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Bill Windsor Accused of Planning Murders; Trial April 8

Bill Windsor and Mary Neal

I am shocked. "Bill Windsor of Lawless America is preparing for trial on charges that he is a would-be Serial Killer. (Seven(7) links are in this article)

Bill Windsor has been accused of buying a gun to use on a group of people. There's also allegedly a judge in Santa Clara California saying Bill Windsor is a terrorist. We're not sure if these are connected.

Windsor's "trial" is set for 1 pm on April 8, 2013, in Lafayette Hall in Lexington, Missouri before Judge John Frerking." That is CoIntelPro in overdrive! Read the entire article at the link below.

Gee Whiz! Do you think people may be a tad upset about posts like the one below that Bill published? 

Elected officials who commit treason about as often as they breathe; judges who operate criminal racketeering enterprises; and the mainstream media that covers it all up.

My testimony to Bill Windsor certainly WAS about a major cover-up: The secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal and my family's denial of due process of law that followed. And people really do feel "terrorized" about my telling it. See my two Lawless America interviews at this article:
Can you imagine how terrorized officials and judges throughout the country feel with Bill Windsor collecting testimony such as mine from people all over America who have been robbed of lives, property, their children, and freedom? Bill Windsor is not contemplating serial killings. Their sins have found them out, just like God said. Now they want to arrest Bill. The U.S. Congress was given discs with filmed testimony from hundreds of whistleblowers in January 2013. Is this their response? Arrest the messenger?

I had not gone to the Lawless America website in a while. Stalkers would not let me complete my Lawless America profile page when I tried, and neither does the Facebook "Lawless America" wall appear on my view when I conduct a search at Facebook for it. My phone is controlled, and phone stalkers prevent my joining Bill on his regular Sunday conference calls at TalkShoe. Therefore, I did not know the system was in hot pursuit of Bill Windsor and fabricating MURDER PLANS he supposedly made. My goodness! Frankly, I think he should STOP gathering more testimony about what America has become and publish the documentary now. But Bill Windsor wants to give everyone an opportunity to testify, so he is going back on the road.

See the Lawless America van that didn't happen. Bill Windsor and Lawless America welcome contributions to a movement and a documentary movie that exposes and opposes corruption in the judiciary and government in America. Bill will film soon in these states: VA, DC, PA, NJ, NY, OH, TN, MO, KS, TX, MS, AL, and FL. 

I must keep in better contact with my dear friends in the struggle. Some of them might be political prisoners without my knowledge right now! Please pray for Bill Windsor and everyone who is treated wrongly, and send donations if you can. Honesty can be very costly. If you live near Lexington, Missouri, please go to Bill's trial on April 8. I have been so fascinated about Memphis, Tennessee's KKK rally and anti-rally today (March 30, 2013) that I have been remiss about other matters, especially since stalkers made it difficult for me to participate in Lawless America. I was supposed to be a scriptwriter for Bill, but "they" removed the scripts right off my computer!  Then Bill appointed me to be the Georgia coordinator, but my computer got destroyed and they blocked my participation in the TalkShoe conferences. Now I have a Google Chrome OS, and within weeks of my purchase, Google Chrome's operating system was hacked and partly taken down (not just my computer - Google itself)!

There is a much easier way to live than this, judges and government officials. You do not have to live in terror of the truth surfacing, and you must know that arresting Bill would not really relieve you of that. This is Easter weekend, and Jesus stands ready to forgive you for all your sins and accept you into His kingdom. God allowed His Son to die for us to have that opportunity, and we must all take advantage of His precious gift. You must apologize to people you offended and confess your sins. 

Easter Lilies for You!

Many of you may have to resign once the truth is known, and some of you would be eligible for arrest for your racketeering and treachery. But, "what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?" Please don't compound your offenses by falsely accusing Bill Windsor or sending wicked people to harm him. Someone else would only take up where Bill left off and continue his work, and you will have conspired against him for naught. "There is a way that seems right unto man, but the end thereof is death."

