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Prevented Email for Christian Jailer


Paragraph 2 of 4 -- Text of prevented email:  Mr. Story, CoIntelPro had removed Part I of your interview on the Rev. Pinkney Show at Blogtalk. They left the July 18, 2010 interview, but they hid the July 11, 2010 interview wherein you told about the mentally ill man you found dying in his cell in Shelby County Jail and your malicious prosecution for not going along with the cover-up that was planned. It was a fight to get Part I of your interview posted again. I notified Blogtalk Radio via Twitter, posted the sabotage on Google+ and at Facebook. Agents seek to hide Coleman's murder and your malicious prosecution and wrongful termination after your truth-telling about how the mentally ill inmate was killed. It appeared that he was released from his solitary cell with another mentally ill inmate so that Shelby County Jail guards could enjoy a HUMAN DOG FIGHT. When the smaller inmate was mortally wounded, he was tossed back in solitary to die of his wounds. I am glad he lived long enough to tell you what happened when you reported to work that morning. Your testimony about the brutality helped Coleman's family be compensated for his wrongful death. I have exciting opportunities for you to appear in a movie and do more radio interviews, if you are interested. William Windsor is producing a movie about government and judicial corruption called "LAWLESS AMERICA MOVIE." The fact that you are a former Sargent in Shelby County Jail who was maliciously prosecuted for being honest would be of immense interest to the public, I am sure. So often, people wonder why more police officers and prison/jail guards do not stand up for justice when their coworkers and supervisors are corrupt. What happened to you and numerous other people in the justice system will help them understand why WEAKER, SELFISH police officers and jail guards do not honor their oaths of office to serve and protect. You told me that after the judge dismissed the bogus drug charges that were levied against you and ruled that you should be rehired, Shelby County Jail refused to obey the court order and restore you to your employment as a jailer. It would appear that you are due back-pay for YEARS of lost work by now plus punitive damages - probably millions. Maybe the injustice system will see that you never get due process of law, just as my brother's murder continues to be covered-up by officials, but it helps for the public to be made aware of these abuses of power. You may not be able to reach me on my usual phone number today 678.531.0262, but call me tomorrow if you read this email before I call you. This is a link to an article about a recent murder by white supremacists in Louisiana with a 14-year-old victim that should interest you. Part of your own story is presented therein - LOUISIANA TEEN LYNCHED IN LAWLESS AMERICA  Thanks again for standing for justice, Mr. Story. God will repay you for your sincerity and love for your fellow man that cost you and your family so much. The two interviews you did when I invited you to speak on the Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Show are at these links (UNLESS stalkers pulled a switch again): July 11, 2010 (final half) - Memphis Shelby County Jail former jailer persecuted with malicious prosecution for revealing a jail murder  and July 18, 2010 -  A former jailer at Memphis Shelby County Jail and a police officer from Louisiana discuss hidden corruption and murders  May God continue to bless you and your family, Christian people who are greatly persecuted for being do-ers of the Word as our Lord commanded in Proverbs 31:8-9. Great is your reward, according to God's Word. (END OF PREVENTED EMAIL)

Paragraph 3 of 4 --

Paragraph 4 of 4 -- Four numbered paragraphs and three links are in this advocacy article for human rights, including freedom of press, by Mary Neal, "America's Most Censored" (Google that title for thirteen reasons why I have the unhappy distinction of being the most censored person in the USA). Please plan to attend the Atlanta Justice Rally on August 18 when Rev. Pinkney will join us in exposing and protesting The Cochran Firm Fraud, mass incarceration, prisoner brutality, criminalizing mental illness, the death penalty, racism and class consciousness in the justice system. There, you will have an opportunity to view videos of the cyberterror and censorship that I endured for years while conducting a HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS MARCH across the Internet. The actual march will begin in October when a banner saying "HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS MARCH" and "NO CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN AMERICA" will be passed from activists from one city to another like the Olympic torch is passed until it crosses the nation.

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Police Murders v. the Joker Massacre

TWELVE PEOPLE WERE KILLED in the Colorado theater massacre in July 2012. This tragedy horrified the world and reportedly interrupted politicians' campaigns, although I could not perceive a break in campaigning. The entire nation mourns with the grieving families, and condolences from officials are continually broadcasted. (This article has three(3) links and one(1) photo.) PRESIDENT OBAMA traveled to Colorado to comfort survivors and visit some of the 58 wounded victims of the senseless attack. He assured the nation that the "full weight of the justice system would come to bear" on the shooter. James Holmes was taken into custody speedily after the rampage. Such tragedies give rise to debate over gun control that police shootings do not. Over 120 African Americans have died in extrajudicial killings by police and guards so far this year, according to a July 9 report by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. The victims included unarmed men, women, and children as well as elderly and disabled people. No matter how unnecessary and brutal the deaths were, most were found to be "justified," and it is not unusual for deaths-by-police to be ignored by the media as well as politicians. I am glad Colorado families are being comforted and that they have the president's assurance that justice will be served. I pray that the injured recover speedily, and we send condolences to relatives and friends of the murder victims. I know how it feels to lose a loved one to violence. My mentally, physically disabled brother's MURDER BY POLICE AFTER 18 DAYS OF SECRET INCARCERATION is actually covered up by the same justice system that the president promised will address the Colorado theater massacre. In the USA, media coverage, investigation and prosecution following deaths depend on who was killed (race and class) and who did the killing. My brother and many other African American victims of extrajudicial killings by law enforcement were also 'good people' who are missed.

Report on the Extrajudicial Killing of 120 Black People by Police, Security Guards, and Self-Appointed Law Enforcers

Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

Colorado Theater Shooting: Obama: 'Good people,' not the shooter, will be remembered

May God bless America with justice for all.

by Mary Neal, advocate for voiceless victims as we were all appointed to be by God in Prov. 31:8-9

Lawsuits Following Warren Hill Execution

warren, hill, execution, it, would, be, completely, unconstitutional,
Warren Hill's Execution Would Be Completely Unconstitutional
As Georgia prepares to execute Warren Hill on Tuesday, an offender with intellectual disabilities, it shows complete disregard for justice, state law and, the Supreme Court.
(659 words in this article) WESLEY SNIPES is currently incarcerated and serving a three-year sentence on allegations that he failed to file a tax return timely. If Snipes were made a cellmate for an untreated, mentally ill killer who beat Wesley to death while he slept, using a thick board of wood with nails driven through it, wouldn't Wesley's lawyers sue the state for GROSS NEGLIGENCE? If that sick killer was then EXECUTED, shouldn't the executed man's family sue for GROSS NEGLIGENCE and CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT? WHY wasn't the mentally challenged man sent to a mental hospital before or after his first murder instead of prison? Why wasn't his mental illness being treated behind bars? Why was security so slack at the prison that he had access to a weapon? Why was a mentally ill inmate who had already committed a murder given a cellmate? Those questions apply to the murder for which Warren Lee Hill faces execution on  July 23, 2012 February 19, 2013. 

