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Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Radio Show: Former Memphis Jailer Exposes Murder Cover-ups

I'm at my daughter's home where the Censorship Force also took over her PCs because I use them sometimes.  I am being prevented from tweeting this at Twitter:

@UN @cxs Former Memphis jailer reveals mentally ill inmates' murder cover-up plots 7/18/10 Rev Pinkney @BlogTalkRadio at 5pm EST #government

Many police officers and jailers take their duty to protect and serve seriously.  Decent guards and law officers who work in corrupt correctional facilities and police departments are sometimes victimized by their co-workers and superior officers for being honest and humane.  Former Shelby County, Tennessee Deputy Jailer Sergeant Earley Story is such a man.  Story will be a special guest on the  5:00 p.m. EST, July 18, 2010 Rev.Pinkney Blogtalk Radio Show to tell how he was fired and falsely charged with a marijuana-related offense in retaliation for his refusal to help Shelby County Jail cover up the murder of a mentally ill inmate in 1995.  Rev. Pinkney's Blogtalk Radio Show can be accessed online by browsing for "Rev. Pinkney BlogTalkRado," or listen by phone at (347) 994-3644.  Story began his account about being persecuted for righteousness sake during the last 25 minutes of Rev. Pinkney's July 11, 2010 show.  (The first half of the show was used to inform the public about former New York attorney Lynne Stewart.  Rev. Pinkney and his co-host, Larry Pinkney, described Ms. Stewart as being a political prisoner who was incarcerated for zealously defending her clients.  A July 15 rally was planned to support her prior to a court hearing.  Rev. Pinkney also announced a mass demonstration planned for August 10 in Benton Harbor, Michigan to protest systemic racism by corporate and government entities.)

Earley Story's account of corruption in Shelby County Government was of particular interest to me, since my mentally challenged brother was secretly arrested in the county jail for 18 days in 2003 until his death under yet undisclosed circumstances.  The cover-up regarding Larry Neal's death was more successful than the planned cover-up regarding the inmate who Early Story tried to save.  Authorities reportedly planned to say Gregory slipped in the shower instead of admitting the gay, mentally challenged man was murdered. Gregory was in a solitary confinement cell like so many mentally ill inmates are, and authorities found it hard to explain how he was beaten to death.  Story found Gregory dying in his cell at the beginning of Story's shift at 6:00 a.m.  Gregory used his final breaths to tell Story who assaulted him.  Luckily, Gregory confided in a jailer who cares about justice and had already earned a reputation as a whistleblower during NAACP investigations about jail abuse and racism in that facility a few years prior.  Story called for emergency medical attention for the dying man and took pictures of his injuries.  Story also censured his subordinate officer who was on duty before Story but had not called medical help for Gregory.   If that officer had arranged for help sooner, Gregory might have lived.  Because Story would not be a party to a cover-up conspiracy about Gregory's death, the victim's family was able to sue Shelby County Jail and demand $10 million for his brutal murder.

Although Story was the jailer who discovered Gregory's injuries and arranged for his medical care as well as wrote the initial report about the matter, Story was not called to testify during any court proceedings about Gregory.  Instead, Story found himself in trouble with the law.  Story was fired, falsely accused and arrested for selling marijuana.  The proud officer was scandalized on television news and in the press.  Story said he was charged with selling marijuana to three people he never saw before.  One of the alleged buyers was a juvenile who Memphis police arrested and reportedly tried to coerce into saying that Story sold him drugs.  The youth refused to accuse Story of selling him drugs even for a "deal."  Instead, he declared that he did not know Story and had never bought drugs from the former deputy jailer sergeant.  At Story's preliminary hearing, the judge dismissed his case, siting lack of probable cause, and ruled that Shelby County Jail would reinstate Story as a jailer.  However, Shelby County refused.  Story filed a lawsuit for wrongful termination and malicious prosecution, but he administratively closed the lawsuit while defending himself against his drug charges.  The youth who police arrested as being one of the people who bought marijuana from Story agreed to testify about Story's set-up.  The young man planned to tell the court that he did not know Story and had never bought drugs from him.  Unfortunately, the juvenile was murdered before he could be Story's witness, and the youth's alleged killer was also killed. 

