Thursday, April 28, 2011

Koffietime Tweets Censored at Libraries

(Takeovers of my home computers drive me to rent PC time or use public libraries. 
I sometimes have librarians witness my cyberattacks.)

People are taught that if they have enough money, they can have whatever they want.  The truth is that if one has enough money and spends it rightly, he can have most of what he wants.  You have money but decided to keep it when my family sued for Larry Neal's secret arrest and murder in Memphis Shelby County Jail.  The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm has money, too, but decided to keep it when we sued the firm for defrauding Larry's survivors to help Shelby County Jail escape with killing the lifelong mentally ill heart patient under secret arrest.  The Cochran Firm decided to influence Judge Wendy Shoob of Georgia Superior Court to issue a ruling that the firm cannot be sued in Georgia because it has no law offices in Georgia - the biggest lie I ever heard.  When we sued The Cochran Firm in federal court, the attorneys had another chance to spend money wisely.  Instead, the devious attorneys induced Judge Timothy Batten of USDC, Northern District of Georgia, to rule unjustly that defrauding a black family to protect the jail that killed Larry was "immaterial."  The Government has money and power, but officials decided to use that power to side with Larry's murderers and help cover-up his death.  The federal government even allowed Shelby County Jail to file fraudulent documents and testimony in United States District Court in Tennessee that omitted Larry's death when the jail sought release from USDOJ overview in 2006.  These things happened, and none of you can reverse the past.  But still you try.  That is probably why my home computer now has over 20 programs beginning in "HS," and I cannot use it.  I went to DeKalb County Library to use the computer yesterday, and my Twitter site could not open - @koffietime.

It is undoubtedly uncomfortable to have someone exposing the government's criminal acts every day to as many people as possible, but it is also uncomfortable for me to have one less brother plus be cheated of the righteous jury award my family would have received if the court system in America believed in upholding the Constitution of the United States of America instead of shielding frauds and murderers.  It is undoubtedly very uncomfortable for this administration in particular for people to know a handicapped black man's lynching is condoned by his government and that his family is terrorized for asking for a federal investigation and release of records.  But the way to deal with such matters is not by using censorship and terrorism.

People do know; more people will know.  Few people I share this information and proof with seem surprised at the government's depth of depravity like I was when I learned how corrupt officials and so-called leaders are.  I urge you all to stop trying to cover your crimes and those of your predecessors and render judgement as it is written in the laws of this land.  Stop censoring @koffietime at libraries, please - - Censorship is also a crime.

Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

July 9, 2011 - Below is a preview of my next blog at FreeSpeakBlog. It will be ongoing and save my having to start new ones, which is challenging with stalkers working against me as I work. The "Mary Neal's End Times Predictions" work in progress is online at this link -  I will use it to report events that I think match End Game prophecy in Revelation, and I will make predictions based on such news reports. My cybercensorship team is on duty 24/7, and they are relentless. DeKalb County Police refuse to accept the IP numbers of computers that my security program reports when cyberdogs attack my PC.  Detective Miller said attacking my PCs, removing my data, and even destroying my PCs are not illegal acts. That means the Telecommunications Act of 1996, Internet Security Act of 2000, Georgia Code § 16-5-90, and § 20-2-751.4 do not apply to protecting Mary Neal, just like laws against murder did not apply to my brother, Larry Neal.  Learn about cyberstalking laws in your state at this link:  State Cyberstalking, Cyberharassment and Cyberbullying Laws  - I am an optimist.  Being censored can be beneficial.  I report to you what information elitist overlords instruct their cyberdogs to attack so you and I will learn their plans and take preventive action. An excerpt is below.

I MAKE END TIME PREDICTIONS. I have no ESP. My predictions are based on what goes into news reports and what is kept out. Over the last few years, my main focus has been on regaining my freedom and helping everyone else keep theirs. The loss of freedom is a tragedy that I believe is avoidable and reversible, but people perish for the lack of knowledge. Americans should become more diligent about learning what is happening and be more resolute about standing against oppression.  To postpone the events in Revelation, which I believe are inevitable, we must be educated and united on the issues. If we resist oppression, I believe we can make the End Game a 41st century problem. (Use the link above for the entire article, which is a work in progress.  See also "Mary Neal's End Game Reports.")

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