Thousands of people express outrage about Hill's execution because it is illegal to execute the mentally ill according to state and federal law. Georgia executed another mentally ill man in 2010, Brandon Rhode. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled such killings unconstitutional, but Texas also kills mentally ill people regularly. Executioners have no regard for pleas for justice and compassion, but money can sometimes change things. Death penalty cases cost taxpayers millions more than when prosecutors seek life sentences. Several states where capital punishment was repealed cited the cost as one deciding factor. Abolitionists plan candlelight vigils for Warren Lee Hill and other death row inmates to protest capital punishment, but more must be done. Lawsuits after executions would make DP cost much more than it already does and deter capital punishment. 

Hill's cellmate's death clearly resulted from the prison's negligence. Inmates should not be locked in cells with armed homicidal mental patients to be killed in their sleep, and the state should not ignore its own culpability in such murders and execute sick men. A similar incident occurred in Georgia a couple of years ago when a mentally ill inmate in DeKalb County Jail also killed his cellmate. A former jail guard at Memphis Shelby County Jail reported a shocking jail death to the radio audience of a Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Show. Apparently, jail guards released two acute mental patients from isolation to watch them have a "dog fight" to the finish. Jailers have a duty to provide a secure environment for incarcerated persons, but the responsibility is not always taken seriously. 

Millions of Americans are concerned about prisoners' human rights and object to capital punishment, but officials do not care as much about citizens' protests as they should. It would be more effective to examine death penalty cases to identify a reason to sue the state following execution. For instance, Hank Skinner begged for a DNA test for years to prove he is innocent, but his requests were denied. Finally, Texas approved Skinner's DNA test, but the bloodstained jacket that Skinner counted on to exonerate him was suddenly reported "missing" from the state's evidence storage. If Skinner is executed, Texas should be sued for negligence regarding the lost jacket. 

Every execution, especially when victims are mentally ill, should be followed by a lawsuit if any valid fault against the state can be established. 

Consider that almost no mentally ill people who are receiving proper psychiatric care do violent crimes, but states usually withhold treatment until a mentally challenged person PROVES (often through violence) that he is a danger to self and others. That standard has led to numerous avoidable murders and suicides. In such cases, the affected families may be able to sue for damages. Please help the families of Warren Hill and his victim to hold the prison responsible for the inmate's death that should not have happened in a controlled environment. LAWSUITS FOLLOWING WARREN LEE HILL'S WRONGFUL EXECUTION MAY DETER FUTURE STATE KILLINGS OF THE MENTALLY ILL.

Pam Wagner's Recent Mental Hospitalization

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) members advocate online for mentally challenged people to be hospital inpatients or outpatients rather than prison inmates. However, we are aware that institutionalized persons, whether in jails, nursing homes, or mental health facilities, are at risk for abuse and that all facilities require oversight, which is the responsibility of the United States Department of Justice (link below). A dear friend, Pam Wagner, was recently hospitalized and released. Her blog offers insight into how traumatic it is for patients to be removed from their homes and hospitalized. It is even more traumatic for people suffering mental disease to be removed from their communities and imprisoned, often in isolation, and subjected to potentially deadly restraint chairs, Tasers, and chemical sprays that police frequently use to control (punish) mentally ill inmates. Please see an excerpt from Pam Wagner's blog below wherein she describes her recent hospitalization. Despite her health challenges, Pam Wagner is a noted author and poet. Many people who have mental challenges are very intelligent and have made tremendous contributions in science, the arts, government, and other areas. Use the link after the brief excerpt below to read the entire account about her recent hospitalization as well as her poems, art, and other articles.

Pam writes: "I was admitted last Tuesday night, the 17th of July I believe it was, to the Institute of Living, the psychiatric division of Hartford Hospital in central Connecticut. I do not remember this. The fact that I have amnesia for it and for most of the Wednesday following only occurred to me on Thursday, a day and a half later, when I wondered -- the train of thought must have had to do with the seclusion episode that took place Wednesday evening and which I described in yesterday's blog post -- why they had been so violent with me, why they had so quickly secluded and threatened me with restraints in a situation that didn't come within miles of "requiring" them. Surely, I thought, the staff member who admitted me ..." Continue reading at the WAGblog site using this link

It is the duty of the United States Department of Justice to ensure the safety and humane treatment of institutionalized persons in America. For more information about the United States Department of Justice's oversight responsibilities, please visit the website at . Put "institutionalized persons" in the search field for specific laws and responsibilities regarding protections for prisoners and sick or elderly institutionalized individuals in America.

Thank you for your commitment to give ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL and all institutionalized persons.

We Mad Climb Shaky Ladders, by Pamela Spiro Wagner
(LaurelBooks) [Paperback]
"The poet's ability to examine her behavior is both edifying and harrowing." ~Baron Wormser

CoIntelPro, Please Stop Censoring Me

CoIntelPro, please STOP ARCHIVING MY POSTS when I select "never archive." Do Not CHANGE my settings. I resent the fact that I spent thousands of hours developing Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill group at Care2, and members report it is hard to post mental health news here and my own posts are archived by YOUR selection and not my own, and many articles and strands of discussion are deleted from the group altogether. Prison investors should not moonlight as public officials. The fact that AIMI is effective in advocacy to decriminalize mental illness should not qualify our group for CENSORSHIP. Kelly Thomas was beaten to death by Fullerton, CA police officers. People know about that, and most people who are interested in mental health or police brutality also saw the video. It is my assertion that the reason the Kelly Thomas story was archived at AIMI by CoIntelPro is not to hide Kelly Thomas's beating death but to continue the nine-year government cover-up conspiracy regarding the 18 days of secret arrest and Wrongful Death of Larry Neal, my mentally, physically disabled brother. When people browse for "Kelly Thomas" online, CoIntelPro wants to ensure that nothing about Larry Neal's murder, which is treated like a national secret, responds. Therefore, AIMI posts about Kelly were archived. See "Exposed: Plea for Free Speech by Mary Neal"   End the censorship regarding Larry Neal's murder and obey the law, and there will be nothing to hide. All murders matter - not just those in Colorado which the president stated would bring "the full force of the justice system" to bear on the shooter. Police who secretly arrested and killed Larry Neal and U.S. Department of Justice officials who helped Memphis Shelby County Jail to cover-up the murder need to be brought to justice, also. But if that never happens because human rights are considered irrelevant to Justice Department officials, at least stop compounding the crimes by censoring Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill group members and Mary Neal, its director. We should also be able to advocate against mass incarceration, police brutality, prisoner abuse, and the death penalty without the censorship that is applied to our work at Care2. Please honor the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, even if your private prison stock value reduces as people learn why 1.25 million mentally ill people are imprisoned and that there are between 5,000 and 10,000 wrongful convictions every year - some of whom are wrongly executed. Stop blocking the truth because you care more about money than people. Thank you.