Mentally ill people like Gregory and my brother Larry are frequently abused or killed behind bars.  Larry Neal was a 54-year-old lifelong schizophrenic heart patient.  Unfortunately for my family, no jailer or police officer has come forward to tell Larry's family why he was secretly incarcerated in  Shelby County Jail for nearly three weeks while police denied Larry was there, and two lawsuits failed to yield that information.  Larry had been arrested in Shelby County Jail numerous times for misdemeanor offenses arising out of his mental illness.  That is typical for acute patients like Larry.  Like hundreds of thousands of other mentally ill Americans, Larry was released from the mental hospital where he lived for 20 years prior to "deinstitutionalization" under President Regan.  Usually, Larry was released to a family member or to his social worker when he disturbed the peace, loitered, or sang too loud in the business district.  Finally, police got fed up with Larry and decided to end the nuisance.  Because Shelby County Jail lied repeatedly over an 18-day period about having Larry incarcerated, he missed his vital heart medications and died on August 1, 2003. Authorities refuse to release records or explain whether Larry Neal's fatal heart attack was caused by deprivation of his meds or if Larry was also Tasered to death like many mental patients are, placed in a restraint chair like Sean LeVert was, or waterboarded to train interrogation experts for Guantanamo Bay and Gitmo War on Terror camps.  Any of those events and others could cause a healthy man to die of cardiac arrest, and especially a middle aged man who already missed three weeks of his heart meds.  Shelby County Jail was under direct supervision by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) following a lawsuit by the USA for abusing inmates during a period when "advanced interrogation experts" were being trained for prisoner torture.

It is courageous for Story to tell the public about the horrible prejudice and abuses inside Shelby County Jail.  Much of the abuse seems focused on mentally ill or gay people, who are deemed to be "unacceptably different."  The USDOJ allowed Memphis Shelby County Jail to abuse and kill mentally ill inmate Larry Neal without censure.  In fact, four U.S. Attorney generals refused to investigate Larry's murder like Michael Vick's dogs' deaths were investigated and prosecuted. If Story was not  an honest officer, Gregory's 1995 murder would have been covered-up like my brother's was almost a decade later.  In Larry Neal's wrongful death case, the DOJ helped the Shelby County Jail to cover up his death by allowing known perjury to be entered in the jail's release hearings in United States District Court in 2006 .  The hearings occurred when Shelby County Jail sought release from DOJ overview which started following the 2000 lawsuit:  USA vs. Shelby County Jail.  As part of the jail's Settlement Agreement with the USA, Shelby County Jail had to report all inmate injuries and deaths to the DOJ. But the DOJ has no record of Shelby County Jail reporting Larry's death.   I corresponded with the DOJ at length about Larry's death in 2005.  Apparently, the federal government ALLOWED Shelby County Jail to submit perjury that omitted Larry Neal's death during the jail's release hearings in 2006 because there was no explanation for Larry's demise other than coldblooded murder.  Since Larry's murder, three more federal lawsuits were entered against law enforcement regarding murders and abuses to mentally ill citizens in Shelby County, and a suit was anticipated to be filed by transgender woman Duanna Johnson, but she was murdered before her suit was filed.

Earley Story's revelations about Shelby County Jail are replete with unethical attorneys, a problem my family also faced.  Immediately after police admitted that Larry had been imprisoned the entire time his social worker and family searched for him as a missing person, I took my elderly, grieving mother to sign contract with The Johnnie Cochran Firm.  The Georgia office of The Cochran Firm arranged our contract meeting and promised to work together with the firm's Memphis office to save our 80-year-old mother from having to travel back and forward to Memphis during preparations to sue Shelby County Jail.  But The Cochran Firm only pretended to be Larry's wrongful death attorneys for 10.5 months while Tennessee's one-year statute of limitations was passing.  The famous law firm actually worked for Shelby County Jail behind its clients' backs to prevent Larry's wrongful death lawsuit from being filed.  Julian Bolton, Esq. was the managing partner of The Cochran Firm's Memphis office and he was Shelby County's longest standing county commissioner.  The Cochran Firm signed a contract with the Neal family that it never actually intended to honor in an undisclosed conflict of interest in order to prevent us from getting honest attorneys who would really investigate Larry's death and sue the jail. 

