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Boycott 4 Justice Beginning March 9 - No Shopping!

I will Boycott4Justice while U.S. truckers are protesting government corruption in Washington, DC October 11-13, 2013. I will purchase nothing in person or online. Below is an article I wrote about the Boycott4Justice in 2011:

Boycott 4 Justice beginning March 9, 2011 – No Shopping on the 9th of each month throughout 2011.  Do not spend a thin dime on April 9, May 9, June 9 - NO 9th!  Join the people's 9/11 response to corporate greed and government indifference that is behind injustice in America.  Join millions of Americans who are fed up enough to stand up in a peaceful, powerful demonstration without leaving  home.

Boycotts have long been an integral component in non-violent movements for social change. The love of money is the root of ALL evil. Just resolution of every issue, including environmental protection, wars, high unemployment and the staggering incarceration rate, has opposition from corporate interests that benefit financially by continuing or escalating conditions. People petition representatives, organize protest marches, and make impassioned appeals for change. But capital punishment continues, thousands more jobs are outsourced monthly, war costs continue to mount, collective bargaining is undermined, human/civil rights are ignored, and funding for education and other social programs diminishes. These are business decisions, and each wrong decision prospers someone. It is time to address unethical business practices financially. What Big Business wants, it gets. Consumer power can be used to inspire Corporate America to have its elected officials CHANGE.

Everyone can participate in the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE simply by shopping the day before or after the 9th of each month, but buy nothing on Shopping Boycott Days – no groceries, gasoline, electronics, cars, clothes, or anything whatsoever. Plenty of people do not participate in demonstrations because of handicaps, fear, and travel restrictions. Most negative circumstances facing Americans have a common cause:  corporate greedUnite to address unethical business practices financially.

Put a statement on your web pages saying why you support the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE and invite your group members, church, civic organizations, and family to do likewise. Perhaps you wish to stem the tide of jobs being outsourced overseas or to prison labor projects so that Fortune 500 companies can avoid unions and minimum wage laws. Many people and organizations want to improve civil liberties, end the war, abolish capital punishment and prisoner abuse, or save Troy Davis or another inmate, perhaps a relative or friend. Although literally everyone can participate in the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE anonymously, it is important to realize that mainstream news will not announce the No Shopping Day, so your help is needed to notify people about this opportunity to Unite for Justice. Below are samples:

For individuals: I support the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE on the 9th of every month throughout 2011. I pledge to buy nothing on the 9th of each month to protest ___________________________. (Name the injustice(s) you want to end.)


I support the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE on the 9th of every month throughout 2011. I pledge to buy absolutely nothing on the 9th of each month to support ________________________________, my son, daughter, grandson, brother, mother, father, friend. He/she is in prison and deserves human rights while incarcerated and the opportunity to live a productive life upon release.

NOTE: Organizations need only trade the pronoun “I” for the name of the organization, i.e.:

On behalf of 210,000 members of NAMI*, we support the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE to protest criminalization of mental illness and support resumption of Medicaid insurance for inpatient psychiatric care. Members should buy nothing on the 9th day of any month in 2011.


Iraq Veterans Against the War* supports the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE to end war. Supporters should make no purchases whatsoever on the 9th day of any month in 2011.

The same notice would suffice for Wisconsin protestors, abolitionist groups, environmental protection organizations, prisoner rights activists, teachers protesting school closings, and all other human/civil rights organizations or individuals who recognize that corporate greed is the ultimate cause of injustices. This is your peaceful protest opportunity.  STATE YOUR OWN REASON for joining millions in the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE No Shopping Days:  9th of each month in 2011.
*Neither of the organizations above has pledged support for the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE to date. I was prevented from using email and my phone to contact human and civil rights organizations about the boycott.  I feel they should participate and used them as examples. If you, your civic groups and social network or places of worship participate in the shopping boycott, please TRY to notify us by posting a comment at this blog. Eventually, we may publish a list of supporters. See "FREEDOM FOR EGYPT, IRAN, AND MARY NEAL!"

Literally everyone can support the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE while working, playing, or sleeping. Just do not spend any money on the 9th of every month throughout 2011. A 24-hour shopping moratorium once each month would not really hurt the fragile economy, nor is it intended to do that. The boycott is our 9/11 response to corporate greed that is responsible for most, if not all, of the problems that plague America.

Unity is the only thing that works for oppressed people. Americans are too divided along racial and socioeconomic lines and should harness our collective strength as consumers to effect change. While blacks, Native Americans, Latinos, Asians, middle class and poor Caucasians in America engage in infighting and about problems that beset us, around 95% of the nation’s wealth is in the hands of 5% of the people – some of whom are elitists who encourage division among the masses to divert attention from causes for economic depression that benefit Big Business, such as expensive wars and outsourcing millions of jobs overseas and to prisons labor projects.

Most justice problems are tied to privatization of jails and prisons. The prison industrial complex is Big Business, a thriving industry that flourishes during an economic downturn when crime rates increase. In many communities across the country, youths have a better chance of serving time than finishing high school or securing gainful employment. This is true in part because over a million jobs went behind bars along with 2.3 million Americans . A MILLION INMATES WORK up to seven days weekly as prison laborers. By outsourcing jobs, Fortune 500 companies avoid unions, minimum wage and worker safety laws. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate for “free” people soars. Taxpayers pay over $50 billion per year in incarceration costs, and prison investors earn substantially more money by supplying cheap labor to the federal government and to companies like those that leased slaves over a century ago.

