Sunday, January 17, 2016

Ninth Circuit Court Examines The Cochran Firm Fraud

1. The Cochran Firm Atlanta office was ruled NONEXISTENT by Georgia judges when Hattie and Mary Neal sued the firm for fraud and malpractice, which The Cochran Firm did in order to protect Memphis Shelby County Jail after Larry Neal was secretly arrested for 18 days and murdered there in 2003. Elite white supremacists and black Confederates have united against working class and poor people to make justice for us nonexistent. Down with courts that lie to enable corrupt law firms to escape liability after lawyers help murderous police departments, jails and prisons escape accountability for wrongful deaths of Americans who are black or poor or disabled. Larry Neal was all three. Below is an excerpt from The Cochran Firm's ad on the Internet for its court-declared "nonexistent" Atlanta office:

2. "The Atlanta, Georgia office of the Cochran Firm combines the nationwide connections and resources of one of the nation’s most prominent and recognized law firms with some of the best local lawyers. These Personal Injury lawyers are prepared to put their talent, their training, and their resources to work for your case. We also have a Latino Section with Hispanic lawyers dedicated to the legal needs of our Latino community."

3. Hattie and Mary Neal were extorted by courts twice when we paid the filing fees and service of process fees to sue The Cochran Firm frauds, not knowing that U.S. courts and lawyers conspire together to prevent due process of law for poor and working class Americans. Many so-called "white liberals" fully support racketeering against African Americans - The Cochran Firm fraud - which has been taken before courts repeatedly by dozens of its former clients, attorneys, partnering law firm, and even some of the firm's former partners, alleging racism, fraud, malpractice, and even sex discrimination. Yet, most courts are "down" with the scheme that "keeps wealth out of black hands," an old CoIntelPro mandate. Media companies support the frauds against The Cochran Firm's clients by refusing to report the many complaints and lawsuits against that corrupt enterprise.

4. We will soon learn where the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals stands on this issue. The Cochran Firm claims before that court that it is "ONE Nationwide Law Firm," and it even accepts criminal cases in states where the firm is not registered and has no law offices whatsoever after doing false advertising. When The Cochran Firm defrauds clients in states where it does have offices, like Georgia, it commits perjury when sued and disclaims operating any offices at all within the state, and courts join the corruption. As Georgia native Troy Davis said, "Where is the justice for me?" Wrongful Death of Larry Neal Read more at "The Cochran Firm Fraud" blog at and please share in order to save other legal services consumers from racketeering. Thank you.

MaryLovesJustice Neal
Director of "Human Rights Demand" at Blogtalkradio
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