Saturday, April 30, 2011

Johnnie Cochran's Cointelpro Murder Theory

This article contains 60 numbered paragraphs, 41 links, 1 embedded video. Be sure to hear the NPR interview with former Cochran Firm lawyer Shawn Chapman-Holley at link 13, under Paragraph 50. I often list contents because hackers can render parts of blogs invisible and still may do so even with the numbers. A 2013 update is at paragraphs 52-55, which was added after Edward Snowden revealed that CoIntelPro simply changed names. We now have the National Security Agency (NSA).

PARAGRAPH 1 ---  Sometimes, I publish articles before finishing them because of CoIntelPro interference. About a month after publishing a draft of this article, I felt that it was ready for reading by Geronimo Ji Jaga (Pratt). I began using my CoIntelPro-controlled phone and computer to try and reach Ji Jaga to get his opinion, but he immediately died. In fact, ji Jaga died just days after I spoke with Attorney Hanson about Cochran's CoIntelPro murder theory on my CoIntelPro-controlled telephone. My computer is continuously attacked by hackers, and my phones cannot accept calls except those placed by close family members and people on my "saved" list. Atlanta police officers threatened me Tasering and arrest for revealing the facts in this article to people in person, so the system is very concerned about your access to this information.  In April 2011, I browsed the Internet to see if other people believe Johnnie Cochran was murdered, as I strongly suspect, and I found an interesting article by Alton Maddox, Esq. entitled "What You Need to Know About Johnnie Cochran." I learned that Dick Gregory and Maddox seem to share my belief that Cochran's life was shortened because he was an activist lawyer. Maddox's law license was apparently suspended in New York for the same reason.

PARAGRAPH 2 --- Some of the following information is republished from "Mary Neal's Black History Month 2011" at HubPages. “COINTELPRO (an acronym for Counter Intelligence Program) was/is a series of covert, and often illegal, projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic political organizations. COINTELPRO tactics included discrediting targets through psychological warfare, planting false reports in the media, smearing through forged letters, harassment, wrongful imprisonment, extralegal violence and assassination.

PARAGRAPH 3 --- Covert operations under COINTELPRO took place between 1956 and 1971; however, the FBI has used covert operations against targeted individuals and domestic political groups since its inception. The FBI's stated motivation at the time was ‘protecting national security, preventing violence, and maintaining the existing social and political order.’” (Wikipedia and other sources.) The "social order" was and still is dominance by white elitists with a Nazist manifesto. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and many people who protested the Viet Nam War and systemic racism were targeted by COINTELPRO, especially members of the Black Panther Party. Most of COINTELPRO's budget went to suppressing African Americans' quest for civil and human rights.  One of the FBI program's main goals was to "prevent the rise of a black Messiah," but whites and Jews were punished and some died for protesting racism and war, also. Consider the Kent State massacre on May 4, 1970.

PARAGRAPH 4 --- Johnnie Cochran was one of the world's most successful and celebrated attorneys. He helped exonerate numerous defendants and won significant victories in civil court for victimized minority clients, including police victims' survivors. As Johnnie Cochran's popularity grew, he manifested signs of being a “black Messiah.” Cochran died of an inoperable brain tumor on May 28, 2005. Tumors are induced in lab rats for medical research and can also conceivably be induced in humans. Cochran apparently angered the FBI when he defended the former minister of defense for the Black Panther Party, Geronimo ji-Jaga (formerly "Elmer Gerard Pratt"). Cochran said that helping to exonerate Pratt was the most satisfying achievement of his career. And he had bigger plans. In 2002, Cochran announced plans to gather a "dream team" of lawyers to sue the United States and major corporations for slavery and Jim Crow reparations. Major corporations used leased slaves and participated in systemic racism. Below are seven (7) of Cochran’s accomplishments (or offenses, depending on one’s perspective) during his final years:

PARAGRAPH 5 --- a. Cochran distinguished himself as a civil rights attorney, beginning with a well-publicized civil action case in 1966. From that time, the attorney's reputation as a "people's lawyer" grew. In 1995, Cochran led the defense team that exonerated O.J. Simpson;

PARAGRAPH 6 --- b. Cochran won numerous other high-profile criminal and civil cases, usually defending blacks, stared in a popular televised justice show; did cameo roles in movies, and became the lawyer of choice for elite blacks as well as the “common man,” especially clients seeking restitution after police violence;

PARAGRAPH 7 ---  c. Cochran was on the defense team that exonerated "Geronimo" Pratt in May 1997 after the wrongly convicted man spent 27 years in prison for a murder he did not do, the first eight in torturous solitary confinement. Defense lawyers subpoenaed and received records regarding the covert FBI COINTELPRO program, which was responsible for Pratt’s wrongful conviction. Although the records Pratt’s lawyers received were heavily redacted, there was enough negative information about unethical and illegal actions to prompt a Congressional investigation, and the COINTELPRO program was officially terminated. In 2000, Pratt won a $4.5 million settlement for his wrongful conviction.

PARAGRAPH 8 --- d.  Cochran signed a partnership agreement with Southern white attorneys with the vision of taking The Cochran Firm nationwide. Cochran stipulated that The Cochran Firm would dispense with criminal defense and only accept clients in civil action cases, according to Shawn Chapman Holley, a former Cochran Firm attorney who worked with Cochran for 17 years but was among the lawyers who were forced out of the firm after his death (Google “Controversy at The Cochran Firm” and hear her NPR interview, or access the link below). Some former attorneys of The Cochran Firm sued new owners for fraud and race discrimination, including Chapman-Holley.

PARAGRAPH 9 --- e.  In 2002, Cochran announced that he and others were organizing a Reparations Dream Team to seek restitution for descendants of African slaves in America.

PARAGRAPH 10 --- f.  In 2003, Cochran joined the Tulsa Reparations Council’s legal team pro bono to file suit for the 1921 Tulsa Race Riots. He saw that case as a step toward suing the U.S. Government and corporations that used slave labor.

PARAGRAPH 11 --- g. In 2005, Cochran died, and most of his original lawyers in the California office and the staff were reportedly terminated or forced out of the firm.

PARAGRAPH 12 --- Johnnie Cochran felt compelled to correct injustices, and that may have caused his death. "We have an obligation to fight hard and leave no stone unturned to find justice," Cochran said. "It's been too long coming, so we must act urgently."


