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To Sarah Dozier: Fraud Against Kathryn Johnston Estate

(28 paragraphs, 10 links)      This is an open letter to Sarah Dozier, niece of 92-year-old Atlanta police murder victim, Kathryn Johnston (pictured left) - revised 2/14/11. I have urgent news for you as administrator of the estate. YOU WERE DEFRAUDED OF $13.1 MILLION BY THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD.

After Johnnie Cochran died, The Cochran Firm seemingly became a pseudo-government agency to spy on and defraud minority citizens across the United States. When black and brown citizens retain The Cochran Firm after being victimized by government entities or New World Order companies, The Cochran Firm works against its clients to limit or prevent monetary compensation, especially when police murder minorities like elderly Kathryn Johnston and my handicapped brother, Larry Neal.

On November 21, 2007, The Cochran Firm told you and the world that it filed a lawsuit against the City of Atlanta on your behalf regarding your aunt’s November 21, 2006 murder by former Atlanta police officers in a no-knock warrant home invasion. That is a lie, according to a records search at State Court by Telisha Blackshear*. The Cochran Firm did not really file lawsuit on behalf of Kathryn Johnston’s estate. Your lawyers worked behind your back to prevent a bona fide lawsuit from being filed against the City of Atlanta in order to leave you at the mercy of the City to pay you whatever it wanted to pay, or nothing at all.
* If you did not check to verify this information when it was reported in August 2010, court records will likely be doctored.  I was the "irate black woman" when I went to Superior Court and State Court to see the Dozier vs. City of Atlanta  lawsuit.  I wanted to make sure that no clerk or customer in either court could ever forget that I was there and that there was absolutely no record of the Dozier  lawsuit in State Court or in Superior Court on August 19, 2010.  I told all the clerks that since the missing lawsuit had been "settled" and once I wrote about the missing lawsuit, "they" would sneak it into the records at the supposed court of origin.  I have discovered that court records in Georgia often "change."  For instance, in Neals vs. The Cochran Firm, Superior Court reportedly lost The Cochran Firm's Motion to Dismiss which was filed in September 2005.  I saw that document secured in Neals court file when I reviewed the file in the presence of a court clerk in February 2006.  The file was in order and every document on the docket was indeed in the file.  The judge should have ruled on Defendants' Motion to Dismiss within three months of Defendants' filing date, but that motion was granted in May 2006 - after discovery ended and when it was time to proceed to jury.  In Neals vs. The Cochran Firm in USDC, pro se counsel was not notified when MARTA became a movant in the case.  MARTA became a movant because it carried advertising for the Atlanta office of The Cochran Firm, and The Cochran Firm denied having any Georgia and Tennessee offices in court. The Cochran Firm called its own advertising fraudulent regarding those offices (ads on MARTA, television commercials, phone books, billboards, through legal referral services, and the firm's Internet site) in order to avoid facing a jury trial after defrauding the Neal family.   

On August 17, you were induced to accept a $4.9 million settlement on the $18 million lawsuit that you thought The Cochran Firm had filed. Authorities knew that any jury convened in Atlanta would be mostly comprised of African Americans who were very sympathetic to plaintiffs in the Johnston civil action. Three of the former police officers involved in murdering Kathryn Johnston and framing the innocent, elderly black woman as a drug dealer are already sentenced to prison, so jurors would have had no doubts about Kathryn Johnston’s wrongful death. That is why The Cochran Firm made sure your case never went to jury trial. SUE THE COCHRAN FIRM FOR THE OTHER $13.1 MILLION THAT YOUR CASE WOULD HAVE RECEIVED IF YOUR LAWYERS HAD REALLY ACTED IN YOUR BEST INTEREST AND TAKEN THE CASE BEFORE A JURY.

The Cochran Firm withheld filing a lawsuit for Kathryn Johnston’s death, but they pretended to have filed one in State Court, Georgia. I checked with that court and Superior Court on Tuesday, August 18, and no such lawsuit was on record according to court records search.  On January 9, 2008, The Cochran Firm opened a civil action in United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia and pretended to "remove" the lawsuit (that had never really been filed) to federal court.  Your attorneys defrauded you and federal court to induce you to settle for one-third of the amount you believed The Cochran Firm had demanded in a lawsuit that was never actually filed. This was done to you to prevent you from going before a jury and getting the entire $18 million.

I was so excited to learn that State Court had no record of Dozier v. City of Atlanta on file on August 18, 2010, that I made this post longer than need be - full of repetition.  One interesting question is why would Dozier have been filed in State Court instead of Superior Court, anyway?  Secondly, why would your attorneys use your Complaint to put forth a defense for police who killed your aunt?  Sistrunk wrote that police acted on an informant's tip about drugs being sold in Johnston's home when they did the home invasion.  We all know that lie was exposed by the man who police planned to cover for them a year before the Complaint was ever filed in court.  Last time I looked at Dozier in federal court, there were records of several attorneys withdrawing from the case.  I don't blame them. Sarah, go see an attorney about irregularities in your lawsuit.  Other people who have/had lawsuits handled by that firm should do likewise.

