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Boycott 4 Justice: No Shopping May 9, 2011

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NO SHOPPING JULY 9, AUGUST 9, SEPTEMBER 9 - NO 9th! Join the People's 9/11 emergency protest for social and economic justice.  Here are a few reasons why, and you can add your own:
  • Money for schools? No, close them!
  • Money for workers? No, outsource the jobs overseas and to prisons!
  • Money for college students’ education? No, quit school!
  • Money for mental hospitals? No, jail them!
  • Money for homeowners? No, evict them!
  • Money for war? YES, BOMB THEM!
Across the country, workers, abolitionists, environmentalists, civil and human rights advocates and organizations protest injustices caused by corporate greed and government misdeeds.  Demonstrations expose the problems and appeal to the conscience of government officials and big business. Boycotts during the civil rights era and labor strikes when unions were born were successful when coupled with demonstrations because they affected PROFITS.  The love of money is the root of ALL evil.  Every unjust decision benefits some corporate entity. Join millions of Americans who are fed up enough to stand up in a peaceful, powerful protest that people can participate in without leaving home.  CONSUMER POWER can be used to bring power to the people! 

BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!  NO Shopping on the 9th of any month during 2011.

NAME YOUR OWN REASON TO BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE, and place it on your websites and talk about it in your meetings.  Do not wait for your "leaders" to endorse the Boycott 4 Justice, sheeple.  Many leaders have received good and valuable consideration to ignore initiatives that will empower the people.  21st century protesters only use part of what made the civil rights demonstrations successful but omit giving decision makers any financial incentive to change.  Demand respect as consumers and constituents by addressing unethical business decisions financially.  

A man asked, "If we all boycott shopping on the 9th of every month, won't people just buy more on the 8th and 10th?"  The answer is, "Yes."  But BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE is a protest, not an attack on Wall Street. Do marches and rallies harm the economy? No. But they make a statement. Millions of people abstaining from shopping on the same day will make a more significant statement than any rally or march. The boycott says "We Are One." It says, "We know we are in this mess for the sake of corporate profits. As your customers and constituents, we demand change." Consumer power is powerful.  Let's use it!

HERE ARE MY REASONS to Boycott 4 Justice every month on the 9th day - the people's 9/11 response to injustice:

1.    Unions are undermined. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

2.    Supreme Court Rejected Troy Davis’ Appeal. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

3.    Unfair Immigration Laws Target Latinos for Prison. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

4.    Media Reports GE Paid No Taxes in 2010 on over $5 Billion Profits. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

5.    The U.S. Invaded Libya Despite Objections by the African Union. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

6.    Abolish Capital Punishment! BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

7.    Inmates Were brutalized and 37 Georgia Prisoners Are Reported Missing After Nonviolent Prison Labor Strike for Human Rights in December 2010. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

8.    NY Times Reported 7 Black Men Killed by Miami Police within 8 Months! BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

9.    Peace Advocates Demonstrating at White House Arrested!  BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

10.  Exercising Freedom of Speech, Press, Peaceful Assembly, and the Right to Petition Government for a Redress of Grievances Are Treated As Homeland Terror. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

11.  Guantanamo Is Still Open. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

12.  Native Americans Still Suffer. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

13.  Prisoners Denied DNA Testing Rights. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

14.  Roughly 2.3 million Americans and Immigrants Are Imprisoned, More Than Any Nation in World History.  That is 1 in 99 Americans (Two-thirds for Nonviolent Offenses). BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

15.  Corporations Outsource Jobs Overseas and to Prisons but Got Bailouts and Tax Breaks. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

16.  Roughly 1.25 Million Prisoners are Mentally Ill and Should Be in Hospitals or Community Care, Depending on Their Offenses and Functionality. Mental Hospitals Are Closing to Benefit Private Prison Owners. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

17.  War Continues in Iraq and Afghanistan; Africa Was Added, and an Iranian Invasion Is Looming. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

