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Google+ Hidden Profile - MaryLovesJustice

I discovered what the stalkers did to make it appear that my Google profile was unavailable. They blacked out a row on my view at Google+:
"POSTS ---- ABOUT ----- PHOTOS ----- VIDEOS ----- +1's"
The info I was looking for (my original Google profile) is under "ABOUT."

As I wrote in the article "Internet Censorship American-Style" at this link - cyber wolves can block parts of web pages from view at any time. I embedded a video at that site showing how they can keep parts of a page from printing, also. It is interesting. The first time I visited a certain veterans group against police brutality, I saw what I believe was the entire home page. It had tabs across the top to go to various other pages at the site. The second time I visited that site, no tabs were in view. I only had access to the data on the home page. A similar thing happened when I visited the web page belonging to Cynthia Johnson. She was in court in a criminal matter. Cynthia alleged that the criminal charges she faced were to blackmail her into not pursuing a rape charge against one of the police officers who arrested her. See  "New Jersey v. Cynthia Johnson for Being Young Gifted & Black" at the following link (in Freespeakblog)   - Cynthia said she was alone in her home when police arrived, and one officer nodded at the other and turned his back while the other officer raped her. Cynthia stated that when she was taken to the jail, she told the duty officer she had been raped and asked for an exam and rape kit, but police refused. She said she was kept under arrest until the semen probably absorbed several days or a week later.

I had visited Cynthia's website several times during the year before she went to court on her criminal charges that she said had no legitimate reason. She sent an email and asked me to go to her website and see a video of her giving a full account of her arrest ordeal to a civil rights organization or police accountability group. She wanted me to get the link for her petition that was also on her page and help promote it. She was not getting as many signatures as she hoped. When I went to Cynthia's page, half of the data that I knew should be there was gone, and there was no video or petition at all. I emailed Cynthia about her web page, then I went back to her page and the data I was familiar with was back in view. So were the petition link and video she had asked me to see. That made me wonder if anyone else who visited Cynthia's page saw her petition. Cyber wolves are capable of making computer-specific views. Right before Cynthia's court hearing, all her posts about her abuse disappeared from Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill at Care2, which she had joined and posted to regularly because of the stress she suffered after the attack. Some of her general posts remain today. Her last post on the subject said that the same officer was in the newspaper for brutalizing someone, and she attched the link to the news report. After that, all her info on the matter she reported disappeared.

I started filming the cyber wolves' interference years ago, because I did not think anyone would believe me. In 2011, SOPA and PIPA proposed doing to everyone in America some of the things I had filmed for years: redirected links, browsers that went to sites other than the ones I selected, etc. I don't think Congress included making data disappear on websites and fake links (blue and underlined, but regular data) in the SOPA bill, but cyber wolves do those tricks all the time. It was a part of my cyberterror. I would select a link to go to from the web that cyber wolves did not want me to read, and instead I would be taken to violent scenes - waterboarding, a fire, a dead bug, a dying dog, or photos of certain powerful people who I will not name because no one in my family has been killed since Larry, although the threats are quite scary. The last time they redirected my browser was today when I tried to read about Virginia nullifying the NDAA for that state, and I wanted to comment on it.


I used to reach a false statement saying "NowPublic is down for maintenance" and "Care2 is down for maintenance" and even "Yahoo is down for maintenance," but when I called the sites or emailed friends for whom I had other methods of contact, I found the messages were ALWAYS lies. This happened often before I let cyber wolves and the entire world know that I videotape what they who control my computer operations do to censor me. See some of the videos at . When I browsed to IndyMedia, the statement was "Opening this web site may cause damage to your computer."  If you are a censored person, remember that cyber wolves can cause parts of your web pages and your tabs nonexistent to your web site visitors. Therefore, it is wise to 1) put your contact information on your home page instead of just at a contact tab, 2) post your contact information at several online sites, i.e., sign comments you make at other sites with your contact info, and join online lists (like mailing lists for businesses, advocacy lists, etc.), and post your contact information. Third, put your contact information, not just your web address, in your email signature. That way everyone who gets an email from you will have your contact information. If ever the cyber wolves are instructed to block your contact information, people who you email often will already have it.