When my mother and I sued The Cochran Firm for defrauding my family and helping Shelby County Tennessee Jail escape accountability for killing my handicapped brother, Larry Neal, our lawsuit was thrown out of Georgia Superior Court and federal court due to more perjury and fraud. "When you have no defense, just say you don't exist!"  See http://wrongfuldeathoflarryneal.com/  - The Cochran Firm protects the system, and when the law firm faces lawsuit, the “injustice” system reciprocates and protects the COINTELPRO law firm. However, the Cochran Firm’s record looks clean, because authorities protect their reputation. The Atlanta Better Business Bureau refused to take a complaint against The Cochran Firm. The FTC and FCC refused to investigate my complaint that The Cochran Firm advertises its Georgia law office continually, but the courts disclaim its existence when wronged clients serve a lawsuit there. It is a New World Order conspiracy against minority Americans.

Some clients manage to get part of their money when they sue The Cochran Firm for fraud, so please try. The firm recently had to pay a Latino woman, Ana Margarita Martinez, $287,000 after failing to recover $27.1 million for her that she had already been awarded. At least The Cochran Firm had to pay her something – less than 15% of what they made her lose. Please try to recover some of the money they made the Johnston estate lose by working with your defendants behind your back.  See my article about the fraud against Ana Margarita Martinez at the link below.  I also wrote about Kathryn Johnston in the articles below. I never let authorities forget that your family was waiting for justice for our elder's death.

The Cochran Firm Defrauds Kathryn Johnston's Survivors

The Johnnie Cochran Firm Defrauds Latino Client and Sues Its Insurers

I wish you and your family all the best, Sarah. I cannot congratulate you on getting justice for Kathryn Johnston’s murder, because you were defrauded of $13.1 million, plus you will have to share half of the small settlement you accepted with your fraudulent attorneys unless you fight them. Trust NO ONE who led you to The Cochran Firm. Many of them were rewarded for misleading you. TRY to call me and I will tell you more. Please be aware that my phone is tapped.  They control our outgoing and incoming calls, even when we change phone companies and numbers.  Sometimes, they have a false message on our phone saying the number is not in service.  Other times, they direct all calls to our voice mail but prevent us from getting the messages people leave.  They no longer allow any computers to go online from my home address.  But we trust in God.   Please listen to a National Public Radio interview with Shawn Chapman Holley, a former attorney in the Johnnie Cochran Firm.  She confirms that after Johnnie Cochran's death, his NEW partners fired or forced out attorneys would not go along with the program of delivering bad legal services to minority clients. 

Controversy at Cochran Law Firm : NPR. Shawn Chapman Holley — a former colleague of the late, famed lawyer Johnnie Cochran — is suing the law firm he made famous, claiming racial and gender discrimination ... www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=12171473

Be strong, Sarah. I hope my readers will help ensure that you get this information, because mainstream media (and even black journalists) will not tell African Americans and other minorities that there is a law firm set up to defraud minorities, especially in cases of murders by police.  Once you learn what was done to your family, I hope you stand and fight the good fight of faith. God is with you.


Mary Neal
Phone - (678) 531-0262
Website: http://wrongfuldeathoflarryneal.com/

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cochran Firm Defruads Kathryn Johnston's Survivors

(57 paragraphs, 21 links - count them as you read, because I am censored). Updated March 2011 - The NY Times reported on March 23 that seven black men have been killed by Florida police in just eight months.  There is social unrest, and people are calling for a federal investigation.  I tweeted that The Cochran Firm should keep its hands off the Florida cases if the families file for wrongful death.  After that, my Twitter posts started registering from one hour to one day back.  See the real-time footage of my censorship at Twitter on this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nbQcuo0kYM  - I am therefore concerned that The Cochran Firm might be used to do what it did when Atlanta residents were upset over Kathryn Johnston's 2006 murder:  Use Johnnie Cochran's name and reputation to sooth the community, then defraud the families.  Communities are angry when these deaths-by-police happen but do not follow the cases to see that further injustices do not occur years later in the court process.  In my experience, having the Department of Justice investigate abuses of power against black people is to no avail.  The federal agency is thoroughly racist.  When my mentally, physically disabled brother was murdered after 18 days of secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003, the Department of Justice colluded with Shelby County Government and The Cochran Firm to cover-up Larry's death and deny his family any records and investigation for seven years and counting - no change.

The Kathryn Johnston wrongful death case settled for $4.9million the week of August 18, 2010, but before you congratulate the plaintiff's attorneys, read this . . .

Note:       This article assumes that clerks and computers in Fulton County Georgia Superior Court and Georgia State Court are correct in reporting that THE COCHRAN FIRM NEVER FILED A LAWSUIT REGARDING DOZIER VS. CITY OF ATLANTA IN EITHER OF THOSE COURTS.  I believe the court clerks and their computer systems, not The Cochran Firm, since I know they are FRAUDS.  See http://wrongfuldeathoflarryneal.com/

Here is the censored tweet for today:  @LIFE @nytimes @cnn @bet @change Cochran Firm defrauded Kathryn Johnston's family http://alturl.com/byh65 

