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Impeachment looming for President Obama; Execution for Thomas Arthur

Hello, online friends! I just posted in my JusticeGagged blog: "Trying Times for President Obama and Thomas Arthur." President Obama faces impeachment for invading Libya, and Thomas Arthur is an Alabama death row inmate who faces execution on March 29, 2012, although he took and passed a DNA test in 2009. Judge Pulliam sealed his DNA test results at because they indicated innocence, and everyone seems to want to ignore the fact that his test results eliminated him as a contributor for all crime scene evidence Alabama released for testing. I use my Justice Gagged blog to detail my cyber censorship, some of which you can see online at - my YouTube channel JKEMPP703 and by browsing for two of my articles to expose hypocrisy: "Six Videos Prove Mary Neal's Censorship" and "Internet Censorship American-Style by Mary Neal."

The cyberstalkers' codes were concentrated most abundantly around NDAA information in that article. In fact, I usually include several subjects in my articles to see which subjects the cyberstalkers care about hiding most, and it is ALWAYS NDAA. See the JusticeGagged article at this link, if they let you - The paid cyber censorship staff turned the article's link a different color, meaning that secret coding was applied thereto. If you have trouble with access, Google the JusticeGagged title: "Trying Times for President Obama and Thomas Arthur."

The Obama administration is ready to defend its position regarding the attack on Libya and will probably win the fight. America has every right to bomb foreign lands for human rights abuses that are ignored in the USA, such as the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal, my mentally, physically disabled brother and censorship, stalking, and terrorism against our family to keep the murder covered-up, the execution of Troy Davis without proof of guilt, the execution of Cameron Todd Willingham despite the fire report saying there had been no arson and therefore no murders, and the upcoming execution of Thomas Arthur on March 29, ignoring his DNA test results indicating innocence on all the crime scene evidence that Alabama released for testing, new laws against public demonstrations, laws giving the right to execute Americans at home or abroad without trail, and NDAA Section 1021, which gives the White House the right to intern anyone in America in concentration camps without any defensible reason being given and no trials possible.

If I were you, I would be interested in who pays Mary Neal's cyberstalkers to censor human and civil rights news I publish, especially news regarding NDAA. I believe they work out of the blue house across from mine, which DeKalb County, Georgia Tax Accessors Office recorded in 2010 as belonging to a person in Texas and the government - dual ownership. When I read the housing records, I was reminded that Dr.Murray, who killed Michael Jackson, called a Texas phone number before calling 911 for the superstar. Several other houses around mine are listed as belonging to the government and banks, and they also have stalkers living in them. I guess the cover-up regarding the secret arrest and wrongful death of my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal, is pretty important although justice for our family was ruled "immateial" in federal court in 2009. Many important Changes happened in 2009 to the Neal family and to America, and they continue.

Please see reference links below. TRY to let me know if "THEY" let you see the large Bible track that ends this article for justice. Religion is under attack in the USA, especially Christianity. My daughter created the Bible track, and she frequently posts online about the coming Rapture. That may be another reason why the Neals' computer connection is taken over by stalkers. I write about justice issues from a Christian standpoint, asking decision makers to please do unto others as they would have others to do unto them. Please Google "Mary Neal Jesus." Unfortunately, "THEY" want everyone to believe people are just great grandkids of big apes and therefore unworthy of "human" rights. Authorities may feel no more guilt about executing Arthur than about eating beef roast. We're all just animals to some decision makers, a few(?) of whom believe seven billion humans are too many. Those who think the world is overpopulated to the point that depopulation is needed should go excuse themselves. Unfortunately, Thomas Arthur is scheduled to be depopped in weeks despite the fact that his DNA test results indicate innocence and there is more evidence available for testing if Alabama would allow it. Secret arrests and murders of black mental patients like Larry and executions of white men like Thomas Arthur and Cameron Todd Willingham without absolute proof of guilt validate what Michael Jackson sang: "They Don't Care About Us." I find it interesting that with Thomas Arthur's life in the balance despite his DNA test results eliminating him as a contributor for all evidence that was tested, and with Troy Davis in his grave, the U.S. House of Representatives and the White House are reportedly taking a strong stand against a pending execution in Iran. I don't wonder why. See my JusticeGagged article for details. References links should be below. At least, I put them there.