War is tied to the prison industrial complex where inmates make all military uniforms, canteens, tents and other essential products. As the economy worsens due to high unemployment and lower wages, funding for education and other social programs are slashed. Bleak employment prospects cause more young people volunteer for military service or become criminals. Both choices benefit private prison owners. The United States has the highest prison rate in world history, with 1 in every 30 people either behind bars or on standby as parolees or probationers. Compassionate release for terminally ill, elderly, or physically impaired inmates, jail diversion programs for nonviolent drug offenders, mental health courts that remand sick offenders to Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) programs, and programs to assist former inmates’ reentry into society after release to reduce recidivism are some of the methods that are increasingly being used to rein in the high cost of punishment, but prison owners and investors who are also policymakers generally oppose these methods, and prison profiteers on parole boards often reject parole for suitable candidates.

Mental illness was criminalized to proliferate the prison industrial complex. The U.S. justice system preys on indigent or sick people. Roughly 1.25 million inmates are mentally ill – vulnerable citizens who should be either hospitalized or in community treatment programs with subsistence assistance, depending on their offenses and functionality. Funds that would be appropriated for psychiatric care were sidetracked to prison investors’ portfolios decades ago when Medicaid insurance was suspended for inpatient mental health treatment. Our most vulnerable citizens and community safety suffer as a result. Minorities, poor whites, and the mentally ill are not here to enrich the elite. It is time for CHANGE.

Individual activists and advocacy groups have tried to effect needed changes in the justice system by appealing to conscience for decades. They publish petitions, hold rallies and protest marches, and publish appeals to inspire public participation in their justice quests. Meanwhile, many prisoners are abused, executed, harsh and unequal sentencing laws continue, innocent indigent people confess to crimes they did not commit to bargain for lighter sentences because public defenders are strained by low budgets and huge caseloads, harsh punishment is prioritized over rehabilitation for inmates – 90% of whom will be released some day and need the job skills and a mindset to be OUR good neighbors, acute mental patients are denied psychiatric care unless and until they PROVE through crime that their untreated mental dysfunctions are dangerous to self and others, solitary confinement torture continues for over 25,000 inmates for months or decades, accountability for crimes by the elite is often not demanded, and Americans’ civil liberties continue to erode. These and other injustices persist despite diligent effort and expenditure of advocacy group members’ and supporters’ time and financial contributions.

Still no news of 37 missing Georgia prison strikers
San Francisco Bay View http://www.//

The 37 Georgia prisoners who were labeled the leaders and organizers of the sit-down strike that began on Dec. 9, 2010, are still missing, and other participants are still in lockdown. The struggle for prisoners' civil rights continues.

Why is it so hard to improve the justice system? The love of money is the root of all evil. In 2008, two Pennsylvania judges confessed to accepting $2.6 million from privately-owned juvenile correctional facilities in exchange for channeling children into those institutions whether the children deserved jail or not – a “finder’s fee.” They first allegedly choked off funds to publicly-owned correctional facilities to deliver thousands of children to prison owners. Children who appeared before the court without lawyers were jailed whether or not their offenses merited incarceration. Those judges are far from being the only people in the justice system who profit substantially by imprisoning Americans and immigrants. In 2008, high U.S. Government officials were indicted as prison owners/investors in abusive jails in Wallacy County, Texas. A former U.S. Attorney General allegedly used his position to withhold investigations following inmate brutality. Perhaps someone in the federal government was paid to withhold records, investigation, and deny accountability regarding the 18 days of secret arrest and murder of my mentally, physically handicapped brother, Larry Neal –  –

Capital punishment is another example of inhumanity for profit. The death penalty has lost support in America since hundreds of inmates were freed after serving decades for crimes they did not do (proved by DNA tests or other evidence of innocence), and some people were wrongfully executed. However, capital punishment continues partly because taxpayers are billed an additional $90,000 annually for each death row inmate over and above the cost for containing the same prisoner in the general inmate population (source: Death Penalty Information Center). The additional $90,000 per condemned man per annum is in impetus for prison owners/investors moonlighting as public officials to resist abolishing capital punishment. Injustice is not just a moral issue, but a financial one. SHOPPING BOYCOTTS EACH 9/11 THIS YEAR (every month of 2011 on the 9th day) may accomplish what decades of petitions, rallies, and protest marches have not.

Corporate Greed. Slave owners did not heed calls to conscience and release slaves; employers who worked children from dawn to night in sweat shops before child labor laws were enacted did not heed calls to conscience; employers with hazardous working conditions in coal mines and manufacturing plants did not heed calls to conscience and voluntarily institute fair wages, a 40-hour work week, and safe work environments. Big Business has no conscience. That is why Americans' jobs are being outsourced overseas and behind prison walls and human/civil rights violations by the government are increasing.

Slavery in America continues through the prison industrial complex. Appealing to prison profiteers’ conscience will not inspire abolition of harsh sentencing laws, end the death penalty, decriminalize mental illness, improve public defenders’ budgets and decrease their workloads to better serve indigent defendants, give post-conviction DNA testing rights to potentially innocent inmates, or stop the tide of new legislation that erodes Americans’ civil liberties.

A one-day shopping moratorium would not ravage the nation’s fragile economy, but a successful boycott would show corporate America and elected officials how serious you and I are about having a justice system that is functional but fair and respectful of the human/civil rights of all people without regard to socio-economic distinctions, race, or health status of citizens and immigrants. A successful boycott will evidence our dissatisfaction with eroding civil liberties and high unemployment.

