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Was Larry Neal Used for Waterboarding Practice in 2003?

Note: Links do not open in a new window. Read all first, or use your back arrow to return to -- Frankly, I don't know if you will be permitted to see all of this blog and the links. I discovered that cyberdogs can render parts of a blog invisible for viewers when I visited a Blogger blog that belongs to Cynthia Johnson. Her video and petition were not in view. Johnson claims she was raped by a New Jersey police officer in 2008, then denied a rape kit and arrested long enough for the evidence on her body to be gone. That is why information was missing from her blog. In my case, the cyberstalking is done to hide the secret arrest and murder of my mentally and physically disabled brother, Larry Neal. Also, when I look at my wall at Facebook, there is only one post showing, and I post regularly. Who is doing this? Are your blogs similarly attacked? There is so much James Bond-like activity around censoring news of my brother's murder and illegal withholding of records that we believe he was used for waterboarding practice. See the article below. Thanks for your interest.



---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Mary Neal
Date: Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 5:24 AM
Subject: Were Black Mental Patients Used for Waterboarding Training Exercises?
To: Family, Friends, and Media

I THINK I FINALLY HAVE THE ANSWER! As you know, we have asked for arrest records and incarceration records for six years regarding the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal. No authorities will respond with the records. They break their own laws about FOIA and transparency in government. The Cochran Firm was sent to defraud Larry Neal's family into contract to sue for wrongful death after Memphis Shelby Co. Jail secretly arrested Larry and kept him for nearly three weeks. What were they doing to him? How did Larry die? Why can't someone answer that question? See

During Larry Neal's 18 days of secret imprisonment, Memphis Shelby County Jail repeatedly denied to Larry's social worker and family that he was incarcerated. Shelby Co. Jail was at that time under the overview of the USDOJ following lawsuit by the USA for other prison torture. The Cochran Firm did zero to even begin to work on our case. The Cochran Firm kept the case inactive for 10.5 months while the law firm lied in writing (U.S. Mail fraud) to mislead our family about work that was supposedly being done to sue for wrongful death. It gets stranger. No state bars or courts will hold the law firm responsible for defrauding its clients, the Neals. In fact, Georgia Superior Court "mistakingly" ruled that no Cochran Firm office was even operating in Georgia (that is the law office Larry's family contacted after his secret jailhouse murder and the office where we served our lawsuit for fraud). In May 2006, the court agreed with our defendants that there is no such thing as a Cochran Firm office in Georgia and dismissed our lawsuit against the transFIRMer that was supposed to be working for Larry's survivors, but was working behind our backs to help Shelby County Jail escape accountability for Larry's death. The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office never stopped its commercials or signing contracts with new Georgia clients like Kathryn Johnston's survivors (see AFTER KATHRYN JOHNSTON'S MURDER at this link, an article about the 92-year-old Atlanta woman police killed in a no-knock warrant in November 2006: ).

Why are so many parties helping The Cochran Firm trick African Americans, Latinos, and other minorities? Former Cochran Firm attorney Shawn Holley reported what the firm started doing to its clients after Johnnie died. She said the firm fired ethical attorneys who refused to deliver poor legal services to its clients. Some attorneys sued The Cochran Firm for race discrimination and fraud. Here is a link to her NPR interview:

During the time period when Larry was murdered in 2003, people were being trained in ADVANCED INTERROGATION TECHNIQUES to torture the War on Terror detainees on orders by the DOJ. The torture "experts" supposedly received 80 hours of training before being turned loose on the people in Guantanamo Bay and Gitmo. Where did they train? Do you suppose the DOJ used black mental patients like poor Larry Neal for their training subjects for WATERBOARDING EXERCISES? Everybody is hiding something pretty terrible, I am sure. Police shoot and Taser people all the time. The news media is not prevented from reporting such deaths. Law firms like The Cochran Firm don't usually get to commit perjury in court, or do they?