Since Johnnie Cochran died in 2005, shortly after he partnered with an Alabama law firm, The Cochran Firm seems to be some pseudo-government agency. Johnnie Cochran's name is apparently used to calm minority people when gross injustices happen, such as police murders. But lawyers for the firm secretly work against their clients' interest to minimize damages to the government agencies being sued. I knew The Cochran Firm would never take Kathryn Johnston's murder by Atlanta police officers before a jury but would accept whatever the government (its real client) wanted to offer Johnston's survivors. Luckily for Sarah Dozier, Johnston's niece and estate administrator, Atlanta offered a $4.9 million settlement. Most people who saw the newscast about the settlement probably did not know why reporters seemed to credit Atlanta's mayor as being magnanimous for offering to settle the Johnston civil action. The truth is that despite how obvious it was the former police officers murdered the innocent old lady in her own home, the City of Atlanta could have paid much less or even zero for Johnston's murder-by-police, because The Cochran Firm were the plaintiffs' attorneys.  That is worse than being pro se.  The Cochran Firm did to Johnston's family the same thing it did to my family after the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal in 2003.  The Cochran Firm pretended to file suit in Johnston's wrongful death, but no lawsuit was actually filed.  I f you have little time for reading, the denial of justice against the Neal family is summarized in this poem: " JUSTICE DENIED" http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2010/05/justice-musical-by-mary-neal.html and in videos Cochran Firm 1 and 2 at YouTube.

When 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston was murdered in the world's worst no-knock warrant incident on November 21, 2006, her neighbors worldwide became upset.  People started gathering in her yard to protest the innocent elder's murder.  Police concocted a false accusation against the elder calling her a drug dealer, but the ruse fell apart when the snitch police thought would verify their lie about Johnston reneged and went to the press and the FBI instead.  As tempers raised in the community, The Cochran Firm was retained for Johnston's estate's attorneys. I knew immediately there would be fraud happening, because The Cochran Firm frequently works behind its clients backs, especially in cases regarding police misconduct against minority victims. Today I discovered what The Cochran Firm did to set up Kathryn Johnston's family (its clients) to minimize monetary damages to the City of Atlanta.

On November 21, 2007, The Cochran Firm published press releases claiming it had filed suit for Sarah C. Dozier v. City of Atlanta, but that was a lie. Similarly, the Cochran Firm never filed any lawsuit for the WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL, my brother who was murdered under secret arrest (Google that).  Defrauding its clients is a habit for that law firm.  The lawyers had not actually filed any lawsuit for the Johnston estate.  Newspapers and media broadcasts carried The Cochran Firm's false announcement that Dozier's lawsuit was filed on 11/21/07 (exactly a year after Johnston's murder), and The Cochran Firm carried the lie on its website. But none of the reports I heard or read gave the name of the court where the Johnston wrongful death lawsuit was filed. I majored in Journalism plus I am a victim of The Cochran Firm Fraud, so the fact that journalists omitted naming the court was a red flag for me. Today I learned that NO SUIT WAS FILED ON 11/21/07 like The Cochran Firm reported in the press and in court records in USDC. It was just another Cochran Firm fraud. Here is a brief outline of what happened, followed by my tweets for today:

1. 8/1/03 - My brother Larry Neal died after 18 days of secret arrest in Memphis, Tennessee's Shelby Co. Jail under circumstances which the jail and the federal government refuse to disclose, although my family has begged for information we are entitled to for closure for over seven years.

2. 8/8/03 - My family signed contract w/ The Cochran Firm as wrongful death attorneys in a secret conflict of interest:  The Cochran Firm's managing partner in the Memphis office was a Shelby County Commissioner.  He had a vested interest in preventing a lawsuit from being filed against the jail, which is owned and operated by the Shelby County Commission.

3. 8/14/03 to 7/14/04 - The Cochran Firm pretended in lying letters to the Neal family that it was pursuing justice for Larry's murder by police, but the lawyers were actually holding the case inactive to help the jail escape accountability. No suit was filed for Larry's death, and no records were ever ordered. No one was even appointed estate executor. Larry's case file was EMPTY at the end of Tennessee's statute of limitations for wrongful death.

4. 8/1/05 - Larry Neal's mother and sister filed lawsuit against The Cochran Firm for defrauding the family to help Shelby County Jail escape accountability. Suit was filed in Georgia Superior Court and served to The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office, which is where the Neal's initial client intake interview was conducted. Arrangements were made by The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office for us to sign contract in The Cochran Firm's Memphis office the day after Larry's burial. The Atlanta and Memphis office of The Cochran Firm promised to work together to bring justice for Larry's wrongful death and to help Larry Neal's 80-year-old mother avoid traveling by sending lawyers from The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office to her Stone Mountain, Georgia home when it was necessary to give depositions or interface with her attorneys.

5. 5/26/06 - Judge Wendy Shoob dismissed the Neal vs. Cochran Firm lawsuit because The Cochran Firm falsely claimed our lawsuit was served wrongly.  The lawyers swore in court THERE IS NO COCHRAN FIRM OFFICE IN GEORGIA, and Judge Shoob concurred.  Meanwhile, The Cochran Firm kept doing business in its Atlanta office and and advertising the Atlanta office prolifically on the Internet, through legal referral services, on television commercials, on billboards, and on MARTA trains.  Obviously, the court and the Cochran Firm lawyers decided the Neal family were unworthy of truth and justice, and The Cochran Firm had no intention of any jury knowing how they treated the Neal family to help police escape accountability for killing my mentally, physically disabled brother, a black middle aged man.  Search for The Cochran Firm in the Atlanta phone book, for instance.