After 9/11, America embarked on a War on Terror that sacrifices precious lives and trillions of dollars. Unite to declare war on injustice beginning March 9, and repeat the boycott every 9/11 this year until significant changes are made. Make an impact while washing your car, watching television, or sleeping on Wednesday, March 9, 2011. Take your lunch to work – make no purchases! With no protest march to attend, you need not worry about crowd control Tasers, being added to the government’s growing watch list, or any other evil device used to prevent Americans from exercising our Constitutional right to peacefully assemble and petition government for a redress of grievances. Just keep your money in your pockets for 24 hours once each month. Join us, and ask your group members, friends, and family to join the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE and use consumer power to effect positive social change.

As stated, your help publishing news about the shopping boycott would enhance wide participation and promote success with this peaceful protest. Mainstream media will censor the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE to protect prison profits and other corporate interests. For example, in January 2009, Rep. Eddie Johnson (D-TX) introduced H.R.619 in the United States Congress to resume Medicaid insurance for inpatient psychiatric care. Mental patients are being preserved untreated to become future prisoners of America. Therefore, throughout 2009 and 2010, while health care insurance was the main topic in every newscast, Johnson’s bill received absolutely no mainstream news coverage. About 1 in 5 Americans has some form of mental illness, and roughly 1.25 million inmates are mentally ill. That is why prison investors did not want Americans to know that H.R.619, an alternative to imprisoning sick people, was on the table. Elected officials who are prison profiteers preferred for their constituents not to know their mentally challenged relatives and friends were imprisoned to boost investors’ portfolios after hospitals and assisted outpatient treatment programs proved to reduce homelessness, imprisonment, and arrests by around 90%. Treating mental illness instead of withholding intervention until after crimes saves taxpayers money, improves community safety, and restores lives. H.R.619 was blacked out in the media - an important health bill to decriminalize mental illness. Eddie Johnson’s proposal to resume Medicaid for inpatient psychiatric treatment had significant impact for millions of sick people, their families, and community safety and was introduced in Congress while most news reports centered on health care, but Americans were not informed.

Most people did not know that inpatient psychiatric treatment was omitted from the national health care plan that Congress passed in March 2009. Indeed, including psychiatric hospital coverage would have killed the health bill because many representatives have prison stock. Censorship to protect prison profits is common. Most people still believe all of our jobs were outsourced overseas while over a million disappeared behind prison walls – a third world country near you. Help publish news about the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE on your websites, radio broadcasts, in your churches, temples, mosques, and civic organizations. Be sure to announce that the shopping moratorium continues on the 9th of each month. People who do not learn about it in time to stop shopping on March 9 might join us in April or May on the 9th. But it is not necessary to announce your support for the boycott – JUST DO IT! Don’t shop on the 9th of any month in 2011.



If the people responsible for my brother Larry Neal’s 2003 secret arrest, murder, and the cover-up that has continued for seven years had been mere police officers and jail guards, they might have been prosecuted like the police officers now serving time for killing Kathryn Johnson, the 92-year-old Atlanta victim of the “no knock” warrant home invasion in 2006. Law officers and jail guards are considered by the elite to be “slave class” along with the rest of working class Americans. Rogue police officers are occasionally investigated and prosecuted for brutality and corruption, which improves working conditions for honest law officers by promoting cooperation and trust from the communities they serve and protect. Abusive police officers sometimes go to prison, although for lesser sentences than other “slave class” citizens. But when the elite do crimes, the justice system often prevents disclosure and denies accountability. Mine is the first family this century to have a member secretly arrested and returned to his family weeks later as a naked corpse with all requests for records, investigation, and explanation DENIED by authorities to hide crimes by government officials.

Our “inalienable” rights prove to be more alienable every day, America. My handicapped brother, Larry, was a harmless schizophrenic heart patient who was released after 20 years commitment in a mental hospital, along with hundreds of thousands of other people with acute mental illness in the 1960’s and 70’s. He irritated police by singing loud, panhandling, and such misdemeanors related to his psychiatric disability. Like many such “deinstitutionalized” patients, Larry was arrested and released numerous times but was denied inpatient commitment. Finally, police became exasperated with their enforced role as Larry’s psychiatric caretakers. He was arrested, and police denied having Larry for weeks (denying his access to vital heart drugs) until his murder by yet undisclosed means in August 2003. My brother’s secret arrest and murder cover-up was engineered by The Cochran Firm on behalf of Memphis/Shelby County government officials and the United States Department of Justice while that COINTELPRO law firm was under contract with my family as Larry’s wrongful death attorneys. It is illegal to kill even harmless black mental patients like Larry.

It is illegal for justice officials to conspire with murderers hide their crime. It is illegal for officials to submit or knowingly accept fraudulent reports to the federal government that deliberately omit reporting a jail death they prefer to hide. Elitists in the injustice system did all of these things and presently allow or facilitate my continuous censorship and stalking to prevent disclosure. Seven years later, despite Freedom of Information Act requests to the USDOJ, subpoenas to Memphis Shelby County Jail and Shelby County Government, Larry’s murder is denied the open disclosure or investigative and prosecutorial effort that dog abuse cases get. Ours is a justice system that engages in/allows ongoing crimes to help elitists escape accountability for a “slave class” man’s murder and cover-up while potentially innocent men like Troy Davis await execution. If we do not insist on equal justice and respect for Constitutional and human rights, this country could become what Egypt was. The BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE may help Senator Webb, who proposes a top-to-bottom review of the justice system in America. He should begin with the U.S. Department of Justice. Yes, I wrote to him about Larry’s secret murder. Response is pending after nearly two years, but sometimes my communication is impeded (phone calls and emails).

