Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Black, Get Back; Affirmative Action Banned

High Court Upholds Michigan's Affirmative Action Ban

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday, April 22, 2014, upheld Michigan’s ban on using race as a factor in college admissions despite one justice’s impassioned dissent that accused the court of wanting to wish away racial inequality.

The justices said in a 6-2 ruling that Michigan voters had the right to change their state constitution in 2006 to prohibit public colleges and universities from taking account of race in admissions decisions. The justices said that a lower federal court was wrong to set aside the change as discriminatory.

The decision bolstered similar voter-approved initiatives banning affirmative action in education in California and Washington state. A few other states have adopted laws or issued executive orders to bar race-conscious admissions policies. ~~ Read the entire Washington Post article:

MaryLovesJustice Neal

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Executing, Imprisoning African Americans and Sick People

Every killing of a black person, especially mental patients, by police officers or prison guards is said to be justified. Deaths that absolutely cannot be called justified are covered-up by officials. Hall, a Michigan man, was killed by a police firing squad after having a "run-in with a convenience store clerk." Although he was literally executed with 40 bullets for a possible misdemeanor, Hall's execution was ruled "justified."

See also "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal."
http://WrongfulDeathofLarryNeal.com - a premeditated murder that is covered up by government officials. Murders that cannot by any stretch of the imagination be said to be justified are simply covered up. Larry Neal's secret arrest (kidnapping) for 18 days, with police denying that he was in custody, was such a murder. So was the death of another black man who was baked to death on Riker's Island in February. Jerome Murdough's family was not contacted by prison officials, the State of New York, or his court-appointed attorney when he died in custody. 

AP reporters contacted Murdough's family three weeks after his murder, or his sister and elderly mother might never have known about Murdough being slow roasted in a solitary jail cell. This system believes it has the right to exterminate black people, particularly mental patients, and the system has no intention of paying wrongful death settlements for people it deems to have no value. Hitler called people with mental health issues and minorities "useless eaters."

NO RECORD IS KEPT IN AMERICA REGARDING POLICE VIOLENCE AGAINST THE MENTALLY ILL. I am interested in oppression of mentally ill people of every race. If you have information regarding arrests and brutality, including wrongful deaths and solitary confinement, of mentally ill Americans, please share the information with me. Answer the questions below according to your knowledge. Leave fields blank if you lack the information. Copy/paste the questions to an email. Add your answers and email your response to MaryLovesJustice@gmail.com. Please use "Mentally Ill Americans" as your subject. You should receive a receipt within 12 hours. If not, please send your email again, and notify us about email tampering as a comment to this article. The information you provide will be used to advocate for positive change.

1. Name of mental patient
2. Age
3. Race
4. What are/were his/her diagnosed mental and physical illnesses or disabilities, including drug and alcohol dependency?
5. What is the name of his/her last/current facility (hospital or correctional facility)? If currently imprisoned, what is his/her inmate number? What were his/her criminal charges? Was he/she convicted? What was the sentence?

6. Date of first incarceration. Number of times arrested. Date of last incarceration.
7. At what age was he/she first diagnosed with mental illness and/or a drug/alcohol dependency?
8. Was he or she ever isolated in solitary confinement (SHU)?
9. If isolated, how long was he/she in solitary confinement?
10. Was he/she ever brutalized by hospital personnel, law enforcement, correctional officers, inmates or other patients?
11. What is his/her educational level? Is/was he/she employed? What type of work?
12. Does/did he/she receive disability income?
13. Does/did he/she ever receive housing assistance or live in a group home?
14. Has he/she ever been homeless?
15. Has he/she ever been in foster care?
16. Has he/she ever served in the military?
17. What psychotropic medications was he/she prescribed?
18. Does/did he/she take psychotropic medications willingly?
19. Was he/she ever accused of violence toward self or others?
20. Has he/she ever been hospitalized for mental illness or ordered into drug/alcohol rehab?
21. Give the dates of commitment to a mental hospital, if known.
22. For deceased persons, please provide the date of death.
23. How did he/she die?
24. If he/she died due to negligence or wrongful death, did survivors receive a wrongful death settlement or award?
25. What are your thoughts about assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) programs, which provide food and housing assistance and court-ordered psychiatric treatment for people diagnosed with severe mental illness, particularly those exiting prisons and mental hospitals? Would your relative benefit by such a program?

A bill that is currently before the U.S. House of Representatives provides for pilot AOT programs. It is called H.R. 3717- "Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act." It has three provisions that are essential to improvement:
(a) Medicaid insurance for psychiatric inpatients
(b) AOT programs
(c) Crisis intervention training for police officers and prison guards to reduce violence against mentally ill people

Those three provisions would decriminalize mental illness and reduce the likelihood of serious injuries and deaths among mentally ill people during arrests or while in custody. PRISON INVESTORS HATE H.R.3717, because over 1.25 million of America's inmates are mentally ill people. Private prison investors rely on ineffective mental health care services to keep their prisons full. 

