Friday, November 14, 2014

Officer Wilson Acquittal: Boycott 4 Justice

1)  If Officer Wilson is Acquitted, Give No Excuse for Martial Law. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE. I believe marching is too dangerous and largely ineffective except for publicity, which Brown's murder already has thanks to previous demonstrations by all of the brave Ferguson protesters. At the end of this article is an alarming news alert from the City of Berkeley, Missouri, advising its citizens to take extraordinary precautions for safety in the event of Wilson's acquittal. Protesters were mostly peaceful during demonstrations immediately after Brown's murder, but police were not. Please recall that a cop was sent to stand behind Ferguson protesters and throw rocks at militarized police - perhaps to draw gunfire. Nobody is likely to be shot or arrested for not Christmas shopping. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE.

2)  Everyone who has children should buy each child only one toy if they celebrate Christmas, but stop purchases at that. Some Ferguson organizations plan a boycott for Black Friday (see the photograph above and a news article about the proposed boycott at the first of six links beneath paragraph no. 7). ALL of us should skip Christmas 2014 altogether if Wilson walks. Michael Brown's death must hurt Big Business, and then Big Business will demand justice for Brown and safety for other black youths. It doesn't cost elitists anything to release killer cops, and that is the problem. We must make Wilson's acquittal very expensive in order to get the Justice Department to levy federal charges against Wilson. We have the power. We have consumer power. BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE.

3)  Send every discount coupon which you received from retailers back to retailers with "Michael Brown" written across them. Explain to children in your families why they will only receive one gift this Christmas, if they expected more. Have them to help protect THEMSELVES and their teenage siblings and cousins and friends by preparing toy ads for mailing back to stores with "Michael Brown" written across the advertisements with bold, black markers. Go online and order NOTHING. Instead send emails to manufacturers saying only "Michael Brown." Teach your children to BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE.

4)  Boycotting is highly effective if enough people participate, but it is not as exciting as protesting. There will be no media presence and no one making rousing speeches. If you really miss the media and confrontations with police, go picket traitors going into the malls. Ask shoppers why they don't care that youths like Michael Brown are shot for walking while black. Do not block ingress and egress to and from the malls, but picketing on the sidewalks at street level should reduce the number of shoppers significantly. People were afraid and ashamed to shop in my town during boycotts in the 1960s.

5)  Picketing shoppers (with permits, if applicable) should provide the excitement and feeling of comradery that boycotting might lack. The police will surely come, but picketing at shopping malls would reduce the likelihood of police using army tanks, helicopters, rubber bullets, and tear gas on protesters, especially in Caucasian areas. If they do use such methods to violate protesters' free speech and freedom of assembly rights, watch NOBODY go shopping the following day. Success! BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE!

6)  Not everyone can participate in demonstrations, but everybody can boycott this Christmas season, even timid or elderly people. Experience success while minimizing personal risks. Government ignores demands made by the People, but Big Business is never ignored. There is no better way to appeal to Big Business than to stop business. All of our protest marches in the 1960s had boycotts associated thereto. If success is slow, coordinate with unions and universities to add work strikes and school walk-outs. It would carry significant impact to add hotel and restaurant workers to the strike during the holidays, especially New Year's. Be effective, peaceful, and safer. 

7)  Thanks to protesters in Ferguson and throughout America directly after Brown's murder, we are set to achieve victory. All it should require to have federal charges levied against Wilson if he is acquitted is a little coordination and sacrifice - not more risks of harm. No adults ever got arrested for "not shopping", "not working," or "not going to school." BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE. See a St. Louis Post-Dispatch article at the link below about the Black Friday boycott sponsored by a coalition of organizations demanding justice for Michael Brown. Their boycott should be observed nationally and span the entire holiday season to ensure success and bring greater respect for the lives of our young men of color everywhere. On the other hand, the article at the second link and the notice to Berkeley, Missouri citizens below should serve as a warning to everyone about where this issue can lead.

