Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New to Censorship?

Below is a blog post from another censored sister whose brother is wrongly incarcerated for reason of mental illness. AIMI member Danielle expressed surprise that she was not allowed to comment on criminalizing mental illness at YouTube. I wrote the response you see below her Care2 Sharebook post, but my response was not allowed to register at Care2.

Danielle S.
1 hrs ago
petitions, call to action

I tried posting comments regarding Larry Neal, my brother Nicholas and H.R. 619 on Youtube and was unsuccessful. I tried multiple times for different videos. I tried posting this first: Prison profit is a reality, exploiting those who can't speak. Countless mentally ill are locked up instead of given treatment. A sister to the cause lost her brother Larry Neal, a schizophrenic heart patient. He was arrested and died in jail, without treatment. My schizophrenic brother sits behind bars without meds since June 2009. Do not allow this to continue. Sign petition: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/4/help-me-help-my-brother and write congressman, give support for H.R. 619.I believe that once I removed my petitionsite web address it allowed me.

March 7, 2010

Danielle, I know that after your experiences with cyberstalkers recently, you are ready to believe me about something disturbing that occurred at this discussion stand. One night, my post was not accepted. Instead, an unseen hand posted this, "IT'S TOO LATE FOR NICK." I was afraid for your brother. I was concerned they had done something to him. That is why I found your Sharebook to see what you were reporting. I am relieved he seems physically OK, although he is spiraling downward mentally because Nick is in a prison environment when he probably needs to be hospitalized and stabilized, then released. It would probably be best for Nick and other acute patients to be released as outpatients and mandated to continue their treatment. Otherwise, most acute patients do not continue their treatments and they wind up trapped in the revolving door in and out of jail.

Texas does not seem to intend to release Nick, Danielle. I don't know what they plan, but you pointed out that Nick was due to be released on probation before now and that he was never supposed to be imprisoned in the first place. Your family was told that Nick was being taken to a hospital. I pray for Nick and all the Nicks and many other families like yours and mine who suffer along with our loved ones who are criminalized for mental illness. Change is going to come. It must. There are too many decent people in America in leadership positions for this injustice to continue much longer, especially now that you and many others have come to give ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL.




@innocenceblog DECLINING #PRISON & DEATH SENTENCES http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2010/03/prison-population-and-death-sentences.html


Mary Neal
P.O. Box 153
Redan, GA 30074

Dear Sir/Madam:

Greetings. I am writing you for a favor. If you ever meet with American dignitaries or government officials, would you please ask them to consider upgrading the caste for African American disabled people? Right now, citizens in that category are in a lower caste than canines. Reports of dogs being murdered or abused are always investigated and frequently prosecuted. Thousands of Americans also petition other countries to stop animal abuse. Domestic animals have rights in the United States that are far superior to those afforded to human beings who are disabled, especially if a citizen suffers from a mental disability. Mentally ill Americans of whatever race are considered expendable, but this is especially true if they are black people. In fact, their murders are not investigated like American dogs' abuses and murders. Furthermore, Americans are permitted to petition for animal rights, but I am gang stalked, censored, and terrorized because I advocate for human rights for mentally ill Americans.

As you probably already know, America stopped taking care of the nation's acute mental patients in the 1970's. They were turned out of hospitals to live homeless on the street during that decade, and many of them starved and some froze to death. For the most part, America's chronically homeless population is still comprised of mentally ill people – the expendable citizens.

It would be nice if freedom of speech and press were enacted as universal rights, also. We who advocate for decriminalizing mental illness would love to have those freedoms. Thank you.


Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

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