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Black Teachers Jailed, Cochran Firm Fraud Continues

This is an draft published early out of necessity.

Paragraph 1 of   .  FRAUD is a way of life in Georgia. Sometimes black professionals do frauds like white people. That is frowned upon unless blacks do their frauds FOR white people. Teachers were awarded bonuses based on their students' test scores, I understand. But the bonuses the Atlanta school teachers scored did not go to white people, apparently. Their boss was the former Atlanta City Schools superintendent, Beverly Hall, who was also "black like me." The stress killed Hall before her trial. Fox Atlanta reported "Hall was not able to stand trial due to her deteriorating health and chemotherapy treatment, but the charged were not dropped against her." I figure Hall knew about The Cochran Firm fraud and made that known. I wrote about it using her name in the articles and saying I would be at her fraud trial, and so her trial was never scheduled. Whereas some blacks are too negligent to do Internet research, I have learned, others are not. Hall obviously was not. Whereas Hall died at home or in a nice hospital, some of the Atlanta school teachers may be brutalized, raped, sodomized, and even die in prison, especially if they are put in cells with homicidal mental patients like Georgia does to some inmates. Then the mentally ill inmates who kill them will be executed like Warren Hill was. Case closed. See link number 1 below after Paragraph 22 (so far that is the number of my last paragraph).

Paragraph 2 of   .  Black people REALLY need to research their lawyers before signing contract, but many take the state bars' word for the gospel. That is so silly, survivors of Chavis Carter, John Crawford, and others. They research The Cochran Firm only AFTER they have already been defrauded and find my articles, even when I title the articles with their names! Wake up, my people! Do you really expect the state bars to tell you about complaints against the biggest CoIntelPro operation in U.S. history that saves government agencies and major corporations billions of dollars annually by defrauding black clients? "ET phone home -- hel-lo!" Let me ask you something: How much money have YOU paid in bar association dues lately? I rest my case. See an email the Georgia Bar wrote to a lawyer promising that once his response to a complaint is received, they would immediately close the investigation -- without any consideration as to whether or not he was guilty! It is in an article at link number 2 below.

Paragraph 3 of   .  Why prosecute ten Atlanta City School teachers for changing test grades when The Cochran Firm and Georgia judges defrauded the court and dismissed my righteous lawsuits by entering perjury in the record saying that no office of The Cochran Firm exists in this state? Why arrest teachers when The Cochran Firm lied and told the world that it had filed a lawsuit in the Kathryn Johnston murder by police case when the court records show no such lawsuit having been filed? I found records in federal court saying the Johnston lawsuit had been "transferred" there to be heard in Federal Court by Judge Shoob, father of Wendy Shoob, the Fulton County Superior Court judge who falsely ruled The Cochran Firm nonexistent in the state. Nothing can be "transferred" until it is originally filed. City of Atlanta lawyers were apparently in on that fraud, as were a good many other lawyers of record. Hi, y'all. I want you to know that I offered Mayor Reed the opportunity to settle the City's denial of my First Amendment rights for only $25,000 when police told me I could not expose this fraud on Johnston's family and mine by The Cochran Firm to people in the City of Atlanta. I would even have omitted this from my exposé, "Cochran Firm Fraud," because Reed was not mayor when this fraud happened. He and the City Counsel refused - keeping wealth out of black hands, you understand. So there you go!

Paragraph 4 of   .  With court officers playing games like these, which are IGNORED by the media as well as law officials -- FRAUDS GALORE -- it is racist for black teachers to be jailed, probably by one of the same courts, for doing the same thing. Now you know why they surrounded my home with stalkers: It is because I tell, and there's lots more to expose and oppose.

Paragraph 5 of   .  Hezekiah Sistrunk, Jr., the managing partner of the "disappearing" Cochran Firm office in Atlanta also defrauded the niece of Kathryn Johnston who was his client, Sarah Dozier. In fact, Sistrunk had Dozier to also lie and defraud Probate Court, which led to her being sued by Mekel Hutchins. Hutchins had taken the role of the official spokesperson media and community contacts when Dozier's 92-year-old aunt, Kathryn Johnson, was killed by Atlanta police officers during a home invasion in 2006 (called a "drug bust," but it was no such thing). The original charges against these officers included burglary as well as murder. 

Paragraph 6 of   .  Why was Hutchins the official spokesperson when Dozier had hired The Cochran Firm like Corey Ward's family? Hutchins had sent Dozier a bill charging 10 percent of her lawsuit for his "services," and Sistrunk told her to ignore it. Sistrunk told his client not to acknowledge receipt of Hutchins' bill as she should have when asked by Probate Court if the Johnston's estate had any outstanding bills. She had an obligation to be truthful with the court even if she contested the bill. But Sistrunk and the rest of The Cochran Firm lawyers defraud courts regularly from coast to coast and get away with it, so Dozier followed his unethical, illegal advice and wound up in a legal battle with Hutchins that likely contributed to her death. 