6. 11/21/06 - Atlanta police killed 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston in a no-knock warrant case, then tried to cover-up her murder by falsely accusing the elder of drug trafficking. The world was outraged, particularly African Americans. To prevent riots and help police, authorities arranged for The Cochran Firm to represent Johnston's survivors. Riots were prevented because:

                         A) Tensions were diffused in a series of town hall meetings that gave the public a place to vent and authorities made promises about improvements in the justice system and community relations, such as a citizens review board being established, and

                         B) The outraged public knew that The Cochran Firm was retained to represent Kathryn Johnston's estate. This brought calm because many blacks have misplaced trust in the law firm that wears Johnnie Cochran's name.

7.   Mary Neal went to the NAACP town hall meetings to warn community leaders and Johnston's family about The Cochran Firm working for police behind vicitms' backs.  Unfortunately, members of Johnston's family were not in the audience, or they were not introduced while I was there.   I distributed 75 flyers that proved 1) The Cochran Firm had been declared nonexistent in Georgia, and 2) the name The Cochran Firm used in Georgia Superior Court - Cochran Cherry Givens Smith & Sistrunk, P.C. - was not a valid name. The Georgia Secretary of State has had no such P.C. registered at any time in history.  The so-called "leaders" received the flyers about Larry Neal's murder and The Cochran Firm fraud against my family to protect the jail, and some of them promised to call me the next day.  INSTEAD, when I exited my home the next morning to go to work, all my car doors were open, the hood was up, and the trunk was up, but nothing was taken.  That was the first  of many THREATS to make me stop telling about The Cochran Firm Fraud.

                        I went to Ms. Johnston's Neal Street home to see if any of her relatives lived in the house, but it was vacant.  I told all the neighbors on Neal Street about The Cochran Firm fraud, hoping they would get the word to Ms. Dozier to watch out for her lawyers.  I started writing online about the likelihood that The Cochran Firm would defraud  Johnston's family like they defrauded our family to protect Memphis Shelby County Jail when my brother was murdered by police. I hoped that Sarah Dozier, Johnston's estate administrator, would see my articles and know about the danger of lawyer fraud she faced.

8. 8/15/07 - Mary Neal and Hattie Neal filed a breach of contract and fraud lawsuit against The Cochran Firm in United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia under the diversity rule (since The Cochran Firm pretended not to exist in Georgia and had our case dismissed in Georgia Superior Court by Judge Wendy Shoob). The diversity rule can only be used when the plaintiffs and defendants are in different states. The Cochran Firm's perjury that it had no Georgia office opened the door for our case to be filed against the bogus law firm in federal court.  But they were protected there, too.  I did not know at the time that The Cochran Firm is a government agency set up to defraud minority citizens, so my family believed we would be treated fairly in federal court.

9. 11/21/07 - The Cochran Firm issued fake press releases claiming a lawsuit had been filed for Kathryn Johnston's death, but did not give the name of the court.  Here is a link to a story tricking the general public about the Dozier vs. The City of Atlanta lawsuit which The Cochran Firm never really filed:  http://www.publicbroadcasting.net/wabe/news.newsmain/article/0/0/1187154/Atlanta/Johnston.Family.Sues.Atlanta..Police

[Georgia statute requires that personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits be filed withing two years of the occurrence. That means that Johnston's survivors had until November 21, 2008 to file suit for her death. Having no lawsuit filed (according to clerks at Georgia State Court and Superior Court), Johnston's survivors were in the same position as the Neal family was when The Cochran Firm pretended to sue Shelby County Jail for Larry Neal's wrongful death. Dozier did not know it, but if she had rejected Atlanta's offer to settle for $4.9 million in August 2010 (for less than one-third of the amount The Cochran Firm pretended to have demanded in the nonexistent complaint it never filed), she would not really have had any lawsuit to take before a jury. Like the Neal family, Johnston's relatives only legal alternative would be to sue their backstabbing attorneys - The Cochran Firm. However, since The Cochran Firm works for government entities against its clients, the courts reciprocate and declare The Cochran Firm "nonexistent to be sued."]

10. 12/07 and first week of 1/08 - Neals v. Cochran Firm lawsuit was served to Cochran Firm home office in Dothan, AL, Memphis, Tennessee office, and to David McLaughlin, the assigned attorney for Larry's wrongful death case.  Immediately after service was perfected, I started being stalked online and in person.  I reported it to Judge Batten in USDC, but nothing was done.  I reported it to police, FBI, USDOJ, Homeland Security, and the public, but I continue to be stalked and censored.  Police and all federal agencies refuse to investigate the crimes, despite my having submitted affidavits and real-time cyber-censorship videos.

11. 1/09/08 - The Cochran Firm filed FAKE documents in United States District Court (USDC) representing a lawsuit that was supposedly being REMOVED to federal court from State Court.  Actually, no legal documents had ever been filed in any court regarding Johnston's murder prior to the fraudulent documents The Cochran Firm filed in USDC on 1/09/08 ( I checked in person at State Court and Fulton County Superior Court on August 18, 2010 - Telisha Blackshear, of State Court, and Al Clark, of Superior Court.  Court records were searched repeatedly by numerous persons). Had it not been for my writing about The Cochran Firm fraud and trying to warn the Johnston family, I don't think The Cochran Firm would have filed anything in USDC, and what it did file was a fraud.  All the attorneys for the defendants and plaintiffs as well as the judge should know that no lawsuit was really electronically filed in Fulton County Superior Court, because that court does not even accept electronically filed complaints, and State Court denied having any such lawsuit on file.

