Saturday, April 4, 2015

Margaret Sanger on U.S. Money - Bravo!

Paragraph 1 of 10. The fact that Margaret Sanger is being considered as a candidate to replace Lincoln on the $20 bill is a public declaration of Nazism, fellow citizens. Unlike other black leaders, I do not discourage this move. Let decision makers in the U.S. Government state plainly how they feel about mentally ill people and blacks who their law enforcement officers continually murder. SAY IT LOUD, USA! Put Sanger, the eugenicists and racist, on your money.

Paragraph 2 of 10. Bravo, I say! You make my job so much easier with this public declaration of your sentiments and true intentions. The country that is considering enforced vaccinations for all adult Americans should immediately issue this red pill plainly enough to unite all Americans who know right from wrong and choose right. Put Nathan Bedford Forrest on your $10 bills while you're at it! Announce yourselves!

Paragraph 3 of 10. Thanks to Margaret Sanger, ENFORCED STERILIZATION was used to suppress population growth among people labeled as mentally ill. Victims included poor whites and blacks in states throughout the USA, and children as young as age 8 were sterilized to prevent them from adding "imbeciles" to America's population. One of the victims was Elaine Riddick, a human rights advocate whose only son is a successful businessman. Thus far, only North Carolina, where Riddick lived, has earmarked funds to compensate those who were sterilized under its eugenics program. One can assume that the rest of the states that forcibly sterilized blacks and whites who were labeled as being mentally ill are not sorry and do not pretend to be. Hold out your arms, Americans! Eugenicists have a shot for you.

Paragraph 4 of 10. "Maafa21" is a documentary about eugenics and Margaret Sanger. Embedded below is the film about efforts were to eliminate Blacks, whites who lacked wealth, and mentally challenged people from America. It answered many questions for me, like WHY my mentally, physically disabled brother was kidnapped by police and secretly murdered in 2003 and no accountability is demanded. It explains why I am allowed to be censored, terrorized, stalked, and no legal remedy is applied to those crimes. Maafa21 is currently at YouTube link (drag the browser over to begin the film after six(6) minutes).

Paragraph 5 of 10. "Maafa21" makes it clear who Margaret Sanger was and why it is an excellent idea for America to publish her likeness on $20 bills. Every child will ask "Who is she?" By doing so, they will learn geography much sooner than this writer did. Our children will learn where they really live. I thought I lived in a country where every person's human and civil rights are honored and protected for nearly 50 years, which is entirely false. Our children deserve to receive $20 bills for their birthdays featuring a photo of the racist Nazi who also practiced health discrimination. Our children deserve honesty

Paragraph 6 of 10. Conversations will arise revealing that Nazi Germany isolated and exterminated 300,000 people labeled as being mentally ill before that country embarked on the elimination of six million people who were killed because they were Jews, blacks, homosexuals as well as dissidents who disagreed with the genocide. Tell our children that Hitler claimed he got the idea for mass murder from America's eugenics program and America's massacre of millions of Native Americans. Put Margaret Sanger on the $20 bills - I insist!

Paragraph 7 of 10. Replace the stars on the U.S. flag with Sanger's likeness, also, and substitute her name for "flag" in the "Star Spangled Banner." No more closet racism! Down with so-called "white liberals" pretending to believe in liberty and justice for all when they obviously do not. Remove Lincoln from the memorial in Washington, D.C. and set a statue of Forrest there. Let us be completely honest for a change, America. Reveal that mass incarceration exists in America to prevent Blacks, poor whites, and people labeled as being mentally ill from having access to the opposite sex and reproducing. Reveal why persons in this category are regularly killed by police without any accountability being demanded.

Paragraph 8 of 10. Racism and health discrimination are as American as apple pie. Show our children and the rest of the world the truth! People cannot change problems they do not know exist, and this human rights advocate is so censored that it is challenging for me to expose the truth like Sanger being featured on the $20 bill will do. The new money will make a worldwide announcement of Nazism even more plainly than the continuous killings of unarmed black people and mentally ill people ever can. Demonstrate to the world who you are, eugenicists and murderers. Please issue the new money BEFORE announcing mandatory vaccines for every adult American.

Paragraph 9 of 10.  Five(5) References: 


Paragraph 10 of 10. If you have trouble accessing any information in this article and if the url's are redirected, which often happens to my articles, please realize that Frederick Douglass, an abolitionist of the 1800's, was right. He said, "Censorship is a double wrong. It violates the rights of the hearers and readers as well as the rights of speakers and writers." Corporations use lobbyists to speak for them in the halls of Congress and to local government officials throughout the USA while poor and middle class people use advocates. Human rights advocates are censored in violation of the People's right to petition the government for a redress of grievances, which is further evidence of Nazism. Comment below if any of the ten(10) urls and one(1) email address in this article are redirected or if you find the "Maafa21" video is missing or will not play. This article will be updated with more references and information to help you to learn geography, America!

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