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Jock Smith, Esq Lies from the Grave

Y'all won't believe the audacity of The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm Frauds. Former Cochran Firm president, Jock Smith, Esq (deceased), made a YouTube commercial claiming FALSELY that The Cochran Firm built its firm by choosing lawyers with a sense of justice. He said, "We did it in Atlanta with Hezekiah Sistrunk." The truth is The Cochran Firm dumps its ethical attorneys.

THE ATLANTA LAW OFFICE THAT JOCK SMITH SPOKE HIGHLY OF IN THE VIDEO EMBEDDED BELOW IS ALLOWED TO DENY ANY CONNECTION WITH THE COCHRAN FIRM IN COURT. When my mother and I sued because The Cochran Firm worked with Larry Neal's police murderers instead of its clients, The Cochran Firm used an assumed identity in court and denied its own existence. It was the most ridiculous thing you could ever imagin: "If you have no defense, just say you don't exist."


Although The Cochran Firm may have some ethical attorneys, it is dangerous to let the partners know. Ask Shawn Chapman Holley, an ethical attorney who worked with Cochran for 17 years and was forced out of the firm after he died along with all the attorneys in Cochran's Los Angeles office. She sued The Cochran Firm for racism and fraud and told the world about the werewolves on an NPR interview: Controversy at Cochran Law Firm : NPR [Jul 23, 2007]

CoIntelPro is not nearly through with blacks in America, but whites are also eligible for the lawyer fraud, just like the Latino client who sued The Cochran Firm for defrauding her. The Cochran Firm frauds are proof that Jim Crow's grave is empty. Jock Smith said clearly on the video that Hezekiah Sistrunk (long "s" as in "snake") was hand-picked to run the Atlanta office of The Cochran Firm. One can also ask Vicki Gilliam what happens to ethical attorneys at The Cochran firm.

Gilliam was an associate who represented the Ramapough People of New Jersey against Ford Motor Company in a lawsuit regarding environmental racism. The Ramapough are a Native American/African American mixed People who contracted with The Cochran Firm to sue Ford for dumping toxic waste on their tribal lands for decades, which caused sickness and deaths. Gilliam handled the Mann v. Ford case splendidly for two years, but when it was time for Ford to either pay $2 billion to $3 billion in damages or face a jury trial, The Cochran Firm partners suddenly snatched the case from its ethical associate attorney. The partners then settled with Ford for less than $14million (a serious discount from the expected payout - $2 billion to $3 billion). The Jackson Advocate reported that Gilliam was surprised about the low settlement and "is still perplexed over the Cochran firm’s abrupt displacement of her from the lead attorney’s role." See the story and other Cochran Firm frauds at this article: "Cochran Firm Defrauds Native Americans to Help Ford"  - More information is available at the thirteen(13) links, one(1) embedded video and two(2) photos within this article.

Defrauding clients is a game with The Cochran Firm. Because they also defraud clients to help police after murders like my brother's secret jailhouse death, authorities do nothing about it. Perhaps clients' intended defendants pay the devious lawyers more under the table than the attorneys would have earned by honestly and ethically representing their clients' interests. The Cochran Firm frequently works for the wealthest party in a civil action no matter which party they sign contract to represent.

My mother and I discovered The Cochran Firm defrauded our family to save Memphis Shelby County Jail after my disabled brother, Larry Neal, was secretly arrested there for 18 days and murdered under circumstances that the jail and the U.S. Department of Justice refuse to disclose - like it is their RIGHT to kill black men. The Cochran Firm appeared in court as "CCGSS," and claimed to be a law firm that was totally owned and operated within the State of Georgia - a huge lie. CAN YOU COUNT THE TIMES THE COCHRAN FIRM OFFICE IN ATLANTA DENIED ANY AFFILIATION WHATSOEVER WITH THE COCHRAN FIRM IN "CCGSS Responses to Plaintiffs' Interrogatories" - Yes, every legal organization that gives The Cochran Firm frauds high ratings knows about its frauds and helps them get over on minorities, because they all share a common hatred for African Americans. So do consumer protection agencies that refuse to take complaints on The Cochran Firm. The media knows, but they are also bigots. They are one. The Cochran Firm was recently "promoted" to represent thousands of whites in class action cases against DePuy implants and the BP oil spill. I doubt if The Cochran Firm's agenda to defraud its clients by helping major corporations and government entities behind its clients' backs will Change, so white Cochran Firm clients should beware.

