Friday, January 29, 2016

Clarity, by MaryLovesJustice

Let me be perfectly clear (Nixon). This "field hand" will never let any bougie Negroes or the white supremacists they represent get away with secretly arresting her mentally, physically disabled brother and murdering him. I disregard mannequin heads sent to my home via U.S. Mail, black Atlanta police officers who tell me to get my "ass" home and stop telling people about Larry Neal's covered-up lynching and The Cochran Firm's fraud against African Americans.

I disregard government vehicles following me and the fact that 911 refused to come to the aid of my 6-year-old grandson and myself when we were waylaid at a Chevron station. Sending armed prowlers through my yard and having a so-called "homeless mentally ill man" hide behind garbage cans next door at a house that was likely purchased to put citizens police close to me and hiring hackers to destroy my computers -- none of the things you people have done in 12 years will stop the truth. The Cochran Firm defrauds African American families of police victims to help "keep wealth out of Black hands." I have told it, I will tell it, and many other people are also telling it. The Cochran Firm frauds did not end with covering-up Larry Neal's murder. Although you people tap my phones, plenty of more fraud victims have come forward. See "Beware of Treacherous Lawyers: The Cochran Firm."

Corrupt U.S. courts can continue to lie to protect the CoIntelPro operation, state bar associations may ignore bar complaints, consumer protection agencies may reject consumer complaints, government-owned media companies may refuse to report that The Cochran Firm Atlanta was declared NONEXISTENT by Georgia courts to help The Firm escape liability for defrauding my family and helping Memphis Shelby County Jail, although The Cochran Firm was under contract as our wrongful death attorneys. But you won't do ANYTHING without it being fully exposed and opposed. Fear will NOT make me forget that you people owe the Neals millions of dollars. I am NOT your slave, and I demand my damn reparations for being treated like one for 12 years to cover-up the murder of Larry Neal.

NO BOUGIE NEGROES AND WHITE SUPREMACISTS AND JEWISH JUDGES can ever hope to hit "undo" and erase these crimes any more than they can resurrect Larry Neal. All that murderous police departments and jails, the USDOJ, and The Cochran Firm frauds can do now to make this as close to right as possible is to apologize and pay their damages. Justice is impossible. Justice necessitates that everybody is allowed to live their full lives, even disabled black men like Larry Neal was. Justice would have required that this matter be handled professionally without all of the crazy shenanigans by sociopaths that the Neals have experienced for the past 12 years.

I cannot get over you people marching on MLK Day, going to Selma, Alabama to march during the commemorative celebrations, and planning events for Black History Month. You're just a bunch of fake white liberals and bougie Negroes -- bought and paid for probably with taxpayers' money.

Mary Neal

Saturday, January 23, 2016


  1. Smoke is a dog who owes his life to . For a short while between Thanksgiving and Christmas, my mom and I lived alone. We are persecuted and terrorized for exposing The Cochran Firm fraud against   and asking "What Happened to Larry Neal?" he was a disabled Black man - On August 11, two armed prowlers came to our yard and were sneaking around the side of our home. In October, gangstalkers had a literal party on the street in front of our house when my brother Ed died after having been  by   in Vietnam. In November, we received two mannequin heads in the mail.

  2. The , who I suspect are , proved that recording interviews at instead of Blogtalkradio is ineffective to avoid their interference when I interviewed Mr. Coleman, the latest Cochran Firm fraud victim whose call somehow reached me despite the telephone takeover. Mr. Coleman's daughter was killed during her delivery by Dr. James John Bendell, who Coleman feels The Cochran Firm frauds helped to avoid liability for his child's death. Apparently, The Cochran Firm hackers stole the interview from the MaryLovesJustice  page, but you can TRY to hear it at >> Defrauding Black families after wrongful deaths is a Cochran Firm specialty. So is censoring news about such frauds, apparently. Mr. Coleman and I plan to record another interview and to make videos about his and Tonya's loss. Hackers overlaid my voice with static, probably through their telephone takeover.

  3. The   hackers and   in Georgia are so off the chain that one prefers to have an alarm system. That's where Smoke came in - he's our alarm. We cannot afford and do not trust ADI, since I received ads from that and other   companies whenever I published articles to give Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, and people must know when to get their baseball bats or other weapons. Elderly and middle aged women like my mother and myself need to know if Hezekiah is sneaking around our home, enraged over having to defend the "nationwide" existence of The Cochran Firm in 9th Circuit Court of Appeals after having denied that some Cochran Firm offices were actually Cochran Firm offices in Georgia courts a few years ago ("Neals vs. The Cochran Firm). 

  5. If not for The Cochran Firm fraud, Smoke might have been euthanized like my mentally, physically disabled brother was, whose death The Cochran Firm helped Memphis Shelby County Jail to cover-up by withholding legal action after contracting to be our wrongful death . I believe Smoke's upkeep should be added to my  lawsuit against certain bogus  . Google+, please remove the coding from this paragraph. It disappears sometimes, probably because it has "attorneys" and "lawyers" in it. They are afraid of more court action, naturally.

