Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mary Neal's Freedom Tweets from Jan 19 2011

(16 links in this post)  When I posted my "MLK Day Tweets" (next article in this FreeSpeak blog), the censorship force fixed it so that people who use cell phones for their web browsing could not read them.  Studies show that African Americans are more likely than other races to use their cell phones for web browsing, being far behind the technology curve. What I write is censored to hide certain truths from everyone, but especially from blacks, lest they awaken from MASS HYPNOSIS (see my poem online by that name).  After I posted my MLK Birthday tweets to this blog on January 15, 2011, the censorship force removed the restriction and allowed my tweets for that day to also show at Twitter.  Therefore, we will try it again with today's thirteen (13) tweets posted below.
koffietime Mary Neal

@ACLU When EVERYONE gets Internet I.D. #, U'll be censored like I am using my PC or library PC. -

@wikileaks U embarrass officials, but yo tweets intact. Decriminalizing mental illness threatens bottom line, so my 10,000 HR tweets deleted

@_GOOGLE_ Pls format 4 phone view. Censorship hiding FINGERPRINTS


@Twitter See these posts:  AND

@GeniusDeferred @RippDemUp When Americans get Internet I.D. #, U'll be silenced online unless U say "yessa, massa."

@NowPublic It's alarming how chummy China and USA are now. One point of agreement: BOTH KEEP MENTALLY ILL IN CAGES

@blackvoices If blks depend on same "leaders" who slept while 1 in 9 young blks went to prison 2 negotiate our position in NWO, we're F'ed.

@blackvoices Whats 2B blk man's role in NWO - beasts of burden as prison slaves or soil fertilizer (population ctrl)

@AP regarding NWO that #Revelation & rich ppl say is inevitable, what's planned 4 disabled & elderly? Camps?

@vlu77 Georgia's Gov. Deal knows where 2 save $$ - PRISON REFORM NOW!  - Stop closing schools & jobs, frugal leaders!

Thx Mississippi governor for releasing the Scott sisters and saving Jamie's life & taxpayers, like more govs should.

If MLK was fighting for HR in the 21st century, COINTELPRO would be as busy under Holder as it was under Hoover, or else WHERE R MY TWEETS? 

@blackvoices @ACLU @NAACP @cxs Didn't go protest @ MLK celebration in Atl - headache after seeing some of the HYPOCRITES IN THE PULPIT.

My last tweet on MLK's birthday was:  @blackvoices @ACLU @NAACP @cxs I'm protesting PRISONER ABUSE & secret murder of LARRY NEAL on @MLKDay despite ATL police threats #government - That was my plan, but something happened.  I posted the news at our online advocacy group that we invite you to visit, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, and republish it here - I planned to protest at the MLK Birthday Commemorative celebration in Atlanta. I made the mistake of glancing at my mother's TV as I kissed her goodbye before leaving with my signs that say COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD and WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL and HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS. Seeing people [sitting in what would have been Dr. King's pulpit] whose leadership has allowed America to become the nation with the world's largest prison population made my soul sick, and I got my first ever migrane headache. Hypocrisy is detestable.

ON DEC. 3, 2010, OVER 10,000 OF MY TWEETS SUDDENLY DISAPPEARED - RIGHT BEFORE THE GEORGIA PRISONERS IN SIX CORRECTIONAL FACILITIES WENT ON A SLAVE WORKERS' STRIKE.  OFFICIALS KNEW IN ADVANCE THAT A PRISON REBELLION WAS PLANNED.  I launched a Human Rights for Prisoners March across the Internet after discovering that Americans are subject to secret arrest and murder like my mentally, physically ill brother suffered in 2003 - - and that our officials who took an oath to uphold the Constitution refuse to give my family any records or investigate his secret internment and murder or do anything to demand accountability for his death.  In other words, I learned that minority people and the handicapped are considered "disposable."  I respectfully disagree with that assessment and hope you will, too.  Please check out my article by that name, "I Respectfully Disagree" at this link -
Mary Neal


Follow me at Twitter, if they let you. I am censored  there (like I am across the Internet).  Human rights advocacy is unpopular now as it was when Jesus walked among us. -

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