              Since Sarah Dozier did accept the settlement Atlanta offered, it is likely that the devious attorneys and accomplices will now make State Court records align with the claim that the lawsuit was removed from there to federal court. I do not know how the Dozier lawsuit's appearence will be explained to the clerks who searched for it so diligently without success in response to my "irate black woman" routine. Ms.Blackshear, State Court clerk, was insulted that I seemed to believe she was deliberately keeping the Dozier lawsuit from me on August 18. She said, "Look, no Dozier vs. City of Atlanta lawsuit was filed in this court at any time. I have no reason to mislead you." Ms. Blackshear even gave me the case information for the cases on the page where such a filing would appear on the court's computer system. But still I persisted. "The City of Atlanta Attorneys Office said it is here! Superior Court downstairs does not have it. I checked the computer system myself then had numerous clerks check it. Dozier vs. City of Atlanta  has to be filed in this State Court!" Ms.Blackshear insisted, "There is no Dozier vs. City of Atlanta in this court. I have been all through the records." She was getting aggitated. At that point, I admitted that I believed her all the time. I told Ms.Blackshear that I never expected her to find record of the Dozier lawsuit, but I wanted to make sure she and other clerks and customers remembered my visit when the lawsuit suddenly appears in court records after I write about it not really being filed. (Removing a lawsuit to federal court does not purge it from the court of origin's records).

                  I do not know what happens regarding people like Ms. Blackshear in State Court and the Superior Court clerks I alerted that the Dozier lawsuit would show up in in one of those courts soon since the case was settled in the City's favor and I was going to notify the public that no lawsuit was on file. Blackshear may be get a sudden raise, or she could be terminated and gangstalked.  Something similar happened when I filed a Tennessee Bar complaint against David McLaughlin, our Cochran Firm attorney who misled us regarding Larry Neal's wrongful death and negligence lawsuits that he never really worked on in order to save Memphis Shelby County Jail.  The Bar's secretary received irrefutable proof that McLaughlin had submitted fraudulent documents in his defense and shared the information with other State employees (he sent fraudulently edited printouts of an emails that he likely believed cyberstalkers had destroyed in my Yahoo email box.  However, I had already saved those emails on discs, and forwarded them (as original attachments) to many people.)  McLaughlin found out the Bar's employee was telling people around Nashville about The Cochran Firm Fraud against my family and his fraud on the Tennessee Bar, and he complained to the Bar about the investigation's confidentiality breach.  The Bar immediately dropped the investigation and dismissed my complaint against McLaughlin.  Justice got thrown under the bus when the Bar thought McLaughlin would sue for the breach of confidentiality.  (This information became public record in the Neals v. The Cochran Firm case in USDC.)

Make a trip to your nearest federal courthouse or get a free PACER account with United States District Court and see the case online using this link - https://pacer.login.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/login.pl?court_id=00idx
Dozier et al. v. City of Atlanta, et al.
United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia
Civil Action No. 1:08-CV-0007-MHS

USDC Docket Item #1 - Filing Form says case Dozier vs. City of Atlanta was "removed from State Court" due to a Consititutional issue.  Exhibit "A" is the Plaintiffs' Complaint that was supposedly removed to USDC. It had no State Court or Superior Court civil action number, but it had a Lexis Nexus e-file number: 17329342 at 9:07 a.m. on 11/21/07. All of that is fraudulent, according to a search of court records by numerous parties.

                       Problem No. 1 - Neither State Court nor Georgia Superior Court has any record of Dozier v. City of Atlanta ever being filed there. This was checked by five people in the Clerk's office, including supervisors. If that filing NEVER HAPPENED, it could not have been "removed" to USDC.  Court clerks stated that if the lawsuit had ever been filed, the court's computer system would have record of the filing.  "Removal" does not purge records in the court of origin.  UPDATE:  The federal docket for the case was Changed after I first viewed it on August 18.  The changes will be revealed in the lawsuit I file against the City of Atlanta for First Amendment violations.  See "Mary Neal Not Allowed to Protest in Atlanta"      http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2010/06/in-2006-i-checked-with-atlanta-city.html and see  "Atlanta Police: No Picketing The Cochran Johnnie Firm!" http://www.care2.com/c2c/share/detail/1712356

                       Problem No. 2 - When Kathryn Johnston was murdered, police hid drugs in her home as she lay handcuffed and bleeding on her floor.  They made arrangements for a police informant to say that he had purchased drugs from the elder's home in order to excuse the home invasion.  However, the informant went to the FBI and the media and exposed the plot.  The fact that there was no drug purchase to excuse the no-knock warrant and home invasion was publicized by mainstream news throughout the world.  But when Hezekiah Sistrunk, Esq. drafted his client's complaint, he actually excused the home invasion by putting forward this police excuse that had been thoroughly debunked a year before he filed the complaint in court.  Dozier's own attorney published false information defaming her aunt in the complaint for the wrongful death case.

The Cochran Firm reported it had filed a lawsuit against Atlanta Police for the Johnston's estate on November 21, 2007, but the lawyers were lying.  They lied to their clients and to the world.  Lead plaintiffs' attorney Hezekiah Sistrunk probably gave his client a copy of the bogus Complaint - a document that was never properly filed in any court or properly served to defendants.