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Plea for Free Speech by Mary Neal


(Five(5) url links are in this article asking for net freedom.) Mystery: WILL COINTELPRO LET ME SPEAK TONIGHT ON THE "SAY YOUR PIECE" Blogtalk broadcast on July 14 at 11pm EST? JOIN ME IN ASKING THAT STALKERS STOP CENSORING AMERICANS, ESPECIALLY BLACK PEOPLE! No one was allowed to join Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Radio Show discussions on Sunday, July 8, 2012, at 5pm EST. I believe the show was censored primarily to hide my reports on gov murders, $16.1 billion food stamp and school lunch budget cuts that Congress is contemplating under the Farm Bill, and a mob attack on a black Florida family. After a white mob attacked the home of 18-year-old Eric Oliver, he was arrested for defending his home, but police REFUSED to take a report on the mob that descended on his property and threatened the family, cussed Oliver's wheelchair-bound mother, and beat his Hispanic friend who was visiting the house. 

Listen to the Rev. Pinkney Show on Sundays (if they let you) at or Google "MARY NEAL REV PINKNEY." Listen to or speak on the show using your computer, or use the call-in number (347)994.3644. Demand that the Justice Department STOP THE CENSORSHIP ATTACKS AGAINST NET FREEDOM FOR PEOPLE WHO DID NOT DRINK THE KOOL-AID! Rev. Pinkney had to do his entire show on July 8 without his co-host and regular guests. Neither I nor other callers were allowed to reach the most popular Blogtalk show. Furthermore, my telephone phone calls to Rev. Pinkney's phone at 269.925.0001 have been rejected for two weeks. The phone continuously rings, or all calls are immediately directed to voice mail. That is exactly what the CENSORSHIP FORCE does when people try to call me at 678.531.0262, or STALKERS play a lying message that says my phone is out of service! STOP COINTELPRO INTERFERENCE AGAINST AFRICAN AMERICANS' COMMUNICATION. 

Stalkers also attacked the Lawless America website last week - . William Windsor and a film crew are interviewing over a thousand people in 50 states to film their revelations about judicial and government corruption for a feature movie - "Lawless America - The Movie." If they let you, please check the website and see when/where filming will be done in your city. DEMAND THAT THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT TAKE STEPS TO STOP THE INFO WAR AGAINST TRUTH-TELLERS! STOP THE ATTACK ON LADY LIBERTY! As Vice President Joe Biden told Iran, "I SAY TO OUR IRANIAN FRIENDS: Let your people march, let your people speak, release your people from jail, let them have a voice!" This same admonition should apply in America. We reportedly have American troops practicing for domestic war in St. Louis! People need to know about these things. Don't censor us in this land of the "free and brave." Contest these attacks against net freedom. Your emails or ANONYMOUS help is needed. Five(5) url links are in this article.

This is not the first generation to find free speech is one of those laws on paper that officials do not honor. Consider What Ertha Kit went through:  "Back in the 1968, Eartha Kitt was invited to a ladies luncheon at the White House hosted by Lady Bird Johnson. While at the luncheon, Kitt spoke out against the Vietnam War stating, 'You send the best of this country off to be shot and maimed. They rebel in the street. They don’t want to go to school because they’re going to be snatched off from their mothers to be shot in Vietnam.' After this remark, Kitt was blackballed in the United States and could only perform overseas for the next four years. The FBI and CIA even went as far as investigating her and could only find her to be “foul-mouthed and promiscuous.”
Kitt later said, “The thing that hurts, that became anger, was when I realized that if you tell the truth in a country that says you’re entitled to tell the truth, you get your face slapped and you get put out of work.”

See below "A PLEA FOR FREE SPEECH," by Frederick Douglass (Boston, 1860). Blacks are still petitioning for free speech thing in USA in the 21st century although a black person is attorney general.

Boston is a great city - and Music Hall has a fame almost as extensive as that of Boston. Nowhere more than here have the principles of human freedom been expounded. But for the circumstances already mentioned, it would seem almost presumption for me to say anything here about those principles. And yet, even here, in Boston, the moral atmosphere is dark and heavy. The principles of human liberty, even I correctly apprehended, find but limited support in this hour a trial. The world moves slowly, and Boston is much like the world. We thought the principle of free speech was an accomplished fact. Here, if nowhere else, we thought the right of the people to assemble and to express their opinion was secure. Dr. Channing had defended the right, Mr. Garrison had practically asserted the right, and Theodore Parker had maintained it with steadiness and fidelity to the last.

But here we are to-day contending for what we thought we gained years ago. The mortifying and disgraceful fact stares us in the face, that though Faneuil Hall and Bunker Hill Monument stand, freedom of speech is struck down. No lengthy detail of facts is needed. They are already notorious; far more so than will be wished ten years hence.

The world knows that last Monday a meeting assembled to discuss the question: "How Shall Slavery Be Abolished?" The world also knows that that meeting was invaded, insulted, captured by a mob of gentlemen, and thereafter broken up and dispersed by the order of the mayor, who refused to protect it, though called upon to do so. If this had been a mere outbreak of passion and prejudice among the baser sort, maddened by rum and hounded on by some wily politician to serve some immediate purpose, - a mere exceptional affair, - it might be allowed to rest with what has already been said. But the leaders of the mob were gentlemen. They were men who pride themselves upon their respect for law and order.

These gentlemen brought their respect for the law with them and proclaimed it loudly while in the very act of breaking the law. Theirs was the law of slavery. The law of free speech and the law for the protection of public meetings they trampled under foot, while they greatly magnified the law of slavery.

The scene was an instructive one. Men seldom see such a blending of the gentleman with the rowdy, as was shown on that occasion. It proved that human nature is very much the same, whether in tarpaulin or broadcloth. Nevertheless, when gentlemen approach us in the character of lawless and abandoned loafers, - assuming for the moment their manners and tempers, - they have themselves to blame if they are estimated below their quality.

No right was deemed by the fathers of the Government more sacred than the right of speech. It was in their eyes, as in the eyes of all thoughtful men, the great moral renovator of society and government. Daniel Webster called it a homebred right, a fireside privilege. Liberty is meaningless where the right to utter one's thoughts and opinions has ceased to exist. That, of all rights, is the dread of tyrants. It is the right which they first of all strike down. They know its power. Thrones, dominions, principalities, and powers, founded in injustice and wrong, are sure to tremble, if men are allowed to reason of righteousness, temperance, and of a judgment to come in their presence. Slavery cannot tolerate free speech. Five years of its exercise would banish the auction block and break every chain in the South. They will have none of it there, for they have the power. But shall it be so here?

Even here in Boston, and among the friends of freedom, we hear two voices: one denouncing the mob that broke up our meeting on Monday as a base and cowardly outrage; and another, deprecating and regretting the holding of such a meeting, by such men, at such a time. We are told that the meeting was ill-timed, and the parties to it unwise.

