Friday, January 29, 2016

Clarity, by MaryLovesJustice

Let me be perfectly clear (Nixon). This "field hand" will never let any bougie Negroes or the white supremacists they represent get away with secretly arresting her mentally, physically disabled brother and murdering him. I disregard mannequin heads sent to my home via U.S. Mail, black Atlanta police officers who tell me to get my "ass" home and stop telling people about Larry Neal's covered-up lynching and The Cochran Firm's fraud against African Americans.

I disregard government vehicles following me and the fact that 911 refused to come to the aid of my 6-year-old grandson and myself when we were waylaid at a Chevron station. Sending armed prowlers through my yard and having a so-called "homeless mentally ill man" hide behind garbage cans next door at a house that was likely purchased to put citizens police close to me and hiring hackers to destroy my computers -- none of the things you people have done in 12 years will stop the truth. The Cochran Firm defrauds African American families of police victims to help "keep wealth out of Black hands." I have told it, I will tell it, and many other people are also telling it. The Cochran Firm frauds did not end with covering-up Larry Neal's murder. Although you people tap my phones, plenty of more fraud victims have come forward. See "Beware of Treacherous Lawyers: The Cochran Firm."

Corrupt U.S. courts can continue to lie to protect the CoIntelPro operation, state bar associations may ignore bar complaints, consumer protection agencies may reject consumer complaints, government-owned media companies may refuse to report that The Cochran Firm Atlanta was declared NONEXISTENT by Georgia courts to help The Firm escape liability for defrauding my family and helping Memphis Shelby County Jail, although The Cochran Firm was under contract as our wrongful death attorneys. But you won't do ANYTHING without it being fully exposed and opposed. Fear will NOT make me forget that you people owe the Neals millions of dollars. I am NOT your slave, and I demand my damn reparations for being treated like one for 12 years to cover-up the murder of Larry Neal.

NO BOUGIE NEGROES AND WHITE SUPREMACISTS AND JEWISH JUDGES can ever hope to hit "undo" and erase these crimes any more than they can resurrect Larry Neal. All that murderous police departments and jails, the USDOJ, and The Cochran Firm frauds can do now to make this as close to right as possible is to apologize and pay their damages. Justice is impossible. Justice necessitates that everybody is allowed to live their full lives, even disabled black men like Larry Neal was. Justice would have required that this matter be handled professionally without all of the crazy shenanigans by sociopaths that the Neals have experienced for the past 12 years.

I cannot get over you people marching on MLK Day, going to Selma, Alabama to march during the commemorative celebrations, and planning events for Black History Month. You're just a bunch of fake white liberals and bougie Negroes -- bought and paid for probably with taxpayers' money.

Mary Neal

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