18.  Innocence Doesn’t Matter in Criminal Justice. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

19.  Taxes Are a Burden for the Middle Class, Not the Elite. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

20.  Environmental Laws Are Weakened to Benefit Corporations. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

21.  Human and civil rights are under severe attack in the United States.  My family lost something more precious than jobs or homes like many citizens, and protesting that loss moved us ahead of the rest of Americans in learning that "inalienable" rights are really quite alienable.  Larry Neal, a Mentally, Physically Disabled American Was Murdered After Nearly Three Weeks of Secret Arrested in 2003, but Memphis Shelby County Jail and the United States Department of Justice Colluded with The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm to Cover-up His Death and Defraud His Family to Prevent a Wrongful Death Lawsuit.  The lawyers held the Lawsuit Secretly Inactive Until the Tennessee Statute of Limitations Was at Its end.  When the Neals Sued The Cochran Firm in Georgia Courts, Georgia Superior Court Dismissed the Lawsuit, Ruling There is No Cochran Firm in Georgia.  Federal Court Dismissed the Lawsuit, Ruling that Defrauding the Neals Was “Immaterial.”  Black Families Comprised of Taxpayers with Active-duty Military People and Veterans Do Not Count in the USA and Are Considered Unworthy of Dog Justice.  The USDOJ and Shelby County Jail Refuse to Release Records Regarding the Harmless, Lifelong Schizophrenic Heart Patient’s Fatal Arrest Under Federal Subpoena or the Freedom of Information Act.  Larry Neal’s Elderly Mother Has Continuing Nightmares of How Larry May Have Been Killed:  Taser? Gas? Restraint Chair? Brutality? The Government Refuses to Tell Her.  Larry’s Sister Is Stalked Online and in Person to Prevent Disclosure About Human Rights Abuses to Larry Neal and Other Mental Patients and Because She Advocates for Justice for Poor and Working Class Americans.  See Wrongful Death of Larry Neal - and "Justice Denied," a 21st Century Slave Song - 

22.  Disabled Americans Should NOT Be Secretly Arrested and Murdered and Their Survivors Censored, Impoverished, and Terrorized for Complaining.  BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

23.  The private prison system, wars, and unemployment are intricately tied.  Over one million inmates work up to seven days a week for state and federal governments and Fortune 500 companies avoiding unions, minimum wage and worker safety laws.  Inmates make 100% of military uniforms, canteens, tents, and many other essentials.  War is therefore very profitable for prison investors.  Companies find it difficult to compete with corporations that use prison laborers to supply goods and services or outsource work overseas.  As more Americans are laid off, laws are passed that are designed to obtain more prisoners, such as the proposal to outlaw menthol cigarettes and tougher immigration laws that remand illegal aliens to prison rather than back to their countries.  The U.S. Supreme Court is currently deliberating on whether American children can be interrogated by police officers in their schools without their parents' knowledge, an attorney, a warrant, or a Miranda warning. A seventh-grader is already imprisoned (sentenced as an adult) because he confessed to crimes under those circumstances.  False confessions by children and the mentally ill account for 25% of wrongful convictions, but young people make hardy prison slaves and can be trained to lay bricks, become plumbers, fishermen, electricians, or manufacture whatever products their assigned prisons produce and market on Wall Street.  The same elitists benefit from wars, America's record-high incarceration rate, and outsourcing jobs, which leads to unemployment, wage reductions, and foreclosures.  The economy is an ecosystem, and the poor and middle class are at the bottom of the food chain.  Workers, peace advocates, and prisoner activists have a common opponent.  THEY are ONE.  

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25.   THERE IS NO NEED FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS TO AGREE ON ANY SINGLE INJUSTICE BEING PROTESTED DURING THE BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE NO SHOPPING DAYS. Your reasons may differ from mine.  The censored media will not make news reports about the shopping moratorium.  You can help notify Americans by announcing your participation in the Boycott 4 Justice and NAME YOUR OWN REASON.  Or participate in the Boycott 4 Justice anonymously.  Empty malls and cessation of online shopping for 24 hours once each month will not irreparably damage our fragile economy, and that is not the intention. Shop 'til you drop on the 8th or the 10th, but make no purchases on the 9th of any month in 2011.  Support the People's 9/11 response to corporate greed and government misdeeds.  Boycott 4 Justice is a peaceful demonstration of unity and power for everyone to stand together and use Consumer Power to resist oppression.  WE are ONE.

Just do it!
No shopping any month on the 9th


27.  Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill is an online organization that has suffered numerous cyberattacks.  We will begin in-person meetings.  Plan to attend every Monday at Picadilly Restaurant at 7:00 p.m. at 5644 Memorial Drive, Stone Mountain, Georgia  30083.  If you are interested in any of the reasons to Boycott 4 Justice listed above, please plan to attend. Menu items are from $1.50 up.  Children are welcome.

29.   God said unity works:  And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do. ~ Genesis 11:6

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Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

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