Besides rendering a line of options at Google+ invisible on my PC, cyber wolves were also busy preventing my full access to services at Facebook today. I wrote about it in my Justice Gagged blog. The cyber wolves deleted the link for my FB notifications from my view. I cannot wait to see what notifications they are anxious to hide, if I ever do get to see them. Cyber wolves actually bumped me offline when I tried to read my FB emails. Thirdly, the cyber wolves had a fake home page for me at FB. The posts had not changed since the last time I visited my FB home page several days ago! When I complained about that at my JusticeGagged blog, the cyber wolves changed the FB home page, but they only let ten of my friends' posts display. There was no option given to view older posts. The ten posts on my FB home page displayed without dates and times, so I have no idea how old they were. There was a period of months in 2010 when all my Twitter tweets were posting from one hour to three hours back. That video is among my cyberstalking videos at my YouTube channel - JKEMPP703. When I closed out of FB today and opened it time later, my home page looked like it should, except the "notifications" link was still missing.

I do not believe the cyber censorship is done by the sites I use in most cases. If so, there would be no need for the silly games. I would not get notified in my email box about new friends' requests and email messages at FB or new followers at Twitter, etc. There is someone else who is capable of doing these things with or without cooperation from Internet sites. I do not know how cyberstalking is done, because I am not a cyberstalker. But I have ample proof that it is done and that authorities refuse to address it in my case. Whenever I see someone's website has been altered or does not function like it should (fake links, DoS at petitions, etc.), I try to let them know. I hope you will do the same for me. SOPA and PIPA did not get ratified and ACTA has not gone into effect yet. That may be why there is so much cyberstalking happening against activists like me and against the organizations and other individual activists with whom I use online services to communicate. 

Below is what you will see at the "ABOUT" tab at my Google+ account from time to time - whenever the cyber wolves let you. My Google+ profile has always done disappearing/reappearing acts -- like the Atlana office of The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm. A couple of my NowPublic articles also do/did "hide and seek." One is entitled "Human Rights for Prisoners March." Some of the comments for that article are still at the link. Another was called "Naked Demonstration Planned to End Censorship." The cyberstalkers substituted another article at the link for that one and deleted the "Naked Demonstration" article altogether. The trouble was, they left the description of the article as it was written when it was "Naked Demonstration."  Cyber wolves can't think of everything. They frequently leave paw prints that I videotape and ask my public to witness.

In any case, the mystery is solved. My Google+ profile is as it should be, but the "ABOUT" tab was simply deleted from my view, meaning I could not access the data. I do not know if it was missing from everyone's view. Sometimes the cyber wolves do things that have no relevance as far as keeping my data from others. They simply wish to irritate me. As a result, I spend significantly more on film, flash drives, and discs than I should have to spend. But I probably should not complain. I think DVDs with real-time cyberstalking footage in the book jackets might make the difference between good sales for my books and perhaps best sellers. The subterfuge is encouraging in a way. When those who censor me take over completely, they will not care who knows it. Game time will be over.

I posted the request to bring my REAL profile to public view at this link  for Google+ Help Forums. Hopefully, someone will tell me how to undo the stalkers' damage.

Mary Neal holding sign that hired strippers will carry to picket
See "Mary Neal Hires Strippers" (Isaiah 20:3)
See "Mary Neal Howls for DOG JUSTICE" to preview two of my strippers
Maybe Pharaohs did not notice, but Larry Neal's ghost already escaped the pyramid

The full link is "WHY is Mary Neal's Google+ Profile Hidden and Substituted with my Google+ posts only?"!category-topic/google-plus-discuss/fix/79_NAeyS5LI

When one tries to go to MaryLovesJustice Neal Google+ profile, what comes up is NOT my entire profile, which Nazis are anxious to hide, but only my profile POSTS

Stalkers have been HIDING MY PROFILE since I edited the account of police stopping and brutalizing a witness to the cyberterror I encountered at Care2 (a lethal injection bed with my name underneath). It is near the end under the title "LATEST ATTACKS AGAINST MARY NEAL'S ADVOCACY FOR HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS." Nazis attack me all the time in different ways, and they attack some of Larry Neal's other relatives and visitors to our home. Recently, stalkers in a red van and a white van came within inches of running over the cartoonist who came to visit my home and arrange to provide original art for my blogs (Google "Justice Mountain, by Mary Neal" to see one of his drawings). Nazis do not intend for the public to be aware of the CRIMES that are done to Larry Neal's family continuously. Therefore, when I added that section, they hid my Google profile. See "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal" website at

