Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ready for Ebola and Depop Vaccines?

"CDC to Hospitals: Prepare for Ebola"

Just as "Tiebreaker" predicted in 2008 at Yahoo Answers, we now have immigrants flooding the border, and here comes the infectious disease. "Tiebreaker" is a pseudonym for someone who wrote this:
"hypothetical situation, might help me in smaller matters - say your the leader of a country. it flourished for awhile but its fallen into desperate times. the population is growing very rapidly. the amout of babies being born is at the highest rate its ever been and immigrants are flooding into the land. the food is extremely scarce and if it keeps up you'll go bankrupt. the people would literally have to eat each other to survive. you have the option of enforcing a vaccine that would ultimately weed out the weak and leave the strong ill, but alive. this is your only option to survive ... what choice do you make? is it more morally correct to ensure a few some survival, or to not cross the line of inhumanity at the cost of everything... in this instance the strong will get better, life will go on but with a dramatically reduced populace. the question remains .... " ~Posted by Tiebreaker in 2008 at the Yahoo! Answers link below:

The Economic Policy Journal and many other sources report that the USA holds the Ebola patent.

Publication number: US20120251502 A1
Publication type
: Application
Application number: US 13/125,890
PCT number: PCT/US2009/062079
Publication date: Oct 4, 2012
Filing date: Oct 26, 2009
Priority date: Oct 24, 2008
Also published asCA2741523A1, 4 More »

See the latest news about the Ebola virus in the USA at 11alive:

By the way, I was NOT allowed to publish Tiebreaker's comment at Google+ when I tried. I wonder why?

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MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

S Government Moves On Nationwide Adult Vaccination http://bit.ly/1K3woLK

The transnational pharmaceutical cartel will be positioning itself to profit handsomely if a federally-mandated adult immunization program becomes law. The proposed US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) policy will be implemented alongside the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act (ACA), thereby becoming a standard component of US national healthcare policy.

Published on February 6, 2015 amid the “measles outbreak” media frenzy, the HHS is accepting “public comment” on its Draft National Adult Immunization Plan (NAIP) until March 9, 2015. Under the NAIP, all adult American citizens will be compelled to receive current and retroactive vaccination regimens that may amount to several dozen “shots” per individual during their “catch-up” phase. Under the federally-mandated immunization schedule children presently receive 49 vaccines before the age of six.