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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Jesus Christ Is a Black Man

"A 2,000-Year-Old Egyptian Mummy Was Found with Hair Intact" ~ This article is for the benefit of Black Americans who say Christianity is a "white man's religion." Joseph was told to take his wife, Mary, and their newborn son to hide among the Egyptians during this period to protect them from King Herod. I believe a Caucasian with blonde hair and blue eyes would have been easily found and killed in Ancient Egypt. If Joseph, Mary, and Jesus looked like Caucasians, they would have been told to hide in Europe - not Africa, where Caucasians would have attracted undue interest. The lives of this family depended on their ability to blend in with others for an undetermined period of time in order to escape from a powerful king who had many soldiers actively searching for them. The mummy in the photos below shows how Egyptians looked 2,000 years ago. 

Think of another reason to reject Christianity. Because you were slaves? So was Joseph a slave, and he remained faithful until God brought him out of bondage. It doesn't matter to me what Jesus looked like, because I love Jesus in Spirit and in Truth. God created and loves all mankind, and there is nothing made that was made without Jesus. But race seems to matter to many embittered Blacks who reject Christianity for spiritualism or to worship ancestors or Allah. This article should destroy excuses for rejecting man's only bridge to salvation.

"Whomsoever will, let him come" ~Holy Bible. Christianity is for EVERYONE.

"2,000-year-old Egyptian mummy still has natural hair intact!"

These photos reveal clearly the race of Ancient Egyptians. Although Caucasians chiseled or blew the noses off Egyptian sculptures of kings and queens, you should know they were also Blacks. As soon as that became an inescapable fact, the pyramids were depicted by the History Channel and other racist liars as being designed by aliens.
Many theologians know Jesus's race and should reveal it to the world. Without this knowledge, too many blacks perish and go to hell, believing Christianity, which is our only hope for living victoriously on earth and having eternal life in paradise, is a white man's religion. People have a human right to know the truth.

Human Rights Article by MaryLovesJustice
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Wrongful Death of Larry Neal
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Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Indonesia, USA

A man from West Papua smuggled the following video to me and requested that I make it widely available to people in the West. I uploaded the video at YouTube and told him that he had probably made the worst possible choice about who should convey his message regarding oppression in his country (see the West Papua video embedded below. Warning: graphic violence). Since my own brother's secret arrest for three weeks and murder in the Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003, I have been America's most censored person. Nevertheless, he asked me to help give his people a voice. Their plight seems ignored by the world as they endure mass arrests and massacres for any overtures toward independence and self-determination. The Indonesians, who are Muslims, seem comfortable abusing the people of West Papua, who are mostly Christians. Hear my source speak about current oppression in West Papua on four .mp3 tapes among the nine reference links below.

Numerous human rights organizations urged President Obama to speak against Indonesia's oppression during his trip there in November 2010. BBC News Reports "Human rights groups have accused the Indonesian government and military of human rights abuses including imprisoning nonviolent protesters, oppressing free speech and crushing minority religious groups. And incidents of political bribery and corruption have undermined Indonesia's claims to transparent democracy." That language may remind one of articles and radio shows by MaryLovesJustice that chronicle my own oppression, intimidation, censorship, and financial persecution as I oppose discrimination against Americans who are either black or mentally ill or both, a Christian duty according to Proverbs 31:8-9.

President Obama spent his formative years in Indonesia during its most violent period when over 500,000 people of West Papua were killed. Such atrocities being done to people who looked like him might have had a profound effect on the child, perhaps making him less willing or able to stand against the oppression of Black people or any oppressed people in the United States. Growing up during the genocide against indigenous people in West Papua, it is reasonable to assume that the president's mother and step-father cautioned him not to object when he heard Indonesian soldiers boasting about their murders for the day. That period was even more violent than the video embedded above shows (the video is more current), and the child could have developed a high tolerance for the crimes against humanity that have increased significantly in the USA. He may have had a strong desire to disassociate himself from the dark-skinned genocide victims or even to pretend not to know or care about the victimization of people who resembled him more than his own family members did. Whereas that self-protective reaction is understandable for a child, that response is totally unacceptable for a president who has a sworn duty to uphold the rights of all citizens as set forth in the U.S. Constitution and numerous other domestic and international laws.

