Saturday, March 31, 2012

Justice Seekers Conference Call April Invitation

Hello, online friends! We have an invitation especially for justice seekers, individual activists, advocacy groups, truth tellers, and service providers! Let's meet in a conference call on Sundays throughout April, beginning April 1, at 6:30pm EST: Dial (218) 632-0550, access code 330203# and hit *6 if you want to speak. We are climbing Justice Mountain together! You probably have news, opinions and events or petitions to share with other mountaineers. Join the call and tell us all about it! It is fine if you just want to listen, but please don't forget to hit *6 to speak. Everyone who realizes that unity is necessary to freedom, justice and human rights is welcome to participate. We're climbing up the rough side of Justice Mountain, but if we unite, we shall overcome (Gen. 11:6). 

The Conference Call for social and economic justice is a networking opportunity like Google+, Twitter, and Facebook, but hearing your voice will bring us closer together. We look forward to actually speaking with you to learn more about your justice quests - individuals and organizations that care about liberty and justice for ALL.

You are invited to join the conference call to network with other individuals, organizations, and officials regardless of what your area of interest is. The conference call is an incredible opportunity for people to come together and share news and information or seek assistance regarding:
  • human and civil rights
  • prison intervention
  • mental health services and programs
  • youth services
  • re-entry programs
  • law enforcement
  • elder care
  • health care 
  • drug / alcohol intervention
  • legal services
  • housing
  • economic justice /employment
  • outreach and missionary ministries
  • services for families and/or children
  • literacy, adult education, public/private schools, tutoring
  • war/peace
  • media
  • government
Unity makes it happen! Please bring a pen and paper to record invitations to events, petition links, and contact information from conference participants who choose to share same. We can and must help each other reach the precipice of the mountain. The forum for Justice Seekers Conference calls is in this article after one of my favorite videos: "Bond - VICTORY," which is embedded below and available at the YouTube link . The video shows all races and ages united for VICTORY. See also my "Justice Mountain" article at 

Below is the forum for our first JUSTICE MOUNTAINEERS Conference. There will be no interviews. Each participant will have two or three minutes to address the group. If you have information to share that would require more time, just put it in a blog and give us the link.

1. Introduce yourself and your organization or firm, if you belong to one.
2. Give information about how other Justice advocates can help your cause.
3. Issue an invitation to whatever event you wish to announce, if applicable.
4. Give contact information, including website, petition link, and/or phone number, email address, and physical address, if you want to do so. How much you share is up to you.
5. You may wish to use the opportunity to share news regarding current events you feel we should know about. If so, have a news link ready to add credibility to your report.
6. Please stay on the line until the end of our conference, if possible, so you can learn about other justice seekers and advocacy groups announcing opportunities to unite and take nonviolent action that will promote unity and justice. In any case, we will plan to close our first Justice phone conference at 7:30 p.m. EST. Therefore, calling early will give you a better opportunity to speak.
7.  If time remains after everyone who wants to speak has done so, we may have a question/answer session.
8.  Let's respect each other. If someone promotes a cause you disagree with, do not comment. If that person shares his/her email address, use it to express your disagreement privately. There is no "thumbs down" button or rhetoric. Sometimes I listen to TV and radio shows I have no commonality with just to see how they think.

You are responsible for the content and accuracy of information you share. Please invite your friends to meet with people who care about unity and justice in our first conference call on Sunday, April 1 and continuing every Sunday in April, at 6:30pm EST. Dial (218) 632-0550, access code 330203# and hit *6 if you want to speak. Let's get together and grow stronger! Regardless of our area of focus, we all work to improve the human condition. Success in any area is a gain for all as we help each other climb higher up Justice Mountain. Our level of success is directly tied to our willingness to unite.

If telephone stalkers interfere with my joining you at the conference on time, just get started without me, and I'll go to another phone and call in. I cannot wait to actually talk with people I've met in cyberspace. We'll unite and be stronger! Internet censorship is rampant to prevent the People uniting for justice. Stalkers went into my email account and destroyed every email I received from Bill Windsor, of Lawless America, before March 27, 2012. Climbing Justice Mountain is always easier when people work together to reach the mountaintop, therefore cyberattacks are common. Nevertheless, we unite and use technology to exercise our right to peaceful assembly. 

"Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now NOTHING will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do." ~Genesis 11:6

Unity for Victory

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