What happened to Larry Neal to merit all of the intrigue, cyberstalking, and in-person terrorism that happens to his family for asking "What happened to Larry Neal?" and to keep us from getting those jail records? Why the determination to keep Larry's death and The Cochran Firm's fraud out of the news? It is pretty big news when a major law firm denies the existence of its own East Coast office to dodge going before a jury. It is major news when courts allow any business to disclaim its own existence while advertising and conducting business every day. I don't think such a thing has ever happened before in the history of juris prudence. What is everybody HIDING? Why was a USDOT truck leading the folks who stalked me on 9/27/08, the day after I announced through and FourWinds that we were publishing videos about Larry's disappearance and death and the Cochran Firm Fraud? Who is capable of having so many people help cover a murder?

Now Mitrice Richardson, a mentally disturbed young woman, is missing after her arrest on September 17 in Lost Hills, California. She was reportedly released around 1:30 a.m. without her car, cellphone, or any money. Mitrice has not been seen since her arrest. How many other African Americans with mental disturbances are missing? Training torture experts is over, so no more subjects for that training should be needed now. So where is Mitrice? There could be other missing black mental patients. Unfortunately, not all disturbed people are in contact with their families like Larry and Mitrice, and some people experiencing mental problems do not have anyone who would search if they go missing or ask questions if they die in police custody.

A federal investigation has been requested to answer what happened to both these missing Americans with disabilities. I wish Mitrice Richardson's supporters good luck. Larry Neal's family and supporters been asking for years and years to have DOG JUSTICE. Michael Vick's dogs' deaths were investigated and wrongdoers were prosecuted, so what's the problem? Could the problem be that the culprits will prove to be people in a PROTECTED CLASS?

Was Larry Neal used for waterboarding practice? Something extraordinary happened to Larry, because his death in government custody is handled differently than any other - all laws regarding open disclosure, accountability, and legal ethics by attorneys when representing clients were tossed out of the window. Is this the big secret? WAS LARRY WATERBOARDED?

Join thousands who are asking for federal investigations! Missing children and people with mental or emotional problems deserve federal investigations when they go missing - especially when they die in government custody or go missing right after jail release (as Mitrice reportedly did).


Larry's Neal's second petition:
(Interested persons can open the petition and read the comments without having to sign.)

Support the petition for a federal investigation into Mitrice Richardson's disappearance.
You won't believe this! When we sued The Cochran Firm for using its position as our attorneys to protect Memphis Shelby County Jail in federal court under the diversity rule (requiring different states of residence for plaintiffs and defendants), The Cochran Firm disclaimed the existence of its Memphis office, too! Because the law firm held out to the public as being The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office disclaimed being that in Georgia Superior Court, Larry's family used the diversity rule to take the fraud case to the U.S. District Court. Everybody pretended not to know the Cochran Firm was within sight of federal courthouse from windows on the upper floors. What makes so many authorities and the media want to help The Cochran Firm escape exposure and accountability for defrauding Larry Neal's family? Are they all one big happy family, themselves? The federal judge dismissed the Neals' lawsuit (again preventing the Neals from having a jury trial) by saying what The Cochran Firm did to us was "immaterial." Who do you think made a YouTube commercial to get new unsuspecting clients? Yep! The Cochan Firm Atlanta office.

The Cochran Firm was still trying to make sure that Larry Neal's family didn't find out how or why he died even while they were being sued for protecting Shelby County Jail from our wrongful death lawsuit. See this article:

Cochran Firm: "Judge, Don't Make the Jail Tell About Larry Neal!"

Here are the tweets posted or prevented on 1-8-10

The BBB shouldn't hide the fact that Cochran Firm Atl. office denied its own identity in court and that it illegally used "P.C." at its name

@LawyerDir The BBB should not have refused to take my complaint about The Cochran Firm Atl office wearing a FAKE "P.C." behind its name.

@LawyerDir The "P.C." means professional corp., requiring reg. w/ Sec of State office, and they weren't.

@LawyerDir It is wrong to withhold consumer info from blacks & Latinos relevant to their choice of legal agents, BBB!

@nytimes It took lots of other frauds by many parties to keep The Cochran Firm Fraud alive 4 six years. Folks ignoring their responsibility.

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