PARAGRAPH 14 --- THE COCHRAN FIRM'S NEW AGENDA  - With the death of Johnnie Cochran, his Southern white partners began to fulfill one of CoIntelPro's mandates. The Cochran Firm seems intent on keeping wealth out of African Americans' hands in order to "maintain the existing social order." The Cochran Firm has been sued repeatedly since 2005 by its former attorneys and clients throughout America who allege fraud, malpractice and racism against the firm; however, there is a determination to keep these lawsuits out of mainstream news reports and consumer protection reports, and to withhold censure of the unethical law firm by state bar associations no matter what The Cochran Firm does. This is grossly unfair to African American legal consumers in particular, but The Cochran Firm saves major corporations and municipalities billions of dollars some years by defrauding its minority clients. See a list of lawsuits and allegations in an article entitled "Beware of Treacherous Lawyers: The Cochran Firm"

PARAGRAPH 15 --- Young men close to Johnnie Cochran and Geronimo Ji Jaga (Pratt) were killed in two unsolved murders. Johnnie Cochran's 16-year-old nephew, Anthony Caldwell, was fatally shot as he rode his bike with a friend in December 2001. On September 13, 1996, Tupac Shakur, godson of Johnnie Cochran's client Ji Jaga, also died of gunshot wounds. Johnnie Cochran's brother was also murdered. Johnnie, himself, became gravely ill and died shortly after he announced his intention to sue for reparations and partnered with unethical Southern white attorneys, maybe to raise money for the lawsuit. Cochran's fatal illness and death cleared the way for his name and legacy to be misused to defraud minorities in law offices that opened throughout the nation, some without any lawyers whatsoever. The main function of The Cochran Firm now seems to be to accomplish three main objectives:
1) soothe victims or their survivors and minority communities to forestall riots after police violence;
2) gather information under the client/attorney privilege; and
3) reduce or eliminate payouts to the firm's clients in certain cases to protect government entities and some large corporations while giving the semblance of justice.

PARAGRAPH 16 --- Of course, my family did not know The Cochran Firm had new goals when we were induced to contract with the racist firm following my handicapped brother's kidnapping and murder while under secret arrest in Memphis, and neither do other hapless victims know what they should about The Cochran Firm. From the amount of censorship this writer faces, the new modus operandi of The Cochran Firm is intended to remain secret forever. Because I make online reports, I have also become a CoIntelPro target. My computer usage is curtailed by paid hackers; I am followed by several people, one of whom admitted he was paid well to follow me, and police refuse to investigate the crimes. Our phone is on lock-down, restricted to receiving calls from close family and friends. That is apparently done to prevent me from communicating with attorneys, human and civil rights activists, and potential employers as well as to keep certain information from being widely known. We live like prisoners in this "democratic" nation to hide my brother's lynching and The Cochran Firm CoIntelPro fraud against minorities. My censorship also impedes reports about other crimes against humanity in the USA.

PARAGRAPH 17 --- If Senate Bill 968 passes, the United States Justice Department becomes America's Internet police. The government will be allowed to redirect links, control our browsers, and remove targeted websites. That will enable the government to secretly arrest and murder more Americans without worrying about their relatives using the Internet to report the crimes like Mary Neal has done for six years regarding Larry Neal's murder cover-up. Internet links to YouTube videos that captured police violence like the shooting death of Oscar Grant by B.A.R.T. police on January 1, 2009 may no longer be online. [Internet censorship bills are continuously before Congress, and the worst one yet may be the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), which may bypass Congress.]

PARAGRAPH 18 --- As I used my computer to alert America to the latest threat to net freedom (S.968), all my blogs disappeared from three different Blogger accounts, but Google, a free speech champion, managed to get them back online within hours. Roughly 11,000 of my tweets for human rights and justice for The Cochran Firm fraud disappeared from my Twitter account in December 2010, I am grateful that Twitter reinstated them months later. If Senate Bill 968 passes, all websites and blogs that offend the Justice Department by carrying censored news may be deleted in one day.

PARAGRAPH 19 --- Johnnie Cochran's successes and numerous victories by other attorneys made blacks feel that our justice quests might be handled more fairly in courts across the nation. Rioting after abuses of power stopped when minorities came to believe that America was closer to being a place of justice for all, which saved lives and property. Fairness also helps honest police officers have a less volatile work environment and more cooperation and respect from people in the communities they serve. But things have changed. When clients take cases to The Cochran Firm, the lawyers sometimes do what was done to my family. After clients sign contract, the Cochran Firm holds certain cases secretly inactive while the statute of limitations runs. The firm may also send lying status reports to defrauded clients through U.S. Mail fraud, which was done to the Neals. See our "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal" website. See other ways The Cochran Firm tricked its clients in the article, "Beware of Treacherous Lawyers - The Cochran Firm."

PARAGRAPH 20 --- Reference links appear at the end of this article. "They" removed my capacity to have links to open in a new window years ago, which might interfere with your ability to return to the article. The back arrow should work, but one cannot be sure.

PARAGRAPH 21 --- The Cochran Firm contracted to represent my family as wrongful death attorneys immediately after my handicapped brother's lynching in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003, but devious attorneys hid a serious conflict of interest then worked for jail behind our backs. Since The Cochran Firm was "handling" Larry's family, the United States Department of Justice allowed Memphis Shelby County Jail to file fraudulent reports in United States District Court that omitted the mentally, physically handicapped black man's murder, thus becoming an accessory to Larry's murder after the fact. Super lawyer David McLaughlin wrote my mother and me (through U.S. Mail fraud) about a vigorous discovery process being underway while the Tennessee statute of limitations passed and no legal work whatsoever was actually being done.

PARAGRAPH 22 --- Because The Cochran Firm defrauded my family in order to protect the jail and State of Tennessee, Larry Neal's wrongful death and negligence lawsuits were never filed. The Cochran Firm's fraud protected the injustice system regarding Larry's lynching, and the injustice system reciprocated when my family sued The Cochran Firm for its fraud in 2005. Georgia Superior Court Judge Wendy Shoob dismissed our lawsuit against The Cochran Firm, which was served to The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office. She concurred with a false claim that our complaint was served wrong, alleging that there is no Cochran Firm office in Georgia. People marvel at that lie when they learn the court signed an order ruling the most famous plaintiffs law firm in Georgia nonexistent.

PARAGRAPH 23 --- When we sued The Cochran Firm in federal court in 2007 under the diversity rule (requiring that plaintiffs and defendants not reside within the same state), Judge Timothy Batten ruled it was "immaterial" that The Cochran Firm defrauded my family to protect Shelby County Jail regarding Larry Neal's murder while secretly incarcerated. A week after the unjust ruling in United States District Court, Hezekiah Sistrunk, managing partner of The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office, published a YouTube commercial advertising legal services at the court-declared "nonexistent" Atlanta office of The Cochran Firm. The United States Department of Justice refuses to investigate Larry's murder or release records regarding his fatal arrest, although the Department of Justice was already in direct overview of the jail following a lawsuit against it by the USA. Lynching black men is still an allowed sport in America, even under the present administration.