Decision makers, we have ALL sinned and come short of the glory of God. But praise be to God, we don't have to continue on that path. We can Change, repent, and be accepted into God's kingdom. He will protect you and provide for you. Have faith in God. It must be horrible to be terrified about the truth coming out year after year. You must be desperate, like King Herod was when he believed Jesus would dethrone him. He sent assassins after Jesus when my Lord was just a babe. But Jesus did not come to condemn the world, but to reconcile fallen man to Creator God. Next time, Jesus will come to destroy the works of Satan. Please repent and be saved. Do not compound your sin by plotting against Bill Windsor, and do not entertain thoughts of suicide to avoid exposure. Come to Jesus. "As for God, His way is perfect." Learn more about Him and His love for you at this article: "Royal Celebration"

Thanks to what Jesus did on the first Easter, you're invited! "Though your sins be as scarlet, Jesus will make them white as snow."

Learn more at Lawless America website

Bill Windsor accused of being a would-be serial killer

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Stalkers would not allow the long link to shorten at first, which may indicate it had been "redirected" like SOPA provided: Internet censorship. Just go to the Lawless America website if they attack the links above.

Blessings from Mary Neal, a daughter of the Host for the Royal Celebration and Christian human rights advocate working to give Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
God loves you, and I do, too. Seven(7) links are in this article. Do not embarrass yourselves further by removing or redirecting them. Forsake sin, and live for the Lord.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Lorenzo Ervin vs. Memphis Police and KKK

Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, Freedom Fighter - 

UPDATE from Bro. Ervin March 29, 2013:  New Assembly Point for Memphis Anti-Klan March 
Due to the police security zone, we will assemble at 12 noon [on March 30] in Court Center Square (between Madison and Jefferson) in downtown Memphis. Spread the word. Email if more information is needed.

Memphis will host its KKK rally on March 30. The Klan will rally to protest a park's name change. The park was previously named for the first grand wizard of the KKK - Nathan Bedford Forrest. He was a Confederate general in the Civil War whose troops massacred hundreds of slaves. Forrest Park was renamed "Health Sciences Park." The city where police officers kill an average of one black citizen per month is accused of trying to stop any anti-Klan protest by arresting Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, vice-chair of the Memphis Black Autonomy Federation. A call for help and more information are below and in the eleven(11) links in this article.

A brief biography for Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, former Black Panther Party member and internationally known freedom fighter, is available in BuggStories blog at the link below. The article gives information on the criminal charges lodged 12 years ago that gave rise to the fugitive warrant that may be used to punish Ervin for organizing people against police violence in Memphis and for planning the anti-Klan rally for March 30.

Memphis is the city where my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal, was secretly arrested (kidnapped) and held for 18 days in Shelby County Jail while police denied to his family and social worker that he was incarcerated. On August 1, 2003, police announced that Larry had been incarcerated throughout the time that his family and social worker searched for him as a missing person, and that Larry had just died in custody. They refused to say under what circumstances Larry died. Officials eventually returned Larry's naked body without any explanation, excuse, inquest, investigation, and with all requests for records and accountability DENIED by both the murderous jail and the United States Department of Justice, which was in oversight of the jail after a lawsuit by the USA regarding inmate abuse. Larry's survivors have been stalked, financially persecuted, and censored for nearly 10 years because we continue to ask "What happened to Larry Neal?" Such racism is why the KKK is welcome to rally in Memphis, a so-called "chocolate city," while people who plan an anti-rally are not.

A political prisoner is defined as being "a person who has been imprisoned for holding or advocating dissenting political views." It is traditional in America, like many totalitarian countries, to use imprisonment to punish people for exposing and opposing injustice. Numerous political prisoners who were incarcerated during the civil rights era are still behind bars, and new freedom fighters have followed. Another tactic is assassination of perceived leaders, as happened to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who was murdered in Memphis in 1968. The happenings in Memphis today will demonstrate to the country and the world how little things have Changed, even with a significant number of blacks in government, including the President and U.S. Attorney General. I wrote a poem about that called "Mass Hypnosis."

