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The Cochran Firm Fraud

November 2011 Note: The lawyer who opposes The Cochran Firm for its many defrauded clients since Johnnie Cochran's death will do well. I keep finding them everywhere. A woman called me to arrange to go public about her victimization and terrorism.  She claims not only to be a victim of Cochran Firm Fraud, but she says she is also gangstalked and terrorized like my family since complaining to her former attorney about poor legal services. We have talked several times and plan to meet to videotape her testimony. Yesterday, I wanted to do an online check on her attorney (the same one who mishandled the Andersons' case in the case style below) and call her right back. But when I called four minutes later to report that her former attorney, Mickile Pete, is no longer an attorney and is being sued for defrauding the Andersons, her phone said, "Your call cannot go through." I immediately reported to the police that she may be in danger, since stalkers listen on my phone and know this woman wants to expose her Cochran Firm fraud in an online video. Pray for Cochran Firm fraud victims. The media refuses to warn black people, attorneys seem afraid of them (maybe they are government agents - CoIntelPro), and they keep defrauding African Americans coast to coast.

Give up, Pharisees, and don't hurt Edwinna. Eventually everyone will know about The Cochran Firm CoIntelPro fraud even without reading about the fraud against the Neal family, because the unethical lawyers keep doing frauds against minorities in America to help government entities and certain corporations. See the cases below: Andersons v. Cochran Cherry Givens Smith & Sistrunk, Jacksons v. Cochran, et al.  Not all judges are hypnotized (or whatever) like in Georgia. Black magic or "PSYOPS" did not work on Kentucky Appellate Court. I have been tweeting to the @SupremeCourtRep about Edwinna and the latest Cochran Firm frauds today at Twitter, where I am @koffietime.

Planning an extraordinary settlement/judgment re The Cochran Firm CoIntelPro Fraud against blacks The Cochran Firm defrauded the Andersons - the Jacksons and the Ramapough People

The media usually reports lawsuits against well-known people and companies (like Bishop Long and New Birth), and consumer protection agencies are supposed to warn the public about companies with dubious business practices.  But the New World Order works together to shield The CoIntelPro Cochran Firm.  Plaintiffs in lawsuits against The Cochran Firm alleging fraud since Johnnie Cochran's untimely death when his name and legacy started being misused include: the Neals, the Jacksons, Martinez, the Andersons, and The Firm's  former partners Chapman-Holley and Julian Bolton, to name a few.  Hopefully, Sarah Dozier and the Ramapough People (an African/Native American tribe The Cochran Firm defrauded to help Ford) will also sue The Cochran Firm.  Courts cannot help the devious lawyers escape all its law suits forever.  The latest Cochran Firm fraud that came to my attention was the Mann v. Ford case.  The Cochran Firm Defrauds Native Americans to Save Ford

 Attorney Needed re Civil Rights Violations: Racism, Disparate Treatment, Censorship, Terrorism, and Conspiracy to Deny Due Process of Law after a Wrongful Death (41 paragraphs, 20 links, incl. signature block - Updated October 2011). 

October 2011 Note:  At this point, the Neals decided to sue all the players in Larry Neal's murder cover-up, beginning with the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ).  If USDOJ officials had not decided to help the jail cover-up Larry's murder rather than perform its duties in oversight of that facility, The Cochran Firm never would have done its fraud against the Neals in the first place.  See this link:  MARY NEAL v. USA re Racism, Conspiracy and Terrorism  (The USA probably has a judge on stand-by to say it does not exist and dismiss the case as was done for The Cochran Firm, but the Complaint will document how government entities (declared and undeclared) work together after a 21st century lynching of a handicapped man to deprive an American family of due process of law).

