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Thanks for Friendship, from Mary Neal

To my new friends (11 links, 14 paragraphs, counting this one - pls confirm receipt). Thank you for including me in your circle of online friends. To see videos about censorship and terrorism to prevent my human rights advocacy, including real-time cyberstalking and terrorism law enforcement ignores, please visit my YouTube channel jkempp703 at this link -  
Network groups are very useful for uniting people who work together for a common goal. I have joined many groups, although I am not permitted any longer to send mass emails to the African American and prisoner activists groups I joined at YahooGroups. Cyberstalkers nearly always kick me offline when I try to do so. That started last spring after I announced the Human Rights for Prisoners March, which was planned for May 16 in Atlanta. As it happens, there were thunderstorms that day and the march was canceled. See information about it online and what I consider to be 26 main justice concerns - "Human Rights For Prisoners March." It is hopeful to see that some of those concerns are being addressed by lawmakers who recognize the urgent need for change. Many bills are pending before the 111th Congress that would help regarding justice, and some have already passed. Judges are also effecting positive changes. More defendants are being remanded to drug court and mental health court now, and death sentences are down to 1976 levels. In fact, Judge Kevin Fine (USDC, TX) recently pronounced capital punishment as being unconstitutional. That was a major step forward in the state that leads the Union in executions - over 400 since capital punishment was re-instated in the 1970's and over 200 under Texas' present governor.

As you probably know, I am a human rights advocate. Our group members at Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, founded after the denial of justice following Larry Neal's murder, try to help victims have a voice regardless of their race, religion, or ethnicity. In fact, I was late coming to realize the level of prejudice that exists in America and how much it impacts our lives on nearly every level. I believe that classism is also a major problem in America. A white person who lacks wealth is subject to discrimination in the justice system like Africans are, although at a much reduced ratio - nowhere near the 1 in 9 rate of imprisonment that young African males reportedly have. Although being white reduces the likelihood of being arrested, it seems not to help people who get caught up in the system. For example, in August 2009, a man named Thomas Arthur was about to be executed in Alabama although results from Arthur's DNA test that the forensic lab released in July reported Arthur was no match for the crime scene evidence that was tested. Judge Pulliam sealed the results of Arthur's DNA test, and prosecutors planned to ask for Arthur's death warrant in August. Apparently, the public was not intended to know about Arthur's wrongful execution until years later, like in the Cameron Scott Willingham case (another white man who was executed in 2004 for murdering his children, but information released recently indicates he was innocent). Mainstream news was quiet about the results of Arthur's DNA test, which he had been denied until 2009 after 26 years of imprisonment for a murder it appears Arthur did not do. Fearing that Arthur might be wrongly executed, I worked all night against cyberstalkers on August 31 to alert people about the inmate's predicament.

It is going to take unity among oppressed people to accomplish justice reform. I work as hard to save Thomas Arthur and Jeff Wood, white men, as I do for Troy Davis and Darrell Lomax, wrongly convicted Africans. Now Thomas Arthur is going to get a hearing "before execution" I read. That sounds like the hearing is only a formality. Hopefully, I am wrong about that. See one of my articles at the link below for more information on Arthur and others. It carries information about Troy Davis, Darrell Lomax, and the Scott Sisters as well as other people who are/were victimized by the unjust justice system.

Cameron Willingham's Wrongful Execution and OTHERS

See the extent of censorship against me at the link below in an article about Arthur's DNA results being ignored and InfoWar that ensued: Care2 eCards program was attacked on September 1, and gMail actually went down. I really don't believe those were coincidences.

Original Thought Magazine re-published the article at this link, and I really appreciate them for doing that:

I learned this week that my Twitter tweets may be going to some set-aside area. None of my tweets to save Troy Davis or Hank Skinner, who is scheduled for execution on 3/24/10 in Texas, appear to be registering with the regular tweets. I did a search for both men's names at Twitter's "real time tweets" field on the log-in page, and NONE of mine for those two men showed up although I have tweeted about little else lately. Last night when I conducted a search at Twitter's "real time tweets" field for Troy Davis' name, I got a response from Twitter saying, "NO RESULTS FOR TROY DAVIS." I cannot tell whether that response really came from Twitter or from the cyberdogs who illegally put my computer on their Intranet in order to monitor and control my use of the Internet. I hope they are not trying to tell me something. We all want good results for Troy. We want justice.

Google my name with Troy Davis' name to see many articles I wrote about his denial of a new trial. He has a chance at a new trial now that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a USDC judge in Atlanta will review his substantial new evidence and make that determination. To access more articles I wrote for victims since learning where I live, please see my Google profile at

I feel blessed that you granted me friendship and the opportunity to share my struggle for justice with you. I hope you visit my blog at and share some of my articles with your friends and groups. I am heavily censored, as I tried to show you, and I have trouble posting news. If it were not for people helping by re-publishing articles, AIMI could not be effective promoting HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS. Although every justice issue is important, we mainly use online services to help decriminalize mental illness and end capital punishment. Roughly 1.25 million mentally ill people are prisoners like my unfortunate brother Larry Neal was when he was murdered under secret arrest in 2003 in Memphis/Shelby County Jail. AIMI members support H.R. 619, a bill by Representative Eddie Johnson (D-TX 30) to resume Medicaid funding for inpatient treatment in hospitals. Passing that health care bill would create an alternative to imprisoning people for having a common, treatable health condition - mental illness. Mentally ill people, whether black, white, or other, are probably the most discriminated-against people in America. If they have the triple distinction of being a minority person, poor, and mentally ill, they can actually be murdered behind bars like my brother Larry was, and the USDOJ will refuse to investigate their deaths. Pit bulls get more respect.

Please advise me on how to improve my advocacy, and let me know how I can contribute as a group member. Contact me if there is ever anything I can do for you personally as my new friend. If I fail to respond to your attempt to communicate with me via group mail or by email to my email box, it is likely because I did not get your message. The email I was sent about yesterday's radio show was held up until three hours after the show was over, for instance. I feel confident some of you experience the same things. Last week, my family's phones would not work for outgoing calls when it was time for me to call in to the Women Warriors radio show. Cyberstalkers often redirect my incoming mail to Spam or Trash, and they frequently delete it altogether before I have a chance to read it. They do this constantly with emails announcing my new Twitter followers; then they delete the notices from my Twitter followers list as well. Therefore, please note my mailing address below my signature block and add it to your mailing lists. Cyberlords do not welcome online news and views regarding Human Rights for Prisoners, but still we rise!

Please help promote H.R. 619, which was also endorsed by NAMI and other mental health organizations. Mentally ill people should be treated in hospitals and not imprisoned for being sick. Also, help protest the execution of Hank Skinner, who I understand was a prisoner activist before his conviction. Some people believe that is why Skinner is scheduled to die in Texas on March 24, 2010, and is deprived of DNA tests to prove his innocence. Since I have been gangstalked and intimidated for asking WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL and advocating for justice reform, it is easy for me to believe that about Skinner's impending execution. Please help. We all need each other.

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