The Cochran Firm did the same thing to our family to prevent the Neals from recovering damages after the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal. The Cochran Firm signed contract with the Neals under an undisclosed conflict of interest and then wrote us lying letters about legal work that the firm never did.   See http://wrongfuldeathoflarryneal.com/ - This fraud went on almost 11months - until it was too late for the Neal family to get honest attorneys (Tennessee's statute of limitations on wrongful death is only 12 months). The difference between Memphis officials and Atlanta officials is that Atlanta officials offered the family a small settlement for Johnston's wrongful death, but Memphis still hides behind The Cochran Firm fraud and the DOJ, which protects murderous police by refusing to release any records on Larry's murder, allowing the jail to enter perjury in federal court regarding the jail's release from federal overview, and refusing to investigate Larry's murder like it did Michael Vick's dogs' deaths. Dog abuse is deemed to be more important than murdered black American citizens.

I believe the plan was for the City of Atlanta to pay the family whatever it wanted to, if anything.  That is basically what happened this week.  Luckily, the City offered a settlement for $4.9 million, although any jury would have awarded more for the helpless 92-year-old woman being invaded and murdered in a hail of 36 bullets.  The Cochran Firm pretended to its clients and to the world that it filed a lawsuit for $18 million for Johnston's murder, but it was never filed.  Authorities knew that an Atlanta jury, where residents are mostly blacks, would have awarded that family the entire $18 million that The Cochran Firm claimed to have demanded in the bogus lawsuit. 






12.  1/08 until 2/9/09 - Neals v. The Cochran Firm case was in USDC under the diversity rule, meaning that there was no Cochran Firm office in Georgia (the perjury that had prevailed in Georgia Superior Court). Meanwhile, The Cochran Firm's Georgia office was also in USDC pretending to represent Kathryn Johnston's family. The Cochran Firm took the Johnston case before Judge Marvin H. Shoob. He happens to be father of Judge Wendy Shoob, the Superior Court judge who had ruled that there is no such thing as a Cochran Firm office in Georgia and dismissed our lawsuit in 2006. Therefore, in Judge Batten's courtroom at USDC, The Cochran Firm was defending itself against the Neals' case and pretending not to have any Georgia office.  Right next door in Judge Shoob's courtroom, The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office was supposedly representing the Johnston family. If the Georgia Bar does nothing about all of this fraud, any attorneys they ever sanctioned should sue the Bar.

13.  After suit was served in Neals v. Cochran Firm in USDC, the Neals started being stalked, persecuted, including being followed by government vehicles leading other vehicles. I figured the intimidation was happening to make us drop the federal lawsuit against The Cochran Firm. It continued after we were denied justice in USDC to discourage me from writing about The Cochran Firm fraud and other injustices in my Internet articles.

14.  2/9/09 - Judge Batten ruled that The Cochran Firm having secretly kept the Neals' case in Larry Neal's wrongful death COMPLETELY INACTIVE for nearly 11 months of Tennessee's 12-month statute of limitations was not the proximate cause of the Neals missing the opportunity to sue Shelby County Jail timely for Larry's wrongful death. It was a ridiculous ruling (unjust), because it usually takes more than a month to have an estate executor appointed in Tennessee, which is the first thing any lawyer would have to do to be able to collect records and file suit.  Judge Batten dismissed our fraud case in USDC which was filed under the diversity rule.  Since the case was in USDC based on a lie (no Cochran Firm in Georgia, the ruling is void). See more that happened in USDC by Googling "Cochran Firm Fraud."

15.  June 2010 - I picketed at the Cochran Firm's Atlanta office at 127 Peachtree Street. I told people about The Cochran Firm having itself declared nonexistent in Georgia Superior Court in 2006 to dodge facing a jury for defrauding the Neal family regarding http://wrongfuldeathoflarryneal.com/  - but six months later undertaking representation of Kathryn Johnston's family. Two Atlanta police officers violated my First Amendment rights by forcing me to leave from the front of The Cochran Firm's office. Atlanta police would not allow me to tell the public how The Cochran Firm had defrauded the Neals to protect Memphis police from Larry Neal's wrongful death lawsuit and that the firm was likely defrauding Kathryn Johnston's family for the Atlanta Police Department.

16.  8/13/10 - ALL of my computer input is monitored and frequently censored. I wrote an email publishing plans to picket The Cochran Firm for defrauding minorities at Morehouse College, Spellman College, Clark Atlanta University, and Georgia State University on 8/17/10 - which is the first day of school for some of the colleges. Although the news media is "down" with helping The Cochran Firm defraud minorities by refusing to report on these issues, I know that America's youth care about injustice and would be as shocked as I was to learn that some attorneys, U.S. Government officials, and courts engage in conspiracies to help police get away with murdering citizens like Larry Neal and Kathryn Johnston. I expected the students to help me demand that Kathryn Johnston's family be treated justly.  I also hoped the students would help protest the denial of justice and open disclosure about my brother's murder.  There is still a huge cover-up about his death from Memphis to Atlanta to Washington, DC.

17. 8/14/10 -  The City of Atlanta offered to "settle" (the nonexistent lawsuit) with Sarah Dozier for $4.9 million.  Sarah Dozier accepted the settlement on her lawyers' advice (The Cochran Firm Fraud Team).

I thank Atlanta officials who offered Kathryn Johnston's family $4.9 million settlement.  Although an Atlanta jury would have paid the family more, I always knew The Cochran Firm would not take the case before a jury. Since The Cochran Firm was apparently working for the defendants, they could have paid Johnston's estate zero, which is what my family received when Memphis police killed my handicapped brother under secret arrest in 2003.  Ms. Dozier seemed satisfied with the settlement on the newscasts I saw, because she does not know yet what was done to her.  Kathryn Johnston's family did not actually have any attorney, but a mediator appointed by the defendants.