It is much more cost effective to treat rather than to imprison people who have serious mental illnesses. Warehousing just one inmate in a New York jail costs $168,000 per year - more money than the average family earns in five years. Most people with mental illness are unable to contribute to their own defense at trial, some falsely confess to crimes they did not do, and their sentences are generally longer than healthy defendants'. Oftentimes, mentally ill inmates get time added to their sentences after being imprisoned because of their inability to understand or follow prison rules. 

Over sixty percent of the nations' inmates suffering today in solitary confinement are mentally ill people. They are isolated, sprayed with harmful chemicals, subjected to deadly restraint, raped, beaten, and some are killed behind bars. Organizations that object to AOT programs say it is unjust to enforce psychiatric treatment, but they are nowhere around when your untreated mentally ill relatives are sentenced to prisons and jails or released from hospitals and incarceration without provisions for their continued treatment and care. 

People with serious mental illness are deliberately left to their own devices in order to entrap them indefinitely in the revolving door in and out of detention until they eventually die or get sentenced for life (due to "three strikes law" or a violent crime). Then YOU, as taxpayers, get sentenced to paying the prison for keeping the inmate detained for life. YOU, as taxpayers, also pay the settlements for wrongful deaths and brutality. Over 50% of the victims of police violence are/were mentally ill people.

YOUR safety is compromised by a mental health care system that refuses to allow involuntary commitment and enforced treatment unless and until a person with serious mental illness proves (through violence) to be a danger to self and others. Whether or not you have or had relatives with mental illness, H.R.3717 "Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act" concerns your family, too. Your tax money is wasted imprisoning people for being sick although treatment and subsistence assistance in AOT programs is substantially more effective and less costly, and your safety is compromised by withholding treatment until avoidable tragedies happen.


Contact your elected officials, particularly your congressional representatives, and urge them to support H.R.3717:

Also, please insist that African Americans and the mentally ill are NOT to be executed by police officers on the presumption of minor offenses like Mr. Hall was in Michigan. A harmless man being executed on the street by a firing squad should never be counted as "justified" to avoid paying a wrongful death settlement and to keep murderous police on the payroll. Neither should African Americans and the mentally ill of any race be brutally treated or murdered during arrests or behind bars like Larry Neal and so many others have been. If the United States continues its present course, make sure this does not happen without your objections. Silence is consent.

Mary Neal
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

African Americans - An Indigenous People

1 of 3 -- African Americans are a peculiar people. We have been mixed with other races and tongues - by force, usually. We emerged with our own culture from the degradation of slavery and Jim Crow - a rich culture that positively impacts every other culture on the face of the earth. We have enriched everyone except ourselves. We identify with Africans everywhere, but we who were made in America are unique. It is time for us to be recognized as indigenous people because we were made in America.

2 of 3 -- Like indigenous people everywhere, we are exploited. It is time to claim our true identity and demand the rights of indigenous peoples. Separate from this corrupt, racist system where we are forever considered "the Negro problem" and can never get justice. We tried integration for over 50 years, and it has not and cannot work. For as long as we have been in this system, we have been USED and ABUSED. Our people are considered prison commodities. Our brightest are induced to turn against us and act as proxy racists. We cannot continue this way. Assimilation is not the way.

3 of 3 -- "Then I heard another voice from heaven say: "'Come out of her, my people'" (Revelation 18:4). We have sought acceptance when we should pursue separation, indigenous rights, reparations and property. God bless the child who has his own.

Mass Hypnosis
This is how we'll win the game
Let just a few live the dream
Marches, sit-ins all in vain
Make 'em think they overcame
Show 'em an empty Jim Crowe grave
Apologize for making 'em slaves
Rising tempers, we must tame
Make 'em think they overcame.
Let a few experience success
Toms come aboard and control the rest
Millions will be left in pain
But they'll think they overcame.
"Mass Hypnosis" - All rights reserved by Mary Neal, 11/13/10

MaryLovesJustice Neal
(Stalkers ran the stanzas of the poem together on my cellphone view, so I added the separation. Truth offends them.)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Al Sharpton: FBI Informant?

"Al Sharpton's Secret Work as an FBI Informant" was published by "The Smoking Gun" on April 7, 2014.

Excerpts: "A lengthy investigation by The Smoking Gun has uncovered remarkable details about Sharpton’s past work as an informant for a joint organized crime task force comprised of FBI agents and NYPD detectives, as well as his dealings with an assortment of wiseguys . . . Like almost every other FBI informant, Sharpton was solely an information source. The parameters of his cooperation did not include Sharpton ever surfacing publicly or testifying on a witness stand." The entire article is at the link below: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/investigation/al-sharpton-764312

The NY Daily News reports that after being exposed, Al Sharpton said, “I encourage kids all the time to work with law enforcement. You’re acting like it’s a scandal for me to do that."

Ordinarily, such reports are not released until after an FBI informant dies, like Ernest C. Withers, photojournalist for the civil rights movement.

Question: Do you believe that Al Sharpton's work as an FBI informant is a good example for our youths of "working with law enforcement"?