1. Michael Brown coalition wants no 'business as usual' Black Friday weekend
(St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
2. Stand Down Ferguson: Camps Ahead
3. Picket Only at Malls for Mike Brown 
4. Human Rights for Prisoners March for Nov. 17, 2014 program at Blogtalkradio:
Ferguson Grand Jury Response: Boycott 4 Justice
5. Fraternal Order of Police

MaryLovesJustice Neal
Director of "Human Rights Demand" channel at
Phone (678)531.0262 or (571)335-1741


tenyturner said...

I will buy more to make up for you. I support the police and their right to defend themselves. Why aren't you protesting the thousands of blacks shot by other blacks???

rekic13 said...



kelly1969 said...

Im sorry but the whole thing is way b4 the Brown thing. I will celebrate xmas and enjoy as we should. I know there is a problem here but tearing down your own community doesn't solve anything. I live in Jennings and we as one have to have love, peace and respect for one another. Until we lead by example things will never be peaceful. I pray that God has mercy n our souls because this has gotten way out of hand.

Anonymous said...

This is completely ridiculous! Officer Wilson shot that thug in self defense! He should be aquitted of all charges!

Jenn said...

Boycotting businesses that were not allowing African Americans to sit at a counter, use white only water fountains/bathrooms, sit in the front of the bus, etc MAKES SENSE.
Boycotting businesses because a police officer shot a man (justified or not) MAKES NO SENSE

A Better View said...

Shoot the officer then if you wish to make a difference. I am not advocating, just saying if you think it makes it any better or right, then that is your "just cause". Honestly, someone should lock up the corrupt police officer and hang him in a court yard after conviction by a "correct" due process so that everyone can know that corrupt cops will lose a life if they take a life. Honestly, a mafia can run their own organizations better with laws that what our own police do to uphold laws... That's pretty sad isn't it?

Andi said...

Can anyone say "bat shit crazy"? This has got to be a joke. An officer shoots a bullying thug and you act like this. Get a life! And if you don't like the way things are here, get the crap out of this country!!!

PeggyD said...

The grand jury doesn't acquit anyone. They decide if there is enough evidence for an indictment - the first step in a LONG process before ANYONE should be deciding guilt or innocence. It is amazing that anyone who wasn't actually there could make any judgment without having ALL of the facts.

Kristen Laurell said...

How about u raise some money for the businesses that were ruined during all the boycotting and help rebuild that community!!! That's a movement what u are suggesting is insane. Sorry bout your brother but not every cop is an asshole.

kimdel7272 said...

I think you are an idiot. I think your wanting to make yourself famous (in your own mind) off the shooting that the Grand Jury has not given their yes or no on an indictment. Your telling people of Ferguson to boycott Christmas? Really? That's the responsible adult thing to do. Why not help the people of Ferguson re build their community? Why not go out there and ask the protesters to protest peacefully? Again, your an idiot.

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

You see, MaryLovesJustice followers, money is their GOD. Marching and singing have their place, but our protests must have significant financial impact to effect positive change.

African Americans' buying power will reportedly reach $1.1 trillion by 2015. As James Brown sang years ago, "You must use what you've got to get just what you want." Boycott 4 Justice.

Who really has power in America? Who really owns the government? Businesses do. Success lies in using our position as consumers to enlist businesses' support for our human and civil rights. As it was during slavery, we can still buy our freedom. Boycott 4 Justice.

In response to Jenn, all effective, peaceful protests against oppression make sense. Boycotting makes more sense than any other method because it has a huge likelihood of success but gives heathens NO EXCUSE for savagery.

Kristen Laurell said...

Seriously Mary its not going to happen!!! African Americans already have rights and power. They are police officers, congress men, senators like colen Powell, presidents like Obama , lawyers, judges Joe brown. See they already have power.

allison lay said...

This isn't from the grand jury, there has been no announcement from the grand jury; it's from city officials of a neighboring town telling residences to be prepared IF there is an acquittal and people take to the streets. It's telling people to have a plan so there isn't a secondary issue.

Cindy C.Ray said...

A young man is dead due to his OWN series of poor choices. It is sad that a young man lost his life however, it is time people stop attempting to blame the officer. He simply did his job. Are there bad police officers? Does racism still exist? Yes and yes, however this was not a case of either.