WEREWOLVES send stalkers to censor me online and follow me around in person to stop me from warning black people in the USA that The Cochran Firm is a CoIntelPro organization. Who else can lie like they did in court and be protected? Certainly no firm that was really working on behalf of blacks who sue police. Wake up, wake up!

In United States District Court, the frauds claimed not to have a single law office in Memphis. However, The Cochran Firm had to write me a check for hiding from the process servicer when I sued The Firm (which made service of process cost extra money), and the check was written on a bank account for "The Cochran Firm, Memphis office"! They don't even TRY to cover their lies, because The Cochran Firm is ALLOWED TO DEFRAUD ITS BLACK CLIENTS AND COMMIT AND FRAUDS ON THE COURTS. I guess you could not call it "fraud on the courts" since the courts are apparently in on it, or judges would not roadblock lawsuits against The Cochran Firm.

The determination to defraud black people coast to coast through The Johnnie Cochran Firm is why I am stalked, censored, and have a directed energy weapon in my laptop that was implanted during a service visit. I did not know initially that when I EXPOSED The Cochran Firm, I was exposing a NWO plot against African Americans nationwide.

Other Cochran Firm Fraud victims and I would like for The Cochran Firm frauds to be prosecuted under the RICO Act. We also plan to sue The Cochran Firm for racketeering, but not in Georgia. That state had separate but equal proms for high school seniors until a couple of years ago, and perhaps it still does. Troy Davis was killed in September with serious doubt remaining about his guilt, and two black Atlanta police officers said they would Taser and arrest me for telling the public about my brother's secret arrest and lynching in Memphis Shelby County Jail  . They were very displeased about my exposing The Cochran Firm fraud against the Kathryn Johnston estate after police shot the 92-year-old black woman during a home invasion in 2006. So Georgia is NOT a place to expect justice for black people regardless of how many civil rights icons you think live here. Frankly, I wonder if any state is truly different.

Here is the question: How far did they go to get Johnnie Cochran's name to defraud blacks? "Johnnie Cochran's CoIntelPro Murder Theory"



"Justice Mountain" by
all rights protected

Jesus Christ loves justice. That is why I asked the artist to use a cross instead of a "t" in the drawing above. Please get permission from the artist to use his drawing. He and others will illustrate my poetry book to be released soon - "21st Century Slave Songs," by Mary Neal. Contact him at the email address above if you need illustrations for your blogs, brochures, etc. If you can imagine it, he can draw it! Also, try to call me, or email if they let you. Stalkers took over my email account, my advocacy group, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, our telephone 678.531.0262. They follow me when I leave home. Police are on their side, of course, and refuse to address the crimes plus threaten me for revealing them. See "Crazy Idea - Justice in America  - Listen to the Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Show  Sundays at 5pm EST when we discuss justice issues.

Count to ensure you saw thirteen(13) links in this article. Stalkers love to remove or redirect links. The link to my article entitled "Whitney Houston - Gospel Singer Extraordinaire" is cyberstalked - Fascists prevent the link from working on the cellphone view at "Mary Neal Howls for Dog Justice" , wherein I revealed the plan to use STRIPPERS in parades and at conventions to expose The Cochran Firm Fraud. I marvel that government officials use our young people and scarce resources to "spread democracy" in other countries while allowing and/or facilitating a scam on African Americans through The Cochran Firm. We must eliminate deceit by these lawyers in naked demonstrations to expose sin in the country like God instructs in Isaiah 20:3 - Now hiring strippers to picket injustice and protest hypocrisy at Atlanta events!

Some slaves were forced to serve in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. But what is the excuse today? The 21st century has more blacks in slavery through the prison industrial complex than before the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, and there are also more black Confederate soldiers now than during that period. Traitors and sell-outs are everywhere - in government, media, and corporations. Meet Uncle Tom in the photograph below.

Mary Neal, justice advocate who will end The
Cochran Firm Fraud against African Americans
with your help and by the grace of God. Share
this and other links, please. Jesus loves justice,
and so do I. The bible says, "People perish from
the lack of knowledge." The Cochran Firm frauds
now represent defendants in criminal cases, even DP.
Your assistance is therefore crucial and urgent.

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