Saturday, March 3, 2012

Homelessness, prison and death must stop being America's response
to acute mental illness among poor and middle class people.

MARY NEAL vs. CONSPIRATORS.   I discovered that stalkers deleted my GoDaddy email boxes. Furthermore, stalkers prevent comments from posting as they should at my Google blogs. It appears that rather than attempting to be just, stalkers' employers are intent on destroying evidence and further severing my avenues of communication. This means that I must sue now and place videos and documentary evidence on record in court. They seem intent on destroying it. Fires have always been one of the cyberterror threats we received. Although I do not keep the original copies of my evidence in the home and have copies distributed to trusted persons, it is best to get the evidence in court. I frankly anticipate another corrupt court process, so filing suit is basically to make my evidence public. Civil actions filed in United States District Court are public online.

I believe it is unfortunate for all Americans that my cyberterrorists' employers do not care if the world has access to ample and irrefutable proof that I am stalked and terrorized to hide the secret arrest and murder of my mentally, physically disabled brother and persecuted because I advocate for acute mentally ill inmates in America. It is my belief that if decision makers no longer care that crimes I endure become public record, some major change is happening soon. See - "Open Letter to Hezekiah Sistrunk, Esq. from Mary Neal" (in my MaryLovesJustice blog). 

Because of my unique situation, I have always known certain plans before other people. For instance, I warned Americans that civil rights were being eliminated, especially for minorities and disabled people, after Larry Neal's secret arrest and death and our family's denial of accountability and due process of law. Unfortunately, I also knew about methods of censorship long before they were proposed under SOPA. My Internet browsing has been controlled for years, my links are frequently redirected, and certain data I upload online is removed. All of those were planned under SOPA. But some of the censorship methods my assigned stalkers use were not proposed in SOPA, to my knowledge, i.e., making parts of people's emails, blogs, and other online posts invisible on PCs that do not share the sender's IP address. I filmed that at Care2 many times. All one needs is two PCs operating off different Internet connections. I captured the censorship by taking my laptops to Kinko's. I made videotapes constantly because I doubted that anyone would believe me if I had no proof that an American would be censored to the degree that I am and for such an evil purpose - to hide the murder of a harmless schizophrenic heart patient and impede advocacy for other sick people.

Whenever I watch television or go out, which is seldom with stalkers tailing me, I find it incredulous that the world appears to be normal while I am stalked and censored like people in the French Resistance and while Congress plans concentration camps for America. Then I remember live bands played at Germany's death camps and on the Titanic and that Egyptian media ignored millions of protesters right outside the television station in 2011 while the rest of the world watched the events unfold.

I also discovered today that my billboard  for AIMI at Care2 is censored to prevent some data from showing. Besides my GoDaddy email boxes disappearing and Care2 group, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, being completely taken over, a photograph of Mary Neal picketing CNN was missing from my HubPages article "Mary Neal's Black History Month 2011." That theft was to hide the fact that gross abuses of human rights, including government kidnapping, murder, and false imprisonment to hide prior crimes, are ignored by mainstream media.

To know what really shows on one's blogs, log on at Care2 or another Internet social site where you are a member, you need two computers. Run your laptop on a mobile IP connection and also use the rented computer. Log on at one computer, but do not log on as a member on the second one. The computer you use to log on at Care2 will show your Sharebook and other posts as they should appear, but the second computer using a separate IP connection will show what the public really does see. Stalkers sometimes turn links into regular text but leave it blue and underlined to give the appearance that they are still live links, etc. There is a determination to control what goes online by "hook or crook," as my grandmother used to say. 

They can even lift data from emails so fast that when one hits "submit" on an email, something different is received by your addressee. See the video entitled "Prison Labor Profits" for an example of the speed of censorship: .  Phone calls can also be redirected as easily as one's links can. A touch of a button somewhere, and phone calls are terminated. This is very easy for stalkers if one relies on cellphones, but my family also had interference using a land line. All telephonic communications may be ultimately dependent on computers, meaning that they are all vulnerable to interference and shutdown. Television went digital a couple of years ago. I read the notice on the bottom of the digital converter. It says the box "must accept all interference."

I began using the Internet to petition for justice and compassion regarding my brother's secret murder and to petition for the country to come out of the Dark Ages regarding imprisoning mentally ill people rather than using less expensive, safer tools like assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) programs that provide for mandated treatment and subsistence assistance and hospitals for crisis situations or for persons who require long-term care in a controlled environment. After researching the issue of criminalizing mental illness, I recognized and exposed it is being a prison profiteering racket. Prison profiteering impacts more than just the mentally ill, but no class is discriminated against to a greater degree than people who are mentally challenged. African Americans continue to be targeted for police brutality and mass incarceration. Of course, Larry was mentally ill from an African American working class family. That combination was lethal for him.

One hundred percent of my censorship has to do with prison issues - present, past and intended future prisoners, whom I always believed will include the masses from every race because that is prophesied in the Bible.  I predict that the day is almost upon us when very few will have respected human rights to a greater degree than Larry did. The only way to change that would be for the masses to unite and demand respect for everyone's human rights. However, prejudice is ingrained in Americans. Last week, Virginia passed a bill nullifying NDAA's provision for indefinite detention without trial. However, Virginia made the new law applicable to citizens only and left non-citizens vulnerable to indefinite detention without trial. Virginia's law may not be enforceable since Congress has two pending bills that will give authorities the right to remove Americans' citizenship if they pass - H.R.3166 and S.1698. If Virginia had made its new law applicable to ALL people, not just citizens, then it may have offered some protection despite the fact that state laws are usually subordinate to federal laws, to my knowledge. I recommend Ron Paul's bill H.R.3785, because if it passes, H.R.3785 would be a federal law and remove the threat of indefinite detention without a trial for everyone in America. 

Unity requires everyone to become a brother's keeper. We would have to stop being prejudice based on race and class ourselves in order to demand it of our leadership. But I am not sure it will happen. The concept of everyone having protected human rights is not popular in the 21st century much more than it was in the 1800s. Unless the populace gets a one-for-all, all-for-one attitude quickly, 2012 is looking a lot like 2012 to me.


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