I would appreciate it if my REAL Google profile was allowed to show - the one I built that gives people access to my links, my photos, etc. I am so sick of Nazis I don't know what to do. My REAL Google+ profile for MaryLovesJustice Neal SHOULD show when people elect to see my profile. But my profile reveals that I am a PRISONER ON PLANTATION, USA, and enemies of justice don't want the public to know that my home has been turned into a CONCENTRATION CAMP. They intend to keep me a prisoner forever because I am a whistleblower. My profile is all about my illegal imprisonment for asking WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL, my mentally and physically disabled brother who was secretly arrested for nearly three weeks in 2003 while police hid him from his social worker and family in order to prohibit him from taking his vital heart drugs and KILL HIM by that and possibly other means: Tasering, restraint chair or table, starvation, brutality, or to train enhanced interrogation specialists in waterboarding by using black mental patients. Larry died under secret arrest in a jail that was already under the USDOJ due to a lawsuit for inmate abuse that was filed by the USA.

The U.S. Government and Memphis Shelby County Jail refuse to divulge the method of Larry's murder. However, authorities do not want to confess that AFRICAN AMERICANS ARE STILL TREATED LIKE SLAVES IN AMERICA. My family has a court order from United States District Court declaring that crimes done to us are "IMMATERIAL." That may be why stalkers are hired BY SOMEBODY to control/contain my Internet input. It is meant for us to be the only ones who know that murder, lawyer fraud, censorship, and terrorism against black families who complain about such abuses of power were ruled to be IMMATERIAL. I think the whole wide world, especially African Americans and military people, need to know that civil and human rights are set aside for the Neal family in order to deny us due process of law following a handicapped black man's secret arrest and disposal.

Profile discovery
Profile visible in search

The second reason my profile is cyberstalked is this: My REAL Google profile documents America's passage into Nazism. The Bible says in the end, there will be NO democratic country on earth, and I document the destruction of liberty in these End Times. Most Americans are just learning that freedom is being systematically eliminated in the USA and that concentration camps are planned. They did not find out until Congress passed NDAA last November and President Obama signed the hateful bill into law on December 31, 2012. My Google profile warned America of that fact for years. Those are only two of the reasons why my profile is CENSORED.

The third reason my Google profile is censored is because I expose the fact that The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm is [seemingly] a CoIntelPro operation against African Americans. Anyone can see that by reading what the firm was allowed to do to the Neal family and numerous other black clients while enjoying protection by the media, courts, consumer protection agencies, and without censure by state boards of professional responsibility (State Bars). Hiding that NON-SECRET is the third reason why my REAL Google profile is hidden.

My question is this: How do I get my REAL Google+ profile to show like it is supposed to in accordance with the "profile visible in search" statement from Google?

Thanks in advance.
America's Most Censored: Mary Neal -
Director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI)  - Our advocacy group that was TAKEN OVER BY STALKERS who want to keep 1.25 million mentally ill inmates behind bars without hearing any objections from Mary Neal and families that I help to have a voice.

Everything that led to my oppression and censorship is the quest by elitists in the prison industrial complex to keep the 2.4 million prisoners who are already behind bars (guilty or not, mentally ill or sane) and to add possibly millions more people in concentration camps under indefinite detention without any crimes being alleged and without the possibility of defense. People interned there may even be eliminated like Larry Neal for all I know. Below is my REAL profile. I will keep this document on top at Google+ list of Mary Neal's POSTS since that is the only thing that is allowed to show at Google+ for my profile.

When you attempt to use the links below, beware of the following CHANGES:
My petitions at Care2 were disabled although I went through the steps to extend their dates.
My polls at Voting Central were all disabled. They dealt with censored subject matter: a) whether or not prisoners should be allowed DNA tests at their own expense, b) whether town hall meetings with government officials should be held before requiring enforced vaccines, c) whether or not people agreed with rich people and government officials getting a safer serum if vaccines are enforced, d) whether or not Thomas Arthur should be executed in Alabama although his DNA test results ruled him out as the perpetrator, and e) whether or not my family should sue The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm again for its fraud which was done to help Shelby County Jail in Memphis, Tennessee escape accountability for Larry Neal's murder after 18 days of secret incarceration in that facility.

The links to my websites will be added to this article. They did not carry over when I copied and pasted.


THE BIG QUESTION: Why'd Cochran Firm beg fed judge not to make jail tell how it killed Larry Neal?  They were OUR lawyers!