Details:  Larry Neal, a mentally and physically handicapped black man, was secretly arrested for 18 days by Memphis Shelby County Jail and murdered.  The jail lied repeatedly to Larry's family and social worker during his period "missing" and said he was not incarcerated to deprive the lifelong mentally ill heart patient of his vital prescription drugs.  Larry's family is deprived of knowing if during his weeks of secret incarceration he was also Tasered, used for medical experiments, restrained in a deadly restraint chair, brutalized, used for waterboarding training for government interrogation experts, etc.  The U.S. Government and Shelby County Jail refuse to release records in response to federal subpoena or the Freedom of Information Act.  The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm signed contract to be the Neal family's wrongful death attorneys in an undisclosed conflict of interest, then proceeded to send its cleints lying status reports on the case while The Firm actually held the case secretly inactive for the next 10.5 months.  The Cochran Firm did that in order to benefit our intended defendants by making us lose the opportunity to file suit timely.  Defrauding minority clients (especially after police misconduct) is apparently an unethical, illegal arrangement that The Cochran Firm has with government agencies that is censored in the media and upheld in courts.  Former Cochran Firm attorney Shawn Chapman-Holley claims that after Johnnie Cochran died, defrauding certian minority clients became The Firm's general practice.  Holley's NPR interview is available for listening at the link below:

Controversy at Cochran Law Firm : NPR.  Shawn Chapman Holley — a former colleague of the late, famed lawyer Johnnie Cochran — is suing the law firm he made famous, claiming racial and gender discrimination ...

A VOID JUDGMENT is one that has been procured by extrinsic or collateral fraud, or entered by court that did to have jurisdiction over subject matter or the parties, Rook v. Rook, 353 S.E. 2d 756, (Va. 1987).  to avoid accountability to the Neals after defrauding them regarding wrongful death legal representation, The Cochran Firm and its attorneys committed fraud on opposing pro se counsel and on two courts.  The Cochran Firm induced judges to render void judgments by falsely claiming The Cochran Firm had no law office operating in the State of Georgia where plaintiffs live, where plaintiffs' initial client intake interview was conducted, where promises for legal services were made to plaintiffs without any intention of actually giving them competent representation, and where plaintiffs served lawsuit on The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office for The Cochran Firm's fraud, which it committed to save Shelby County Jail from paying damages after Larry Neal's secret murder in that correctional facility.


1.     The Neal family discovered that The Cochran Firm and its attorneys had defrauded the courts in a conspiracy to deny the Neals' civil right to due process of law after February 17, 2009, when The Cochran Firm Atlanta office YouTube commercial was published. Hezekiah Sistrunk, managing partner of The Cochran's Atlanta office and equity partner in Cochran Cherry Givens & Smith, invites the public to contract for legal services in The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office.

2.     The Cochran Firm conspired with City of Atlanta Police Department to violate my First Amendment rights on June 30, 2010, when police demanded that I stop lawfully, peacefully picketing The Cochran Firm's Atlanta offices.  That moves the statute of limitations.  See details below.*

3.     My civil rights are continually violated through illegal takeover of my computers to censor me and avoid shedding light on previous violations.  Visit my YouTube channel to view videos that capture real-time cyber censorship at major Internet social networks and online news services as well as actual gangstalking at this link -  - I have hundreds of videos proving censorship to hide The Cochran Firm Fraud as well as affidavits attesting to my in-person stalking, only some of which were submitted to court already.

The Cochran Firm defrauded its clients to benefit our intended defendant, the jail where Larry Neal, a mentally ill heart patient, was held under secret arrest until his death 18 days later by undisclosed means on Aug. 1, 2003. When the statute of limitations ended, our Cochran Firm file was still empty. No lawsuits were filed. No medical or jail records were ordered and examined and no interviews conducted, although the clients were sent lying letters saying those things were being done in Larry Neal's wrongful death case against the jail and negligence cases against the State of Tennessee and against Larry's final care home.

When we sued The Cochran Firm pro se for its fraud in Georgia Sup. Ct., Judge Wendy Shoob dismissed and denied us a jury trial. She ruled in May 2006 granting defendant's Motion to Dismiss wherein defendant stated that the lawsuit was served wrongly because there is no Cochran Firm office in Georgia (which is a blatant lie). She made this ruling nearly eight (8) months after The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office submitted the Motion to Dismiss that she granted, well beyond the three month limit she had to rule. 