Mass Hypnosis

This is how we'll win the game
Let just a few live the dream
Marches, sit-ins all in vain
Make 'em think they overcame

Show 'em an empty Jim Crowe grave
Apologize for making 'em slaves
Rising tempers, we must tame
Make 'em think they overcame.

Let a few experience success
Toms come aboard and control the rest
Millions will be left in pain
But they'll think they overcame.
(All rights reserved by Mary Neal, 11/13/10) 

Below is a call for assistance from Black Autonomy Federation's leaders, Lorenzo and JoNina Ervin:


About 30 minutes ago [around noon on March 22, 2013], one officer from the Memphis Police Department knocked on our front door. We did not open the door nor talk to him. He left after we did not respond.

We think this cop may have come to arrest Lorenzo in connection with the warrant issued by the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department in Chattanooga for the unpaid court fees and fines for his 2001
misdemeanor conviction. Lorenzo and two other black activists were convicted for disrupting a meeting of the Chattanooga City Council in 1998, where they had gone to protest against police brutality.

This harassment is coming now in order to disrupt the Anti-Klan Protest on March 30 that the Memphis Black Autonomy Federation initiated, with the creation of the Ida B. Wells Coalition Against Racism and Police Brutality.The mayor and the police think that if they arrest Lorenzo, that will stop the protest. It will not.

Here 's what you can do to help. Complain to the police and the mayor about our harassment:

1. Call Memphis Police Department Director Toney Armstrong at (901)636-3700.
2, Email your complaint to the police at
3. Call Memphis Mayor A C Wharton, (901)636-6000.
4. Email your complaint to Wharton at

Love and struggle,
JoNina and Lorenzo Ervin
Acting Chair and Acting Vice Chair (respectively)
Memphis Black Autonomy Federation
One can tweet the Memphis Police Department at @mpdMemphis. They have not tweeted since 2009, but the Twitter account is open at .

Additional articles in the Memphis Klan rally series include:

3. Retribution Against Memphis Black Autonomy Network's Co-Chair, Lorenzo Ervin

4. Black Genocide - Maafa21

Published by Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill and Dog Justice for Mentally Ill A call for help for persecuted freedom fighters and more information about the justice quest are in the eleven(11) links in this article.)

Repeat of paragraph 1: Memphis will host its KKK rally on March 30. The Klan will rally to protest a park's name change. The park was previously named for the first grand wizard of the KKK - Nathan Bedford Forrest. He was a Confederate general in the Civil War whose troops massacred hundreds of slaves. Forrest Park was renamed "Health Sciences Park." The city where police officers kill an average of one black citizen per month is accused of trying to stop any anti-Klan protest by arresting Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, vice-chair of the Memphis Black Autonomy Federation. A call for help and more information are below and in the eleven(11) links in this article.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Exposed: Highlights for March 2013 - Black Genocide - Maafa21

A president and other elected and appointed officials and respected heads of major corporations speak about the need to prevent Blacks from reproducing, giving birth to more "imbeciles," on Maafa21, a movie about Black Genocide. Mass incarceration, enforced sterilization, abortions, and even murders (such as the Wrongful Death of Larry Neal and other black men) are/were done to continue this agenda. See the article and movie at the link below 
Exposed: Black Genocide - Maafa21
One speaker on the movie said that if blacks continue to press for equality, the answer will be outright genocide.

Africans in America are conditioned to believe ourselves to be full citizens, as systemic racism is an unpopular concept and could give rise to civil unrest. Therefore, civil and criminal courts give the semblance of justice while denying it to minorities and poor whites on a usual and ordinary basis. With the death of Johnnie Cochran, his name and legacy came to be misused for this purpose. Randy McMurray, Esq., a former partner of Johnnie Cochran in his Los Angeles office, reveals what he calls the firm's "RICO ACT RACKETEERING." Defrauding clients and the public is an offense The Cochran Firm commits regularly. McMurray and other former Cochran Firm lawyers denounce the law firm's many frauds at this link 
Randy McMurray, Esq: "The Cochran Firm Racketeers!"