Boycotts worked during the civil rights movement. Labor strikes were effective during the labor movement. Merely publishing and verbally protesting injustices (business as usual) are not working, so let’s give the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE a try. Or we can keep doing what we’re doing (making heartfelt pleas) and get more of what we’ve been getting. For example, Congressman Alcee Hastings (D-FL) introduced H.R.645 in Congress in January 2009 to erect six FEMA centers in America for Americans that would be capable of holding millions more prisoners for such “crimes” as refusing to accept H1N1 vaccines, according to the Massachusetts Martial Law Bill enacted in October 2009. Filling concentration camps with Americans who refuse to submit to Big Pharm would really change the nation’s rate of incarceration - upward.

If you care about improving justice, do not wait for leaders of organizations to announce the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE. Big Business has lobbyists with deep pockets for continuing many things that Americans find objectionable. That is why prison profiteering has spread like an airborne disease. Over $50 billion per year from taxpayers plus labor profits can buy plenty of “tough on crime” support – not just from veteran Pennsylvania judges. Surprisingly, the rate of incarceration for young black males did not rise to 1 in 9 until after the Voters Rights Act was passed and many minorities went to Washington or joined corporate America in ranking positions. Minority press censored congressional bill H.R.619 and news about my brother’s secret arrest and murder right along with mainstream media. Three things are color blind: God’s love, real justice, and money. Wake up, wake up! It is KoffieTime! Follow me at Twitter, where I am KoffieTime –  - if they let you. Thanks for your interest and help publishing the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE, your participation in the boycott and your prayers.

See my “Human Rights for Prisoners March” article, available at this link: The list of concerns at the article includes reasonable requests made by thousands of black, white, and Latino Georgia inmates in six prisons who staged a nonviolent work strike from December 6 – 15, 2010, such as relief from hunger and brutality, health care, rehabilitation and education opportunities to avoid recidivism, affordable phone calls, and wages for prison labor. Georgia pays inmates nothing for working but releases prisoners with only $25 to start a new life, knowing that people convicted for certain felonies are ineligible for food stamps, student grants/loans, and have even fewer employment opportunities than others in the dwindling job market. In Georgia, 1 in 13 people are prisoners, parolees, or probationers. Striking inmates were desperate to get our attention regarding their brutal incarceration. In retaliation, some were beaten severely for organizing/supporting the strike because prison labor is so important in America. Other strikers are in solitary (which costs YOU more), and 37 of the Georgia inmate strickers are reported MISSING.  Hopefully, they are not murdered like my handicapped brother who was secretly arrested and killed in 2003, and this administration refuses to investigate and prosecute his death just as the previous administration did.

Why do many Americans vigorously oppose waterboarding and other torture in War on Terror camps while ignoring inmate murders and abuses within U.S. correctional facilities, including the secret arrest and murder of a harmless mental patient like my brother and the cover-up that yet continues? Could their tolerance for abuses in the justice system at home have to do with personal gain? Have you checked your IRA accounts and stock portfolios lately to ensure that you are not benefiting by some of the very circumstances you wish change?

Essentially, Big Business and governments of the world are one. That is one reason why my advocacy against privatization of prisons and jails is censored. On December 6, 2010, over 11,000 of my Twitter tweets for justice were deleted days before the Georgia prisoner strike. I assume the Internet censorship force deleted my tweets promoting HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS so that people who browsed the web looking for information about the strike would not see my suggestions that injustice is tied to financial profits for the elite. Fortunately, the tweets were reinstated after I complained about censorship for over two months. See the tweet below that was disallowed by stalkers who continuously place my home PCs on their illegal networks via remote access to control my browsing and Internet input:

Disallowed Tweet February 21, 2011: When I tweet abt globalization & prison slavery displacing U.S. workers, my @Twitter country code changes from 40404 to 86444 - UK. Why?

Use your own web pages and other avenues to publish the reason(s) you are not shopping on March 9 or on the 9th day of subsequent months throughout 2011 until significant change comes. Remember that the love of money is the root of all evil. Keep your money and uproot some evil. We can make a statement: Human and civil rights offenses do not pay. Imagine a day when almost no sales are made. That would be a very loud protest from Americans and immigrants while we quietly engage in working, playing, or resting. God said unity works:

And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. ~ Genesis 11:6
Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

Stop Torturous Executions in the U.S.A.

Brandon Rhode, a brain damaged young Georgian, and two other condemned Americans were reportedly tortured to death in recent months. Executioners used faulty sodium thiopental, an anesthetic that is one of three injections used for lethal injections, according to reports. The U.S. supplier for sodium thiopental, Hospira, stopped manufacturing the anesthetic in summer 2010, forcing U.S. executioners to look for the drug elsewhere. They found Dream Pharma, a one-man wholesaler operating in the back of a British driving academy. Dream Pharma supplied the anesthetic used in executing Rhode on September 27, Jeffrey Landrigan on October 26 in Arizona, and Emmanuel Hammond in Georgia last month. Reprieve, a British anti-capital punishment organization, began legal proceedings against British pharmaceutical regulator, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority, for refusing to recall all Dream Pharma’s sodium thiopental in the face of clear risk that the drug is faulty. If successful, the case may halt executions in Arizona and many other states indefinitely.

Disturbing descriptions of the three men’s executions are at the link at the end of this article. Capital punishment has lost support in recent years, especially since over 400 people were allowed to submit compelling evidence of their innocence in court or were exonerated through post-conviction DNA tests. Many Americans who still support the death penalty join abolitionists in protesting the excruciatingly painful deaths inflicted on Rhode, Landrigan, and Hammond. According to Dr. Mark Heath, a consultant anesthetist at Columbia Hospital in New York, “asphyxiation caused by pancuronium and the caustic burning sensation caused by potassium would be agonizing in the absence of adequate anesthesia.”

