly withheld any legal work for 10.5 months to allow the statute of limitations to pass while sending clients lying letters via U.S. Mail fraud claiming to be doing legal work that was not actually being done.

I finally realize that the reason the USDC judge ruled that The Cochran Firm fraud that deprived our family of due course of law after Larry's secret jailhouse murder was immaterial is because poor and middle class Americans, especially minorities and handicapped people, are considered "immaterial"  in the U.S.A.  Basically, African Americans are considered "material" only when supplying military personnel, taxes, and prison laborers.  Unfortunately, plenty of Negroes are made to feel "material" when they serve the masters' interest by helping to keep minority citizens oppressed. 

Negroes think they make themselves "material" when they help to advance the imperialists' agenda
by doing such things as were done by (1) the Negro driver of the USDOT truck who led four cars of other Negroes to follow my six-year-old grandson and me to a neighborhood Chevron station on September 27, 2008, and kept us waylaid there for an hour to prevent my publishing THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD videos that are on YouTube;  (2) the Negroes who black citizens voted into offices because they were deceived into believing people who look like them would investigate crimes against families like ours and demand accountability; (3) Negroes who were positioned across the street from our home in Stone Mountain, Georgia and received deliveries from a large USDOT truck while moving in; (4) the Negroes who control my computer usage via remote access to covertly edit or delete my Internet input and/or prevent my going online at my home; (5) the Negroes who follow me to the DeKalb County libraries and relatives' homes and continue to sabotage my online input; (6) Negro "leaders" who led other black families into The Cochran Firm's clutches after deaths by police, such as survivors of Kathryn Johnston (Atlanta), Billie Joe Johnson (Mississippi), and Lawrence Taylor (California); (7) Negroes like Alcee Hastings (D-FL) and Artur Davis (D-AL), sponsor and co-sponsor of congressional bill H.R.645, which proposes erecting six concentration camps in America; and (8) Negroes in the media who help sustain Jim Crow justice through their bought silence or participation in disseminating misinformation (probably for little more than a "good boy" and a head scratch).

Technology helps oppressed people in America.  For years, I have videotaped the cyberstalking and terrorism that is used to suppress information about Larry Neal's death and The Cochran Firm Fraud.  Authorities and lawyers seek to cover-up the murder cover-up through Internet censorship and by gangstalking Larry's family members for continuing to ask for records and investigation of his secret jail death and the ongoing conspiracy to deny our family due process of law.  When Oscar Grant, a 22-year-old unarmed black man was killed by B.A.R.T. officers on New Year's Day 2009, police tried to confiscate all of the video cell phones and digital cameras that San Francisco rail commuters used to capture footage of Grant's murder, but they failed.  Some commuters hurriedly boarded the train while the unarmed young father lay dying on the platform after being beaten and held down by several policemen and shot in his back by former B.A.R.T. officer Mehserle.  Some of the commuters who managed to keep their cell phones and cameras delivered their videos to the media.  Very quickly, millions of people worldwide saw Grant's shooting death happen.  The videos made it impossible for a cover-up to have any credibility, although police tried.  Usually, when unarmed African American men are murdered by police, the victim is said to have been threatening to the officers.  But thanks to the commuters, everyone saw Grant sitting against the train station wall with both of his empty hands raised in total submission to the officers who surrounded him.  The videos of Grant's shooting and persistence of concerned people in the community led to Mehserle's eventual arrest and conviction.

In July 2010, Mehserle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.  Mehserle claimed to believe that it was a Taser weapon he used on Grant rather than a gun, and he called the shooting an accident.  As unlikely as that story is, the jury apparently believed it, and jurors obviously considered it excusable to Taser an unarmed man who was cooperating fully with police.  Many people were incensed over what they called a light verdict for coldblooded murder.   Had it not been for the commuters' videos showing Mehserle straddle and shoot his victim, Mehserle would have been as free today as the other officers involved.  The men are still on the job who held Grant facedown on the cold train platform as the young man begged for mercy but received a bullet in his back.  At Mehserle's sentencing in August, he could receive as little as two years imprisonment, and the other officers were not charged.  The law of parties does not apply to police officers who aid and abet crimes against citizens. 

Even if Mehserle gets the minimum sentence, it is more than the paid administrative leave that most police officers receive after inexcusable deaths of black men in America.  Some murders and abuses are covered-up so entirely that officers have no record of those events in their personnel files.  For example, the U.S. Department of Justice and Bureau of Prisons protect Larry Neal's killers from having to report why the disabled man was arrested and the circumstances of his death.  Shelby County Jail was even permitted to enter fraudulent records and testimony into federal court proceedings when the jail sought release from DOJ overview in 2006 (having been sued by the USA for inmate abuse in 2000).  The jail omitted reporting that Larry Neal died in custody, but the feds accepted the jail's reports, knowing they were false.  The Cochran Firm defrauded Larry's family, then the law firm's obvious perjury was upheld in court and the media hushed up the news. Other parties also joined the conspiracy that is now seven years long.  That would have been sufficient without citizens journalism.  It must be disappointing when elaborate cover-ups do not conceal deaths and abuses as entirely as authorities plan.  Consequently, I am censored and persecuted for refusing to participate in my own brother's murder cover-up and because I give voice to other victims of the unjust justice system.