The Cochran Firm is at 127 Peachtree St., Atlanta, GA. It never stopped advertising and operating under that identity even while denying the office's existence in court. The Cochran Firm's well advertised Atlanta office was allowed to submit perjury in Georgia Superior Court, claiming it has no connection whatsoever with The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm and its nation-wide offices. It answered our lawsuit as being Cochran Cherry Givens Smith & Sistrunk, P.C. ("CCGSS, P.C.") - a fake alias name, and it claimed before the court to be a professional corporation that is wholly owned and operated within the state of Georgia. There is not now and has never been any law firm by that name registered with the GA Secretary of State's office.  See the Georgia Secretary of State's affidavit and some of the pleadings under the DOCUMENTS tab at

Judge Shoob's ruling is void, as it was based on defendant's perjury. The law office where the Neals' lawsuit was served is listed as being The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office on The Cochran Firm's website, in Atlanta phone books, on television commercials, and was also advertised on MARTA train commercials before MARTA removed the ads because the firm is defrauding its clients, and then denying its own advertised identity in court to escape accountability. We have proofs of certified mail service from the U.S. Post Office for mail sent to (and signed for by) The Cochran Firm office in Atlanta naming that office as the addressee.  We have witnesses who work as couriers to testify that they took mail to and from The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office addressed to and from that law office using the name:  The Cochran Firm.  We have a former employee to testify that she regularly addressed correspondence and answered the phone "The Cochran Firm."  But because The Cochran Firm could not win in court as it obviously defrauded its clients to protect Shelby County Jail, the Cochran Firm's Atlanta office where our lawsuit was righteously and timely served by Georgia Marshalls was dismissed because unscrupulous attorneys were allowed to deny the firm's very public identity and use an alias.  Thus, the Neals were wrongly deprived of a jury trial to present evidence of The Cochran Firm fraud.

Since The Cochran Firm was allowed to prevail in Georgia Sup. Ct. by lying about having a Georgia office, we sued The Cochran Firm our assigned attorney, David McLaughlin, pro se in United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia, alleging fraud and deliberate malpractice.  Our lawsuit was filed in USDC under the diversity rule, requiring that the defendants have no offices in the same state of residence with plaintiffs.  Judge Batten also dismissed our lawsuit, preventing us from proceeding to jury trial.  He ruled on Feb. 9, 2009, that The Cochran Firm's fraud against my elderly mother and family, its clients, was not the proximate cause of us missing the opportunity to file suit aginst Shelby County Jail, although we did not find out about The Cochran Firm's fraud and undisclosed conflict of interest until four weeks prior to Tennessee's statute of limitations ending.  Judge Batten's ruling was in error.  In fact, Judge Batten ruled that The Cochran Firm's fraud against the Neal family was "immaterial."  It would have taken more than four weeks just to have Larry's elderly mother declared executor of his estate and his sister, Mary Neal, declared the administrator, which is the first thing that needed to be done to pursue Larry Neal's extensive hospital records and jail records, as he was a lifelong mentally ill heart patient.  Every attorney we contacted after learning about The Cochran Firm's fraud against us told us there was insufficient time remaining on Tennessee's statute of limitations for them to sue the jail for wrongful death and sue the State of Tennessee and Larry's final care home for negligence that led to Larry's continuous arrests and eventual murder in jail.  Judge Batten should know that four weeks is insufficient time for any law firm to do all the things The Cochran Firm had pretended via mail fraud to be doing for nearly a year to have Larry's mother declared executor of the estate, subpoena health and jail records spanning 45 years, interview people and research Larry's murder, draft and file three lawsuits.  Therefore, The Cochran Firm's fraud against us was obviously "material" to our having lost the opportunity to pursue justice in a court of law against our intended defendants.

The USDC order to dismiss is also void, because it was based on defendants' perjury.  Our suit was entered in USDC under the diversity rule requiring that the defendants have no residence in Georgia.  That was not the case.