Why, what is the matter with us? Are we going to palliate and excuse a palpable and flagrant outrage on the right of speech, by implying that only a particular description of persons should exercise that right? Are we, at such a time, when a great principle has been struck down, to quench the moral indignation which the deed excites, by casting reflections upon those on whose persons the outrage has been committed? After all the arguments for liberty to which Boston has listened for more than a quarter of a century, has she yet to learn that the time to assert a right is the time when the right itself is called in question, and that the men of all others to assert it are the men to whom the right has been denied?

It would be no vindication of the right of speech to prove that certain gentlemen of great distinction, eminent for their learning and ability, are allowed to freely express their opinions on all subjects - including the subject of slavery. Such a vindication would need, itself, to be vindicated. It would add insult to injury. Not even an old-fashioned abolition meeting could vindicate that right in Boston just now. There can be no right of speech where any man, however lifted up, or however humble, however young, or however old, is overawed by force, and compelled to suppress his honest sentiments.

Equally clear is the right to hear. To suppress free speech is a double wrong. It violates the rights of the hearer as well as those of the speaker. It is just as criminal to rob a man of his right to speak and hear as it would be to rob him of his money. I have no doubt that Boston will vindicate this right. But in order to do so, there must be no concessions to the enemy. When a man is allowed to speak because he is rich and powerful, it aggravates the crime of denying the right to the poor and humble.

The principle must rest upon its own proper basis. And until the right is accorded to the humblest as freely as to the most exalted citizen, the government of Boston is but an empty name, and its freedom a mockery. A man's right to speak does not depend upon where he was born or upon his color. The simple quality of manhood is the solid basis of the right - and there let it rest forever.

Note: Stalkers made the wide spaces in Frederick Douglass speech. I will try to remove the extra space some other time. Thanks for reading and sharing this article about how much things have not changed since slavery officially ended. Blessings!

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Food v. Bombs and Prisons: Farm Bill


WAR AND INCARCERATION ARE VERY COSTLY.  Continuous war has impoverished many countries, and America is headed in that direction. Congress is deciding now about whether indigent families will continue to receive food stamps and whether American children will be hungry in school. I read that the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act's budget Congress passed costs $652.5 BILLION.  However, Congress is presently considering deep cuts in the food stamp and school lunch program - $16.1 BILLION in cuts are proposed in the House version of the Farm Bill. How much does one bomb cost? If you have a Facebook account, you may be interested in Keith McHenry's wall. He is active in "Food Not Bombs," organization. Members actually feed the hungry in addition to advocating for peace. Keith's link is . The chart below depicts the growing list of food stamp participants since 2008. Some people believe it is important to prioritize food and jobs for Americans over wars that cost lives and trillions of dollars. The VIDEO at the next link regards the NDAA budget, which reportedly has funding for a war with Iran and/or Syria - This writer does not know what percentage of NDAA's budget is for concentration camps in America. Indefinite military detention without criminal charges or any trial is allowed under Section 1021 of NDAA. People who object to concentration camps in America should support H.R.3785, a bill introduced by Ron Paul in January 2012 to repeal Section 1021. Everyone who objects to indigent Americans going hungry should contact their representatives.

Americans Going Hungry Soon?

Congressman Hank Johnson, representative for my district, is voting against cuts in food stamps and school meals for struggling American families. He also voted against NDAA with its concentration camp provisions. How is your representative voting on important congressional bills? Please learn about pending congressional legislation by using at this link  . You can also call and email your local and federal representatives and inquire about the Farm Bill by using this link . Stay informed and in touch. This is an election year, and it is doubly important to know what the issues are and track how incumbents are voting. Please contact your congresspersons to demand, "No SNAP Cuts - Hunger Hurts." The Farm Bill is tremendously important to all people in America, not only the indigent. How representatives vote will determine if genetically modified food will be permanently used in America and whether farmers will continue to receive subsidies that help regulate food prices and keep healthy diets affordable for middle-class people. So much is at stake that the amount of money corporations have spent on Farm Bill lobbying exceeds the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on lobbying regarding the national health care bill. Google "Farm Bill" to learn more, and see the announcement below:

The House version of the bill currently cuts $16.1 billion from SNAP, which is three times the cut in the Senate version of the bill. The proposed cuts by the House would cause: 

• two to three million individuals to lose their food assistance entirely;
• 500,000 households to see their benefits cut by $90 per month; and 
• nearly 300,000 children to lose free school meals. 
CALL 1-877-698-8228 NOW 

As the U.S. economy is being "flattened" to enable corporations to pay the same labor rates worldwide, more Americans slide into poverty and apply for the food stamp program. See the chart below showing the increase in food stamp participation since 2008.

Google "Food Not Bombs"

I strongly suggest that whatever monies Congress appropriated for CONCENTRATION CAMPS under NDAA should be used instead to prevent hunger in America.

NOTE: OFFICIALS, please restrain the CYBERSTALKERS  or "citizens police" who were placed in foreclosed houses around my home to control my computers and telephone, especially the team in the homes that are/were listed in DeKalb County Tax Accessors' Office as "9-Public Utility Gov" or "bank-owned." (I checked the ownership of homes on my street a couple of years ago after my computer takeovers got very invasive.) I can do nothing about officials choosing wars, prisons, and concentration camps over helping struggling American families that are being thrust into poverty to further plans for a one world economy, but I will write about it and speak against it in obedience to God, my Father. He instructed us in Proverbs 31:8-9: "Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction. Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy." Some officials only pretend to care about human rights, and I will not be among people who remain silent as respect for humanity is eroded in America. Stalkers already took over the online human rights organization I founded, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill . I have my own reasons for allowing that to happen without louder protest. Videos we film at Internet social sites prove that mentally disabled people are DENIED ADVOCACY because elitists use them for prison profits. I can always get fresh videos of the Internet takeover in America at Care2. Furthermore, our family did not file an appeal when Georgia Superior Court ruled in 2006 that there is no office of The Cochran Firm in Georgia because we wanted to take the matter to federal court under the diversity rule, and we did. That was before I learned that there is a conspiracy against justice in America that includes participants in the federal government. Please stop thinking that abuses I do not protest go unnoticed. IT IS IMPORTANT TO COLLECT VIDEO PROOF AND EYEWITNESSES TO PROVE THERE IS A CONSPIRACY AGAINST FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION IN USA, ESPECIALLY FOR AFRICAN AMERICANS AND THE DISABLED. I get enough footage from Internet social sites and when people hear a lying message saying our phone is out of service, etc. YOUR STALKERS WILL NOT TAKE MY BLOGS. PLEASE DO NOT PUT A TOOLBAR AT MY "EXPOSED" BLOG TO PREVENT ME FROM HAVING ACCESS TO THE "UPDATE" ICON.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Did Y'all Sabotage Rev. Pinkney's Phone?