Barack Obama sewaktu tinggal di Indonesia.

Rick Perlstein, a writer, speculated about the affect living in Indonesia during that gruesome period may have had on President Obama as a child. Perlstein told of a "massacre estimated in excess of 500,000 corpses—of Communists, supposedly, of course; but also of ethnic Chinese, Christians, and any other unfortunate communal outliers. Here’s Wikipedia: Methods 'of killing included shooting and beheading with Japanese-style samurai swords. Corpses were often thrown into rivers, and at one point officials complained to the Army that the rivers running into the city of Surabaya were clogged with bodies.'" The first of nine(9) reference links below should lead to Perlstein's full article, "Obama in Indonesia."

Although Human Rights Watch and others asked for President Obama to use his trip in 2010 to influence Indonesia to stop its barbarism, BBC News and other media reported that "US President Barack Obama held up Indonesia as an example of how a developing nation can embrace democracy and diversity." A brief excerpt of the BBC News report is below:

In his address, the president touched on the four years he spent in the country as a child and emphasized the importance of Indonesia's example as a growing economy and a majority-Muslim nation that is largely tolerant of other religions.

"Today, I return to Indonesia as a friend, but also as a president who seeks a deep and enduring partnership between our two countries," he said.

"Because as vast and diverse countries; as neighbors on either side of the Pacific; and above all as democracies - the United States and Indonesia are bound together by shared interests and shared values."

"Shared values" between the USA and Indonesia were exposed last fall as we watched militarized police attack peaceful protesters in Ferguson, Missouri as well as during the Occupy movement. See an InfoWars film at YouTube link and embedded below. Throughout America, police insist on their "right" to kill unarmed Black people without accountability like their Indonesian brothers in uniform.

"Prosperity without freedom is just another form of poverty," President Obama said. "Because there are aspirations that human beings share - the liberty of knowing that your leader is accountable to you - and that you won't get locked up for disagreeing with them." The following December, he signed the NDAA (concentration camp) bill into law, which allows Americans to be indefinitely detained without trial for being perceived as "belligerent" by the White House.

I cannot pretend to be anything other than belligerent while unarmed Black children, men and women are catastrophically injured and killed by police officers who are very seldom held accountable for their actions. My belligerence shows when mentally ill Americans of all races are deliberately deprived of treatment then killed during lunacy arrests or as jail and prison inmates in abusive correctional facilities throughout this nation, where the press is denied admittance like the press is denied admittance to West Papua. I am belligerent over living as a virtual prisoner in my home for security with my phones and computers taken over to prevent disclosure about my own disabled brother's secret murder. While the human and civil rights of Black people and mentally challenged people of every race are continually trampled, and with protesters and journalists enduring attacks and wrongful arrests, we must all raise a belligerent fist and say to the spirit of Indonesia everywhere, "All lives matter!"


1. Our Obama Bargain (Part 3 of 3): Obama in Indonesia
2. Free West Papua
3. Obama hails Indonesia as example for world
4. Obama hails Indonesia's unity

First Paragraph Repeated: A man from West Papua smuggled the following video to me and requested that I make it widely available to people in the West. I uploaded the video at YouTube and told him that he had probably made the worst possible choice about who should convey his message regarding oppression in his country (see the West Papua video embedded below. Warning: graphic violence). Since my own brother's secret arrest for three weeks and murder in the Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003, I have been America's most censored person. Nevertheless, he asked me to help give his people a voice. Their plight seems ignored by the world as they endure mass arrests and massacres for any overtures toward independence and self-determination. The Indonesians, who are Muslims, seem comfortable abusing the people of West Papua, who are mostly Christians. Hear my source speak about current oppression in West Papua on four .mp3 tapes among the nine reference links [above in this article].

Human Rights Article by MaryLovesJustice
Phone (678) 531.0262 or (571)335-1741
Wrongful Death of Larry Neal
"Human Rights Demand" Radio Station Manager
Justice Gagged blog

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Police Killing Black Men: Confidential

Police killings of black men are held "confidential" in the United States of America. Racists have finally caught on - all murders are "justified" if done by police or corrections officers. In 2003, Memphis cops secretly arrested and murdered Larry Neal, and no questions about his torture and death are allowed by either Shelby County Jail or the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ), which was in overview of the jail after lawsuit by the USA. Now Florida has also arrested a black man and murdered him, and Coconut Creek officials say that death is "confidential." If officials in Florida can persuade a wrongful death attorney to take the family's case and do a "Cochran Firm Fraud" while the statute of limitations passes, they might get away with the murder without public outcry.