Join us at the Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Show on Sundays at 5pm ET by calling 347.994.3644 or online
Elaine Riddick, who was forcibly sterilized at age 14, was a guest on Rev. Pinkney's Blogtalkradio show March 10, 2013. The show featured an interview with Elaine Riddick, targeted individuals of various races, a commentary by Dr. Randy Short, an update on political prisoner Lynne Stewart and commentary by Ralph Poynter, and insight on why Rev. Pinkney and others plan a protest against the NAACP in Washington, D.C. on April 3 and at the NAACP Headquarters in Baltimore on April 4. The show is available at any time at the link above.

Exposing and opposing evil is a commandment from God. The Word says,
"Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction. Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy." ~Proverbs 31:8-9

Friday, March 1, 2013

Randy McMurray, Esq: "The Cochran Firm Racketeers!"

RANDY McMURRAY, ESQ, has a new label for The Cochran Firm's attorneys. I call them "The Cochran Firm Frauds," but he calls them "Cochran Firm Racketeers," and he has plenty of evidence. McMurray is a former partner in the Los Angeles office of The Cochran Firm, who worked with attorneys Brian Dunn and possibly with Daniel H. Cargnelutti. He is suing the fraudulent, unethical, evil, sex crazed lawyers at The Cochran Firm for RICO Act racketeering. Listen to McMurray on the Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Show February 17, 2013

McMurray says he was defrauded, also, as well as the firm's clients across the country. Numerous former Cochran Firm associates and partners complained and some sued over the years to get remedy for The Cochran Firm fraud - the honest ones, usually. The Cochran Firm seemingly has no use for ethical attorneys.

Shawn Chapman Holley, Esq. exposes The Cochran Firm fraud against its own clients and attorneys to NPR

Vickie Gilliam, Esq. spoke about the Ramapough People's case to Terry Lowry in during a two-part interview (two(2) links):

Vicki Gilliam interview Part I

Vicki Gilliam interview Part II

It is a shame how The Cochran Firm ran over the Indigenous People to save Ford and the EPA. They got rid of Gilliam first - took her off the case that was worth between $2 billion and $3 billion, then settled for only $12.5 million! Poor Mr. Mann and his People.

Thank you to all activists and grassroots organizations that helped us to warn some of the people by sharing my articles and tweets about The Cochran Firm fraud, discussing them with friends, and inviting me to speak on your radio and television shows. We are also grateful to Press TV and the "Lawless America - the Movie" producer, Bill Windsor. A special request for abolitionists:

PLEASE don't let The Cochran Firm handle any death penalty cases! According to Shawn Chapman Holley, Johnnie Cochran did not want the firm to do any criminal defense work at all. He probably suspected (or knew) that his new partners are prison investors. Prisons earn much more for warehousing condemned inmates than inmates in the general population, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.

THE COCHRAN FIRM apparently defrauds other law firms as well as its clients and some of its own partners. See an excerpt of an article in New York Law Journal:

October 29, 2012 -- Two prominent civil rights firms in New York are accused by a three-lawyer Washington, D.C. firm of cheating it out of a significant fee as part of a $3.75million settlement in a wrongful death case. Catalano & Plache claims that [Cochran] Neufeld Scheck & Brustin and Emery Celli Brinckerhoff & Abady submitted court documents on settlement terms without naming Catalano as a participating firm.

"The defendants engaged in a pattern of conduct to defraud and deceive plaintiff," Catalano argues in the Manhattan Supreme Court suit, Law Offices of Catalano & Plache v. Brustin, 157248/2012. "Defendants are scheming and attempting to avoid their legal, moral and ethical obligations."