(Four links are in this article.) I haven't been able to reach Rev. Pinkney on the phone at 269.925.0001 for two weeks - not since he announced plans to come to Atlanta in August and help me picket The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm and protest the mass incarceration of mentally ill people in America. In addition, Rev. Pinkney was unable to connect my or any other regulars and guests to his show on Sunday, July 8. He had to carry the entire show alone and did an admirable job. He relayed interesting reports about the corporate takeover of Benton Harbor, Michigan. I continued to try to call Rev. Pinkney because I wanted to introduce him to people with information that would interest and benefit the radio audience, but participants in discussions on Blogtalk are dependent on phone connections, and that is the trouble. Telephone taps (and interference) has increased substantially over the last five years according to this video and my own experience  - Please see the data at the three links below:

1) I am quite impressed with Blacks in Law Enforcement of America (BLEA). I recently published an article about the organization that is entitled "Black Officers Demand Justice for Police Violence Victims" at this link . I receive email alerts from BLEA and share them with people on my email list. Addressees expressed relief to know that some police officers strenuously object to police brutality and are actively involved in stopping it from happening. BLEA publishes objections to some of the same cases that upset us all, like the murder of a 68-year-old Marine veteran, Mr. Chamberlain. On July 10, BLEA is having an important rally at

2) Dr. Randy Short advocates for justice for Eric Oliver. You may have read my Justice Gagged article entitled "Angry White Mob Attacks Black Florida Family" at this link - Eric Oliver, 18, rescued his friend and protected his home from the mob that invaded their porch and yard and was beating his friend. When Eric intervened, a woman in the mob reportedly said, "You're going to jail, Nigger." The police did indeed come and arrest Oliver, arrested him for assault, and refused to accept the family's or neighbors' testimony about people who trespassed on the Olivers' property, cursed the family and proceeded to beat a teen. 

3) Activists are planning a HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS MARCH across the USA during October. See information at this link  Activists will march through their city with a banner saying "End Mass Incarceration" on one side and "Human Rights for Prisoners" on the other side. We will relay the banner to activists in the neighboring city at the city's boundary in the same way that the Olympic torch is passed. "Power concedes nothing without a demand," as Frederick Douglass said. The month before elections seems a good time to make demands on behalf of 2.3 million inmates and 350 million potential prisoners, who became eligible for indefinite military detention under NDAA's concentration camp provisions.

Which of these stories is the telephone interference intended to censor, if my calls to Rev. Pinkney are being sabotaged like I suspect? Rev. Pinkney has a voice mail box like most people do, however his number rings continually when I dial. Therefore, I wonder if his calls are being redirected like calls placed to my home number sometimes are.

I look forward to Rev. Pinkney's trip to Atlanta in August. The Cochran Firm has lawyers are so DUPLICITOUS and UNETHICAL that they defrauded my elderly mother and me when Memphis police secretly arrested my handicapped brother, Larry Neal, tossed him in jail and denied having him for 18 days while they did God knows what to him, then returned the harmless, lifelong schizophrenic heart patient to his family as a naked corpse. We sued The Cochran Firm twice, and the firm managed to get one judge to say The Cochran Firm has no law offices in the state of Georgia ( a BIG lie), and got another judge to say whatever the lawyers did to defraud our family to help the jail escape accountability for murdering Larry was "immaterial." There is a CRIMINAL conspiracy happening to keep Larry Neal's lynching covered up, but the shroud of secrecy should be exposed to save others who are tricked into trusting the firm that misuses Johnnie Cochran's name.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

2012 Human Rights for Prisoners March

Paragraph 1 of 9 -- Activists plan a HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS MARCH across America in October 2012. It will be conducted in the same way that the Olympic torch is passed, using a banner instead of a torch. Advocates will meet with other relay walkers at their city line and march the "HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS" banner through their city to the next city line to pass the banner. MASS INCARCERATION MUST END! Instead of reducing our prison rolls, officials now plan concentration camps in the USA. It is time to take the battle offline and to the streets.

Paragraph 2 of 9 -- If you don't care about prisoners, consider this: YOUR JOBS WENT TO PRISON along with 2.3 million people (url # 1 of 3 . Roughly one million prison laborers work in customer service, manufacturing, and perform many former union jobs. Private industries in America cannot compete with prisons and overseas corporations for providing cheap production costs. End mass incarceration.

 Paragraph 3 of 9 -- The weather throughout the nation is usually mild in October, which is the last month before Election Day 2012. We hope to impress upon local and federal candidates that people are FED UP ENOUGH TO STAND UP against mass incarceration, wrongful convictions, prisoner abuse, capital punishment (especially without irrefutable proof of guilt), excessive sentencing, criminalizing mental illness, private prisons, inadequate health care for inmates, solitary confinement torture, substandard meals for prisoners, exploitative prices for phone calls, prison work projects that compete with companies that hire "free" people, brutality and covered-up murders by police and prison guards, and other inhumane acts.

Paragraph 4 of 9 -- Our banner will say "END MASS INCARCERATION" on one side and "HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS" on the other side. Please sign up in the comments section below to carry the sign though your city to the next city line to relay it to advocates who will be waiting for it there. You can use your first name, whole name, or a pseudonym. Name your city, and include a means of contact - a phone number or an email address. If you prefer not to use your regular email address, please open a new email account for coordinating this effort. No one will have to leave home and attend a rally in another area, but our demands will be carried throughout the nation. We will likely use four or more banners so that most cities can be represented within the month of October from East to the West. The HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS banners will be 5 feet long and 2.5 feet wide so they can be carried by two walkers without the need to leave public sidewalks. The banners will be plastic to resist rain.

Paragraph 5 of 9 -- Please check with authorities in your area for any regulations regarding the march through your town. In Atlanta, I was told that signs cannot have sticks, and the banner against MASS INCARCERATION and inhumane conditions for prisoners in America will not be on sticks. If you plan to have a rally in your city in association with this effort to STOP PRISONER ABUSE and END CORRUPTION IN THE JUSTICE SYSTEM, please make sure you have any necessary permits.

Paragraph 6 of 9 --  INMATES ARE DYING of murders, suicides, and hunger strikes! STAND UP for justice and compassion. Please sign up to carry the sign through your city here and now in the comments field for this web page below this invitation. We're AWAKE, we're STRONG, we're UNITED. AIN'T NO STOPPING US NOW! We must repeal NDAA's Section 1021 for concentration camps in the USA, free political prisoners, and end racism and class consciousness in the justice system. Organizations, churches and temples, and colleges are encouraged to sign up and CARRY FORTH OUR DEMANDS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS. If you experience difficulty signing up to carry the sign from your city to the next city line, please TRY to email me at . Also, please email the U.S. Department of Justice (USDOJ) at The USDOJ is the agency full of federal employees who are paid to protect our constitutional rights, including freedom of assembly, freedom of press and free speech. There should be eight numbered paragraphs and three(3) url links on this page.

Paragraph 7 of 9 --  The USA may be taken before the U.N. regarding violations against prisoners' human rights. See information at this url #2 of 3 Use the preceding link to access "UNITED STATES HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS IN CORRECTIONAL PRACTICES - A contribution to the 2010 UN Universal Periodic Review - By NGO International CURE."