See these videos:
Cochran Firm Fraud Video 1 

Cochran Firm Fraud Video 2

Cochran Firm's Atlanta office YouTube ad dated Feb 17, 2009 (a week after Judge Batten dismissed our lawsuit that was filed under the diversity rule based Superior Court's ruling that The Cochran Firm has no office in Georgia).  The ad features Hezekiah Sistrunk, managing partner - - Plaintiffs sought advertising records from Cox Enterprises for The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office, which were prolifically sent to millions of Georgians and neighboring states via public air waves and published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Cox Enterprises refused to respond with subpoenaed records, and Judge Batten refused to grant plaintiffs' Motion to Compel release of The Cochran Firm's advertising records for its Atlanta office.

After suing The Cochran Firm, my family started experiencing stalking online and in person and censorship as I publish online articles about THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD (Google that) and other injustices. We seek an attorney to sue for conspiracy to violate our civil rights that resulted in our denial of due process of law. More information and documents are at this website: WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL -  - More evidence of breach of contract, deliberate malpractice, and lawyer fraud to violate our civil right to due process of law after Larry Neal's murder as well as evidence of serious violations (stalking and censorship) under U.S. Code 18, 242 and 245 is available in our USDC court file and available by witness testimony and videotape.  Often, pleadings I had spent weeks preparing, carefully citing case law, would disappear off my desktop and leave me only hours to prepare and file pleadings in USDC.  That was an obvious attempt to make me miss a filing deadline, but God was with me.  Therefore, the pleadings in the case file accessible at the link below are not my best work.

Neals v. The Cochran Firm, Georgia Sup. Ct., Docket -

Neals v. Cochran Cherry Givens Smith, et al, USDC COURT DOCKET -

The Cochran Firm and its attorneys committed gross offenses under the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct and broke criminal laws, as it is illegal to defraud people and illegal to be an accessory to murder after the fact, which The Cochran Firm did by helping Shelby County Jail cover up the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal. It is now over seven years later, and the Neals still do not know if police tasered Larry to death, killed him in a restraint chair, waterboarded him, starved him, or killed him merely by lying repeatedly to his family and social worker about having him incarcerated for nearly three weeks to deprive Larry of life-saving heart drugs. Deprivation of the information about how her son died causes my elderly mother to have frequent nightmares about how it could have happened.  Hezekiah Sistrunk, as managing partner of the Atlanta office, Julian Bolton, as managing partner of the Memphis office, and Cherry, Givens and/or other partners of the national firm were and are responsible for the conduct of attorneys in the law firm.  To avoid paying damages for deliberate malpractice and defrauding the Neals, The Cochran Firm and its attorneys committed a fraud on the court and on pro se counsel by denying its Georgia law office.  Some of the offenses are as follows:

Rule 5.1 – A partner in a law firm must ensure that the firm’s attorneys adhere to Rules of Professional Conduct. Hesekiah Sistrunk (“Sistrunk”) is a partner in the law firm presented to Mary Neal and Hattie Neal and the general public as being The Cochran Firm (“the firm”), which the firm holds out as being one law firm with offices across the nation. Sistrunk is also managing partner over The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta, Georgia office, which performed the Neals’ initial intake interview and facilitated the Neals’ contract meeting in the firm’s Memphis office. Under Rule 5.1, Sistrunk is responsible for the misconduct of lawyers in the firm both as a Cochran Firm partner and as managing partner over the Atlanta office. The Atlanta office induced the Neals to sign a contract with The Cochran Firm for legal services in the firm’s Memphis office under a hidden conflict of interest, violating Rule 1.7, which contract the firm never intended to honor and did not honor. In fact, the Atlanta office was well aware that Memphis Cochran Firm attorney Julian Bolton’s employment as a Shelby County, Tennessee Commissioner also constituted a violation under Rule 1.11 (successive government and private employment).