Reference articles:
"Trying Times for President Obama and Thomas Arthur"

Thomas Arthur's court-sealed DNA test results by Alabama Forensics Lab 2009: proving Arthur was eliminated for all evidence tested

Mary Neal, Thomas Arthur's daughter, and Care2 friends fought for Thomas Arthur in 2009 when Alabama planned to kill him immediately after Judge Pulliam sealed his DNA test results. Stalkers took down gMail and Care2 eCards to stop our advocacy and prevent Americans from knowing about the condemned inmate's test results. I have been locked out of Care2 since Alabama got Arthur's death warrant in 2012. I hope the DoS is removed after they kill the innocent American. See part of the 2009 battle at this Care2 News Network link, if they let you - Should Inmates be Executed for Telling a Fibb? The Thomas Arthur Story - I videotape the stalkers' interference so that Thomas Arthur's family and other victims can join my lawsuit for illegally barring my online access to advocate for them. Some federal judge will likely rule that our victimization is "immaterial" and dismiss our case like Judge Batten did to my family when The Cochran Firm denied it has any law offices within Georgia or in Memphis, Tennessee. Such court rulings serve to help to awaken people. I already know Americans of every race are considered immaterial to most government officials, including 289 congresspersons and 93 senators who approved NDAA. That is especially true regarding officials in the justice system, but it will help convince others when Thomas Arthur's white family gets the same ruling that the Neal family got from federal court in 2009. One official calls retired Americans "lessers." That is an interesting concept, but at least he was forthcoming.

Will a Sitting President Finally Be Held Accountable for High Crimes and Misdemeanors? -

Mary Neal to the Ramapough People

Michael Jackson's Death - The Conspiracy Theory
"Michael Jackson's Death - The Conspiracy Theory" at is my most successful article in terms of hits. I wrote it the day MJJ died, knowing that he was suspicious of mandatory vaccines that were contemplated in 2009. Even some of MJJ's family members believe something more than an unintentional overdose happened. I am glad Dr. Murray is in prison and would love to know who he called in Texas.

Impeachment Proceedings at Thomas - Library of Congress
When I read the Activist Post article on the impeachment proceedings on March 11, the link to track the proceedings at Thomas worked, but I reached a blank screen on March 12. So maybe things already worked out and the impeachment proceedings were dropped like the birthing hearing that was to be in Georgia courts last month. Or perhaps my stalkers perverted my view of Thomas to prevent me from tracking the congressional proceedings. See if they let you see it. Google it, also. Stalkers frequently redirect my links. They frequently apply secret coding to my links! My assigned cyber censorship team of up to four stalkers on call 24/7 prevent my links from opening, too. On March 13, when I accessed the link for, the stalkers opened a link for Target Stores! Select "go to page 1" to see whatever the stalkers hide on this article. They make my articles open after the top margin that has Mary Neal's contact information and other blogs and the introductions at my articles.

Although most Americans benefit by SOPA being defeated in January (maybe only until ACTA kicks in), my online communication is unlawfully censored to hide the fact that The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm is used to defraud minorities nationwide to benefit government entities and certain corporations and that my disabled brother's murder while in secret police custody was covered up by officials from the U.S. Justice Department as well as Shelby County Government. The media refused to report about The Cochran Firm Fraud (probably because of racism), so the Ramapough People and other minorities got defrauded by The Firm after the Neal family. See "Mary Neal to the Ramapough" at this link The United Nations determined that America kept Private Manning in cruel incarceration conditions. Manning was in solitary confinement for months like the nation's acute mental patients suffer - 23 hours per day of isolation, sleeping on bare iron rails or concrete slabs for months or years. Some Americans have been in solitary for decades. I am relieved that no country bombs USA for human rights abuses, especially since 1.25million mentally ill inmates are cruelly jailed in America rather than treated in mental hospitals and community care for their "illegal" health disability. High incarceration numbers help prison investors.

Thanks for your interest in justice issues as presented by "America's Most Censored - Mary Neal." Google that title for 13 reasons why I earned that uncomfortable position. Someone really should ask the people in the blue house what's up? The police refuse to track the IP numbers my stalkers use. Maybe they already know what's up. Here is a tag line cyberstalkers would not let me use for this article: "NAZI."
Mary Neal, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) - See if they let you view our members' posts. AIMI was so successful advocating against criminalizing mental illness and wrongful executions that terrorists don't let me log in any longer. Please let me log in at Care2 again, stalkers, after Thomas Arthur is murdered. Thanks in advance.

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