Sunday, July 18, 2010

Exposed: The Cochran Firm Fraud

Use the link below to reach Exposed: The Cochran Firm Fraud -

Attorney Needed re Civil Rights Violations: Conspiracy to Deny Due Process of Law after a Wrongful Death (35 paragraphs, 10 links, signature block)

Details: The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm signed contract to be our wrongful death attorneys in an undisclosed conflict of interest, then proceeded to send us lying status reports on the case while actually holding the case secretly inactive for the next 10.5 months in order to benefit our intended defendants by making us lose the right to file suit timely. In fact, The Cochran Firm treated the Neal family worse than former Cochran Firm attorney Shawn Holley could have imagined when she interviewed with National Public Radio to warn people about the racist direction the new partners took after Johnnie Cochran's death. Holley's interview is available for listening at the link furnished in this query for legal counsel - (use link above for full article)

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