Rule 1.1 – Competent Representation – Clients are due competent representation. David McLaughlin was either too incompetent or too devious to handle the Neals’ lawsuits despite his designation as a “Super Lawyer.” After 10.5 months with McLaughlin as the Neals’ assigned attorney, the Neals’ file at The Cochran Firm contained zero evidence of substantive work to investigate or litigate Larry Neal’s negligence by the State of Tennessee and his final care home or wrongful death in police custody.

Rule 1.2 – Scope of Representation – Attorneys are to abide by client’s decisions. The Atlanta office and Memphis office of The Cochran Firm were fully informed about where Larry Neal died and it agreed to represent the Neals in legal actions against the State of Tennessee and Larry Neal’s final care home for negligence, and to represent the Neals in a wrongful death legal action against Shelby County Jail in Memphis, Tennessee (“the jail”).  The Atlanta office and The Memphis office of The Cochran Firm promised to work together to bring wrongful death and negligence suits in Memphis, and specifically promised to send attorneys from The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office to interface with our elderly mother when depositions were due.  The Neals were instructed to report on August 8, 2003, and sign contract for legal services in The Cochran Firm's Memphis office.  Our instructions to The Cochran Firm were clear - The firm was to sue for damages.

Rule 1.3 – Diligence - The only thing The Cochran Firm did diligently while our attorneys was to diligently defrauded us to protect Memphis Shelby County Jail.

Rule 1.4 - Communication - The Cochran Firm wrote a flurry of lying correspondence during the first month after it signed contract as our wrongful death attorneys wherein lawyers claimed to be pursuing a vigorous discovery track, while the firm actually did zero.  After that, The Cochran Firm ignored our requests for status information on the cases until I sent a certified mail request for status information on June 9, 2004, and reminded them of their professional responsibility toward us.  That was answered on June 18 by David McLaughlin, who finally confessed the firm's conflict of interest in that Julian Bolton worked directly over Shelby County Jail as a Shelby County Commissioner, and he confessed that no action had been taken against the jail.  However, it was not until weeks later that we learned that The Cochran firm had also taken no action against the State of Tennessee or Larry's final care home for negligence.  With only four weeks remaining on Tennessee's statute of limitations, we learned our file was empty.

Rule 1.7 – Conflict of Interest - Julian Bolton, Esq. was both the managing partner of The Cochran Firm's Memphis office and a Shelby County Commissioner and former chairman of the Board of Commissioners.  That was hidden from the Neals, who live outside of the state and had no knowledge of local Memphis politics.

I also have an affidavit by a plaintiff in an earlier civil action against Shelby County Government who was denied representation by The Cochran Firm precisely because Julian Bolton, Esq. was the managing partner in The Cochran Firm's Memphis office.  Rejecting the perspective client on that basis proves The Cochran Firm entered into contract with the Neals with full knowledge that it did so unethically.

Rule 1.10 – Imputed Disqualification – No lawyers in a firm can represent a client when any one of them practicing alone would be prohibited from doing so by Rule 1.7. Both McLaughlin and Sistrunk knew that Julian Bolton, managing partner of The Cochran Firm’s Memphis office, had a conflict of interest representing the Neals in an action against the jail.

Rule 1.11 – Successive Government and Private Employment - The Neals should have been timely informed about Julian Bolton's government employment.

Rules 1.16 and Rule 2.2 – The Cochran Firm should have never contracted with the Neals or it should have withdrawn timely to avoid prejudicing our case due to the firm's conflict of interest under provisions of Rule 1.7.

We seek legal representation to bring a Georgia Bar complaint against Hezekiah Sistrunk and a lawsuit against parties that participated in the conspiracy to deny the Neal family's right to due process of law after the murder of Larry Neal.  These offenses were presented to Tennessee Bar, which dismissed our complaint after a cursory investigation without commenting on the proof we presented.  That likely happened because an employee at the Bar was indiscreet and allegedly gossiped about the case with friends in other State of Tennessee offices.  When McLaughlin learned about the confidentiality breech and complained to the Tennessee Bar, the Neals' complaint against him was abruptly dismissed. (This information was made public when McLaughlin referenced the Tennessee Bar complaint in his pleadings before the USDC and pro se counsel responded. Otherwise, I would be bound to confidentiality about the Tennessee Bar complaint.)  Hopefully, having written about this matter extensively online for years will make it impossible for another judge in Georgia or anywhere else to be ignorant of the fact that The Cochran Firm has Georgia offices.  The Cochran Firm never denied defrauding the Neal family; it only claimed not to exist wherever we brought suit and served complaints.  The Cochran Firm disclaimed its Atlanta office in both Georgia Superior Court and in United States District Court; then in United States District Court, it also denied having any law office in Tennessee.