Paragraph 8 of 9 --  It is preferable to have at least ten people marching with the sign through each city, so please sign up to be a relay walker even if your city is already represented among the volunteers listed below. No number is too many. If you are too timid to sign up here and share your contact information, we must assume you might also be too timid to carry out your promise to march with the sign in October. But there are other ways to participate in this effort.

Paragraph 9 of 9 -- Everyone who cannot be relay walkers during the Human Rights for Prisoners march can still participate. Please share this invitation or the link with your online groups and others (url # 3 of 3 ). The four or five banners for the march will cost $50 each. Cyberstalkers ordinarily attack my computers whenever I coordinate projects to oppose MASS INCARCERATION and PRISONER ABUSE. Donations to cover those expenses would be appreciated. A post office box and a PayPal account icon will be published on this page for donations. Thank you for planning to participate in the HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS MARCH across America. It is time for all people to arise, unite, and end oppression.

Sponsored by Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI)
Email Phone (678) 531-0262. Please put "HR for Prisoners March" in your subject line.

Who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this? ~Esther4:14

Friday, July 6, 2012

Why Are You a Human Rights Advocate?

How'd you become a human rights activists, friends? Most of my online friends are devoted to doing something to help make America more just and compassionate, and I am interested in knowing how you developed that interest. My brother was a lifelong acute mental patient after infection from mumps (a childhood disease) went to his brain. Larry Neal, 54, was among acute mental patients America de-institutionalized in the 1970s (evicted from hospitals to seed the first private prisons). Police arrested Larry so much for misdemeanor offenses due to this mental illness over the next 20+ years that they decided to kill him and be done with their enforced role as psychiatric caretakers. That was apparently fine with the U.S. Department of Justice, which helped cover-up Larry's death in 2003 in Memphis Shelby County Jail. See Now my family is persecuted, especially this writer, because we won't "let sleeping dogs lie." Authorities refuse to release records about the 18 days Larry was under secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail while police ignored his missing person report and lied continually to his social worker and family, denying that Larry was incarcerated. The lies prevented Larry's access to vital heart meds and made him doubly vulnerable to Tasering, restraint chairs and tables, or any physical confrontation that might have occurred. My brother was considered expendable for three reasons: He was black, he was mentally ill, and he lacked wealth. Either of those circumstances cause people to be considered expendable in America, whether they are black, white or other. At first we believed Larry had fallen through the cracks, but there are 1.25 million mentally ill prisoners warehoused in the United States, and they comprise 60% of inmates in cruel solitary confinement. I embarked on a justice quest for my family and other victims of the injustice system and founded Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill ("AIMI"), an online organization with roughly 300 members who advocate to decriminalize mental illness and end capital punishment, mass incarceration, censorship, avoidable wars, and race and class consciousness in the justice system. We fight cyberstalkers to post news and views at AIMI's link, which is . Censorship is applied for two main reasons: Larry Neal's death is still covered-up and there is no statute of limitations on murder, and secondly, mentally ill Americans are valuable private prison commodities.  If they let you, please tell us what led you to devote time and/or resources to promote human rights. By commenting at this article, you might help raise consciousness about your cause and gain support - IF they let you. 

If you are not involved in promoting human rights, I urge you to start today. Consider joining AIMI. Taxpayers pay up to $120,000 per year in some states to imprison and treat each mentally ill American behind bars rather than to hospitalize sick people or give timely psychiatric care in communities, which would avoid offenses that lead to arrests, from simple vagrancy to multiple murders. That's my story, except for "The Cochran Firm Fraud," which followed Larry's death and I invite you to read about online and see videos with that name. Just Google the term.

Blessings from Mary Neal, human rights advocate in compliance with Proverbs 31:8-9

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kenneth Chamberlain's Family Files $21m Lawsuit

The family of Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr. has filed a $21m lawsuit for his wrongful death. In this article with four links are excerpts from The Guardian (UK) about another African American elder who was murdered by police. Police responded with Tasers and gunfire during their home invasion when the 68-year-old retired marine's medic alert went off in White Plains, NY in November 2011.

"Make no mistake, my father was murdered," Chamberlain Jr told reporters on Monday.

On November 19, Chamberlain, who had a serious heart condition, tripped a medical alert pendant he wore around his neck. The company that supplied the pendant dispatched an ambulance to his public housing complex. Three officers already facing claims for alleged civil rights abuses – Carelli included – also responded to the scene. A little over an hour after they arrived Chamberlain had been seared with a Taser, shot with bean bags fired from a shotgun and ultimately killed by a bullet that tore through his lungs.

In a phone call with the medical company recorded after the police arrived to his home, officers are heard banging on Chamberlain's window.

"Do not do that. I'm telling you all, I'm telling you all I'm OK," Chamberlain called out to the officers. A voice then responds: "I don't give a fuck, nigger."
(The link to The Guardian's entire report is below)

Press TV aired a video about the lawsuit at this link

African American elder Kathryn Johnston, 92, was murdered during a home invasion by Atlanta police officers in 2006. My mentally, physically handicapped brother, Larry Neal, was secretly arrested for 18 days and murdered in Memphis Shelby County Jail in August 2003 under circumstances the U.S. Department of Justice and the jail refuse to divulge in order to deny my family due process of law. Black women and children are being killed by police, also. Shantel Davis, a 23-year-old unarmed New Yorker, was shot and killed by police in June 2012. Most news accounts about Davis's death focus on her criminal record instead of her brutal murder by police. She was shot as witnesses heard her cry, "I don't want to die!" The government-controlled media focuses on Davis's background as though police have the right to execute Americans without judge or jury. Aiyana Jones, a seven-year-old African American child, was shot by Michigan police in May 2010. In addition to blacks, police brutalize and kill mentally ill people of every race and ethnicity. A recent murder victim was Kelly Thomas, a schizophrenic, homeless white man who was beaten to death by six officers in Fullerton, California. In February 2012, police in Calumet City shot and killed Stephon Watts, a 15-year-old Autistic boy, after the black child threatened them with a simple butter knife. He suffered from Asperger’s Syndrome — a high-functioning form of autism — and attention deficit disorder. Police superiors and the Department of Justice should have zero tolerance for police murders instead of helping to hide the bodies. The number of African Americans and mentally challenged people killed by police and prison guards since 2000 would probably fill the wall that commemorates fallen soldiers who died in Vietnam. Even black police officers are not safe from police murders. Genocide is happening, and concentration camps are planned. As it was in Nazi Germany, the main targets are disabled people and minorities along with "dissidents" (people who disapprove). But don't say I told you, or my assigned stalkers will destroy this computer, too.

Stalkers turned loose a large bulldog in our backyard as I wrote this article. Be careful. If we have to shoot your dog because it threatens our children or cats, the police will investigate and the media may report the incident. Dogs count much more than people in the USA. Although the cover-up regarding the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal is ongoing, killing your vicious dog may blow the cover off and open the door for the Neal family to finally get "DOG JUSTICE."