  6. Although I got Smoke free from Fulton County Humane Society during their giveaway on Thanksgiving weekend, he is nevertheless quite expensive. He eats like a dog and has nearly doubled in size in just two months! He still has poor manners and requires his own room for those accidents that frequently happen, causing us to purchase lots of Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh (you owe me, Arm & Hammer; send coupons).  He is destructive, too. He pulls the stuffing out of furniture, destroys shoes and stuffed animals and eats through hard plastic: his dog bowl and toys, for instance (he's cutting back teeth). But isn't he lovely? See Smoke at 3 months of age. Don't you love his smile?

  7. Having Smoke and another large doggie my new roommates brought should finally convince our gangstalkers that I am not afraid of dogs. They used to hire men to bring pit bulls to meet me at my job when I got off at night and walked alone to the bus stop. They also placed some people across the street from me with pit bulls. They're so silly. I'm a country girl who was raised with dogs, cats, pet chickens, and one very sick brother who deserves DOG JUSTICE. Close 'em down, 9th Circuit. 

  8. JUSTICE DENIED, a 21st Century Slave Song
  9. by Mary Neal (all rights reserved)

  10. One day Larry went missing
  11. We looked for him high and low
  12. For 18 days while he died in jail
  13. “Have you got him?” The Jail said “NO!”

  14. On August 1, police came
  15. A dreaded knock on the door
  16. “We have Larry’s body. He died in jail
  17. Sorry. We won’t tell you more.”

  18. “Well, tell it to our lawyers!
  19. The Johnnie Cochran Firm!
  20. Lynching is illegal!
  21. You might get prison terms!”

  22. “Over that sick coon? We doubt it!
  23. But give it your best shot
  24. We told him to stop singing loud; move on
  25. But he would not!”

  26. Mama cried silently as she signed her name
  27. On the Cochran Firm’s contract
  28. “Don’t let them kill other sick sons
  29. Nothing can bring mine back.”
  31. Lawyers gave us their assurance
  32. And lots of tissues, too
  33. Saying, “Dry your eyes, old Mama
  34. We’ll get justice for you.”

  35. But The Cochran Firm tricked us
  36. Their promises were only lies
  37. They held Larry’s case inactive
  38. And never asked how he died

  39. The letters David McLaughlin sent
  40. Were false, every one!
  41. The Cochran Firm worked for the jail
  42. Nothing was being done

  43. Too late to hire other attorneys
  44. When we discovered the fraud
  45. Larry’s case file was empty
  46. How could they do this? Oh, Lord!

  47. “We’ll sue you for defrauding us
  48. You can’t treat clients like this
  49. Larry Neal was a person
  50. The life he had was his!

  51. We’ll tell the Bar about your fraud
  52. The jury will make you pay
  53. You deserve to lose your license
  54. New clients won’t come your way!”

  55. “Over that sick coon? We doubt it
  56. But give it your best shot!
  57. Police told him, ‘Stop singing loud; move on!’
  58. But he would not!”

  59. Tennessee Bar said, “No biggie"
  60. Georgia Bar ignored our complaint
  61. Judge Shoob said, “What Cochran Firm?
  62. There is none in this state”

  63. “But judge, look out your window
  64. The Cochran Firm’s right there!
  65. On TV every few minutes
  66. Your Honor, please be fair!”

  67. “Get out of this courtroom!
  68. Johnnie Cochran’s dead
  69. We’ve got his firm and got his name
  70. Now don’t you make us mad!”

  71. “We’ll take you back to court again
  72. You have a poor defense!
  73. Your office is just blocks away
  74. You can’t say you don’t exist!”

  75. “We said it; judge signed it
  76. Now get out of our face
  77. Plead for justice all you want
  78. You are the wrong damn race!”

  79. “Look Media - A court order!
  80. No Cochran Firm in Georgia!
  81. Please tell the people to watch out
  82. I’ll send some copies to ya!”

  83. “Don’t bother; not interested.
  84. Their clients are mostly blacks
  85. Who cares if lawyers trick those folks?
  86. It’s time you learn the facts!”

  87. “But Larry was a human being!
  88. He had a right to live!
  89. The Cochran Firm worked for the jail
  90. His death’s a secret still

  91. We’ll write letters to Congress
  92. And report you on the Web!
  93. Jails and lawyers are not allowed
  94. To conspire to hide the dead!

  95. Georgia courts can’t protect you!
  96. Nor the media or BBB!
  97. We’ll tell the public what you did
  98. And civil rights groups – you’ll see!

  99. We’ll sue in federal court for your fraud
  100. The jury will make you pay
  101. You deserve to lose your license
  102. New clients won’t come your way!”