See a CBS news report below about the murder of Calvon Reid (Larry Neal's murder was covered up by the USDOJ, so there were no mainstream media reports about it).

COCONUT CREEK (CBSMiami) — Nearly a week after a man died in police custody, the Coconut Creek Police Department still refuses to provide any information, declaring his death “confidential.”

Calvon Reid, 39, died in police custody after apparently being Tasered by several Coconut Creek Police Officers. Police Chief Michael Mann refused to even acknowledge or confirm the name of the person who died, citing the federal healthcare privacy law known as HIPPA.

“The information sought is confidential and exempt, therefore, as an agency, we have no comment at this time,” Mann wrote in a statement.

Use this link to see a video with officials refusing to respond with answers about their cops' murder, which should also be embedded below, unless DeKalb County Police Department, NSA agents, or some other censorship enforcement stops the video from showing. :

The police in Georgia, who I strongly suspect are censoring my articles as I type them, may not allow the video to play. Their job is apparently to help cover up murders by police and corrections officers throughout the nation if Mary Neal writes about them. A DeKalb County detective told me it is not illegal to censor me, destroy my computers with Trojans and viruses, prevent my sending and receiving emails, or takeover my phones and prevent or interrupt phone calls. I do not know what that means unless this is officially a Nazi country, and police were ordered to prevent wide knowledge of that fact. For now, it seems to be a secret between white supremacists, their black Confederate soldiers, and their victims. As they arrest and kill increasing numbers of people, more will learn that this is not the "New Jim Crow." This is the old and ongoing war: good versus evil; democracy versus Nazism; human rights versus elitism. The notion of murdering black men and withholding accountability in the 21st century is the same American racism and genocide that inspired Adolf Hitler.

Left: Nazis stand before a mass grave of victims of the Jewish Holocaust; right: U.S. soldiers pose for a picture near a mass grave of dead Lakotas following the Wounded Knee Massacre of December 29, 1890.

It has been determined that any amount of cruelty and murders are allowed in the United States as long as it is done under the color of law. That means all of these men are in grave danger.

Avoiding accountability by first arresting black men before torturing and murdering them puts all of the men pictured below in peril, also, although they may not know it yet.

Wrongful Death of Larry Neal
NSA Conceals Lynchings
Man Dies While in Custody in Coconut Creek
Coconut Creek Cover-up in Man's Death
When will working class and poor Americans wake up ans smell the koffie?
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Top Priority: Enforced Vaccinations

Jobs program? No can do.
Housing for the homeless? No can do.
Guarantee not to cut Social Security benefits? No can do.
College loan forgiveness? No can do.
Medicaid insurance for psychiatric inpatients? No can do.
Could you discourage police from killing so many of us? No can do.
Can we get the food stamps back that were reduced? No can do.
Vaccinations enforced on every adult in America at a tremendous expense in the absence of any endemic? YES! THAT'S OUR TOP PRIORITY!
Can we get a written guarantee of the safety of enforced vaccines from Big Brother? No can do.
Can we get a written guarantee from Big Pharm? No can do.
Can we get a written guarantee of safety from the administering medical personnel? No can do.
Are there covert microchips in the vaccines? No comment.
Then, can I get a Visa? That depends.
I love you back!

The U.S. Government has seemed preoccupied with Americans' health almost to the exclusion of every other domestic concern since 2009. The National Vaccine Program Office (NVPO) has announced an intention to enforce vaccinations of all adults in the United States. The draft National Adult Immunization Plan (NAIP) is available on the web at

Six reasons to trust the government:

1) The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hides fraud and scientific misconduct

2) Germs Sought for Black Genocide in South Africa


4.) Partial List of Medical Experiments (published by Natural News)

5) No scientific researcher has EVER been held criminally responsible for the injuries and deaths of any of the millions of Americans (blacks and whites, whether military or civilian) who have been irreparably injured or killed as a result of medical experimentation and eugenics. The only scientific researchers who might have been prosecuted anywhere on earth were connected to Nazi war crimes in the 1940's. Virtually all scientific research projects that were done on American slaves and citizens had government funding and blessings.

