Friday, December 4, 2009

Cointelpro Prevents Mary Neal's Freedom of Press

Take a look at the interference I experienced posting our FOIA request to the USDOJ regarding the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal, described in detail at  - No Questions Allowed.

SORRY, Cointelpro prevented the upload. Don't worry. I will make sure you see it. You need to know that the Internet is censored and see how cyberstalkers do this.

I tried to upload a video showing the Cointelpro interference I experience alerting the nation to The Cochran Firm Fraud - the fact that the law firm is likely a pseudo-government agency set up to defraud minorities and other disenfranchised citizens after police murders and abuses. I am trying to load the video at - Today when I was at the library, they actually made the Internet go down in the library. Now I am at FedEx Kinko's. They are preventing the upload of the film. I believe they took down YouTube recently looking for my videos. I have much proof that Cointelpro has already shut down free speech on the Internet. I only get and send the emails that they allow. They prevent my uploading films. I am stalked online and in person to hide Larry Neal's murder and the subsequent cover-up facilitated by The Cochran Firm while under contract as our wrongful death attorneys. I am founder and director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, a much censored org. because private prisons make much money from incarcerating mental patients, and many elected officials and others decision makers own private prison stock. I will give my friends a go-ahead to upload the videos I sent to them. Cointelpro will not allow me to have Internet at my home any longer. I have replaced my computer six times in two years. They want to keep my brother's murder a secret to avoid having to prosecute those who filed false reports with the USDOJ from Shelby Co. Government, wherein officials lied and claimed there had been no jail deaths for the period in which my brother was secretly arrested and murdered there (secret arrest period was from mid-July to Aug.1, 2003, the date he died). See The cyberstalkers seek to contain the information that The Cochran Firm is used (since Johnnie's death) to prevent police departments and municipalities from having to make just resolutions after deaths by police or police brutality.

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