I congratulate the students at Morehouse College, Clark Atlanta University, Spellman College, and Georgia State University.  I believe that announcing my plans to picket on sidewalks by those schools to notify students about the Johnston family being defrauded by The Cochran Firm influenced the case being settled immediately before fall classes started.

Maybe together we helped Kathryn Johnston's family get a settlement.   Perhaps it is conceited of me to think so, but I want to believe the pain my family endures is doing someone some good.   We are financially persecuted, and my First Amendment rights ignored.  Because The Cochran Firm defrauded our family and never got records telling the circumstances of Larry's murder, my elderly mother has nightmares about the ways police may have killed my brother in Shelby County Jail.  The jail and the The U.S. Department of Justice refuse to answer our subpoenas or Freedom of Information Act requests for records and information.  They refuse to say how and why Larry Neal was secretly arrested and murdered.  Dog abuse is prosecuted in America, but not murdered black men, especially the mentally ill.  Courts allowed The Cochran Firm to claim it had no office in Georgia to prevent justice.  I make regular reports to the public, because we hope it promotes our safety for you to know about these unethical and criminal dealings.

PRAY FOR MY FAMILY AND ME. "They" do not want the American public to know that law firms are being used to defraud citizens after police violence. They do not want people to know how censorship is done to contain Internet messages about justice and human rights. My home is surrounded by people living in houses that are registered as "public utility - gov." I have been followed by government vehicles and denied 911 police services when accosted. Someone takes over my home computers and puts them on an illegal workgroup domain to monitor and control my Internet input. After cheating my family of our righteous judgment after Larry's murder and denying us justice against The Cochran Firm's fraud, people now destroy my online job applications and prevent my communicating with potential employers by Internet or telephone. Our phone is tapped, and incoming and outgoing calls are frequently blocked or directed to voicemail, but we do not actually get the messages.

MS. DOZIER SHOULD NOT HAVE TO SHARE ANY OF HER SETTLEMENT AWARD WITH THE COCHRAN FIRM.  THE ATTORNEYS HAD EVERYTHING READY TO PREVENT THE JOHNSTON ESTATE FROM RECOVERING A DIME, INCLUDING A FAKE LAWSUIT AND A COURT THAT WAS APPARENTLY DEFRAUDED INTO ALLOWING THE COCHRAN FIRM TO "REMOVE" A CASE TO USDC THAT THE LOWER COURT HAD NO RECORD OF IT EVER ACTUALLY BEING FILED.  It is pitiful how The Cochran Firm can continue defrauding courts.  Judges in Georgia should check every word The Cochran Firm attorneys write, beginning with some of the several names the law office used in the Johnston case, like "Cochran Cherry Givens Smith Sistrunk and Sams, P.C."  (The Cochran Firm only pretended to be a "P.C." in Superior Court in 2006 when we sued them.  The Georgia Secretary of State's office had no such firm registered ever.)  The presumption is that attorneys will zealously pursue justice for their clients.  But who are The Cochran Firm's real clients? 

Everyone who is suing through The Cochran Firm needs to RUN AND INVESTIGATE YOUR CASE FILE AT THE ATTORNEY'S OFFICE.  There may be no suit filed for you at all.  Even if your case file has court pleadings in it, please go to the court and ask the clerk to let you review your court file.  There may be NO court case at all, or part of what your Cochran Firm lawyers show you may not actually be filed in any court.  It is up to the State Bars to keep attorneys honest, but that is very political, and money is king to Godless people.

LOOK, STUDENTS!  SEE HOW THEY CENSOR ME - THEY PERODICALLY HIDE MY GOOGLE PROFILE TO COVER-UP THEIR SINS AND BREACH OF DUTY - THIS SHOULD BE OVER 30 PARAGRAPHS -- http://www.google.com/profiles/MaryLovesJustice See the data cyberdogs are hiding that should be in my Google profile at this blog published in July 2010 - CENSORSHIP ALERT:  Mary Neal's Google Profile Rendered Invisible.  (They MAY let this link work - check and see.)

Justice in America is reserved for healthy, wealthy, white people (especially males).  If your description deviates in either area, justice is optional. Justice is not protected for handicapped people like Larry Neal, elderly people like Kathryn Johnston, and poor people like some of the potentially innocent white men who are in prison and some on death row but denied DNA tests.  Minority citizens have no protected rights regardless of their socio-economic status, like Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. discovered.  Justice for murdered and abused pit bulls is more assured by the justice system.


Ye shall do no unrighteousness in judgment: thou shalt not respect the person of the poor, nor honor the person of the mighty: but in righteousness shalt thou judge thy neighbour. ~ Leviticus19:15

Below are links to more of the numerous articles I wrote over the last few years to try to warn Kathryn Johnston's family about their attorneys, since I did not know how to contact them directly and "black leaders" led the family into that law firm's clutches.  Johnston's family did not attend the candlelite vigils held in her honor, and I feel that I know why.  When my brother Larry was murdered, The Cochran Firm told us to talk to no one about his death and refer all questions to them.  I believe the lawyers told Kathryn Johnston's family to stay away from vigils.  If you know the family or can reach them, please share this link with them so they will know they have been cheated.  The media hides The Cochran Firm fraud (likely because it is really a COINTELPRO government agency), including media owned by blacks, and some community "leaders" help The Cochran Firm defraud minority citizens.  I assume someone is paying The Cochran Firm to defraud minority families, because plaintiffs' attorneys win when their clients win.  Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr. said not to judge people by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.  That is not a message against racism for whites only.  Black people and all working class Americans need to take Dr.King's admonition seriously, because the elite in America have already integrated.