  103. “Over that sick coon? We doubt it
  104. But give it your best shot!
  105. Police told him, ‘Stop singing loud;
  106. move on!’ But he would not!”

  107. “Judge look at this fraud; listen to lies
  108. They told right in this court!
  109. They helped the jail hide Larry’s death
  110. While under contract with us!”

  111. “We disclaim our Georgia office
  112. Our Memphis office, too
  113. Dismiss this case right now, Judge Batten
  114. We all depend on you.

  115. Wherever Larry’s family sues us
  116. We claim we don’t exist
  117. Can’t let this case ever go to jury
  118. Sick black folks won’t be missed

  119. Judge, don’t honor their subpoena
  120. To Shelby County Jail
  121. Can’t let this family ever know
  122. What happened to Larry Neal!

  123. This family is ridiculous
  124. To think federal court would care
  125. that lawyers lie to evade justice
  126. It’s an immaterial affair!”

  127. “The Cochran Firm is right!”
  128. Judge Batten did agree
  129. “Case dismissed! Immaterial!
  130. Don’t come here bothering me!”

  131. “But Judge, they tricked us!
  132. Helped police hide Larry’s death
  133. He had a right to live his life
  134. Regardless of his health!

  135. Thank God! Here comes CHANGE!
  136. We’ll tell Mr. Holder
  137. He’ll investigate Larry’s murder
  138. This cover-up is over!

  139. Mr. Holder, they killed him
  140. Under secret arrest in jail
  141. Thank God, you’re here now
  142. And justice cannot fail!”

  143. “Were you waiting for me? Don’t be absurd!
  144. Johnnie Cochran is Dead
  145. We’ve got his firm and got his name
  146. Now don’t you make us mad!

  147. You don’t want to make us mad!”

  148. All rights reserved by Mary Neal
  149. Website:  

  150. Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

  152. Such as you do unto ONE of the least of these, My brethren, you do it also unto me. ~Jesus Christ

  153. Sssssistrunk, just so you won't forget you manage The Cochran Firm office IN ATLANTA, GEORGIA again, I remind you often. I promise you, I am trying to make your dreams of the Cochran Firm's nonexistence come true. Black people have endured enough from slave masters and their sick, Black Confederate soldiers without having a CoIntelPro law firm defraud us after police murders. 

  154. Dedicated to missing, tortured, incarcerated, and murdered mentally ill Americans of all ages and races.  

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Ninth Circuit Court Examines The Cochran Firm Fraud

1. The Cochran Firm Atlanta office was ruled NONEXISTENT by Georgia judges when Hattie and Mary Neal sued the firm for fraud and malpractice, which The Cochran Firm did in order to protect Memphis Shelby County Jail after Larry Neal was secretly arrested for 18 days and murdered there in 2003. Elite white supremacists and black Confederates have united against working class and poor people to make justice for us nonexistent. Down with courts that lie to enable corrupt law firms to escape liability after lawyers help murderous police departments, jails and prisons escape accountability for wrongful deaths of Americans who are black or poor or disabled. Larry Neal was all three. Below is an excerpt from The Cochran Firm's ad on the Internet for its court-declared "nonexistent" Atlanta office:

2. "The Atlanta, Georgia office of the Cochran Firm combines the nationwide connections and resources of one of the nation’s most prominent and recognized law firms with some of the best local lawyers. These Personal Injury lawyers are prepared to put their talent, their training, and their resources to work for your case. We also have a Latino Section with Hispanic lawyers dedicated to the legal needs of our Latino community."

3. Hattie and Mary Neal were extorted by courts twice when we paid the filing fees and service of process fees to sue The Cochran Firm frauds, not knowing that U.S. courts and lawyers conspire together to prevent due process of law for poor and working class Americans. Many so-called "white liberals" fully support racketeering against African Americans - The Cochran Firm fraud - which has been taken before courts repeatedly by dozens of its former clients, attorneys, partnering law firm, and even some of the firm's former partners, alleging racism, fraud, malpractice, and even sex discrimination. Yet, most courts are "down" with the scheme that "keeps wealth out of black hands," an old CoIntelPro mandate. Media companies support the frauds against The Cochran Firm's clients by refusing to report the many complaints and lawsuits against that corrupt enterprise.

4. We will soon learn where the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals stands on this issue. The Cochran Firm claims before that court that it is "ONE Nationwide Law Firm," and it even accepts criminal cases in states where the firm is not registered and has no law offices whatsoever after doing false advertising. When The Cochran Firm defrauds clients in states where it does have offices, like Georgia, it commits perjury when sued and disclaims operating any offices at all within the state, and courts join the corruption. As Georgia native Troy Davis said, "Where is the justice for me?" Wrongful Death of Larry Neal Read more at "The Cochran Firm Fraud" blog at and please share in order to save other legal services consumers from racketeering. Thank you.

MaryLovesJustice Neal
Director of "Human Rights Demand" at Blogtalkradio
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