After Rhode’s and Landrigan’s horrible deaths, the Southern Center for Human Rights (SCHR) filed an Emergency Injunction on behalf of Emanuel Hammond. The condemned man’s attorneys requested information about the drugs Georgia planned to use under the Freedom of Information Act. “The State has hid from public view critical records about whether the lethal injection process is medically and constitutionally acceptable,” said Gerald Weber, Senior Attorney at SCHR who represented Hammond. “If the State does not have the necessary chemicals, or is using expired ones, it cannot hide those facts from Georgians.” Troy Davis, a likely innocent man who was repeatedly denied an opportunity to present his new evidence before a jury, also awaits execution in Georgia.

For more information about Reprieve, please contact Katherine O’Shea at Reprieve’s Press Office  - 020 7427 1099/ 07931592674.

Pray and advocate for America to stop executing people, especially the brain damaged. I attended a vigil for Rhodes on the steps of Georgia’s capital as he was being executed. A handout by Georgians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty stated:

Brandon was barely 18 at the time of the crime. He was born with fetal alcohol syndrome to a mother who was addicted to alcohol and various drugs, including LSD, marijuana, and Quaaludes. His childhood was unstable and filled with violence and many forms of abuse. His history of trauma and lack of consistent of positive adult role models accounts for significant developmental delays in his transition from adolescence to adulthood. Mental health evaluations of Brandon since the crime, by both state and defense clinicians, show he had long-standing organic brain impairments which affect normal functioning in areas of judgment, impulse control, planning, and appreciation of consequences.

Brandon had behavior and attention problems since he was a very young child, including alcohol and drug abuse since age 11, along with more subtle impairments detected by later testing . . .

To see photos of Brandon Rhode, including pictures of the young man on the lethal injection table with his eyes wide open feeling excruciating pain while dying, type his name in the search field at Google Images - Cyberstalkers prevented my uploading Rhode's photograph at this blog, but I will continue to try.  Always visit my blogs days after I originally publish, because I am sometimes able to finish them from computers that the censorship staff does not control.  See FREEDOM FOR EGYPT, IRAN, AND MARY NEAL!

BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE on March 9 – NO SHOPPING! Abolitionists and people protesting other injustices in the U.S. are invited to participate in a 24-hour shopping moratorium on March 9, 2011. Capital punishment is largely a business decision. Many prisons and jails in America are privately owned. Prisons charge taxpayers an additional $90,000 per year for each death row inmate over and above the cost of containing the same prisoner with the general prison population (per Death Penalty Information Center). Consumers have the power to abolish the death penalty and prison brutality, end the erosion of American’s civil rights, and stop Big Business from shipping jobs overseas and behind bars where one million inmates work for Fortune 500 companies that avoid unions and minimum wage laws.  Protest corporate greed and government indifference without leaving home. Join the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE:  No Shopping on the 9th of every month throughout 2011. Fight unethical business practices financially. Information about the shopping moratorium is at this link:

Descriptions of the three men's agonizing deaths are at the link below:

Support Reprieve to stop shipments of ineffective sodium thiopental from the UK.
Run for Reprieve - May 15, 2011 – Reprieve is taking part in the ‘Do It for Charity Run,’ and offers you the opportunity to be a superhero and run for Reprieve, having fun and raising vital funds in the process.

Georgians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty -

Death Penalty Information Center -

Southern Center for Human Rights –
I experience continuous stalking online and in person to prevent advocacy for HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS and others who are victimized in America.  As I prepared this post for publishing on February 23 on the desktop of my home PC, cyberstalkers prevented my online access (they can see my desktop and occasionally steal documents or data within the documents that are stored there).  I was restoring my PC to the date when the machine was wiped clean and Windows reinstalled when my entire neighborhood had a power failure.  The lights were back on within two hours, and I resumed the process to restore my PC to a date that preceded its takeover by criminal cyberdogs.  Whereas the restoration was proceeding as it should before the power failure, the restoration was interrupted by error messages after power was restored.  I have not been allowed back online using my home PC since that night.  Intense censorship to contain news about the shopping boycott is done because the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE will show Big Business and government officials that Americans want a justice system that is really just.  Together, we CAN end capital punishment and other injustices if enough people know about and participate in the nonviolent protest.  Please help by notifying your contacts. 

March 9, 2011 Update:  CONGRATULATIONS to the State of Illinois for ending capital punishment!  May God bless Gov. Quinn and legislators for being just-minded, and compassionate, and financially prudent.  See this article: "Illinois Pleased God:  DP Abolition"

March 28, 2011 Update:  Troy Davis' appeal to the United States Supreme Court was denied.  See the news at this link:

BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE with Mary Neal on the 9th of every month - No Shopping!
Human Rights for Prisoners Boycott -

April 5, 2011 Update:  Good news! Texas Moratorium Network (an anti-capital punishment organization) reported that Cleve Foster was granted a reprieve by the High Court, which stayed Foster's execution that was scheduled for April 5, 2011 - See information at this link - 

The U.S. Supreme Court is charged with interpreting and upholding our rights under the Constitution of the United States of America. The justices did well to stay Foster's execution, a possibly innocent man who faced a torturous death by lethal injection using possibly faulty anesthesia. Happy Heroes Day to Supreme Court justices on this righteous decision.

Mary Neal



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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Freedom for Egypt, Iran, and Mary Neal!