Hello. I am a 21st century Anne Frank, trapped in my home for justice's sake, stalked online and in person because I advocate to decriminalize mental illness. Transferring America's 1.25 million mentally ill inmates from prisons and into hosptials or community care programs would inconvenience prison owners and investors, including many elected officials, past and present, and others. Secondly, I asked for six years, "What happened to Larry Neal?" Larry was my mentally and physically handicapped brother who died in secret government custody in 2003, and our family is denied any explanation, records, or investigation, sunshine laws notwithstanding.

LOVE DOGS? I do, but cannot agree that their deaths are more deserving of investigation than American citizens'. See my poem, Dog Justice, in three languages at this link. Let me know if you could not:

When I veiw this page using a cellphone, NOT ONE of the links is operational. All have spaces inserted to prevent reader access. Regarding censorship, consider this:


See how Dr. King's final speech has been fraudulently edited at the link above. Maybe if I understood why changes were made to Dr. King's text, it would be easier to understand my own censorship. WHY DELETE MLK'S REFERENCES TO "ILLEGAL INJUNCTIONS" and "DOGS AND WATER HOSES"? Those phrases are missing from a famous quote in MLK's final speech almost everyplace that his "I've Been to the Mountaintop" address appears on the Internet as text as well as on videos that are claimed to be the entire speech. The powerful minister and human rights advocate is still censored over four decades after assassination.

Follow me on Twitter, where I am KoffieTime

Twitter is OK, but not immune to cyberstalkers and censorship. Cyberstalkers at first prevented the link below to connect on Twitter so the public could see one example of my cyberterrorism:

Also, I had difficulty posting this sentence at Twitter before complaining here and in emails to friends:
"We live suburbs of Atl. Don't want to be like Kathryn Johnston's home. We keep the public informed because these folks aren't right!"

11/11/09 - I am new to Twitter, so I wrote a tweet and asked Twitter why my number of direct messages remains 216 no matter how many direct messages I send or receive. Can you think of a reason?

Get ready for interesting videos to be released soon that give examples of online censorship and cyberstalking in action meant to prevent freedom of speech and press - to keep secrets. People should treat others as they wish to be treated; that's the solution. Then censorship would not be required.

Google COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD, and see the links to the right on this webpage.

See YouTube VIDEOS: Cochran Firm Fraud 1 & 2

If you would like to join nearly a thousand other people who asked that the USDOJ investigate the secret arrest and wrongful death of a handicapped American, my brother Larry Neal, please email them at  and/or join the petitioners:

Open Petition:

See petitioners' comments (Select "view signatures" below the ad):

Closed petition- See comments from across the globe. It's a shame when people in other countries have to petition the U.S. to please be fair to its own citizens:

My most popular article (series of four Michael Jackson/ H1N1 vaccine articles w/ over 100,000 readers despite censorship):
Michael Jackson's Death - The Conspiracy Theory, by Mary Neal

My personal favorite:
Enforced Treatment vs. Prison for Acute Mental Patients

My most censored article:
Human Rights for Prisoners March, by Mary Neal
See an updated version at this link:

Publishing the article at was very challenging. An unseen hand was editing the document in cyberspace while I was inputting it. After publication, the article disappeared repeatedly. In fact, it was deleted AGAIN in mid-October. So far, some of the comments remain at this link.

Another deleted article was published at Care2. It regarded Senate Bills 773 and 778 to give the president's office the power to shut down the Internet. Apparently, the deletion served to eliminate Care2 members' comments on the bills (objections).

Is censorship practiced in America? "Only when there is something to hide." Wrongs should be corrected, not hidden.

I am censored and endure so much terrorism while denied police intervention that an online friend suggested I might be a Cointelpro victim. The prison industry costs taxpayers $50 billion annually (PEW stats), and prison labor projects are also lucrative. Proposing that 1.25 million mentally ill inmates (over half of all prisoners) be moved to treatment facilities or community care programs attracts significant opposition in a system that is in part run by prison profiteers. Of course, with FEMA centers being proposed in Congress (H.R. 645), we might actually be joining them soon. Mass quarantines are on the table regarding enforced H1N1 vaccines. That is government's interpretation of "tough love" - nullify the Bill of Rights and imprison citizens of the U.S.A. to save us from the new flu. (See the Massachusetts Marshal Law Bill)

American Concentration Camps Proposed in Congress: H.R. 645
H.R. 645 was introduced in Congress on January 22, 2009 by Rep. Alcee Hastings [D-FL23] If this bill ever comes to a vote, silent voting should be disallowed.
H.R. 645 Cosponsors:
Steve Cohen [D-TN9]
Artur Davis [D-AL7]
Jim Gerlach [R-PA6]

To amend title XIX of the Social Security Act to remove the exclusion from medical assistance under the Medicaid Program of items and services for patients in an institution for mental diseases.

