Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Boycott4Justice vs. Riots, Dr. Watkins

You recorded an excellent commentary, Dr. Boyce Watkins. Baltimore has an interesting history of riots, and they have all been race-related. It is now the time to Boycott4Justice. Riots destroy chattel property, but a successful boycott can destroy the economy of a city or many cities, without protesters risking arrest or harm. NYPD proved that boycotts are effective when police had a work slowdown in December and January. NYPD stopped writing tickets and making unnecessary arrests after receiving strong criticism following Eric Garner's murder. Through NYPD's work slowdown, police officers won the right to carry machine guns to peaceful protests, and New York's mayor flipped his script and announced that he would veto any law against police using the choke hold. MONEY changes things. Africans in America sit where we want on city buses not because of protest marches but because of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. When labor unions made human chains around factories to prevent ingress and egress, that negatively impacted factory owners' income and won workers' rights for all laborers in the USA. We the People must unite and impact the bottom line in order to be effective.

American consumers control significantly more money than a single police department like NYPD. We must make politicians'real constituents - Big Businesses - demand an end to police brutality and require justice for murdered citizens. A successful boycott would cause politicians to suddenly Change and control their cops, but only because the request would come from Big Business. Accountability would be demanded for every overuse of force incident that results in injuries or deaths. Subsequently, there would be a drastic decrease in the number of hate crimes against African Americans and mentally ill people of all races if Big Business could be forced, through a successful boycott, to agree that every life matters. Force Big Business to care about what we care about. Our survival is being threatened, and businesses don't care. Big Business will only care about justice if our boycott threatens their own well being.

I like a statement in your video embedded above, Dr. Watkins: "If you can't fix it, burn it down." The good news is that we CAN fix it. Violence and destruction would be unnecessary if we would unite and use our collective consumer power effectively. As James Brown use to sing, "Use what you've got to get just what you want." We do not have military might, which makes rioting extremely risky; however, we have consumer power. Power to the people!

A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes merry: but money answers all things" ~Ecc. 10:19.

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Margaret Sanger, a racist eugenicist, is/was being considered for the $20 bill: Bravo!

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