(16 paragraphs, incl. a-h and a-b itemized items, 6 links. UPDATE: 58 tweets and 3 paragraphs w/ 2 links added March 4, 2011. Updated Feb. 14, 2015.)

The photograph shows one of the protests that ousted Egypt's oppressive dictator on February 11.  American leaders warned Iran to take note.  "I SAY TO OUR IRANIAN FRIENDS:  Let your people march, let your people speak, release your people from jail, let them have a voice!" Biden said, and received loud applause at the University of Kentucky.

I saw Vice President Biden make that statement this morning.  I woke up early to check for Black History Month programs in the Atlanta area.  The cyber censorship team promptly shut down my Internet access in fear that I might attend some of the activities, so I watched a little of the morning news.  Then the same concern prompted them to turn my Internet back on so I won't leave home to use a computer that is not as much in their control.  Here is my prevented tweet for this a.m.:

@roycampos @good_phil Thx 4 following. Impressive speech by VP Biden, wasn't it? A call for freedom of expression. I make that plea daily.

Iran may have good reasons for not allowing freedom of expression.  If the people of Iran are allowed to speak, they may ask about:

DEAD CITIZENS, like my brother, Larry Neal.  He was a mentally and physically disabled man who was secretly arrested for nearly three weeks in Memphis Shelby County Jail and murdered on August 1, 2003 - - News of his death and subsequent cover-up is censored in U.S.A. media, and I am censored online to prevent widespread accounts about his murder and about victimization of other mentally dysfunctional Americans.

Iran may not want to discuss arrests.  Maybe prisoners are money-making commodities over there, too.  Iran may not want its citizens to march.  My cyber censorship team agrees. My Human Rights for Prisoners March across the Internet is censored.  The team deleted 11,000 of my Twitter tweets on December 6, 2010 - - and continually interferes with my  Internet access when I write about:

a.  Mental illness being criminalized and America's 1.25 million mentally ill inmates;
b.  Post-conviction DNA testing rights to release innocent Americans;
c.  Opposition to capital punishment;
d.  America's high incarceration rate - the highest of any nation in world history;
e.  Racism in the justice system and the disproportionate incarceration rate for blacks:  1 in 9 among young men under age 34;
f.  Classism in the justice system, with prosecution largely restricted to "slave class" citizens (minorities and poor whites);
g.  Political prisoners - human/civil rights activists incarcerated on questionable charges, such as Geronimo Pratt was for 27 years;
h.  Human rights for prisoners, i.e., slavery (enforced work programs); poor health care, such as tooth decay releasing infections into inmates' bloodstreams resulting in deaths; inadequate meals (Georgia inmates cited malnutrition during their labor strike in December 2010); brutality and murders, which the United States Department of Justice helps to cover up rather than investigate and prosecute, like my disabled brother's.

If Iranians had free speech, they might complain about abuses of power, such as:

a.  my censorship, in person and online stalking, and threats of arrest by Atlanta Police for telling people about the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal and asking for fairness in the Kathryn Johnston civil action;
b.  COINTELPRO-type programs like the one presently using The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm to (i) gain confidential information on/from minorities by misusing attorney/client privilege; (ii) pervert justice by limiting or eliminating payouts to the firm's clients after police brutality or victimization by certain corporations; and (iii) withhold adequate representation for certain clients facing criminal prosecution.  This started following Cochran's death, which occurred shortly after he became "partners" with people he should have investigated better, especially since he was on the Geronimo Pratt  defense team, which subpoenaed federal records and exposed COINTELPRO's agenda against civil rights, and Cochran announced plans to establish a Reparations Dream Team to recover damages for African Americans. Those events undoubtedly made Cochran fit the FBI's enemy profile of "Black Messiah" like Dr. King did. 

While researching COINTELPRO, I was not surprised to run across a photo of famous civil rights photojournalist and FBI informant Ernest C. Withers being chummy with Johnnie Cochran. Withers ingratiated himself to Dr. King, also, and was still on the job 40 years later, apparently. The photo was probably taken while Cochran was opening the firm's Memphis office (which the treacherous law firm denied exists when my mother and I sued The Cochran Firm for working behind our backs with Shelby County Jail to prevent justice regarding Larry's murder, just like the firm also denied having any law office in Georgia). Many prominent black people are COINTELPRO like Withers was.  It is practical from the government's standpoint to use insiders to derail black people's justice quests, such as attorneys.  The job probably pays sellouts well and helps with advancement, especially for minority business owners like media companies, so-called public servants and even some civil rights activists. See Withers and Cochran together in a photo below. Photographs by Withers are at a website by Memphis paper, The Commercial Appeal (hard break).

Ernest Withers, pictured above in his Afrocentric hat, was about as "inside" as one can get.  His photography chronicles the segregated South and many memorable civil rights events, such as King's marches, then his blood on the Lorraine Hotel balcony.  Most of my stalkers are black, also, and it is likely those ordering my persecution for asking WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL include blacks.  So is Julian Bolton, Esq., a former Cochran Firm managing partner in the firm's now-you-see-it-now-you-don't Memphis office and a former Shelby County Commissioner.  Bolton held both positions when I took my elderly mother to contract with The Cochran Firm, but he hid his conflict of interest in order that my family would hire The Cochran Firm as Larry's wrongful death attorneys in 2003.

Bolton ran for U.S. Congress in 2006 and lost, which is a shame.  He might have been right at home in Washington with Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL), who introduced H.R.645 in 2009 (the concentration camp bill).  Maybe they'll have Hezekiah Sistrunk, Esq., managing partner of The Cochran Firm's peek-a-boo Atlanta office, run for office some day.  Many voters do not look beyond race and party lines, and that is useful for certain purposes.