6) The Economic Policy Journal and many other sources report that the USA holds the Ebola patent.

Publication number: US20120251502 A1
Publication type: Application
Application number: US 13/125,890
PCT number: PCT/US2009/062079
Publication date: Oct 4, 2012
Filing date: Oct 26, 2009
Priority date: Oct 24, 2008
Also published as: CA2741523A1, 4 More »
Inventors: Jonathan S. Towner, 4 More »
Original Assignee: The Government of the US as Represented by the Secretary of the Dept. of health


There are none so blind as those who will not see.


Report by MaryLovesJustice
Phone (678) 531.0262 or (571)335-1741
Wrongful Death of Larry Neal
"Human Rights Demand" Radio Station Manager
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
Dog Justice for Mentally Ill

Monday, March 2, 2015

Your Worries Are Over: Uncle Sam Has a Shot for That

Americans have until 5pm on March 9 to say whether they concur or disagree with government-enforced vaccinations for every adult in the USA.

Comments for consideration by National Vaccine Program Office (NVPO) should be received no later than 5:00 p.m. EDT on March 9, 2015.

(1) The draft NAIP is available on the web at

(2) Electronic responses are preferred and may be addressed to:

(3) Written responses should be addressed to: National Vaccine Program Office, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 200 Independence Avenue SW., Room 733G, Washington, DC 20201. Attn: HHS Adult Immunization c/o Rebecca Fish.

Rebecca Fish, National Vaccine Program Office, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, Department of Health and Human Services; telephone (202) 260-9283; fax (202) 260-1165; email:

A radio show was recorded and is embedded below about Genesis 6:4 giants in the area of science, which reveals America's history of eugenics and human experimentation. It is also available for listening any time 24/7 at "Human Rights Demand" on Blogtalkradio.

Check Out Politics Progressive Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Justice For All2 on BlogTalkRadio

TIEBREAKER SAYS: Just as "Tiebreaker" predicted in 2008 at Yahoo Answers, we now have immigrants flooding the border, and here comes the infectious disease, perhaps delivered through depop vaccines. "Tiebreaker" is a pseudonym for someone who wrote this:

"hypothetical situation, might help me in smaller matters - say your the leader of a country. it flourished for awhile but its fallen into desperate times. the population is growing very rapidly. the amout of babies being born is at the highest rate its ever been and immigrants are flooding into the land. the food is extremely scarce and if it keeps up you'll go bankrupt. the people would literally have to eat each other to survive. you have the option of enforcing a vaccine that would ultimately weed out the weak and leave the strong ill, but alive. this is your only option to survive ... what choice do you make? is it more morally correct to ensure a few some survival, or to not cross the line of inhumanity at the cost of everything... in this instance the strong will get better, life will go on but with a dramatically reduced populace. the question remains .... " ~Posted by Tiebreaker in 2008 at the Yahoo! Answers link below:;_ylt=AmRl5awFrZ8Dyr0ZSODlVcYjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20080523180155AAkrOyb

How the PLAN is working:

1) The GOP may stop the immigrants from "flooding the land." We will see.
2) God blessed America so abundantly that plans to make "food extremely scare" have failed. Spraying toxins from the sky, killing nearly whole species of fish and wild life, and even GMO could not starve us.
3) Notice that in the "hypothetical situation," there is no communicable disease that preempts the depopulation vaccine, and neither is there any real threat of communicable diseases that would excuse the tremendous expenditure of YOUR tax money to enforce at least 49 vaccinations on every adult in America.

THE PROBLEM IS that Americans are the strongest people on earth. Nearly every racial and ethnic group here has undergone Darwin's "survival of the fittest" test.
1) Only the strongest Europeans, Asians, and Africans survived the early ocean voyages.
2) Only the strongest Native Americans survived the diseases and massacres that Europeans caused.
3) Only the strongest and smartest Jews and others made it out of Europe alive during Hitler's reign and other upheavals in Europe.