Paragraph 7 of   . Corey Ward was another victim of Atlanta police officers. When his family also got defrauded by The Cochran Firm, Hutchins was the official spokesperson on that case, too. I figure Rev. Hutchins was selected BY The Cochran Firm frauds to be the official spokespersons for their "special" cases when they defraud police victims' survivors in Georgia. Apparently, he was not satisfied with his cut from Sistrunk, or Sistrunk may have cut him out altogether. Therefore, Hutchins went after Johnston's estate and sued Johnston's niece, Dozier, when she took Sistrunk's bad advice and lied to Probate Court, refusing to acknowledge receipt of Hutchin's invoice.Paragraph 8 of   .  Corey Ward was murdered by an Atlanta police officer in 2002, which was four years before Johnston was killed and set up on false drug dealing charges. (By the way, The Cochran Firm frauds used that excuse for police in its complaint, even though the "botched drug raid" excuse had already been refuted by the police informant who denied ever buying drugs from the old lady's home, and no other house on her street was implicated. Where's the "right house," Atlanta PD?) 

Paragraph 9 of   .  The Georgia Legislature got involved in saving Officer R. S. Bunn from prosecution in 2006, which was six years after his indictment for Ward's murder. There's a new law in Georgia that rich people who are unhappily married or have a business partner they want to kill need to know about. If police or rich people kill someone in Georgia and say it was self-defense, a judge can simply dismiss the case even if the grand jury returns a murder indictment! But you have to "convince" the judge first, which might not be that hard, according to my dealings with Georgia court$. The Cochran Firm frauds never filed suit for Ward's family, as far as I heard. Counter Punch described Ward's murder this way:

Paragraph 10 of   .  "Officer R. S. Bunn says that he shot Ward in self-defense, alleging that Ward attempted to ram him with an SUV after being ordered to stop. According to Bunn and his partner, Ward and five friends were attempting to steal a car when he identified himself as a police officer and attempted to make an arrest.

Paragraph 11 of   .  Ward’s family and at least some of the people in the car with him tell a different story, claiming that Ward was wrongly profiled as a thief simply because he was a young black man driving a new SUV. They maintain that Bunn and his partner never identified themselves as police officers, and then shot him for no good reason."

Paragraph 12 of   .  Dozier probably died of Legal Abuse Syndrome, a type of PTSD that stresses some people very badly when they suffer long and hard in America's corrupt justice system. (Of course, law offices serve Cokes or coffee to their clients, so Dozier may have died of something else.) In any case, I don't internalize my stress over being victimized by The Cochran Firm and corrupt courts. I write about it and feel better instantly. Dozier's sons should sue Sistrunk and The Cochran Firm over their mother's demise, but maybe not. Dozier isn't the only The Cochran Firm fraud victim who turned up dead. I believe they sent a hit woman to my house to kill my elderly mother in 2013.

Paragraph 13 of   .  I was sitting on my porch and watched a woman struggle to park a late-modeled navy blue SUV under the tree near my driveway. I thought to myself that she must have borrowed the vehicle or had recently bought it. I was surprised when she exited the vehicle and approached my house. (My family does not entertain non-relatives much since my original lawsuits against The Cochran Firm and other paper evidence were stolen in 2012. A CoIntelPro woman who was dating my son handed them out of my own front door to her co-conspirators in August 2012.) The woman was wearing a smock like nurses use and had a stethoscope around her neck (yes, she was dressed for the part). She announced herself as being a nurse sent by my elderly mother's home health company. I told her I was not aware that a nurse had been assigned, because the doctor and I had agreed that would not be necessary, but she said in her thick (probably contrived) accent, "Yes, they sent me to see Hattie Neal." 

Paragraph 14 of   .  Long story short, I sent her up to Mama's room, then followed myself about five minutes later. The fake nurse was standing over my mother's hospital bed. My mom had her diaper down and her buttocks thrust out toward the nurse, who JUMPED as I entered the room. I said, "What are you doing?" 

Paragraph 15 of   .  The "nurse" explained that she was sent to change the bandage on my mom's buttocks. I pointed out that my mother wore no bandage, and she said, "I see, I see - nice buttocks, very nice." That was as curious as heck. She hurried up and got out of Dodge without having me sign her work order like the physical therapists and a previous nurse had always done. I called the home health company and inquired about the nurse after she left, and the home health company checked its records and denied sending her. A couple of days later, the doctor also denied sending her. Then I called the cops. 

Paragraph 16 of   .  I called 911 but stated that it was not an emergency. I reported the agent who pretended to be a nurse who had sexually assaulted my mother. Right away, the 911 operator, if that is really the party I reached on my taken-over phone, said, "Why are you calling? She didn't steal anything." Whoa! I could not say and did not say if the woman stole anything, because I was not completely familiar with everything my mother had in her room, so how could the 911 operator make that assertion so confidently? I thought, "What have we got here, Margo?"