And a man's foes shall be they of his own household. ~ Matt. 10:36

Oops - the cyber censorship team just switched my Internet connection!  I'll attempt to finish this post using theirs.  It is too cold right now to catch the bus to find a computer and review today's Black History Month activities in Atlanta, and I no longer have a car.  It was repossessed a couple of years ago when I declined my employer's kind invitation to move to a position that would be safe from layoff during restructuring at the law firm where I was a legal assistant.  Although my faith in God is strong, it was unnerving being followed home from work every night.

I did not know when I was laid off, of course, that advertising income from my online articles would be prevented, communication with potential employers in the future would be hampered by a phone tap and email monitoring, or that The Cochran Firm is protected by U.S. courts from defrauded clients' lawsuits (the firm is allowed to plead "not guilty by reason of nonexistence").  I noticed long ago that there is no assurance that using another computer will make an appreciable difference in my freedom of expression online.  Most of America's justice problems revolve around prison profits, and according to Dr. Boyce Watkins, Microsoft itself uses inmate laborers.  See a link to Dr. Watkin's informative article in my next blog:  Human Rights for Prisoners Boycott 3/9/11:

Cyber censorship team, please don't shut my PC down.  I was just about to point out that although many Americans publish news and viewpoints that are adversarial to the status quo, violent retaliation is rare.  Despite problems, I could not have this blog in any openly totalitarian country.  Egypt's crisis proves that democratic elections and open discourse between people and government comprise the preferable way to avoid and resolve issues.  That happens in America to an equal or greater degree than other countries.  Some rulers probably look at FreeSpeakBlog and other Internet submissions by Americans and mistakenly see it as a weakness on the part of Western officials to allow free speech.  They do not understand that bearing criticism and considering citizens' concerns show strength in our leaders, attesting to the fact that this country's Constitution honors the principles of freedom - not commanding blind obedience but engendering respect by the people governed.  Even God Almighty invites, "Come, let us reason together" (Isaiah 1:18). Mutual respect between citizenry and leadership is imperative to a lasting peace.

I want to thank Google Images, where I found the picture above of the skinny, half-naked boy standing against the powerful Egyptian police and military like a tiny Moses. (I cannot read what is written on the photo, so please disregard it if it is profane or threatens violence.) I felt an immediate kinship with the child who has more audacity than seems healthy.  Sometimes, I scare myself, then I remember that my Lord said, "Do not be afraid, but speak, and do not keep silent. For I am with you and no one will attack you to hurt you; for I have many people in this city." (Acts 18:9-10).  With 1 in 30 Americans either in prison or on standby as parolees and probationers (1 in 13 in Georgia), millions of Americans have a vested interest in human rights for prisoners, which is what God chose me to request on behalf of the incarcerated mentally ill and others without regard to socio-economic distinctions, race, creed, color, or national origin.

The entire world is God's and all the fullness thereof - including everything and everyone.  We should praise Him for being no respecter of persons. He sees value in each human being, even sick people, the impoverished, and those who come short of His glory through sin, as we all have.  God bless America for being a country where I can publish concerns (although it is a battle to do so) and exalt Jesus Christ in a world with many Samaritans who consider how they might profit by the situation upon meeting fellow travelers fallen by the side of life's road.  See my latest battle at Twitter below.

Happy Black History Month from Mary Neal
Director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill ("AIMI")
Please see "Mary Neal's Black History Month 2011," published at HubPages.
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"MaryLovesJustice Blogs and Radio Shows" in my MaryLovesJustice blog

Advocacy for the least of these, His brethren - sick, naked prisoners (Matt. 25:31-46)

I later started publishing my censorship in a blog called "Justice Gagged," but I still used tweets in 2011; i.e., see below:

March 4, 2011March 4, 2011 - My censorship using Twitter continues.  I tried to add these tweets to my article "FREEDOM FOR EGYPT, IRAN, AND MARY NEAL" at this link - -   U.S. Warships are on the way to Libya to help people who want to live in a democratic society.  I am much closer than Libya, being censored and stalked online and in person in Georgia USA.  The first 17 tweets below suddenly disappeared from my Twitter profile page after I tweeted the CBS link carrying news about the individual Internet I.D. number that each American may soon be assigned by the government. 

I hate to see everyone in the country have their Internet usage controlled and electronic communication subject to interruption like mine.  The 40 tweets below the first 17 did seem to remain on my profile page at Twitter.  They may or may not have actually posted to my followers' pages.  I am so censored that the best way to follow me at Twitter is to view my profile page .  My tweets sometimes do not get posted, and some are coded to appear among tweets that posted hours before to minimize exposure to my subject matter and links I share.

I put a video at YouTube showing that censorship in real time on channel jkempp703.  On December 6, I had 11,000 human/civil rights tweets suddenly disappear.  Thankfully, Twitter was able to reinstate them (on my view, anyway) after I complained for two months.  I do not really know what is online and what isn't. The cyber censorship staff can send computer-specific views.  Read more about that in my article:  "INTERNET CENSORSHIP AMERICAN STYLE BY MARY NEAL."  What is my censored subject matter?  I make a simple request to our decision makers: "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." 