PARAGRAPH 24 --- In addition to withholding legal work to allow the statute of limitations to pass, corrupt plaintiffs attorneys can also mislead their clients to settle civil action cases for substantially less than the value of their claims. I believe this trick was played on the Ramapough People, a tribe of Native Americans who looked black, as well as the survivors of Kathryn Johnston, the 92-year-old Atlanta police murder victim. Johnston was murdered in the world's worst no-knock warrant case in 2006. Her death occurred just six months after Georgia Superior Court pronounced The Cochran Firm nonexistent in Georgia. Being pronounced "nonexistent" did not deter The Cochran Firm from running to the police department's rescue when the elderly black woman was killed. The Cochran Firm supposedly filed a lawsuit on behalf of Johnston's survivors demanding $18million, then settled with the City of Atlanta in August 2010 for only $4.9million. However, neither Georgia Superior Court nor State Court in Fulton County, Georgia had any record of the lawsuit having been filed when clerks checked the courts' records after the lawsuit was settled. Furthermore, the devious lawyers did not try Johnston's wrongful death case before a jury, which would undoubtedly have awarded the full amount of the demand or more.

PARAGRAPH 25 --- Adding insult to injury, the Complaint The Cochran Firm placed on record for Johnston's wrongful death puts forth the already debunked police excuse that an informant reported buying drugs from Johnston's home. Using the victim's Complaint to try and excuse Johnston's murder by police was particularly vile. From the date the media announced that The Cochran Firm contracted to represent Johnston's survivors, I knew that family would be defrauded to help the City of Atlanta save money like my family and others have been. Coincidentally (or not), Judge Marvin Shoob presided over that case in federal court after it was reportedly removed to USDC from State Court. He just happens to be the father of Judge Wendy Shoob, who pronounced The Cochran Firm nonexistent in Georgia six months before Johnston's murder. You could have seen numerous articles I wrote to try to warn Johnston's survivors what they faced by Googling "Mary Neal Kathryn Johnston," but the Examiner merged with, and my articles were taken offline.

PARAGRAPH 26 --- In 2009, three of the officers in Johnston's home invasion and shooting death were sentenced to prison for her murder, but Johnston's family's lawsuit was still not settled. I became increasingly alarmed about justice for that family. Although I am followed and threatened when I leave home, in June 2010, I went downtown Atlanta to protest Larry's murder, my family's injustice, and the fact that Johnston's family's justice quest was on hold. Atlanta police threatened to Taser and arrest me when I stood outside the court-declared "nonexistent" Cochran Firm office and told people about The Cochran Firm fraud and askedfor fairness for Kathryn Johnston's family. The officers said I have no free speech rights in Atlanta, Georgia, where a Kaseem Reed, a black man, is mayor, and where John Lewis, a former civil rights advocate who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is congressman. Many black leaders were more interested in uplifting the "downtrodden" when that term applied to themselves and their families. Now families of lynched black men are threatened, censored, and stalked but denied police services in municipalities where blacks are elected officials, in a country where a black man is Attorney General.

PARAGRAPH 27 --- Unfortunately, The Cochran Firm now represents clients in criminal cases, which Chapman-Holley reports is contrary to the partners' agreement with Johnnie Cochran. Hopefully, the lawyers do not do like certain Pennsylvania judges who arranged with private prisons to railroad juveniles into incarceration for $2.6 million in kickbacks that one judge called "finder's fees." People resent my reporting these unethical, criminal activities to the public, so I live under threat. Read more and access videos and articles exposing THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD in the blog by that name at . See my videos on YouTube: Cochran Firm Fraud 1 and 2 and The Cochran Firm's YouTube video advertising its Atlanta law office which appeared online days after the United States District Court ruled that the firm's fraud against my family was "immaterial" and dismissed our lawsuit that was filed under the diversity rule based on The Cochran Firm's perjurous representation that the firm has absolutely no law offices within the State of Georgia.

PARAGRAPH 28 --- PUNISHING "PEOPLE'S" LAWYERS ~ Former Cochran Firm attorney Shawn Chapman Holley's statement during her NPR interview that none of Johnnie's original lawyers are with The Cochran Firm's Los Angeles office any longer was confirmed during a phone conversation I was honored to have with Attorney Stuart Hanlon, who worked with Cochran on the Geronimo Ji-Jaga (Pratt) defense team. According to Holley, Johnnie Cochran's attorneys were forced out of the firm after he died, which death happened soon after he partnered with the people who I KNOW to be white supremacists, New World Order enthusiasts and black Confederate soldiers.

PARAGRAPH 29 --- Did Cochran die of natural causes? Regarding Johnnie Cochran, Alton Maddox wrote: "When a lawyer simply sits at the defense table and another black man is acquitted, that is too much power for any lawyer to enjoy."

PARAGRAPH 30 --- Before turning The Cochran Firm into a COINTELPRO operation, Johnnie Cochran and his civil rights team of attorneys had to go. Then blatant abuses began that the lawyers and courts and government officials apparently expected to hide forever by censoring and terrorizing people who attempt to expose the program. It is obvious The Cochran Firm is exempt from obeying the Rules of Professional Conduct that govern attorneys by my evidence that it enters into contracts with the intent of working against its own clients. Lawyers who defraud their clients reduce their own income by millions per case. Obviously, someone else is paying them even when they 'lose' cases, probably taxpayers.

PARAGRAPH 31 --- On television shows, undercover police officers get arrested right along with the people they have been surveilling in order to keep their "cover." The Cochran Firm errors by engaging in blatantly unethical and criminal conduct that is allowed by courts while clients' complaints are ignored by State Bars and the Better Business Bureau. The federal government and Cochran Firm attorneys may blame me for revealing who they are, but the truth is The Cochran Firm blew its own cover when it actually had a court deny the firm's existence in Georgia while its prolific advertising for the firm's Atlanta office continued and the firm never stopped conducting business under that identity. Complaints about the apparent false advertising or perjury in court are ignored by the FTC, FCC, and other consumer protection agencies, and the media refuses to report anything about the matter. It makes the mistake of receiving awards by legal agencies, also. Certainly no real "people's lawyers" would be allowed to violate the Rules of Professional Conduct under a cloak of secrecy while receiving awards from Caucasians, especially not lawyers who really uphold civil and human rights for minorities in America. Note that famous African Americans and businesses they head are scandalized throughout the world whenever they get sued, well before the lawsuits go to court.

PARAGRAPH 32 --- Compare the injustice system's tolerance for The Cochran Firm fraud to the punishment delved out to three "people's lawyers" discussed below: Alton Maddox, Lynne Stewart, and Juan Guerra. New York lawyer Maddox was suspended indefinitely for missing a court date. Stewart was disbarred and sentenced to over 10 years in prison for zealously defending a client and for perjury allegations she denies (and almost died of cancer in a Texas prison). Juan Guerra was also charged with criminal offenses that he denies after he prosecuted high-ranking politicians accused of prisoner abuse. The charges caused Guerra to lose his position as prosecuting attorney in Willacy County, Texas. See a brief summary of each lawyer's punishment:
PARAGRAPH 33 --- Alton Maddox's law license was suspended after representing several proven and alleged crime victims, including the family of Michael Stewart, a Brooklyn man who died while in custody of the New York City Transit Police. Maddox also caused controversy by accusing New York Assistant District Attorney Steven Pagones of abducting and raping Tawana Brawley. Maddox represented Brawley. A grand jury exonerated Pagones and suggested that Brawley had concocted a hoax. 1990, Maddox was indefinitely suspended by the Appellate Division of the State Supreme Court in Brooklyn after failing to appear before a disciplinary hearing to answer allegations regarding his conduct in the Brawley case. (Wikipedia) After his suspension, Maddox wrote: "I am alive physically but dead civilly. As a fighter, I have had to take left jabs, right hooks, uppercuts, body shots and punches below the belt. So far, I have been able to avoid the knockout punch. New York intends to make sure that I serve Sharpton's sentence like Cochran and [attorney, Arthur] Lewis were placed on death row."