MINORITY PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN SLAIN BY POLICE IN THEIR COMMUNITIES OR BEHIND BARS SHOULD HAVE A STOLEN LIVES MEMORIAL LIKE THE VIETNAM MEMORIAL.  The list of victims would be quite long even if the only names memorialized were the individuals killed since Congress apologized for slavery and Jim Crow.  For example, 27 new names were added by Stolen Lives Induction Ceremony for 2010.  Some of the people killed were not African Americans.  Poor and middle class whites are susceptible to the same injustices as African Americans in the justice system, although they are not targeted as often and are rarely punished as severely for simply being alive.  For more information, please see the data below:

PA Director of the Freedom March for the Wrongfully Convicted

Member of National Coalition for Criminal Justice Reform NCCJR

PETITION:  Ask Michael Moore to help us do a documentary pertaining to wrongful convictions in our country!

July 18, 2010
2:00pm (reception at 1:00pm in Room 310)
Pratt Manhattan, Room 312
144 W. 14th Street (between 6th & 7th Aves)
1/2/3/A/C/E/F/V to 14th Street, 4/5/6/L/N/Q/R/W to 14th Street-Union Square

Take part in the moving ceremony that honors the lives and families of people killed by law enforcement. The Stolen Lives Induction Ceremony is a solemn yet empowering event, where families and other loved ones of recent victims of police violence are joined and supported by other families of Stolen Lives and many others from all sections of the community. We come together to uphold the memories of those killed, and to affirm our resolve to continue and to escalate the struggle for justice and against the epidemic of police violence and murder.

Program so far:

Stolen Lives being inducted at this ceremony: Oscar Grant (via webcast), Aiyana Jones (via webcast), Kenny Lazo, Jahqui Graham, Sean Bell, David Glowczenski, Jose Luis Ives, Jr.

Also in attendance are the families of Nicholas Heyward Jr., Malcolm Ferguson, Timur Person, Randy Weaver, Frankie Arzuaga, Ronald Battle, and Jamel Nixon

There will be a short presentation on Aiyana Jones (by Juanita Young) and Lynne Stewart (by Ralph Poynter), and special recognition of the friends of Oscar Grant

Emceed by Spirit Child

Performances by Ngoma, Vaimoana Niumeitolu (from Mahina Movement), Chelsea M Gregory, Joyce Jones, Stephanie McGuire, Fay Chiang, Abraham Velazquez Jr. (from Peace Poets) and Kongo


Since the last Stolen Lives Induction Ceremony in June 2009, police in New York and New Jersey have killed at least 27 more

Jul. 6, 09 - Jahqui Graham
Jul. 11, 09 - Shem Walker
Jul. 15, 09 - Lonnie Newton
Jul. 16, 09 - Hassan A. Shakur and Amanda Anderson
Jul. 21, 09 - Martina Brown
Jul. 22, 09 - Unidentified man
Aug. 2, 09 - Oswaldo Sevilla Moran
Sep. 12, 09 - Unidentified man
Sep. 27, 09 - Vionique Valnold
Oct. 7, 09 - Carlton Lewis
Oct. 23, 09 - Sarah Riggins
Oct. 27, 09 - Erik Johnson
Nov. 20, 09 - Kevin White
Nov. 21, 09 - Dashawn Vasconcello
Dec. 10, 09 - Raymond Martinez
Jan. 21, 10 - Timothy Wall
Feb. 10, 10 - Tahir Adams
Feb. 22, 10 - Satnam Singh
Mar. 8, 10 - George D’Amato, Jr.
Mar. 20, 10 - Marcos DeJesus Alvarez
Mar. 22, 10 - Santiago Urina
Apr. 1, 10 – Michael Romero
Apr. 26, 10 – Unidentified man
Apr. 27, 10 – Patrick E. Penders
May 30, 10 - Richard Nordstrom
Jun. 24, 10 - Marvin Fulford

These victims of police violence cannot speak for themselves, but we can and we will.


The Stolen Lives Project documents cases of killings by law enforcement nationwide. The second edition of the Stolen Lives book documents over 2000 cases in the 1990's alone. The second volume to this book is in the works, and volunteers are needed to help with the research and editing. Please contact for more information. Visit the website at For more information on October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation, visit the national website at or the local website at Leave a message toll-free at 866-235-7814.

To donate funds, please write tax-deductible checks out to IFCO/October 22 and mail to P.O. Box 2627, New York, NY 10009. To contribute anything else, please contact the Coalition.

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