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2012 Human Rights for Prisoners March

Paragraph 1 of 9 -- Activists plan a HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS MARCH across America in October 2012. It will be conducted in the same way that the Olympic torch is passed, using a banner instead of a torch. Advocates will meet with other relay walkers at their city line and march the "HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS" banner through their city to the next city line to pass the banner. MASS INCARCERATION MUST END! Instead of reducing our prison rolls, officials now plan concentration camps in the USA. It is time to take the battle offline and to the streets.

Paragraph 2 of 9 -- If you don't care about prisoners, consider this: YOUR JOBS WENT TO PRISON along with 2.3 million people (url # 1 of 3 . Roughly one million prison laborers work in customer service, manufacturing, and perform many former union jobs. Private industries in America cannot compete with prisons and overseas corporations for providing cheap production costs. End mass incarceration.

 Paragraph 3 of 9 -- The weather throughout the nation is usually mild in October, which is the last month before Election Day 2012. We hope to impress upon local and federal candidates that people are FED UP ENOUGH TO STAND UP against mass incarceration, wrongful convictions, prisoner abuse, capital punishment (especially without irrefutable proof of guilt), excessive sentencing, criminalizing mental illness, private prisons, inadequate health care for inmates, solitary confinement torture, substandard meals for prisoners, exploitative prices for phone calls, prison work projects that compete with companies that hire "free" people, brutality and covered-up murders by police and prison guards, and other inhumane acts.

Paragraph 4 of 9 -- Our banner will say "END MASS INCARCERATION" on one side and "HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS" on the other side. Please sign up in the comments section below to carry the sign though your city to the next city line to relay it to advocates who will be waiting for it there. You can use your first name, whole name, or a pseudonym. Name your city, and include a means of contact - a phone number or an email address. If you prefer not to use your regular email address, please open a new email account for coordinating this effort. No one will have to leave home and attend a rally in another area, but our demands will be carried throughout the nation. We will likely use four or more banners so that most cities can be represented within the month of October from East to the West. The HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS banners will be 5 feet long and 2.5 feet wide so they can be carried by two walkers without the need to leave public sidewalks. The banners will be plastic to resist rain.

Paragraph 5 of 9 -- Please check with authorities in your area for any regulations regarding the march through your town. In Atlanta, I was told that signs cannot have sticks, and the banner against MASS INCARCERATION and inhumane conditions for prisoners in America will not be on sticks. If you plan to have a rally in your city in association with this effort to STOP PRISONER ABUSE and END CORRUPTION IN THE JUSTICE SYSTEM, please make sure you have any necessary permits.

Paragraph 6 of 9 --  INMATES ARE DYING of murders, suicides, and hunger strikes! STAND UP for justice and compassion. Please sign up to carry the sign through your city here and now in the comments field for this web page below this invitation. We're AWAKE, we're STRONG, we're UNITED. AIN'T NO STOPPING US NOW! We must repeal NDAA's Section 1021 for concentration camps in the USA, free political prisoners, and end racism and class consciousness in the justice system. Organizations, churches and temples, and colleges are encouraged to sign up and CARRY FORTH OUR DEMANDS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS. If you experience difficulty signing up to carry the sign from your city to the next city line, please TRY to email me at . Also, please email the U.S. Department of Justice (USDOJ) at The USDOJ is the agency full of federal employees who are paid to protect our constitutional rights, including freedom of assembly, freedom of press and free speech. There should be eight numbered paragraphs and three(3) url links on this page.

Paragraph 7 of 9 --  The USA may be taken before the U.N. regarding violations against prisoners' human rights. See information at this url #2 of 3 Use the preceding link to access "UNITED STATES HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS IN CORRECTIONAL PRACTICES - A contribution to the 2010 UN Universal Periodic Review - By NGO International CURE."

Paragraph 8 of 9 --  It is preferable to have at least ten people marching with the sign through each city, so please sign up to be a relay walker even if your city is already represented among the volunteers listed below. No number is too many. If you are too timid to sign up here and share your contact information, we must assume you might also be too timid to carry out your promise to march with the sign in October. But there are other ways to participate in this effort.

Paragraph 9 of 9 -- Everyone who cannot be relay walkers during the Human Rights for Prisoners march can still participate. Please share this invitation or the link with your online groups and others (url # 3 of 3 ). The four or five banners for the march will cost $50 each. Cyberstalkers ordinarily attack my computers whenever I coordinate projects to oppose MASS INCARCERATION and PRISONER ABUSE. Donations to cover those expenses would be appreciated. A post office box and a PayPal account icon will be published on this page for donations. Thank you for planning to participate in the HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS MARCH across America. It is time for all people to arise, unite, and end oppression.

Sponsored by Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI)
Email Phone (678) 531-0262. Please put "HR for Prisoners March" in your subject line.

Who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this? ~Esther4:14

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MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

A shocking amount of Americans do not know about NDAA concentration camps being planned or that America has 1.25 million mentally ill inmates. They do not realize that many of the jobs that were "downsized" never left the country but were outsourced to prison labor projects. And Americans certainly do not know that potentially innocent people are in prison and some are eligible for execution, because the Supreme Court never recognized Americans' right to have post-conviction DNA tests or new trials on late-arriving evidence. They do not know that inmates are subject to brutality and murders behind bars, and some have not considered that people are essentially prisoners from the time a police officer says, "Halt." Many prisoners never make it to a jail cell but are killed during arrests. It surprises plenty of people to learn that over half of the country's inmates are incarcerated for nonviolent offenses such as possession of small amounts of illegal drugs, and that America has more prisoners than any nation in world history at a staggering cost. Over $50 billion per year is spent to incarcerate 2.3 million people. Added to that is the cost of caring for minor children prisoners leave behind.

Mainstream media does not fully inform Americans about these situations, and millions of people do not use the Internet, or they do not use it to become knowledgeable about these matters. That necessitates the HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONS MARCH. We will spread awareness about increasing police brutality, oppressive prison conditions, and the fight against NDAA concentration camps. We will also register our objections with elected and appointed officials and 2012 candidates by participating in this peaceful Human Rights for Prisoners March. Thank you for your support.