PARAGRAPH 34 --- Another "people's lawyer" was disbarred and imprisoned: Lynne Feltham Stewart. She is a 71-year-old former attorney who represented controversial, and often unpopular defendants, including former members of the Black Panthers Party. In 2005, Stewart was convicted on charges of conspiracy and providing material support to terrorists and sentenced to 28 months in prison. Her felony conviction led to automatic disbarment. She allegedly gave Reuters an article from her client and was convicted of helping pass messages from her client, Omar Abdel-Rahman. He is an Egyptian cleric who opposed the recently exiled Egyptian dictator years before Egyptians rebelled en masse against tyranny in February 2011. Stewart was re-sentenced on July 15, 2010, to 10 years in prison on allegations of perjury during her trial and because of her apparent "lack of remorse" after the initial sentencing (she continued to be outspoken about perceived injustices). Commenting on her case, human rights organization "Front Line" stated that Stewart’s prosecution "has had a chilling effect on human rights defenders who stand between government agencies and potential victims of abuses." (Wikipedia)

PARAGRAPH 35 --- Former Willacy County, Texas District Attorney Juan Angel Guerra suffered persecution after bringing indictments against certain judges, local and high federal officials in 2008 regarding inmate abuse in county jails. The indictments alleged that officials, including former U.S. Attorney General Gonzales, withheld investigations after inmate abuses in order to protect private prisons and county jails in which they held stock or from which they received kickbacks. Guerra is now a defense attorney and can be contacted at this email address: None of the officials who were indicted by the Willacy County, Texas grand jury stood trial on the charges. There is apparently some agreement among United States Department of Justice officials not to investigate abuses and murders of inmates inside American jails and prisons as well as in offshore War on Terror Camps. For instance, the circumstances of Larry Neal's death after 18 days of secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail are treated like a national secret, and his family is terrorized for asking justice officials to investigate and prosecute his murder like they did for Michael Vick's dogs.

PARAGRAPH 36 --- The Neals requested the records regarding Larry's death under secret arrest before realizing that African Americans and mentally ill people of all races are not considered equal to pit bulls in America. We believed America had advanced beyond racism and class prejudice to a greater degree than it actually has. We erroneously believed the U.S. Constitution was still the law of the land and that all murders were treated as criminal acts. We did not know that slavery was reinstated (if it ever ceased) and that people are not more accountable for black men's murders in 21st century America than in the 1500's. Pardon me for believing we had almost overcome.

PARAGRAPH 37 --- Unlike those "people's lawyers" listed above who were unfairly prosecuted and disbarred, The Cochran Firm is rewarded for disregarding legal ethics to defraud its clients on behalf of government entities and certain corporations. Hezekiah Sistrunk and other Cochran Firm attorneys were recently awarded key positions to represent plaintiffs against BP regarding the 2010 oil spill and against Johnson & Johnson regarding faulty DePuy hip implants. Therefore, thousands of plaintiffs of all races must now rely on the unethical attorneys to represent their claims against Big Business. I recommend plaintiffs to opt out of class action cases where The Cochran Firm attorneys have key positions on the litigation teams. The Cochran Firm loses business because this writer and others expose The Cochran Firm fraud online and in person during protests in Atlanta, but federal judges apparently handed the firm thousands of cases to continue their mission - this time not against black clients only. Will the BP and Depuy plaintiffs be treated fairly, or will their own lawyers work with their defendants behind their backs? Is The Cochran Firm sometimes set loose on companies to win rather than "throw the fight" if a particular company is being punished by the powers that be?

PARAGRAPH 38 --- I experience censorship and stalking because I also advocate for people who are discriminated against, especially the mentally ill of all races. It was interesting to learn about persecution against attorneys for helping people like myself who are unjustly targeted for denouncing oppression in America. I wondered why it was challenging to find an attorney to represent my family after we became Cochran Firm fraud victims and the many illegal attacks against my First Amendment rights - offenses for which we have abundant proof on video and affidavits by witnesses.

PARAGRAPH 39 --- The fates of attorneys like Johnnie Cochran, Alton Maddox, Lynne Stewart, and Juan Guerra made it clear that when attorneys take certain criminal cases and civil action cases, they may risk retribution from COINTELPRO or whatever the program is called now (perhaps the Patriot Act). I was told by one attorney that the justice system's function is to (a) control perceived "lesser" people and (b) hold corporations accountable to each other. It is not intended to make elitists honor the human and civil rights of Americans, particularly minorities. The only way to get the injustice system to do that is to have many eyes watching a civil action or criminal case, and even then justice is often withheld. Consider Troy Davis, who remains on Georgia's death row although his guilt was never proved and hundreds of thousands of people worldwide protest his execution. Little do they know that Georgia courts actually ruled justice for black people such as Troy Davis and my family to be "immaterial."

PARAGRAPH 40 --- When I recognized that the media was determined to withhold reports regarding Larry Neal's kidnapping and murder and The Cochran Firm fraud, I began using the Internet to report these matters to the public. A testament to how strong the New World Order already is in America is the fact that no major so-called human/civil rights organizations have come forward to help me ask these disturbing questions listed below as "a" through "o":

a. "Why does the United States Department of Justice help cover-up the secret arrest and murder of a mentally, physically handicapped man, Larry Neal?

b. What excuse can the USDOJ offer for refusing to release records on Larry Neal's fatal arrest in a facility that was under its direct overview?

c. Why does the federal agency that is charged with protecting the civil and human rights of institutionalized persons ignore that responsibility and help murderers cover-up their crimes instead?

d. Why does the USDOJ ignore censorship and terrorism against Larry Neal's survivors who are stalked online and in person to prevent more people from knowing about the murder cover-up and The Cochran Firm's fraud, which prevented the family's wrongful death lawsuit against Memphis Shelby County Jail from going to court? Why do courts protect the firm from lawsuits when fraud is proved?

e. Why are 1.25 million mentally ill Americans imprisoned rather than being treated in their communities or hospitals (depending on their offenses and functionality) although treatment is cheaper than incarceration and more effective for community safety?

f. Why did the NAACP request that Congress outlaw menthol cigarettes, which is the type that 80% of black smokers use? Why did the NAACP propose such a discriminatory law?

g. Is it to add to the numbers of blacks behind bars, which is currently 1 in 9 among black men under 34 years of age?

h. How many lawmakers and other government officials, including judges, are private prison stockholders?

i. Are prison stocks really used to secure the national debt?

j. Is that why 2.3 million Americans and immigrants behind bars and the reason for immigration laws to remand illegal aliens to prison rather than back to their countries?

k. What is being done to reduce prison costs, currently over $50billion per year ($185 billion annually when factoring in police services, court costs, and indigent defense, etc.)?

l. Private prisons make billions more by enforcing inmate labor on jobs that were outsourced to prisons and are sorely missed by "free" Americans and legal immigrants.

m. Do representatives have any intention of abolishing 21st century slavery, or is mass incarceration proliferated because so many lawmakers, judges, and prosecutors own prison stock?

n. Where are the 37 inmates who reportedly went "missing" from Georgia prisons after inmates' nonviolent labor strike in December 2010? Will America continue to be a country where citizens are reportedly "missing" but are really suffering abuse and some are dying behind bars?

o. My most offensive question for authorities is probably, "What happened to Larry Neal?"

