Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mary Neal Pleads for Thomas Arthur

Email to Gov. Bentley - March 28, 2012 re Thomas Arthur, condemned senior citizen whose guilt is highly doubtful:

Thomas Arthur, an Alabama senior citizen, is was to be EXECUTED on March 29, 2012. He passed his DNA test in 2009 - I experience intense censorship advocating for Thomas Arthur. I film same as it happens. I saved the Thomas Arthur censorship videos to give to Arthur's family in case he is not spared. There is something horribly wrong when a man passes his DNA test and is executed anyway. There are more items to be tested that Arthur's attorneys will pay for being tested. Yet, Arthur is denied further testing. This appears to be premeditated murder. Alabama is such a beautiful state with friendly people. I hope you will stop the execution or please influence a judge to do so. Please respect human rights. Arthur had attorneys who were paid only $1,000, according to reports. He was denied DNA test for decades. Now he has results people choose to ignore and deny more testing. Please stop this wrongful execution, Governor Bentley. Thank you in advance for doing everything you can to uphold justice and deliver compassion, and God will bless you. Psalm 102:19-20. [Although Arthur won his fifth stay of execution on March 23 while the court considers Arthur's challenge to the legality of the lethal injection drugs that would be used, he remains on death row and in jeopardy of being killed for an unproved murder.]
See the comments below. Comment number one sounds to be a threat against children in my family because I advocate against DP, especially regarding Thomas Arthur. Stalkers prevented or stalled this tweet to a friend on Twitter, where I am @koffietime at

@RCdeWinter What am I to say to threats re my advocacy against DP; go ahead & kill ThomasArthur; just don't hurt us?

I asked many people at Twitter to PLEASE contact the USDOJ about my cyberterror. Can you imagine what it is like to go online at Care2 where my advocacy group against mass incarceration of mental patients is located and have a lethal injection bed with your name underneath it pop out? Can you imagine writing to groups at Yahoo and having only three ads showing at my mail page - a starving, diseased dog to make fun of my poem DOG JUSTICE; a dead dried up bug (large size), and a casket ad? That is how I am treated. Yet I persevere not because I am fearless, but because I refuse to be their slave.

People actually died for Americans to have free speech and freedom of press. We do not honor their sacrifice by giving up our rights. There are seven links in this article. Furthermore, GOD wants us to be free. He is a human rights advocate of the highest order. It is WRONG for police to ignore my reports and proof about cyber censorship, especially since my security system captured the IP addresses stalkers use. It is wrong for police to REFUSE to trace the car tag of a stalker who followed me to the library and admitted he was "paid well" to follow me. It is unacceptable for police to dare me to talk to the public about Larry's murder, which happened after 18 days of secret arrest in Shelby County Jail in Tennessee. They resent my trying to warn other minorities about The Cochran Firm fraud. They should not come to my home and tell me I cannot talk to their superiors about the crime reports police refuse to address. Our phone should not be taken over. Last night while I spoke to a friend, she said the number that showed on her caller I.D. was not mine. It was from a 905 area code, and I have a 678 area code. That happens often, plus the stalkers prevent incoming and outgoing calls at will.

When a police officer tried calling my number from her cell phone, she received three short rings and a hangup, but police refuse to address our telephone takeover as well as our computer takeover. These things are done because I would not stop telling the public about the secret arrest and murder of my disabled brother, Larry Neal and about The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm fraud against minorities (Google "Cochran Firm Fraud"). This article has seven links. The stalkers get very ANGRY whenever I advocate against mass incarceration, criminalizing mental illness, and capital punishment, especially regarding people like Thomas Arthur and Troy Davis whose guilt is not proved. Stalkers censor me all the time when I write online against injustice, but when I publish anything at all about Arthur, they really lose it. See the comments below. Thank you.

Please call and write to save Thomas Arthur, an innocent senior citizen facing wrongful execution in Alabama for 29 years!
email Gov. Bentley
Governor's Office Telephone Numbers
Switchboard:  (334) 242-7100
Fax:  (334) 353-0004

Case of man on death row for 29 years, spared from Thursday execution, far from over
The Republic -March 23, 2012 - MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Though the scheduled Thursday [March 29, 2012] execution of Thomas Douglas Arthur had been halted, the legal battle over the man convicted of a 1982 murder-for-hire is far from over. [End of news excerpt]
The report above states that Arthur challenges the legality of his execution with the lethal injection drugs that would be used to kill him on behalf of the People of the State of Alabama. There are seven links in this article, which I hope you will open, especially Arthur's DNA results in my email to Gov. Bentley. No man's life should be threatened after having passed a DNA test on all the items that a state allows to be tested. Wicker took the DNA test and got the same results eliminating him that Arthur received, and Judge Pulliam said that science had ABSOLUTELY PROVED Wicker was not the murderer. Why then did Arthur's results not also eliminate him as the killer? Something is wrong with this case, and I am censored and threatened for saying so. Thomas Arthur's May 23rd stay of execution was his fifth. That may be a record. States may be interested in setting DP records, for all we know. See "DP - The Unholy Race" in MaryLovesJustice blog at this link

Plea for justice by Mary Neal, advocate against capital punishment as commanded by God - Heb. 13:3


DNA Testing said...

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MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Very often when I write an article, I get comments about missing kids. Google, be sure to keep the information about this person who posted. I removed the option to post anonymously precisely because of these types of posts.

We don't know who ALL the parties are, but we definitely know who SOME of them are, and we're an Old Testament type of clan when it comes to some things.

Do executions mean so much to you? Why? Please read Psalm 102:19-20. God disagrees with DP, and Jesus thinks we are unworthy unless we are guiltless. That does not describe people who write subtle threats.