Do not make the children suffer for another young man's poor choices.

By the way, bullying people, shutting down traffic, screaming obscenities at all hours... that's not how you obtain justice, that simply makes you look like bullies and idiots.

Patriot4739 said...

One morning, two young boy scouts -14 year old Michael Brown and 13 year old Dorian Johnson, also members of Little Hope United Church, had just witnessed to two construction workers they had just met that day. After accepting Jesus as their savior, one worker told Michael he had low blood sugar, and asked Michael if he could get him a candy bar. Michael and Dorian agreed and they walked to their local store.

After entering the store, Michael reached for a snickers, and accidentally bumped the counter knocking over a box of cigars. The store owner thinking they were stealing, went crazy and began slinging Little Mike by the throat. Mike being smaller and being a gentle boy, instead of fighting, showed restraint and instead witnessed to the store owner, praying for him to deal with his anger issues.

On their way back, Michael and Dorian noticed an old lady in a wheelchair on the sidewalk who they knew from church, and so not to block her path, moved to the center of the street. Simultaneously, Officer Wilson, a known racist and Klan member saw the two black boys walking down the street.

Having not made his quota that day for killing black children – Wilson floored it and attempted to first hit the two boys with his car. They jumped out of the way and took off running. Incensed, Officer Wilson jumped out of his car, and shot Michael Brown running away with his hands in the air, despite him screaming “don’t shoot”, hitting him in the back 30 times while missing the speedier Dorian.

Afterwards, Officer Wilson laughed, kissed his gun, holstered his weapon, scratched his balls, farted, and banged his head against the car door to fake an eye injury. Weeks later it was discovered that Michael Brown was Obama's other son...

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

The drama did not begin at any store, Patriot4739. Wilson was unaware of the store incident. It began in the street where Mike Brown did not immediately obey Wilson, which Wilson obviously considered a capital offense. Wilson appointed himself judge, jury and executioner and proceeded to shoot the teenager seven times, according to the family's forensic expert.

Many people pretend to believe that Brown (who had no history of mental illness) turned and approached an armed police officer who had already shot him, overcome with feelings of omnipotence. That is highly unlikely.

Brown's shooting happened in daylight in a well-populated area. Multiple witness statements contradict Wilson's improbable account.

A grand jury was assembled to determine if the case should proceed to jury where evidence and witnesses could be examined in a public trial. I believe this case deserves a trial. If trial is denied, then people who care have decided to Boycott 4 Justice to encourage the feds to levy federal charges and have a trial anyway. We will see how it goes.

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Welcome, Mark Daniels and Dawn Felton. Thank you for following our FreeSpeakBlog.

I hope you have no trouble exercising your First Amendment rights at this blog like I do sometimes, and I am the owner. LOL.

Many blessings to all freedom lovers who understand that justice must be applied to all, or liberty can be taken from us all. We are truly interdependent.

You might know by now that Gov. Nixon called a state of emergency in and around Ferguson, MO.

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Online friends, I added three more links for your convenient access to more information, making a total of six links. (Stalkers who usually edit my articles as I work used the opportunity to move my email address to the line above where it was.) Link no. 4 on the list is a radio broadcast. We discussed the proposed boycott with Canupa Mani and another guest from the Strong Heart Warrior Society, Dr. Jahi Issa, a former professor at Delaware State University, and a woman who used to be a Missouri resident. Please see the information below:

1. Michael Brown coalition wants no 'business as usual' Black Friday weekend
(St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
2. Stand Down Ferguson: Camps Ahead
3. Picket Only at Malls for Mike Brown
4. Human Rights for Prisoners March for Nov. 17, 2014 program at Blogtalkradio:
Ferguson Grand Jury Response: Boycott 4 Justice
5. Fraternal Order of Police

MaryLovesJustice Neal
Director of "Human Rights Demand" channel at Blogtalkradio
Phone (678)531.0262 or (571)335-1741

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...


andrea chiu said...

We need justice to fight for our rights as a human and as a son and daughters of God. I hope that we will all claim for our right.
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