Favorite video:
Philosophy of Liberty

Book Agent Needed - guaranteed best seller. See

Equity Interest Computer Partner Needed (for live web streaming pay-per-view and more)

Favorite Quotes:
And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. ~ Matthew 25:40

In a world where there is so much to be done, I felt strongly impressed that there must be something for me to do. ~ Dorothea Dix

All we say to America is, "Be true to what you said on paper."

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them. ~ Frederick Douglas

I know you can. ~ Mama

Heroes: MLK, Dorothea Dix, Mama

My Philosophy: A tiny, persistent drip of water hitting the same spot will eventually make a hole in hard rock.

Latest Censorship: Besides deleting Human Rights for Prisoners March and my article re: S-773 and S-778, the RSS feed for my Care2 Sharebook was stopped, and HelpDesk won't answer my queries about it. I don't think all of China is censored like yours truly. What do I write about? Unpopular subjects like "Love thy neighbor." They don't like hearing it now any better than 2,000 years ago from my Lord.

My Radio Interviews:

Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Radio Show

Wake-up Call Show

Real Talk with Brotha's Keepa

CHANGE the Justice System - NVO Radio Hour (guest #2)


My Inspiration:

AIMI's Petitions

Please read the petitions and comments, support, and promote. Please record the number beside your signature and check back periodically to ensure it did not slipped backward, which would indicate signatures were removed.

Justice 4 Jeremy Petition - Lifelong schizophrenic in CA prison hole
California is breaking under its heavy prison debt but it has money to imprison a schizophrenic young man for EIGHT YEARS for merely hitting another mental patient in the mental hospital. Smith faces the possibility of additional sentencing for speaking insolently to a prison guard during a psychotic crisis - typical for severe mental patients. A conviction for "making terrorist threats" would be Jeremy's third strike. Prison profiteerism has practically bankrupted California.

Hospitals, Not Prisons for Sick Soldiers & Vets!
This petition supports a soldier who suffered a violent PTSD episode on the last part of his third tour of duty in a combat zone. Should he be imprisoned or treated?

Petition to Save Andre Thomas and Stop Executing Mental Patients:

Andre Thomas has eaten both his eyes since imprisonment, but remains on Texas death row. A judge ruled that Thomas is "crazy but sane under Texas law" (his words).

I have spoken with many police officers over a couple of years, and 100% of them agreed that mentally ill persons should not be jailed, but hospitalized. It is not officers' or prison guards' decision to incarcerate the mentally ill, but rather, there are certain policy changes needed to stop the nation's mental patients from becoming inmates when they should be inpatients or outpatients, depending on their offenses. With enforced care in their communities and subsistence assistance, many mentally challenged offenders could be delivered to wholesome lives, as proved by the success of Kendra's Law in NY City. Program participants experienced around 90% decrease in arrests, homelessness, hospitalizations, and incarcerations compared to their situation three years prior to joining the Assisted Outpatient Treatment program. AOT programs decrease recidivism, promote community safety, and are more humane and less expensive than continuing the cycle of arrest and re-arrest that hundreds of thousands of mental patients currently endure. Please ask your representatives to support AOT programs and H.R. 619. Quality outpatient and inpatient services would be more humane and reduce cost. Some of our representatives are working to improve the justice system. As Attorney General Holder recently stated, real justice is more important than procedure. eMail your reps at

AIMI also advocates against capital punishment, wrongful convictions, excessive sentencing, trying and sentencing children as adults, police brutality, apathy and citizens oversleeping.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary, the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour. 1 Peter 5:7-9

Check these out one day soon.

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI)

Donations Supporting AIMI's Advocacy for Incarcerated

Mental Patients Are Appreciated (non-tax deductible)

Mary Neal's Google Profile

Email address:
e-Mails are sometimes prevented by cyberstalkers who have access to my passwords by a keystroke counter on my PC. (Yes, I tried whatever you might suggest, and it did not work.) Commenting at an article in my blog, if they let you, offers more surety of receipt.