Too bad you weren't a dog, my brother
In my heart, I cried

Many more people would care about you
And wonder why you died

You had no spots or floppy ears

You never fetched a ball
Instead, you were a human being

But poor, black, and flawed

You died in jail for mental illness

I know down in my heart
Your death would be investigated
If only you could bark

Dog deaths get swift justice

Their abusers are sent to jail
Poor Mama would have closure now
If you'd had a wagging tail

But you were made in God's image
And some day, I have no doubt
The mentally ill and American dogs
Will have at least equal clout
~ by Mary Neal, all rights protected. Poem for Larry Neal and all dogged-out people in the injustice system.

Our condolences to the Chamberlains and every family suffering losses because of police violence, which has become a pandemic in African American communities throughout the country. We stand in solidarity with families of mentally ill people who the system considers expendable. Read the entire report from The Guardian about the Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr. murder at this link:
"Marine's Family Files $21m Lawsuit in Fatal Police Shooting"

Human rights article by Mary Neal, Director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill,
Website: Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

Monday, July 2, 2012

Statement from Leonard Peltier

PETITION: Free Leonard Peltier
June 26, 2012 Statement from Leonard Peltier

Greetings my relatives,

First of all before I get into talking about anything, I want to tell you how much I deeply appreciate your remembering all the people who stood for what’s right at the Oglala Confrontation. And I deeply want to thank you for remembering me and the chance to express myself to you. Each time that I am asked about putting together a comment for any kind of event I always think to myself what if I never got to say another thing. As you get older, that could very easily be a reality. So I try to give a lot of thought to what I say to you and to others and especially to any young people who might be listening to my words. And I want to be quite honest. The words I have to say are the teachings of our people, our elders, our medicine people and things I’ve learned in life the hard way. And things I’ve learned in a good way. If speaking to you in some way makes your life better or prevents you from going to prison or being hurt or losing your land or your culture or helps in regaining the things our people have lost, then I feel it will be worthwhile.

I hope and pray that none of the young people will ever end up in any prison situation. And especially end up in prison for trying to do what is right and defending what is right. In this prison setting the days go by oh so slowly and the months and years as I look back at them all kind of fold into one; because every day is so much the same. There are very few highlights and you hear of people having nightmares in their dreams but in here the nightmare is in your waking moments. And in your sleep you are free for a while.

I want to say how much I appreciate and respect our people for not selling or giving up the Black Hills in South Dakota. And how much I want to encourage all our people to remain strong and do everything they can to regain our culture. If we are ever to be a strong people again, that we once were, it will be because we have taken responsibility to regain our strength. This government will never return anything meaningful that is still of some money value to them. This is not my opinion, it is reality and obvious to anyone who pays attention. We must do everything we can to regain strength of self-discipline. We must do everything we can to fully take responsibility for our future. Our ancestors before us fought and died and suffered for us. Each person here today is a result of someone who in the face of death and imprisonment stood and said, “The future of my children and my children’s children and generations to come, is worth living and dying for.” We should never let those sacrifices be in vain. The Creator of all things does not want our death; the Creator of all things wants our life; wants us to live for ourselves and for our children, and to protect the earth and nature for our future generations. That is who we are.

If you feel or have come to believe that you have a calling to do a certain thing for your people, if you prayed about it in ceremony and you feel this is a true thing in your life, then you should educate yourself with every part of that calling. Don’t wait for it to come to you. Go find that knowledge. Knowledge is strength - knowledge is power - knowledge is survival - knowledge and truth comes from the Creator and belongs to everyone. Don’t worry about who said what or who said it first or who said it last; figure out how you can use it to better the life or yourself and our people. The movement of our people that has existed ever since Columbus landed in the Caribbean belongs to all our people. It needs no sanction from anyone. It belongs to no man or no woman. It truly belongs to our people because it is the spirit of our people saying, “We want to regain what we lost and protect what we have for ourselves and our future generations.”

Another issue I want talk about for a moment, is the issue of alcohol and drugs, I know from personal experience that it's hard to avoid those things when you grow up around them. I can tell you for a fact that alcohol and drugs will not bring you the life that you want. This world has a lot of beauty in it, a lot of joys and challenges, and it has challenges that hurt, but meet those challenges and know the beauty of this earth and this life. You need to be clear minded. Traditionally our people observed nature and got their inspiration from nature and if there is some place in nature where the wolf polluted his brain or the elk or the eagle or any other creature, I’m not aware of it. We need every ounce of good thinking that we have and can get to protect our lives and our children and our culture.

And I want to tell you for a fact that boredom is a part of life, no matter where you are, and if you get up and go find something to do when all around you are getting drunk or using drugs, after a while you will get better at finding things to do. And your life will be far better. And getting depressed is a part of life, but you don’t learn how to deal with it by putting in into your body that weren’t meant to be there. That’s why the creator gave us our medicines and our ceremonies and each other, so that we could with a clear mind, enjoy life, and protect life and rescue life where it was endangered. If there is someone hearing this that has thought about taking their own life, I would encourage you to rather than throw your life away, give your life to your people. Let your life stand for something. Don’t let the sacrifices of our ancestors be for nothing.

Also I want to say, that you can do all the right things day after day, year in and year out and still bad things can happen. But if you have a clear mind, and have developed your own self-discipline in knowing who you are, you can take these bad things as challenges and use them to make yourself stronger and your people stronger and prevent them from happening to yourself or to others that you care about. And I want to say again, especially for the young people, that one of the most important things you can learn that most of our ceremonies are based on is developing your personal self-discipline. And learning to take responsibility for yourself and your future and taking care of your health, is the greatest gift you have on this earth at this time. And the most important thing that would enhance all your lives in making it stronger and better is to develop personal relationship with the Creator. Don’t let it be based on some other person’s approach to spirituality but find the things that work for you.

Our teachings have always shown us how to find our own vision through prayer and fasting and sacrifice. These things help bring forth the elements of our spirit and make us stronger and help us face the challenges of life. I hope that in hearing my words some of you if not all, will be inspired in a good way. My greatest hope is that you will think about these things and apply them to your life as you find the truth of them. And sometimes I know we have to return to what we said, maybe have someone speak it to us again or read it again, but whatever happens I sincerely pray and hope that all our lives will be better and for the better and not just for our people but for all people. Because our way is not just another way of life it is THE way of life. It is life seeking life, it is life protecting life, it is living in such a way that all things are reborn every Spring.

I’ll close for now, thank you for your time, thank you for listening, remember the sacrifices of those who lived and died for you. Remember Joe Stuntz, and all the others who gave their lives, as I know you do, I would love to be with you now, today, and know that in my heart I am, in my heart I stand next to you. May the creator bless you always in all ways.