Earley Story said he tried to contract with The Cochran Firm to represent him regarding his lawsuit against Shelby County for wrongful termination and malicious prosecution on fabricated drug charges, but The Cochran Firm refused to represent Story precisely because of  the conflict of interest Julian Bolton's duel employment presented.  A few years later The Cochran Firm was anxious to represent the Neal family against Shelby County Jail in order to defraud Larry's survivors and save the jail from our wrongful death lawsuit.  After contract, The Cochran Firm held our lawsuit secretly inactive to allow Tennessee's statute of limitations to pass.  When Larry's survivors realized what The Cochran Firm did - deliberately cheated us of the opportunity to get information about Larry's murder and recover damages from responsible parties - we sued The Cochran Firm and served suit in the firm's Georgia office.  The Cochran Firm was allowed to commit perjury in court without censure, just like Shelby County Jail was allowed to commit perjury to win release from DOJ overview.  The Cochran Firm denied it had a Georgia office in 2006 when Larry's mother and sister sued the firm for fraud in Georgia Superior Court, and The Cochran Firm denied it had a Memphis office in United States District Court in 2008.  Georgia Superior Court dismissed the Neal's lawsuit based on that perjury, saying our lawsuit was served wrong since there is no Georgia office for The Cochran Firm.  Plaintiff's law firms that deliberately "throw the fight" like The Cochran Firm are likely paid by their clients' intended defendants, so it is no loss to the law firm when they fail to recover damages for police abuses and wrongful deaths.  United States District Court dismissed the Neal's lawsuit by ruling it "immaterial" that The Cochran Firm tricked the Neal family into contracting with the law firm in an undisclosed conflict of interest, then secretly withheld any legal work for 10.5 months to allow the statute of limitations to pass while sending clients lying letters via U.S. Mail fraud claiming to be doing legal work that was not actually being done.

I finally realize that the reason the USDC judge ruled that The Cochran Firm fraud that deprived our family of due course of law after Larry's secret jailhouse murder was immaterial is because poor and middle class Americans, especially minorities and handicapped people, are considered "immaterial"  in the U.S.A.  Basically, African Americans are considered "material" only when supplying military personnel, taxes, and prison laborers.  Unfortunately, plenty of Negroes are made to feel "material" when they serve the masters' interest by helping to keep minority citizens oppressed. 

Negroes think they make themselves "material" when they help to advance the imperialists' agenda
by doing such things as were done by (1) the Negro driver of the USDOT truck who led four cars of other Negroes to follow my six-year-old grandson and me to a neighborhood Chevron station on September 27, 2008, and kept us waylaid there for an hour to prevent my publishing THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD videos that are on YouTube;  (2) the Negroes who black citizens voted into offices because they were deceived into believing people who look like them would investigate crimes against families like ours and demand accountability; (3) Negroes who were positioned across the street from our home in Stone Mountain, Georgia and received deliveries from a large USDOT truck while moving in; (4) the Negroes who control my computer usage via remote access to covertly edit or delete my Internet input and/or prevent my going online at my home; (5) the Negroes who follow me to the DeKalb County libraries and relatives' homes and continue to sabotage my online input; (6) Negro "leaders" who led other black families into The Cochran Firm's clutches after deaths by police, such as survivors of Kathryn Johnston (Atlanta), Billie Joe Johnson (Mississippi), and Lawrence Taylor (California); (7) Negroes like Alcee Hastings (D-FL) and Artur Davis (D-AL), sponsor and co-sponsor of congressional bill H.R.645, which proposes erecting six concentration camps in America; and (8) Negroes in the media who help sustain Jim Crow justice through their bought silence or participation in disseminating misinformation (probably for little more than a "good boy" and a head scratch).