Links to my articles, blogs, AIMI's petitions, photo gallary, video library, etc., are on the upper right side of this profile.

Mary Neal's Sharebook

Get the RSS feed for my Care2 sharebook. Most posts regard the justice system and improvements made or still needed from a laywoman's point of view. I write and republish articles and videos that bring attention to human and civil rights abuses and corrective action applied thereto.
RSS feed:

See an example at this post:
Widows used to die when their husbands did in India, because they'd toss the widows on their husbands' funeral fire. Similarly, in the U.S.A., innocent women go to prison when their boyfriends do. Their crime: "loving bad boys." To remedy the injustice, Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL) has introduced the “Fair Sentencing Act of 2009.”

The Care2 sharebook RSS feed offers 47 of my latest posts. To access more, use the arrow at the bottom of the last share.

Google, the cyberdogs continue to mix the titles and taglines at my Blogger Blog  to deflect attention from the gross injustices against my brother who was murdered in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003 and my advocacy for others who suffer in an unjust justice system.

WHAT have we overcome?
In the post above, I announced that prisoner activists and human rights advocates are discussing a class action suit for psychiatric parity - treating mental illness medically, not legally. Mental illness was largely moved from the health care system to the criminal justice system after hospital closures in the 60's and 70's. Despite much suffering to mental patients, their families, and erosion of community safety, no money was saved for taxpayers. Unfortunately, some mentally ill Americans are imprisoned without being charged for any crime whatsoever. This started long BEFORE the Patriot Act:

I tend to write lengthy posts. My radio interviews posted above and these links to VIDEOS are shortcuts:
Cochran Firm Fraud Videos 1 and 2



First, they came for Larry Neal . . .


I have had to replace or pay for wipe clean services on six PCs this year. The cyberdogs take over the administrator's role on my computers and use that position to access my passwords and edit my work and impede my computer input. At the same time, I am prevented from being compensated for any of the ads that run on my hundreds of articles and blogs because I am denied an AdSense account for some explained reason. That makes me a slave - one who works, but her proceeds go to another.

Because I recently put my phone number on some flyers and gave them to attendees at a Second Chance Act meeting in Decatur, Georgia, Cointelpro attacked my phone number. Callers are misinformed that my number is not in service - 678.531.0262. Only calls from usual callers like family members and close friends are allowed to get through now. I called the number from numerous phones and had others to call, and our connection was denied. Furthermore, the rejected calls did not register on my phone's list of missed calls. I have changed my phone number three times this year. They probably force me to abandon my phone numbers so that when people see them online at my articles, they really will be non-working numbers.

I made films of the computer interference used to intimidate me regarding our advocacy for justice for Larry Neal and other mentally challenged people as well as prisoners. [Some of the videos are online at ]. A young woman was visiting my home one night when the lethal injection bed with my name underneath it kept appearing on pages I opened online. She wrote and signed an affidavit about the cyberterror that I filed in United States District Court, Northern District of GA in our second lawsuit against The Cochran Firm. Police stopped her on her route to work Friday, November 20, drug her from her car, and beat her so badly that she had to be transported from the scene to the hospital. They broke her toe, kicked her in her sides, drug her down the street to the gutter, and an officer sat on her neck until she passed out, and sent her to hospital in an ambulance. Why did this happen on November 20? It was probably because I had rented the Decatur Community Center to give area children a venue to give a talent show at 6:00 p.m. on November 20. We believe my witness was beaten because people were concerned about my family speaking to the crowd about our terrorism.

I WILL STILL PUBLISH THE COINTELPRO FILMS. The cyberstalkers know I am releasing the Cointelpro videos of the cyberstalking they use to prevent my advocacy for decriminalizing mental illness and protesting the secret arrest and murder of my handicapped brother. See more at

The cyberdogs deleted my ability to access the Internet with my home computer to force me out of my home. I was on Twitter using the computer in my neighborhood library, and the library's Internet suddenly went down and stayed down for 30 minutes. The librarian said that had only happened once before. Perhaps it was a coincidence, but I have too many coincidences. I believe the cyberstalkers' employers fear that minorities and other disenfranchised people will learn that The Cochran Firm is a government agency set up to trick us after police abuse and deaths by police. They don't want the world to know about THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD.