PARAGRAPH 41 --- I commented at Maddox's article entitled "Freedom Is Not Free, Pt. 2" to let him know that I agree with his theory that Johnnie Cochran's life was probably shortened because he was an activist attorney. I also warned him about Internet censorship. I wrote:

PARAGRAPH 42 --- "Your Committee to Reinstate Alton Maddox site is cyberstalked. When I opened the site, it did not look like it should. I called the number provided to find out more about your justice quest and reached a recording saying the number is not in service -718-834-9034. Is the number not working, or is that a ploy to prevent you from having support? If it is a ploy, they also do this to my phone number 678.531.0262 to keep people from knowing about THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD against my family, outlined in my website, "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal." My home phone number is cyberstalked to prevent calls to and from human/civil rights activists, attorneys, and potential employers. Economic oppression is one of the main tactics oppressors use. My email box is cyberstalked, too. I have to sign in numerous times before it opens, which gives cyberdogs a chance to delete select emails that I am not permitted to receive. So COINTELPRO is definitely not done. It would appear that you and I are its victims, as well as Johnnie Cochran."

PARAGRAPH 43 --- My family's telephone is controlled by those who prevent incoming and outgoing calls according to their preference. Some callers are falsely told our phone (678) 531-0262 is disconnected. Others hear my voicemail message, but select voice messages are deleted by illegal stalkers and we never actually receive them. Lately, callers hear the phone ring constantly, but it is not really ringing in our home and voicemail should pick up after the fourth ring. Changing phone numbers and service providers has not helped. The Pharisees are determined to prevent our communication. It should embarrass American officials to launch wars against other nations allegedly for human rights violations while allowing this nation's acute mental patients to be secretly arrested and murdered without prosecution, then allowing or facilitating terrorism against survivors to keep it quiet.

PARAGRAPH 44 --- ANOTHER of my computers was destroyed around April 11, 2011, after I again published an article about a peaceful consumer initiative that could slow America's slide into Nazism: "BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE: No Shopping on May 9 or the 9th of Any Month in 2011." This is a nonviolent protest that should appeal to workers, abolitionists, peace advocates, environmentalists, civil and human rights organizations, and everyone who is concerned about the direction of America. Protesters omit an important component of successful protests during the civil rights era. Every wrong decision benefits some corporate interests. Protest marches, rallies, and petitions should be accompanied by a financial incentive for change. A 24-hour shopping boycott once monthly would inspire respect for Americans as customers and constituents among businesses, and many problems would be addressed.

PARAGRAPH 45 --- If there are any more attorneys like Cochran, Maddox, Guerra, or Stewart who agree that no family should be terrorized for asking for records and an investigation regarding the secret arrest and murder of a handicapped relative or for trying to help other mentally ill Americans avoid Larry Neal's fate, please try to contact us via phone or email - . I respond to all emails, but I have no way of knowing what percentage of emails do not. Some disappear even while I am reading them.

PARAGRAPH 46 --- Terrorists are afraid our family will ascertain legal representation to sue regarding the conspiracy to deny my family's civil rights. The Cochran Firm partner Jock Smith, deceased, won a $1.6billion judgment against an insurance company not because he is brilliant, but because Americans hate fraud and think it is deplorable how big corporations and government agencies trample citizens' rights. Culprits know if the case about my mentally, physically handicapped brother's secret murder and his survivors' denial of justice, including my stalking and censorship, ever goes before a jury, the jury would rule in our favor and the elaborate, expensive Cochran Firm COINTELPRO fraud against Americans would end.

PARAGRAPH 47 --- If other attempts to contact me fail to get a response, please comment at one of my articles at the following web sites: or or . Interested persons are also invited to place a comment at one of my articles at HubPages. Please include a phone number or website for us to contact you. We will use a phone other than our own to make it harder for "them" to know we made contact. I invite everyone to follow me at Twitter, where I am @koffietime at (I am not allowed to have a working "follow me at Twitter" button at my blogs.) Followers should check regularly to see if they are still listed among my followers. Cyberstalkers frequently delete African Americans, media personalities, people who have large lists of followers, and persons from other countries. Even my own family members are deleted from my Twitter followers list because people are so determined that blacks will not know about The Cointelpro Cochran Firm agenda.

PARAGRAPH 48 --- Listen online to the Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Radio Show of May 8, 2011, to hear cyberdogs interrupt my phone call repeatedly during my interview. On Mothers Day, I attempted to inform the radio audience about Virginia Davis' untimely death. Troy Davis' mother died on April 12, about two weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected her son's final appeal regarding his death penalty for a murder that millions of people disbelieve he did. Ms. Davis was not sick, but Troy's sister, Martina Correia, said stress and brokenheartedness killed their mother. Correia has been a leading spokesperson for her brother and other death row inmates, but she now has stage 4 cancer [update: Martina died, too].

PARAGRAPH 49 --- Many black leaders like Cochran and Correia and Coretta King get tumors and cancer. I saw my own name associated online with the word "epoxy," but most of my family's threats involve house fires, kidnapping, false arrests, and violence against family members, including children. Before cyberstalkers completely took over my Yahoo email account to prevent my communications with hundreds of African American and prisoner rights groups I joined, I used to get threats from anonymous email accounts about induced cancer often. While innocent men like Troy Davis and Geronimo ji-Ja (Pratt) are punished for crimes they did not do, criminals walk among us and some preside over us. We invite your prayers and support.

PARAGRAPH 50 --- Corrupt forces also took over my online advocacy group at Care2, ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL, and made it very hard for me to publish anything there. Posts that did publish were quickly removed by CoIntelPro. Over half of America's 2.3 million inmates are mentally ill, so our advocacy to decriminalize mental illness is unwelcome. Many posts are deleted, especially those protesting wrongful convictions, capital punishment, Tasers, restraint chairs, and discussion items regarding the abuse and murders of mental patients (please see the link below my signature). See websites at subnumbers 1 through 20 immediately below this paragraph. Exposure is the enemy of Nazism, which is why book-burning was used by Nazi Germany to restrict information. Today's equivalent is Internet censorship. To view a few of our hundreds of videos capturing real-time cyberstalking to prevent open disclosure and justice after my handicapped brother's secret government murder and limit the effectiveness of my advocacy to help other victims in the injustice system, visit my YouTube channel jkempp703 - - Some videos I loaded are still there although CoIntelPro stole some. More links related to the subject of Johnnie Cochran's Cointelpro Murder Theory and prevention of rights declared by the U.S. Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are below.

