Tuesday, February 14, 2012

When Heretics Rule, by Mary Neal

Immediately fter publishing "Whitney Houston, Gospel Singer Extraordinaire," http://goo.gl/ti4D8 , this writer was prohibited from inputting data atTwitter using my home computer and even viewing Twitter on my cellphone - @koffietime - http://twitter.com/koffietime .  I am prohibited from communicating with Christians and most African American groups online. I was shut out of Twitter immediately after TruthOut joined my followers. This article has eight(8) links. My articles are often attacked by stalkers who can and do block out parts of Americans' web pages. The Internet censorship Americans rejected by opposing SOPA has already been used against us for years, including redirecting links, preventing certain web sites from opening, redirecting browsers, denying full access to certain downloads for software and anti-spyware programs, etc.

Whenever major news happens like Whitney Houston's death and I write about it, I am blocked from Twitter for a period of time. When Georgia prisoners staged a labor strike in December 2010, around 11,000 of my tweets disappeared from Twitter for several months. My online advocacy is censored to hide our organization "ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL (AIMI)" and to slow the effectiveness of our "Human Rights for Prisoners March" across the Internet (Hebrews 13:3). They who censor Mary Neal hate God and His gospel. Whenever I wrote the word "God" in my Sharebook at Care2, my assigned censorship team would change it to begin with a small "g." Sometimes, it took hours for me to use a capital letter. I film the censorship and upload some of the videos online at my YouTube channel JKEMPP703 http://youtube.com/jkempp703 . Finally, I was prohibited from using my Care2 Sharebook in order to prevent Americans' realization that God is against slavery via the prison industrial complex. Today, incarceration and prison labor are probably America's most thriving businesses, and human beings are actually traded on Wall Street. American prisoners are treated like Chinese peasants. With NDAA powers to incarcerate people without giving any reason or allowing any defense, concentration camps will be used to advance slavery in the U.S.A. Support H.R.3785 to repeal Section 1021 of NDAA.

The Word of God is under attack in America, and so are some Christians who are doers of the Word and not hearers only, like Mary Neal. It violates my civil and human rights to be censored like I am: my freedom of speech, press, and religion. Stealing my emails and hampering AIMI members from communicating online also prevents us from exercising our right to freedom of peaceful assembly. I am denied any legal recourse and protection of my First Amendment rights by authorities, who might be responsible. We at AIMI advocate primarily for decriminalizing mental illness in America, where 1.25 million prisoners are sick people who should be hospital inpatients or outpatients, depending on the severity of their crimes and their functionality. Instead, they are cruelly imprisoned for being mentally ill and comprise over 60% of inmates in torturous solitary confinement today. Imprisoning people for being sick violates Jesus' commands at Matthew 25:31-46. I remind authorities that we must treat others as we wish to be treated and that whatever we do unto the least of these, His brethren, we do also unto Him. Obviously, they do not want to hear it, or violations against my First Amendment rights would not continue without intervention.

Authorities are unwilling to apply U.S. Code and Georgia law on my behalf to stop cyberstalkers from prohibiting my ministry on behalf of mentally ill inmates and their families who strongly object and suffer because their sick loved ones are used for prison profits. Why do stalkers using four IP addresses or more go online with me and censor my input? Thirteen reasons are outlined in my article, "America's Most Censored: Mary Neal." Right now, I am being blasted with radiation from a directed energy device that was implanted in my computer during one of its repairs in order to induce cancer because I advocate for justice and compassion in America. I must discontinue using this home computer because of the sabotage and again risk venturing away from home to use computers at libraries and computer rental locales to which I am followed. Google "Mary Neal Directed Energy Weapons." Police services regarding my stalking is denied. See "Presidential Commission: Directed Energy Weaponry Used on American Citizens in Tests," by Shepard Ambellas and Joe Joseph, of The Intel Hub http://goo.gl/j6Jsn - The link immediately preceding this sentence will inform you of how Americans who are online truth-tellers may be punished. Please also research "ACTA," a new treaty the president and leaders of other countries signed in November 2011, which threatens net freedom throughout the world.

The cyberstalkers' bosses know that it is wrong for America to return to slavery, especially victimizing the least among us, His brethren: sick people from poor and middle income families who cannot afford psychiatric care since Medicaid stopped paying for inpatient mental hospitalization decades ago and budgets for community care are steadily being reduced. This saves taxpayers zero, because incarcerating 2.3 million people in America costs over $50billion per year, according to PEW, and up to $300billion per year when factoring in costs for police services, lawyers for indigent defense, and court costs. Americans are forced to pay for our sick loved ones and neighbors to be imprisoned for a common, treatable health condition, and some acute patients, like my brother Larry Neal, are murdered behind bars. Larry was secretly incarcerated for 18 days in Memphis Shelby County Jail and killed in 2003. Ever since his lynching, my family has been denied any records and accountability for his death, and we are censored and persecuted for asking how and why he was secretly arrested and killed. We are censored to prevent righteous Americans from knowing the conditions under which mentally ill Americans and their families live, which Larry's murder clearly demonstrates.

God is against murders and victimizing the poor, but that is a protected right that elitists have in America where protests against it are not allowed. God's Word said that when these things start to happen, Christians are to lift up our eyes and know the promise in Whitney Houston song is true: "Help Is on the Way." Amen. God bless Whitney Houston's soul, and may God have mercy on cruel, mercenary creatures in America's injustice system, who execute men for committing murder but refuse to answer "What Happened to Larry Neal?" Cellphone users may not be allowed to see my entire articles unless they select "go to page 1." My latest Twitter blockade is to hide my newest MaryLovesJustice article "Whitney Houston, Gospel Singer Extraordinaire," http://goo.gl/ti4D8 is the link. Since my Twitter embargo occurred immediately when TruthOut joined my Twitter followers, TruthOut must be an effective news source that does not censor people such as America's Most Censored, Mary Neal. There should be eight(8) links in this article.

Happy Valentine's Day, a day set aside to express love. Jesus said, "This is my commandment: that you love one another as I have loved you" John 13:34. Study the Word to show yourselves approved, as the Bible says. The Word is online at Biblegateway http://www.biblegateway.com/keyword/ .  At that web site, you need only input a key word of the scripture for subjects you wish to research in any language and translation. LOVE is a direct commandment from Jesus Christ, our Lord. He said you will know His people by their Love. "NDAA" is not a loving law.

Blessings from Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill http://www.care2.com/c2c/group/aimi and sister of lynched mentally ill heart patient Larry Neal - Wrongful Death of Larry Neal http://wrongfuldeathoflarryneal.com/ , advocate for Human Rights for Prisoners according to Hebrew 13:3. Join me!

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MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

I, me, my!" Narcissists plan concentration camps under NDAA. I believe the Rapture must be imminent. Jesus is NOT leaving His people here to get put in FEMA camps, depopulated, etc., and that is exactly where this boat is racing at full throttle. We can slow it down by promoting H.R.3785 to eliminate Section 1021 of the NDAA. Read about Ron Paul's bill to repeal indefinite detention at OpenCongress.org. Blessings!