Your relative,
Leonard Peltier

Free All Political Prisoners! •
PETITION: Free Leonard Peltier 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Neglected Prisoners' Gov Health Care Plan

PRISONERS ACROSS AMERICA DEPEND ON GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE. This article highlights the lack of compassion and respect for human rights that cause great pain and suffering among inmates and avoidable deaths on a regular basis. Last week the U.S. Supreme Court found the national health care "tax" to be constitutional. Many people are excited about the prospect of all Americans having health coverage and worked hard to make this a reality. Others object to the plan because of the expense involved. The most striking objections for me came from health care professionals who doubt if they will be able to provide adequate care under the national health care plan. As a prisoner activist, I am aware of many cases like the two cited below where inmates who must depend on the government for their health and welfare die in harsh circumstances. (Five(5) links and four(4) photos are in this article.) Their lives could have been saved with timely intervention. I urge the federal government to mandate proper health care for every prisoner as a demonstration that the government can be trusted to avoid unnecessary suffering and loss of life. (Select "go to page 1" if you use a cell phone, please.)

CASE NO. 1 -- HORRIFIC CASE OF 16-YEAR-OLD KATHIA CASSEUS, a 16-year-old who presumably died because of tortuous medical neglect on the floor of a Kansas City youth detention center in February, 2012.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (CN) - A teenager with an IQ of 68 died after a family court detention center staff member shrugged off her complaint that she could not breathe and told her, "Oh, just crawl up the stairs," the girl's mother claims in court.

Nesly Destil, mother of the late Kathia Casseus, sued The Children's Mercy Hospital, a doctor and nurse there, the Jackson County Family Court Detention Center and six of its employees, including a supervisor, a nurse, a shift leader and three of its staff members, in Jackson County Court. Kathia Casseus "was born without a thyroid and had a functional IQ of about 68," her mother says in the complaint.

In August 2011, Kathia, "an unlicensed driver who had never driven a car, took her mother's car to go for a ride," the complaint states. "She had an accident in which she struck a carport at a local apartment complex. This resulted in a chain reaction that caused the multi-car carport to collapse and cause property damage. For this adolescent act, she was sentenced to an 8-month rehabilitation program in the Jackson County Family Court System."

Three months later, "for reasons still unknown to her mother," Kathia, 16, "was sent to Children's Mercy Hospital, where Defendants Children's Mercy Hospital, Delozier, and [defendant Dr. Stephen J.] Schuman prescribed and placed on her body the Ortho Evra birth control patch." Kathia's mother claims the birth control "was not indicated or necessary for Kathia. Information and history of injury and death from this most dangerous form of birth control is well published," according to the complaint. In February this year, three months after being put on birth control, Kathia began complaining of heart pain and shortness of breath, her mom says. [After complaining about chest pains and her inability to breathe three times, Kathina was carried into an isolation cell.]

In the "segregation cell," Kathia yelled for five to seven minutes that she couldn't breathe, her mother says, "but eventually went quiet, and she looked like she was sleeping, lying on her side with her eyes closed."
End of excerpt. Read the entire news story at this link
Kathia Casseus, a retarded child, suffered a backdoor death penalty for taking a car for a joyride. One can only speculate about WHAT was happening to Kathia at that juvenile facility to make them put her on BIRTH CONTROL. Abuse is rampant in correctional facilities across the nation, especially to mentally challenged inmates. NOTE TO KATHIA'S MOM: I suggest that you exhume your daughter and have an independent autopsy done. Look for needle puncture wounds. Maybe she did not die from side effects to the birth control patch. Perhaps she died because she would have told WHY she was put on the birth control patches. This could be another secret jail murder. It happens all the time, and authorities do cover-ups to protect the facilities. See Cyberstalkers had coded the part of this article that tells about your daughter being put on birth control to be surreptitiously deleted. I think it must be important.

CASE NO. 2 -- XAVIUS SCULLARK-JOHNSON, PRISONER, DIES [IN HIS OWN URINE] AFTER HE'S DENIED HEALTH CARE - A prisoner was left in his urine-soaked cell to die after a nurse turned away an ambulance, even though he had suffered several seizures, according to documents obtained by the Star Tribune.

Xavius Scullark-Johnson, 27, was three months away from getting out of prison when he died in June 2010. He was serving a five-month sentence for a probation violation stemming from a second-degree assault conviction. Now his mother, Olivia Scullark, is suing two nurses employed by the Minnesota Department of Corrections at the Rush City prison, as well as other medical staff and corrections officers, according to the Pioneer Press. Scullark told The Huffington Post she filed the lawsuit because that's what her son, who suffered from schizophrenia and a seizure disorder, told her to do if he didn't make it out of the prison alive.

"You can't even leave an animal like that," she said. "I'm pretty angry, but I'm glad that some justice is gonna come."

According to DOC documents and ambulance reports obtained by the Tribune, Scullark-Johnson was found "soaked in urine on the floor of his cell" on the night of June 28, 2010. "He was coiled in a fetal position and in an altered state of consciousness that suggested he had suffered a seizure," according to notes taken by nurse Linda Andrews.

The Tribune notes that ambulance runs are "strictly monitored" in "an effort to cut costs" by Corizon Inc., the for-profit company contracted by the DOC to care for its prisoners. Read the entire news story in Huffington Post at this link 

IT IS TIME FOR AMERICANS TO ASK THE TERMS OF THE HEALTH CARE PLAN WE HAVE BEEN DRAFTED TO BUY. Does it include enforced microchips and vaccines? Will the health care benefits under the plan decline according to the U.S. economy? Is medical neglect that many prisoners suffer indicative of government health care provisions? Note that the two cases of medical neglect in this article involved young people who were serving light sentences. Neither of them seemed to need expensive intervention like brain surgery or cancer treatments, but they were both neglected to death. So are many other prisoners who must depend on government health care. Institutionalized people rely on the U.S. Department of Justice to uphold their rights, and that is a thoroughly corrupt agency. In 2008, I read that eight California prisoners died that year of tooth decay when infections from their rotting teeth entered their bloodstreams. Judges and juries sentence defendants they find guilty to prison, not to torture and slow death by medical neglect or brutality. Those are backdoor death penalties that inmates do not deserve. (There are five links and four photos in this article.) Some prisoners who died in jail due to medical neglect were awaiting trial and had not been found guilty of any offenses whatsoever. Inhumane treatment is happening throughout the nation to people who depend on the government for their health care in state and federal correctional facilities. Can Americans be sure that we who are not prisoners will be treated any better than Kathia and Xavius? You should care more about prisoner health care. Lawsuits cost more than treatment, for one thing. Secondly, if you miss paying your premiums for coverage under the national health care plan, you will find yourselves behind bars! That's government tough love.

Advocate for human rights, Mary Neal, in obedience to God the Father. He said, "Speak for the voiceless, the poor, and those who are condemned to death (Prov. 31:8-9). Director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill and DogJusticeforMentallyIll - Visit our websites today, and please share the articles. Thank you for your interest in justice and compassion.