1. Cochran Firm Fraud

2. The Cochran Firm Fraud

3. Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

4. "Controversy at The Cochran Firm" - Shawn Chapman Holley's NPR Interview

5. Internet Censorship American Style

6. "What You Need to Know About Johnnie Cochran," by Attorney Alton Maddox

7. Boycott 4 Justice

8. Mary Neal's Black History Month 2011

9. Reinstate Alton Maddox

10. Juan Angel Guerra

11. Background Info on COINTELPRO

12. Wikipedia re Cointelpro

13. Shawn Chapman Holley - Controversy at The Cochran Firm (lawyer sued firm for fraud, racism, sexism)

14. Johnnie Cochran Was Murdered - Julie Foster, World Net Daily

15. Ghostbuster, by Mary Neal

16. Seniors, Beware of the Cochran Firm Fraud

17. Lynne Stewart website

18. Johnnie Cochran's Nephew Killed

19. Topac's Godfather Geronimo Pratt Dead at 63

20. Another murder theory by this author entitled "Michael Jackson's Death - The Conspiracy Theory"


PARAGRAPH 52. -- UPDATE (July 2013) --- We now know, thanks to a whistle blower named Edward Snowden, that the entire nation, and not the Neals only, are under constant surveillance via the National Security Agency (NSA), which has full access to phone calls, emails and other Internet input, including input in social networks, etc., worldwide. We also learned recently that every piece of U.S. Mail is scanned. Mary Neal's readers should not be as surprised at the government's invasion of privacy as the rest of the world. Some day, an NSA whistle blower may also reveal the Nazi censorship that is done by the secret censorship team. More targeted individuals are publishing information about the gangstalking program than when I originally published this article, also. Persecution against my relatives and this writer continue. Recent crimes include a home burglary during which the only things stolen were boxes containing our original Neals v. Cochran Firm records and evidence we planned to present to a jury, ongoing computer and telephone censorship, retaliatory criminal prosecution, a sexual assault and possible murder attempt on Hattie Neal, at age 90. Stalkers were even moved into some of the homes near mine after I stopped driving to avoid being followed.

PARAGRAPH 53 --- The Cochran Firm continues to defraud its own attorneys and partners, law firms that it partners with on certain cases, and, of course, its own clients. See a partial list of lawsuits against The Cochran Firm at an article in this FreeSpeakBlog called "Beware of Treacherous Lawyers - The Cochran Firm."

PARAGRAPH 54 --- The Cochran Firm seems to be protected from paying damages to most of the plaintiffs who sue it. Some of its attorneys have been disbarred, but not nearly enough. None of the plaintiffs' lawsuits went before a jury as far as I know; and the media refuses to report most of the legal actions brought against the CoIntelPro firm. Public disclosure would, of course, erode the firm's usefulness to government entities and large corporations that rely on its services as frauds. (Please notify this writer if The Cochran Firm actually files suite for the wrongful death of Chavis Carter in Arkansas and takes the case before a jury.) Unfortunately, many other mentally and physically disabled Americans have been killed in extrajudicial violence since Larry's secret arrest and murder in 2003, and Africans in America, like young Trayvon Martin, continue to be killed without censure. In fact, extrajudicial assassinations and incarceration without trials were made the law of the land - for all Americans. I anticipated this development after apathy and persecution followed my disclosure about my brother's murder and The Cochran Firm fraud.

PARAGRAPH 55 --- When I first wrote about being targeted for using free speech rights in 2008, it seemed incredible to some people. Since IRS recently admitted targeting Tea Party members, such actions are no longer hard to believe. When immoral people are ordered by their superiors to disobey man's law and God's, they have no reservations about doing so. If caught, wrongdoers feel justified and say they were "just following orders." Therefore, lawlessness prevails and will continue to spread throughout the world. God said He will allow whatever we allow (Matt. 18:18).

PARAGRAPH 56 -- Pray for God to protect my family and me. I continue to exercise my human right to free speech to help other people to expose and oppose the wrongful incarcerations and murders of their mentally disabled relatives as director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, and that is dangerous. Just as former president Jimmy Carter said, "America No Longer Has a Functioning Democracy."

PARAGRAPH 57 --- Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction. Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.
~Proverbs 31:8-9

PARAGRAPH 58 --- Introduction repeated: This article contains 60 numbered paragraphs, 35 links, 1 embedded video. Be sure to hear the NPR interview with former Cochran Firm lawyer Shawn Chapman-Holley at link 13, under Paragraph 50. I often list contents because hackers can render parts of blogs invisible and still may do so even with the numbers. A 2013 update is at paragraphs 52-55, which was added after Edward Snowden revealed that CoIntelPro simply changed names. We now have the National Security Agency (NSA).

PARAGRAPH 59 --- UPDATE APRIL 2015 --- It is hard to believe, but my family is still being denied any information or records related to the secret arrest and murder of my mentally, physically disabled brother. The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm continues to defraud African Americans throughout the country to "keep wealth out of black hands," a CoIntelPro objective (i.e., the Firm only demanded $75k for the police shooting of John Crawford, III in a Walmart in Ohio). I now know that America has a long history in eugenics, which is the systematic elimination of people who are African Americans, poor whites, and the mentally ill of all races, and keeping the sexes apart through mass incarceration replaced enforced sterilization to deter population growth among people who elitists consider "undersirables." Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) is preparing to take the USA before the United Nations in International Court to win restitution for up to 100 claimants alleging negligence, police brutality, prisoner torture, and wrongful death of citizens and immigrants with acute mental illness like Larry Neal had. My home has literally been surrounded with citizens police, and my phones and computers continue to suffer attacks. But as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said when attacked by illegal injunctions, dogs and water hoses, and angry, armed police, "We're going on."

PARAGRAPH 60 --- IF you are interested in a courtesy ad on any of my articles, try to contact me.  With CoIntelPro interfering, it may not be easy, but persistence usually works.  Mary Neal's Google Profile -  -  Care2 Sharebook  - Get the RSS feed for my Twitter KOFFIETIME at  - Current, urgent justice issues from a laywoman's viewpoint at my primary blog  (the name is a joke, believe me) Recommended articles -  - email address: and (some emails reach my box - whichever ones the cyberdogs allow.  Same problem with U.S. Mail)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Koffietime Tweets Censored at Libraries

(Takeovers of my home computers drive me to rent PC time or use public libraries. 
I sometimes have librarians witness my cyberattacks.)