Technology helps oppressed people in America.  For years, I have videotaped the cyberstalking and terrorism that is used to suppress information about Larry Neal's death and The Cochran Firm Fraud.  Authorities and lawyers seek to cover-up the murder cover-up through Internet censorship and by gangstalking Larry's family members for continuing to ask for records and investigation of his secret jail death and the ongoing conspiracy to deny our family due process of law.  When Oscar Grant, a 22-year-old unarmed black man was killed by B.A.R.T. officers on New Year's Day 2009, police tried to confiscate all of the video cell phones and digital cameras that San Francisco rail commuters used to capture footage of Grant's murder, but they failed.  Some commuters hurriedly boarded the train while the unarmed young father lay dying on the platform after being beaten and held down by several policemen and shot in his back by former B.A.R.T. officer Mehserle.  Some of the commuters who managed to keep their cell phones and cameras delivered their videos to the media.  Very quickly, millions of people worldwide saw Grant's shooting death happen.  The videos made it impossible for a cover-up to have any credibility, although police tried.  Usually, when unarmed African American men are murdered by police, the victim is said to have been threatening to the officers.  But thanks to the commuters, everyone saw Grant sitting against the train station wall with both of his empty hands raised in total submission to the officers who surrounded him.  The videos of Grant's shooting and persistence of concerned people in the community led to Mehserle's eventual arrest and conviction.

In July 2010, Mehserle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.  Mehserle claimed to believe that it was a Taser weapon he used on Grant rather than a gun, and he called the shooting an accident.  As unlikely as that story is, the jury apparently believed it, and jurors obviously considered it excusable to Taser an unarmed man who was cooperating fully with police.  Many people were incensed over what they called a light verdict for coldblooded murder.   Had it not been for the commuters' videos showing Mehserle straddle and shoot his victim, Mehserle would have been as free today as the other officers involved.  The men are still on the job who held Grant facedown on the cold train platform as the young man begged for mercy but received a bullet in his back.  At Mehserle's sentencing in August, he could receive as little as two years imprisonment, and the other officers were not charged.  The law of parties does not apply to police officers who aid and abet crimes against citizens. 

Even if Mehserle gets the minimum sentence, it is more than the paid administrative leave that most police officers receive after inexcusable deaths of black men in America.  Some murders and abuses are covered-up so entirely that officers have no record of those events in their personnel files.  For example, the U.S. Department of Justice and Bureau of Prisons protect Larry Neal's killers from having to report why the disabled man was arrested and the circumstances of his death.  Shelby County Jail was even permitted to enter fraudulent records and testimony into federal court proceedings when the jail sought release from DOJ overview in 2006 (having been sued by the USA for inmate abuse in 2000).  The jail omitted reporting that Larry Neal died in custody, but the feds accepted the jail's reports, knowing they were false.  The Cochran Firm defrauded Larry's family, then the law firm's obvious perjury was upheld in court and the media hushed up the news. Other parties also joined the conspiracy that is now seven years long.  That would have been sufficient without citizens journalism.  It must be disappointing when elaborate cover-ups do not conceal deaths and abuses as entirely as authorities plan.  Consequently, I am censored and persecuted for refusing to participate in my own brother's murder cover-up and because I give voice to other victims of the unjust justice system.

MINORITY PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN SLAIN BY POLICE IN THEIR COMMUNITIES OR BEHIND BARS SHOULD HAVE A STOLEN LIVES MEMORIAL LIKE THE VIETNAM MEMORIAL.  The list of victims would be quite long even if the only names memorialized were the individuals killed since Congress apologized for slavery and Jim Crow.  For example, 27 new names were added by Stolen Lives Induction Ceremony for 2010.  Some of the people killed were not African Americans.  Poor and middle class whites are susceptible to the same injustices as African Americans in the justice system, although they are not targeted as often and are rarely punished as severely for simply being alive.  For more information, please see the data below:

PA Director of the Freedom March for the Wrongfully Convicted

Member of National Coalition for Criminal Justice Reform NCCJR

PETITION:  Ask Michael Moore to help us do a documentary pertaining to wrongful convictions in our country!