IT IS TOO LATE FOR JUSTICE.  Justice would have meant letting Larry Neal, a harmless, lifelong schizophrenic heart patient live out his life.  Justice would have demanded that The Cochran Firm enter no contract for legal services with my elderly, grieving mother to represent the Neals in a wrongful death action the firm did not plan to file.  Justice should have been done in either court where we sued The Cochran Firm for its breach of contract, fraud, and deliberate malpractice.  Justice requires that plaintiffs do not spend years of their lives hiding at home because they are stalked in person and receive constant cyberthreats via their computers describing violence planned against them and their families for exercising their civil rights.  Justice would have prevented our income being seriously curtailed because people followed me home from work every night until I declined my employer's kind offer to be moved to a position that would be safer from layoff (guards' affidavits available, and a near-confession from a Cochran Firm attorney is in the USDC court file).  Then cyberstalkers invaded my email boxes to prevent communication with attorneys regarding employment and/or legal representation.  We do not seek justice regarding The Cochran Firm Fraud.  It is time to get paid. Interested attorneys should reference Jock Smith's victory representing Carolyn Whittaker in a lawsuit against Southwestern Life Insurance Company at this link -

Smith may believe he won the record settlement  for insurance fraud because he is brilliant or dazzled the jury in ringmaster suits.  The truth is a Macon County, Alabama jury awared Carolyn Whittaker $1.6 billion in her fraud case because Americans hate the idea of rich, unethical corporations trampling the rights of people like Ms. Whittaker and the Neal family.  The Cochran Firm knows it cannot win against the Neals in a jury trial, and its only course was to lie to courts and induce judges to prevent our case from proceeding to trial.   News of the case was blocked from mainstream media in order that my family's civil rights could be violated in relative secrecy.  Despite censorship, the next lawsuit will not be handled outside the public eye.  Hopefully, an attorney will contact us soon so the Neal family can put this long, perilous ordeal behind us.  If cyberstalkers continue to block my communicating with attorneys by phone and email, we will sue the firm again pro se and/or sue The City of Atlanta* for denying my First Amendment rights.  I believe any attorney right out of law school can win the case against The Cochran Firm before a jury with all the evidence we have.  I am a legal assistant who already won the lawsuit twice but was blocked from being awarded damages through more fraud.  Racism and classism in the U.S. justice system are evident in both criminal and civil courts. 

Using trusted individuals, organizations, and law firms like The Cochran Firm to continue Jim Crow justice followed America into the 21st century. See more about that problem in the article, "Mary Neal's Black History Month 2011" at this link:

*Conspiracy to Deny Mary Neal's Constitutional Rights
After defrauding the Neals and winning a strange court order declaring The Cochran Firm "nonexistent to be sued" in Georgia, The Cochran Firm pretended to represent the estate of 92-year-old Atlanta police murder victim, Kathryn Johnston, six months after the firm was pronounced nonexistent by Georgia Superior Court.  The lawyers told their client, Sarah Dozier, and the world that it filed a lawsuit regarding Johnston's murder. Supposedly, suit was filed in State Court of Fulton County on November 21, 2007; however, State Court had no record of the lawsuit on August 18, 2010.  It would appear that Superior Court should have had jurisdiction, not State Court. The Cochran Firm probably could not use Superior Court where Judge Wendy Shoob had pronounced the law office nonexistent just six months before Kathryn Johnston's murder.  The Cochran Firm supposedly removed the Dozier case from State Court to United States District Court in January 2009, and it was presided over by Judge Marvin Shoob, Judge Wendy Shoob's father.  The lawsuit demand a jury trial and $18 million in damages.  I was not surprised the case was not allowed to proceed to jury.  Any jury assembled in Atlanta would be sympathetic to the plaintiff likely to award the entire $18 million or more for Johnston's murder.  Around August 18, The Cochran Firm convinced its client to settle the case against the City of Atlanta for merely $4.9 million without the benefit of trial.  After hearing the announcement on television news, I went to State Court and Superior Court, and neither court could find record of any Dozier vs. City of Atlanta in court records.  That oversight was probably remedied after I made reports in my blog.  I learned long ago that court records sometimes change with The Cochran Firm cases.