People are taught that if they have enough money, they can have whatever they want.  The truth is that if one has enough money and spends it rightly, he can have most of what he wants.  You have money but decided to keep it when my family sued for Larry Neal's secret arrest and murder in Memphis Shelby County Jail.  The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm has money, too, but decided to keep it when we sued the firm for defrauding Larry's survivors to help Shelby County Jail escape with killing the lifelong mentally ill heart patient under secret arrest.  The Cochran Firm decided to influence Judge Wendy Shoob of Georgia Superior Court to issue a ruling that the firm cannot be sued in Georgia because it has no law offices in Georgia - the biggest lie I ever heard.  When we sued The Cochran Firm in federal court, the attorneys had another chance to spend money wisely.  Instead, the devious attorneys induced Judge Timothy Batten of USDC, Northern District of Georgia, to rule unjustly that defrauding a black family to protect the jail that killed Larry was "immaterial."  The Government has money and power, but officials decided to use that power to side with Larry's murderers and help cover-up his death.  The federal government even allowed Shelby County Jail to file fraudulent documents and testimony in United States District Court in Tennessee that omitted Larry's death when the jail sought release from USDOJ overview in 2006.  These things happened, and none of you can reverse the past.  But still you try.  That is probably why my home computer now has over 20 programs beginning in "HS," and I cannot use it.  I went to DeKalb County Library to use the computer yesterday, and my Twitter site could not open - @koffietime.

It is undoubtedly uncomfortable to have someone exposing the government's criminal acts every day to as many people as possible, but it is also uncomfortable for me to have one less brother plus be cheated of the righteous jury award my family would have received if the court system in America believed in upholding the Constitution of the United States of America instead of shielding frauds and murderers.  It is undoubtedly very uncomfortable for this administration in particular for people to know a handicapped black man's lynching is condoned by his government and that his family is terrorized for asking for a federal investigation and release of records.  But the way to deal with such matters is not by using censorship and terrorism.

People do know; more people will know.  Few people I share this information and proof with seem surprised at the government's depth of depravity like I was when I learned how corrupt officials and so-called leaders are.  I urge you all to stop trying to cover your crimes and those of your predecessors and render judgement as it is written in the laws of this land.  Stop censoring @koffietime at libraries, please - - Censorship is also a crime.

Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

July 9, 2011 - Below is a preview of my next blog at FreeSpeakBlog. It will be ongoing and save my having to start new ones, which is challenging with stalkers working against me as I work. The "Mary Neal's End Times Predictions" work in progress is online at this link -  I will use it to report events that I think match End Game prophecy in Revelation, and I will make predictions based on such news reports. My cybercensorship team is on duty 24/7, and they are relentless. DeKalb County Police refuse to accept the IP numbers of computers that my security program reports when cyberdogs attack my PC.  Detective Miller said attacking my PCs, removing my data, and even destroying my PCs are not illegal acts. That means the Telecommunications Act of 1996, Internet Security Act of 2000, Georgia Code § 16-5-90, and § 20-2-751.4 do not apply to protecting Mary Neal, just like laws against murder did not apply to my brother, Larry Neal.  Learn about cyberstalking laws in your state at this link:  State Cyberstalking, Cyberharassment and Cyberbullying Laws  - I am an optimist.  Being censored can be beneficial.  I report to you what information elitist overlords instruct their cyberdogs to attack so you and I will learn their plans and take preventive action. An excerpt is below.

I MAKE END TIME PREDICTIONS. I have no ESP. My predictions are based on what goes into news reports and what is kept out. Over the last few years, my main focus has been on regaining my freedom and helping everyone else keep theirs. The loss of freedom is a tragedy that I believe is avoidable and reversible, but people perish for the lack of knowledge. Americans should become more diligent about learning what is happening and be more resolute about standing against oppression.  To postpone the events in Revelation, which I believe are inevitable, we must be educated and united on the issues. If we resist oppression, I believe we can make the End Game a 41st century problem. (Use the link above for the entire article, which is a work in progress.  See also "Mary Neal's End Game Reports.")

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Boycott 4 Justice: No Shopping May 9, 2011

(12 links, 2 photos, 29 numbered paragraphs, 6 bulleted items, 6 other paragraphs, signature. Justice initiatives have adversaries, as always. No. 22 - Should disabled Americans be secretly arrested and murdered?)

NO SHOPPING JULY 9, AUGUST 9, SEPTEMBER 9 - NO 9th! Join the People's 9/11 emergency protest for social and economic justice.  Here are a few reasons why, and you can add your own:
  • Money for schools? No, close them!
  • Money for workers? No, outsource the jobs overseas and to prisons!
  • Money for college students’ education? No, quit school!
  • Money for mental hospitals? No, jail them!
  • Money for homeowners? No, evict them!
  • Money for war? YES, BOMB THEM!
Across the country, workers, abolitionists, environmentalists, civil and human rights advocates and organizations protest injustices caused by corporate greed and government misdeeds.  Demonstrations expose the problems and appeal to the conscience of government officials and big business. Boycotts during the civil rights era and labor strikes when unions were born were successful when coupled with demonstrations because they affected PROFITS.  The love of money is the root of ALL evil.  Every unjust decision benefits some corporate entity. Join millions of Americans who are fed up enough to stand up in a peaceful, powerful protest that people can participate in without leaving home.  CONSUMER POWER can be used to bring power to the people! 

BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!  NO Shopping on the 9th of any month during 2011.

NAME YOUR OWN REASON TO BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE, and place it on your websites and talk about it in your meetings.  Do not wait for your "leaders" to endorse the Boycott 4 Justice, sheeple.  Many leaders have received good and valuable consideration to ignore initiatives that will empower the people.  21st century protesters only use part of what made the civil rights demonstrations successful but omit giving decision makers any financial incentive to change.  Demand respect as consumers and constituents by addressing unethical business decisions financially.  

A man asked, "If we all boycott shopping on the 9th of every month, won't people just buy more on the 8th and 10th?"  The answer is, "Yes."  But BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE is a protest, not an attack on Wall Street. Do marches and rallies harm the economy? No. But they make a statement. Millions of people abstaining from shopping on the same day will make a more significant statement than any rally or march. The boycott says "We Are One." It says, "We know we are in this mess for the sake of corporate profits. As your customers and constituents, we demand change." Consumer power is powerful.  Let's use it!