 Mary Neal 

@ Thx 4 following. How do U like the photos in my blog at & @
 Mary Neal 

@ I object to U.S. warships going to help Libyans while I can't send emails re the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE at home. 
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@ Thx 4 following. I sure need your help w/ my causes: decriminalizing mental illness & DP abolition.
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@ Did they cancel Atlanta's Black History Mo. Parade Sat. to hide 
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@ Bad news 4U, Atlanta. U.S.SupremeCt protects peaceful protestors like me.  Atty needed
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@ I'm closer than Libya! Free Mary Neal! - They prevented linking the 1st time.
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@ I'm closer than Libya! Free Mary Neal! ​Justice4MaryNeal
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@ U.S. warships headed 2 Libya & I can't open my censored mail! 
 Mary Neal 

@ Thx4following. Guess what? They don't show my icon among yo followers. Censored 2 hide my wk 4 God in human rights.
The tweets above disappeared from my profile page effective five minutes ago  (I corrected my spelling in the above re-published tweets - Libya, where U.S. war ships are headed to liberate people while my family is surrounded by "citizens police" (Google that) and I have to wrestle with the cyber censorship team to post anything online).  That happened after I shared the CBS link regarding the Individual Internet I.D. that each American may receive in a few months,  I doubt if it actually posted, although it shows as having been posted on my home page.  Once you get your Internet I.D. number from Big Brother, you can easily be censored like I am. You will be required to input your personal Internet I.D. number to go online, which will identify you as the user.  If you are a "targeted person," your net freedom will end, if you actually have it now.

Under the PLAN, you will no longer have passwords for your emails or online groups.  But don't worry.  Only you and Big Brother will know every word you type or receive.  My Twitter icon is a coffee cup to remind everyone to please wake up - It's KoffieTime!  The censorship force does not usually let it appear, so I posted the picture at the bottom.  Sometimes we fight for an hour over a single picture I want to post online. See our AIMI photo album: - This is one deleted tweet I posted today that I really hope Twitter will reinstate (brookpete publishes prison photography, so he is the kind of follower my cyber censorship team usually deletes.  I got about 30 new followers this week, and my total number of followers reduced by two people.  If you choose to follow me at Twitter, you may have to add yourself to my followers repeatedly):

 @brookpete Thanks 4 following. How do U like the photos @ my blog & @ 

 Mary Neal 

@ @ @ JUVENILE JUSTICE: Kids4Cash  Save the children, Supreme Court!
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@ @ @ JUVENILE JUSTICE - kids 4 cash  Boycott 4 Justice 4 Children
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 Mary Neal 

@ Cyberstalkers let me online 2day. May know techs loaned me this PC 2 do forensics & document illegal programs.
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@ Mary Neal's Black History Month 2011 - Full link pls
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@ @ @@ The notice that U follow me wouldn't copy/paste. Censorship staff may delete U.
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@ Continuous war benefits prison investors. Inmakes make military uniforms & equipment. U.S. jobs are disappearing behind bars
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@ Link was attacked. Atl Blk History Parade that didn't happen:
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@ block. Links sabotaged 4 the two news items I just tweeted -  and
 Mary Neal 

@ GA workers demonstrate 2day at capital.Jobs outsourced overseas & 2 prison laborers 2 cheat Americans.
 Mary Neal 

@ Was BlackHistoryParade in Atl canceled bcuz of prisoner activism in GA where 37 inmate strikers are MISSING?
 Mary Neal 

@ Rec'd a flyer stating the March4Freedom plans protest at the White House Feb. 27  - link may be censored
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@ On 2/23, I was backing up my PC to date last cleaned after being denied Internet access; then a power outage hit my nighborhood!
 Mary Neal 

@ Doesn't everything related to economic crisis "tilt toward poorer areas"? More poor ppl every day as middle class is almost extinct
 Mary Neal 

@ Why call other ppl's concerns "insanity"? Time's out for division. The elite have already integrated
 Mary Neal 

@ America will never be destroyed fr outside. If we falter & lose our freedoms, it will be becuz we destroyed ourselves ~ AL
 Mary Neal 

@ Time 2 address unethical businesses (Gov) financially. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE March 9 - No Shopping! protestors invited to join.
 Mary Neal 

@ @ @ @ Call Gov. Nathan Deal at (404) 656-1776 concerning 37 missing prison strikers and those in solitary.
 Mary Neal 

@ - Need 2 advertise for: WANTED: funeral hearse 4 families of missing & murdered U.S. prisoners for parade in Atlanta - 3 hours.
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@ @ @ @Thx 4 following. I'll follow U back when I'm at another PC. COINTELPRO has this one.
 Mary Neal 

James 5:1-6 is for  profiteers and Larry Neal murder cover-up participants. James 5:7-8 says  will deal w/ U & TheCochranFirm.
 Harold J. Chadwick 
 by koffietime
All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers. - Francois de Fenelon
 Mary Neal 

Donation needed: funeral herse 4 families of dead and missing prisoners 4 Black History Parade in Atl 2/26/10 @ MLK Sweet Auburn district
 Mary Neal 

@ Still 172 prisoners at Guantanamo. 37 GA prison strikers missing & others in solitary 4 refusing to work during 12/9-15 rebellion
 Mary Neal 

@ JessieJacksonJr named as FBI informant like civil rights photojournalist Ernest Withers at
 Mary Neal 

@ News rpts name Jessie Jackson, Jr an FBI informant like civil rights photographer Ernest Withers was. More to be named soon.
 Mary Neal 

@ SF Bay View reports 37 nonviolent GA prison strikers MISSING & others in solitary  
 Mary Neal 

@ @ @ SF Bay View reports 37 nonviolent GA prison strikers MISSING & others in solitary 
 Mary Neal 

Watch out,  protestors! This ain't Egypt. Freedom of assembly promise was bogus. 
 Mary Neal 

Watch out,  protestors! This ain't Egypt. Heard about Kent State? Atlanta police told me, NO PROTESTING!