In June 2010, I went downtown Atlanta and stood in front of the court-declared nonexistent office of The Cochran Firm at 127 Peachtree Street to tell people about my handicapped brother's secret arrest and murder in Memphis Shelby County Jail, expose The Cochran Firm fraud, and asked them to help Kathryn Johnston's estate be treated fairly, because that wrongful death case was also in the hands of the devious attorneys at The Cochran Firm.  Police came after I had been there for 45 minutes and demanded that I cease exercising my First Amendment rights to expose my brother's lynching, The Cochran Firm fraud, and asking for the City to be fair to Kathryn Johnston's survivors in their civil suit.  Three of the police officers who were involved in Johnston's murder were sentenced to prison in 2009, and the civil suit had not proceeded to court or been settled.  I felt it was time for the public to pay attention to the civil proceedings and demand justice for the murdered elder.  Police who demanded that I leave said they were responding to a 911 call.  They threatened me with arrest if I did not immediately leave, saying it made no difference that I was on the public sidewalk or that I obeyed all the rules for public protests that I had been instructed by the City.  The Neal family and other clients seeking justice after wrongful deaths are treated worse than former Cochran Firm attorney Shawn Holley could have imagined when she interviewed with National Public Radio to warn people about the racist direction the new partners took after Johnnie Cochran's death.  I use the Internet to publish my terrorism to a limited degree.  Censorship is fierce - 11,000 of my tweets were deleted from Twitter on December 6, 2010.  Thankfully, the tweets published to help decriminalize mental illness and expose other injustices were reactivated in February 2011 at .  I cannot use my telephone freely despite changing service providers repeatedly; I cannot freely use the Internet; and I am threatened with arrest for telling people about these violations in person.  If you are/know an attorney to help us have free speech, please send us smoke signals.

February 14, 2011 tweet:  @ @ I've been traumatized since Atl police said they'll arrest me 4 telling abt Larry's lynching & Cochran Firm fraud.

We are grateful to everyone who helps the Neal family overcome the shroud of secrecy regarding my handicapped brother's secret arrest and murder and those who assist in advocacy for 1.25 million other mentally ill Americans and immigrants who are wrongly incarcerated rather than treated for their mental diseases (visit Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill at ). Many individuals and companies republish articles in FreeSpeakBlog or share links. Thanks to True Voice Magazine for featuring the wrongful death of Larry Neal in its Spring 2010 issue and to the thousand people who signed our petitions for Dog Justice for Larry Neal and the petition for my freedom from censorship and terrorism. Our gratitude goes out to World News and others who share my real-time cyberstalking videos that prove our First Amendment rights are not honored or enforced - More films are at my YouTube channel jkempp703, and additional videos are added from time to time.  We are also grateful to everyone who tried to sign the petitions but encountered a denial of service.  We appreciate companies like Google, NowPublic, Care2, OpEdNews, IndyMedia, HubPages, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, and others that are/were or will be used to publish these crimes which the United States Department of Justice condones or participates in by a) allowing Shelby County Jail to omit reporting Larry Neal's death during the jail's Release hearings in 2006 before United States District Court, Western District of Tennessee; b) refusing to respond to the Neal's Freedom of Information Act requests for records; c) refusing to investigate Larry Neal's murder and the cover-up that followed; and d) allowing/facilitating persecution and First Amendment rights violations. Special thanks to my agent and publisher who will help the world know about a lawsuit that turned into a bad Bond movie but also a valuable advocacy for Human Rights for Prisoners, especially the mentally ill.  Most of all, thanks to everyone who prays for the Neals, especially for Mary Neal as the family's justice advocate.  Consider this a query letter, agents and publishers, as my computer is cyberstalked.  The link to share this article is:  The Cochran Firm Fraud