July 18, 2010
2:00pm (reception at 1:00pm in Room 310)
Pratt Manhattan, Room 312
144 W. 14th Street (between 6th & 7th Aves)
1/2/3/A/C/E/F/V to 14th Street, 4/5/6/L/N/Q/R/W to 14th Street-Union Square

Take part in the moving ceremony that honors the lives and families of people killed by law enforcement. The Stolen Lives Induction Ceremony is a solemn yet empowering event, where families and other loved ones of recent victims of police violence are joined and supported by other families of Stolen Lives and many others from all sections of the community. We come together to uphold the memories of those killed, and to affirm our resolve to continue and to escalate the struggle for justice and against the epidemic of police violence and murder.

Program so far:

Stolen Lives being inducted at this ceremony: Oscar Grant (via webcast), Aiyana Jones (via webcast), Kenny Lazo, Jahqui Graham, Sean Bell, David Glowczenski, Jose Luis Ives, Jr.

Also in attendance are the families of Nicholas Heyward Jr., Malcolm Ferguson, Timur Person, Randy Weaver, Frankie Arzuaga, Ronald Battle, and Jamel Nixon

There will be a short presentation on Aiyana Jones (by Juanita Young) and Lynne Stewart (by Ralph Poynter), and special recognition of the friends of Oscar Grant

Emceed by Spirit Child

Performances by Ngoma, Vaimoana Niumeitolu (from Mahina Movement), Chelsea M Gregory, Joyce Jones, Stephanie McGuire, Fay Chiang, Abraham Velazquez Jr. (from Peace Poets) and Kongo


Since the last Stolen Lives Induction Ceremony in June 2009, police in New York and New Jersey have killed at least 27 more

Jul. 6, 09 - Jahqui Graham
Jul. 11, 09 - Shem Walker
Jul. 15, 09 - Lonnie Newton
Jul. 16, 09 - Hassan A. Shakur and Amanda Anderson
Jul. 21, 09 - Martina Brown
Jul. 22, 09 - Unidentified man
Aug. 2, 09 - Oswaldo Sevilla Moran
Sep. 12, 09 - Unidentified man
Sep. 27, 09 - Vionique Valnold
Oct. 7, 09 - Carlton Lewis
Oct. 23, 09 - Sarah Riggins
Oct. 27, 09 - Erik Johnson
Nov. 20, 09 - Kevin White
Nov. 21, 09 - Dashawn Vasconcello
Dec. 10, 09 - Raymond Martinez
Jan. 21, 10 - Timothy Wall
Feb. 10, 10 - Tahir Adams
Feb. 22, 10 - Satnam Singh
Mar. 8, 10 - George D’Amato, Jr.
Mar. 20, 10 - Marcos DeJesus Alvarez
Mar. 22, 10 - Santiago Urina
Apr. 1, 10 – Michael Romero
Apr. 26, 10 – Unidentified man
Apr. 27, 10 – Patrick E. Penders
May 30, 10 - Richard Nordstrom
Jun. 24, 10 - Marvin Fulford

These victims of police violence cannot speak for themselves, but we can and we will.


The Stolen Lives Project documents cases of killings by law enforcement nationwide. The second edition of the Stolen Lives book documents over 2000 cases in the 1990's alone. The second volume to this book is in the works, and volunteers are needed to help with the research and editing. Please contact for more information. Visit the website at For more information on October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation, visit the national website at or the local website at Leave a message toll-free at 866-235-7814.

To donate funds, please write tax-deductible checks out to IFCO/October 22 and mail to P.O. Box 2627, New York, NY 10009. To contribute anything else, please contact the Coalition.

Announcement by October 22 Coalition-NY 866-235-7814 (TF) 
P.O. Box 2627, New York, NY 10009


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