Paragraph 17 of   .  That's a long story, and I already gave details in an article at link number ___ below. But suffice it to say that whatever is going on, DeKalb County Police Department is a co-conspirator. I learned later that Marilyn Monroe was likely killed by a poison suppository that had been inserted up her rectum, and that a woman in Atlanta was being prosecuted for injecting apparently tainted silicone in victims' buttocks. I'm convinced that God did a good thing when He sent me to closely follow that nurse into my mom's room. Thank you, LORD! The cops at first REFUSED to take a police report on the incident. I had to write to Rep. Hank Johnson and Sen. Saxby Chambliss to get a police report filed, and that, too, was mishandled. I'll just save the details for my book - "The Cochran Firm Fraud." Gee whiz, Cochran Firm frauds! Who do you NOT have in your circle of friends (or should I say, "in your pocket")?

Paragraph 18 of   .  Yes, I think The Cochran Firm is not only a law firm of frauds, but they are possibly very dangerous people. Other clients they had also came up dead like poor Ms. Dozier (discussed in detail in my book). I didn't know about it at the time, but a former Cochran Firm partner, Randy McMurray, had just entered information about the lawsuit that my mother and I filed against The Cochran Firm in his own lawsuit against the firm alleging RICO Act racketeering. That may have prompted our visit by the "nurse." Only my mother was asked to sign the bogus contract with The Cochran Firm frauds for reasons that I did not understand on August 9, 2003, which was the day after my mentally, physically disabled brother's burial. Larry Neal was murdered after 18 days of secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail, and we contracted with The Cochran Firm to be our legal defense in negligence and wrongful death civil actions against Larry's care home, the State of Tennessee, Memphis Police Department, and Shelby County Jail. That's a hoot -- hiring CoIntelPro lawyers to sue cops and government officials! "My people PERISH for lack of knowledge," the bible says. Absolutely right.

Paragraph 19 of   .  Oh, oh, readers! The Georgia CoIntelPro agents are circling my house, so I will stop and publish this much so they can relax. Then they'll send the dogs that come whenever I publish something they hate. I'll work on this article some more later. Writing about the frauds and corruption in Georgia always makes me write long articles. Georgia teachers, you should NOT have done what you did, but you should have been more like Rev. Eddie Long and done your research to get the system off your backs. When I saw him being assassinated in the media for being sued by youths who alleged sex abuse, which I believe happened, I gave him "five smooth stones." That got the media out of his yard immediately. Unless the media crucifies ALL wrongdoers, I think anarchy is in order and NOBODY should be reported or prosecuted or arrested. Either America will honor laws or it will not. As long as all of these cops get away with murder and higher-ups get away with frauds, why shouldn't you also get away with it until God deals with you and your wickedness? 

Paragraph 20 of    . We'll talk more later, and I will complete my list of links. I may or may not add more information about the Atlanta cheating scandal. If I keep putting all of my information in articles, why would you buy my book, "The Cochran Firm Fraud"? It is an expose to end all exposes, honey, let me tell you! I have to go change Mama and fix her coffee and breakfast now, anyway. She has not walked since she went to the hospital in November 2012 after being treated for an infection. She walked in and left there in December on a hospital bed. We rode home in an ambulance. The Cochran Firm became benefactors of the hospital exactly in December of 2012, I learned months later. You see, I do my Internet research. That is what everybody, especially black people, must learn to do. 

Paragraph 21 of    .  Other people would not tell you all the things that I do, but God said I must speak for the poor and oppressed and all who are appointed to destruction (Proverbs 31:8-9). I'm very glad He told me that, because I am UPSET over Georgia judges wrongfully dismissing my lawsuits against The Cochran Firm frauds after I generously gave them an opportunity to play Jesus for all of their accomplices. I love God for giving me clear instructions to do what I already wanted to do. We're tight like that. 

Paragraph 22 of    .  I like to pause sometimes to give my oppressors time to do justice regarding the secret arrest and "Wrongful Death of Larry" and my persecution that has been steadily happening ever since that tragedy. That is why I published my videos "Cochran Firm Fraud 1" and "Cochran Firm Fraud 2" hours apart. See the videos at YouTube. But "they" are still so determined to "keep wealth out of black hands" that their demons of white supremacy will NOT let them think rationally. Therefore, I'll write more later - either here or in the book manuscript. If I don't get back to this article, just do your research. The story is all online. I don't want CoIntelPro to feel like they should eliminate me before the story gets told. It is already told online, but in roughly 1,000 articles, radio programs, and thousands of emails. "The Cochran Firm Fraud" book will just pull it all together for you with a few surprises and lots of evidence added. Bye.

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As I continually tell people, if you don't want to be in Mary Neal's life story, stay out of it. This was between The Cochran Firm and my family. Everyone who attempts to save them gets a chapter in "The Cochran Firm Fraud."