Mary Neal
Phone 678.531.0262 (Most calls go directly to voicemail, and we are not allowed to access the messages)


MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Thanks for your interest. The justice system is disappointing - civil and criminal court. This is an example.

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問聲好~~ 祝福您的blog愈來愈熱鬧!............................................................

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

I received information that the NAACP is being called "divisive" because of its stance against "tea party" people. I don't think the NAACP is divisive. In fact, from my experience, the NAACP tolerates racism rather well, depending on whose rights are attacked. For instance, in condemning tea party people, the NAACP helps Democrats in elected office. On the other hand, the NAACP shows no interest in helping my family resolve my brother's lynching and murder cover-up, and no intention of helping other minority citizens to know about The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm fraud - Therefore, Lawrence Taylor's survivors in Calif. now depend on The Cochran Firm, just like the Neal family in Larry Neal's murder by police in Tennessee and Kathryn Johnston's murder-by-police in Georgia. The Neals' case was never filed; I cannot find evidence that Kathryn Johnston's case was actually filed, and slain African American Lawrence Taylor's survivors need to watch their backs. I seriously doubt if anyone else is.

Mary Neal

Anonymous said...

Dred Scott is still the law. Strong orgaizations is the only answer. I've had a similar experience with a prepaid legal business which I will post later.
Alton Maddox, the black attorney who has been illegally barred from the practice of law is probably the best example I know where "Dred Scott" was applied.

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Really? I wrote about Alton Maddox. Did you read it?


Johnnie Cochran may have been murdered for his name and reputation. Now "they" have it and defraud people like the Neal family. If not that, then they just made the best of the opportunity his death provided. Evil, unethical attorneys will go to hell. Smith may greet them.

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

I was recently informed that Maddox was never disbarred. He was restricted from practicing law in any NY court.

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

I had hoped that my family's justice quest regarding Larry Neal's lynching and my terrorism following The Cochran Firm fraud would end on a quietly victorious note. I was raised as a Christian to live without prejudice. But after viewing a movie called "Maafa21," which is available in my FreeSpeakBlog, I recognize that powerful Caucasian elitists probably would not allow The Cochran Firm to pay damages and apologize for covering up my disabled brother's murder while under secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail even if the firm wanted to do so. None of them in that "eugenics/ genocide club" think it is necessary to treat Africans in America like real people. They believe us to be "imbeciles" and "useless eaters" and "the Negro problem" since slavery was declared illegal except for convicts, which is why America has the highest prison population in the history of the world. Upholding human and civil rights is not a popular idea in Washington at this time, either. Access the article and full-length movie about the eugenics/genocide program are available at "BLACK GENOCIDE Maafa21" at the link:

Randy McMurry, a former Cochran Firm partner, calls The Cochran Firm's fraud against black and brown people "racketeering." McMurray's documentary proof (if you need more) that The Cochran Firm engages in deliberately false or misleading advertising and does shoddy legal work that rises to the level of RICO racketeering will be published in a subsequent article. After that, please look for "Cochran Firm Fraud" wherever you buy books.

Testimony by former Cochran Firm attorneys, including Shawn Chapman Holley, Randy McMurray, and Vickie Gilliam, regarding The Cochran Firm fraud is at this article:

Randy McMurray: "The Cochran Firm Racketeers!"

Unknown said...

Hello, I tried to hire the firm but they denied me. I am being sent a letter of denial but do not know the reason for it. I assume they are not capable of handling an issue like mine. I think they are about money and nothing else.

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

They did you a favor by rejecting your case. Perhaps your defendants' offer was not substantial enough for The Cochran Firm to defraud you.