I am stalked online and in person to hide CRIMES by government officials and The Cochran Firm regarding the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal, abuses and murders of other prisoners, police brutality, and the intention to erect concentration camps through H.R. 645 to incarcerate millions more people in the "land of the free, home of the brave" for crimes such as refusing to accept H1N1 vaccines of mystery drugs for which neither the government nor

They do not want others to learn that O'Reilly is far from being the only elected official who cares nothing about the Constitution. Most of them don't care enough about it, or they would tell my family how Larry Neal was murdered in Shelby Co. Jail in 2003, investigate his murder and prosecute the officials who filed fraudulent reports with the DOJ that omitted his death, and allow our case against The Cochran Firm to go to jury rather than have judges say that The Cochran Firm does not exist in Georgia. They would also stop mistreating 1.25 million mental patients by cruel imprisonment when they should be treated in hospitals or their communities depending on their conditions and criminal offenses.

Health care has been the main issue in 2009. Please ask your representatives where they stand on H.R. 619 to determine how much health care really matters to them. Prison or hospitalization for America's mentally ill?

Cyberstalkers use all manner of computer interference and cyberterror against me - pictures of coffins, pictures of abuse to children (I have grandkids), etc. to discourage my advocacy for compassion and justice. As you know, my mentally and physically handicapped brother was murdered in Memphis Shelby County Jail on Aug. 1, 2003 ( see ). Authorities choose to do nothing about his murder - not even investigate it. We sued The Cochran Firm for its fraud (pretending under contract to work as our wrongful death attorneys but really they made sure our suit against the jail was never filed). The Georgia Superior Court judge ruled that our suit was served wrongly since THERE IS NO COCHRAN FIRM OFFICE IN GEORGIA (an outright lie). On September 27, 2008, I was accosted by four vehicles and one USDOT truck in my neighborhood. The problem is that lots of money has been spent to set The Cochran Firm up as a law firm to trust across the country, but their real motivation is to prevent or minimize damages to police departments and others when black and brown or other disenfranchised citizens are killed or wronged. I expose the fraud, so I am victimized. Apparently, they now seek to intimidate my witnesses. The Cochran Firm enjoys protection by authorities for whom they work.

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. John 14:27

Mary Neal
(Sometimes stalkers direct my emails to SPAM or never-never land)

Bragging rights
Examples: survived high school, have 3 kids, etc.


Founder/director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI). AIMI members advocate for justice and compassion for America's 1.25 million mentally ill inmates in the tradition of Dorothea Dix. AIMI also advocates against the death penalty, wrongful convictions, excessive sentencing, and overuse of force by police officers. We believe prison profiteering is responsible for America imprisoning more people than any nation in world history, creating a tremendous tax burden, overcrowded prisons, and human rights abuses to inmates, half of whom are sick people who should be either treated in their communities or hospitals at reduced cost.


- Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, an online human/civil rights advocacy organization

Founder/director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI). AIMI members advocate for justice and compassion for America's 1.25 million mentally ill inmates in the tradition of Dorothea Dix. AIMI also advocates against the death penalty, wrongful convictions, excessive sentencing, and overuse of force by police officers. We believe prison profiteering is responsible for America imprisoning more people than any nation in world history, creating a tremendous tax burden, overcrowded prisons, and human rights abuses to inmates, half of whom are sick people who should be either treated in their communities or hospitals at reduced cost., present

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Birthday:   September 30

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Other names:  MaryLovesJustice, Duo, @koffietime

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MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

I was not allowed to save or publish my Google+ profile at this blog when I made the following changes:

1. I highlighted the sections that are bold at the real Google+ profile.

2. I changed the last paragraph before my profile to read:

When you attempt to use the links in my REAL Google+ profile below, be aware of CHANGES. I was not allowed to update my Google profile since reporting the police brutality against the woman who witnessed my cyberterror in 2009, so some of the information is outdated. Whenever I tried to update my profile after reporting that vicious attack, I would get a Microsoft IE-8 message saying I could not save my edits. I do not know what Microsoft has to do with what I post at my Google+ profile, but I do know I am not allowed to download Google Chrome on my home computer (search online for my video that proves that fact), and I am against mass vaccination and depopulation. Maybe that is the reason; I don't know. I will add updated info to this temporary profile page at a convenient time. Check back in a week, please. Some of the Changes include:

Microsoft Explorer is something.