We should ALL file a RICO Act racketeering lawsuit against the identity-challenged, absent-minded lawyers. They OFTEN forget who they are working for on civil cases - the plaintiffs or the defendants. They forget which cities they "operate" in and swear in court, "We are in no way affiliated with The Cochran Firm or any Cochran Firm offices." The Atlanta office lied in court, saying "We are a wholly owned Georgia corporation," and "We have no affiliation with any law offices whatsoever in Memphis, TN." Judges help them get away with perjury, too, or they simply refuse to hear the case against the frauds. That happened during a class action for race discrimination in California. Clients claimed The Cochran Firm FORGED THEIR NAMES ON A BOGUS SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT FOR A MINISCULE SUM, but California Supreme Court shrugged.

The Cochran Firm lawyers sometimes use an alias name in court to defend the firm against fraud lawsuits, like Hezekiah Sistrunk, Esq. did. He is the managing partner in the firm's Atlanta office, which is prolifically advertised at 127 Peachtree Street. But its very existence is denied in court in order to falsely claim that the Neal's lawsuit was not served to the "right" party. The Atlanta office came up with a sham name it called a PC, but that alias was never registered with the Georgia Secretary of State as a corporation, PC, LLC, dba, or anything else. See a list in the article at the link below containing names of more people who sued The Cochran Firm for defrauding them. Most of the lawyers' frauds seem to be done to protect their clients' defendants.

BEWARE of treacherous lawyers: The Cochran Firm Fraud.
McMurray Exposes Racketeering!

While The Cochran Firm defrauds its attorneys and law firms it partnered with as well as its own clients, poor Lynne Stewart was disbarred, prosecuted, and imprisoned for carrying a letter to the press for her client. The human rights attorney is 72 now, and wrestling with cancer in prison where she has been for years. God is going to have a word or two for our judges one day soon. Visit and write Lynne Stewart at

We seem to need courageous attorneys like Spire Law Group, Juan Guerra, or Alton Maddox at times like these. Maddox admired Johnnie Cochran and probably hates what the prejudice Alabama partners are doing to his name and legacy. Maddox is a civil/human rights attorney, also. He was prohibited from practicing law in any New York court after he missed a single court hearing. "Disparate sentencing" applies to attorneys, too, depending on who they represent and how well they do it.

I had hoped that my family's justice quest regarding Larry Neal's lynching and my terrorism following The Cochran Firm fraud would end on a quietly victorious note. But after viewing a movie called "Maafa21," which is available in the next article in FreeSpeakBlog, I recognize that elitists probably would not allow The Cochran Firm to pay damages and apologize for covering up my disabled brother's murder while under secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail if the firm wanted to do so. None of them in that "eugenics/ genocide club" think it is necessary to treat Africans in America like real people. They believe us to be "imbeciles" and "useless eaters" and "the Negro problem" since slavery was declared illegal except for convicts, which is why America has the highest prison population in the history of the world. Upholding human and civil rights is not a popular idea in Washington at this time, either. Access the article and full-length movie about the eugenics/genocide program are available at "BLACK GENOCIDE Maafa21" at the link:

McMurray's documentary proof (if you need more) that The Cochran Firm engages in deliberately false or misleading advertising and does shoddy legal work that rises to the level of RICO racketeering will be published in a subsequent article. After that, please look for "Cochran Firm Fraud" wherever you buy books.

(Eight(8) links are in this article - at least they were when I finished. I had to open and repair damages in this article frequently at MaryLovesJustice blog, because cyberstalkers did not intend for my readers to hear interviews by two other attorneys - Shawn Chapman Holley and Vickie Gilliam, regarding previous frauds by The Cochran Firm racketeers.

Preventing justice for Africans in America is a part of the Black Genocide program, which sterilized tens of thousands of blacks in the 1960s and continues to abort millions of black children. Murders of black people by police and mass incarceration of blacks during their childbearing years are also part of "ethnic cleansing." See the next article in FreeSpeakBlog, "Black Genocide - Maafa21."

If you have been victimized by The Cochran Firm frauds, let us hear from you. Racketeering is unlawful.

Mary Neal 658.531.0262
Website: Wrongful Death of Larry Neal
(See evidence under the "Documents" tab at the website link above)