Please warn Native Americans, who had/have an important lawsuit with The Cochran Firm as their lawyers.  The Cochran Firm also defrauds Latinos and has opened offices especially for them.  Read about one case in my blog at this link:  Johnnie Cochran Firm Defrauds Latino Client and Sues Its Insurers Who Refuse to Pay for the Fraud.  http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2010/07/johnnie-cochran-firm-defrauds-another.html

Cochran Firm, I hope that Sarah Dozier sues you for defrauding the family.  Unlike my family, they have money now and can fight you.  Lawyers who read this should contact Sarah Dozier and help her.  She probably does not even know she was defrauded of $13.1 million.  If the government wants to set limits on wrongful death payouts because the economy is bad, then do that publicly and according to due process of law and stop using The Cochran Firm to defraud minority citizens after murders by police.  "Liberty and justice for all" should include minority citizens, the poor, and disabled.  I have found that is often not the case.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Mary Neal's Google Profile Censorship

(7 paragraphs, 10 links)   Frauds think they can escape public exposure by censoring me. See my Google profile page, which is rendered invisible most of the time, and other times only one paragraph shows - http://www.google.com/profiles/MaryLovesJustice

My disappearing Google profile proves censorship in America is probably worse than in other countries. All I write about is the need for equal justice and human rights.  See the data cyberdogs are hiding at this blog published in July 2010 - "CENSORSHIP ALERT: Mary Neal's Google Profile Rendered Invisible." (They MAY let this link work - check and see.)


Where else are handicapped citizens like Larry Neal secretly arrested for weeks, murdered, and survivors' pleas for accountability are hidden by cybercensorship? While covering-up Larry's murder by police, the government drags Americans like Cameron Willingham onto lethal injection tables for unproved crimes.  My Google profile is hidden behind the Iron Curtain of censorship to contain the news about Larry's death and the cover-up and other injustices - http://wrongfuldeathoflarryneal.com/

Were Larry Neal and Savannah police officer MacPhail created equal? U.S. officials do not think so. How do they choose which murders are investigated and prosecuted and which are covered-up?  Why is the "injustice" system anxious to execute Troy Davis for the UNPROVED crime of murdering Officer MacPhail while the DOJ refuses to even ask Memphis police WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL?  It is wrong for officials who care zero about justice to have the power to execute citizens.  It is wrong to wage wars with other countries supposedly over human rights violations when dog abuse matters more to officials in the USA than handicapped citizens' murders.  The issue cyberdogs are used to prevent me from publishing online is HYPOCRISY.

The U.S. should either be what it says on paper or retire such phrases as "equal justice" and "non-discrimination"  and "citizens' rights."  Americans are probably lucky officials still want to pretend, though.  The day they stop acknowledging we have Constitutional rights, whether or not those rights are actually protected, they may start interning people in concentration camps, six of which were proposed under federal bill H.R.645, introduced in Congress in January 2009 by Rep. Alcee Hastings [D-FL23] - The bill was co-sponsored by

The upcoming elections will show how well this news was censored.  Artur Davis is running for governor of Alabama, and other H.R.645 sponsors are seeking re-election.  Can you believe it?  Officials who want to imprison you and your families for such offenses as refusing to take H1N1 shots (according to the Massachusetts Martial Law bill) plan to "represent" you again.  Probably most of the Massachusetts legislators who made Martial Law plans that include FEMA centers for their constituents are also seeking re-election.  Will people in Massachusetts need to go through checkpoints to leave the state, or do all the states have Martial Law bills?  How about this for a "get rich quick scheme"?  Win an election, buy pharmaceutical stock (or accept gifts), then arrest millions of people if they refuse to take the medicine.  Summer won't last forever; it will be flu season again soon.

Why am I distrustful? For one thing, H.R.645 is in Congress.  It is not a conspiracy theory but an actual congressional bill. Also, it has a lot to do with my brother, Larry Neal, being secretly arrested for 18 days and murdered in 2003, then my family being refused any records or accountability despite federal subpoenas and requests under the Freedom of Information Act for seven years.  That doesn't seem very Constitutional to me.  Nevertheless, I am hopeful, too.  Until last year, I had hoped that the U.S. Department of Health retired from medical experiments in the 1970's when the Tuskegee Experiments that began in 1932 ended.  Since I write about such subjects, there is no wonder why cyberdogs hide my Google profile and put my home PC on an illegal workgroup domain to control my input. After I started filming real-time cyberstalking and published some of the videos at my YouTube channel - jkempp703 - the illegal domain administrator prevents me from going online using my PC altogether.  I leave it in that condition to do a forensic analysis on it and possibly trace the cyberstalkers.  Meanwhile, I mostly use public computers, and cyberstalkers sometimes interfere with my input there, also.  Free speech and freedom of press are the first rights to go when things get ugly.  I am surprised WikiLeak gets to publish online at http://wikileak.org/

Mary Neal
Website:  http://wrongfuldeathoflarryneal.com/

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