Now we will see just how strong and smart Americans really are. Enforced vaccinations by a government that seems to have turned fascist will tell the story. The threat of enforced (depop?) vaccines began early in 2009 with the H1N1 farce. Refusing the shots seems not to be an option with NDAA concentration camps waiting. Massachusetts passed a bill in 2009 to intern everyone who refuses to "take their medicine" should a national emergency be called. That threat will probably (definitely) resurface.

Michael Jackson was a prophet. Most people believe he was murdered for record portfolios - his and the Beatles. The truth is that MJJ was embarking on a world tour wherein he would warn people about enforced depopulation vaccines. He planned to speak to you about caution and sing to you a song that was initially banned in America: "They Don't Care About Us." He was murdered amid the 2009 H1N1 enforced vaccination debate. Read about the ban against his music video at this article:


U.S. Government Moves On Nationwide Adult Vaccination

The transnational pharmaceutical cartel will be positioning itself to profit handsomely if a federally-mandated adult immunization program becomes law. The proposed US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) policy will be implemented alongside the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act (ACA), thereby becoming a standard component of US national healthcare policy.

Published on February 6, 2015 amid the “measles outbreak” media frenzy, the HHS is accepting “public comment” on its Draft National Adult Immunization Plan (NAIP) until March 9, 2015. Under the NAIP, all adult American citizens WILL BE COMPELLED to receive current and retroactive vaccination regimens that may amount to several dozen “shots” per individual during their “catch-up” phase. Under the federally-mandated immunization schedule, children presently receive 49 vaccines before the age of six.

Read the entire article at the link below, in case "they" redirect the short url above.

HHS Invites Comments on Draft National Adult Immunization Plan

And there you have it, people. Americans can be conquered from within, all in the name of "protecting" you and yours. Can you finally see why a country that cuts every program that helps poor and middle class people, and delivers lousy health care to veterans and prisoners, was so dedicated to passing a national health care LAW?

If you have the means, this might be a good time to immigrate. The Holy Bible and current news seem to indicate that the Great Tribulation begins in the USA. "I love you back!"

"Open Mic Night - What's Your I.Q.?" a Blogtalkradio show recorded at

I Want To Be Free!

Will "they" let you see and hear the radio show on this page? It is called "Open Mic Night - What's Your I.Q.?" It seems the government believes Americans are stupid, especially Black people. I carefully separate all of my links from the words that precede or follow them. If agents run them together again, don't worry about it. ALL OF YOUR WORRIES MAY SOON BE OVER, ANYWAY. UNCLE SAM HAS A SHOT FOR THAT. 

Mary Neal's Google+ - - Follow me at Twitter @koffietime - - Current, urgent justice issues from a laywoman's viewpoint at my primary blog Full list of MaryLovesJustice blogs and radio broadcasts: email address: (I'm censored, but some emails reach my box). Try to phone me at 678.531.0262. If you receive no response within 48 hours, please email or call again.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

AIMI vs. USA International Court Action

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill ("AIMI") plans an action in International Court to (i) win restitution for victims of human trafficking - people who were denied psychiatric and/or drug and alcohol treatment in order to enrich prison investors, (ii) win restitution for victims of mentally ill people and drug/alcohol addicts who were denied treatment, and (iii) help decriminalize mental illness and drug/alcohol addictions in the USA by demanding punitive damages for the failure of the United States, a United Nations member state, to adhere to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Convention Against Torture, and other international laws, treaties, and conventions regarding human rights, particularly the rights of individuals with health disabilities. The action will be filed in 2015 by an International Human Rights Lawyer.

Please note that AIMI vs. USA will only sue for monetary damages, not for release of prisoners or policy changes. AIMI believes that if enough money is paid by the United States to persons whose human rights are or were violated, policy changes will be a natural consequence of the international exposure and financial loss resulting from this lawsuit. Claimants are encouraged to continue using regular legal channels to seek prisoners' releases and humane incarcerations. AIMI will sue for monetary compensation to our claimants for pain and suffering. Generally, persons who have already settled monetary claims for personal injuries and deaths will be ineligible as claimants for AIMI vs. USA, but feel free to apply.

Potential claimants are invited to phone conferences on the first Saturday and Sunday mornings of each month, using the telephone numbers listed below.

Conferences begin at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time. You can connect with the conferences at Blogtalkradio by calling (347)857-3293. You can also connect to the claimants' conferences using our FreeConferenceCall dial-in number (605)562-0020, Meeting I.D. Code: 992-212-650. If that fails, the backup number is (805)360-1075. Learn more about this international action to win restitution for Claimants and change for America. If you experience problems connecting, call and report problems to the director, Mary Neal, at (770)879.5163. (Please note that 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time is 10:00 a.m. Mountain, 11:00 a.m. Central, and 12 noon Eastern.)

Most of our claimants have a close relative or next friend who has experienced or is experiencing long-term homelessness, brutality by community members or police officers or jail and prison guards, prison torture (including long-term solitary confinement) or wrongful death, especially under the color of law. Other acts of discrimination will be considered, such as the government's neglect to provide timely, appropriate psychiatric services or adequate special education services, as well as housing discrimination.

Tapes are available for listening any time. "AIMI vs. USA" has had EIGHT claimants conferences. They are scheduled for the first Saturday and Sunday of each month. Thank you for sharing.

1. AIMI vs. USA Claimants Conference Nov 2

Claimants: Brenda Anderson, Fred Hayes, Olga Garcia, and Jillian 

2. AIMI vs. USA Claimants Conference Nov 1

3. Hear stories of some plaintiffs in "AIMI vs. USA" in International Court 2015 regarding denial of human and civil rights for the mentally ill - October 5, 2014

4.  Interview with Joanna re housing discrimination - October 4, 2014
Today's guest discussed her federal housing discrimination and alleges that she received retribution through the Social Security Admn. when she complained against HUD regarding her illegal eviction. Our AIMI vs. USA in International Court 2015 conference incurred interference at and was recorded at Blogtalkradio.

5.  My mother, Hattie Neal, joined AIMI vs. USA claimants, September 14, 2014
Hattie Neal, 91, asked the government to please tell her how Larry Neal was murdered after 18 days of secret arrest. She made this request during the last minutes of her interview on Human Rights Demand channel at Blogtalkradio on September 14, 2014.

6.  "AIMI vs. USA Plaintiffs Conference" September 13, 2014

7. and 8.  "AIMI vs. USA" Plaintiff Conferences September 6 and 7, 2014
Hear conference calls by computer rss at

Some participants experienced trouble connecting with "AIMI vs. USA" phone conferences in September. If the interference continues, we will seek assistance from the United Nations. People with mental illness and drug/alcohol addictions are worth a great deal of money to prison investors in government; therefore, "AIMI vs. USA" is greatly feared. Taxpayers are billed over $80 billion per year for America's prison expenditures, and more than half of the inmates are mentally ill people. Another reason for censorship that most "AIMI vs. USA" Claimants reveal crimes against humanity that happened or are still happening to Americans with mental disabilities, including prisoner torture and wrongful deaths. These revelations are embarrassing. 

If you have difficulty joining the phone conferences, please email Mary Neal at, and call (678)531.0262 or (571)335-1741. Title your email "AIMI vs. USA." You can also use the comment field of any article in 

"AIMI-HumanRights" blog at 
or Dog Justice for Mentally Ill blog at
Leave your email address and/or phone number, and AIMI contact you. 

Despite the illegal interference, this matter will go before to the International Court in 2015. Mentally ill people and drug/alcohol addicts who are poor or middle class deserve treatment, not torturous incarceration in long-term solitary confinement, denied visits and phone calls sometimes for years. We, the families and next friends of mentally ill people in the USA, will demand restitution for negligence, police brutality, prisoner torture, and wrongful deaths in the United Nations and request that body to mandate appropriate changes in the United States to respect the human rights of mentally ill persons, drug/alcohol dependent people, and their families. Up 100 families from both classes will be accepted. The closing date to enter "AIMI vs. USA" lawsuit in International Court will be in the summer of 2015, so please share this announcement. 

Change is happening. 

"Los Angeles to Offer Treatment Instead of Jail for Mentally Ill Offenders"

Thank you for participating and being a change-maker. If your church, temple, civic or social group is willing to help notify the public about this International Court legal action to compensate people who endure or have endured long-term homelessness, brutality under the color of law, and wrongful deaths, please contact Mary Neal for flyers to be distributed at your meetings, and please share the link at

Thank you for joining AIMI's fight to decriminalize mental illness in the 
United States of America.
Mary Neal, Director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill ("AIMI")
Phone: (678)531.0262 or (571)335-1741
Wrongful Death of Larry Neal 
MaryLovesJustice Articles and Radio Broadcasts
Mary Neal is also known as "MaryLovesJustice"

It would be illegal to keep a dog in a tight space 23 hours a day and gas or Taser him for barking. It would be illegal to put a dog in deadly restraint for control. That happens to mentally ill people routinely in the nation's correctional facilities. What happened to Larry Neal?

Mentally Ill Americans Need Dog Justice. Treat mental illness medically, not legally. Please advocate for your congresspersons to pass H.R.3717 - The "Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act." Try to elect people who support human rights and justice for all, not prison investors who have a conflict of interest in voting to decriminalize mental illness in the United States of America, an equal opportunity nation.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Rev. Edward Pinkney Status Update, Feb. 27

Rev. and Mrs. Edward Pinkney 

STATUS UPDATE -- Rev. Edward Pinkney appeared in Berrien County Courthouse regarding two motions today, February 27. A motion requesting re-sentencing was denied, and so was a motion by the ACLU requesting an appeal bond. On April 14, Berrien County Court will hear two more motions, which regard the tainted jury in Rev. Pinkney's trial. The public is invited.

2)  Ms. Dorothy Pinkney was disappointed that her husband was not released on the appeal bond today, and she said that Rev. Pinkney was, too. It seemed to her that the Court had already decided how it would rule today. Ms. Pinkney said the system in Berrien County is racist, but even knowing that, she had been so optimistic that justice would prevail that she had packed her husband some clothes to wear home from court. Ms. Pinkney said that she continues to rely on God for justice in this matter.

3)  The courtroom and the overflow room were filled with Rev. Pinkney's supporters today, although the court had unexpectedly switched the date of the hearing from February 24 to February 27. Ms. Pinkney thanks everybody who attended today's hearing and all of Rev. Pinkney's supporters who were unable to be there.

4)  A Rev. Pinkney Blogtalkradio show is planned for Sunday, March 1, at 5:00 p.m. EST. Rev. Pinkney plans to speak to you from the prison where he has been detained since December 2014 on election fraud charges regarding a petition to recall the mayor of Benton Harbor, Michigan.

5)  There is a call to boycott WHIRLPOOL, MAYTAG, AMANA, and KITCHEN AID products until Pinkney is out of jail and cleared of all charges.

6)  Conversing with Ms. Pinkney tonight reminded me of innumerable brave spouses and families who have supported their loved one's decision to go into battle through the years, whether in military conflicts or in the ongoing war for basic civil and human rights for Black people in America. May God continue to comfort and strengthen her and us all. The struggle continues.

7)  Rev. Edward Pinkney is founder and director of B.H. BANCO Org. Electronic contributions are accepted at the website:

8)  Contributions can also be mailed to:
Rev. Edward Pinkney
B.H. BANCO, Org.
1940 Union St.
Benton Harbor, MI 49022

9)  Please visit the Coordinating Committee for Rev. Pinkney

Go to "Info" tab at the website to get updates. Media reports are at the website that will explain Rev. Pinkney's wrongful incarceration.

10)  Former activist attorney Lynne Stewart said it helps prisoners substantially to receive mail. Please write to Rev. Pinkney at the prison address below:
Rev. Edward Pinkney
inmate no. 294671

Lakeland Prison
141 First St.
Coldwater, MI 49036

11)  Justice in America is gagged. If you find that one the six(6) url links in this blog is inactive, then please copy the inactive link and paste it into an empty email message field or a Word document in order to see the agents' spaces and codes. Be sure to remove a suffix the agents may have added after the "html" or whatever ended the link you copied. After removing codes and spaces, paste the link into a new search tab to reach the censored data. If you copy this article to share it, please ensure that there is a line break between the links and the words that come before or after them; otherwise, the links will become inactive. Learn more ways to work around Internet censorship by reading "Internet Censorship American Style by Mary Neal," in this blog. News by and about Rev. Pinkney is so censored that he was the first American to be ordered offline by a court of law.

Report by MaryLovesJustice 
Phone (678) 531.0262 or (571)335-1741
Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

"Human Rights Demand" Radio Station Manager

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

Dog Justice for Mentally Ill