HERE ARE MY REASONS to Boycott 4 Justice every month on the 9th day - the people's 9/11 response to injustice:

1.    Unions are undermined. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

2.    Supreme Court Rejected Troy Davis’ Appeal. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

3.    Unfair Immigration Laws Target Latinos for Prison. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

4.    Media Reports GE Paid No Taxes in 2010 on over $5 Billion Profits. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

5.    The U.S. Invaded Libya Despite Objections by the African Union. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

6.    Abolish Capital Punishment! BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

7.    Inmates Were brutalized and 37 Georgia Prisoners Are Reported Missing After Nonviolent Prison Labor Strike for Human Rights in December 2010. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

8.    NY Times Reported 7 Black Men Killed by Miami Police within 8 Months! BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

9.    Peace Advocates Demonstrating at White House Arrested!  BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

10.  Exercising Freedom of Speech, Press, Peaceful Assembly, and the Right to Petition Government for a Redress of Grievances Are Treated As Homeland Terror. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

11.  Guantanamo Is Still Open. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

12.  Native Americans Still Suffer. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

13.  Prisoners Denied DNA Testing Rights. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

14.  Roughly 2.3 million Americans and Immigrants Are Imprisoned, More Than Any Nation in World History.  That is 1 in 99 Americans (Two-thirds for Nonviolent Offenses). BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

15.  Corporations Outsource Jobs Overseas and to Prisons but Got Bailouts and Tax Breaks. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

16.  Roughly 1.25 Million Prisoners are Mentally Ill and Should Be in Hospitals or Community Care, Depending on Their Offenses and Functionality. Mental Hospitals Are Closing to Benefit Private Prison Owners. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

17.  War Continues in Iraq and Afghanistan; Africa Was Added, and an Iranian Invasion Is Looming. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

18.  Innocence Doesn’t Matter in Criminal Justice. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

19.  Taxes Are a Burden for the Middle Class, Not the Elite. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

20.  Environmental Laws Are Weakened to Benefit Corporations. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

21.  Human and civil rights are under severe attack in the United States.  My family lost something more precious than jobs or homes like many citizens, and protesting that loss moved us ahead of the rest of Americans in learning that "inalienable" rights are really quite alienable.  Larry Neal, a Mentally, Physically Disabled American Was Murdered After Nearly Three Weeks of Secret Arrested in 2003, but Memphis Shelby County Jail and the United States Department of Justice Colluded with The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm to Cover-up His Death and Defraud His Family to Prevent a Wrongful Death Lawsuit.  The lawyers held the Lawsuit Secretly Inactive Until the Tennessee Statute of Limitations Was at Its end.  When the Neals Sued The Cochran Firm in Georgia Courts, Georgia Superior Court Dismissed the Lawsuit, Ruling There is No Cochran Firm in Georgia.  Federal Court Dismissed the Lawsuit, Ruling that Defrauding the Neals Was “Immaterial.”  Black Families Comprised of Taxpayers with Active-duty Military People and Veterans Do Not Count in the USA and Are Considered Unworthy of Dog Justice.  The USDOJ and Shelby County Jail Refuse to Release Records Regarding the Harmless, Lifelong Schizophrenic Heart Patient’s Fatal Arrest Under Federal Subpoena or the Freedom of Information Act.  Larry Neal’s Elderly Mother Has Continuing Nightmares of How Larry May Have Been Killed:  Taser? Gas? Restraint Chair? Brutality? The Government Refuses to Tell Her.  Larry’s Sister Is Stalked Online and in Person to Prevent Disclosure About Human Rights Abuses to Larry Neal and Other Mental Patients and Because She Advocates for Justice for Poor and Working Class Americans.  See Wrongful Death of Larry Neal - and "Justice Denied," a 21st Century Slave Song - 

22.  Disabled Americans Should NOT Be Secretly Arrested and Murdered and Their Survivors Censored, Impoverished, and Terrorized for Complaining.  BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

23.  The private prison system, wars, and unemployment are intricately tied.  Over one million inmates work up to seven days a week for state and federal governments and Fortune 500 companies avoiding unions, minimum wage and worker safety laws.  Inmates make 100% of military uniforms, canteens, tents, and many other essentials.  War is therefore very profitable for prison investors.  Companies find it difficult to compete with corporations that use prison laborers to supply goods and services or outsource work overseas.  As more Americans are laid off, laws are passed that are designed to obtain more prisoners, such as the proposal to outlaw menthol cigarettes and tougher immigration laws that remand illegal aliens to prison rather than back to their countries.  The U.S. Supreme Court is currently deliberating on whether American children can be interrogated by police officers in their schools without their parents' knowledge, an attorney, a warrant, or a Miranda warning. A seventh-grader is already imprisoned (sentenced as an adult) because he confessed to crimes under those circumstances.  False confessions by children and the mentally ill account for 25% of wrongful convictions, but young people make hardy prison slaves and can be trained to lay bricks, become plumbers, fishermen, electricians, or manufacture whatever products their assigned prisons produce and market on Wall Street.  The same elitists benefit from wars, America's record-high incarceration rate, and outsourcing jobs, which leads to unemployment, wage reductions, and foreclosures.  The economy is an ecosystem, and the poor and middle class are at the bottom of the food chain.  Workers, peace advocates, and prisoner activists have a common opponent.  THEY are ONE.  

24.  Use the button for "older posts" on the lower right side after each article in FreeSpeakBlog to see previous articles regarding the Boycott 4 Justice at  including these four:
a.)  Boycott 4 Justice: No Shopping April 9, 2011
b.)  Boycott 4 Justice Beginning March 9 - No Shopping!
c.)  Human Rights for Prisoners Boycott Beginning 3/09/11
d.)  Boycott 4 Justice: No Shopping on 9th of Any Month
Other justice articles are entered between the articles listed above.  Please visit the MaryLovesJustice blog by this writer for more articles regarding the Boycott 4 Justice at
Boycott 4 Justice Works in Wisconsin!

25.   THERE IS NO NEED FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS TO AGREE ON ANY SINGLE INJUSTICE BEING PROTESTED DURING THE BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE NO SHOPPING DAYS. Your reasons may differ from mine.  The censored media will not make news reports about the shopping moratorium.  You can help notify Americans by announcing your participation in the Boycott 4 Justice and NAME YOUR OWN REASON.  Or participate in the Boycott 4 Justice anonymously.  Empty malls and cessation of online shopping for 24 hours once each month will not irreparably damage our fragile economy, and that is not the intention. Shop 'til you drop on the 8th or the 10th, but make no purchases on the 9th of any month in 2011.  Support the People's 9/11 response to corporate greed and government misdeeds.  Boycott 4 Justice is a peaceful demonstration of unity and power for everyone to stand together and use Consumer Power to resist oppression.  WE are ONE.

Just do it!
No shopping any month on the 9th


27.  Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill is an online organization that has suffered numerous cyberattacks.  We will begin in-person meetings.  Plan to attend every Monday at Picadilly Restaurant at 7:00 p.m. at 5644 Memorial Drive, Stone Mountain, Georgia  30083.  If you are interested in any of the reasons to Boycott 4 Justice listed above, please plan to attend. Menu items are from $1.50 up.  Children are welcome.

29.   God said unity works:  And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do. ~ Genesis 11:6

The link to share this article is BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE: No Shopping May 9:
Other articles in this series include the following: BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE: No Shopping June 9, 2011

BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE: No Shopping on the 9th of Any Month

BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE: No Shopping April 9, 2011

BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE: Beginning March 9 - No Shopping!

Human Rights for Prisoners BOYCOTT Beginning 3/9/11

Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill